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Saturn the Cosmic Cop, Lord of Time, Karma, the Grim Reaper
Saturn Is everything in the material world, 3-D, Saturn is the architect, the builder, the father, Patriarchy,tradition, establishment,
Saturn tests, puts up obstacles, limits, it is Seniority, old age
maturity, worldly standing, career, patience, persistence.
Saturn is like lead, it;s HEAVY, weighty, depression.
Saturn traditionaly rules two signs Capricorn and Aquarius.

Saturn rules lead, stones that don’t glitter, the dross of all metals and all dust and ashes of everything like garbage and waste disposals, incinerators, crematoriums, etc. It has some rulership over diamonds, being the hardest minerals. Saturn rules miners, jewelers, those that work with metals or minerals, geologists, people that work with the earth-farmers and workers, gardeners, trenches and quarries, grave diggers and people who work in caves and tunnels-subways. Plumbers {lead traditionally} general labouers and contractors, leather workers. People whose jobs occur in cold, dark places {clubs?} or otherwise unpleasant places. Night workers, anyone who works in jobs relating to the dead, bereavment and funeral trade people. People who clear dirt and refuse, sewage, waste disposal. Also any highly responsible manager, prison workers, and the police force, those who keep order. Monks and hermits, scholars and those who live in secluded outposts or isolate themselves from society are all under Saturn’s rule.

Saturnine Places-

Dark, damp, dirty, cold and subject to decay and rot. Desolate, inhabitable places-Siberia, deserts, mountains, woods-the pine in particular is an old symbol for Saturn. Any landscape with caves, wells, holes, obscure valleys-Shangri La?

Saturn governs all structures and buildings and especially archeological ruins, disused buildings, abandoned structures, dens, monasteries, churchyards, burial gounds, cemeteries. It signifies buildings dealing with authority, high offices, government buildings, intimidating structures, remember that the World Trade Center fell with Saturn in Gemini the twin towers, opposite Pluto in Sagittarius, related to religious fundamentalism, terrorists, airplanes and foreigners. Saturn rules toilets, drains, cellars, basements, air raid shelters.

Saturn traditionally rules two signs, as all of the planets do traditionally, one masculine and one feminine. Modern rulership sees Saturn ruling Capricorn and ancient ruler ship has Saturn also ruling Aquarius-a bit of a surprise for you rebellious Aquarians, but it gives you a place to ground..


Saturn has been traveling through the two signs where it is in detriment, weakened and debilitated since June 2003 when it traversed Cancer, the Sign opposite Capricorn, then Leo, Sign opposite Aquarius since July 2005-Sept. 2007. So Saturn must be pretty grumpy by now, having been under the spell of it’s own medicine, kind of a homeopathic cure I’d say, since then, and ready to make home turf in an Earth Sign where Saturn is most comfortable.

Let’s go back in time to when Saturn was last in an Earth sign. This occurred in May 2000 when Saturn was in Taurus where it conjoined Jupiter at the very important beginning of a 20 year long cycle. These 2 planets rule the Economy as a whole, and with a stellium of 7 planets in Taurus on May 3rd a new economic cycle began which busted the Dot.com boom. Investments switched to sensible safe Taurean real estate.

Saturn then entered Gemini and at his opposition to Pluto in late August 2001, the 2 major planets provided the defining moment for the millennium- so far- 911 and the literal symbolism of Saturn in Gemini, sign of the Twins, opposite the Plutonic destruction by airlines, religious terrorists, foreigners – Sagittarius – the symbol of western economic imperialism. The Western world was shattered and polarized. Religious fundamentalism was suddenly the agenda, both that of Islam and that of American NeoCons. Just as predicted in George Orwell’s novel 1984, a strange war against an indefinable enemy began –,the war on terrorism. On a personal level, what Saturn’s journeys since it entered Cancer in 2003, has created, is circumstances that seem beyond personal control have been undermining the situation of the individual in a long and tiring process of dissolution. Being Saturn-ruled, this naturally affects Capricorns and Aquarians most.

Having been debilitated in Cancer Saturn’s infamous weak knees were already quaking as he entered Leo, and his most recent outer planet aspect, that of its’ opposition to Neptune, which we’ve been experiencing for most of 2007 has put old Saturn or Satan under wraps and in a fog of delusion, illusion, addictions, fantasy and drugs. In other words our view of Reality has been twisted and warped, through Saturn’s lens and we are definitely totally befuddled as to the nature of Reality or don’t even bother to ask anymore-just look at the state of American and Canadian and the World’s politics these days.

The Karmic Lesson that we’ve been needing to learn with Saturn in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius is that It’s not the worst thing to surrender your ego, but the best, to accept that there are higher forces – karma perhaps – that cannot be avoided. The lesson of Saturn/Neptune is that everything physical in life {Saturn}is transitory {Neptune} and will be dissolved by time. If you only believe in the physical world and it’s apparent riches you are caught in the trap of Satan. The kind of acceptance that arises from connecting to true Spirit and seeing through the temptations and glamour of Saturn in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius is nourishment for the Soul. “Saturn always wins” someone I knew always said. As far as the soul is concerned, the losers wins, and the winner loses. That’s Saturn’s turf. So this is the journey we’ve all just come through.

So, there is only one thing for Saturn to do, get to solid ground, back to hard work and get healthy again. Saturn has just Trined Pluto at 26 degrees Leo/Sagittarius, and is ready to be reborn especially with Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center. As he puts his feet on solid ground again in Virgo Saturn’s gonna do what he does best-make the buck stop here. As you sow so shall you reap is Saturn’s motto. Saturn will have those who have sown in haste on shaky ground without forethought on their knees and that goes for all departments-government, culture, religion, food, health, medicine, etc. Of course Saturn will show us the limits of how we’ve raped the Earth and bring us karmic balance through earth changes.

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Known as Chronos, from which we derive the word for Time, Saturn, the Cosmic Cop, ruler of Karma, builder of corporations, ruler of maturity, ageing, seriousness, manifestation, and the Patriarchy is a very important Planet, for it represents the way you see and experience the universe- REALITY- 3D, the physical world- as you have structured it. Talk about Reality Shows!
Saturn entering a new sign indicates a change in our Reality, in hard core, just the facts m'am terms. Saturn in Saturn helps us to have discipline,self-respect, faith in one's destiny, and the ability to be alone.

But Saturn shouldn't be thought of as all bad. After all, Time is relative. There are no judgments. Saturn merely represents the Karmic Universal Law of Cause and Effect. "As you sow, so shall you reap." So we will be physically confronted with the effects of thinking only of ME,and the inability to plan where our fuel supplies will be coming from in the next few years. Saturn helps us to get disciplined, serious, mature, take responsibility.

Hey, we all need to take more responsibility for what we have created personally and also collectively. Goya's  famous painting of Saturn eating his children comes to mind. In Vedic Astrology Saturn is the Great Malefic, feared and honoured.  A friend of mine used to say that "Saturn/Time always wins out."   
Saturn is associated with the Tarot Card of the Universe/The World # 21, the last stage of the journey. The card pictures a naked woman/Goddess dancing in space, free, because she has taken responsibility for creating her life according to her will, she has learned how to harness Saturn's energies. Saturn in the Kabbalah is linked with Binah, the 3rd Sephira, in the Trinity of the Archetypal Realm. Saturn is the Supernal Mother, the One of Understanding who gives us physical form, who births all. Thus Saturn is the Goddess and restricts Spirit as it manifests into form and time. A Native American pipe invocation states that: Everything is born of the Feminine. Let's see Saturn as the Feminine Divinity from which we are all born, and understand our common ground of being.






The house or houses that Saturn will be transiting for the next 2+ years indicates the part of your life that is being examined and tested and represents areas of the greatest tension in your life, to which you must direct close attention.  Without further ado I present my Sun sign Forecast for Saturn's Karmic Korrections 4 U  with musical accompanyment by...color=#33ccff size=3> 

To find out in more depth how Saturn will seriously affect you personally, + aspects it makes to your Natal planets, please enquire about booking an Astrology session or report.


Colour codes: red=fire  green=earth 

grey=air   blue=water



Saturn will be in your Solar 6th house,the Natural Virgo House of work, service, health,pets,and Saturn will have a stronger affinity for you in the natural House of Virgo.
Hard work doesn't scare an Aries so you can expect that you will be sweating it out for the next two years. Getting organized, disciplined and FOLLOWING THROUGH TO THE END, not a usual Arian trait is what the Cosmic Dr. ordered. If you are disorganized for even 1 measly minute, then ding! Saturn will write you out your karmic parking ticket and you'll have to pay for it. There will be no excuses allowed. Focus on longer term goal Aries. It's your time to mature, get responsible. You will enjoy the sense of accomplishment. You will also need to learn how to delegate work to others because this house rules co-workers, employees and those who are "in service" to others. Try to get off your fired up bossy horse and realize that we are not all alone in the world but part of a group.


Taurus, Saturn in your 5th House

Saturn is Blessing you Bulls, so it's your turn to reap the rewards because you've been working so hard already. Saturn in your 5th House is a time of getting serious and maturing in love affairs, self-expression, leadership, willpower, courage, daring to fight for your convictions and children. A lot of men will father children during this time period.
Saturn is helping you build the practical results. If you've put on weight during Saturn's trudge Leo you will have the discipline to shed it now.
The 5th house is the house of pleasurable activities, fun, dating, intimacy and children. Life will become a lot more serious because you need to get serious. Even if you are a hard working Taurus and not the lazy type and of a "mature age" it appears as though you need to clean up your act. Forget the bar hopping and getting plastered because you will get busted. You can't get away with self-indulgence anymore. If you are single, you may look at "older" others and more traditional types with a kinder and more sympathetic note. The 5th house is the House of the Child and the kid turns 21, or at least puberty. Children may leave the nest or if you are younger there may be a wee one. This house also rules creativity and self-expression so it would be a great time to take up and or take seriously, your creativity. All types of self-expression
apply- painting, playing music, singing, dancing or anything that takes serious study and concentration. Saturn will help you stay focused on the task at hand. If ever wanted to learn how to play the piano or guitar, now is the time. This is also beneficial for your own children.

GEMINI-Saturn in your 4th house-
Building a new foundation from the ground up!

Saturn will knock all that air out of your brains and fill it with dirt. The grey matter will look distinctly brown and earthy and things will matter to you in a way they may never have done before.
This is a turning point for all Gemini's as the 4th house is the foundation of your Chart, the roots and what you plant now will be harvested in 14 years time. This is a time for new beginnings. You will work hard and instead of flitting about getting bored to easily might actually enjoy staying with something. You will be paying-literally- attention to your Home, your roots, family, possibly your Dad. This is an inward turning time, a good time for psychotherapy. Time to buy a house, or other real estate, plant some roots. Saturn helps you discipline yourself with a good diet regime. Mom or Dad may move into your house or become a big responsability. A time of endings and new beginnings.

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