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Love horoscopes, romance Tara Greene psychic astro
La Luna, The Goddess, High Priestess of the Night

astrology updates
all writing is copyright of E. Tara Greene

Venus enters AIRY, LIGHT sign of the TWINS –  GEMINI June 23-July 18
It’s flirty, fabulous, charming, sweet talking LOVING time.

a TWIN FLAME symbol,  the Messenger of Love {Mercury- Gemini’s ruler} wearing wings of desire,

Venus= love, relationships.  Gemini= choices, communications, analyzing, fickle, immature, LITE.

Hey, it’s SUMMER in the Northern Hemisphere- SUMMER LOVIN’ time.

The Venus in GEMINI mantra; She/he loves me,   I love him/her. Or do I? I dunno.

VENUS is symbolized by the Empress, Goddess ,Trump #3 in the TAROT 
GEMINI is the sign of the LOVERS in the TAROT, TRUMPS #6 = Merkaba 

Venus in Gemini is ruled by MERCURY- The Magician #1 in the Tarot- BEWARE of SILVER TONGUED DEVILS 

THE LOVERS in the Tarot

When I first started to study the tarot seriously about 22 years ago. The connection of Gemini to the Lovers drove me crazy, I couldn’t get it. From studying Astrology I knew Gemini as the most immature, ambiguous, curious, detached sign of all. Not what I would think of associated with the qualities of Love.

Libra, ruled by VENUS would be the sign I would first associate with love and marriage. I won’t go into all the correspondences of the Tarot and the Tree of Life, in the Kabbalah  suffice it to say the Lovers  is in Tifferet  at the center of the Tree of Life.

The Lovers and Gemini are about  opposites, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, up down, Heaven and Hell, Good and Evil, right and wrong, us and them,Light and Dark etc.

Gemini symbolizes consciousness itself, and our dual sided brains. 

 With Venus in Gemini we are exploring feelings and mental dichotomies, our own TWIN natures, there’s lots to explore in the nature of DUALITY.

WORLD PRIDE WEEK is on in Toronto during this time. How appropriate.

Venus in Gemini wants the best of both worlds, wants her cake and to eat it too.

Venus in Gemini is a sexy love affair with the imagination. Erotic love is very much in the mind. Everything you can image is possible. Thoughts do create our reality, so be very  conscious of what your unconscious mind and your heart are doing.

VENUS is Love, beauty, the arts. Gemini Keywords: Flirty, Curiosity, Fast mover, fast thinking, ultra chatty, detached, ambiguous, Two-timer, Peter Pan, nave, irresponsible, detached, trickster, travelling salesman, footloose.

EXPECT lots of quick changing love affairs, mucho yakkety yakking, comparison shopping, many break ups and make ups,  two much of a many splendoured thing.

The answer: TRY EVERYTHING….Take it easy, keep your heart lite.

Famous WOMEN born with VENUS IN GEMINI: Some super double beautiful Goddesses.

Megan Fox astrology Tara Greene

Note Megan’s tat- We will all laugh at gilded  butterflies

Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez, Uma Thurman, Gisele Bundchen,  Megan Fox, Cher, Jennifer Garner, Jessica Simpson, Kylie Minogue, Sandra Bullock,  Isabelle Adjani, Heidi Klum, Carmen Electra, Isabella Rossellini, Naomi Campbell, Brooke Shields, Jacqui Kennedy, Bette Davis, Frida Kahlo- famous for having many lovers,


FAMOUS witty and charming MEN with VENUS IN GEMINI

President John F. Kennedy- a very charming, attractive amazingly charismatic speaker,famous Womanizer

Actors & Models : Robert Pattinson, Channing Tatum,

Channing Tatum Venus in Gemini Tara Greene

Charming Channing Tatum

SINGERS: Bob Dylan, Enrique Iglesias, Trent Rezner,George Michael, Cat Stevens

J. Krishnamurti- Indian spiritual philosopher,

David Beckham, Sir Richard Branson,

Colin Farrell, Russel Crowe, Harrison Ford, Tom Hanks, Dwayne Johnson, Gregory Peck

Political Leader: Nelson Mandala

Comedian: Jerry Seinfeld


ALl writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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NOVEMBER 5 VENUS ENTERS CAPRICORN and stays there until March 5/6  of 2014.

LAdy of Shallott by Waterhouse Venus in CApricorn

The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse 1888 

Venus in Capricorn changes the love map to mature, serious, committed, all business, conservative, unemotional and into long-term goals.

Venus in Capricorn love is “Just the facts ma’am.”  Eat Lotsa FETTA CHEESE while Venus is in GOAT territory! It’s good for you.

LOVE is SERIOUS BUSINESS, and real during these next four months.No airy fairy or intense emotional stuff now.

Also its KARMIC LOVE, as Capricorn is ruled by SATURN.

“You don’t have to turn on the red light” with Venus in Capricorn. Florescent will do.

Venus in Capricorn gifts are Kitchen Aid blenders, business accoutrements, cotton panties, low heeled shoes.

Venus is the EMPRESS in the Tarot. Capricorn is THE DEVIL {SATURN} in the Tarot Trumps. 

Yes she’s a Devil in disguise with a blue dress on. The Devil wears Prada would be a modern equivalent. -see link below

VENUS rules money, the economy, your earnings and spendings, self-worth, values, luxury. Capricorn is conservative, blue chip, Old boys $.

Yes commitments, marriage, signing on the dotted line must be for love and long term.Whether for biz or pleasure.

Saturn ruled Venus of the goatfish will toil willingly, many late after hours to achieve her love or job goals. 

CAPRICORN’S you GOATY ones are the charming apple of everyone’s eye now.

FAMOUS VENUS IN CAPRICORN PEEPS- the cream of the crop!

Scarlett Johannson Astrology Tara greene

ACTORS and other famous personalities

Brad Pitt, James Dean, Paul Newman, Scarlett Johannsson, Bradley Cooper, Tyra Banks, Taylor Lautner,  Cindy Crawford,  Michael Jordan,  Richard Burton,  David Lynch,  Ru Paul, Elijah Wood, Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Dianne Keaton, Jeff Bridges, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, David Carradine, Kiefer Sutherland, Brendan Fraser, Howard Stern, John F. Kennedy Jr, Betty White, Danny DeVito, 


Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Elvis Presley, Justin Timberlake, Bjork, Kesha,  Seal, Dolly Parton, Frank Sinatra, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Schubert, Edith Piaf, Maria Callas, Sarah McLachlan, Neil Diamond, Placido Domingo, Hector Berlioz, 


Henry Miller,Virginia Woolf,  Rainer Maria Rilke, J.D. Salinger, Andre Breton, 

INVENTORS, Designers, Artists

Steve Jobs, Louis Pasteur, Walt Disney,  Benjamin Franklin, A. Celsius, G. Eiffel, Jacques Cartier, J. Kepler, Philippe Starak,Toulouse Lautrec, 

PHILOSOPHERS, Philanthropists, 

Aristotle Onassis, Bhagwan Rajneesh -Osho, Dostoyevsky,  Joan of Arc, William Blake, Robert F. Kennedy, Noam Chomsky, M. A. Rothschild,


Jim Carrey, Seth Green, John Belushi, Andy Kauffman,


Ryan Seacrest, Dick Cheney ,J.Edgar Hoover,

Check out where CAPRICORN is in your natal chart. That’s where the Love light will be shining.

My husband has Venus in Capricorn {our daughter does too}. He is very responsible. V in C people show love by taking care of all the practical details for you, they are totally reliable.  They will get to their goals as they have infinite patience. Usually they are very career oriented and make lots of money because status counts. Venus in Capricorn symbolizes receiving love for the job you love to do and how you shine brightest in the world through your career.

ARE YOU? DO YOU? YOU must re-evaluate your success story, from that standpoint of

What you do for a living to what you do for a loving.

All earth signs are blessed during these times. Especially Venus ruled TAURUS.

LIBRA ruled Venusians will find these times challenging as they are being prodded by the square to be more real.

Water signs benefit from sextiles.

ARIES and CANCER get the square and opposition. Many choices to make in Love, investments and the job.


at 28 degrees 59 minutes of CAPRICORN almost at that last critical degree which by the way is very near to where the U.S. Natal Pluto is. So heads up on the economy. VERY POWERFUL times. Many long term relationships will end. I’ll write more about that later.

SUN conjuncts SATURN November 6- March 6/7 @ 14 degrees 14 SCORPIO

a serious heavy karmic day to shine the light into the deep dark hole

JUPITER goes RETROGRADE November 6/7 March 6/7 @ 10 degrees CANCER

Review your expansion plans, this is a crucial thing to do. Women’s rights, schools, food, housing will all go rebounding back. 

VENUS Sextiles NEPTUNE November 7

Very romantic a great day to create and love and dream.

Mercury sextiles Venus November 8 @ 3 degrees Scorpio/Capricorn

Let’s talk about LOVE, a raise, a new aquisition, a new job.


Mars sextiles Saturn @ 14 degrees VIRGO/SCORPIO

clean up your act big time. A good practical aspect to get a lot done.

Mercury Trines Neptune  @ 3 degrees Scorpio/Pisces 

write out big wish lists, Soul wish lists Meditate on this one.

Moon Squares SUN @ 18 degrees Scorpio /Aquarius 

1/2 way to next Full Moon


MERCURY TURNS DIRECT @ 2 degrees 29 mins Scorpio 

It’ll take until November 27 for Mercury to surpass the Retrograde degree  of 18 degrees Scorpio 23 minutes.

That’s right on my Ascendant and a day before my birthday.


All writing is copyright Tara Greene

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Mars, the warrior planet where the action is always, enters earthy mutable practical VIRGO Oct 15 – December 7.

MARS in Virgo energy is extremely analytical and precise. Virgo is ruled by MERCURY so though grounded, it has a strong intellectual connection. Virgo’s are very disciplined and concerned about Health. They can be OCD -like, worrying and fussing,  really anal about anything being out of place. They are perfectionists and critical. They are focussed, hard workers, like practical things, never overspend and are much like the character of Sheldon Cooper in the Big Bang Theory. BAZINGA!

Mars in Virgo -The pen is mightier than the sword and so might the penis be.

Mars in Virgo will attack intellectually and slay you with criticism, more than physically although they can be strong.

It’ll be a testosterone driven  7 weeks of  getting passionate {and defensive}  about  work, your community, pets, perfectionism, hard work, accounting, cleaning up, balancing the budget, punctuality, nature lovers, gardening, servants, organizing everything, eating a very healthy diet- no carbs, no gluten, no dairy, no wheat etc., working out, cleansing the body and your environment at every moment, a tendency to only buy when absolutely necessary, only practical shoes- no high heels or brand names allowed.

Check out where VIRGO is in your natal chart that’s the hot area.


MARS will initially ignite and unite with the fixed star Regulus now at zero degrees Virgo from October 15- 19th. Not just a character in Harry Potter, REGULUS was the heart of the Lion for the last 2,160 years. Regulus is Royalty, and in Virgo it’s down to earth, notice them marrying mere commoners now.

REGULUS is also the STAR of ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL a beautiful angel who governs the Heart and his energy is a gorgeous emerald green colour. Raphael’s energy is extremely healing, I have been initiated into working with Angel Raphael and it’ so beautiful. I send prayers to the earth daily with this Archangel. Meditate on Mars activating the heart chakra during this Virgo transit.

Mars Painting art Astrology

Painting by George Hayter 1823

Mars in VIRGO sexually

Men will tend to serve their female partners. They will pay attention to every detail of what their partners like and use that as a reference. Mars in VIRGO is squeaky clean sex, and perfect order in the bedroom. They can have a lot of stamina. Sex may be very routine, always at the same time, not too late. Sex with Mars in Virgo is like everything else, hard work, something that they will finish to perfection. They are not romantics.

The down side of Mars in Virgo, worrying about every detail, driving oneself and others crazy complaining about everything that is imperfect, nervousness, OCD, overly  organizing control freaks, being too submissive, too frugal, fear of dirt, and upper intestinal and digestive troubles. They can be so stressed out that they can’t relax in sex, and they may mention and compare you to anyone else who was more perfect without realizing that this may be hurtful. They can be kinky and play dominant slave. As Virgo is known to be the sign of servants.


Mars in Virgo will make beneficial aspects to Taurus, and Capricorn plus water signs Cancer and Scorpio.

Mars will be pushing Sagittarius butt to get their acts together, makes Pisces dreamers get real, grounds those air headed Gemini’s.

Mars in Virgo will annoy Aquarius, and especially ARIES, as he rules that sign and they just don’t understand each other.

LEO and Libra get off scott free.

Mars in Virgo will be opposite NEPTUNE from the 15- exact on the 19th so have a very romantic frugal date that night.

A great day to ignite new dreams and artists visions.

Mars sextiles the North Node  at 7 degrees Virgo to Scorpio on October 28

Mars opposes Chiron October 29 for some excellent healing and forgiveness

Mars TRINEs PLUTO on HALLOWEEN OCT 31 at 9 degrees that is excellent for Taurus Capricorn and Virgo peeps.

That will be an intense HALLOWEEN.

Mars in Virgo is great for cleaning house, body and your neighbourhood.


POLITICIANS: Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Indira Ghandi, Lyndon Johnson.

ACTORS:- Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, Ben Affleck,Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr. Jeff Bridges, Will Smith, Kevin Spacey, Sylvester Stallone, Charles Bronson, Clark Gable, Tom Felton, Michael Caine, Charlton Heston, Jesse Eisenberg, Laurence Fishburne, Woody Harrelson.

ACTRESSES:- Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Zooey Deschanel, Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively, Brooke Shields, Raquel Welch, Helen Hunt, Kim Novack, Evan Rachel Wood, Kelly Ripa, Judy Dench,

MUSICIANS: Bruno MARS, Stevie Wonder ,Jerry Garcia, Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, Trent Reznor,  Thom York of Radiohead, Eddie Vedder,Quincy Jones, Stevie Nicks, George Michael, Joe Jonas, Grace Jones, Alice Cooper, Tom Waits, Nina Simone, Willy Nelson, James Brown, Gloria Estefan, Wiz Khalifa, Sir Bob Geldof, Linda Ronstadt, Diana Krall, Little Richard, classical composer Gustav Holst, Yo -Yo Ma,

FAMOUS HISTORICAL FIGURES:  Diana, Princess of Wales, Emperor NAPOLEON 1st, King Louis XVI of France, King Henry VIII of England,  Joan of Arc, Alexander the Great, Rasputin, Amelia Earhart,

Philosophers: Frederich Nietzche, Martin Heidegger,

Charles Manson,  Evil Knievel, Mother Teresa,  Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical society, Sylvia Browne, psychic, Spiritual leader Amma, burlesque performer Dita Von Teese,  convicted murderer Jodi Arias, Chef Gordon Ramsay, model Linda Evangelista, Film Director Werner Herzog,

SCIENTISTS: Carl Sagan, RIchard Feynmann Physicist,

ARTISTS:  Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, Georgia O’Keefe, Rodin, Modigliani, Yoko Ono, Damien Hirst,

Architects:  Antonio Gaudi, Mies van der Rohe

WRITERS: Ernest Hemmingway, Gustave Flaubert, Emily Bronte, John Keats, Mary Shelley,

Comedians: Joan Rivers, Carol Burnett, Jay Leno, Chris Rock, Gene Wilder, Peter Sellers, Dennis Leary,

DANCERS: Michail Baryshnikov, Gene Kelly,

ATHLETES: Venus Williams, Bruce Jenner, Magic Johnson.


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All writing copyright Tara Greene




October 7- November 5 CENTAURfolds

The Royals/HORSEY SET 

Cue the William Tell overture- used for the LONE RANGER TV show many years ago…..

Not “Skinny Love”  necessarily but GIDDY UP LOVE.  Sagittarius rules the thighs- are you a thigh man/woman?

 Venus in Sagittarius has the Goddess in blue jeans, or wearing riding jodphurs, or gypsy dress, sporty,  casual traveling clothes.

VEnus in Sagittarius Astrology Napoleon Brousseau drawing

Charcoal drawing to illustrate Venus in Sagittarius

Drawing by Napoleon Brousseau  @ Angell Gallery Toronto 

Venus in Sagittarius is very firey, speaks with HOOF IN MOUTH -always the truth. Cannot keep a secret.

She is gullible, naive, sometimes klutzy, Promises way more than she intends to deliver on.

Can love pontificators, and be one herself, philosophy professors, gurus, exotic foreigners, intrigue, the adventure, the chase. 

Kind of Thelma And Louise- hitting the road for freedom and adventure at the beginning but turns into a Scorpio/Pisces demise sort of plot.


There are bigger more exciting adventures than chasing dust bunnies worthy of her astute attention.

You will want to be IN THE KNOW, V. in S. will always tell you that they knew that, or anecdote your story.

Loves animals, signs petitions. Can be hypocrites,so be careful during this time.

Loves to laugh, needs a comedian in her life. When she’s happy she will be very fun to be around.

Gets bored and restless very easily. It’s not easy for them to commit.

Venus in Sagittarius can be loyal, but they do get wanderlust,

Give them space to wander on their own a bit they will always come back.

She is a cowgirl at heart, on the lone prairie and she likes it that way, some time.

She love to learn and reads, self educates, life is a total university.

Loves exotic things, gift them with these. Speak another language that turns them on.

She is  a natural teacher. V in S can be judgemental and hypocritical at the worst.

Venus in Sagittarius even Cowgirls get the blues, she is usually eternally optimistic but when let down, she gets very low and cynical but then she is  a red rubber ball, bouncing back.

Venus in Sagittarius is a fun lover, wants love to me more spiritual than sexual. 

She loves to travel, to learn, she is  not so impressed with feminine gifts, flowers or  jewellery.

Be adventuresome. Learn to fire- walk, cliff hang, bungee jump, go to a sweat lodge, yoga spa, detox together.

She can be competitive too. you’ll be on  your  toes/hoofs. 

speak of higher truths, ideals, break troughs in imagination are what turn Venus in Sagittarius on.

Buy a dog, go to animal shelters, go horse back riding, try archery, study mythology.

eat from a trough, no just kidding. They love International cuisine.

Famous Peeps with Venus in Sagittarius

The beautiful Tina Turner, Sinead O’Conner, Christina Aguilera, actress Jane Fonda, Kim Basinger, comedienne Whoopie Goldberg

Actors- Jude Law, Kevin Costner- Dances With Wolves is a very venus in Sagittarius type of film;  Ronerto Benigni-who wrote acted in and produced Life is beautiful one of the most optimistic film ever and  DAVID BOWIE; Frida Kahlo’s husband Diego Rivera, 


 All writing is copyright of Tara Greene. You may reproduce if original source material is clearly attributed 

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Here's how Venus is going to GIFT YOUR LOVE LIFE Aug 16- Sept 10

I’m using SUN sign horoscope forecasts. Aries is 1st sign,1st house, Taurus is 2nd etc. Know your Moon and Ascendant/Rising Sign? read these as well. Color coded- What you need to have successful relationships, That’s what Venus does in Libra.

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY and let me know what you think

Forecasts for each sign:

relationships astrology psychic Tara Greene

ARIES – This is serious love

VENUS in your 7th house of SERIOUS relationships, marriage and partnerships seduces you into a state of Balance and thinking before you leap in or out. That’s a good thing. People will be attracted to you, learn to set back and relax and allow them to come to you, less work. The Goddess emanates and receives her lovers she doesn’t need to go and get them.  Venus helps you to value that  others have needs too. Yes you will feel see saw’d. This is good for money coming to you through business relationships. It’s all good.

TAURUS -New love affairs at work

Venus , also your ruling planet in your solar 6th house of work, service, community, health. New loves may be found on the job; with clients or co-workers,  during community events and at the gym, doctor or dentists’s office. Venus gives you extra shine and polish now as you are her Feminine earthly sensuous sign. Get your self in shape through diet, exercise and having more balance in your schedule. Indulge and buy something beautiful for yourself.

GEMINI- creative artsy big loves

Venus in your 5th house,which is the house of LOVE AFFAIRS itself put you squarely in open-hearted mode. You are in love and you aren’t afraid to show it.  Visit plays, go to the opera, art galleries, a convention for unconventional things, high society.  There will be lots and lots of opps to chat the night away, tons of social affairs, parties and invites during this time. Flirty and romantic, you will be able to feel relaxed with others and let your Gemini non stop charm, shine. Gemini and Libra are natural affecianadoes.

CANCER- feed your love

Venus in your 4th house of home roots, family, children. Seduce that new one with an amazing gourmet dinner. The affair may start in your own home. If already in a relationship then bring that boyfriend/girlfriend home to meet family, they- your family, will be at their politest at least. Time to have lovely dinner parties to impress. Also a great time for redecorating and making  your home and your self  as beautiful as you can. Good time to open up about your past, allowing more intimacy and trust into any relationship. Family secrets may come out of the basement.

LEO- Curiosity loves the cat

Venus in your 3rd house of communications, short travels, curiosity and openness. You have to be the King/Queen of course. Venus in Libra brings very beautiful people into your life. There will be many new connections, especially if you go outside your usual comfort zone. Never shy, this transit gives you more charm to meet, mesmerize and catch your prey, Ask about them, what’s their life all about? You don’t know it all. The more you can stay in an open childlike innocence the better. 

VIRGO-hey big spender, show off your assets

Venus in your 2nd house of money, resources, solid values. You’ve got what it takes Virgo and its your turn to shine like a copper penny. Over value instead of under value yourself. You’ve saved up enough sick days, and money to indulge yourself in something like a short vaca, or some outside the budget, sexy lingerie, which will help attract someone! Go to a spa and chill. Time to splurge on something beautiful-Venus loves art and all things of grace good taste.  You will be attracted to others for their charm and beauty and not just their functionality and hard-working ethics. Spruce up your office too BTW.

LIBRA – Perfect love Goddess

Venus in your 1st house of SELF. Well your natural charm, social graces and style will make you absolutely irresistible. Others will be attracted to you in droves and will want to enroll in your charm school. You should write a book. More lovers  though, makes it more confusing in deciding about Tom, Melissa or Justin. But really there’s never enough choices for a Libran. Indulge yourself in extravagant beauty, arts, social scenes as you can, that will pay off later. MAke sure they have the bucks to indulge you.

SCORPIO – 50 shades of love

Venus in your 12th house of secrets, the shadow, hidden enemies. Now this is very close to your own natural Scorpio nature. Lot’s of great sex, kinky, 50 shades of relating. Venus in Libra also adds a lighter side to your natural intense heavy nature.  Love and sex doesn’t have to be always ATOMIC  the be all and end all, it can also have a Lite, fun, meaningless, with no hidden meanings for your to decipher. You may find this perplexing. BE careful of your words they may come back to haunt you. Old lovers may return, don’t get stuck in the same old story.

SAGITTARIUS- Let your freak flag fly

Venus in your solar 11th house allows you to let your freak flag fly. It brings new loves into your life through organizations you may belong to or join. Meeting many different types of people always fascinates you and this will be a time filled with that.  You can be attracted to someone for their radically different point of view. So get out there and mingle, network, take new classes. You will be  extra gregarious, fun, good humoured and  sociable. Also a time to receive love and praise. Teach by being part of the team.

CAPRICORN-What the world needs now is love

Venus in your solar 10 th house of FAME

YOU are numero uno now Capricorn’s. YOu may meet older individuals who will help you in your career. Serious lovers come through public applause, meetings, being in the spotlight, getting a raise, allowing your self to shine. Venus brings attention, wealth, fame, charisma, you’ve worked long and hard. It may be difficult you to receive acclaim, this is where you need to love yourself more. Venus rules artists, musicians, people who sculpt and craft beauty in its many ways. Design a brand new  long-term love plan. Take off that ultra conservative mask of power and show the world who you really are. Love is more important than all the material wealth  in the world. 

AQUARIUS-Not an ordinary love

Venus in your solar 9th house, brings you exotic foreigners, long distance lovers. Go to Burning Man. Extra ordinary lovers come into your life. You will connect to people through online dating or meet them in unexpected, strange ways. Revolutionary comrades in arms share brave new thoughts and ideas about changing thew world for the better and contributing to the tribe. Meeting new loves through school, educational seminars, meet ups, classes etc.  Seek out new connections at sporting events, political meetings, community gatherings, around pets, go horse back riding, support animal rights activists. You may also meet someone knew through attending school, a child’s school or affiliation.

PISCES- soul mate stew

Venus in your Solar 8th house. The 8th house is one of Deep intense sex, mystery,power games and longing for soul mates. But relationships may frustrate you now as you are more spiritual, sensitive and clingy than Venus in Libra tends to be. Venus in Libra will teach you detachment, a bit of distancing and judgement is balancing. This is a good thing for you. Meet new loves at smoky dark raves, goth conventions, art galleries, in bars and at  normal social scenes where you wouldn’t normally hang out. Venus in Libra can be skin deep beauty. Appreciate it for what it is. Wait for Venus to enter Scorpio.

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PLease check out coming soon online astro relationship courses

Knowing where VENUS is lets you know where the love is coming from and going to during this year.
Venus will transit your sign at least once, in the year
Where VENUS transits, in relationship to your NATAL Sun sign or Moon sign,or conjunct your Natal Venus- {called your Venus return} or any other planets, brings the love energy through that sign's qualities. 
Venus  expresses with and through the Planet[s] it contacts by conjunction, square, opposition, quincunx.  The sign[ What}, house  {where} and aspects {how} in your natal chart are your personal experience of Venus.
Times are in EST
Highlighted are Venus' ruling signs TAURUS and LIBRA
VENUS expresses through the elements  and attributes of each sign
JAN 8 @Venus enters Capricorn, earth, practical, unemotional
Feb 1 Venus enters Aquarius Air, ideas, communications, freedom,
Feb 25 Venus enters Pisces, Water, spiritual, dreamy, illusions, addictions
March 21 Venus enters Aries, Fire, passion, spontaneous, new,independent
April 15 Venus in Taurus,earthy, sensual,slow, grounded, stubborn, $
May 9 Venus enters Gemini, Air, flight, flirty, upbeat, immature, ambivalent,
June 2 Venus enters Cancer, Water, sensitive, nurture,needy, protective, food
June 27 Venus enters Leo, Fire, Bossy, passionate, leader, big hearted,showy
July 22 Venus enters Virgo, Earth, practical, hard work, critical, intellectual,
Aug 16 Venus enters Libra, Air, social, peace, beauty, giving,indecisive
Sept 11 Venus enters Scorpio, Water, sex, power, intense, obsessive, controlling
Oct 7 Venus enters Sagittarius,Fire, inspires,fun, laughter,travel,teaching honest
Nov 5 Venus enters Capricorn, earth, serious, mature, unemotional,practical
Need a personal review of LOVE in your Chart?


March 28 2013 The Sacred Marriage of VENUS & SUN

Venus is in her FULLNESS -SHE IS FULLY ILLUMINATED in the SUN moving from being a MORNING STAR, Venus Lucifer

VENUS and the SUN make the SACRED MARRIAGE at this SUPERIOR CONJUNCTION-at 8 degrees of ARIES

This marks one of the 5 Pointed STAR PENTAGRAM stations that Venus makes in her 8  year journey.

VEnus Pentagram tara Greene


at 10:04 am PST/1:044 pm EST which is a very potent time to do Prayers and Big wishes.

The conjunction is a culmination of WHAT and WHERE our values have been in LOVE, SEX, money, beauty since the VENUS ECLIPSE

We need to integrate where we were, when Venus ECLIPSED the Sun moving Retrograde at 15 degrees GEMINI on June 5/6 2012

read more detailed article about that major cycle here http://taratarot.com/id156.html

what were your love relationships like then?

how much has changed?

how much have you changed?

Venus will overtake the Sun and become the Evening STAR-called Venus Hesperus beginning a new  hemicycle

During the NIGHT VENUS phase we will DISTILL an experience and then feel it AFTER the ACT, or fact.

Next stop is in 9.5 months- just like a human gestation-

see graph by COSMIC INTELLIGENCE AGENCY of Venus's Pentagram cycle in motion

CIA VEnus Graph

Venus will again go Retrograde @ 28 degrees Capricorn on Dec 21 2013- WINTER SOLSTICE

the next EXACT VENUS RX conjunction with the Sun occurs Jan 11 2014 at 21 degrees Capricorn

then Venus then becomes a Morning STAR again.

Venus moves DIRECT again Feb 1 at 13 degrees Capricorn conjunct Pluto and opposite JUPITER A VERY VERY Powerful soulful RICH in RESOURCES POWER AND JEWELS. So you want to plan for Feb 2014 to reap the BIG REWARDS.


You will need candles incense a notebook and some gemstones, rose tea, or rose water

VENUS's gemstones are a girl's best friend DIAMONDS

If you don't have diamonds-

Jasper, Turquoise, Chrosprase, Emeald, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, Topaz, Rose Quartz will do. you will need 5 stones

copper is also sacred to Venus- you can use copper pennies- Canada has just phased them out

melt them down and make Venus- 5 pointed stars from them

While the Moon is still in LIBRA before 5:53 pm PDT/ 8:53 pm EDT I would do the Venus ritual

have lovely flowers, green and blue's offerings for the Goddess 

Play soft music, burn sweet incense, use proper color candles.

Sit in circle with your gemstones, compose them into the pentagram corners shape

call in the 4 directions East to South to West to North and elements, Fire Water Earth Air

INVOKE Venus into your circle "Oh Great Goddess VENUS, Creatress of LOVE BEAUTY GRACE ART PLEASURE PEACE

come be with me in my circle and in my heart and for all the children of the earth."

think back on where you were at the last VENUS SUN CONJUNCTION, at this point relationships can move forwards for the next 9.5 months

we are gestating NEW LOVE, NEW Relationships to WEALTH, our own self-love and beauty.

state out loud your own commitment to bringing out your own beauty on the Inner and outer,

if you are NOT in a relationship then conjure up your BELOVED, your soul mate

and conjure up your desire for wealth, to share, to help, to create art, beauty, refinement,

If you are in a relationship that seems stale, then ask to breathe new life into it, new passion, new dimensions,

if you feel stuck then ask for self-love to KNOW what to do

ask for your own creativity to bloom and grow. Then sit and breathe deeply relaxing more and more

Then sit quietly and listen to VENUS inspire you, give you direction...

wait, be patient, you are experiencing a COSMIC visitation a MYSTIC rendezvous with the MUSE,

Take as much time as you need, lie down,

when it feels complete, thank the Goddess, sit and write in a journal, then thank the spirits elements and fairies for being with you

and drink some sweet tea with roses in it and reflect.


Your intention should be to write down in more practical detail; WHAT HOW WHERE your BELOVED will be/are 

also your WEALTH and CREATIVITY dream what will it consist of in early 2014.

YOU can take more time with this, EASTER WEEKEND IS A very symbolic archetypal time of death and rebirth-

sit with it while the MOON is in Scorpio


a perfect symbolic REBIRTH in the TAROT


write down all your innocent wishes hope and dreams-Venus's 11th house LIBRA desires.

Moon will be in Capricorn sign of grounding.

write down 5 keywords on small pieces of paper go outside and bury them in the earth all the while focus on them growing into manifestation in 9 months.

I help coach you in creating personal rituals

I also offer ASTROLOGY And TAROT Intuitive guidance

get a LOVE WEALTH focus  reading http://taratarot.com/id78.html


Next station on the pentagram is Nov. 22 2014 at 1 degree Scorpio

and the Final station is on Aug 22 2015 with Venus Retrograde at 22 degrees of LEO

then ARIES MArch 2017, Scorpio NOv 2018, back to GEMINI 8 years from now in June 2020.

PLEASE SHARE GENEROUSLY- far and wide the more people who receive this energy the better


11/22 2011 Numerology

We are one octave above the recent 11:11:11 which felt like a very profound shift in consciousness to me from my experience of it in Sedona Arizona, one of the major high spiritual energy places on the globe.

All doubled numbers are master numbers. 11 is the mirror, memory, Strength in the Tarot, the new soul. The initiate.

22 is the symbol of Enlightenment itself in the Tarot. Symbolized as both the zero point and the end point, the Alpha and the Omega, visualized by the 22nd Trump in the Tarot, The Fool, the wise one.

The # 22 is very special to me personally; it resonates with me for a number of reasons. Moe about that later.


Sagittarius Solar Eclipse Nov 24-25


A partial solar eclipse, which will not be visible to most of us in the Northern Hemisphere occurring over the Antarctic.

Event though partial all Solar Eclipses are powerful New Moon turning points. The effects of an eclipse last long and are far reaching especially in a Sagittarius.


This New Moon is also the 6th and final Super Moon on 2011.

At 2 degrees and change of Fiery Sagittarius, the eclipse points literally as the Centaur points his arrows, to the Galactic Center, to higher truth, sacred law, freedom, the infinite, the beyond.


4 planets + the North Node all in Sagittarius

The Sun, Moon, North Node, Mercury, planet of communications just recently turned Retrograde yesterday and Venus, Herself just past the point of the Galactic center at 28 degrees of Sag. are all in the happy go lucky ready to trot sign. That's 5 for FIRE


The New moon chart includes an Earthy Grand Trine

Besides the quintuple Fire there's also very earthy grounded Grand trine with Mars at 6 degrees of Virgo, Jupiter Retrograde at 1 degree of Taurus and Pluto at 6 degrees of Capricorn. Very nice energy for early degree of earthy signs.

JUPITER the ruling planet of Sagittarius leads the pack, although retrograde he always brings benefits and the auspicious Grand trine is like a presqua vu Santa Claus in dragon’s drag.


MARS is Squaring the sun and Moon, Jupiter quincunx’s the Sun and Moon. Something to do with analyzing and cleaning up your act to be sure. The message is to keep your hoofs firmly on the ground.


Speaking of Hooves,

CHIRON another famous Centaur known as the Wounded healer, is also at one degree of Pisces, squaring the Sun and Moon, and opposite Mars making what is called a mutable sign T-square which brings in compassion, healing, the ability to work on the issues diligently and have some earthy patience.



Wherever the sign of Sagittarius falls in your chart, even if you have no planets, angles or anything in Sagittarius, it exists in your chart, in your blueprint somewhere.


The 9th house of Sagittarius is the 3rd and final fire sign, is always honest, always adventurous, mystical, the traveler the wanderer, the seeker, the historian, the philosopher, the judge, the teacher, the mage, the good humoured, one who wants to understand everything in the Universe. Did we mention klutzy, omits details, a law unto themselves, hypocritical, judgemental, bored with earthy details, loves to travel, the exotic, impatient, doesn't need to validate how or why they just Know, suffers from hoof in mouth disease?


Your sign’s Horoscopes.

 Check your ascendant and Moon sign if you know them



The eclipse Trines your sun. This is good, the Xtreme New Moon amps up your energy and libido. Travel; go back to school, take courses, and network. Learn a foreign language. Expand your business.



Fire and earth don’t' mix too well but you are benefiting from the grand trine. Jupiter, Mars and Pluto are a potent and heady cocktail. Get inspired, create now. Live outside of your comfort zone. Sagittarius wants you to live a little, take a risk. Listen to exotic chants, Rumi, flamenco guitar, you get the picture, expand your tastes.



Sagittarius is opposite you so its time to get interested in others.

New relationships and new travels abound. Mercury your ruling planet is Retrograde now, so spend time rethinking, revolutionizing, revamping. The Solar eclipse lends you extra sparkle and intrigue.



Fire and water don’t mix so well either. You may feel like a crab out of water. The earthy energy benefits you. Time to move, bring more colour into your home and environment. Get a pet. Open up and trust.



All that fire certainly benefits Leo. The earthy Jupiter in Taurus energy pushes you too. Build a new foundation from your inspiration, literally. Write, sing, dance, move it. Time to enhance your skills with some classes. Meeting exotic interesting foreigners for relationships and business is also on your agenda.



Live a little, all work and no play make you dull and Sagittarius says you need to take some risks, relax, gamble a little. Revisit old school chums while Mercury is Retrograde, review your career goals. Extra exercise would be beneficial to your health regime.



Sagittarius solar eclipse is sextiling you. That's a nice tickle because after all Saturn's been kicking your but hard for the last year and half. Enjoy it. invent fiery spicy exotic new recipes, and cocktails that you can set afire. An exotic new affair is in the wings. An International colour scheme and a change in your styling would also suit.



The Sag. eclipse isn’t touching you but the Earthy energy is, especially Jupiter in a good way. Early Scorpios will be feeling vulnerable. Be careful of overdoing it and putting on weight. You will feel less obsessive, lighter and kick up your hoofs creating a new hybrid, Scorpion, Lion, eagle Centaur.



Well you are the star of the show for now. We need the light at the darkest time of the year in the Northern hemisphere now. Show 'em what you really got. But it needs to be earthed, practical real, finish that book already. You value the big galactic picture, Meditate, bring together all the threads now. It is time for you to teach and lead.



You benefit from the earth trine, as Sag. is right next store and not aspecting you directly. There are kudos and solid rewards for all the sweat especially in artistic and creative endeavours. Be mindful of being too overtly nit picky and critical of self and others, You want to escape, travel, revel from bring in nature, sensual and feeling the earth.



The airy ones get the sextile from this Sagittarius solar eclipse, a nice little aspect but ya gotta work it. Jupiter Sagittarius’s ruler gives the added square forcing you to make it real, practical, stable. The revolution is gaining ground, regroup, take heart, this is only the beginning. Trust your vision, aim higher, go beyond all limitations.



Sagittarius is squaring you dear one. The pressure is on you to heal deeply, to learn to heal yourself first before you take on the world. This reverses your usual point of reference but like in the airplane put your own oxygen mask on first. Mars give you some added pizzazz, and should see rewards on the job. Also don’t be afraid to speak up over any old, not so cool office politics or harassment now. The law is on your side. You cant help anyone else when your drowning in the victim puddle.


October 11 Astrology updates it’s OCTO Month Tara Greene


Spet 23- Oct 23 Libra  time to SHINE


Aries Full Moon Oct 11-@ 10:06 pm EDT Oct. 12 @ 2:06 am GMT

SCORPIO NEW MOON Oct 26 @ 3 degrees +


Mercury in Libra till October 13  Mercury in SCORPIO till Nov. 2

The communications plane goes deep and heavy emotionally Underground, the connectivity wiring issues from the netherworld, the shadows, the deeps, entrenched in power control secretive pentagon like structures till the end of October. Mercury in Scorpio like porn, so expect more news porn than normal, cover-ups, wilfully misinformed power struggles.


VENUS in SCORPIO Oct 8 – Nov. 2

Venus turns the intensity and emotional wattage meter to beyond as she enters sultry secretive charismatic powerful and Tran formatively sexual steamy sign of Scorpio.

Venus is total VIXEN the best Sign for her to occupy for over the top kinky Halloween doin’s of course. Should we call this Octopussy?


How’s Your Love Life with VENUS & MERCURY IN VIXEN LAND? { Scorpio}

And Squared, that is pushed by MARS Scorpio’s ruler in Fixed Firey Leo. Translated as added oomph.



Venus is Quincunxing you Aries and that can’t be irritatingly off-putting if you’re trying to keep your act together and solo. A feather trickling around your ears.


Ah Venus is opposite your big shoulders purring in your ears enticing you to stop ploughing those bank deposit fields and come plough hers. You will buy more cologne flowers and expensive dinners now than any other time and indulge in mucho massages and expensive champagne to make her happy.


Again with the quincunx. Its enough o make a Gemini go their separate ways! Irritably obsessive thoughts about what when how why girl/boy friends past present and future.

Also clever new S & M devices and doodles. New tattoo motifs. And very obscure but sexy ads get inspired at this time.


Smouldering sexy menus, lingerie. My place may be steaming up the windows, Make exotic dark rich foods, black, beetroots, and devilled eggs.


Ah Venus in Scorpio will drive you wild with passion. You will be a total showman, and incredibly charismatic if a female Leo this month. Of course you’ll want what you want and whshell want what she wants and never the twain. Making up and breakin up and making up,


Venus is in a sexy sextile so try to dress like Erin Brocovitch and Dolly Parton from Nine to five. Live little. What’s the worst that could happen? Sexy encounters on the job.


Well actually Venus in Scorpio isn’t affecting you at all. Guess you’ve been centre of attention long enough.  Enjoy what Libran spotlight your in.


Well of course you’re getting your 15 minutes now. Scorpio women will be absolutely irrespirable. Do they put out Victoria’s secret ads now? Sinfully sexy, magnetically irrespirable you ill get exactly what you want when and how you want it no questions asked.


Venus is ignoring you for now dahlng so just bask in the north node in your sign.  Chase some rainbows crack some jokes keep everybody inspired, plan your future travels now.


Venus is giving you a nice little sextile in the money department. Remember Venus rules money and you may be getting a secret little payback for some extra work. BE careful of any underhanded dealings though. But a sensual fabric business shirt to liven up the stodgy look. You may be tempted to totally change your entire stock portfolio with the markets in a total meltdown.


Venus has got her love sites on you. You can’t hide behind your brainy wunderkind head in the clouds anymore. Love is out to get ya. Known for thinking outside the box expect inventive, out of this world sex, and amazing inventive ideas sparked by landing in your body for a change it’ll make you think its actually been worth the whole trip to planet earth just to feel this sizzle


 Venus in Scorpio is trining you right now darling. You need sexual healing. Play Al green’s song and use it as your mantra. Even if you are alone just breath through your charkas and you to can have those spontaneous cosmic orgasms, especially with Chiron conjunct Neptune you taint dreamed anything yet.



MARS – the action  Man principle in LEO in October till Nov 10 -–11:11:11

 Fires up those action packed passionate Fire Signs.

ARIES Mars your ruling planet is in a lovely Trine so more hoppin’ than usual, open those hearts up, be a stronger, more heartfelt leader, more unstoppable than usual, also beware monstrously hot headed and trigger happy.

Leo’s are so hot they’re utterly irresistible with sexy Mars pumping up the testosterone, but also angry, demanding, egotistical, Uberpassionate, more childlike,

SAGITTARIANS get some juice under their hoofs and they’re hot to trot, restless, impatient, why wasn’t it here tow weeks ago?


Before you start stewing in your own juices Hey over here

What about Me and My sign?


Taurus –Mars the Man of War is putting the square on you. So better get up off that couch an put down your fancy chocolates. Time to sow some seeds literally. Be careful of attracting the heat at this time to from superiors if you been sleeping on the job.

GEMINI What’s the big gunner got for the Twins?

A nice little sextile. Easy aspect. Revs your engines just so. A nice booster.


Actually Mars is leaving you alone to feel safe and secure in your home.


Mars is erstwhile also ignoring you, so stay focused with your nose to grindstone.

Your time is at hand, the north Node is pointing to you in a square. Early Virgos expect t feel vulnerable and overly sensitive for a while, get used to it. Make it a friend.


Sextile from Mars, Saturn and sun and Mercury and Venus in your sign for awhile

Hey you’re the star of the show for a while. Do your charming; genteel, brokering while the sunshines upon you.

SCOPRIO Mars is putting the heavy square on you. So more passionate, intense, angry, obsessive about males, guns, power control then usual. Add the colour red to your standard black on black. It’s anise touch.


 Well Mars is giving you the old quincunx now, which may be put to good productive use of course. Early Caps are in the throws of deep intense transformation; Later Caps are getting serious work orders from Saturn. And Late Caps id clever are pushing the envelope at the cutting edges of unthunk new business and scientific breakthroughs and other parts too.


Well Mars is in the other corner duking it out with you for a bit. Noticing some opposition these days?  I’m sure your head doesn’t stop spinning what with Uranus in Aries and Mars in Leo. Great time to generate lots new ideas, let your head spin out to the galaxy and see the future, the cohesive oneness of the new earth in all her glory.


What’s Leo got to do with it? Quincunxing the night away. For you anyway. Early Pisces as I said very very vulnerable and susceptible to hard to detect viruses your delicate stamina will be challenged now. Yu may be under he microspoe from some despotic authoritarian figure too. You really jus wish you were getting ready to hibernate and dream for a whole six months. Ow wouldn’t it be loverly?


JUPITER and Venus oppose each other Oct 14 expansion of love money favour.

Jupiter and Mercury opposition Oct. 17 means Jupiter in Taurus is blunt, steadfast, grounded,

Has big tools, Mind expanding ways to think below the surface and excavate the hidden gems.

Jupiter and Sun opposition OCT 28 we may be laughing all the way to the junkyard searching for hidden treasure in the detritus of a toppled economy but like my favourite movie of all time. Treasure of the Sierra Madre, after they’ve won and lost all the gold what’s left to do but… laugh and laugh and laugh and be grateful to be alive.

It struck me that there’s a connection these days between the man made screw ups, spewing oil wells in the ocean and the naturally occuring Volcanic eruptions in Iceland.  Native people’s say that oil is the Earth Mothers’ blood.

The oil industry and all of us oil consumers in the world are Vampires  sucking the Earth Mother’s blood out of her veins.  Interesting that I have been musing about Twilight, the Vampire saga as well. This is how the synchonicity works for me. How I see the whole picture and how all the pieces  fall into place. I get the AHA!  The intutive flash where it all makes sense to me.


Western Culture is a feeback mechanism, I guess you could call it a bio cultural feedback. Whatever is popular in Western culture is a message from the Archetypes. Archetypes, according to Joseph Campbell and Psychologist Carl Jung felt that Archetypes are core symbols, primal religious themes, Universal “seeds.” All cultures world wide recognise and share the same myths, stories, fables, underlying religious themes, inspirations, lessons. Archetypes are considered to be the living consciousness behind the myths.


So for example the popularity on one level of Twilight, the Vampire interest is to place the trigger VAMPIRE into the consciousness in a primal popular way. Irregardless of how the vampire story is being newly minted, renovated reimagined and ordered for tween girls.  I believe its to get us to see ourselves as vampires, our own Vampirical ways.  

You shouldn’t tamper with Mother Nature. The Volcano in Iceland errupting or Mt. St. Helen’s fuming tells me that the centre of the earth is connected to all other centers in the earth. If youre drilling for oil at the sea bottom in the Gulf of Mexico or Norway or anywhere else in the world you are tapping the deep rich veins of Mama Earth, and all her lines of communications are connected, so she blows her top in Iceland. I think its a warning. Mother Earth speaks, like all great spiritual messages dreams, visions, insights, premonitions, telepathy, intuition all use symbolic language, code,  metaphors, similies.  SHE is fumingly mad!!!! She’s not gonna take it much longer.  Yah think it’s an inconvenience for thousands to Not fly in Europe for days? HAH! That’s just the appeteaser to whats in store for us all.

Planetary Symbolism

Now the planets also have an interesting symbolic message to this BP oil spill. The planet Saturn,known as the Cosmic Cop, traditionally called The Great Malefic, bringer of limitations, obstacles, testing backed up into Virgo for its last sojourn on April 7th.Virgo is an Earth Sign so all earthly things come under that sign. Virgo is most concerned with practicality, perfection, organization, accounting, health, getting the job done. Wherever Sign Saturn is travelling through, it limits, creates obstacles to all the things goverened by that Sign. Saturn is currently retrograding at 28 degrees of Virgo, which is Squaring { a 90 degree HArd angle} to the Galactic Center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius.

Is there a planet which rules oil? Yes, its the Planet Neptune, which governs the Sign Pisces, who was King of the Ocean to the Greeks. { We’ll connect the Greek economic problems to all this in a moment.} So what’s the connection?

Neptune is currrently at 28 degrees of Aquarius. Neptune and the Wounded Healer cosmic body called Chiron have been tangoing cheek to jowl for most of this past year. Chiron is known as the Wounded Healer He was alos prominent in Greek mythology. Mythology is the realm of the Archetypes, remember? Chiron shows us Where the Wound is, What needs to be healed, the way through the wound, to the Healing for ourselves and then others. So the message is we a hurtin’ around OIL.  Neptune in Aquarius is all about inventive new technologies which benefit all of humanity. Aquarius like those popular pre-packaged vacations,is All INCLUSIVE, a non-ego Sign..  O.K. so what’s the connection?

Qunicunx’s and Consequences

Neptune is 150 degrees away from Saturn. All Astrology is about Sacred geometry.That 150 degree angle is known as a Qunicunx. The planets are 5 signs away from each other. In totally different elements. In other words it is considered to be a harsh, abrasive , clashy energy. One sign can’t understand the others basic elemental view of the world. There is friction.  So here is a cosmic picture, a Kodak Moment if you will, of the planet of hard knocks, Saturn going backwards in Virgo, raking us once again over the coals of our previously sown bad intentions,the harbinger and reaper of karma.

Did I mention Karma and Saturn in the same sentence allready? Oil, the car industry, we should change the spelling to something more streetwise and punk’d: kars, karma, etc. Korny, I know. The kosmos likes Korny puns! So Saturn is putting the brakes on the car industry because Neptune ruler of OIL and Saturn have been rubbing each other the wrong way. And they’re are showing us the prime archetypal symbols in the sky patterns:  “AS ABOVE SO BELOW”

So we are getting our collective noses rubbed by this cosmic pattern. But it ain’t funny at all. The same Saturn Neptune QUNICUNX is creating CONSEQUENCES.  I love how that rolls off the tongue but it is serious business. Saturn/Neptune is also related to the recession which began in 2008 because Neptune also rules DEBT, Fantasy, illusion, escapism, DENIAL.

BIg Changes are in the works:

Uranus the planet of revolution, freedom, liberation, inventiveness, technology, collectivism, humanitarian idealsim is moving to ZERO degrees of Aries, the Zero point and absolute beginning of the Astrology wheel. A new revolution, a collective thunderbolt of new inventiveness in tech is about to be unleashed as well as a  groundswell of revolution over all those things that affect the collective of humanity.

I predict that something will be found to cap that nasty oil well, most likely on that day! The planet Saturn turns Direct in motion om May 30th indicating a turn around fromt he present state. Saturn ‘s been moving backwards Retro since Jan 13th, so 2010 has mainly been about reaping the karma of our previous behaviours. It’ll take awhile, till September 5th for Saturn to regain all that lost ground. Not until then can 2010 actually push forward into new territory. Amazing to think about the karmic repo man Saturn is for us. The very next day May 31st, Neptune then begins his retrograde period which lasts until November 7th.  It’s a cosmic “push me, pull you.” One step forward, 2 steps behind. 

We really do have to realize what blood {oil} sucking gluttonous Vampires we are and have been. The pollution its created, the ecodisaster, the financial crisis,the loss of jobs for people, this totally unecessary accident could have been avoided most likely if Proper saftey equipment had been mandatory, properly saftey checked etc. But BP is one form of the blood sucking vampires, they were greedy, they were “cutting costs.”

We are also culpable, recklessly drinking up Mother Earth’s prescious blood/oil. Our thirst for cars, industry,waste, plastic, convenience, fast, disposable, travel, freedom, me, I deserve it, plastic diapers, toys,bags,garbage bags, Oil is at the bottom of our modern consumer culture and “lifestyle.”

Volcanoes erupting in Iceland is a direct result of all the oil drilling all over the World. From the Persian Gulf to Mexico, we are bleeding and drinking Mother Earth dry. Whether you believe in the Green house effect or not. The actual reality is obvious if you can see the connection. Saturn= cause + effect. We greedy, we no think of consequences, we suffer from them. If you take out the oil somewhere in the Earth you are disrupting the blood and body of the Earth, and her anger is volcanic erruptions coming out at her puny disrespectful children to punish them. Earthquakes too are part of this scenario, as are tsunammis, tornadoes, hurricanes.   

James Lovelock coined the term Gaia for the Earth’s consciousness. I believe and I know that Gaia, the Earth, is the Living Archetypal Mother of us all. She was known as Demeter to the Romans and Ceres to the Greeks. We still honor Ceres’ abundance   everyday in households around the world,by eating of her grains, CEREals.

We are beginning a new era with Uranus entering Aries. Uranus last entered Aries in March 31, 1927. That was the precurser to the Great Depression.

Then Saturn the repo man moves back into Libra July 21st and Uranus and Saturn face off  in opposition to each other.  The two planets were in opposition to each other in the 60′s. From an Astrological point of view, the 60′s were triggered by Saturn Uranus and Pluto in alignment with each other in the late 60′s. So what was seeded then will begin to sprout now.

Then the Great T- Square between Saturn Uranus and Pluto is forming shortly thereafter.  Pluto, even though demoted by some Astronomers, is still very very potent Archetypally. Pluto is the planet of Death, rebirth, Transformation, garbage, Nuclear energy; sex, regeneration, power, control, secrets, taxes as the modern ruler of Sign Scorpio. Uranus’s entry into Aries begins to creates a Square to Pluto in Capricorn as well as the oppositon to Saturn.  This is one big heavy cross to near!We must inovate.


Jupiter whos been dancing up chee to cheek with Uranus all during May, has an opposition to Saturn exact on MAy 23rd at 27 degreees 52 minutes of Pisces/Virgo. Again please note that these degrees Square the Galactic Centre at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. You know the Big Black Hole sucking up all light at the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy? 2012 has to do with the alignment of the Sun to the Glactic Centre on Winter Solstice that year. Note that Jupiter rules Sagitttarius and the Sign of Pisces traditionally. so Jupiter gives us a lot of bank for the bucks now. The revolution really revs up  June 6th when Jupiter eneters the ring and speeds into Aries, joining Uranus . Jupiter expands everything. Jupiter is a risk taker, but also a philosopher, honest, idealistic, thinks Internationally, is the law maker, wants justice and does things in a big way. But it makes the entire situation more volatile. 


Mars will be at the latter degrees of Leo just when Uranus enters Aries. Mars is the trigger, the defenses, war. Mars rules mundane events. Mars is hovering over the Fixed Star Raphael, bringer of Healing, ruler of the Heart and Will, Trust and Innocence. We need to connect to Archangel Raphael’s energy to help assuage this situation. Pray to Raphael all the time.  Mars will also be directly opposite to Neptune on June 4th. So expect lots of Leonine pride opposite to the Neptunian  illusion, delusion, denial about the oil spill in the backrooms of state.


 And speaking of Chiron and those Greeks, whose economy is based on olive oil, souvlakis,tourism, and who are makign everyone feel guilty and relying on their eternal credits and royalties for inventing democracy…

Chiron recently entered Pisces on April 19. Chiron in Pisces shows us exactly where it hurts in spirituality, drugs, addictions, victim mentality, dreams, illusions, delusions,  religion, soul mates, karma, psychologically, endings, effemerals, false hopes, false prophets, pharmaceuticals, compassion, union, back stabbing, secret enemies, self-undoing.  Chiron like Jupiter are just sticking their toes into new waters as it were…this is just  preview of what’s next. so stay tuned.

Did I mention Eclipses yet?…. and as for the VAmpire symbolism… Twilight is an Archetypal whisper about THE TWILIGHT OF THE GODS.

Virgo The Hermit Major Tarot Trump # 9
Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot

VArious images of The End

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