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Major astrology events of 2012-


New years day starts with Sun at 9 degrees Capricorn

Moon in Aries square the Sun

Jupiter enters 2012 at zero degrees of Taurus conjunct LILLITH

Uranus also at zero degrees Aries

Venus at 13 degrees + Aquarius

Saturn at 28 degreees Libra

Pluto at 7 degrees _Capricorn conjucnt the Sun

Chiron at 1 degree+ of  Pisces

North Node at 12 degrees of Sagittarius.


Jan 8/9 CANCER FULL MOON @  18 degrees 25mins 


Jan 22/23 AQUARIUS NEW MOON  @ 2 degrees 41 mins.


Jan 23 New Moon in Aquarius is Chinese New Year of The Water Dragon


Jan 23 MARS goes retrograde @ 23 degrees Virgo till turning Direct April 13 @ 3 degrees Virgo. It will take till June 20, Summer Solstice to reach 23 degrees 6 minutes again.

Mars entered Virgo on Nov 11 2011, 11:11:11 and stays in the Earth work and service sign till July 3 2012 on A Full Moon. Mars has spent almost 8 months in V!RGO




Neptune enters PISCES Feb 3  for the next 14 years


Feb 7 LEO FULL MOON @  18  degrees 31 mins.


Mercury enters Pisces Feb 13

Feb 7/8 Venus enters Aries  on  Leo Full Moon

Feb 7 Saturn goes Retrograde @  29 degrees 30 mins


Feb 21 PISCES NEW MOON @ 2 degrees 42 mins.




March 2  Mercury enters ARIES

March 5 Venus enters TAURUS


March 8 VIRGO Full MOON @ 18 degreees 13 mins

March 12 Mercury goes Retrograde


March 16 Moon occults Pluto The first time since Jan 19 1935 and will now happen every month and up to Aug 17 2013.


Spring EQUINOX  March 19/20


March 22 ARIES NEW MOON  @ 2 degrees 22 mins.

March 23 Mercury enters Pisces

March 26 Alignment of Venus Moon Jupiter  is beautiful to see.




Apr. 3 VENUS enters GEMINI


Apr 4 Mercury goes DIRECT


Apr 6  LIBRA FULL MOON @ 17 degrees 23 mins of Libra 


Apr 10 Pluto goes Retrograde


Apr 13 MARS goes Direct


Apr 16 Mercury enters Aries


April 21 TAURUS NEW MOON @ 1  degree 35 mins




May 5 SCORPIO FULL MOON @ 16 degrees 1 min./May 6 GMT SUPER MOON


May 9 Mercury enters TAURUS


May 13 ***** Mother’s Day Sun conjunct Jupiter @ 24 degrees of Taurus conjunct the Pleiades and Moon conjunct NEPTUNE @ 3 degrees PISCES.


May 15 VENUS goes RETROGRADE  @ 23 degrees 59mins of GEMINI- June 27 


May 20 GEMINI Annualar SOLAR ECLIPSE  @ Zero degrees Gemini affects China Tokyo Western US.



June 1 Mercury conjunct Venus @ 18 degrees Gemini


June 4  SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON Partial LUNAR ECLIPSE @ 14 degrees 14mins.


June 4 Neptune goes Retrograde @ 3 degrees 9 mins. of Pisces


June 5-6 ***** VENUS TRANSIT of the SUN MAJOR Astrological Alignment of 2012 @ 15 degrees of GEMINI


June 7 Mercury enters CANCER


June 11 JUPITER enters GEMINI


June 12 Chiron goes Retrograde


June 19 Second GEMINI NEW MOON @ 28 degrees 43 mins {conjunct North Star opposite the Galactic Center}



June 24  ****the 1st of the URANUS PLUTO Squares begins today @ 8 degrees 23 minures.


June 25 SATURN goes DIRECT @ 22 degrees 46 mins of LIBRA


June 25 MERCURY enters LEO


June 29 Sun opposite Pluto




July 3 CAPRICORN FULL MOON @ 12 degrees Capricon 13 mins.


July 3 MARS enters LIBRA


July 13 Uranus goes Retrograde


July 14 Mercury goes RETROGRADE @ 12 degrees 33 mins. LEO


July 18 CANCER NEW MOON  @ 26 degrees 54 mins. On July 19 GMT



Aug 1 AQUARIUS FULL MOON @ 10 Degrees 15 mins. On Aug 2 GMT


Aug 7 VENUS enters CANCER


Aug 7 Mercury goes DIRECT @ 1 degree 26 mins. Of Leo


Aug 17 LEO NEW MOON  @ 25 degrees Leo 8 mins.


Aug 22 Mon, Mars, Saturn conjunct SPICA


Aug 23 MARS enters SCORPIO { the sign it rules}

August 31 PISCES FULL MOON @ 8 degrees 33 mins.


Aug 31 Mercury enters VIRGO { the sign it rules}




Sept. 2 The North Node enters SCORPIO


From Sept 5- Sept 19 JUPITER is at the VENUS ECLIPSE of the Sun degree 15 degrees Gemini


Sept. 6 VENUS enters LEO


Sept. 15 VIRGO NEW MOON @ 23 degrees 37 mins. Sept 16 GMT

Sept. 16 MERCURY enters LIBRA

Sept 17 PLUTO goes Direct, on 18th Eeastern




Sept. 27 SATURN reaches the 29th degree of LIBRA


Sept. 29 ARIES FULL MOON @ 7 degrees 22 mins. Sept 30 GMT.

Sept. 29 ***** Sun squares Pluto  MOON opposes Uranus




Oct 3 VENUS enters VIRGO


Oct 4 JUPITER goes RETROGRADE @  16 degrees 23 mins GEMINI




Oct 15 LIBRA NEW MOON @ 22 degrees 32 mins.


Oct 19 JUPITER @ 15 degrees of GEMINI Retrograde - November 2nd 


Oct 25 SUN Conjunct SATURN @ 2 degrees Scorpio


Oct 28 VENUS enters LIBRA { her home sign}




Oct 29 TAURUS FULL MOON @  6 degrees 47 Mins.


NOVEMBER- 2 eclipses


Nov. 6  MERCURY goes RETROGRADE @ 4 degrees 18 mins of SAGITTARIUS  U.S. Presidential election Day


Nov. 10 / 11 NEPTUNE goes DIRECT @ Zero deg. 22 mins.  PISCES


Nov. 13 TOTAL ECLIPSE OF SUN SCORPIO NEW MOON @ 21 degrees 56 mins.


Nov. 14 MERCURY enters SCORPIO


Nov. 16 MARS enters CAPRICORN


Nov. 21 VENUS enters SCORPIO


Nov. 27 MARS conjunt PLUTO @ 8 degrees of CAPRICORN!


Nov. 28 GEMINI LUNAR ECLIPSE Penumbral Eclipse of the  FULL MOON @ 6 degrees 46 mins. 




Dec 13 Uranus goes Direct


Dec 13. SAGITTARIUS NEW MOON @ 21 degrees 45 mins





The BIG EVENT SATURN & PLUTO will be in an exact Sextile quincunx to JUPIITER at 9 degrees of GEMINI. The 2nd YOD or FINGER of God planetary formation is a URANUS/JUPITER Sextile to Saturn at the apex.


Dec. 25 MARS enters AQUARIUS


DEC 28 CANCER FULL MOON @ 7 degrees 5 mins.


Dec 31 Jupiter is still Retrograde @ 7 degrees of GEMINI

Mercury is conjunct the Galactic Center Dec 30 and 31st

  2012 is VENUS's year. A number 5 year.

All Predictions by Tara Greene  copyright 

A few of these published in the Toronto Sun Dec. 25 2011 in Mike Strobel's column along with my colleague's Nikki Psychic to the stars, who I used to do a regular radio show with on CFRB and famed psychic Tony Carr.


Many of my published 2011 predictions came true:

I predicted the tsunami in Japan in the spring. "Let the revolutions begin worldwide ." was my tagline overview of 2011. These were my own independent predictions amongst many others.




2012 is NOT I repeat NOT the end of the world. 


It will be filled with VERY dramatic highs and lows, as a new interface with a higher reality is manifesting but not everyone will see it. All may sense it on some level. There will be a lot of chaos emotionally and confusion as spiritually higher dimensions of consciousness interfaces with our old brain consciousness.


2012 may be known as the Year of Spiritual manifestation. The Law of Attraction is all there is.

What you fear is what you get more of. How you feel in your heart authentically is what gets manifested.

Your inner self is reflected in your outer world, pretty or not. We are walking a razor’s edge. More people will be experiencing how we all magnetically attract our true inner self {Karma} in the outer material world and in our relationships. What you feel unconsciously is what you get. Really!


2012 as far as Quantum Physics goes is already a done deal.  If you fear the world’s end that’s what you will create. 2012 is a shift to higher Oneness consciousness.


You could also call it the year of Unicorns, as it will be magical, if you believe.


My advice is: Keep your charkas open, watch for the synchronicity as a map and use your Neti pot.


2012 is the year of VENUS as there will be  a major astrological event as Venus crosses the Sun, a RARE one in a lifetime event, occuring on June 5/6. More about Venus on a spearate page.


In spite of whatever numbers. 16 Billion year cycles, Calleman, John Major Jenkins, etc. with due respect to them. It is not really the official end of the Mayan calendar. I have deep insider information on this. Many people are using the end date to create fear and to exploit the very Mayans they seem to be applauding, it’s a type of Spiritual Y2K.


It’s merely the end of a 5,000-year cycle. It all depends on who your translator is. Besides a circular calendar never officially ends. The so called Sun conjunct the Galactic Center actually takes place every year around Dec. 18 in Tropical Astrology. The alignment with the Galactic Center actually began in 1998 and continues on for some years, with the mid-point is around Dec 21 2012. 


The winter Solstice date is already a source as an "end date" and also a new beginning, new date for higher conscious. Billions of people will be celebrating and participating, meditating. That's all a good thing.


2012 will be a circus, literally. Cirque du Soleil is doing a big free show at Chichen Itza in Mexico on Dec 21 2012 which is exactly the symbol of what this date is all about EMBODIMENT. Cirque is partnering with a world wide non-profit. 2012 is all about embodying, spirit. Not ascending. 



     1. Economy will falter worldwide.

 You can only prop up a dying economy for so long. We are in a time re-set to the Great depression as a worldwide movement. The Planets describe major long-term historical cycles and with Uranus {revolution} at zero degrees of Aries now, as it was exactly before the Depression in 1929 plus it will square Pluto this year. That signifies the break down of capitalist culture. But first ultra conservative politicians aren’t ready to let go yet. 


2. WAR BEGINS IN IRAN in March –

with the use of new hi tech scalar weapons and robots with some nuclear weapons. Israel in a sorry state. Oil prices go through the roof. Economy slows down.


3. All U.S. Muslims or suspected Islamic Fundamentalists, Taliban sympathisers et al their affiliates will be put into huge PRISON CAMPS { JAILS} in the U.S. It may be easier for unsuspected travellers to fly and go through security once this is implemented.


4. What’s your Security Rating?

 Everyone will be rated according to his or her security danger in North America. Canada, U.s. and Mexico. This will be mandatory. People will be stratified, a police state mentality.


5. Creeping Technocracy overtakes democratic rule worldwide. Rule by the Plutocrats, goodbye politicians.


6. More political protests World Wide. OCCUPY the EARTH

The revolutions and mass protests against totalitarian and democratic regimes have just begun so expect this to continue and get stronger. The Arab Spring continues as the Arab Winter. Syria not over yet, its people fight on. North Korea, Iraq, China, Russia, England, U.S. will see protests.


7. A new global government monetary agency will be formed to facilitate the changeover to a new global currency.  The Euro will be a done deal. EU is fried. Buy euros now as funny money souvenirs. The British were smart; they kept their own system.


8. We are not alone in the Universe, a fact.

Irrefutably we are not alone! Evidence is obvious. UFOS cannot be denied or explained away as swamp gas.   Crop circles will become more spectacular in 2012.


9. You are what you know.  Pay for your information:

Google will become stratified according to how much information is worth. On the information highway are you driving a BMW or a Dodge caravan?


10.  Spiritualising Medicine

Sound healing, laughter is the best medicine

 Calling Dr. Dolphin…

Sound healing, brain wave entrainment, hypnotherapy, dream incubation like in Inception. 

Spiritual surgery with crystals like John of God has been doing for 30 years in Brasil. The mind body spirit connection is known as hard fact.

Slice and dice surgery will be only for accidents, transplants etc. Best of all you don’t need a medical plan. Dolphins will be used to heal people with cancer and other serious diseases.

Laughter IS the best medicine. Comedy and clowning will be respected as honoured profession. Remember that movie with Robin Williams? Look at the guy who started Cirque, he was a clown. Tom Foolery is once again gaining respect.


11. ONLY in BOLIVIA, you say?

CULTURE of respect for all of nature

Bolivia started this trend. Laws will be passed so that nature Herself and animals have their own rights.



will be brought into place, as a larger popular movement to stop violence in US culture through video games, movies, and music, which are anti-female, misogynist music. 

Women will create grassroots newtworking to help disenfranchised women in other parts of the worlds specifically Arabic countries and Africa to help them break free from fundamentalist religious beliefs of Islamic religions.


Respect for all life forms will become encultured and made law in other countries Iseland, Norway, Switzerland. 

Equality between men and women on the rise in all aspects.

New independent schools springing up to teach yoga, spirituality, the honouring of nature, all life forms.



The earth changes that were long predicted over 30 years ago will be even more intense.

Very high magnitude earthquakes all over the world. Extremely wet weather with Tsunamis, Tidal waves, hurricanes, oceans rising, ice caps melting at alarming rates. Summer will be very hot with record high temperatures and droughts. Drought conditions in Russia, Northern Canada prairies, California and many forest fires raging out of control. Weather patterns consistently intense. Heavy and high wind storms.

Mt. St. Helens erupting. Large Earthquakes in Central and South America, China and Australia and in Vegas.

Hawaii could be sunk and Japan.

Smaller earthquakes in central U.S. and Ontario.

Yosemite and Canary Islands danger of exploding.




Sunspot cycles are very intense. There will be some satellite and ground tech erased because of huge coronal mass ejections. Be prepared.


15.  Royal Pregnancy

Prince William and Kate will announce in summer, possibility of twins. The Queen will have some health problems and take a short leave.


16.  Summer Olympics see Terrorist attacks

There will be bombing and protests from the English and from terrorists in London with many injuries and hostage takings during the Olympics.




It may be Judgement day for some. Panic about Judgement Day, 2nd Coming. Religious zealots abound.

The Catholic Church and the Pope will be seen as shameful and shameless organizations more increasingly.

The nature of religion is shifting to experienctial, immanent nature/pagan religious beliefs not authoritarian ones.

There will be Mass spiritual sightings of the Madonna, Christ, aliens. The Goddess/Femnine is emerging as the New Spiritual reality. 2012= 5 Venus.


The Holy Grail will be displayed as it is time. more on that elsewhere.



George Clooney will tie the knot this year.

Beiber continues to top all charts.  

Lady Gaga falls and breaks aleg.

Senseavision, movies with 3d and smell transmit heightened sensations at the Movies.

Major older women Anjelica Huston, Helen Mirrin, Meryl Streep make very powerful and popular heavy Crone power oriented movie. Meryl Streep winning another oscar.

Lady Gaga falls and breaks a leg.

Clint EAstwood serious health warnings.


18. Sports: Bullfighting outlawed. 

Racing cars Stringent laws to slow down to protect the lives of the drivers.

Sorry the Leafs still in the gutter in 2012. Yes, cry for me Toronto.



OBAMA will be President  from 2012-2016. Although there will be many glitches in the election tallies and a recall or two as there was in Bush’s “election” in 2000. Unless the U.S. declares war on Iran first. A standing president during war means no elections.


There will be more scandal swirling created by Republicans around Obama but it will be proven false. 

The OCCUPY movement is not going away. It will continue to mutate and grow stronger.  More police squads all over the U.S. many protestors put in jail.


20. Medicine

There will be major medical breakthroughs.

cures for many diseases, like Lou Gehrig's.

New stem cell research shows many new ways to enhance the body's immune system to fight cancer, AIDS and other auto-immune dieseases.

















Copyright  2002-2022 Tara Greene - All Rights Reserved

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