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2014 tarot forecast on Youtube

It's early November and I will put these up as I see them.
2014 is a number 7 YEAR, The Year symbolized by the CHARIOT in the Tarot and the sign of CANCER
 2014 will be WAY MORE VOLATILE year than 2013.
Why? Because of Astrology. The planets align into a Grand Cardinal Cross between the planets Uranus- ruler of revolutions, freedom and technology in ARIES- new life and

Pluto, yes still a planet to Astrologers, which rules death, secrets, control, rebirth, nuclear energy, recycling, transformation in Capricorn of Power, corporations, fascism and now

Mars in Libra for most of 2014 and Jupiter in Cancer till July.


These two planets Uranus & Pluto created the 60’s revolution and now the beat goes on. We are caught in these major turning of world ages, Uranus and Pluto have been square dancing since 2011 and will continue to do so till 2015.


In mid to late April is when the planets are aligning in the tightest way.

APRIL will be a very crazy month. Off the radar. Plane crashes, accidents, on the Lunar Eclipse on April 15  when Passover Begins.  Things could be very bad- Fukushima totally polluting the Pacific, martial law in the U.S., massive protests world wide etc.  war starting, all hell breaking loose.




2014 is adds up to #7. Seven is a very auspicious number. In the Tarot it is symbolized by the Trump called The Chariot. Which is related to the Zodiac Sign of Cancer.  To me this symbolizes a year of a return to family, friends, caring for people emotionally, home, centering, children, women. Food, water, self love. Very much a Women Feminine energy, Goddess oriented year. The seven year itch?


The Occupy movement becomes the “WE1” we, one, movement. 

Mass protests worldwide will inevitably have to be televised. Huge civil blockades, strikes, on major highways, in every major city will be synchronized.

Escalating Economic woes world –wide. More BANKING  scandals lead to major changes in banking systems after July. There could be closures of banks in the World as happened in Cyprus. There could be phony bank hacking warnings from the government in the U.S.


Turning their backs on TECH

Many people will be oversatured with computers and technology and only live with the most minimal of tech and using it only as in the old days. Not always on demand. New Gypsy lifestyle with many dropping out.



Stock Market volatility will be all over the map. GOLD and silver and commodity stocks will rise in July when Jupiter enters LEO as it did originally 12 years ago. Big gains in excess luxury markets, wine, and jewellery as the 1% get richer and the middle class nosedives. Interest rates still kept artificially low.



Pope Francis and many fundamentalist Christians in discord because of the Pope’s more liberal views on gays etc. Pope Francis is the best thing to happen in Catholicism in years. Many will denounce him. There may be assassination attempts by fundamentalists.



WATER will be a major issue in the world. Millions of people without water because of agro business. Battles over water rights.  People rally to protect their rights everywhere against the big corporations.



Protests by farmers. Strikes all over- India, CHINA BRASIL EUROPE North America. South America.  Rights and fights. Huge global protests against MONSANTO. A grassroots, literally, movement of resistance leads to global escalation against genetically modified foods, fish and animals and production at mass levels. Trucks will be blockaded. Crops will be willfully destroyed by protesters. Many will be arrested. The truth will out about Monsanto’s control of the government and lying about GMO’s. Monsanto will be stopped.The Chemical components of most foods announced as poisonous and carcinogenic. Huge backlash from citizens suing Nestlé’s .

“Freegans”- animal rights activists will be freeing animals in stockyards and the like.




Extreme weather patterns continue and worsen in certain areas.

VERY frigid weather and heavy snows all over North America, Europe and the Middle East. Record snow falls. Extreme heat in late summer creates droughts, forest fires, water shortages. California, B.C. Arizona. Floods in phillipines, tsunammi's world wide extremes. 


Major EARTHQUAKES worldwide, very high, 8+ on Richter scale

and Volcano explosions- in usual places,

In Indonesia, China, India, Central America- Guatemala. In California and up West coast- Washington State.

Another blackout of flying because of Volcanic explosions in mid to late April 2014 in to May.

Flooding  all the way up the east coast of the US. and up the Mississippi. Thousands will die.

The ocean currents change in the Atlantic somewhat.

Flooding of major dams in CHINA cause huge population and land losses in summer.


CANADA - Harper is ousted.

Will see a slow down of its economy. The public will finally be fed up with the PM proroguing blatantly hiding in plain sight with more scandals about deceit, cove ups drugs, laundering money from the Prime Minister’s office down. Harper’s time is up. I believe he will have to step down. Canadian politics in turmoil.



The world will step in and force the end of Syria’s dictator Basha Al-Assad ruthless murdering of his own citizens. There will be major chaos as various factions have infiltrated Syria.



Economy will slow somewhat.  Major protests in China from its own people. Pressure from the world to halt cheap product supplies. China will make a big change in its direction in 2015.



Has a very strong show at the Olympics. Putin is in his glory. There are many technological problems at the Olympics too and some unfortunate accidents. Terrorist attacks and protests are high.



Having recovered a bit. But its troubles worsen in 2014. There will be riots and protests in Greece, Spain. Infrastructure problems, miscommunications etc. It’s not as positive as the news wants you to believe.



 Keep trying to stir up trouble, but the world is in a more aligning energy now. They have major political battles from within their own country. They may get too arrogant and make some pre-eminent strike in August/September again on Lebanon Iran or Syria.



 More Muslim rebel troubles in Mali.



Some unrest in this country as well.



Political democracy is over. Very dangerous.



Drug wars start in Uruguay over legalization of pot, which threatens the Mexican, and Columbian drug cartels.


The Sun’s pole shift

The Sun does this on a regular basis BTW. It will affect many millions of people on earth with various symptoms, insomnia, rashes, headaches, vertigo and many undiagnosable causes creating many sick days.



Will cause many airline helicopter crashes as the satellite systems are knocked out of whack. Even slight variations cause cancellations of flights.



The amount of UFO sightings will be out of this world. It will be leaked that governments have been making pacts with E.T.’s for years.


U.S. economy

Will be totally hammered in 2014 as PLUTO is opposite the U.S. SUN for the first time ever in its history.

Housing prices to dive again. More cities declaring bankruptcy.

Major unemployment, restless citizens. More U.S. government surveillance.

Even more impetus from the Republicans with backlash to Obamamcare, yes health and nursing is a major issue in 2014.

Thousands of homeless people will be on the move, with alternative economies springing up.


Economy worsens, in spite of fake Federal Reserve prop ups. The U.S. of A. will be virtually in a civil war. The country will be shut down again briefly in late January and February.   I see at least three more major suicide shootings and killings in small towns in the North West Texas and the North East.


Bit coin – the first alternate monetary system is a sound Revolutionary tool. Still very volatile. May come under scrutiny.


WOMEN’S rights.

More anti- rape protections.  Women align world wide for protection of rights of children and girls especially.  Anti- sweatshops. BIG Pornography backlash begins. Women themselves supporting each other and women’s reproductive rights an issue. More female politicians.



Japan and the PACIFIC ocean continues to be damaged. Success at removing rods not very successful. The U.N. and countries must step in, even though this means the Japanese loose face. Fukushima could destroy most of the world’s population for the next 2,000 years


Whaling industry is forced to a halt in Japan.  FISHING also must stop due to admission of Radiation poisoning of the poisson. This causes major changes to the diets of Japanese.

Sushi will be banned as its no longer available, nor desirable in the West.

There will be huge major fish depletions in the Pacific North. No fish in oceans, huge drop in salmon, etc.

Whales beaching themselves worldwide will be regular news.



Fighting over the North Pole passageway. Canada may have to defend it’s claim militarily.



Olfactory molecular technology will be discovered.

Nano technology in medicine being used.

3D printing will be tested for creating skin and organs.

Stocks in bioengineering will go up.

Old diseases make a come back. Leprosy, TB and the like.

Young kids discovering cures for diseases will be reported but not implemented.

Alternative methods of healing clamped down upon by Pharmaceutical companies. Many more people convert to “alternative” and more naturopathic healing methods.

More spiritual healing being accepted using Sound, energy and Light.



More alternative, indie pop musicians  gaining success like Macklemore- Thrift shop..

Record companies must face the sinking economic facts.

 Music will be more sentimental, emotional, and musical. A back to the roots music, less dance pop, rap, hip-hop, more genuine emotions. Love and romance in music this year and also punky rage against the machine anthems.



Many people will be receiving channeled messages from those who have passed on. People will think they are going crazy but the ethers are opening up.



Kim Kardashian and Kanye West over the top wedding watched by millions. But Kanye West sinks his career. He is trying to control her totally. I don't think they will last.


Will definitely get engaged to his girlfriend Cressida Bonas. But I don’t see the marriage happening till 2015. These big royal weddings take time. Pippa Middleton has a simple wedding. Prince William and Kate get pregnant at end of 2014 and she has a girl they will name Diana.



she will tone it down a bit. She proved she could make it on her own. Hangs out with “gangsta” types. She may need rehab.



Are they or aren’t they? I see him with a long haired blond actress. He will finally get some respect in the acting world.



May have some money losses and drug issues. She will reinvent herself as a more spiritual person. She will start showing installations and painting as an artist.



will also settle down a bit. Saturn will be testing his temper and his North Node. HE needs to mature very fast. Maybe back with Selina Gomez, she still loves him.



 breaks all records for success.


the best thing to happen in Tinseltown almost ever. No marriage yet. She is one hot honest amazing actress.

SIMON Cowell

His son will not be named Simon Jr.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Finally marry in 2014. They may have another child through surrogate. She will have a final total hysterectomy.

Leonardo Di Caprio

Slowing down and he will have a new relationship and get engaged later in 2014.


George Clooney

New love, maybe “THE ONE”

Will Ferrell has his biggest most successful year ever

12 years a slave Best picture. 
Matthew McConaughey will win an Oscar for best male actor for his recent film Dallas Buyer's Club.


Jack Nicholson- heart attack

Burt Reynolds

Sly Stallone

Pamela Anderson

Hugh Jackman may have another cancer scare

Rupert Murdock- financial mogul

Prince Phillip

Hilary CLinton


Eli Wallach film actor

Tom Petty- musician

Luise Rainer- actress The Good Earth

Olivia De Haviland from Gone with the Wind

Kirk Douglas

Jerry Lewis




More NSA scandals out. People will be protesting this. People will be selling many hoax security  protection gadgets.




Russia, U.S., Norway and China tied for top places at Winter Olympics. Canada does better than ever. Wins Hockey World championship again in a very dead heat game with Russia.


ROB FORD will have more charges laid against him. He will be charged with 2
nd degree murder. He will have a very difficult time in March and should be walked out in handcuffs as he has just pretended to do in his oh so arrogant way. I don’t see him running for a 2nd term. But he will write a book which will be successful. The Rob Ford brand makes more money for the Ford family unfortunately. Some people have no scruples. Toronto politics in a big turmoil again in 2014.



Will make a late in the season move up. But don’t expect miracles.


 Will have an excellent year. Doing very well in late summer. May make it to some playoffs. No Cigars yet.

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