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Miley Cyrus

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MILEY CYRUS NOW and then -Aug 2013 article- below is the original from 2007

In case you missed it, Miley Cyrus topped the news and set a record for live tweets during the MMVA 2013 August 25 where she twerked her tiny butt off, gyrated, tongued and lap danced in flesh coloured PVC fetish undies perpendicularly with Robin Thicke. She appropriated much sexist plasticity from his "Blurred Lines" summer hit, soft porn video and tried to prove she can't stop. Yes it worked, she got tons of PR. Most people hated it.

Miley Cyrus performing with

Is Miley Bi-polar?  Where is Destiny Hope the Angel? Is this just show biz 2013?  Songs about coke, lines, do whatever we want...

Numerology wise Miley  is a #10 personality- the Wheel of Fortune- she is worth millions. Her Soul # is 1 The Magician Soul- yes she can play at being whatever she imagines. She is a trickster. She's a wiley little coyote.

What happened to that sweet Disney channel girl?  When Miley was Hannah Montana I did an Astrology profile on her when she turned 15 . My daughter used to watch her all the time, Leah was 10 then. -see link below.

I didn't have a correct birth time for her then, now a "dirty" birth time has surfaced, Not totally 100%. But we'll try it on.

Miley is a Sagittarius and if born at 6:37 a.m. in Nashville she has Her Sun exactly rising on the Saggy Ascendant. 

 Miley Cyrus Astrology Tara Greene


She is optimistic, upbeat, fun,casual, horsey, animal loving, outdoorsy gal.

Always a rising Star. And look what we have here!  A packed 12th house, full of SCORPIO intensity and SECRETS.

The Moon, her Femininity, the Unconscious, her Mother, instincts are in EMO territory @ 20 degrees of that sexy, power sign of the SCORPION in the 12th {Pisces} house of  drugs, illusions, delusions, creativity, glamour, chameleon likeness.

With Pluto conjunct the Moon 3 degrees away. A MOON PLUTO signature makes anyone extremely, intensely, charismatic. Fascinated with the SHADOW,  deviousness,  power games, projecting. 

Miley has MERCURY RETROGRADE at 27 degrees Scorpio. A signature of someone who thinks outta the box. She may feel insecure about how smart she is or have a learning difficulty.  

Sun Moon Mercury, a very powerful threesome there, a SCORPIO Stellium.  Who would've seen that lurking there? Its been in the closet.

Miley has Venus- her loves and values, conjunct planet of the wild and weird URANUS and NEPTUNE planet of dreams, drugs, glamour, artists.

The Uranus Neptune conjunction in Capricorn is the hallmark of an entire generation

who are hooked on new technology, cell phones, instagram, tumbler, you tube kids who are very corporate in Capricorn. They appear to rebel but its only to be accepted by the mainstream. Go figure. Different values these days. They love to sell out. Uranus Neptune was in conjunction from the early 90's. 

Another STELLIUM- 3 planets or more very closely aligned -in CAPRICORN

Mars, what turns Miley on- what she defends- is at 27 degrees Cancer- aw shucks, deep down she's still that country gal who loves her Ma and Pa, home cookin', the South,  etc. being down home. She is very emo, sentimental and sensitive, a trad kinda girl who wants to get married and have the two kids and the white picket fence or some modern various on that theme. Really. 

Jupiter's at 8 degrees of Libra. Well she can swing both ways I'd say. Jupiter in Libra needs to relate at all costs, Goes OVER THE TOP to do that. Pulled in two different directions. Libra's like beautiful things, have good taste usually. Jupiter rules her Sagittarius Sun.

Saturn at 13 degrees Aquarius. represents her Dad Billy Ray, famous for playing her dad on Hannah Montana and of course for his one hit Achey Breaky Heart. Saturn is the school of hard knocks, karma, hard work. In Aquarius this is about new technology, freedom fighter's, strong people, inventors, Party our own way, is exactly the anthem of someone with Saturn in Aquarius.

She has CHIRON,the wounded healer at 23 degrees Leo, the sign of the DRAMA Queen. Leo is the performer, the leader, the red-hot mama, the child, pride, vanity and this is where she is the most wounded and the most vulnerable. Witness her acting out at the MMVA's.

Mileys' North Node is at 21 degrees Of Sagittarius.  She is meant to evolve into being that Sagittarius, optimist, the good-humoured, gypsy, that teacher of take it higher, not necessarily with drugs. Her South Node, her past life karma is at 21 degrees GEMINI. We fall back on what we know, indicting she comes from an immature, inner split, two personalities in one skinny body. 

So, why is Miley showing a completely different side to herself in the last year or so say?

Here's proof of how Astrology works especially well, in Retrospect. 20/20

WTF happened to HANNAH MONTANA? 

Miley's current REBELLION from being the sweet pure DISNEY teenager- has been perpetrated by 2 MAJOR MOJO  planets.

1. URANUS planet of sudden change, revolution, freedom, opposite her natal JUPITER in LIBRA, and most importantly it is Squaring her Natal VENUS in Capricorn- her love, taste and most importantly...

2. PLUTO, Planet of SEX, DEATH, REBIRTH, Power, secrets, the shadow, taboo, forbidden, kinky,TRANSFORMATION is sitting right on her Natal Venus too.


3. NEPTUNE- drugs, glamour, illusion, delusion is sitting on her NATAL LILITH. You know Lilith the orignal sucubus,harlot. Independent original shadow woman. Dark sexual ,vampire, wild untamable. "I can't be tamed" remember that Miley Cyrus hit?  She got flack for that one in 2010. 

That explains everything!!!!

Miley is also getting ready to have a big SATURN- karmic tax man, serious, contracts, limitations, Her Dad, square to her NATAL SATURN right at the end of this year - 2014. This could mean Trouble, Saturn in Scorpio can be a fall, her self-undoing as Saturn enters her natal 12th house. 

Time will tell. 

WHat do you think of Her MMVA performance?


All writing copyright Tara Greene can be used if original links back

Get your chart analyzed by Tara http://www.taratarot.com





Well you just might wonder why I am wishing Hannah Destiny Hope Cyrus Montana Happy Birthday. My daughter Leah who is 9 3/4 has been watching the show for about 8 months now, and it’s quite charming. So I kinda got hooked. Usually I don’t like Disney but these days, hey you need sweet innocent funny charming girl models. So Rock on High School Musical and Hannah! She’s 15 today and the hottest selling concert around what with shameless legal scalping in some states asking $1,000 a ticket! That should be illegal.

Hannah Montana

Miley is also a Sagittarian like me!

As we don’t know her accurate birth time, I did try a few and came up with this one. Whatever time she was born she has a very powerfull conjunction of Pluto in Scorpio, Mercury in Scorpio, Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Scorpio. It is stated that her birth name -Destiny Hope was given to her because her parents projected and/or felt the sense of Destiny this little girl had. Name Destiny! Pluto Mercury Sun Moon is sure one heck of a destiny signature. Fame, power, mass appeal,,

Hannah Montana Birth chart
Nov 23 1992

For this chart time 10:30 PM Nashville the Moon is at the last degree of Scorpio, earlier in the day the Moon would move back 1 degree every two hours so even if she was born at midnight the Moon would still be in Scorpio around 18 degrees and still conjunct those planets. I do feel that a Moon Sun conjunction seems very likely, the Moon could have actually progressed into Sagittarius if she was born later at night on the 23rd.

But I think the Scorpio Moon is what gives her so much emotional impact! She is an intense character for one so young. Pluto Mercury Moon gives her power with the people, she stirs something deep in pre-adolescent unconsiousness. ANd as charming as she seems remember this is about power and control.

Hannah has Mercury Retrograde. When she was born Mercury appeared to be moving backwards in the skies. This is interesting because, you know Mercury is the planet that Retrogrades the most often. 1/3 of the year in total so on average 33% of the population could be born under Mercury Retrograde but these people do not communicate in the usual ways. They think outside of the box. They are often mis-diagnosed as dyslexic or LD or whatever fancy designations they come up with these days. Moms if you are reading this definitely find out if your child was born during a Mercury Retrograde. This girl is a unique and original thinker but may feel insecure about her smarts. Most people I know born with Mercury Rx do.

She has a Venus Uranus Neptune conjunction in Capricorn, So Big Business -Disney, the Capricorn uses the media Internet/TV technology-Uranus- as a creative vehicle for the singer {Venus} and makes lots of money {also Venus} through the pre-teen Goddess {also Venusian} capturing and entrancing fans {Venus/Neptune} to her because she’s on the tube everyday of the week. Tah Dah Venus, Uranus, Neptune

Her Dad, Dad Billy Ray Cyrus who was a former one BIG hit wonder years ago with Achy Breaky Heart is on the show acting as her Dad, a big stretch-he is represented by Saturn in the chart, it’s in Aquarius, sign of group thinking and this is certainly a Daughter/Father act. Aquarius is always unique, different, easy going, there is something different, global, technological, charming, under dog leader about him. Saturn rules Capricorn remember, so Big Business is always behind this. SAturn in Aquarius is revolutionary, populist, traditionally Saturn is strong in Aquarius where it breaks new boundaries, and answers peoples wishes hopes and dreams. It’s kind of a revolutionary musical version of The Beverly Hillbillies don’t ya think with their authentic Grand Ole Opry goes Malibu thing?

SHe has Jupiter in Libra so social, musical, chic, fashion, music, theatre VERY POPULAR. Jupiter in Libra means everybody loves you and she needs people.

Hannah has Mars in late Cancer, so Mars is not strong in Cancer, so deep down she is very traditional, very close to her parents, insecure, Dad is Mom, the nurturer. She craves security, she is very emotional {Cancer} she is defensive about how she really feels. I bet she always gets butterflies in her tummy but being a trouper-the show always goes on. Mars Trines that Pluto, Mercury, Moon, Sun combo so she has energy, ambition and power to burn. You could power 3 states off of Hannah Montana’s 15 year old adolescent energy.

Her North Node-that glyph that looks like headphones-is like her Sun in Sagittarius, This represents her highest spiritual goal. To aim higher, to seek truth, honesty, with humour, it’s fun, uplifting,religion is important to her,she states she goes to church regularly. Her North Node {not shown} is opposite in Gemini this represents her past life experience or genetic heritage. In Gemini she grew up around much communication, talking, lively energy, she has 5 siblings, tons of energy, curious, seeking information and loves travelling, and animals, is easy going.

Anyway Leah adores her, and I like her. I think she is good down home, fun, {I don’t really like the pre-teeny too sexy clothes too much}but it’s clean, it’s fairly pure,my daughter Leah loves singing and drama so, I guess this is her pre-teen idol and that's O.K. with me. I don't know how many teeny-boppers will see this on my site or how many of you have pre-teens, tweens, or whatever around but hey gotta wish fellow Sag's Happy Birthday. Notice I made no mention of her music...

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