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Venus Transits

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Botticelli Birth of Venus Painting
Venus transits Tara Greene explains 2004 2012 star
VenusTara Greene transits of June 8 2004- 2012

Venus Transit the Sun June 5-6 2012
Tara Greene astrology symbolism ceremony

VENUS transits or occulting the Sun June 5/6 2012

WITNESSING the Goddess

The triumph of LOVE over EGO


LOVE = the Sun/ GOLD/ the SOURCE

this was written in March 2012 copyright Tara Greene 2012


Venus transit across the Sun are rare, these happen only once every 105 to 125 years and very important to humanity’s development. They occur in 8-year pairs, which complete 5 superior conjunction and form a giant five-pointed star in the sky.


Venus averages a conjunction to the sun every 1.6 years.  The 8-year pairs cycles {not always in pairs} are spaced on average of 121.5 years apart. We had one in 2004 and the next pair will occur in 2117 and 2125.


Venus is crossing the sun when she is retrograde, called an inferior conjunction; Venus is slower and more powerful in her effect.


Venus revolves in the opposite direction compared to the earth and its rotation around the Sun. Venus retrogrades 5 times in one 8-year cycle. The number 5 is Venus sacred number.


The Venus eclipses have been in the first 15 degrees of Gemini and Sagittarius since 60 AD. During the 6,000 year period from 2000 Bc- AD 4000 a total of 81 Transits of VENUS occurs.


The Jun 8 2004 Venus transit was at 17 degrees of Gemini, 53 mins. Square Jupiter, widely square the Moon/Uranus, trine Neptune and oppose Pluto.


The 2012 Venus Transit occurs at 15 degrees of GEMINI

This Venus occultation of the Sun happens June 5- 6 and occurs at 15 degrees 44 mins. of Gemini. Venus and the Sun both square Mars at 16 degree Virgo, so the woman clothed in the Sun is putting pressure on the old masculine workaholic analytic biz.

The day before the Venus transit there is a Super Moon Lunar Eclipse at 14 degrees 14 minutes of Sagittarius and Neptune, Venus’ higher octave Turning Retrograde at 3 degrees of Pisces. This will form a Mutable grand Cross between the Sun/Venus, Chiron and Mars.

The Moon and Pluto are conjunct in 7-8 degrees of Capricorn! Wow.

JUPITER is at 28 degrees conjunct the Pleiades, the famous 7 sisters, which Teotihican and Chichen Itza are aligned to.  Saturn is still Retrograde in Libra.

Mercury is at 27 degree of GEMINI conjunct the North Star Polaris, the Pole Star the World  Tree, the Sampo, the fire drill to the Maya, opposite the Galactice Center.

Mercury is the planetary ruler of the Venus Sun eclipse in tropical Astrology. He is connecting to the Galactic Center the Galactic Information highwat of souls and will download all the galactic multi-ddimensioanl information.

In Sidereal astrology the Venus eclipse on June  5-6 happens at 20 degrees 50 mins of Taurus close to the famous Star of Archangel Michael  which is Aldebran.

Venus conjunct or occult the Sun is prophesied in REVELATIONS. As the WOMAN clothed in the SUN.
THis is the main event of 2012. I wil be leading ceremony.
If you would like personal direction on ow to best use the auspicious energy: taragreene@sacredartscentre.com
the following Venus article was written May 31 2012

The VENUS Transit of the SUN is a very rare occurrence


The 1st initiation into Venus conquering the EGO into THE GODDESS RETURNING occurred on June 8, 2004

A lot has changed since then. Think about it. Love has become more apparent, our relationship to money, the economy, art, luxury, beauty has changed. Women have changed, worldwide; the word GODDESS is popular culture now....

Now the 2nd half of this 8-year initiation occurs JUNE 5 in North America and June 6 in Great Britain and the rest of the world.

Weather permitting; the entire seven-hour transit will be widely visible from eastern Asia, eastern Australia, New Zealand and the western Pacific, as well as Alaska, northern Canada and almost all of Greenland.

VENUS is 1/32nd the size of the Sun she will be visible as a small black dot crossing part of the Sun's surface during the transit. NEVER look directly at the Sun; special protective glasses must be worn.

Venus averages a conjunction to the sun every 1.6 years. The 8-year pairs cycles {not always in pairs} are spaced on average of 121.5 years apart. The next pairs will occur in 2117 and 2125.

see historic photos of the last Venus eclipse at http://www.space.com/15893-venus-transit-sun-history.html

I have been thinking about this Venus transits all the time since January.

Numerology wise 2012 = #5 which is VENUS' number the pentagram, the May 5 super moon =5/55
Symbolically VENUS Crossing the Sun was an intuitive flash as it is spoken about in the BOOK OF REVELATIONS by John of PATMOS


When I GOT THAT, I’m not a big follower of Revelations or the Christian apocalypse but I definitely GOT THAT MESSAGE!

The Goddess is returning big time. The Sun symbolizes the EGO, daylight consciousness; VENUS is the Goddess, the Feminine, Queen of the NIGHT, ruler of all relationships, beauty.

Venus is RE-asserting her rightful and ruling place. She is RETROGRADE, retracing her steps..

The PATRIARCHY will fall. The Dalai Lama says Western Women will change the entire world. The old established sun-worshipping Judeo-Christian organized religions will fall. The Catholic Church ain't doin very well these days. Their rep. stinks; there is rebellion fomenting in the Vatican itself. The Judeo-Christian religion purposely destroyed the ancient Goddess loving Pagan Wicca nature worshipping religions but it happened worldwide. Because the Goddess, like the moon, went into her own NEW MOON phase for the last 5,320 years, two world ages ago, when the Sign of Aries took over from the Goddess ruled Age of TAURUS, where the BULL was worshipped as the goddess' animal.

Women= the earth= life giving resources = survival=relationships=nurturing=beauty=love=

We’re never gonna survive unless WOMEN’S VALUE’S the true FEMININE power ascends over this patriarchal death worshipping female raping women hating, earth fucking system which has created the present world wide macho fear based competitive system mess which can destroy all of us with their nuclear weapons, nuclear power plants FUKISHIMA, etc. immanently.

So we must all praise Venus, praise the goddess, kiss the ground, and worship our mother, THE EARTH.

Beg for her forgiveness from our heart of hearts, she hears all she knows all, she is our hewartbeat, she is the heartbeat that each of us remembers from when we were all in our mother’s wombs.

It may be too late.... but we must have HOPE,

Queen Elizabeth is also celebrating her 60th year as Queen of Great Britain she is also titular head of CANADA.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee
Astrology of Venus,the Queen,Tara Greene Astrology
Venus Transit of the Sun coincides

I have been grateful to live at time when there was a Queen so that s female ruler was in power. Congrats Queen Elizabeth. She is not perfect by any means.

The Venus transit is at its max on June 6 in Greenwich Great Britain where it will be totally visible at 01:30:43 GMT

venus transit june 5/6 2012
Venus transit  2012 England, Astrology Tara Greene
Greenwich England

For Greenwich the chart shows: VENUS And the Sun at 15 degrees GEMINI again that middle most powerful degree

In Sidereal astrology it falls at 20-21 degrees of Taurus close to fixed Stars Aldebran. Which is the Archangel Star of Saint Michael

Watcher of the East whose flaming sword guards the heavens it is also close to other fixed stars Cursa, and RIGEL in the Constellation of ORION, 50,000 times more powerful than the sun, at 20 degrees Sidereal and stars Bellatrix, whose very name means an AMAZON or female warrior and Capella.

Revelations mentions the 4 horsemen, which are the prime fixed stars in each of the FIXED signs, at mid-degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. The Venus eclipse occurs on one of those Stars, activating that energy.

The symbol is also of VENUS as the PHOENIX, immolating Herself in the SUN to rise once again reborn from the ashes.

I am writing this on May 31 there is 5 days to go if you live in North America & 6 days if further east in the world.

Prepare this is a once in a lifetime occurrence.

The Mayans were watching VENUS she is one of the main important events of 2012 and the November 13 TOTAL ECLIPSE OF SUN SCORPIO NEW MOON @ 21 degrees 56 mins. Which we will get to later.

Venus is also known as QUETZALCOATYL a Jesus like person who was regarded as a mythological being preaching Love peace forgiveness.

So for the day’s prior:

Give up eating meat; this will purify your body making it more alkaline.

Give up rich oily salty an dove processed foods, coffee, cur down if you cant quit totally.

Invite Venus into your veins, her name originates with the heart chakra,

Invite Venus into your womb if you are a woman.

If you want to do a Venus womb cleanse send me an email and I will send you specific instructions taragreenetarot@gmail.com

Set up an alter, with Venusians things, beautiful things, an apple, Venus’s fruit, photos of loved ones,

Venus loves poetry, read RUMI's 30,000 poems of the beloved,

Get paints and paint a picture everyday, just play with colour,

Walk in nature very consciously, even a park, or sit and admire nature photography,

During the actual VENUS Transit, gather with others, breathe together,

Meditate on LOVE, fill your heart with love, speak only of beauty, and vow to honour the earth and the feminine, pledge to help a woman's shelter,

Educate girls in places on the earth where there is no education or money for them to learn, advocate an end to women's abuse in the culture,

Affront all patriarchal repressive female activities, laws, things that are considered to be normal

Read up about the goddesses in ancient Greek and Roman history,

Paganism is the fastest growing "religion" in North America for a reason it is a FEMALE CENTRIC nature worshipping empowering immanent spirituality,

Listen to your intuition, vow to listen to your dreams your feelings, that is what needs to take precedence

FEELINGS over the Head, that is ultimately what the Venus transit symbolizes.

Stuart Wilde is a big follower of this in his own way. See http://www.stuartwilde.com/about/stuart-wilde/


June 8 2004 Venus Eclipses Sun,the Goddess Returns!



No one alive at this time has witnessed this very rare astronomical event.

Symbolically and mythologic-ally,this is a moment we've all been waiting for. The Goddess, embodied as the planet Venus does indeed return! She will rise with, and eclipse the Sun during a 6-hour period which will be totally visible in most of Europe, Asia, China, and the Middle East and mid and Eastern U.S.

Venus,the Goddess of love, harmony,balance/karma beauty and the Arts shows herself now as a sign, an omen, prophesied by Native American cultures. Her sighting also ties in to Judeo/Christian prophesies about the return of the Messiah. Not the way you were taught in Catholic or Hebrew schools or as culturally interpreted by patriarchal /political hierarchies.


The greatest totality of the Eclipse happens exactly over Saudi Arabia, how synchronistic is that! The issue is oil, balancing the resources of the Earth, Harmony-love or war, love over political and religious dissention. We could see this as Judgement Day, we decide or we create the consequences. Venus,ruling the sign of Libra is the Goddess of karmic justice, she also rules the sign of Taurus-the Earth and its' resources.


This is among the rarest of Celestial occurrences. The last times were in 1882,1874, 1769, 1761,1639 and 1631 since the invention of modern telescopes. She eclipses the Sun on average every 120 years in an 8 year cycle rising as Morning Star then Evening Star. Her last appearance in the 1800's impelled the suffragette movement and women being able to inherit property.


This is the actual fact of the Goddess's return. Her immanence and the restoration of Feminine values in each of us in the World will happen.


Venus sun transit 2004
Venus eclipse Sun Tara Greene astrologer explains
Venus map transit rare occurrance in 2012 completion


Herstory of the Goddess

The Goddess is known in every culture and religion throughout history-or more correctly-Herstory. Her story is her creation of the Universe or more correctly the Yoniverse. The Universe is the verse or story of the Yoni.

Known as Aphrodite, to the Ancient Greeks; her worship was incorporated into Christianity where they called her Mary; Isis,to the Ancient Egyptians; Astarte or Asherah in the ancient Middle East; to the Babylonians-present day Iraq she was Inanna; Kali, in India, where her worship has never ceased, Kwan Yin, in China or any of her thousands of names.


Venus as the Big Billboard dancing sensuously in front of the Sun is saying to us I am the Goddess, I am love and Beauty, harmony and balance, I am the Creatrix. And her eclipse know shows us the way- As above, so below. is the Ancient Hermetic maxim.


As we watch Venus eclipsing the Sun, we reconnect consciously {or unconsciously} with the memories that live in our cellular consciousness, memories of all our Ancestors who watched the Celestial Skies, the Planets and the Stars for aeons. We are not very far removed from our ancestors in spite of whatever technology we have.

Venus's eclipse connects us to our ancestral mythology, the world when Gods and Godddesses were immanent, alive. Mythology is alive. Mythology is the Story of our Souls our History our Dreams. Modern life is a mythology. Venus, the Goddess is alive. She exists. We exist because of Her.



All over the world, the ancient myths and symbols, even the words we still use, live in our blood, literally in our veins.

The word vein comes from the word for Venus.

Venus, love literally pumps through our bodies

and our hearts throughout our lifetime.



Symbolic Meaning of this Transit

At its simplest most basic symbolic level the transit of Venus across the Sun represents for all humanity the principle of LOVE eclipsing the Ego, the Sun, the masculine principle, self-centerdness, the will, the Patriarchial rule of power-over. Venus also joins with the Suns path, this is a union of Love and Will. A balance of the Masculine and the Feminine.


Venus rules women, the Feminine Principle which resides in all of us whether embodied as male or female. Her eclipse of the Sun symbolizes the force of the Feminine in all aspects of our worldly life, gaining true equality and harmony from the Feminines own terms, not the masculine as has been so for thousands of years, when the Patriarchy took over.

She is showing us on Earth- the way, Harmony reigning over power-over politics; inter-relatedness over selfish identification; balance, co-operation, peace and equality for all. Creativity, beauty, nature and nurture come to the fore over self-interest. Make love, not War in other words.


Venus whose worship is ancient,primordial. We are all born of women, of the Feminine. This is our human commonality our shared oneness. We are here on this earthwalk to learn to love and care for ourselves and each other. To value love more than anything else. To walk in Beauty as the Native Americans say.


Patroness of the Arts, called Aphrodite to the Greeks, Ishtar to the Babylonians. She is the brightest object in the skies except for the Sun and the closest planet to the Earth. When she rises with the Sun she is the Morning Star and at night she is Evening Star in her masculine and feminine appearances. Native Americans call her Dawn Star Woman. She comes in this guise on June 8th 2004. Rising as the Morning Star,the eclipse marks the beginning of a time prophesied by the Mayans, as the return of Love, of Christ-consciousness embodied as a Messenger like the Buddha.

Return of the Messiah

The true Messiah who lives in our hearts individually and as One through our actions, through non-judgement, through total acceptance, through loving kindness to ourselves and all living things. The Messiah is coming into all of our hearts and minds where we will Be Living Love as Christ, the Buddha, the Goddess in all her thousands of names throughout our ancient world history.


We remember, we cannot forget,

the blood of the Ancients flows through our viens

its in our DNA, in our cellular consciousness!

Invoke the Goddess in yourself! Call her by name. Your intention is everything.

Ask and it will be done. So mote it be.

Goddess Chant


Isis, Astarte, Diana,

Hecate, Demeter, Kali,

Inana, Quan Yin, Lakshmi,

Tara, Mary, Shekinah,

Maat, Eve,

Goddess incarnate who birthed

each of us

from the Beginning of Time.

Remember simply remember who you are and where you came from, and we are all our mothers. Your Mother is the Goddess, the Earth is our Mother.


Effects of the Venus Eclipse-predictions

For the next 8 years, Venus's eclipse will shift us. The Goddess will affect us. She will empower women, empower the values of the true Feminine in both men and woman and our children. How we relate to all the children in the world, the 30,000 of them that now, before the appearance of the Goddess we allow, we collude in their deaths each day from hunger, starvation and war by not seeing through the eyes of Love. What is the real value of our lives? What are the values we want to teach our children? The Goddess will influence our politics, is this a just world? Sacred law, not man made laws must be re-created. The Goddess will change our world view. The Goddess will change our hearts and our minds. What is our relationship with the Earth, our Mother? How do we support beauty and harmony first?

How do we rebalance the values of money? Venus rules money and luxury. Are you really that insecure that you really need that S.U.V.? How does that S.U.V. and its gas guzzling affect the environment?


Remember everything we take for granted and as normal now must be overturned if it is not in harmonious relationship to everything else.


Will we take a stand to stop war? Are we in balance with our bodies? There can be no more power over politics, manipu-lations or anything that does not come from Love anymore. We must create balance amongst all peoples. Venus will address the issue, the main issue that No one is greater than or has any more power over another, over the Earth, or any parts of it, her resources or her life forms. Venus's love is unconditional. Venus will ask us to rebalance our ecology, our relationships, our schools, our philosophy, our cultures, our food, our music, our politics, the pharmaceutical industry, the Media, our businessess, the arts, until June 2012 when she returns again in her 8 year natural cycle after journeying through the Underworld, transformed and re-birthed as the Evening Star,also known as Stella Maris, Star of the Sea a.k.a. Mary, Mother of God, the Goddess, the Great Mother.


This, I believe is the biggest trigger, the biggest event that has happened in our lifetime. It is an extraordinary opportunity to witness and be a part of. This event is a Return to Love as Marion Williamson calls it as Venus returns. And we are the ones who must assimilate Her. Allow the Goddess to live, act, speak and love through each and every one of us.


How to Celebrate Her Return


To celebrate Her return throughout the 6 hours of the Eclipse throughout the World. I ask you to join with me and with others to mark this event as a new beginning of Love in the World. We will meditate we will sing and dance, we will make ourselves beauteous, we will recite poetry, love poetry, Rumi, Rilke, Susan Griffin, Shakespeare, Leonard Cohen etc. As Venus rules Taurus and the throat chakra, we must sing, we must make sound, sound is one of the greatest healing tools. Music being the food of Love we must play on. Be joyous, fell that glorious feeling of being in love, of embodying Love, tingle from your toes to your head and send that Love from within your heart to all around the World. As the ruler of Libra,balance your mind, the twin hemispheres of your brain, the yin and yang.

Make art, make beautiful things, spend the day in beautiful gardens surrounded by flowers, plant flowers,apple trees. Make love, Venus is the Goddess in her sexual aspect, with mutual consent giving equally and honouring the Goddess. Help women who need it without expectation of any return. Be kind to strangers. See everyone you meet today as your Beloved. Practice random acts of kindness and senseless acts of Beauty all day, and from this day henceforth.


Venus as Karmic Justice


I also believe that if we do not take to our hearts and our minds this symbolic and actual event, please remember that Venus is also the Goddess Maat, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Justice a.k.a. karma a.k.a. The Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would to yourself. First you must let go of your illusion of masochism. Love yourself unconditionally first. Maat or Libra symbolizes Love as the Law.

Maat or Venus rules the balance of actions=karma in the Universe. When you die, Maat takes your heart and weighs it in her scales of Justice against the Ostrich feather she wears in her crown. Your heart which holds all the deeds that you did in your life from a loving place from a place of no regrets must balance equally with that feather. We could see this as Judgement Day. The Goddess has thousands of names and thousands of aspects. She can also be the Dark Goddess of Necessity.

Venus Visualizations


Women, Go to Venus! See yourself in your imagination at our sister planet, all is beautiful on Venus in the mythical imaginal world. Imagine your vision of the most beautiful place, Paradise. Everything is done from the heart, from a place of conscious love, Venus fulfills our longing for the return to and our desire for Paradise. Feel your power as the Goddess of Love, as Mary, as whichever Goddess calls to you. See yourself dancing in beautiful coloured flowing robes, being you, and the most beautiful woman imaginable, in her power and her glory. She/you are sensual, perhaps bellydancing in front of the Sun. Her power/your power is eclipsing the Sun, a Star. Feel your heart expanding and sending beams and waves of Love, Beauty, Harmony, Balance, Peace, Songs, Art and poetry which exemplify Beauty. Feel the warmth in you heart and send it to the Earth. Venus means to venerate. Venus is our veins, our lifes blood,pumping through our hearts. LOVE the Goddess, the Goddess is All, Love yourself, know you are loved unconditionally. The Goddess {as Venus} falls in love with Herself, drawing forth her own emanation, which takes on a life of its own. Love of self is the creative force of the univere. Desire is the primal energy, and that energy is erotic, magnetic, the attraction of lover to beloved, of planet to star, proton for electron. Love is the glue that holds the Universe together. Writes Starhawk.And know that you must find the Goddess within yourself first. We all come from the Goddess and to her we shall return.


Astrology of Venus-Ruler of Taurus And Libra



Astrologically Venus rules two signs Taurus-the first Earth sign, a feminine receptive sign, ruling the throat,song and music-as the food of Love and also the sign of Libra-an Air or mental sign considered masculine or active, ruling relationships, balance, justice and the arts.

Venus's eclipse of the Sun occurs while she appears to be moving backwards astrologically in what is known as a Retrograde phase.

Venus will be in the sign of Gemini during this eclipse. Gemini is a masculine active Air Sign, ruling the mind and communication most specifically. Gemini is the sign of the Twins, symbolizing the dual aspects of ourselves, containing both male active and female receptive polarities. and the two hemispheres of our brains.

Gemini in the Tarot is symbolized by the image of The Lovers, numbered 6 also a symbol of the balance of Heaven and Earth, symbolized by the 6 pointed Star, the one on the Israeli flag, which is actually an ancient Tantric symbol of the marriage or union of the opposites also called the Hexagram, the basis for the I Ching in China. Remember the Lunar Eclipse on Nov. 8th 2003 where the rare six pointed Star appeared as an alignment of planets in the sky and the world wide meditations that ensued? 2004 is also a number 6 year.


I believe that this is the next installment in Cosmic Celestial Signs and Symbols and Omens indicating to all of us who are aware awake and alert of the directions we need to go.


Cabbalistically the Planet Venus rules the &th Sephiroth or Sphere of Influence on the Tree of Life called Victory, whose number is 7. The Central Sphere of the Tree of Life,called Tipareth,or Beauty is symbolized by the Sun traditionally, number 6. So this eclipse also reveals a particular pathway on the Tree of Life and it is important to take in its meaning. It is the 24th Path,of Imaginative Intelligence, and it is so called because it gives a likeness to all the similitudes which are created in like manner similar to its harmonius elegancies. This is the path called Nun in Hebrew. It is the path of Death, the 13th Key in the Tarot, Pathway of Enlightenment. In brief it symbolizes making the transition from the Personality-ego identity to the Higher Self or True Spiritual Beingness. Death is Re-Birth, Transformation. This is the Path we are embarking on. Loving Life in Death and Death in Life. Die before you die. Die daily. To die is to live, to wake up to Life and to Love.


Venus in Gemini symbolizes love, and the need to harmonize our minds with our hearts. In the Buddhist and Native American traditions the heart is the thinking organ and the mind is the body,relating to physical survival only.


Venus in Gemini carries a twin Goddess aspect because of the morning and evening appearances. For this Venus eclipse to occur in the sign of the Twins Gemini, adds potency to its crossing. Gemini is an air sign, symbolizing the powers of the mind, the two hemispheres of the brain as well. Twins represent duality in all of its manifestations, the duality of the material and the spiritual planes of existence, masculine and feminine, tying and yang, day and night.

In Mexico, the Mayans will be celebrating. Teotihuacan is the birthplace of the 5th Sun and home of the prophet Quetzalcoatyl who was a living man. Venus/Quetzalcoatl is the symbol of matter and spirit combined, the symbol of Death and rebirth, which Venus's transiting cycles represent. The Grail Legend is also connected to Venus' symbology. Your heart is the Holy Grail.


Venus is the Great Goddess in her sexual aspect. The Venerii were Sacred Prostitutes cleansing men who had shed blood in war and invoking the Goddess in her Temples through Tantric rites.

In the Middle Ages Venus became the ruling Fairy Queen of the magic mountains called Venusbergs. The city of Venice is named for Venus.


The magic rhyme addressed to the planet Venus as Evening Star still echoes down through the centuries, known to all of us through popular culture in Walt Disneys Pinocchio.

" Star Light, star bright,

first star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might,

have the wish I wish tonight."


Invoke Venus through her Sacred Pentangle, the 5 pointed Star which all Wiccans are familiar with. Invoke her pentagram from top down to the left leg of the star up to her right arm across to the left arm down diagonally to her right foot, and back up to the top point of the Star.

In Venus' own cycle her path looks like a 5 petalled flower.


Venus Symbolic Attributes to work with


Incorporate as many of Venuss attributes into your Ceremony as you can or choose. Build alters to worship Venus. Wear her colours, her gems and metals, her flowers, her incense and perfumes. Eat apples.

Give and receive massages. Make a Venus doll. Paint Goddess pictures.


Colours: Indigo blue, and green, like the Earth and the Sky.

Her stone would be lapis lazuli or turquoise amber or emerald.

Metal: Copper is the metal sacred to Venus as a great conductor.

Number: 5, the apple when cut open reveals the Pentagram.

Tarot Images: 3 The Empress, or Great Mother as Venus;

5 The Heirophant, Taurus;

8 Justice or Adjustment, Libra /11 Strength/Lust, Leo- Heart, the Sun.

Tones: La, E

Cabalistic Sphere: 7 Netzach-Splendor

Angel: Haniel

Tree: Apple, quince

Animals: Dove

Plants: Acacia flowers, almon oil, aloes, birch, daffodil, damask rose, elder, elderberry, feverfew,fig, geranium, mint, mugwort, olive oil, pennyroyal, plantain, raspberry, rose, strawberry, tansy, thyme, verbena, vervain, violet, all-heal. Flowers based on 5 petals.

Direction: West, the Feminine, Intuition and Introspection, the Earth

Her day is Friday, Vendredi in French for Venus, Freya or Friday from the Nordic God Myths.


The Sun is the attribute of all solar Gods and the Archangel Michael. It represents the Center, the Heart, the Source, its colour is gold.


The Ancient Egyptians worshiped Lapis lazuli which contained both Venus attributes and the Gold of the Sun.

The number 5 in the Tarot is the card of the Hierophant, symbolizing the connection of the human and the Divine. The Da Vinci diagram of the human as a 5 pointed Star. The 5 senses that we receive as humans.


To honour and Integrate Venus significance

the showing of herself, the physical and symbolic manifestation of the Feminine eclipsing or blocking out the Sun the masculine, rational, daylight consciousness


We witness and mirror back.



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