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2015 ASTROLOGY Forecast
Hot to trot, religious wars, paying the piper.
It is a Universal #8 year 2=0=1=5 = 8. The INFINITY symbol. We are hanging in the Karmic balance.

There are a few key signatures for 2015. Two major planets change sign

1. Jupiter in Leo to Virgo on August 11
2. 2. Saturn ends its 2.5 year sojourn through Scorpio entering Sagittarius in September for the next 3 years.

The Last of the 7 exact Uranus Pluto squares happens March 17. The final pounding of the last 4 years..

March and April are very intense on the Total Lunar eclipse April 4.


***** TOTAL solar eclipse on March 20 on SPRING EQUINOX at the 30th degree of PISCES.

This is the MOST KARMIC Symbolically degree in the entire Zodiac. The VERY LAST of the last degrees. Karmic endings. The point of enlightenment, one has finished all the karmic lessons. Either head off to total bliss and enlightenment or return to help others in a new karmic cycle. This symbolizes a huge karmic spiritual cycle ending.

*****April 4 Total LUNAR eclipse at 14 degrees of LIBRA re-activates the Grand Cardinal Cross energy of April 2014 at 14 + degrees Libra.

Affects the U.S. VERY STRONGLY. The U.S. is also experiencing Pluto returning to where it was when the U.S. was founded. The original U.S. must re-establish its original democratic or secret doctrine
intentions and die and be reborn. There will be revolution again from within and outside.

Partial SOLAR Eclipse September 13 at 20+ degrees Virgo is Opposite Chiron the wounded healer. Agricultural losses, food supplies no available. Weird behaviours.
Addictions. Loss of many jobs, unemployment rates skyrocket.

TOTAL LUNAR eclipse Sept 27 at 4 degrees ARIES.

The first seven month of 2015 feels hot, fast, bold, dramatically over the top with Gold metals and the
market at record highs with Jupiter is in expansive fire sign LEO until August 11.
Jupiter in LEO
expands everything it touches. So BIG GLITZ over the top passion. Overspending, overconfident, until Aug 2015.

****** August 1 Saturn Turns Direct on at 28+ degrees Scorpio exactly square to JUPITER in Leo and RETROGRADE VENUS too.
KEY ECONOMIC turning point.
Downturn in economies world wide.


Venus rules the money markets. In Virgo it is belt tightening. Issues around food supplies.
With Jupiter and Saturn mainly in Fire signs for part of 2015 and Uranus continuing the revolution in Fiery Aries, the balance is HOTTER, active, incendiary, more passionate than emotional than it has been.
These two planets are well balanced, Jupiter plays and expands Saturn works hard and restricts.

The last of the Cardinal Crosses occurs in 2015- more later.
Then for the rest of 2015 its a very different feel with JUPITER expanding earthy, humble, hard working
sign of the harvest, VIRGO a mutable sign. Jupiter is not strong in Virgo as it is opposite its traditional
ruling sign of Pisces and square to its ruling sign of Sagittarius. More about that later too.

Saturn the planet of hard knocks, reality, the builder, KARMA, moves from the later degrees 28,of watery
Scorpio into Fiery Sagittarius on Christmas Eve 2014.

SATURN backs into Scorpio June 14 -until
Sept. 17/18 when Saturn re-enters Sagittarius until December 19 2017.
Saturn advances to 11+ degrees Sagittarius at end of 2015. Note that Pluto was at 12 degrees of Sagittarius at 9/11. Keep note of that.
JUPITER is LEO until Aug 11
FAITH, HIGHER LAW, EXPANSION and optimism, truth, justice, travel, foreigners.
Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and PISCES traditionally.
JUPITER in LEO is a fixed sign. Everyone
feels they are ENTITLED, a king or QUEEN. HUGE DRAMAS get played out on the worlds stage by
those who would be KING. Large scale ego-power hungry wills butting into each other about expanding
what they think is theirs. Jupiter in Leo makes situations dangerously spontaneous. Jupiter in Leo is the Midas tough, the rich get richer. Jupiter in Leo is willpower, creativity, love affairs, children's rights. Big hearts and a lot of creativity and self- expression. The natural 5th house of Leo is fertile, so easy to get
pregnant for fire signs this year.
Jupiter in Leo favors lots of travelling, gypsy caravan lifestyles, learning on the road. Publishing, big court
battles, religious wars. Wherever Jupiter is the FEEL GOOD SHOW.
Jupiter rules air travel, animals, foreigners, good fortune, Higher education, philosophy, law, judges, risk
takers, religion and hypocrites, religious fanatics of any stripe, adventurers, honesty, good humour,
philanthropists. Heads will roll as in the Queen of Hearts and let them eat cake a la Marie Antoinette.
Jupiter in Leo is especially good for all fire signs, Jupiter will trine Uranus and Sagittarius. Jupiter in Leo will be in a hard quincunx aspect to its ruling Sign of Pisces during part of 2015. Pisces will have some
difficult lessons about holding boundaries against those who overpower or seduce them.

JUPITER ASPECTS to outer and inner planets.
Jupiter Trines URANUS March 3 @ 14 degrees Aries/ 14 degrees Leo Retrograde and June 22 at 20 <
degrees Leo/Aries.

******Jupiter in LEO square SATURN in Scorpio Aug 3 2015 @ 28+ degrees Leo/Scorpio with Venus Retrograde in Leo too.
The clean up to Saturn's swan song in Scorpio. Last of the red hot partyers, suicidal, accident prone,
violent, Airplane crashes, lots of artillery.

August 11- Dec 31 2015 JUPITER IN VIRGO - earth 6th house mutable.
VIRGO rules Baghdad Iraq, Moscow, Brazil, Croatia, Greece, Egypt, Paris and Uruguay. These places will
be featured focus of Jupiter tightening the hard lessons.
The clean up and pay back from the over ostentatiousnes of Jupiter in LEO comes fast and hard after August 11 when Jupiter brings it down to earth and we are faced with the karma of what we have to reap.
The times become practical, with much penny pinching, governments cut backs in Health and health
care, the mood is one of efficiency, environmentally conscious, scrambling to find hard work to do and
having difficulty with food supplies. Virgo is accounting, perfection, information gathering. Monsanto
and laws to govern who owns natural resources, There may be wars fought over these issues of water, and

*****JUPITER OPPOSITE NEPTUNE Sept 17 2015 @ 7+ degrees Virgo/Pisces

Jupiter rules accounting and accountability. After Jupiters big jaunt of GLITZ and GLAM, Pisces rules debt, credit. This square signifies that The PIPER will have to be paid now. There can be huge downfalls in
the market, inflation, another round of bankruptcies like in 2008.
People will be acting weird. Projections, romantic delusions. False prophets. This is like a HUGE FOG and
it will last into 2016.
As Virgo rules the environment, there will be disruption of food water and basic necessities of life.
Huge chunks of the work force will be unemployed. As a result there will be lots of drugging, pharmaceutical, recreational and Jupiter about forcing people to take drugs and legal battles to stop the handout of anti-depressants which cause suicide and psychotic episodes.

Lots of Environmental disasters of the earth- volcanoes, earthquakes and water with Pisces- tsunammis
hurricanes. Insurance companies will be at their limits.

Pisces rules Viruses so there can be widespread uncontrollable viruses- Ebola, flesh eating, new ones.

JUPITER TRINE PLUTO Oct 11 @ 12+ degrees Virgo / Capricorn and twice after in 2016.

This inflates business, real estate, food prices.

JUPITER in Virgo opposite CHIRON November 3 @ 17 degrees Pisces
Big wounding, hurts in the pocketbook, food shortages, viruses, earth changes, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricane big losses

JUPITER QUINCUNX URANUS NOV. 5 @ 17 degrees Virgo to Aries
Odd bedfellows, new technologies and paradigms will clash. Back to the drawing board for revolutionary
ferver and new plans.

SATURN in SAGITTARIUS Saturn was last in Sagittarius from 1985-1988
People born during this time period will experience their 1st Saturn Return. This is a time of full maturity
as an individual adult. A time of testing and obstacles. Those born in 1956= March 57 will experience their
second Saturn Return in 2015.

Saturn is FATHER TIME, always serious, maturity, conservative, testing, limitations, obstacles, hard
work. The builder, cosmic cop, head of karma, seniors, depression, corporate structure. Saturn rules
archaeology, abandoned places, the bones, death, enemies open or closed, frozen places, engineers, mines, real estate, sobriety, careers, fathers senators, the Patriarchy and lead the densest metal.

SAGITTARIUS is the SAGE. The Centaur half human and half instinctive horse sense. The wise teacher of hidden mysteries, philosophies, religion, higher thinking, inspiration. The International person who is a gypsy, loves to travel. Sagittarius is fiery, spontaneous, good humored, optimistic. Hypocritical, judgmental, loves animals, adventure a risk taker. Na´ve, easy going. ALWAYS tells the truth.
HARD work through adventurous education, calculated risk taking. Sober adventures. People will work and live all over becoming citizens of the world.
Philosophies must be based on sound historical
basis and mature enough to stand up to the test.

GIVE ME THAT OLD TYME RELIGION and conversly throw out that old tyme religion. There will be both more conservative views of religion and much abandonment of it at the same time.

RELIGIOUS FANATICS ABOUND. Sagittarius loves to preach. There will be religious wars. Like the Crusades Muslim
extremists vs the rest of the free world.
People will be willing to die for their beliefs. Gandhi had Saturn in Sagittarius as did Che Guevera. There may be Witch burnings again. Or burning of books that go against prevailing philosophies. Strangling of
freedom of speech, and who owns the media- printing, publishing, etc.

We will see more rigidity and conservativism in higher education. Student may opt out of the expensive
"mandatory" Master and PHD. for a more adventurous on the fly education.NOT SO OPTIMISTIC.
Travel may be limited due to various reasons. Travelling is heavy not light.
Turning more towards rewarding the elders for their contributions to educating the younger generations. No more idolizing youth.
Apprenticing to an experienced Mentor with many years experience will be the new norm.
Down turn in the real estate market. Downturn in International politics, serious threats between nations.
Animal rights become legalized. Animals are recognized as having consciousness and emotions.
New archaeological findings turn the traditional dates of civilization back hundreds of thousands of years,
Serious humor. comedians are the new Gods, rock stars again.
Animals at work will be normal.

Stock market crashes Saturn was at the last degrees of Sagittarius in the Oct 1929 crash. It will be there
again in 2017.

The last of the Cardinal squares between Pluto and Uranus occurs on March 17 2015 at the middle degree
of Aries and Capricorn considered to be the most powerful trigger points.
Since 2012 the outer planets of Freedom, Hi-Tech and Revolution URANUS and control and Unconscious
power planet PLUTO have been in seven exact squares. These slow moving Transpersonal planets affect
long term cultural and generational changes spanning 500 years in a cycle.
Seven is the number of traditional planets, days of the week, chakras all of which are based on that
classical system.
We could say that each exact 90 degree square went from the root chakra to the crown of humanity.
June 26 2012 at 8 degrees Aries/ Capricorn- 1st ROOT Chakra- SURVIVAL
Sept. 19, 2012 at 6 degrees Aries/Capricorn- 2nd Sex/Creativity Chakra- SEX
May 21, 2013 At 11 degrees Aries/Capricorn - 3rd WILL chakra - POWER
November 1, 2013 at 9 degrees Aries/ Capricorn -4th HEART Chakra- LOVEApril 21, 2014 at 13 degrees + Jupiter at 13 Degrees Cancer and Mars at 13 degrees Libra - 5th THROAT
Chakra- Speech
December 15, 2014 at 12 degrees Aries/ Capricorn- 6th PSYCHIC 3rd eye Chakra- Inner seeing, Intuitive
March 17 2015 at 15 degrees Aries/Capricorn-7th Crown- enlightenment Chakra- Understanding cosmic

It will be interesting to gauge how the collective responds to the final two HIGHER chakras being
activated by URANIAN energy and PLUTONIC power soul unconscious urges.

Saturn moves from watery Scorpio into Fiery Sagittarius on Christmas Eve 2014 - June 15- September 17
when Saturn re-enters Sagittarius to stay until December 19 2017.
Travel may be limited due to various reasons. Travelling is heavy not light.
Turn more towards rewarding the elders for their contributions to educating the younger generations.
No more idolizing youth.
Apprenticing to an experienced Mentor with many years experience will be the new norm.
Down turn in the real estate market. Downturn in International politics, serious threats between nations.
Animal rights become legalized. Animals are recognized as having consciousness and emotions.
New archaeological findings turn the traditional dates of civilization back hundreds of thousands of years,
Serious humor. comedians are the new Gods, rock stars again.
Animals at work will be normal.

SATURN SQUARE NEPTUNE Nov 26 at 7 degrees Sagittarius/Pisces
Conjunct Fixed Star Antares- rival of Mars. Angel Ariel.
Saturn forces dreams to become real. New legislation about drugs, medical marijuana will be more widespread. Religious wars and clashes over ideologies. The Dark Ages, shaded of the Crusades. Fighting extremist Muslims on a world stage. DANGER of world wide viruses, ebola. Flesh eating etc. which must be contained. Less travelling more dreaming.
Legislating for alternative health therapies.
Affects early Sagittarians and Pisces the most. Early Gemini and Virgo as well build new dreams. Can be depressed by gap between reality, wishes and hopes

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