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Canada Astrology Tara Greene

OH Canada,

You're a nice big country, with a lot of surprises lurking behind your wide borders and all those natural resources.

Born on July 1 1867 in Ottawa at midnight.

A people pleasing, sensitive Cancer SUN, like your older relative South of the Border. The Sun symbolizes identity, which makes the Canadian identity traditional, defensive, rooted, connected to Feminine values of mothering, nurturing, protecting, feeding.

The Sun is in the 4th house, the place where the sign of  Cancer naturally is, so Canada's identity is shy, unassuming, feels comforting, like a nest, like home, safe, private, like the womb, the 4th house symbolizes land, the sea, so it's Mom and maple syrup in this case, not Apple Pie. Canadians don't boast, with Sun in the most private sector of the Horoscope, the 4th.

But, the Sun is exactly conjunct that radical Planet Uranus whose axis tilts at a 90 degree angle. Uranus is the rebel planet, also known for shock, upheaval, higher communications, inventions, technology, humanitarian desires and a non-egoistic detachment. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone here, as well as Jonas Salk his polio vaccine which helped millions. Canada is known for its' open door policy for immigrants, and they are not known for being very passionate, but radical? There's a big jolt lurking under the bed, hidden away in that 4th house at midnight, and it's not from the loose wires on the electric blanket.  Only real Canadians know for sure.   Canada has a lot of Astrologers, and Uranus rules Astrology.

I Am a Canadian.

Canada's Moon or emotionally instinctive responses are in Gemini at 28 degrees to be precise. The Moon, the most fluctuating of planets in the airy masculine sign shows an emotional need for ambiguity, seeing both sides of something, craving information, sensation, busy-ness. Canada's emotional nature is youthfull, like "Peter Pan" naive, immature, it's nervous and highly energized. Those Canadian emotions are Mercurial and so we may never really know what those Canadians are feeling. Moon is in a hermaphroditic sign, meaning both sexes, so the legalization of same sex marriages is a natural outpouring of the Moon here.

The Moon is conjunct the North Star Polaris. Canada isn't known as the Great White NORTH for nothing. The North Star invokes aspirations, inspirations, it was the lead star of sailors and explorers in the Northern Hemisphere for thousands of years.

Very near the Moon, there is a massive quasar at 26 degrees of Gemini which is part of a Galactic "pipeline" alignment because it is opposite the Galactic Centre, the Black Hole at the Centre of our Milky Way Galaxy. Thes Quasar balances the energy imploded by the Galactic Centre by disgorging it. This is a very important point for the Moon to be at, symbolizing emotional and instinctual responses of  rebirth of lost light, matter and  energy indicating Canada's import in the Grand Picture.  {No one can understand how Canadians feel and communicate. They are so far out..only the moose know}.


Canada's Sun/ego is in a Feminine sign and her Moon, is in a Masculine sign, but this can bring an alchemical magic and balance. Her poles are wired opposite, is Canada pan- sexual? ... or maybe just ever screwed up identities. . { must be that loose wiring in the electric blanket}

Canada has its' Ascendant, mask or persona in Aries, indicating a fiery, young, energetic, pioneering, stubborn, independent, impetuousness. Canadians act before they think and then get themselves into hot water. {they need the heat.}

Canada has lots of renewable energy {Aries} .  Planet Mars rules action, defensiveness, in Virgo rules the Aries Ascendant.   Canada is accountable, neat, clean, organized, can be bureaucratic, known for its too self-critical nature and very nit-picky over details and how things should be done. Virgo is devoted to help others, is the house of Health, so a social Health system- Mars in Virgo, shows its' direction. This country will act to protect its' citizens' health. Mars in Virgo in the 6th house means Canada has a very diligent work ethic and dedication to serve others, but they always see themselves as inferior,as the 6th House is traditionally the House of servants.

The other surprise about Canada is that Neptune planet of idealism, delusion, illusion, glamour, higher love, spirituality, addictions, artistry, music, bliss, secrets, self-undoing, hidden enemies, and  karma is right on this countries' Ascendant. Any planet sitting in conjunction with another planet or primary point like the Ascendant is very important and blends its' energies with whatever it touches.

Who woulda thunk it that Canadians are so Neptunian? Deluded? Hooked by the glamour of their leering neighbour to the south? Yes, Canadians have become major players on the World's stage for musicians, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Glenn Gould, Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, etc. in and literature – Margaret Atwood, and for actors- Neptune, rules film.. Hollywood North is booming. Are Canadians in a big fog? Do they secretly or not so secretly undo themselves?

Mercury, symbolizes how Canada communicates is in Leo. Canadians can be proud intellectually, think big, talk a lot about courage, the arts -C.B.C., they can speak straight from the heart, they like to party hearty, think they are superior to everyone else, and communicate with fun-lots of famous Canadian comics.  They communicate in a very self-expressive, give a lot away manner. They over do it.

Venus planet of love and values is in Gemini, at the middle degree. Venus in Gemini makes your values change minute to minute, affected by whoever it is you're trying to win over to your cause. Venus vacillates its values. One minute Canadians are angels, next minute their devils. Apparently they're just trying to figure out relationships. But their feelings are ambiguous, immature, flighty, in their heads. You may never know what a Canadian is feeling. Haven't we heard this motif before?

Give 'em information of any kind, they won't be too discerning, they love volume.

Canada's Jupiter is in Pisces, the best place for Jupiter to be, and in Pisces natural house, the 12th. Canada's nature is easy going, optimistic, , open armed to foreigners, deeply spiritual, religion is freedom, and many nationalities will be drawn to its' altruistic nature. Education is important, tolerance, sports, -Jupiter is traditional ruler of Pisces -the outdoors, horses, animals and animal rights, philosophy -Marshall McLuhan comes to mind, music will all be backed by the justice or governing system for support. Canada may be so open hearted to foreigners that this may be its self-undoing {12th house} unless Jupiterian laws are in place to make things fair for all. Canada's water supply. Pisces may be one of its' resources which it must legislate carefully. Legal matters over water rights, may hold up the courts endlessly. Also a too easy going, laise faire legal attitude {Jupiter} will also prove the self-undoing of Canada if these are not brought up to modern technology. 

Now we get to Saturn, Saturn is in Scorpio and Retrograde in the 7th House of partnerships. Saturn the patriarchal, status quo indicates Canada's conservative nature. In Scorpio, there will always be underhanded power plays and much turmoil and struggles for control in the governments. The 7th House of them-I take this to mean the "others" or people of Canada. Saturn is Retrograde indicating struggles with who owns this country. Not too sure of itself Canada will easily bow down to bigger threats and may always feel in bondage to others. Yet the 7th House cusp is Libra, indicating a balanced approach in handling it's business matters. Canada will always be known as "nice." Yet the Saturn in Scorpio nature here is driven to constantly build up and tear down, and being Retrograde means a lot of energy is lost on redoing the same lesson over and over again, driving with the brakes on and never getting the karmic lesson.  {Need the karmic mechanic}.

Pluto is in the 1st house of identity. Pluto is power and the soul of this Country. It rules the collective unconscious of Canada. Deep down this is a powerful country, with great natural resources in earthy Taurus. Nuclear energy will be a prime initiative but with Saturn opposite, any weak structures will not bear up for long. Canadians could get what they wanted if they weren't hampered by their past karma on a collective level - Pluto opposite Saturn. This aspect demands constant unrelenting soul searching {Pluto} whilst the status quo tries vainly {Saturn Retrograde} to keep things retro, safe and non-technical or modernized. This could be this countries major stumbling block. Pluto in the 1st is always transforming the country's identity and power base..

Canada's Chiron, { looks like headphones} is a comet with a 50 year orbit discovered in 1977 which symbolizes an unhealed wound- is in the 12th house in Pisces and square the Moon. Emotionally the People of this country, represented by the Moon come here very wounded, and they try to put this behind them, to deny it, or they become addicts, to work, collective rituals, sports, beer, television, the media. They refuse to grow up and become mature {Gemini}  they refuse to take an authentic stand, yet potentially the Moon is in an incredibly fortuitous place. The key for this Country is to spiritualize and heal the wounds of their collective citizens. Especially the Native Canadians, ho had their land, culture and traditions stolen from them. Canadians could, through being authentic with their symbolic and collective wounds, aspire to realizing a way of life with a totally compassionate view of all life, all religions, all relations and work things out collectively through communicating {Gemini} intelligently and balances all.

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