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Mistress obsessed with sex and Astrology

The news today May 3, 2012 in the Trial of John Edwards scandals of Bunny Mellon supporting him and his mistress. Edwards' daughter speaking of Rielle Hunter, the mistress as "obsession with sex, rock 'n roll and astrology." Rielle, described by Andrew Young, former Edwards staffer who's tell -all book described Rielle as a "weird slut and a freak." An actress, she was the basis of a charcter in a Jay McInerney novel,aand Bret Easton Ellis based characters on her as well. Molly Ringwald also in the mix. Rumors of coke snorting, threesomes and sexually voracious stories abuot Rielle abound. And yeah her father James Druck, a wealthy lawyer, in was involved in the 1982 horse murders insurance fraud scandal, which including electrocuting Rielle's own horse when she was just 17 years old. They shoot Horses' Don't they? - a real trauma in her life. That explains a lot to me right there.

The sex and drugs stuff is pretty usual but not being astrology obessessed piqued my curiosity.. I wanted to check out Rielle's astrology chart for clues as to why she would be so astrological coke and sex addicted.

Reille Hunter a sex drug astrology addict
Tara Greene Astrologer interprets the chart

Rielle was born March 20 1964 Fort Lauderdale florida, No birth time. so Ive created it at noon, as she is a prominent public figure. Zero degreees Aries is the highest energy, the begining, the zero point in the Astrology chart.

Her Moon at 28 Gemni is conjunct the North Star, usually people who have hi level public persona's have powerfully planetary connection's here. Of course she is an ever youthfull looking, twin natured, fickle,charming,double talking, shape shifting sylph.

Mercury in Aries, a fast talking,energetic,vorascious player.

VENUS the Goddess of Love planet is smack dab at the middle-degree of TAURUS her ruling sign. Very sexy, very money hungry, sensual,

She has Mars at 23 degrees Pisces symbolizes in part the kind of man she is attracted to. Mars in Pisces is a chameleon, secret-love affairs, compassionate, sob-story, addictive relationships, ungrounded, lives in an illsuion, dreamy,

Jupiter is also at 24 degrees Aries- this woman has boundless energy, exuberance, a risk-taker, a fighter, independent.

THE SEX- she has Asteroid EROS, at 23 degrees of ARIES conjunct her JUPITER in Aries,- absolutely voracious sexually, a nymphomaniac.

THE ASTROLOGY- SATURN is at 29 degrees Aquarius, Saturn is the traditional ruler of both Capricorn, sign of rulers, leaders, peole of power and control on the world's stage. Reille has Capricorn on her Descendent, her house of marrriage and relationships. Saturn is at the 29th and most fateful, karmic degree in any sign, here in Aqwuarius, the sign of wighin g on Stars, the Internet, and GUESS WHAT? ....


THE SCANDAL- Rielle has the dwarf planet- ERIS,- the Ancient Goddess who personified STRIFE and DISCORD at 10 degrees of ARIES, square her North Node as if it was her Higher Purpose to cause so much Trouble. She is a natural born SIREN, like Circe, in the Odyssey,of course Mr. edwards is at fault to, we'll get to him shortly. Eris is also square to that asteroid Epona, Reillle was getting even with her dad,for killing her horse by ruining John Edwards career. Her North Node is in Cancer and she always wanted to have children, so she did with John Edwards.

Now Mr. Edwards may got to jail for 30 years for abusing million in his political campaign fund, that went to pampering the mistress, $400 haircuts and the like. Lets look at his chart

Astrology of Gemini John Edward's birth chart
secrets of Astrology, Tara Greene interprets

Of course, John Edwards is a GEMINI, a naturally charming, emotionally immature, two faced, living two lives kinda guy.

His Sun, vitality, MARS  sexual drives, and Mercury-communications are all in Gemini in the 12th hosue of SECRETS, SELF-UNDOING,KARMA.

Hey do you know what secrets lurk in your 12th house? - get a reading: https://taratarotweb.tripod.com/id78.html

John also has VENUS in Taurus, like Rielle, the strongest, most sensual, earthy, romantic, great with money place for Venus the Love Goddess to be. I am sure they had amazingly lustful sexual chemistry,and I'm sure she wasnt the only mistress. BTW Venus is exactly squareto his North and south Nodes. KArma with Women,money, love affairs are abig time theme here.

John also has a very powerfull wealthy Jupiter Moon conjunction also in Gemini, a great charming talker,


John also has an exact Saturn Neptune conjunction, both Retrograde in Libra. These are his only Retrograde planets.They are squaring Uranus in the 1st house in Cancer. Saturn conjunct Neptune alone is a karmic soul-mate sign and Retrograde nmeans he came into this life to reconnect with al the women in his life he'd been with before.Of course being Retrograde in the 4th house, its also his unexpected Uranus, undoing, which of course his home life falls apart becuase of. His wife dies of cancer.

HIs EROS is at 28 degrees of ARIES smack dab conjunct Rielle's Jupiter and her EROS too.

with Sun Mercury and Mars in Gemini and in the 12th house of secrets. He couldnt resist, He was a lame duck,

Interesting that according to htis birth time,w hich isn't offically kosher,his Ascendant is 12 degreesof Cancer, exactly on the U. S. Sun and conjunct the Fixed Star Sirius, to bad. Oh the rise and fall of men in power.... the double standard.  Everyone has sex, puritan America,

Will he go to jail?

Well that amazing venus crossing of the sun June 5-6 will happen very close to his Sun at 19 degrees of Gemini,Venus as Vixen will overshadow his Self Identity..

Saturn will oppose his Natal Venus around Election day in the U.S. this year. Saturn is the limits, obstacles, karma, the cosmic cop. This is where he gets called to task over his romantic dallies. Saturn will also be square to his North Node at 4 degrees of Aquarius during that time.North Node in Aquarius wants freedom, revolution, invention.Also square to his South Node in Leo, pride, arrogance, leadership, genoosity. A fatefull time for John Edwards. His fate hangs in the balance of Saturn's Libran justice.

Jupiter will have just passed Edwards natal Moon at 5 degrees gemini and will be conjunct to his Natal Jupiter at seven degreees of Gemini in his natal 11th house of wishes, hopes, and dreams.

PLUTO {secrets} the planet of the big fall from power will be opposite his Mercury as it has been for the last two years,of course the whole scandal came out when Pluto was opposite to Mr Edwards Mars in 2007-2008. Pluto will be squaring the dwarf planet ERIS exactly at 8 degrees Aries/ Capricorn.

ERIS the Goddess oft blamed for creating the Trojan war, did not do it exactly. Venus/Aphrodite awarded Paris an already married woman, Helen. So Eris shows where we are vulnerable to our ego's competing for first prize. She can be seen positively as the weakest link in our ego's armour, therefore a self-undoing, if we are unaware of who we really are.

The karmic odds are not in Mr. Edwards favour to be sure.

Self-knowledge is power. My clients are always amazed that so much can be gleaned from their astrology chart reading.

Do you know where and what lurks in your 12th House? Could be Pandora's box and a treasure chest at the same time.


2010 Numerology = 3 The Empress/ Great Mother in the Tarot
The Empress is the Archetye symbol of The Goddess, Mary, The Divine Feminine, Gaia, Shakti, Sophia , Shekinah, Isis, Madonna, Quan Yin, GreenTara, all of these are names of the Divine Mother. She is known by every culture throughout the world. She has tens of thousands of  Names. THE GODDESS is immanent and she is coming in every form to us NOW.
We need to allow her Feminine Divininity to flow througgh our wombs, our blood, our voices, our speech, actions,desires.
Both mena nd women have an inner Goddess, a Feminine aspect. 2010 is the year to Make CONTACT with Her/Self. She is also known as Psyche in Greek, which means Soul. She reveals her hidden Self through images, imagination,dreams all are Soul Making. We are all Her children, we are all of woman born.

2010 is also # 12  The TArot Trump of theTHE HANGED MAN
The Recent Film THE IMAGINARIUM of Dr. Parnassus
by Terry Gilliam starring Canadian Thespian Actor Christopher Plummer, Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Colin Farrell and Tom Waits as The Devil featured THE HANGED MAN as one of its primary images.
As I see all of the images out in the world as Imaginal Psychological or Soul/Dream  Landscapes, Shamanic Archetypal Landscapes, this synchronicity fits amazingly well.
This is a fantastic movie a morality tale for our times. ***** stars in  my book.
The KEY to the Hanged Man is SURRENDER THE EGO
it is an emotional baptism. You know, let go and let Goddess.

2010 is # 3 The Empress in theTarot Trump Cards
Goddess, Isis, the Divine Mother, Tara her 10,000 names

The Hanged Man Trump
Tarot Trump # 12 Visconti/Sforza

& part of the Tarot Constellation # 21 THE WORLD
The World also known as The Universe is the last of the Tarot sequence. It is coming back to home, grounding to earth after the entire spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, soulfull journey to Enlightenment and back where you started from. It is freedom, reality, accepting Saturn's rulership of the 3D earth plane yet dancing free and singing "I DID IT MY WAY" like Frank Sinatra.

The World # 21 Tarot Card Trump
Tara Greene Tara Tarot interprets The World/Universe

2010 Predictions  THE CRYSTAL BALL
by the # 1 Intuitive psychic Tara Greene
2010 predictions by Tara Greene Ó


WORLD NEWS + Politiss


The Jan 15 Solar eclipse starts another revolution in Iran. People revolt from within.

American soldiers sent into Iran, opening months of 2010

Possible attack on Iran by Israeli’s also in the Spring.

American Soldiers enter Pakistan borders to fight Al Quaeda who are gaining control of the Government there.

More Al Quaeda bombings. Rome.

Osama Bin Laden dies from health issues.


Barack Obama assassination/ or death.


A small Nuclear bomb explosion from a suitcase in  a major skyscraper in  Chicago or New York, or both, creates much  devastation loss of life, crop failures, riots.


Venzuela in the news, comes on very strong, flexing its muscles, threatening many nations.

Dutch Antilles Islands go Independent and a minor military flak ensues.


U.S. opens trade relations with Cuba.


Revolution,uprisings and riots throughout the U.S. the people ain’t gonna take it anymore. Police state! White supremacy groups and  massive incarcerations in major cities in US. Especially likely in June.

More allegations of sex abuse from high Places in the Vatican, Pope gives a very ashamed appology speech.


More Major droughts and fires in Australia, south Africa, food shortages.

Major tsunami in South Pacific Ocean affects Western Australia, Indonesia, India, hundreds of thousands die.

Early June, Yellowstone National Park, explosion of Old Faithfull, unleashes volcanoes and earthquakes throughout Northern California.

San Francisco gets huge quake, much damage and loss of life. The Candian rockies get shaken up. Pipeline damages in Northern Alberta. Uprooting of many fossils in Bad lands.

Flooding throughout low lying areas all over the world.  Torrential outbursts not usually seen and drought in usually wet areas like in  Brasil.

Fabulous meteor showers in Northern hemisphere unlike anything ever seen before.

Water shortages in  Southern U.S.  cause much loss of crops, water tables go dry.


Economy goes through an even bigger slow down in U.S. in the first 5 months of 2010. unemployment figures go up 1-3% in U.S.

U.S. dollar loses its value as # 1 worlds currency replaced by Euro.

Next round of housing bubble burst even more  in US,and Europe

Gold prices may tumble in the early part of 2010. Good time to buy. But up to $1,400 an ounce by end of 2010 or higher.


The Amero the Us Mexico and Canadian new currency brought out into use.



Jack Nicholson-very dangerous health warnings, possible death.

George Clooney gets engaged.

Brangelina get preggers again and number 7 comes down the pipes.

More of the same sex scandals and falls from High Places for more public figures, whos left? Who cares?

Avatar does very well at the Box office.

Prince William gets engaged.


A kind of fruit fly carries a new virus through fruits coming from South America. Many people ill and hospitalized.

Many food related contaminations, and deaths at major restaurant chains and supermarkets

More H1Ni flus and virus reported. Travel industry goes through another huge downturn by June.

The first “virtual womb” is tested. For women who can’t or don’t want to carry their babies to term. They can watch their babies growing via new hi-tech life support on their lap tops.

Major medical breakthroughs, cloning livers,bionic people begin. Cancer breakthrough.

New energy sources discovered- spontaneous combustion, creating energy from literally nothing!

Many more UFO citings in South America.


Tweens feeling their strength from Twilight, the Taylors’ etc. join together. Many of these children, referred to as Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children, form a powerfull union of minds by meditate together to alter the brain waves of their parents, teachers, religious leaders, politicians, and world leaders. They also communicate whales, dolphins and their pets messages telepathically. They begin a collective movement of radical vegetarianism, political, social, educational, media and grassroots change by blogging, tweeting and creating You Tube vids and animations to change the worlds’ course of actions. They send out messages of love, and peace and know that they are the future.


The Winter Olympics in Vancouver don’t sdo as well as hoped for. Not much interest. Norway, Russia, U.S. dop the best. Canadians do so-so. . Much loss of Canadian citizen tax dollars. Everyone adores Vancouver but it slowly goes bankrupt after this.

Tiger Woods wife divorces him. He doesn’t stay out of golf for more than 6 months.


Dallas cowboys will win Super Bowl and I don’t follow sports.

The CARDINAL CROSS sets up early in 2010
THIS IS A VERY TENSE ASPECT between SATURN  PLUTO then URANUS enters the duo for a menage a trois!
PLUTO is in early degrees of Capricorn, and we've seen how Pluto decimated the economy, the world banking system,and many corporations by entering Capricorn and crossing that Zero degree of that "Cardinal" sign in early 2008, and he will remain there until 2023.
The wild planet of REVOLUTION and FREEDOM, URANUS will enter ZERO DEGREES OF ARIES early in 2010. Aries is one of the other Cardinal Signs, there are 4 which mark the beginning of the 4 seasons.
Aries-Spring, Cancer-Summer, Libra- Autumn, Capricorn- Winter.
Then Saturn Lord of Karma, obstacles, time, limitations, maturity,senority, the Patriarchy, buildings, structures, has recently entered Libra,
 Saturn will retrograde back to Virgo for a bit, for a last clean up then will cross that Zero degree mark again.
So we have what is called a T-SQUARE formation,
Astrologically URANUS and Pluto were in a Conjunction in Virgo in the 60's and they were opposed by Saturn then in Pisces and this caused or triggered -the 60'S revolution, free love, drugs, sex, rock n roll, freedom, individuality, a world consciousness shift.
and what was SEEDED then, must now ACT!, DO

Enter content here

Predictions 2009


Copyright  Tara Greene 2008 to infinity and beyond


It’s going to be a rocky ride through 2009, so fasten your seat belts now as 09 is a prequel to the upcoming Revolution of 2010.

As Al Jolson used to say “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” it’s only going to get wilder and wilder!



Unfortunately for most of us, we’ve only just seen the tip of the iceberg economically I’m afraid.  Even though the banks and the Guvernments of the world keep throwing spanking clean newly minted buckaroos at the problem it ain’t gonna go away that fast and that doesn’t get to the root of the problem. This has been a long time coming even though it seems sudden.


Astrologically I see this problem in part triggered by

the 1st square { a 90 degree angle} since the infamous Saturn/Pluto opposition of August 2001, which triggered 911, the Iraq war etc.



Now 7 years later, Saturn itself, plus Uranus {the wild card or the Joker planet} are both squaring those points, wreaking havoc in areas of {Saturn in Virgo} - work, budgets, accounting, limitations on the earth’s resources and from Uranus’s point of view in Pisces  secrecy, self-undoing, institutions, spirituality, fantasy and illusion, karma. As Saturn is the karmic planet itself, and Uranus is in Pisces, the karmic sign, this is a double whammy dose of, what you put out you get back.


Saturn in Virgo vs. Uranus in Pisces

Specifically for 2009 this is the opposition of stalwart, old boys club planet Saturn- think John McCain and revolutionary, forwards thinking planet Uranus, ruler of new technologies, and humanistic group think- Barrack Obama perfectly personifies Uranian idealism.

What this means is the old ways are out and rapid, big change!  Radical new ways of thinking about everything. Work, unions, travel, cities, education, cars, money, banking, security, energy, values.


 So I believe that the economic shut down world wide is actually a good thing, helping people to turn away from rampant consumerism, over indulgence in false and shallow values, and a return to practicality {Saturn in Virgo} down to earth values, a green and  more inclusive consciousness.


There are many Astrological factors contributing to the Big Picture.


Numero Uno being  Pluto transiting through Capricorn for the next 15 years! 


Pluto always restructures and resurrects and in Capricorn this means Big Business, corporations, and businesses which have outworn their usefulness.

Pluto has just barely stuck his toe into Capricorn in 2008 and you can see the results already. Pluto will be shaking down the Plutocracy. This is not good at all for the middle classes whose numbers we will see shrinking faster than glaciers melting but it’s also not so good for some of the very rich as well. The rich don’t always get richer. * Note the Madoff recent financial swindle, Steven Spielberg and  Jeffrey Katzenberg  lost many many millions.



Expect more and more of this. This is Pluto outing the formerly secret clandestine minions.


I see 2009 as a breaking in and down period for what  I see as ultimately necessary to usher in the huge changes in consciousness coming down the pike which are necessary for the whole world’s survival.


Pluto in Capricorn



Of course old ways die hard, and the few very rich which run the show are tightening the screws.  The dark side of Pluto in Capricorn, Pluto rules power, control and secrecy. One thing I do see is that Fascist America is at hand. Not to mention many other places.


-         GPS cell phones, and in cars, they already know exactly where you are at all times.

-         - you are under surveillance everywhere, especially in England

- Already FEMA soldiers have been made part of the regular ranks because people are going to go crazy without their jobs, credit cards, roofs over their heads and food. There are plans to take away semi automatic guns from the U.S. populace. This is unconstitutional. An unarmed populace is defenseless. The prisons have already been built and are on the STock Exchange. The bottom line is profitability.

It used to be. Now it's ?? SLAVERY. Ironically,

 -Obama is just a shadow puppet, who has been organized by the Big Boys as a new prophet of hope. Change we can believe in doesn’t say what kind of change does it? Remember that Uranus is in Pisces –so this could be total fantasy land projections onto Super Obama.


THE REVOLUTION BEGINS worldwide in 2009

I see very bloody battles in the streets around the world as the jobless and hungry protest en masse. This means former middle class people.

I see overturned SUV’s set on fire, the rich will be attacked by the mobs of the poor across America. Tent cities, much crime, anarchy, chaos.


The disenfranchised grassroots youth who supported Obama throughout the election will be quick to turn against him using the Internet, social networks and camera phones as revolutionary tools. Power to the people.



Canada is not known for Revolutions. But we will see changes here too.



What will we see in Jan as Harper gets his 3rd and final chance at running Canada? Well as I predicted before the Oct 08 election that Harper would not win a majority and that he would soon be out of business. There’s a slim chance he will stay in power but  I do see lots of chaos-throwing of chairs in the Parliament -for some months to come and another election, oh no, before fall of 2009  and Liberal leader Ignatieff shaking hands with Barrack Obama.


We are heading for a Depression with a Capital D worldwide. Pharmaceutical companies will be going into overdrive making new types of mood elevators to keep people away from the sloth of despond. People will be job sharing just to keep some kind of job.

Make work projects, restructuring of roads, schools, railroads, will create many lower paying jobs than some are used to but they will be forced to take in order to keep McNuggets in their kids stomachs.


The AMERO will be unveiled in late 09 as a saviour for the woefull economy, and as the New North America Trade Agreement comes into effect.



vast numbers of Canadians who can’t afford to heat their homes anymore will migrate south although they won’t be free to go to LaLA Land or Phoenix, they will be sent to Louisiana, Texas and Florida to work at blue collar factories and installed in trailer homes. Ameicans seeking democracy will come North.

It will be easier to move through the Free Trade Zones, but not so much into and out of Mexico.



I’ve been foreseeing bare naked shelves at the grocery stores for years now. There will be major food shortages world wide and in North America due largely to climate change, unpredictable weather and the short sighted bio diesel “miracle” which was heavily US government funded. Saturn in Virgo throughout 2009 brings restrictions from the earth, and tightens the belt in the economy and in the work force. Saturn in Virgo loves budgets, and is very tight with a buck.





Very bad weather, floods in U.S. Europe, rising coastal waters force populations in low lying areas to be moved.

The War in Iraq slowly comes to an end, but more soldiers are moved into Afghanistan.

I see a new battleground with U.S. troops in Pakistan. Many will be surprised to see that President Obama is very hawkish at routing out Islamic jihadists there and pointing the finger at other Muslim extremist supporting countries like Iran.

There will also be trouble from Russia flexing its economic muscles. Russia will threaten to turn off its natural gas supplies to Europe as a way of gaining the clout it wants.

Iran and Israel may trade fire at each other. I do see Pres. Obama speaking with the Iranian PM in an attempt to tame the situation.


Will also suffer, it is getting it’s karmic payback from having melamine and lead in its products. Protests in China as jobless rates go up. The rest of the world wakes up from the Olympic seduction and denounces China’s inhumanitarian practices with Tibet and the Falun Gong and it’s ruthless and irresponsible business practices.


The Tibetan people will stage a 50th anniversary of the Chinese takeover of their country protest. There will be fires, sacking of businesses. And China will crack down as never before.



Suicide rate goes extremely high due to rampant unemployment.



New trends in buying at Sally Ann, Goodwill, Cheap chic and DIY becomes necessary. Swap meets, flea markets, salvaging, recycling clothing. Bamboo fabrics take over markets.

Shoeless shoes

As shoes must now be added to the list of dangerous weapons list, we will be barefootin’ it on to airplanes, and concerts, and the like.  A whole new shoe design industry appears. Ballet slippers are de rigeur now. There’s always new opportunities.



The U.S. dollar will be worth 90% of what it is today by the end of 2009.

No rally. Bear bear and more bear. I feel that some tech stocks will do well. I’d invest in video game companies. More world Economic Financial summits to be held in 2009. An attempt to create a world government.



The Leafs? What can I say, expect business as usual. But there’s a new turn of events, see below.



The popularity of 2 Sikh broadcasters commentating in Punjabi at Hockey Night in Canada creates millions of new fans in India watching via satelite. This starts a new trend in cross cultural multi national sports world wide.

Invest in a sports team.


Prince Phillip has a heart attack.

An attempt on the Pope’s life.

Jack Nicholson hospitalized for his health.

Criss Angell must be very carefull. I feel he will miraculously escape a very dangerous magic trick this year.

Miley Cyrus sprains her ankle and must take some time off.


Movie Stars

Jennifer Anniston fed up with being hounded by the paparazzi will move to northern California and take over a winery. In desperation she will go to a sperm bank and go through invitro to have a baby alone.


Pam Anderson has a breast cancer scare.


And last but not least



the latest sport and health training fad

I’d invest in a chain of dance studios myself like the old Arther Murray dance studios, as just like in the depression, dancing is now getting humungously popular.  As Lady Ga Ga sings “Just dance, it’ll be allright.”




Begins a new world cycle. 2008= 2 + 0 + 0 + 8 = 10 which equals # 1.

The # 1 card in The Tarot Trumps is The Magician,emmanating from the Crown Sephiroth at the Top of the Tree of Life.

I will state my predictions now it is early am. Feb 19 2008 and I've waited till MArs was over Retrograde and now Mercury to feel clear enough. Please read further down for a different explanation on how 2008 will shape up.
U.S. Election- BArak Obama Hilary Clinton Team
I originally felt that Hilary CLinton would win, but it seems unlikely now, forces are fast changing. This is a good sign of America opening up to see past race, although I don't think he has the grounding to hold the presidency. We do need a change in government as McCain is part of the Bush/Secret Order as Clinton's are to.
 I believe that we are in for big changes, their are big fights going on in the Celestial Spheres right now, a kind of Lock-down by the ANGELIC FORCES taking over from the dark.
Interesting to think that whoever is elected this Year 2008- will be presiding over the country in 2012.
Too bad Oprah isn't running for office she's really got what it takes to create real change, spiritual change, compassionate change. On March 3 for a whole week she will be giving free webinars with Eckhart Tolle the man who wrote the POWER of NOW a very spiritual book. This is amazing.
There may be true revolution brewing in the US come Nov.Dec. 08 and 09.The INternet is a powefull tool it's becoming increasingly easy to see all the lies and distortion, The people need to take charge of the future they want if the people in office aren't as forward thinking.
The U.S. is devaluing its currency on purpose as they move to the AMERO, that way they can elliminate half their debt.  With the reeling in of cheap mortgages which the lenders thought they'd cash in on the joke was on them when thousands of people were unable to pay the higher rates, in the states it's much easier to go Bankrupt and continue on. The US is in the biggest debt ever in history, China owns lots of that debt, the US is in for a 75 year Retrograde period now, it's Natal MArs-iots actions desires, defenses are in retreat. IT's the big world market, the Earth is in dire crisis, life cannot go on the way it has.
Oil has been the great OZ in the Economy, creating pollution, environmental degradation, cancer, toxins, destroying all in the natural environment. We're all being manipulated so time to wake up.
Stop spending more than you make. Stop taking pharmaceuticals, societally approved drugs. Begin to give away most of your possessions, live simpler,
stop consuming, you don't need 3/4 of what you have. stop wasting, stop being programmed by the commercials, the media, the culture. This is the penultimate CRAZIEST CULTURE THERE EVER WAS ON THIS EARTH.
I feel ashamed to be part of this great cultural swamp here and now in the 21st Century, The world is made up of mainly decent people, who value community, nature, peace, justice. The powers that be, that tiny 1% if that, of the population is controlling everyone and everything else, and they have shadow help which is just now since the MAtrix movie begun to leak out.
BEGIN by asking yourself "Are these thought and ideas, opinions mine?" you probably never thought to stop and ask this question. You assume that are.
My intuition kept saying we have to go there while Castro's still there and before it changes. My family and I just visited Cuba, Feb 2-9th loved it and saw how totalitarian it was. I predict that his reign and his family's is ending, even though the 50th anniversary of the Revolution is coming up in 2009.
The U.S. will try to impose it's will on it yet with the amalgamation of the North AMericas Canada which has been one of its trade partners for a long time will have special privilidges.
Cuba may even eventually be annexed into the Americas agreement boosting its economy and creating democracy and stability. But old regimes die hard.


the 10 Dimensions of the Tree of Life

As you can see from the Diagram of the Tree of Life, the Magician or Magus emanates from the Top or CROWN of Creation from the Sephiroth Numbered 1, called Kether in Hebrew.

If you add the central channel of Sephiroth from the top down, Kether # 1, Tifferet {BEAUTY} # 6, #9 called YESSOD {THE FOUNDATION} down to #10 called MALKUTH The Kingdom or EARTH the sequence adds up to
1 + 6 + 9 + 10 = 26. In the Gematria of Numerology each number is added together to its lowest common denominator if above the sacred Master Number of 22 Tarot Trumps.
So 2 + 6 = 8

8 is the number of the INFINITE, and as Kurt Vonnegut most famously states in Slaughter House 5 "and so it goes..."

So this year 2008, backwards,forewards and every which way
feels to me like, it's a brand new beginning it's the as above # 1, so below #10 all things being equal and balancing each other out, it;s an unending beginning and ending, on an on.


Let's talk about the MAGICIAN and his/her magical attributes because we are all under the influence of magic this year.

First, the number one thing to remember this year is the Fact that we are all magicians, kiving in a very magical universe.
The Magician is linked to the planet Mercury and Mercury is an Alchemical substance which allegorically and metaphorically is very difficult to literally grasp.

The Planet Mercury rules THE MIND. It is the planet of communication, thinking, CONSCIOUSNESS itself.

MERCURY is the messenger, Classically Androgynous, depicted as the fleet footed messenger with wings on his magical helmet and feet, carrying a rod or staff called a cadeucus.

If his staff looks familiar, the twin snakes winding around the staff- it's because we see Hermes' symbol at any Pharmacy, Doctor's office, maybe any medical insurance plan. It is the rod of Healing.
Traditionally Number One's tool is transmitting power and healing via the Cadeusis which again is a symbol of very ancient Serpent POWER.




2008 overview the next 3 months from Winter Solstice 07

THE WINTER SOLSTICE CHART is the one we look to for the New Years outlook, not Jan. 1st, an arbitrary man made legal New Year. IT IS THE RETURN OF THE LIGHT IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE. LET'S SEE WHAT IS REVEALED.

Usually Saturn is the only Retrograde planet as we go into each New Year, held back by our previous actions in the previous year. This year we also have Mars Retrograde which has slowed things down energetically. It’s as if this year begins with our fingers crossed waiting to see what’s coming down the road. It’s better to do the RE thing review, reflect, rest and put major activities on hold off before taking action in 2008 until Mars begins to go Direct Jan. 30 at 5:17 PM EST.

Winter Solstice is when the SUN reaches ZERO degrees of Capricorn in the Tropical Zodiac. Capricorn is considered to be the World’s Stage Point, the epitome. It is an Earth sign, Feminine originally, although it’s come down to us as business, corporate oriented, representing the Patriarchal Saturn ruled paradigm that’s been in full effect for the last 10,000 years or so give or take a few millennia. Saturn rules Capricorn; she is the Birth Mother, the Earth, physical reality, Time limitations, obstacles, hard work, seniority, karma. Capricorn rules the knees, and the knees in Jin Shin Chinese energy medicine is where the Chi or life force energy begins. We will be seeing the knees of The Earth and given a kneeing where we’re most vulnerable shortly because of our karmic choices. Go for “the bees knees” meaning the height of excellence in all your endeavors and you will be rewarded.

Jupiter planet of expansion and optimism has recently entered Capricorn and will spend mostly all of 2008 there, expanding legal matters about how corporations do business, perhaps aligning business and education in a new way. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and religion, “foreigners” travel, philosophy, truth, Jupiter is considered to be in its fall in Capricorn, because it is in the sign opposite to the one where it is considered to be exalted. SO Jupiter isn’t happy in Capricorn, so what’s the big fella gonna do while it’s passing through Cap? Lay down the law. Expect Corporations to be badgered by legal hassles, dishonest businesses will begin to be overhauled; scandals displayed and laid out large for all to see and have to pass judgment on. This is a good thing. Religious lock done continues, the old Patriarchy is almost on its knees. Jupiter seeks expansion, freedom. It’s a Jupiter/Saturn sort of battle for the royalty rights for who owns God.
I’d get down on my knees and pray for your individual rights to personal spiritual self-expression to be continued and to come from your own individual unique connection with Source, no outside authority passport stamp needed.


Jupiter’s little shadow pal Pluto will enter Capricorn on Jan 25 at 11:26 pm EST, he’s just going to give us a trial run, a sneak preview, a mere hangnail on the toe of the puddle of what his next 16 YEAR sojourn through Capricorn will look like. More about Pluto in Capricorn later.

The chart shows a “Stellium” that’s Astrologeeze for 3 or more planets grouped together.
We see Pluto just past the Galactic Centre, Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in a huddle in the 3rd house of communication, short trips, gathering information, early childhood, siblings etc.
What are those 4 heads, their energies intermingled quite tightly cooking up? Cosmic Transformation from Pluto on all levels of business, and of course the Earth, time management, and soulful businesses. Pluto ain’t easy; enlarging of laws in business, education, religious intolerance, religious hegemonies, etc from Jupiter; from the Sun, Solar energy, a new vitality for businesses based on conscience, you can’t fake your shine; Mercury helps us to communicate in more practical, basic, touch feely ways as people realize that they don’t actually have time to see their friends and families anymore, work too hard, too long and some dissatisfaction with the tech-y tools. Bring back good old-fashioned face-to-face communications.

MARS RETRO and the U.S
Mars Retrograde in Cancer in the 9th house of philosophy, truth, inspiration, justice Jupiter’s’ ruling territory opposes the quartet, so Mars is also in its fall now too, so irritability over old emotional unconscious issues that are keeping us collectively from moving forward collectively are what we are seeing. Mars Rx in emotional Mom’s apron springs’ Cancer is the Prescription needed to ease the pain of homeland security, and people are feeling pretty fed up with all the limitations imposed on them over feigned fear of foreigners, terrorists, phony war muckraking, etc.
Mars went Retrograde on Nov. 15th at 12 degrees of Cancer, conjunct the US Sun and the Fixed Starr Sirius. We’ve seen the collapsing US dollar. The people’s emotions are being pulled apart by bigger forces impelling them to choose to change radically the way America, no longer the world’s super power, acts in the world.
The U.S. Natal Mars is now Retrograde in its Progressed chart since 2006 and will continue to be Retrograde for the next 80 Years. I believe I heard that a General was hinting that the US’s status right now is like the fall of the Roman Empire, and it is.
It cannot stand alone anymore and hope to succeed. This is a One World situation now.
Pluto in Capricorn will transform the World because we are all in this blue boat together-the craft known as Planet Earth. There’s only ONE LIFE RAFT for us all to fit into.
The sooner we all figure out how to get along together and survive the better, or we all drown together.

MOON is in Gemini in the 8th house of Change, Pluto’s realm of Rebirth, Taxes, Other peoples’ money, sex, higher values, secrets, power and control. Moon in Gemini means feelings and thinking must act in concert otherwise we’re all bi-polar, schizoid, disconnected from our feelings. Moon in Gemini is detached which allows for space to separate out thinking and emotions. We want to take in a lot of information before deciding which of many ways to go. Use both parts of the brain, realizing duality is the very nature of Life, not polar oppositions but ying and yang hand in hand. In other words-
“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.” From John Lennon in I am the Walrus.

SATURN Retrograde in Virgo is squared by the Moon. Karmic backtracks here, cleaning u p the footprints we’ve left dirtying all of our backyards the world over. Saturn in Virgo is the most nitpicky of all. Will we fight over the detail or see the bigger picture? Saturn TRINES-nice aspect, Sun Jupiter and Mercury, a bit of a blessing. Find down to earth, on budget, most practical results dedicated to serve all.

URANUS planet of revolutionary change in Pisces at 15 degrees, the middle degrees always are the most powerful, is opposed by Saturn. Again all opposition are tense, but both sides need to be integrated. Uranus in Pisces says-“It’s all one spiritual world, one ocean of Bliss, better change now, get with the program, otherwise you’re deluded, don’t avoid the void.” Saturn is very testy, slow to change, wants empirical proof, a budget, safety and health concerns.

VENUS Goddess of Love, Beauty, Harmony, the Arts, Money, Peace, Values, is in notorious Scorpio territory, lying in detriment on her chaise lounge in the 2nd house of money, career, earnings, 2nd house natural Taurus’ territory, which kind of balances out the neg. positive issues. Transformation, of material resources, deeper secrets around who controls the big money, as if we don’t all already know. She has control over natural resources and has the power to make them go like you yo’s. What do we really value? What has permanent value? How are we going to change our relationship with how we use power? Is sex equal to money? Venus is Trining Uranus so spiritual values and secrets-that’s not a plug need, to be integrated. Love your resources or they may not be around much longer. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign so I’d definitely squirrel away some dough in some secret place or use gold as it is Alchemical and Transformative.
Venus is also Squaring Neptune in Aquarius in the 5th house of love given, self-expression, children, the heart, courage, leadership. Squares are stressful change provoking. Neptune ruler of Pisces is in Aquarius sign of higher ideals, freedom, technology, group consciousness, the collective humanity. Bring your creativity out of the closet. Follow the path of individual liberation, work in community, transform your old values, power trips and need for Scorpionic control into loving, leadership. Work that needs to be done from a place from love not through power over control systems.
Venus also Squares Chiron, the wounded healer at 12 degrees of Aquarius. Venus’s energy helps us to breathe love into our wounds, to ask the right empathic questions. Where does it hurt? Where are the ways that we bargain for power over love and how does this affect and hurt the collective? What value do we place on the wounded collective psyche? How do we heal deeply placed issues of violence, sexism, racism, hatred, pornography, belittling of women and children?

The Native American Twisted Hairs Medicine Teachings that I learned from posited that there were but 2 Sacred as opposed to Man Made Laws to live by.
1. Everything comes from the Feminine.
2. Nothing be done to harm the children. The children means all creatures and peoples of the Earth.
If we but adopted and went back to what were our original Sacred Laws to live by wouldn’t we all be better off?

And last but certainly not least the North Node, the icon that looks like Headphones passed out of Pisces on Dec 19 and moved backwards, as it’s path does, into Aquarius where it will remain for the next 2.5 years.
The North Node represents our collective’s highest spiritual goals and aims. Every 2.5 years we see that change. North Node now in Aquarius brings us one step closer to the Age of Aquarius. There are many different start dates to that Age, some say we are already in it. Some say it won’t begin until Neptune enters Pisces. Either way, this Nodal Shift turns our attention towards Aquarian ideals, new technology which serves the greater good of all, a detachment emotionally, strong leadership, respect for individual freedom, communal thinking, less ego.
The South Node always opposite, is now in Leo, pointing to the past issues we need to clear through. Leonine pride, ME first, childishness, the inner child, creativity that is ego oriented, and animalistic impulses.
The Baby Boomers, Pluto in Leoers, getting towards or past retirement age, will need to show a new way. They’ll have to start taking their wealth, and me centrifocus out towards a legacy for others. Staying eternally young and the centre of attention begins to fade. Elders need to be leaders with real wisdom, real lessons, and real courage. Their task is what they leave for the next 7 generations. Do you still need to be seen as attractive, sexy? What does your heart say? Have you lived an honorable life? How do your children see you? How much love have you given?
Ultimately this is the Life Review Question that we will all have to contend with sometime at our deaths.
The Native Elders also had a saying, which was “It’s a Good Day to Die” which could be any day. SO best be ready to meet your Death in an Honorable way. The reason that we are all incarnate is to bring Love, to see each other as the Beloved, that time is Now.
The 4 angles of the chart are all at the Cardinal Points. Ascendant is Libra calling for balance, peace, this is the face we must wear for this next quarter. Relationships are primary. Is it beautiful? Does it add beauty? Must be the first questions we ask.
The 4th house foundation is Capricorn, so we need to build solidly, prudently, it will be hard work but worth it.
The Descendant angle is Aries, the 1st house, of new life, new growth, relationships business, and all interactions with others. We need to show a new face to others, which mirrors our own new face of beauty, of the need for balance and Peace.
The 10th house Midheaven, marked MC is Cancer on Sirius, and the U.S. Sun. Sirius is the Fixed Star of dying and rebirth Osiris. He was resurrected by his wife Queen Isis, Great Mother, Goddess. The 10th house cusp is the High Noon point in any chat, symbolic Noon, SO it’s High Noon that the Goddess, Mothering, Feminine nurturing energies, become first and foremost. She is the Source of all Light and Love. The needs of children in all ways become primary, basic foods, water, housing all these need to be rights given equally to all not at the expense of all for the benefit of the few.
Tune into the Goddess, the Divine feminine. We all come from mothers, we are all children. She is always loving and nurturing, the Earth. How are we treating Her?
Is she dying? Is she trying to send us a message? Realize that your mother, yes, your very own, dear little mother is a Goddess. I got this shocking revelation myself a few days ago. If you are a woman you embody Her. If you have daughters of any age they are all Goddesses. And Men all carry their soul or anima, their inner Goddess within them, within their hearts and feelings. We are all Her children. Our every atom is made up of her Cosmic breath. We named our very Galaxy in honor of Her, the Milky Way, the billions of stars in our Galaxy, drops of her Milk.
2008 Meditation
At night wherever you live, go out under the Stars. Even in Toronto a big city with lots of light I can see many constellations planets and stars. Go out and breathe and centre yourself. Imagine your spine growing a tail and going deep into the Earth. Go deeper down till you come to the centre of the fiery core of the Earth, this is her Heart Flame. Breathe in the fire, earth fire, it is creativity and manifestation. Stay with this awhile. Bring the fire up from the earth through the soles of your feet and into the base of your spine and up through your charkas and out the top of your head, the crown chakra out to the stars, to the Cosmic Mater, Milky Way center. Feel the surge of energy this gives you, stay grounded. Breathe in the stars, your cells, the eyes of the ancestors, and allow yourself to listen to a vision, your vision, a directive from the cosmos about what you need to do most now, what cosmic message you need to manifest, the path with heart that you need to build for 2008. Stay with this for as long as you need.
Wait to hear a message, a sign, an impulse. Thank Your Mother, the Goddess for being with you.
Go inside and write down your vision, put a not on your wall to remind you. Write a poem or story, create a dance or a song, a picture. Embrace your vision, keep it safe in your heart, don’t talk about it and dissipate its energy. This is your guidepost your plan, allow it to unfold for you knowing that it’s your mission to give to the collective.
2008 is a very powerful year, a major turning point.


A Solstice Salutation (an Italian Benison from the 16th century)

I salute you!
There is nothing I can give you
Which you have not.

But there is much, that while I cannot give,
You can take

No heaven can come to us, unless our hearts find rest in it today. Take Heaven!

No peace lies in the future which is not hidden
in this present instant.Take Peace!

The gloom of the world is but a shadow.
Behind it, yet within reach, is joy.Take Joy!

And so at this Solstice time I greet you,
With the prayer that for you, now, and forever,
The day breaks, and the shadows flee away!

May the cosmic eye of love and peace be always open in your heart as it is in the heavens, watching over you and yours,

helix nebula cosmic eye in the sky

Saturn, the Karmic Planet will enter Virgo on Sept. 2 2007 until July 21 2010


Not Instant Karma- LATENT KARMA
Copyright Tara Greene 2007

On September 2, 2007 SATURN ENTERS

A new era begins as Saturn enters Virgo. Raise a big glass of champagne now and toast a fond farewell to Saturn in Leo where the Cosmic Cop pulled those dramatic, regal, creative, fiery, willful Leo’s up by their bootstraps for the last 2 years. Leo’s are off the hook now, for 30 years. Saturn will be in Virgo until July 21, 2010.

Every 2 + years Saturn enters another Sign and changes the nature of our reality. The Karmic Planet will be dishing out one heck of a tough Reality check traversing the earth friendly 6th Sign of Virgo, the Maiden of the Harvest @ 9:44 am EDT/6:44 am PDT/13:44 23 GMT to be precisely Virgoan.

Saturn the Time Lord introduces us to latent karma relating to this crazy reality TV show we call life. He’ll be dishing out issues relating to work, service, discipline, the harvest, health, business, ecology, hierarchies, etc with but a brief dip of his leaden toe into Libra Oct. 29, 2009 to April 7, 2010.

Saturn is the harbinger of more earthy tales to come when Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, enters Capricorn in 2008, not to mention Jupiter entering Capricorn Dec 18th this year. Later…

During Saturn in Virgo those with Natal planets and placemats in Virgo, especially the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Mid-Heaven will reap most of the effects most acutely. Cute is never an adjective associated with Saturn.

Virgo is the second-largest constellation in the sky. The Greeks called the constellation Parthenos. She is usually identified as Dike, goddess of justice, who was daughter of Zeus and Themis; but she is also known as Astraeia, daughter of Astraeus (father of the stars) and Eos (goddess of the dawn). Virgo is depicted with wings, reminiscent of an angel, holding an ear of wheat.

While Saturn tours Virgo, the Goddess of the Harvest he will force us all to separate the wheat from the chaff. Saturn is slow, leaden, Time, the Father, Patriarchy, obstacles, difficulties, hard work, discipline, maturity. Saturn binds, limits, it is all of the Physical material world.

Saturn rules all corporations, businesses, career, social standing in the world, hierarchies, seniority, seniors, Senators, ageing. Saturn’s characteristics are austere, serious, weighty. There’s no big laughs when Saturn’s around. He’s dry as a bone. Usually cautious, responsible and respectful of hierarchies, yet emotions and imagination can be deep and penetrating. Saturn never rocks the boat. That’s Uranus’s job. Saturn takes 29 ½ years to complete it’s orbital cycle. This is synchronis with the Moon’s 29.5 day cycle.


Saturn rules lead, stones that don’t glitter, the dross of all metals and all dust and ashes of everything like garbage and waste disposals, incinerators, crematoriums, etc. It has some rulership over diamonds, being the hardest minerals. Saturn rules miners, jewelers, those that work with metals or minerals, geologists, people that work with the earth-farmers and workers, gardeners, trenches and quarries, grave diggers and people who work in caves and tunnels-subways. Plumbers {lead traditionally} general labouers and contractors, leather workers. People whose jobs occur in cold, dark places {clubs?} or otherwise unpleasant places. Night workers, anyone who works in jobs relating to the dead, bereavment and funeral trade people. People who clear dirt and refuse, sewage, waste disposal. Also any highly responsible manager, prison workers, and the police force, those who keep order. Monks and hermits, scholars and those who live in secluded outposts or isolate themselves from society are all under Saturn’s rule.

Saturnine Places-
Dark, damp, dirty, cold and subject to decay and rot. Desolate, inhabitable places-Siberia, deserts, mountains, woods-the pine in particular is an old symbol for Saturn. Any landscape with caves, wells, holes, obscure valleys-Shangri La?

Saturn governs all structures and buildings and especially archeological ruins, disused buildings, abandoned structures, dens, monasteries, churchyards, burial gounds, cemeteries. It signifies buildings dealing with authority, high offices, government buildings, intimidating structures, remember that the World Trade Center fell with Saturn in Gemini the twin towers, opposite Pluto in Sagittarius, related to religious fundamentalism, terrorists, airplanes and foreigners. Saturn rules toilets, drains, cellars, basements, air raid shelters.

Saturn traditionally rules two signs, as all of the planets do traditionally, one masculine and one feminine. Modern rulership sees Saturn ruling Capricorn and ancient ruler ship has Saturn also ruling Aquarius-a bit of a surprise for you rebellious Aquarians, but it gives you a place to ground..


Saturn has been travelling through the two signs where it is in detriment, weakened and debilitated since June 2003 when it traversed Cancer, the Sign opposite Capricorn, then Leo, Sign opposite Aquarius since July 2005-Sept. 2007. So Saturn must be pretty grumpy by now, having been under the spell of it’s own medicine, kind of a homeopathic cure I’d say, since then, and ready to make home turf in an Earth Sign where Saturn is most comfortable.

Let’s go back in time to when Saturn was last in an Earth sign. This occurred in May 2000 when Saturn was in Taurus where it conjoined Jupiter at the very important beginning of a 20 year long cycle. These 2 planets rule the Economy as a whole, and with a stellium of 7 planets in Taurus on May 3rd a new economic cycle began which busted the Dot.com boom. Investments switched to sensible safe Taurean real estate.

Saturn then entered Gemini and at his opposition to Pluto in late August 2001, the 2 major planets provided the defining moment for the millennium- so far- 911 and the literal symbolism of Saturn in Gemini, sign of the Twins, opposite the Plutonic destruction by airlines, religious terrorists, foreigners – Sagittarius – the symbol of western economic imperialism. The Western world was shattered and polarized. Religious fundamentalism was suddenly the agenda, both that of Islam and that of American NeoCons. Just as predicted in George Orwell’s novel 1984, a strange war against an indefinable enemy began –,the war on terrorism. On a personal level, what Saturn’s journeys since it entered Cancer in 2003, has created, is circumstances that seem beyond personal control have been undermining the situation of the individual in a long and tiring process of dissolution. Being Saturn-ruled, this naturally affects Capricorns and Aquarians most.
Having been debilitated in Cancer Saturn’s infamous weak knees were already quaking as he entered Leo, and his most recent outer planet aspect, that of its’ opposition to Neptune, which we’ve been experiencing for most of 2007 has put old Saturn or Satan under wraps and in a fog of delusion, illusion, addictions, fantasy and drugs. In other words our view of Reality has been twisted and warped, through Saturn’s lens and we are definitely totally befuddled as to the nature of Reality or don’t even bother to ask anymore-just look at the state of American and Canadian and the World’s politics these days.
The Karmic Lesson that we’ve been needing to learn with Saturn in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius is that It’s not the worst thing to surrender your ego, but the best, to accept that there are higher forces – karma perhaps – that cannot be avoided. The lesson of Saturn/Neptune is that everything physical in life {Saturn}is transitory {Neptune} and will be dissolved by time. If you only believe in the physical world and it’s apparent riches you are caught in the trap of Satan. The kind of acceptance that arises from connecting to true Spirit and seeing through the temptations and glamour of Saturn in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius is nourishment for the Soul. “Saturn always wins” someone I knew always said. As far as the soul is concerned, the losers wins, and the winner loses. That’s Saturn’s turf. So this is the journey we’ve all just come through.
So, there is only one thing for Saturn to do, get to solid ground, back to hard work and get healthy again. Saturn has just Trined Pluto at 26 degrees Leo/Sagittarius, and is ready to be reborn especially with Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center. As he puts his feet on solid ground again in Virgo Saturn’s gonna do what he does best-make the buck stop here. As you sow so shall you reap is Saturn’s motto. Saturn will have those who have sown in haste on shaky ground without forethought on their knees and that goes for all departments-government, culture, religion, food, health, medicine, etc. Of course Saturn will show us the limits of how we’ve raped the Earth and bring us karmic balance through earth changes.
Saturn will help us scutinize work, discipline, responsibility, completing the job efficiently, analyzing. As Saturn limits and brings obstacles, work will change, slow down, work will be seen as community service, for the good of all. We will perfect the health system, old structures are due to be reaped in the harvest cycle. The way seniors are viewed and treated will change, honour will come to the elderly. There will be food shortages and earth changes.
Fed us with XS, dumped SUV’s will be turned into practical living shelter’s for the poor. Life will become simpler, back to nature, growing one’s own food, dealing with one’s own community, sharing the work of caring for the elderly, living in communal societies. Working with one’s hands, and hands on knowledge will be prized.
Virgo is the Goddess’s Sign, Her energies will rise, business will shift to a female centered ethic based on human values, family responsibilities, universal mother wages, paid maternity leave for a year for mothers, and paid father support. The Goddess also will show us how GMO, additives, chemicals, plastics, fluoride, chlorine have all been creating cancer rampant throughout our societies now. A move to Green everything is already underfoot and will leave a No Footprint map on everything.
The entire health structure will shift to alternative medicine, ancient healing techniques, acupuncture, herbs, Wise woman ways, shamanism, water, sound, light, etc.
Incompetent, over-inflated leaders will disappear from the scene, hooray. The dross and bling will fizzle. This transition to Virgo is supported by Jupiter’s entry into Capricorn December 18th, where it goes on to make a trine to Saturn at 7 degrees in January 2008... just as Pluto moves into Capricorn. Ths is going to be a wonderfully re-constructive period. Although the repeated Mars opposition to Pluto from January – March 2008 points to a crisis in War, the economy.
The major event for Saturn in 2008 is its opposition to Uranus – something that takes place only once every 46 years. The first opposition takes place at 18 degrees Virgo/Pisces synchronisticaly in time of the US election in November 2008. The aspect repeats in February 2009 at 20 degrees and in September at 24 degrees. This planetary cycle another stage in the maturation of the seeds that were planted n the ‘60’s at the Uranus Pluto Conjunction conjunction which spawned hippies, political and cultural revolt, mind expansion and the notably focus on an enormous generation gap.
How will the virtual world of Uranus in Pisces oppose the practical world of Saturn in Virgo? YouTube and all other web access will have a huge groundbreaking affect on attitudes and will revolutionize the actual balance of power. Ultimately the illusions of the old order will succumb to the freedom loving revolutionary anarchy of Uranus and this will create a huge new effect on elections.

FEB 14 2008 Tara Greene quoted in Toronto Sun Newspaper by Columnist Mike Strobel - to read whole article click this link


The Ox/ Bufallo/ Bull

Happy Chinese New Year Gung Hai Fat Choi!

With the spirit of Aquarian inclusiveness we all join in the ancient celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year, the 4,707th  this year, which always occurs during the Aquarius New Moon.

The Chinese Astrological system is Jupiterian in nature, as Jupiter the largest planet takes about a year to move through each of the Astrology signs. The Chinese system has 5 elements fire, air, water, earth and metal. Every 12 years is an OX year in a different element and a complete cycle return lasts 60 years. The last Earth Ox year was in 1949.

The Sign of the OX - 2nd Sign of the Chinese Zodiac

Solid, dependable, ploughers of the earth, the ox has been a major tool in allowing mankind to cultivate the soil, plant crops, create steady stable agricultural foundations.The domestication of oxen, allowed our ancestors to till the soil more efficiently, producing surplus food supplies, which lead to trading, security, more leisure time. Civilization as we know it today would never have been possible.

Worship of the Ox/Bull in Ancient Times

The Ancient Matriarchal societies in Crete worshipped the Bull, Ox or Cow. In Egypt, Oxen were worshipped, ritually slaughtered and offered to the Gods. In India till this day, cows are considered sacred. The Bull is similar to the Sign of TAURUS in Western Zodiac,also the 2nd sign of the Zodiac. Native Americans worshipped the Ox as the Buffalo, the animal associated with Prayer and Abundance, White Buffalo Woman being the bringer of the Sacred Pipe to the People.


Ox people are systematic, hard working, servile, stubborn, dependable, they have good ideas if not very imaginative ones. They are devoted parents, patient, but with strong tempers if aroused. Strong work ethics, workaholics, usually robust in stature, ancient wisdom says Ox people live long lives.

An Ox’s home is his castle, where he or she can relax. Ox people love nature, trees and gardens and ox’s love natural earthy colors. the earth and natural colours.

Able ethical, an eye for details very well organized, good for special positions working in larger companies and prefer to work alone.


1/26/ 2009 – 2/13/ 2010 { Earth Ox}    

2/7/ 1997 – 1/27/ 1998 { Fire Ox }      

2/20/ 1985 – 2/8/ 1986 {Wood Ox}

1/25/ 2/3/ 1973 – 1/22/ 1974 {Water Ox} 

2/15/ 1961 – 2/4/ 1962 {Metal Ox}

1/29/ 1949 – 2/16/ 1950 {Earth Ox} 

2/ 11/ 1937 – 1/30/ 1938 {Fire Ox}

1/25/ 1925 –2/12/ 1926 {Wood Ox}

2/6/ 1913 - 1/25/ 1914 {Water Ox}: 

2/19/1901-2/7/1902 {Metal Ox},


FIRE OX – powerful, money-oriented, motivated by combat, objective

WOOD OX –traditional, accommodating, ethical, honest, fair-minded

EARTH OX – resolute,enduring, patient, focused, genuine

METAL OX –confrontational, conceited, bright, intense, motivated by conviction

WATER OX- systematic, strength of mind, patient, practical, level headed



Barack Obama is a Metal OX and look how good his “return” year is!

Ox Years in History

The last Earth Ox year was in 1949 The People’s Republic of China was proclaimed, therefore it is a “golden Dragon year, the 60th Anniversary of China this Year.

The firsy stored program computer was at Cambridge, the first non stop round the world airplane flight, NATO began, Orwell’s 1984 was published.  Apartheid began in South Africa, legal aid begun,

OX Actors

Jane Fonda, Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep, George Cloony, Princess Diana, Vivien Leigh, Bill Cosby, Dustin Hoffman, Warren Beatty, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Richard Gere, Jodi Foster, Melissa Etheridge, Monica Lewinsky, Michael J. Fox, Jack Lemmon, Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh,

Famous Ox Comedians- Lots of them

Johnny Carson, Jim Carrey, Peter Sellers, Andy Kaufman Eddie Murphy, Danny Kaye, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Bill Cosby, Sammy Davis Jr., Danny Thomas, Dick Van Dyke, Mary Tyler Moore, Jonathan Winters, Whoopi Goldberg,

Famous “Raging Bulls” and other sports figures

Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Clarke, George Chuvalo, Brian Orser, Marilyn Bell, and astronaut Marc Garneau, 

Musical Oxen

If the OX is like Taurus the sign of the Bull, there should be lots of Ox musicians. One of the most famous of them all Historically; Johanne Sebastian Bach, and Dvorjak.

Pop Musicians

The Boss- Bruce Springsteen,Gene Simmons, Paul Shaffer, Peter Gabriel, Tom Waits, Maurice and Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees, Billy Joel, John Bon Jovi

Canadian Jazz Pianist: Oscar PetersonOscar Peterson

Blues Guitarist : B.B. King

Famous Ox Artists

2 of the Biggest - Vincent Van Gogh and Picasso –who did lots of Bull drawings

Earth OX
Picasso an Ox himself


William Butler Yeats, Malraux, Camus, Hermann Hesse, Margaret Mead, Hunter S. Thompson, William Styron, Thomas Pynchon, Gore Vidal, Rudyard Kipling, Art Buchwald, William Buckley.

Historical Political Figures:

Earth OX Dictators:  Adolph Hitler 1989.   Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, and Sadam Husseim, Idi Amin  and Margaret Thatcher, Malcolm X., Robert Kennedy, Colin Powell, Menachem Begin, Arnold Toynbee, Martin Heidegger, Nehru.

The only other Ox U.S. President ever was Gerald Ford.

Other Famous Ox People: Linus Paulling, Walt Disney, Jean Cocteau, Annie Liebovitz, Edwin Hubble, Twiggy- {she doesn’t look like an OX at all}


Orgasmic Astro Cosmic Updates, Saturn in Virgo-latent karma time!


Not Instant Karma- LATENT KARMA

Copyright Tara Greene 2007

On September 2, 2007 SATURN ENTERS

A new era begins as Saturn enters Virgo.

Raise a big glass of bubbly now and toast a fond farewell to Saturn in Leo where the Cosmic Cop pulled those dramatic, regal, creative, fiery, willful Leo’s up by their bootstraps for the last 2 years. Leo’s are off the hook now, for 30 years. Saturn will be in Virgo until July 21, 2010.

Every 2 + years Saturn enters another Sign and changes the nature of our reality. The Karmic Planet will be dishing out one heck of a tough Reality check traversing the earth friendly 6th Sign of Virgo, the Maiden of the Harvest @ 9:44 am EDT/6:44 am PDT/13:44 23 GMT to be precisely Virgoan.

Saturn the Time Lord introduces us to latent karma relating to this crazy reality TV show we call life. He’ll be dishing out issues relating to work, service, discipline, the harvest, health, business, ecology, hierarchies, etc with but a brief dip of his leaden toe into Libra Oct. 29, 2009 to April 7, 2010.

Saturn is the harbinger of more earthy tales to come when Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, enters Capricorn in 2008, not to mention Jupiter entering Capricorn Dec 18th this year. Later…

During Saturn in Virgo those with Natal planets and placemats in Virgo, especially the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Mid-Heaven will reap most of the effects most acutely. Cute is never an adjective associated with Saturn.

Everyone has Virgo somewhere in their Natal chart, if you don’t see the Glyph for Virgo

in your chart wheel, it is “intercepted” which means that Virgo is located between two cusps and is incorporated inside one or two other signs. It’s still there, although it’s effects are harder to get a handle on.


In order of difficulty. Virgos, the conjunction, Saturn will personally drive over your Sun or other planets, most likely your Mercury and Venus. Sagittarians and Gemini’s will be feeling the Square punch from Saturn. Pisces, the opposition. Aquarians and Aries get the Qunicunx.

Big Benefitters in order of power, Capricorns and Taurus get the Trine. Cancers and Scorpios get to dance the Saturn Sextile.

What happened to Leo’s I can hear you clamouring? You get a cosmic break time, to lick your wounds, and Libras never want to be left out of a relationship but honey Saturn’s just too busy networking with everyone else right now but he’ll get right to you in a coupla years where he’ll be danicng cheek to cheek in his exalted sign.

Virgo is the second-largest constellation in the sky. The Greeks called the constellation Parthenos. She is usually identified as Dike, goddess of justice, who was daughter of Zeus and Themis; but she is also known as Astraeia, daughter of Astraeus (father of the stars) and Eos (goddess of the dawn). Virgo is depicted with wings, reminiscent of an angel, holding an ear of wheat.

While Saturn tours Virgo, the Goddess of the Harvest he will force us all to separate the wheat from the chaff. Saturn is slow, leaden, Time, the Father, Patriarchy, obstacles, difficulties, hard work, discipline, maturity. Saturn binds, limits, it is all of the Physical material world.

Saturn rules all corporations, businesses, career, social standing in the world, hierarchies, seniority, seniors, Senators, ageing. Saturn’s characteristics are austere, serious, weighty. There’s no big laughs when Saturn’s around. He’s dry as a bone. Usually cautious, responsible and respectful of hierarchies, yet emotions and imagination can be deep and penetrating. Saturn never rocks the boat. That’s Uranus’s job. Saturn takes 29 ½ years to complete it’s orbital cycle. This is synchronis with the Moon’s 29.5 day cycle.



Saturn rules lead, stones that don’t glitter, the dross of all metals and all dust and ashes of everything like garbage and waste disposals, incinerators, crematoriums, etc. It has some rulership over diamonds, being the hardest minerals. Saturn rules miners, jewelers, those that work with metals or minerals, geologists, people that work with the earth-farmers and workers, gardeners, trenches and quarries, grave diggers and people who work in caves and tunnels-subways. Plumbers {lead traditionally} general labouers and contractors, leather workers. People whose jobs occur in cold, dark places {clubs?} or otherwise unpleasant places. Night workers, anyone who works in jobs relating to the dead, bereavment and funeral trade people. People who clear dirt and refuse, sewage, waste disposal. Also any highly responsible manager, prison workers, and the police force, those who keep order. Monks and hermits, scholars and those who live in secluded outposts or isolate themselves from society are all under Saturn’s rule.

Saturnine Places-

Dark, damp, dirty, cold and subject to decay and rot. Desolate, inhabitable places-Siberia, deserts, mountains, woods-the pine in particular is an old symbol for Saturn. Any landscape with caves, wells, holes, obscure valleys-Shangri La?

Saturn governs all structures and buildings and especially archeological ruins, disused buildings, abandoned structures, dens, monasteries, churchyards, burial gounds, cemeteries. It signifies buildings dealing with authority, high offices, government buildings, intimidating structures, remember that the World Trade Center fell with Saturn in Gemini the twin towers, opposite Pluto in Sagittarius, related to religious fundamentalism, terrorists, airplanes and foreigners. Saturn rules toilets, drains, cellars, basements, air raid shelters.

Saturn traditionally rules two signs, as all of the planets do traditionally, one masculine and one feminine. Modern rulership sees Saturn ruling Capricorn and ancient ruler ship has Saturn also ruling Aquarius-a bit of a surprise for you rebellious Aquarians, but it gives you a place to ground..


Saturn has been traveling through the two signs where it is in detriment, weakened and debilitated since June 2003 when it traversed Cancer, the Sign opposite Capricorn, then Leo, Sign opposite Aquarius since July 2005-Sept. 2007. So Saturn must be pretty grumpy by now, having been under the spell of it’s own medicine, kind of a homeopathic cure I’d say, since then, and ready to make home turf in an Earth Sign where Saturn is most comfortable.

Let’s go back in time to when Saturn was last in an Earth sign. This occurred in May 2000 when Saturn was in Taurus where it conjoined Jupiter at the very important beginning of a 20 year long cycle. These 2 planets rule the Economy as a whole, and with a stellium of 7 planets in Taurus on May 3rd a new economic cycle began which busted the Dot.com boom. Investments switched to sensible safe Taurean real estate.

Saturn then entered Gemini and at his opposition to Pluto in late August 2001, the 2 major planets provided the defining moment for the millennium- so far- 911 and the literal symbolism of Saturn in Gemini, sign of the Twins, opposite the Plutonic destruction by airlines, religious terrorists, foreigners – Sagittarius – the symbol of western economic imperialism. The Western world was shattered and polarized. Religious fundamentalism was suddenly the agenda, both that of Islam and that of American NeoCons. Just as predicted in George Orwell’s novel 1984, a strange war against an indefinable enemy began –,the war on terrorism. On a personal level, what Saturn’s journeys since it entered Cancer in 2003, has created, is circumstances that seem beyond personal control have been undermining the situation of the individual in a long and tiring process of dissolution. Being Saturn-ruled, this naturally affects Capricorns and Aquarians most.

Having been debilitated in Cancer Saturn’s infamous weak knees were already quaking as he entered Leo, and his most recent outer planet aspect, that of its’ opposition to Neptune, which we’ve been experiencing for most of 2007 has put old Saturn or Satan under wraps and in a fog of delusion, illusion, addictions, fantasy and drugs. In other words our view of Reality has been twisted and warped, through Saturn’s lens and we are definitely totally befuddled as to the nature of Reality or don’t even bother to ask anymore-just look at the state of American and Canadian and the World’s politics these days.

The Karmic Lesson that we’ve been needing to learn with Saturn in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius is that It’s not the worst thing to surrender your ego, but the best, to accept that there are higher forces – karma perhaps – that cannot be avoided. The lesson of Saturn/Neptune is that everything physical in life {Saturn}is transitory {Neptune} and will be dissolved by time. If you only believe in the physical world and it’s apparent riches you are caught in the trap of Satan. The kind of acceptance that arises from connecting to true Spirit and seeing through the temptations and glamour of Saturn in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius is nourishment for the Soul. “Saturn always wins” someone I knew always said. As far as the soul is concerned, the losers wins, and the winner loses. That’s Saturn’s turf. So this is the journey we’ve all just come through.

So, there is only one thing for Saturn to do, get to solid ground, back to hard work and get healthy again. Saturn has just Trined Pluto at 26 degrees Leo/Sagittarius, and is ready to be reborn especially with Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center. As he puts his feet on solid ground again in Virgo Saturn’s gonna do what he does best-make the buck stop here. As you sow so shall you reap is Saturn’s motto. Saturn will have those who have sown in haste on shaky ground without forethought on their knees and that goes for all departments-government, culture, religion, food, health, medicine, etc. Of course Saturn will show us the limits of how we’ve raped the Earth and bring us karmic balance through earth changes.

THE SIGN VIRGO is associated with the Major Arcana of the Hermit. The Hermit is the 1st Symbol of Initiation on the Path. The Hermit cultivates and perfects through discipline, analysis, intelligence, work and service. The Hermit goes it alone, retreats within, Introspective, Intuitive, listens to and cultivates her or his won Inner Wisdom. The Hermit needs little, is humble and wise. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine is the Hermit’s song. The Hermit indicates completion.

We are also synchronistically in a #9 year, 2007 = 2 + 0 + 0 + & = 9. This symchronicity leads me to conclude that we are all collectively beginnning a completion.


Saturn will help us scrutinize, work, discipline, responsibility, completing the job efficiently, analyzing. As Saturn limits and brings obstacles, work will change, slow down, work will be seen as community service, for the good of all. We will perfect the health system, old structures are due to be reaped in the harvest cycle. The way seniors are viewed and treated will change, honour will come to the elderly. There will be food shortages and earth changes.

Fed us with XS, dumped SUV’s will be turned into practical living shelter’s for the poor. Life will become simpler, back to nature, growing one’s own food, dealing with one’s own community, sharing the work of caring for the elderly, living in communal societies. Working with one’s hands, and hands on knowledge will be prized.

Virgo is the Goddess’s Sign, Her energies will rise, business will shift to a female centered ethic based on human values, family responsibilities, universal mother wages, paid maternity leave for a year for mothers, and paid father support. The Goddess also will show us how GMO, additives, chemicals, plastics, fluoride, chlorine have all been creating cancer rampant throughout our societies now. A move to Green everything is already underfoot and will leave a No Footprint map on everything.

The entire health structure will shift to alternative medicine, ancient healing techniques, acupuncture, herbs, Wise woman ways, shamanism, water, sound, light, etc.

Incompetent, over-inflated leaders will disappear from the scene, hooray. The dross and bling will fizzle. This transition to Virgo is supported by Jupiter’s entry into Capricorn December 18th, where it goes on to make a trine to Saturn at 7 degrees in January 2008… just as Pluto moves into Capricorn. Ths is going to be a wonderfully re-constructive period. Although the repeated Mars opposition to Pluto from January – March 2008 points to a crisis in War, the economy.


The major event for Saturn in 2008 is its opposition to Uranus – something that takes place only once every 46 years. The first opposition takes place at 18 degrees Virgo/Pisces synchronisticaly in time of the US election in November 2008. The aspect repeats in February 2009 at 20 degrees and in September at 24 degrees. This planetary cycle another stage in the maturation of the seeds that were planted n the ‘60’s at the Uranus Pluto Conjunction conjunction which spawned hippies, political and cultural revolt, mind expansion and the notably focus on an enormous generation gap.

How will the virtual world of Uranus in Pisces oppose the practical world of Saturn in Virgo? YouTube and all other web access will have a huge groundbreaking affect on attitudes and will revolutionize the actual balance of power. Ultimately the illusions of the old order will succumb to the freedom loving revolutionary anarchy of Uranus and this will create a huge new effect on elections. There is always hope!

To find out how Saturn will be putting you through his paces personally for the next few years, please email me at taragreene@sacredartscentre.com for a personal look at your chart, work,health, love-did we mention love? I do phone and in person readings, email reports etc. for individuals, couples, businesses. I would love to be able to help you navigate through this testing period.

Known as Chronos, from which we derive the word for Time, Saturn, the Cosmic Cop, ruler of Karma, builder of corporations, ruler of maturity, ageing, seriousness, manifestation, and the Patriarchy is a very important Planet, for it represents the way you see and experience the universe- REALITY- 3D, the physical world- as you have structured it. Talk about Reality Shows!
Saturn entering a new sign indicates a change in our Reality, in hard core, just the facts m'am terms. Saturn in Saturn helps us to have discipline,self-respect, faith in one's destiny, and the ability to be alone.

But Saturn shouldn't be thought of as all bad. After all, Time is relative. There are no judgments. Saturn merely represents the Karmic Universal Law of Cause and Effect. "As you sow, so shall you reap." So we will be physically confronted with the effects of thinking only of ME,and the inability to plan where our fuel supplies will be coming from in the next few years. Saturn helps us to get disciplined, serious, mature, take responsibility.

Hey, we all need to take more responsibility for what we have created personally and also collectively. Goya's  famous painting of Saturn eating his children comes to mind. In Vedic Astrology Saturn is the Great Malefic, feared and honoured.  A friend of mine used to say that "Saturn/Time always wins out."  .  



Saturn is associated with the Tarot Card of the Universe/The World # 21, the last stage of the journey. The card pictures a naked woman/Goddess dancing in space, free, because she has taken responsibility for creating her life according to her will, she has learned how to harness Saturn's energies. Saturn in the Kabbalah is linked with Binah, the 3rd Sephira, in the Trinity of the Archetypal Realm. Saturn is the Supernal Mother, the One of Understanding who gives us physical form, who births all. Thus Saturn is the Goddess and restricts Spirit as it manifests into form and time. A Native American pipe invocation states that: Everything is born of the Feminine. Let's see Saturn as the Feminine Divinity from which we are all born, and understand our common ground of being.






The house or houses that Saturn will be transiting for the next 2+ years indicates the part of your life that is being examined and tested and represents areas of the greatest tension in your life, to which you must direct close attention.  Without further ado I present my Sun sign Forecast for Saturn's Karmic Korrections 4 U  with musical accompanyment by...color=#33ccff size=3> 

To find out in more depth how Saturn will seriously affect you personally, + aspects it makes to your Natal planets, please enquire about booking an Astrology session or report.


Colour codes: red=fire  green=earth 

grey=air   blue=water



Saturn will be in your Solar 6th house,the Natural Virgo House of work, service, health,pets,and Saturn will have a stronger affinity for you in the natural House of Virgo.
Hard work doesn't scare an Aries so you can expect that you will be sweating it out for the next two years. Getting organized, disciplined and FOLLOWING THROUGH TO THE END, not a usual Arian trait is what the Cosmic Dr. ordered. If you are disorganized for even 1 measly minute, then ding! Saturn will write you out your karmic parking ticket and you'll have to pay for it. There will be no excuses allowed. Focus on longer term goal Aries. It's your time to mature, get responsible. You will enjoy the sense of accomplishment. You will also need to learn how to delegate work to others because this house rules co-workers, employees and those who are "in service" to others. Try to get off your fired up bossy horse and realize that we are not all alone in the world but part of a group.


Taurus, Saturn in your 5th House

Saturn is Blessing you Bulls, so it's your turn to reap the rewards because you've been working so hard already. Saturn in your 5th House is a time of getting serious and maturing in love affairs, self-expression, leadership, willpower, courage, daring to fight for your convictions and children. A lot of men will father children during this time period.
Saturn is helping you build the practical results. If you've put on weight during Saturn's trudge Leo you will have the discipline to shed it now.
The 5th house is the house of pleasurable activities, fun, dating, intimacy and children. Life will become a lot more serious because you need to get serious. Even if you are a hard working Taurus and not the lazy type and of a "mature age" it appears as though you need to clean up your act. Forget the bar hopping and getting plastered because you will get busted. You can't get away with self-indulgence anymore. If you are single, you may look at "older" others and more traditional types with a kinder and more sympathetic note. The 5th house is the House of the Child and the kid turns 21, or at least puberty. Children may leave the nest or if you are younger there may be a wee one. This house also rules creativity and self-expression so it would be a great time to take up and or take seriously, your creativity. All types of self-expression
apply- painting, playing music, singing, dancing or anything that takes serious study and concentration. Saturn will help you stay focused on the task at hand. If ever wanted to learn how to play the piano or guitar, now is the time. This is also beneficial for your own children.

GEMINI-Saturn in your 4th house-
Building a new foundation from the ground up!

Saturn will knock all that air out of your brains and fill it with dirt. The grey matter will look distinctly brown and earthy and things will matter to you in a way they may never have done before.
This is a turning point for all Gemini's as the 4th house is the foundation of your Chart, the roots and what you plant now will be harvested in 14 years time. This is a time for new beginnings. You will work hard and instead of flitting about getting bored to easily might actually enjoy staying with something. You will be paying-literally- attention to your Home, your roots, family, possibly your Dad. This is an inward turning time, a good time for psychotherapy. Time to buy a house, or other real estate, plant some roots. Saturn helps you discipline yourself with a good diet regime. Mom or Dad may move into your house or become a big responsability. A time of endings and new beginnings.

Astrology Updates June 19th
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my son ELijah!
VENUS MARS- 2nd COnjunction June 21st + Summer Solstice + New Moon June 22 CAncer Super Moon
and Summer Solstice is upon us Sunday June 21st and the Venus Mars conjunction at 15 degrees + change of Taurus also Sunday. This union of the 2 planets of the Feminine and the Masculine coming together for the 2nd time this year, creates a Sacred Marriage, the Alchemical Wedding of the Goddess Venus and the God Mars bodes well for the Earth, Relationships, practicality, building, seeding, ploughing, appreciating beauty, the Feminine, acting in service to the earth, and the Goddess. This is ALCHEMY the turning of Lead into Gold and the making whole of all the peoples. We need to honor the Goddess, the Earth, and make the Masculine IN service in a chivalrous way to Her needs, rebalance the Warring vengeful masculine Gods of the past 5000 years. 

Mon. June 22 @  7:30 pm



At the Pantages Towers - 210 Victoria Street,

Corner of Victoria and Shuter, across from Massey Hall


                                       Please come witness and participate

in the Alchemical New Moon Wedding Ceremony

Celebrating the Sacred Marriage



5th floor in the Condo Party Room

Ceremony led by Tara Greene           

hostess: Elizabeth Dipchand


   Align yourself with the energies of the conjunction of Venus and Mars {in mid-Taurus, anchoring the 4 ArchAngel stars} We will embrace and embody both Venus and Mars, the Goddess and God within. We will mend the Sacred Marriage Basket, make it Holy and Whole, We will meet, marry, mate, make merry within and without, as above, so below and Celebrate!


We will immerse ourselves in this auspicious Alchemical Marriage of the two planets on this Solstice New Moon, at 1 degree of Cancer, which ties us into all the Elemental power Solstice/Equinox Gateways. 

Sun and Moon are both opposite Pluto making this an exceptionally powerful time for cleansing and renewal in the Cosmic womb of the Goddess.  This ceremony includes a Guided Meditation, the Sacred Marriage within.


Limited to 50 participants. Please RSVP right away.

We need names for the security guard and to know how many women are coming.


Held in the Party Room at the Pantages Towers-right downtown. We will try to have someone downstairs to direct you up to the Party Room on the 5th floor.

 If you decide to come last minute you need to say you are a guest of Elizabeth Dipchand.


Location:  Pantages Towers - 210 Victoria Street, Corner of Victoria and Shuter, across from Massey Hall.  So you’ll know, Fran's Restaurant is on the first floor of the hotel
Directions: One block East of Yonge Street, one block North of Queen Street East. 
By Subway: Exit at Queen Street North Exit.  Pier One store is on the corner of Yonge Street and Shuter.  Just walk East.
Entrance:  The entrance is off Victoria Street.  The condo entrance is the door furthest to the right.  If necessary, knock on the door and the security guard will buzz you in after checking that your name is on the list or calling up to Elizabeth S. Dipchand, Suite 3308


Dress: Please wear white or pale pastel colours.  Bring a pillow to sit on, a light snack to share.  Refreshments will be served. Dancing afterwards! Donation offering $10.


Copyright Tara Greene 2009-Infinity©

Tax Man- {aka Saturn}  If you're been biting your nails and keeping those midnight fires burning pouring over all those numbers, sorting through receipts, trying to remember just what you did last year, what you can write off or not, your deadline approaches Thursday at midnight. The end is in sight, no more thinking about all that and dealing with your accountant for a whole again, whew, for most of us.


Mercury also enters Gemini that day the 30th of April at 3:29 pm PDT/ 6:29 pm EDT/ 11:29 pm GMT it's home territory, but, uh uh uh-{ finger wagging} not for long, Mercury-the messenger, the hermaphrodite, that fleet footed communication, computers, consciousness ruler is exiting stage left, that is backing out of the driveway on May 6th @ 9:55 pm PDT/ May 7th @ 12:55 am EDT/May 7th 4:54 am GMT for it's 2nd time this year.


2009 is a bumper crop year for Retrogrades there are 4 Mercury Retrograde periods this year, usually there's 3. Venus and  Mars both take a spin backwards and instead of the average 2 Solar and  2 Lunar we have 2 extra Lunar this year! We’re getting our Unconscious’s blasted by 2 extra Lunar Eclipses!


Heading from Gemini home territory back to Taurus turf, I guess Mercury in his usual ambivalency of mind, perhaps forgot his clothes, I-Pod, a favourite desert dish, to smell the roses, liked lazing around in bed for a change, because what with the Internet Mercury's working waaay overtime but of course he loves it! needed to think about making money what with people's consciousness of the Economy these days, write a song, plant the veggie garden ..etc.

Watch out for the usual snafus, computer viruses, miscommunications etc., It'll take until June 16th till Mercury gets back up to 1 degree 45 mins where he last turned direct so in fact not much moving forwards till then.

Thinking should be more practical, grounded, earthy, sensual, “grow corn” as the Native Indios say while Mercury hoofs his way through Taurus territory-that's May 6th until MAY 30th when he stops and turns direct again, and then things start to go forwards.


Will the market continue to be BULLISH?  Very likely, as Mercury just spent almost 3 weeks in Taurus allready bringing that dismal March stock exchange up since April 9th. But temporary, food prices will be up, possibly mad cow disease rearing its ugly head again, swine flus, and various other types of animal diseases coming up in the news. Try becoming a vegan, Mercury retro means consciousness reversals.


So whatever you thought you missed, glossed over, didn't say or do, or regretted should be revisited  for a clear review and intentions in mind.  We're all getting a reprieve, another Re-tro word. Spring is finally here in my vicinity so enjoy this Mercury Retrograde in Taurus time to let your brain have a rest, get centered.

When Buddha reached Nirvana and got Enlightened he made the symbol of connecting to the Earth as his witness, Taurus is the 1st Earth Sign.  So get grounded in your thinking, be practical, enjoy life in all its sensual power and beauty, refuse to be bossed around, revel- another of those re words in natures abundance, sip fine wines, enjoy the feel of the sun and spring breezes on your bare skin. Plant your garden well for what you sow now brings abundance during summer and Fall.

MAY DAY May 1st Wiccan Festival BELTANE

Passions arise on May Day. Time to get the May Pole out and intertwine the ribbons and dance the May Pole dance. Of course the May Pole is a lingham, a Phallic symbol, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. It’s the Ancient Pagan Festival of FERTILITY when men and women used to make love in the plowed fields, where the Beltane Fires were lit and coveners leaped over the bonfire to purify and cleanse, to bring luck and call out their wishes. This is a Cross Quarter Day marker in the Yearly Calendar round, we are  ½ way to Summer and it representing the direction of the South-East. Here’s the lyrics from

Camelot The musical THE LUSTY MONTH OF MAY!

Tra la! It's May!
The lusty month of May!
That lovely month when ev'ryone goes
Blissfully astray.
Tra la! It's here!
That shocking time of year
When tons of wicked little thoughts
Merrily appear!
It's May! It's May!
That gorgeous holiday
When ev'ry maiden prays that her lad
Will be a cad!
It's mad! It's gay!
A libelous display!
Those dreary vows that ev'ryone takes,
Ev'ryone breaks.
Ev'ryone makes divine mistakes
The lusty month of May!

Whence this fragrance wafting through the air?
What sweet feelings does its scent transmute?
Whence this perfume floating ev'rywhere?
Don't you know it's that dear forbidden fruit!
Tra la la la la! That dear forbidden fruit!
Tra la la la la!

Tra la la la la [etc.]

Tra la! It's May!
The lusty month of May!
That darling month when ev'ryone throws
Self-control away.
It's time to do
A wretched thing or two,
And try to make each precious day
One you'll always rue!
It's May! It's May!
The month of "yes you may,"
The time for ev'ry frivolous whim,
Proper or "im."
It's wild! It's gay!
A blot in ev'ry way.
The birds and bees with all of their vast
Amorous past
Gaze at the human race aghast,
The lusty month of May.

Tra la! It's May!
The lusty month of May!
That lovely month when ev'ryone goes
Blissfully astray.
Tra la! It's here!
That shocking time of year
When tons of wicked little thoughts
Merrily appear.
It's May! It's May!
The month of great dismay.

When all the world is brimming with fun,
Wholesome or "un."

It's mad! It's gay!
A libelous display!
Those dreary vows that ev'ryone takes,
Ev'ryone breaks.
Ev'ryone makes divine mistakes
The lusty month of May!


What does this mean? All things old will be new again, think gingham, apple pie, traditional, apple cider, home cookin', sock mending,roast beef dinner on Sunday, pot roast, sausages, hey-what happened to that vegan idea? -turnips,kraft dinner, cheeze whiz, spam, Goodwill shopping, crocheting, needlepoint, pancake brunches, etc. O.K. i'm overdoing this a bit. Mercury is still in Gemini so...

The Moon will be in Sagittarius on Mom's Day

Meaning that the emotional tone, the "planet" that rules women on  this special Women's day will be firey, gypsy-ish, inspiring, honest, loves humour, animals and all things metaphysical. I'm a Sagittarian Mom so what would I most like? Mom yearns to travel, see exotic new places, be philosophical, get her some new books to read, enroll her in a new course on meditation or yoga, take Mom out to eat something she's never tried before, take her out to a comedy club, and definitely most definitely take Mom to have her Tarot cards read!

2009 Jupiter in Aquarius
Jupiter enters Aquarius on Jan. 5th at 3:42 PM GMT
10:42 am EST   7:42 am PST
and stays for the whole of 2009!
GREAT news for Aquarians, this is Your Year to shine!
Taurus and Scorpio get the pushy Square from Jolly Jup!
Leonine Leos gets to stare down Jupiter all year in the tango of an opposition. Too much of a good thing?
and of course the SATURN/URANUS OPPOSITION gets us all wired and tens all year.
LIBRA"S< AND OF COURSE ALL THOSE CAPRICORNS born on DEC. 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27th are getting ready to POP! 

What Jupiter in Aquarius means for you in 2009


On Monday Jan 5, 09 Jupiter enters the 11th Sign of the Zodiac, that of Revolutionar airy Aquarius at 10:42 am EST/ 7:42 am PST/  3:42 pm GMT to spend the entire year. 


With fiery expansive Jupiter, the biggest planet, in Aquarius we get the combo of  Jupiter ruled Sagittarian-like  inspirations for truth, travel, justice, education, philosophy, religion, teaching, foreigners, gambling and optimism, combined with Aquarius’s emphasis on change, innovation, technology, freedom, individuality, humanitarian group think, and higher consciousness. Jupiter is also the traditional ruler of Pisces the most spiritual, dreamy, foggy, escapist and delusional of all the signs, so add that as well into the cosmic stew.


The modern ruler of Aquarius is the planet Uranus- the wiggy planet which orbits at a 90 angle. The traditional ruler of Aquarius is sobering Saturn, because traditionally the naked eye could only see 7 “planets” which relates to the charkas, days of the week, etc, and the cycle of Saturn itself which governs the different “ages” of  body development. So Saturn also holds sway over and influences Jupiter’s sojourn through Aquarius this year.

And Saturn is presently in Virgo and will have its 2nd and 3rd oppositions toUranus twice this year. The first exact opposition happened on election Day 20008. So, I find it very synchronous that both  the traditional and modern rulers of Aquarius are actually duking it out in real time and space through out this year. Who’s gonna win? Jupiter loves gambling.


The ruling planet of a sign is referred to as the dispositor.  For example, Pluto is now in the sign of Capricorn for the next 15 years. Pluto is of course modern co-ruler of Scorpio. So Pluto’s influence is always Scorpionic, that is always pertaining to death and rebirth, waste, power and control, secrecy etc.  Capricorn is ruled by Saturn in both ancient and modern Astrology, So we’d say Saturn influence’s and disposits Pluto when in Capricorn.  Saturn itself is now traveling through Virgo until later this year when Saturn enters Libra briefly.


So Saturn it seems is working overtime this year, you’ll remember that Saturn is in Virgo, the workaholic sign. So all of Saturn’s energies this year are being filtered through the lens of Virgo at the moment, this means the areas of work, service, community, health, perfectionism, organization, meticulous record keeping, accounting, communicating, a symbolic late teenager moving into adulthood stage. 

So without further ado let’s get to how JUPITER’s gonna zing up your life in 09.


Alexandria Egypt, Nubia, Polynesia, Portugal and Cleveland Ohio are Aquarian places.


On Jan 25-26th there will be the 1st Solar Eclipse of 2009. Occuring at 6+ degrees of Aquarus. This Annular Eclipse ushers in the Chinese New Year of the Earth Ox. All eclipses move in cycles, called Saros cycles, and this one is almost at the same degree as one which occurred on Jan 25 1990. Look at what’s happened in your life in the last 19 years. 


Then on Feb 9th there will be a Leo Lunar Eclipse  at 21 degrees of Leo with the Sun at 21 degrees of Aquarius of course.


There will be 6 eclipses in 2009, two more than usual.

We are definitely getting the cosmic Kick in the Butt to get our acts together. The first 2 eclipses happen on Jan 26 @ 6 degrees+  of Aquarius, and Feb 9th at 21 degrees of Leo, just after the 2nd pass of Saturn Opposite Uranus.


The next 3 eclipses are on July 7 ( 15 degrees of Capricorn} and then a Total Solar Eclipse – a very powerfull one, the longest of the 21st Century at 29 degrees of Cancer- which will pass over China where the earthquake occurred last year. The 3rd Eclipse of summer in the Northern Hemisphere will be on Aug 6 at 13 degrees of Aquarius and the final eclipse happens at 10 degrees of Cancer.


LOVE &  Money leap forwards, Venus Direct April 17 @ 29 degrees Pisces 

Mars Venus conjunction, & much more from Tara, Tarot Consultant  ©

The Markets have improved during Venus’s Retrograde, since March 6th  it’s a  reversal of the drop already in place. This is important but not the prime importance. Money is energy is a symbol and ruled by Venus, Goddess of Love. What do we really value? How do we evaluate it all?

On Friday April 17 @ 3:26 pm precisely EDT/12:26 pm PDT/7:25 pm GMT

VENUS TURNS DIRECT at 29 Degrees + change of PISCES that’s the Very Last of the Very Last Degree of the entire Zodiac. As Pisces is the Sign of endings, spirituality, Oneness, Bliss, Union, Sacredness, the Soul, Higher Love, merging with the Divine, the Beloved, ALL THERE IS. Venus turning around at the 29th+ = 30th degree, the final, finito, end, culmination of any sign, considered to be “critical” as in, the Game of Monopoly when you get the chance card that says STOP! Do not pass go! Do not collect…  in other words WE GOTTA GET “IT”  Finish that love/money/spirit cycle of martyrdom/fantasy and illusion all Pisces agendas -did I mention Neptune planetary ruler of Pisces rules OIL? & get over all that fossil fuel shenanigans, BEGIN ANEW, NOW!

This indicates that we are all together archetypal-y at a critical turning point in terms of Lessons in Love,{ remember that song?} Values, Beauty, Art, Relationships, Women, Money, Luxury, Mother Nature, the Body as Venus rules Earth sign Taurus as well as Airy Libra, symbol of the balance, Karma… all those Venus ruled goodies.

Venus turning direct at the 29 degree of Pisces  marks THE END of a major Spiritual, Relationship and Financial cycle. 

Remember also that in these speeded up leaping into new dimensions of consciousness times that we’re presently in, everything becomes more synchronistic, more symbolic, more literal and more REAL, the dream and reality are merging into ONE. The word critical in itself is associated with Hindu Goddessess the Kritikas, who were the origins of the 3 fates in Greek mythology.

April 19th –20th  Moon Venus and Mars are all embracing each other at the last degrees of Pisces.

April 21 MARS conjunct VENUS at 29 degrees of Pisces To BALANCE & complete the sequence

So I can’t help but get the symbolic message that this is literally…



“Dance Me To The End Of Love”

Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin
Dance me through the panic ’til I’m gathered safely in
Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the end of love
Oh let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone
Let me feel you moving like they do in Babylon
Show me slowly what I only know the limits of
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the end of love

Dance me to the wedding now, dance me on and on
Dance me very tenderly and dance me very long
We’re both of us beneath our love, we’re both of us above
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the end of love

Dance me to the children who are asking to be born
Dance me through the curtains that our kisses have outworn
Raise a tent of shelter now, though every thread is torn
Dance me to the end of love

Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin
Dance me through the panic till I’m gathered safely in
Touch me with your naked hand or touch me with your glove
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the end of love
Dance me to the end of love

I want to send great blessings and homage to Leonard Cohen who as a great artist, lover of women, song, all things Zen, Poet, prophet. Leonard has fulfilled his name destiny, as Cohen means The High Priest, so he is fulfilling that role in a new Archetypal way for all of us as all our “Pope’s” High Priests and High Priestesses use the medium of rock music, Venus rules music, to get their spiritual messages across.  Leonard was interviewed by CBC from his Montreal home on April 16.

As an Archetypal Universal symbol, VENUS {as the Dove} symbolizes and carries the energy of LOVE the element that created, birthed and sustains the entire Universes

So we see HER, the God/dess forces as leading and guiding us to end old cycle and renew ourselves NOW. Mars has been a few degrees behind Venus in Pisces these last few days lending action, anger, force, defensiveness and co-incidentally we see the women of Kabul Afghanistan marching to oppose that rape on demand by husband law, they took a brave stance they’re not gonna take it anymore! We need to support them.

So, as we can all see, these are very critical times. As we move ever faster towards the singularity event horizon of Novelty that ethno-biologist Terrence McKenna prophsied, a.k.a. Dec 21 2012/ the Mayan Calendar’s “best before” date, the end of time as we knew it, each of these turning points marks a notch towards that singularity. Lets not “slouch towards Jerusalem.”

Venus’s Retrograde cycle was described by ancient Sumerian  Mythology/Religion Psychology as the Great Goddess’s Inanna’s Descent into the Underworld as an Initiation. Inanna ventured into the Underworld {the SHADOW, Pluto’s domain} to be stripped of all her  worldly possessions untiil she was rendered a mere piece of meat hanging and rotting on a stake in the underworld, in other words she was striped bare of her ego, so that she could rise again, to the Upperworld, more whole, cleansed, redeemed and connected to Her own innate spiritual powers.

Venus’s disappearance from sight for eight days {the symbol for Infinity} as she passes over the Sun, changes her appearance from being a nigh time to a daytime star. The Ancient Greeks believed that Venus was two separate bodies, they called the morning star, Phosphoros the “Bringer of Light” or Latin Eosphorus the “Bringer of Dawn”. The evening star they called Hesperos,Latinized Hesperus the “star of the evening. Eventually the  realization came that there was only one planet with two distinct faces or phases. Hesperos would be translated into LatinVesper and Phosphoros as Lucifer (”Light Bearer”), a poetic term later used to refer to the fallen angel cast out of heaven.

So we together have just come out of an Archetypal shamanic death and rebirth journey of the Feminine, the Goddess, our money and values. Interesting isn’t it?

Venus direct happens on Orthodox Greek Good Friday ,so they are synchronized up perfectly and adding to this energy of rebirth. But we must make sure that we all got the lesson that began March 6th when Venus began her Retro.


To mark this part of your, the collective’s and the Goddesses’ journey through the Underworld, it’s optimum time and paramount that you release old patterns of “self-undoing, especially old negative, self defeating ones, as Pisces shows co-dependent, martyrdom as its shadow side. Think back on any and all the ways you sabotage yourself, in love, financially; are addicted to fantasy, delusion, drugs, sex, consumerism, and sado-masochistic tendencies. As a culture we have all been addicted, brainwashed, and have low self-esteem. This is time to visit all those secrets, the Real SECRET is there, its what’s behind everything, bless it, understand it, connect to the Source PISCES, allow spirit to heal it, leave all that behind and emerge BLISSFULL into a new dawn.


Co-incidentally as I was researching to give you a visual diagram of Venus cycles, the Ancient Maya used Venus as their primary planet, more important that the Sun, the Dec 21 2012 “end date”  has to do with Venus’s journeys, she was also very important Astrologically in Vedic Indian culture.

If you look at the diagram of the Mayan Venus Cycle time-line pictured as part of this post above you will note the Mayan glyphs imaged as small blue squares lined up along the time-line. Each blue square represents the Maya day-name associated with a specific date on the time-line. At the beginning on the far left the glyph for the Mayan day-name “Cib” represents the date August 26, 2007. That is the date upon which the ancient Maya approximated the first day that Venus would rise as a morningstar during this present cycle. The ancient Mayas actually considered that day to be the end of the last cycle rather than the beginning of this one and so they would not have pictured this date at the start of the diagram as I have done.

 this Venus Cycle that we are experiencing presently began at the very end of the previous one on August 26, 2007 on the Mayan day “10-Cib”. It lasted right on through superior conjunction which began on April 18 2008 ( 12-Eb) and then afterwards through the series of days of the Eveningstar risings which began on July 17, 2008 (11 Ik).

Finally now on the 24th of Marchj on the Mayan day-name “1-Eb” the series of Eveningstar apearances will end, and the planet Venus will enter the last phase in its present Cycle, a phase called “Inferior Conjunction”. This phase will last only eight days and will end on the first day of Morningstar risings, approximately on April 1, 2009 which in the Mayan Calendar is known as “9-Ahau”

The coincidence of a first day morningstar rising with a Mayan day-name “Ahau” was very important to the ancient Mayas. It signalled the end of one eight-year Venus Sequence composed of five Venus Cycles, and heralded the beginning of a new one.

Note that the Markets seem to have improved somewhat as Venus RX meant reversing what was already in place. The Sun just entered Taurus, one of Venus’s home signs on the 19th. The market should continue to strengthen temporarily in the sign of  the Bull.

MARS/VENUS CONJUNCTION April 21 @ 7:19 pm EDT/4:19 pm PDT/11:19 pm GMT

Now incredibly a brand new balanced cycle begins. Mars and Venus conjoin at 29 degrees 32 mins of Pisces. The rule is to round up and go forward so this means that a Huge new cycle begins because Venus and Mars are conjunct at ZERO degrees of ARIES.

Archetypally VENUS and MARS Conjunction is the Sacred Marriage, the Alchemy, the turning of Lead into Gold. We are exactly on the edge of the old,29 degrees of Pisces and the new Zero degrees of Aries, This is a Rebirth, a new life, Spring. Zero degrees of Aries is Archetypal New Life, the very beginning of the Zodiacal degrees., a new round in the Wheel of Time and Life.

RITUAL IS HUGE and timing is everything so it’s very important to mark these important celestial passages. Our ancestors world wide would have done so and Indiginous peoples are doing so and for a new ecology of the planet and consciousness and what with Earth Day on the 23rd ,let’s embody the planetary significance of this cycle inspiring a whole new balance and quality of Life.


Prepare to do ritual, to manifest the “as above so below, as within.”  Usually one bathes and cleanses themselves, I would suggest wearing white. Call in the 4 directions, the 4 elements. Call Venus and Mars, light a Blue or green candle for Venus and a red candle for Mars and place them on your alter or on a table close together. Have fresh flowers around for the Celebration.

Play Dance me to the end of love or other music which relaxes and feels sensual. Take your time, relax and breathe. Remember that you have just finished the Archetypal “dark Night of the Soul” and have faced your Shadows, and are being reborn as Venus is, cleansed. You are a new being, a new person, ready to face a new dawn a new life, new love. Behold all is new!

Visualize inside of yourself your own inner Queen and King, {or Prince and Princess} your inner Masculine and Feminine sides, every person has both. The Feminine side is the feelings, intuition, receptivity, traditionally the left side,  The Masculine side, usually the right side, is where you act on and defend the Feminine Guidance in reality. Really sense, visualize what they look like, details. Feel their presence, their love and passion, their honesty and dedication, their longing to unite with one another, their hope of creating Heaven on earth together.  Hear the strains of the Wedding march or other music which feels appropriate to you, whatever that may be. {personally I love the song Put Your Love in Me}

See, Feel and sense your Beloved. See your inner couple being present at their own, your own Wedding. Feel the heat and sweetness of their breaths and hear their vows to each other, Feel within your self a melting into a sacred inseparable union. Bring your hands together and as you do hear and feel two heartbeats meld into One and clasp your hands together. Hear the Wedding Bells chime. Feel the soaring union in your heart. You are whole and complete, inseparable within yourself, nevermore alone, you have achieved the Inner Sacred. Everything changes upon this union. Masculine and Feminine sides become Interchangable, balanced. Feel the elation and the awe, the sense of being able to relax and let go, the chase is over, all is attained. You are the Beloved and the Lover. Hear Tears of joy will well up in our eyes, let them flow. Feel and sense the joy, the choruses of angels and archangels and  Seraphim all singing in praise. Dance the joy.

Give yourself a gift, write out the vows, your experience of the wedding. Drink champagne, this is a Holy Day! Take a photo of yourself as a Newlywed! Take yourself on a honeymoon in your imagination. Make sure the experience lasts. Speak only positive loving words to each of your inner mates.

April 22 Spectacular SKY WATCHING early am LYRIDS METEOR SHOWERS

The Lyrian meteor showers peak this am . Moon conjuncts Venus @ 9:29 am EDT/6:29 am PDT/ 1:29 pm GMT. The Moon is at the same declination as Venus and will occult or Eclipse her. Minutes later.


New actions are  initiated on Earth day as

MARS enters Aries @ 9:45 am EDT/ 6:45 am PDT/ 1:44 pm GMT

Mars thrusts ahead as is his wont into His home sign of Aries, so it’s a new beginning for men now and for new actions. We should be clear about what we’re fighting for. Mars will be “at home” until May 31.

MOON enters ARIES 10:09 am EDT/7:09 am PDT/ 2:09 pm GMT


Copyright 2009 All rights reserved

VENUS RETRO– March 6- April 17, 2009+   RENDEZVOUS

The Love Goddess hands out a new Rx –LOVE POTION # 9

and more …Venus MARS CONJUNCTION..later
Venus Retrograde – Just the Remedy we need now

A Re-view, renegotiate, reflective, regression, of ALL our values,Love, money, luxury, – If you think that things have slowed down in the finanacial sector enough now, just wait till Venus backtracks  you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Venus –the "SUPER 8" Motel and smaller Rendezvous places

Every 8 years Venus completes an entire cycle. Looking back over the events over the past 8 { an infinity cycle}years  will give you a good idea of the terrain, the loves, the values and objects, creativity birthed, and ended, and their personal meaning for you. Patterns will be repeated now.

In that SUPER 8 year cycle, Venus retrogrades once every 18-20 months for about 6 weeks at a time.

Normally Venus spends about a month in each sign but because of the Retrograde, Venus will be in Aries for almost 4 months. Thats a whole lot of fiery intitiations, new life, reviews.

Retrograding back at 15 degrees of Aries, Venus re-enters Pisces on April 11th, turning Direct on April 17th at 29 degrees 12 mins of the last water sign. Venus re-enters Aries on April 24th, passess her Retrograde point of 16 degrees of Aries on May 21st so she is still in her powerful "Shadow phase" until that time. Venus stays in Aries till June 6th.

So new loves, new relationships with money; old flames return, the arts becoming fore-front- Arts and A for Aries!  and a re-evaluation of what luxury is, old is new fashion,  creatively recycling, and women taking a more aggressive stance.

An old cycle has ended, Venus returning to the 29th degree of Pisces archetypally is THE BIG FINISHING degree.  Beware it may be THE END OF AN IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP.

Venus Retrogrades from the 1st sign of the Zodiac, Aries {where she is in her partner Mars home sign}, and begins to Retro at the 15th degree, allways the most powerful degree, she has more weight here. With the economy in such a mess, we’ve  seen many new Financial bail out initiatives, quick-fix Aries ones,  and the thinking has been print more money to keep people spending and the economy moving. But this Venus Retro phase will bring up a lot of passionate Arian tempers arguing over the long term validity both moral and practical regarding if this kind of quick-fix works over the long term.

" GROUNDHOG DAY"in LOVE just like in the MOVIE

Venus began 2009 in Aquarius and moved in to Pisces Jan 3rd, entering Aries on GROUNDHOG DAY a very apropos movie about repeating the same things {karma} until choice is made to live in relationships of unconditional love. As Hollywood writes the themes from the Astral or Etheric, creative plane, let’s take that movie as ”the script” for a plan for Venus’s present cycles. Who could forget the repeating and repeating theme song “I GOT YOU BABE” by Sonny and Cher? How Venusian.

An Archetypal new phase was initiated with Venus entering the Sign of Spring and New life, Aries. Venus is in her partner Mars’ territory. The Archetype of AMAZON is how Venus dresses while in Aries. Venus is passionate, fiery and fierce, defensive and aggressive, and this is what’s been expressed since She entering Aries in ordinary mortal’s like you and my relationshios. I can feel that energy permeating my own.  Venus Retrograding through Aries scan be expressed for women as ultra-confident, assertive,and for men, macho, abusive,overly aggressive and defensive. We may see this played out on the world’s stage,at the usual “hot spots”  Iran, Pakistan, Israel, North Korea as well as Terrorist activity during this period heating up throughout her Xtended stay in Aries.

Venus goes RX on March 6th  @ 15+ degrees  of Aries { Cardinal FireSign}

As Venus is the symbol of Beauty and Equilibrium, ruling both Signs Taurus and Libra, Her Retro phases calls us to review, recycle, retire, reinvent, all the Re things, in the areas under Venus’s jurisdiction -finances, relationships, and quality of life. The questions to ask and reconsider in this 6 week phase are-

How good or bad are my relationships? My debts?How out of balance am I in my relationships to Money, Love, the Arts, the body, fixity of purpose, tools, beauty.

How did I/we get here? How can I/we bring Beauty and Balance and Peace to it all?

I think of this phase as Venus/ Love Potion # 9

I took my troubles down to Madame Rue.

You know that gypsy with the gold capped tooth

She’s  got a pad down on 34th and Vine,

Selling little bottles of Love Potion #9.

I told her that I was a flop with chicks.

I’ ve been disgraced since –1996,2006  { original was 1956}

She looked at my palm and she made a magic sign.

She said what you need is Love Potion #9.

She bent down and turned around and gave me a wink.

She said I’ m gonna make it up right here in the sink.

It smelled like turpentine, and looked like Indian ink.

I held my nose, I closed my eyes, I took a drink!

I didn’t know if it was day or night.

I started kissing everything in sight.

But when I kissed a cop down on 34th and Vine.

He broke my little bottle of Love Potion #9.

Love Potion #9...Repeat to fade


When Venus is near the retrograde station, she is the Evening Star and  she can be seen fairly high in the south western sky for up to four hours after sunset, depending on the time of year and how close she is to the station. Venus has been getting higher and higher in the sky for the past few months. When Venus’ retrograde begins, she will be moving lower toward the horizon and will actually disappear for about 2 weeks as she passs  between the earth and the  Sun. This is a VENUS ECLIPSE. One of the important charicteristics of 2012 is Venus Eclipsing the Sun in June of that year. She then re-appears as The Morning Star.


The Ancient Sumerian myth of Inanna vernturing in to the Underworld where she sheds all her worldy vestments, her gold and adornments, her power, her ego, to die and hang rotting on a peg until she is resurrected and retakes her throne from her lover Dumuzzi is a mythic telling of this time period.

She then reappears progressively earlier, as the "Morning Star," before sunrise. She turns direct about a couple of weeks after becoming visible. We can still see Venus as the Morning Star for several months after the direct station.

For a few months at a time, when Venus is high in the morning or evening sky, Venus is the brightest light in the heavens, after the Sun and Moon. You can even see her in the night sky over a brightly lit city. Venus can be so bright that some people have wondered if they're really seeing a plane or even a UFO. Venus' light can even cast a faint shadow here on Earth, under optimal conditions. And if you have a really sharp eye or a telescope, you can make out the changing shapes that Venus takes on, not unlike the phases of the Moon.

March 26- 27th, 28th Aries New Moon,

At 6 degrees of Aries, the Sun, Moon and  Mercury cross Venus’ path all within 5 degrees of each other. Beware of Love at First Sight! Both the Moon and Mercury will Square Pluto over the next day or so. Moon enters Taurus {venus ruoled of course} ont the 28th to further pull our emotions into Her territory.

APRIL FOOL’ S DAY  Watch out!
Lots of itchy noses, an old folklore that says if your nose itches you’re going to kiss a Fool!

April 1 finds the Moon is in Cancer opposite Pluto, Moon squares Venus and then Venus Rx begins to square Pluto !

Watch out for the emotional nuclear fallout from this HeAVY clash of values, old debts, jealousy, more secrets of the financialy stealthy outing and toxically bad days on the Market and huge security fears. The square continues until the 4th when PLUTO joins VENUS and also Turns RX. Pluto rules riches, the depths, sex,death, rebirth, transformation. INTENSE PASSIONS, reviewing or revisiting old lovers, lots of changes during this time period!

On April 9th Rx Venus rules the Libran Full Moon

All Full Moons offer a sense of fullness, completion, on this Venus ruled Libran Full Moon She brings our attention to giving thanks for the harmony,the balance,the Peace. Visualize the Earth and 6 Billion plus hearts beating together in perfect Balance, yin and yang, at Peace, the Goddess of Love’s energy surrounding, permeating and activating Love everywhere throughout all realms and elements.

Preceeding Venus entry into Pisces, Passover begins.

April 10th Good Friday sees the Moon entering  Scorpio

Venus’ re-entry into Pisces synchronizes with the Archetypal Christian symbol of death and rebirth,the Moon has entered Scorpio the Sign of Rebirth itself so the synchronicity just keeps on coming, How can we miss this? It’s a  renewal that the whole world is feeling about its resources,structures and way of life.

Venus Re-Enters Pisces April 11-12

Once Venus gets past Pluto, she will cross the cusp between Aries and Pisces around April 11th, turn direct on April 17th

Venus Turns Direct April 17th 29 degrees 12 mins of Pisces

All planets are extra powerfull at the last degree of any sign and most especially the last of the last 29 degrees of Pisces. This is the Archetypal Closing Time, this is The End.


So a good day to align with the cosmos and do Ceremony or ritual, to Say goodbye to old toxic relationships and karmic pattterns, releasing yourself and everyone else from the web and the wheel of cyclic returns, this symbolizes the end of a World Age and a Rebirth into a New Life.



aT thE end ofthe end OF love!


Wake up early around April 22nd and 23rd, and you should see two very bright planets in the eastern sky, Venus and Mars, very close to the moon a few hours before sunrise. What a way to celebrate Earth Day!

Re-enters Aries April 24

Venus is exalted in Pisces, this means she teaches us through love, about Bliss, compassion, Oneness, Her powers of Beauty are stronger in Pisces. Emotional tone gets watered down for the next few days. Great time to meditate, let those ultra-creative juices flow. 

Venus Enters Taurus { Venus Rules Taurus Fixed earth} June 6


If Venus will cross one of your power points (ascendant, nadir, descendant, mid-heaven), the week she crosses could be quite profound. If she conjuncts or squares (90 degrees) one of your natal planets, it could bring some minor annoyances, depending upon the influence of that planet in your natal chart. If you are not quite sure how to interpret it, get out your natal chart, pencil in Venus’ retrograde path, then call an astrologer
me for example 416 461 1999 THE LOVE DR. IS IN!

-excellent time for buying antiques, flea market items and secondhand goods wheryou know the real worth and value of the item but the seller does not 

- Purchasing real estate is not always a problem, again, if you know that the property is a bargain, you can make an excellent deal.  Don't be motivated by flashy appearances.

- favorable for re-negotiating a financial situation such as a contract or bank loan. It can be helpful in resolving a long-standing legal matter. When Venus is around the retrograde/direct dates, is a good time to change lawyers.

- a time to reflect on the inner value of your experiences rather than outer display..

Venus Retrograde in Aries –

venus iN ARIES Fires up from the inside, rather than in Libra fashion from the other.

 Yet remember that all things Venusian are in suspended animation (not the best time to force the relationship towards marriage or divorce). Enjoy things as they are and look closely at any issues that need your utmost care. Try not to jump into super hyper or impulsive mode, stop and think things out  before you plan all the details of your  fantasy platinum wedding of the year because you may not totally love the person after the Venus retrograde finishes out.

Generally speaking, it is best to hold back from starting new projects, ventures, businesses, or marriages at this time. It’s not the best time to invest a huge chunk of money into anything brand new with business. Take it slow and wait until latter part of May 2009 to really decide for sure. What’s the rush? If the person is the one for you then they will be there for you or you for them in May 2009!

The firecrackers ignite: Aries - Libra-Capricorn-Cancer
This Venus cycle/transit may shine the light upon (and possibly stimulate growth oriented- challenging) those who are born under the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). Yet the rest of the signs will still see ‘action.’ No one misses out!

Venus Retrograde Consultation:
If you are interested in knowing more about how or where Venus Retrograde will play out in your life please consider getting by Phone with me . Here you can ask your questions privately and we can totally focus on You. It is such a significant cycle one that personally influences each and everyone of us in some form or fashion



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Astrology Updates Aug 20-26
Copyright Tara Greene
Hmm these dog days seem to be unleashing the dogs, the winds and fall breezes in Trawna. Well, ya know we're under Venus's Retrograde now so... Ican't seem to ignore my writing and there's many important cosmic events waiting in the wings.
Overview of the week all times EDT unless otherwise
Where's the Moon &  VOID-of-Course Moon Times!  
-you know what not to do on a V. O. C. Moon don't you?
Aug. 20 in Scorpio, them's the heaviest
V.C. Moon Aug. 20 @ 9:34 pm EDT/6:34 pm PDT
Moon enters Sag.- Aug. 20 @ 9:44 pm PDT/
Aug. 21st @ 12: 44 am EDT and fires things up & restores optimism
Moon goes Void of Course Aug. 23 @ 8:54 am until
the Moon enters Capricorn at 11:20 am and sobers everyone up
Moon goes Void of Course
Aug. 24 @ 7:41 pm until 
Aug. 25 Moon enters Aquarius 6:35 pm
Aug. 20
Monday starts out with a heavy hitter as Scorpio Moon plants a big Square on the Sun, @ 7:54 pm the 1st Quarter Square challenges the glory of the latest Leo New Moon.
Aug. 21 SUN CONJUNCTS SATURN @ 7:29 pm
This is like a frigid blast on the Sun, whatever metaphor you want to use, just like that famous cough syrup it tastes awful, but it works.
I never thought I'd live to see the day. and I'm very blessed and thankfull that I am alive well and prosperous to be saying this, that I felt that Saturn was really a great teacher, perhaps it has to do with hgetting older and more familiar with Saturnine ways. Saturn has been conjuncting my Natal Pluto and I never worked so hard in my life. Saturn has got me really disciplined, orderly and focussed. For a "Triple Sagittarian" like myself, with no earth in my natal chart.
SATURN/SUN'S RENDEZVOUS HAPPENS AT 28 degrees 32 minutes of Leo
pretty close to that Fixed Star Regulus star of Kings,
the Lion's Heart, point in the sky where Archangel Raphael resides. So this is a downpour of Celestial
Blessings from that Healing Angel, open up and visualize emerald green light flowing in your veins from your heart chakra. The famous Tablets of Hermes Trimestigus were the Emerald Tablets containing that Hermetic Maxim "As above, so below" and a whole lot more esoteric knowledge which had guided civilzations for over 5,000 years.
Aug. 22-quiet, well sun Saturn Conjunction is a pretty tough act to follow.
O.K. So the next act is a lovely Quintile between Vemus and Mars. This 72 degree aspect is very spiritual in tone,highly creative, social and whenever Venus and Mars aspect each other excitingly romantic.
It's those hard working service oriented Virgo's turn to light up the stage and boy will they be in the limelight shortly. As the Sun travels each month through a Zodiac Sign it picks up the flavours and style , expresses that Sign's particulars.
Virgo is the 6th sign, known for hard work, analysis, perfectionism, organization, routine, health,service to others, pets, skill, performance, nitpickyness,
the Harvest, communications, solitariness, the Earth herself.
Moon enters Capricorn and consolidates-makes everything very solid and earthy. This is a mere foreshadowing of what's yet to come-Saturn enters Virgo on Sept. 2nd to stay for over 2 years and Pluto will egress Sagittarius in 2008 and enter Capricorn for a very long long time of restructuring those  corporations, good 'ole boys clubs, a heirarchical transformation on a very large mass scale.
Well this day's just a roller coaster. Earthy grounded ultra serious down to work Sun in Virgo Moon in Capricorn and then Mars and Jupiter bust in onthe scene like gangbustas. Very risky, a good day to try bungee jumping, your nerve at the casinos,tempted to ignore all the laws. Moon and Sun will corral in the wild men and teach them a few new tricks about law and order.
This is a very powerfull combo Mars and Jupiter makes one ultra-fearless. Use this DYN-O-MIGHT energy wisely-channel it into something ultra productive, don't go looking for fights.
Aug. 24

July 30- Aug. 5th Astrological Updates copryright Tara Greene

all time EDT unless otherwise indicated

July 30 Moon in Aquarius
Dream away for a few days.
Ouch this one's gonna hurt. The planets with the two worst baddest reputations oppose each other. Who's stronger? Mars in Taurus in his girlfriend Venus's house or Saturn the Time Lord, the Cosmic Cop in regal Leo? Watch out for temper explosions, extreme frustration, unexpected parking tickets, break-ins and the like. It'll be hot temperature wise too.


if yesterday weren't difficult enough here comes the Double Whammy! Mars and Pluto both rule Scorpio and they're totally in two different Universes at the moment. Tempers, road rage, shootings, killing, extremism. This is the Dark side of a Black Hole with the Lord of Death hovering at the Event Horizon. Personally I'd be on a yoga retreat if I were you.

Hot enough for you? Tempers are ready to explode, watch out for Arians on the warpath.

Nobody's gonna mince words under this one. CAncerians are likely to go down that rabbit hole called the Galactic Center screaming and crying.

AUg 3
Moon Trines Jupiter @ 9:29 am
Hot on the heels of all of the aforementioned, Jupiter's energies only serve to ramp em up to the Xtreme Danger Zone.

MOON TRINE SUN @ 11:07 am
Well at least you should be feeling sunny about it all. Remember to just keep smiling, keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side, keep on the sunny side of Life

Aug 4-

All right, Mercury is much more at home in Leo where he bestows regal messages of great importance, and now everyone can blow their own horns once again. Time to get out there on stage and sing. Express yourself, do a tango, be Big,think big,big hearted.

Two planets, the Moon is considered a planet in Astrology, have just entered the FIXED SIGN design category.Moon is stubborn, practical, earthy and sensual when in Taurus, do some gardening, laze about in a hammock, make sweaty love.
AUg 5-
Moon Squares Sun @ 5:19 PM
this is a fourth Quarter Square. Sensual Taurean Moon warbles to his or her Highness. Emotions and egos chafe against each other. It's a Holiday weekend in Canada, so have a good safe one.

August as a whole Aug. 5th
Astrology comes from the words astre meaning a Star, of course.
Read on and you won’t go astray. In India the word for star or star light is Sitara, from which the musical instrument the sitar gets its name, so it’s actually making the music of the stars. Sitara translates as Tara, the Great Goddess still praised in Hindu and Tibetan Religions.
The word disaster means literally without a star or more correctly Dis-from the Roman God of chaos + aster =chaos star
Summertime and the livin’ is easy. I’m trying to take a bit of time off to relax, so if my updates are a bit late, you’ll understand. I’ll will give an overview of August ,some hi lites of planets, patterns and galactic stuff to get you through the dog days of summer if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere and cat days of winter in the Southern.
Between around the 4th - 7th of August, Mars transits the Pleiades, which now extend into Gemini.

The Pleiades
a.k.a The 7 Sisters

Now, the Pleides there are many ways to spell the name of the Star group actually doesn't have a very good reputation traditionally. Since the mid 80's there have been a number of channellers claiming to receive transmissions from the Pleiadians-two Barabara's in fact-Barbara Hand Clow and Barbara Marciniak. Their interpretation of the Pleidians is that they are extremely benevolent very Goddess loving future Light beings who see us on Earth as "Living Libraries." Personally I love all that Pleidian info they've received.

Did you know that a very popular car,made in Japan is named for the Pleides?

We drive a Subaru

This transit asks us to excavate things that are traditionally associated with the troubles of the Pleidies things that might recently be under your skin-like a sliver. Recent, and not too recent annoyances, frustrations, things that are bugging you,events that have brought sadness,and/or a sense of letdown need to have time to clear. These are heavy times these are so honor your emotions, it will all pass.

On the 6th Jupiter finaly slows down and gallops forwards once again. Before that turning point it's a great time to make a plan of everything you'll do as soon as the big guy changes course. Jupiter is one heck of an optimistic planning coach. Review all the plans that didn't quite hit the mark and great ideas that you didn't quite polish off since Jupiter went Retro that 1st week of April. Pick the ideas you still want/intend to pursue and direct them to the top of your TO DO list for August 6th with rebounded enthusiasm.


AUG 6 - It's a Government and Banking holiday in Canada today and good timing it is.
There's 10 count 'em aspects today! I'll name the most important.
*****SATURN TRINE PLUTO @ 6:35 am

THIS IS VERY VERY POWERFULL! The blessed combo of Reality with the power to transform ANYTHING {especially being conjunct the Galactic Center is well, Galactic Empowerment.
YOu can move mountains, create Universes, die and be reborn!

La LUna REd Bull! Passionate, sensual,spread your lover with fresh picked rose petals, sing your hearts out.

The Moon is the fleet-footed Messenger now so let your feelings take flight. Emotions are filtered through the mind's lofty heights. Moody but quickly changing.

Alright! Let's get this show on the road and on the stage.
PLans, travel, school plans all advance now. Optimism reigns once again.
This one will set all women on edge as Moon is playing the eternal peur, the little boy who never wants to grow up, settle down and commit.

Planets changing Signs and therefore Elements really do show how Astrology works in the real world. The Bull Market is over. Put your money in communications,companies that see both sides of an issue, youth oriented things,new fangled cel phones, Blackberries, etc. good for the Nasdaq.Actions are not well thought out and kid like, changing.Mind set is not. Mind is seeking ever newer things, busyness, sampling everything.
Aug 7


Feel good, go out on the town, get a gaggle of buddies together and hit a casino.

Venus is very nitpicky these days in Virgo and she gives it to the guys for being so terribly thoughtless, late, inept, imperfect, all over the map, etc. etc.

Aug 8
Another busy day.

Expect upsets in plans, don't expect people to show and you won't be disappointed and can't run any kind f a victim routine.
Good for eloquence, waxing poetic, apologies, forgiveness, and transcending the whole damn thing.
This is like beer these days Heavy LITE! EXpect no holds barred in the verbiage flowing out of, or into the Event Horizon. Beware being caught in the Cosmic suction of the Black Hole because once you're in you ain't gonna get out, at least not in the same state you entered or Universe for that matter.Which like Martha Stewart says "Is a good thing." Take MArtha as an example she personally went into a Black Hole and came out pretty O.K. It's not as bad as you think so don't avoid the Void.

Venus decides to look over where her heart really is by re-visiting Leo's throne room again. Love affairs really get the once over, as do values of all kinds. Need all that stuff to make you feel important or not? Isn't Giving LOVE that 5th house LEO stuff what it's really all about?

For all my West coast buddies Moon comes home to roost. You'll need to recover and nurture yourself after all the cosmic goings on.

same as above, only 3 hours later.


Trines are the sweetest deal you can get. Get all the old stuff out in the open. Very creative thinking going on. Sales, teacher and teaching,promotions,and talking your head off raucously. Enthusiasm, over doing it, splurging, hoof in mouth disease,honesty,gambling and risk taking.
Aug 10

Overoptimism from yesterday gets reigned in by a tense Mercury Pluto Sesquiquadrate
Jarring to say the least. Earthquakes, tidal waves? tsunammis, Yellowstone to blow?
A roller coaster ride to be sure. Fears may be high. The Mercury Pluto aspect from earlier today can be a blessing helping us to stay willfully focussed not paranoid or negative. Don't obsess over problems. Remember the Universal Law is of attraction. The more you think about what gripes you the more you attract more gripes.
Aug 11
The Confidence Flag gets raised up the pole. Play, romance, being open hearted,and dramatic highlites this weekend. The ability to be a courageous leader is Leo's greatest asset. Take heart courage and will now.
Feels so good to be dancing in the moonlight.
AUG 12
the above @ 12:48 am EDT
LEO NEW MOON- 20 degrees of Leo @ 7: 02 PM
This is a new Moon with a Heart full of Soul.A very firey LEonine New Moon this one is. Besides the 2 luminaries we have Mercury, Venus and Saturn. That's 5 of the 10 planets grouped together in one sign. All planets point to your Heart Chakra. Do you have the courage to dare to live and will from your heart? Do you dare to dance your dream of being a Star awake? Will you direct yourself in the starring role of your life? Will you fully open your heart and give it away, give it away, give it away. Neptune closely opposes the Luminaries at 21 degrees Rx. shedding his light on boundless love and acceptance, compassion and egolesness. Chiron the wounded healer is also opposite Sun and Moon at 12 degrees of Aquarius. The healing balm is in the wound. It may take the greatest strength and will to have the courage to be vulnerable, open to intimacy and all of Life's hurts. The True Warrior wears no armour, has no need for defences. Mars is opposite Jupiter-
Mars sends a laser beam to Jupiter. Minds can be very telepathic right now, beware of interference of how your mind is being manipulated by behind the scenes espionage.
Pluto Trines SAturn Conjunct Venus
The mythic Goddess of Love and Beauty meets Father Time/The Grim Reaper. This is a super Reality check. All Baby Boomers have been seriously affected personally by the Saturn Neptune Conjunction falliing on their NAtal Pluto's which started almost a year ago.
Issues about female aging, beauty and Crone Wisdom are about to be totally reversed.
Valuing elders, your Ancestors will come back to put our forebears in a place of reverence for creating us. ALso a more serious realization that we are the ancestors of the Future Generations, something highlighted n Al Gore's AN Inconvenient Truth documentary.
Saturn rules the Cycles of 7. Every 7 years Saturn makes a Square to the point it was at in the previous cycle. Our bodies totally renew themselves every seven years, in concert with Saturn's rhythmic cycles.
Native American Sacred LAw stated that- "What we do now affects the next seven generations." This movement has already begun and will continue apace with people leaving jobs they don't love. Downsizing work to be home with children voluntarily.
helps us to re-evaluate the Earth Itself, Her Resources, Her Abundance. WE have started becoming more and more aware and we need to stay the course and keep this track ever growing if it's really going to "grow corn."

August 10th -14th, from Philip Sedgewick-Venus, back in self-oriented Leo, joins Saturn at the foot of the throne of the regal fixed star Regulus, standing across the sky from the talented and process-oriented black hole, Cygnus X-3. The unique Cygnus black hole system functions within a 4.8 hour orbital period. Venus wants what she wants. Saturn seeks to bring excellence into form and desperately aches to restore quality of life. Regulus reminds us to give ourselves the royal treatment - that is, the positive royal treatment, not the onslaught of critical review that can pop up like an annoying Internet ad, just when one is most busy planning vacations. The summary here reminds everyone to take mini-vacations if long term intervals of repose are not readily do-able. At least once a week, chill and do something fun for a time lasting no less than five hours at a shot. When pesky moods creep up, allow enough time - like five hours - to clear them out once and for all such that they do not dog you.

On the 23rd, Mars in Gemini opposes Jupiter at 10 degrees + change. Since Mercury also Squares the lunar South Node, it's a darn good time to repeat "What have I learned?" going back to April. But don't repeat any actions that failed to produce optimal results. Mars in Gemini prodded by Jupiter asks for "give me more, more" and to give it all you've got. Mars in Gemini is a frying pan for the brain, multitasking like crazy but stay aware and prioritize. Mental energies will be very high flying in Never Never LAnd,don't squander them, but apply persistent intentions in order to finish the race.

As August wanes, the Sun sails into Virgo's earth harbors or is that arbors? Venus opposes Neptune on the 25th, both retrograding. Alternately wear and then take off those rose coloured glasses and make a dewey eyed review of how it's supposed to turn out. But beware that big pot hole, called the rut of regret. Venus will turn direct on September 8th and again opposes Neptune on the 20th. Just in time for the balance of night and day - the equinox - Venus and Neptune step forward and issue Passports to Shangrilla/dreams fulfilled land at that time.

Astrology Updates July 23-29 by Tara Greene

Copyright Tara Greene


July 23 SUN ENTERS LEO- 1:00 am EDT
Moon in Scorpio till the 24th
July 29 Full Moon in Aquarius @ 8:48 pm EDT

ALL TIMES EDT unless otherwise indicated

{when not to initiate anything}

July 24 6:30 am Moon goes V.C. from Scorpio
July 24 Moon enters Sagittarius 4:29 pm
July 26th Moon goes V.C. from Sag. @ 8:13 pm
July 26 Moon enters Capricorn 11:21 pm PDT
July 27 Moon enters Capricorn 2:21 am EDT
July 28 Moon goes V.C. @ 10:23 pm
July 29 Moon enters Aquarius @ 9:13 AM

We’ll get to the biggies first-

VENUS GOES RETROGRADE July 27- @ 1:26 pm EDT-Sept 8
This is a biggie! Venus travels backwards in the skies for the 1st time in over 18 months. Do you remember what happened last time?

Venus rules everything that’s nearest and dearest to most people’s hearts- relationships, values, love, beauty, money, luxury, peace, harmony, and let’s not forget music and the arts. So her Retrograde movement will significantly change all that, our buying habits and social patterns over the next 6 weeks or so while she’s Retrograde.
We have an opportunity to resolve unfinished business in relationships and artistic endeavours.

Venus Retrograde-Odalisque by Ingres

The cosmos as Venus goes Retrograde
July 27 2007 @ 1:28 pm EDT

Venus won’t get back to her retrograde station point again until Oct 11th when relationships, values, dating, shopping, etc. have had their complete make-over. So we’re really talking about a 10 week period here of re-evaluating our primary basic relating and consuming habits. Venus’s prescription,Rx in Virgo asks us to become more discerning, less judgemental and perfectionist-a very Virgoan trait.

Venus begins her Retrograde period in earthy practical nitpicky Virgo @ 2 degrees 57 mins.to be exact, which she entered on July 14. Venus will boogie ass backwards into dramatic royal heart-centered Leo on Aug. 8th and re-evaluate all the love given in your life, all the fiery pomp and circumstance, ALL THE DRAMAS, pride, courage, will and big kid at heartedness that Leo has to offer.

Venus Retrograde in Leo in the natural 5th house house of love affairs asks us to be more authentic, valueing from the heart, not the head, {Virgo} less willfull and egoistic. A re-evaluation of DRAMA becomes DARMA, meaning true unselfish service. O.K. not spelled actually correctly but phonetically and by the power of the pun it works!

It might feel a bit strange to be limiting or reticent in our hearts during the Retrograde phase combined with the usual expansiveness of Leo-very much like driving your heart vehicle through a major urban traffic jam having to alternatingly put your brakes on.


Most of them will be significantly overhauled or dropped upon more diligent scrutiny.

I got a call from a man on the 23rd asking me what I thought about Venus Retrograde and how it would affect his sad love life in the near future as he had his Venus in Virgo and Retro to boot at birth.
I told him that Venus Retrograde natally is always a karmic signature of repeating relationship patterns and repaying lovers and loved ones through lessons one hasn’t learned yet {from past lives}.
We all have those lessons to learn but Venus Retrograde at birth points out that this is a major life lesson that absolutely must be worked on and resolved. Vensu Retro at birth usually bodes ill for relationships if you are unaware and unconscious but with diligent work it can be made to really clear the decks.

Yet I said I thought that it was hopeful time for him as he is having a “Venus Return” a symbolic New Moon, a new phase, a new birth in love relationships and that he would definitely be in his familiar element when Venus Goes retro in Virgo and that that would be good for him. I compared it to people with Mercury Retrograde nataly who I observe do very well when Merc. goes Retro by transits. Significantly enough he told me that he has been an alcoholic for many years and just a few weeks ago went to A.A. and stopped drinking when a relationship broke up rather than falling into that familiar pattern. I wished him much luck and blessings.

My advise to him and to everyone during this Venus Rx is to review all significant love relationships and work related patterns and of course health and diet routines and values during this time in order to really reap the Venus revamp rewards. We will all have immense scrutiny and discipline to accomplish this not to mention great heart and will.
There is also an element of re-evaluating work, our daily routines & health regimes with Venus in Virgo and of course our love for the Earth whose harvests’ we depend on to stay alive.

We must do what we love and what we want to harvest from now and also to see love as work, as a discipline. THIS IS a biggie for the stock market which has been soaring lately!

It is especially symbolic that Venus is reviewing values coming out of Virgo who wastes nothing and lives very frugally on a very tight budget using only what she needs and then re-assessing Leo royal flair, the big show, the bling, bling, bigger cars, diamonds, palaces, etc. etc.
With the more recent consciousness shift that primarily America and significantly the First World Countries waste and use up most of the World’s resources this Venusian Retrograde bodes very well for a HUGE consciousness shift to only using what we need, becoming aware of just how much we waste in this instant, throw away culture, this macho-mine is bigger consciousness-yes, you suburban bleach blonde Goddesses in your SUV’s -this means you.

When Venus Re-enters Virgo we will all be more entrenched in the daily routines of recycling, reusing, and living a much more basic down to earth existence.

If we don’t volunteer our awareness to the task well then Saturn’s entry into Virgo on September2nd will do it for us and if you think you can bluff it in this big poker game called Life, remember that Saturn always wins!

Saturn will be in Virgo till 2010! Restricting and limiting the harvest of the Earth. Yes food, and basic resources that we need to keep us warm over the upcoming fall and winter will be drastically reduced.

SO be the wise ant now and meticulously store away the necessities of Life and be not the foolish Grasshopper who fiddles away the summer making merry music with total disregard of the upcoming winter.

The cosmic Landscape changes a lot during Venus’s Retrograde period. See chart-

Overview of this Week-
July 24th after all the dramas over Harry Potter, Ron, Hermionie’s, “you know who” and everyone else in the Wizarding world’s fate
Now exposed since Sat. the 20th at 12:01 am and the usual intensity of Scorpio Moon, we get to optimize while Moon enters Sagittarius. Jupiter is still Retrograde in Sagittarius as it has been since April 6th so Sagittarius fire is reflecting now and a bit held back, being raked over the coals so to speak. As a double Sagittarian myself Sun + Moon + Mercury at the Galactic Center, I’ve been feeling good with Jupiter in my home sign as all Sagittarians ought to be, but I am reflecting and reviewing how I use my words, search for truth, higher goals and of course planning trips and workshops.

The Only significant planetary aspects this week are:

Mars SQUARE NEPTUNE @ 7:10 m on the 24th
Mars in Taurus squares Neptune indicates practical solid acts of spiritual and artistic significance but can also drain energy in wasted dreams.

Moon Conjuncts JUPITER on the 25th @ 12:26 PM
This is a feel good one. Book that trip, buy a lottery ticket, sign up for a workshop that expands your mind.

MOON CONJUNCTS PLUTO July 26th @ 8:13 pm
Deep intensive inspired feelings tone is connected to the Galactic Center. This aspect will re-evoke the July 17th FIRE THE GRID, the world wide meditation held around the world commemorating Pluto’s exact conjunction with the G.C. again. So do do some meditation at this time as the Moon goes Void of Course after this aspect until July 27 @ 2:21 am EDT. That’s 5 hours and 8 minutes of pure inspirational letting go of the past and going into the heart of the souls’ journey from the Galactic Center and into Futurama.

Amazing inventive ideas, communications, revolutionizing awareness about spirituality. Expect to hear about a new breakthrough in cosmic mysteries. Hey E.T.’s where are you? Your timeline is running right down to the wire here.

FULL MOON JULY 29th 8:48 pm

Aquarian Full Moon asks us how do you want the world to be? How can you share in bringing awareness and revolutionizing the old power structures into a Oneness with all humanity?

Jupiter Mr. Big is Trine the Sun and sextile the Moon bringing optimism, creativity and bodasiousness. Jupiter has been Retro since April 5 and will station Direct on Aug. 6th. Get the final re-evaluations and judgements down now and be prepared to act on your mission soon. Letting go of old beliefs and outworn philosophies enables us to fully engage in following that arrow of higher truth.

Venus is kinds of dancing a wide cheek to cheek with Saturn the Cosmic Cop now from mid-June to mid October {within 16 degrees}.
Highlighted during this Fullness are issues around self-esteem and commitments. Venus Retro is re-evaluating how can we be more loving to ourselves and others. Plus


Saturn Trine Pluto brings discipline,limits, structure and helps build a “stairway to Heaven” Song written by Jimmie Page and Robert Plant
There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold
And she's buying a stairway to heaven
And when she gets there she knows if the stores are closed
With a word she can get what she came for
Woe oh oh oh oh oh
And she's buying a stairway to heaven
There's a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure
And you know sometimes words have two meanings
In a tree by the brook there's a songbird who sings
Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven
Woe oh oh oh oh oh
And she's buying a stairway to heaven
There's a feeling I get when I look to the west
And my spirit is crying for leaving
In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees
And the voices of those who stand looking
Woe oh oh oh oh oh
And she's buying a stairway to heaven
And it's whispered that soon, if we all call the tune
Then the piper will lead us to reason
And a new day will dawn for those who stand long
And the forest will echo with laughter
And it makes me wonder
If there's a bustle in your hedgerow
Don't be alarmed now
It's just a spring clean for the May Queen
Yes there are two paths you can go by
but in the long run
There's still time to change the road you're on
Your head is humming and it won't go in case you don't know
The piper's calling you to join him
Dear lady can't you hear the wind blow and did you know
Your stairway lies on the whispering wind
And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold
And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last
When all are one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll
Woe oh oh oh oh oh
And she's buying a stairway to heaven
There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold
And she's buying a stairway to heaven
And when she gets there she knows if the stores are closed
With a word she can get what she came for
And she's buying a stairway to heaven, uh uh uh.

And how symchronis is that!!!! Rock stars are archetypal messengers don’t you know. There’s a reason!


· As of January 7, 1991, "Led Zeppelin IV" had been certified platinum 10 times ten million copies sold.
· Released on No. 8 1971 the song is as of this date almost 36 years old.

* Stairway to Heaven" remains the biggest-selling sheet music in the history of rock. An average hit sells 10,000 to 15,000 copies. "Stairway to Heaven" has sold more than one million copies.

* "Stairway" is still played 4,203 times a year by the country's sixty-seven largest AOR (album-oriented rock) radio stations, according to trade magazine MONDAY MORNING REPLAY. How many times has it been played since it was released? ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers,refuses to release exact figures, but here's a rough guess: Figure that on each AOR station in America, the song was played five times a day during its first three months of existence; twice a day for the next nine months; once aday for the next four years; and two to three times a week for the next fifteen years. There are roughly six hundred AOR and "classic" rock stations in the U.S., which means that "Stairway" has been broadcast a minimum of 2,874 times. At eight minutes per spin, roughly 23 million minutes – almost forty-four solid years -- have been devoted to the song. So far.

In effect under the Full Moon,Saturn Trine Pluto with Saturn sitting right on the degree exact on Aug 6 at 27 degrees of Leo/Sagittarius. Around 27 degrees of Leo sits the Fixed Star Regulus, one of the 4 Royal Stars, markers of the Arch Angels.
Regulus is the Star marker for Angel Raphael, the healer placed in the North. This Royal Star marks the Heart of the Lion.

Regulus Fixed Star -the Heart of the Lion

Archangel Raphael/Fixed Star Regulus

Raphael's name means "God Heals."
Archangel Raphael is the archangel that supervises healers and healing for all Earth’s population. It’s sensible for everyone to call upon Archangel Raphael for his help in healing.

Ask Raphael for help when you are in any kind of pain, whether it is physical, emotional romantic, intellectual or spiritual. He will somehow inspire you with sudden ideas and thoughts giving you just the right information to help the healing. Pay attention to and then follow these angelic answers to your prayers.

When asked for healing assistance, Raphael surrounds and nurtures people with the EMERALD GREEN LIGHT of his halo. Green is the color of healing and clairvoyant people may see emerald green sparkles when Raphael is around.

Except for situations where the person’s death or illness is part of their overall divine plan, Archangel Raphael will energetically supply whatever is needed to promote healing. It’s important to note He will not always swoop in and heal everything right away. He could let you know that your negative thoughts have created this illness and to get rid of it, you must change your thinking. Hand over old anger to him for cleansing in the light. When this anger is gone, you will feel much more at peace and the effects of rage and anger in your body can be healed.

Raphael coaches and motivates healers whispering instructions into the ears of doctors, surgeons, psychologists, nurses and other caregivers including scientists. His intervention helps scientists in making breakthroughs in medical cures.

Ask for Raphael’s participation to promote healing in rocky marriages, addiction, grief and loss, family relationships and stressful lifestyles. Simply say his name or make a specific request: "Archangel Raphael, please come to my side and help me feel better about [issue]. Please surround me in your healing energy and guide my actions and thoughts so that I am healed."

Raphael is also the archangel in charge of travel. As you check in at the airport, ask Raphael watch over your luggage, the plane and your travels. Raphael and the traveler angels and can control airplane turbulence, give you directions when you’re lost, keep a leaky tire inflated and prevent your car from running out of gas (for a while anyway!).
Ask Raphael to smooth the way in all your travels. Don’t forget to thank Archangel Raphael and the ange for their help!

Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon fit in brilliantly with the COSMC ILLUMINATION

Sun @ 7 derees Leo –
“The constellations of stars shine brilliantly in the night sky; the power of basic spiritual values which refer to man’s common humanity and to all ENDURING ARCHETYPES.” –ha! STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN IT IS!

Moon at 7 degrees of Aquarius-
“A child is seen being born out of an egg; the emergence of new mutations according to the great rhythms of the cosmos.”
The world is changing, we are changing. A new cosmic archetypal being is hatching, we are all part of this new birth.

Motherpeace Tarot Image
by Vicki Noble created in 1986

July 16-22 Tara Greene’s Astrology Head's Up Copywrite Tara Greene

Hi Lites of the week

July 18
Sun Sesquiquadrate’s Jupiter a square + a semi square = 135 degrees of over the top joy
July 19 Sun Quincunx Pluto-cut back on what you overdid and take out the garbage
July 20 Mars –Uranus sextile, could be sexy and unpredictable
July 22 –It’s LEO’s turn to shine the brightest and how!

Moon Void of Course Times: when not to initiate anything!
July 16 @ 11:55 PM EDT until July 17 @ 5:39 am
July 19 @ 9:44 am until July 19th @ 3:53 pm
July 22 @ 2:29 am until July 22 @ 4:16 am

The week begins with Moon in fiery me first showman Leo

July 16
Moon Squares Mars 2 2:06 am EDT- harsh dreams wake you up in early hours
Moon opposite Neptune 1:29 pm-foggy? Day dreaming?
Moon Conjunct Saturn @ 11:55 pm-Serious reality check!
Moon Trines Pluto @ 11:55 PM –riches of the depths, power, control! Pride!courage!

Earthy, practical, hard working, perfectionist, nit-picky, organized, eager to serve others during Moon’s sojourn through Virgo. Good for gardening, cleaning up, enjoying nature after you’ve worn yourself to a frazzle cleaning up your act for Fire the Grid..

This is during the Fire the Grid and how beautifully it fits. From 7:11 am EDT for 1 hour Shelley Yates a Canadian who had her and her sons’ lives saved by Angelic Beings in 2003 has been guided by them to call this world wide meditation synchronized to 11:11 am Greenwich Mean Time. Moon Conjunct Venus is Virgo is grounding love, beauty, harmony, peace, values. It’s not airy fairy but practical. The Fire the Grid gets thousands or perhaps millions of people world wide to tune into their Higher Selves and the energies that these Beings are triggering.

July 18
Moon Square Jupiter @ 1:44 am
Emotionally this will keep you from doing the bungie jump. That exotic foreigner looks a bit less exotic in the harsh light of the office lights. Plan carefully for your vacation, higher educational goals and if you have any legal dealings. Good time to examine that map for the gold mine.

Moon Trine Mars in Taurus @ 2:06 pm
Treat yourself to a sumptuous treat. Energies pick up and are geared to beauty, martial arts, bull fights, cattle ranching, dude ranches and the like. Make music, sing, do a lot of rose smelling.

Moon Opposite Uranus @ 5:06 pm
Oops! It’s always an oops with Uranus. Virgos hate tardiness, like to be totally planned but Uranus in Pisces teaches them and you to relax and flow with the punches. So what if a few crumbs get spilled it’s really not the end of the world.

July 19

Tough, everyone’s picky picky picky. Road rage. The shadows of the Light side come out and they’re full of germs too! How dare you mess with any of my stuff, and revenge plots start to form in the subconscious.

That’s better, a little balance, hopefully some peace, nice music, a fine wine, a delightful candelit romantic plan around dinnertime. People become emotionally in their heads during Moon in Air Signs, and definitely can’t make up their minds about how they’re feeling although they have to be in relationships now but skirting the truth.

Water and Fire don’t mix elementally in Astrology, so Cancer tender hearts can easily get scorched now under Pluto’s power and control needs. Try to be honest with your feelings, don’t deny the Void or hide under a rug.

Moon Squares Mercury @ 6:12 am
One side wants to talk about their feelings, security needs, the Moon in Libra wants it all light, sociable, romantic.

Moon sextiles Jupiter @ 12:40 pm
This one will get everyone’s mood up for a big party.

Alt. Time! Break loose of your shackles. Creative unorthodox, wild ‘n crazy ideas abound. New forms of religions sprout up! Passionate Mars in Taurus makes the earth move. Have very unpredictable sensual sex! It’s bound to be a whole new rocket ride for those earth bound types connecting to Piscean Uranian Oneness.

Mars sextile Uranus unpredictably hot!
Napoleon Brousseau art installation New York 86

July 21
MOON Quincunx’s Uranus @ 4:48 am
Tantric sex, cosmic orgasms, spiritual romantic!

MOOn trines Neptune @ 10:34 am
I hope you’re situated in a beautiful nature scene, listening to the sounds of a waterfall, or tuning in through yoga or mediation to the heavenly spheres. Write something inspiring about last night.

Moon Squares Sun @ 2:29 am
This is just part of the unfolding lunation cycle. Feel safe, secure, tender and open hearted after that lingering amazing ride through the cosmos. Libra soaks up all those new social graces and balances out the energies.

Moos definitely shifts down, deep, into the heart of the matter, Sex, death, birth, rebirth, power, control, secrets, money. This is where the real riches are. Way down low. So swing low, lowdown and dirty. This is an excellent balance to the Fire the Grid heights then Libra re-balancing act, now the trick is to love the shadows. Feelings are at their most intense with Moon in Scorpio.

Moon sextiles Venus @ 9:16 am
The theme is sex, romance, beauty, exploring the deepest most intimate private parts.
You’ll learn to love the darkest parts of yourself and others. It’s not all that scary.

Yes they do things faster in California. Leo’s leap forward in all their shining glory.
Eveyone gets more exuberant under Leo’s golden beams. This is the Sign that the Sun rules, so it’s the Sun’s Birthday month so to speak. Leo is pure gold, courage, daring, heart and will. Leo brings childlike exuberance to everything, be a kid, eat ice creams everyday if it makes you happy-you will for surely be able to do a stringent diet when the Sun enters Virgo. The whole world’s a stage and this is your movie. You are the lead actor, director, sound person, editor. So emote, be dramatic, you are a star, edit out the parts you don’t like. Open your heart to the joy and passion of being alive. That is what Fire the Grid is all about! Continue your lessons. Be generous. Use your will power. No one can direct you but yourself. You are a child of the Universe. Play, play, play!




Friday the 13th & other Enlightening Astro Cosmic Updates by Tara Greene

Enlightening Astro Cosmic Updates and Insights July 9-15

By Tara Greene

Copyright Tara Greene

You may circulate this to friends and colleagues


“Ain’t superstitious,
black cat crossed my trail. Whah whah whah whah, boom, boom,whah whah whah whah
I ain’t superstitious,
but a black cat crossed my trail.
Bad luck ain’t got me so far,
and I won’t let it stop me now.
The dogs begin to bark,
all over my neighborhood.
And that ain’t all.
Dogs begin to bark,
all over my neighborhood.
This is a mean old world to live in,
And I can’t face it all by myself, at all.
And, dogs begin to bark,
all over my neighborhood.
The dogs begin to bark,
all over my neighborhood.
I got a feelin’ about the future,
and it ain’t too good, I know that.
I know, I know, I know.
Ain’t superstitious,
but black cat crossed my trail,
(I said it so many times before)
Ain’t superstitious,
a black cat crossed my trail.
Bad luck ain’t got me so far,
and you know I ain’t gonna let it stop me now.
Come on. “

Jeff Beck’s rewrite of Willie Dixon’s I Ain’t Superstitious sung by Rod the Mod on the album Truth 1968

Jeff Beck's Album TRUTH 1968

I apologize for being 5 days late getting this out. I have been so busy working which is great but I see that if I don’t write the columns regularly my viewer ship sinks from over 400 per day to less than 200 on this website, so that keeps me inspired to keep burning these midnight candles.

What can I say about the last few days-briefly so you can check it out in retrospect. I always find that the retrospect view serves to galvanize Astrology’s strengths-so give it a go.

All times EDT unless other wise stated

July 9

Mercury goes Direct! Whewh. I personally didn’t feel this one was too bad except for a major screw up at the bank which I found out about on the 10th but OY I heard rumours. Now things won’t actually be running full speed ahead until Merc. that Hermaphrodite is once again where he/she gets back to the degree where he went backwards at which will be on Aug 10th.

Moon Conjuncts Taurean Mars @ 7:25 am

A fire cracker of a slow deliberate morning. Kinda like driving with the brakes on. Emotions can get shredded when locking horns with a mad bull!
July 10

Moon Makes 3, Count ‘em Squares –all Fixed this day

Moon Squares Neptune @ 1:57 am

Moon Squares Saturn @ 5:00 am

Moon Squares Venus @ 12:54 pm

The first one is inspirational, spiritual, compassionate, boozy, escapist

The 2nd one is difficult, school of hard knocks, carrying that suitcase full of lead,

The 3rd one is romantic, creative, artsy, makes you want to splurge on expensive trifles and the like.

Put ‘em all together and they spell “It’s a hard knock life for us, it’s a hard knock life”

After that last Moon to Venus Square Moon goes VOID OF COURSE- @ 12:54 pm


The mood lightens considerably when in Gemini’s airy eiries. The dualistic twins famous in Star myths world wide are symbols of the apparent duality down here and obviously up there in the heavens as well, “As above so below” and vice versa.

Just know that emotionally you’ll be flitting around, nary to stick to any one thing over the next few days, socializing, and feeling like a kid again, which is “ a good thing” in Martha Stewart’s words.

July 11

Moon Trines Uranus in Pisces @ 1:33 am

The Universe gives you a whoopy cushion of a ride!

Moon Opposite Jupiter @ 10:33 am

Then sends you off to the Casino to try your “I’m Feeling Lucky” mood. You’re likely to eat a lot of chocolate cakes today, pet lots of dogs, go to the race track, philosophize,

Jog, run into a wall, crack a pile of jokes, book a trip to an exotic locale or at least to Vegas- I did, expound judgementaly, tech an old horse some new tricks, watch a James Bond movie, be hypocritical, shoot a few arrows, have your hooves polished. Not necessarily in that order.

Moon Squares Uranus @ 11:17 pm

Not to be taken lightly by those with hemoroids. Unexpected emotionally upsets. Hang loose baby and enjoy the roller coaster ride. Whee!!!

July 12

Moon Trines Neptune @ 4:11 am

Soft and pastely, gauzy, smell the incense, sooth your overwrought emotions. Write poetry at times like these, always dream big, forgive someone or yourself. At least get into some water and try to Re-Birth yourself.

Moon Opposite Pluto @ 1:39 pm

This illustrates the classic Gemini duality-Light and Dark, Good Cop Bad Cop; should I stay or should I go? The Light side of the Shadow or the Dark Night of the Soul? You choose. Oh but of course you can’t make up your mind. The Moon is the reflection of the Sun, here Moon reflects Hades, secrets, the shadow, power, control, kinkiness, hidden agendas and motives, mysteries, sex in the middle of the afternoon in the office broom closet, etc. etc.

Moon Sextiles Venus @ 5:12 pm

The tickler aspect and with Venus it’s sweet and sexy.

MOON GOES VOID OF COURSE-when of course ya shouldn’t initiate anything @ this time 5:12 pm EDT/ 2: 12 pm PDT


How quickly things change. Moon sails home to home sign of Cancer- Mom, Apple Pie, security, nurturing, food-y, watery, ultra emotional, real estate and relatives.

Cancer is the tenderest emotional time. Even big beefy steak eating types mellow out as Cancerian Moon pounds them out like a mallet to a fine fillet for the next 60 or so hours.

Moon Conjuncts Mercury @ 11:33 pm

Feel just how screwed up and confused things were in that Mercury Retrograde period now that you can look back at it and feel how knotted up your stomach is because of it.

Sip some chamomile tea. Feelings are given clear voice now but uttered with feelings as soft as butter on a hot summer day.

FRIDAY the 13th-

Now we’re up to speed and that only took me about an hour to write the previous. Not bad.

Friday the 13th with a Cancerian Moon behooves me to tell you to hide under the covers of your favorite security blankie, eat chicken soup with apple pie for desert, and be nice to your Mom,

Now of course you know that the Number 13 is not at all unlucky except for those superstitious Christian {and Muslim and Jewish, and Confusiun, etc.} Patriarchal Founders who feared the full fury, power and force of the Goddess, the Feminine which they were trying to destroy and did a pretty good job of defaming, obliterating, raping,

Stealing her power and resources, lying about, etc.etc.

The Number 13 is simply observable as the number of Moon Cycles in a year therefore bound to the Archetypal Lunar Feminine Powers of the Unconscious, Mothering, Menstruation, the Oceans, Dreaming and everything Nocturnal.

So it’s actually a Goddess Numerology Celebration Day. Can that Superstitious crap.

Very superstitious, writings on the wall,
Very superstitious, ladders bout to fall,
Thirteen month old baby, broke the lookin glass
Seven years of bad luck, the good things in your past.

When you believe in things that you dont understand,
Then you suffer,
Superstition aint the way

Very superstitious, wash your face and hands,
Rid me of the problem, do all that you can,
Keep me in a daydream, keep me goin strong,
You dont wanna save me, sad is my song.

When you believe in things that you dont understand,
Then you suffer,
Superstition aint the way, yeh, yeh.

Very superstitious, nothin more to say,
Very superstitious, the devils on his way,
Thirteen month old baby, broke the lookin glass,
Seven years of bad luck, good things in your past

When you believe in things that you dont understand,
Then you suffer,
Superstition aint the way, no, no, no

- by Stevie Wonder

But to negate your unconscious fears of black cats, walking under ladders, broken mirrors, opening umbrellas in the house, seeing funerals pass, lipstick on his collar, etc. etc. throw sea salt over your shoulder 3 x;s and pray to the Goddess. I’d advise you to go out and and get a black cat, as cats neutralize negative energy anyway.
July 14

Moon Trines Uranus @ 2:32 am

This is like Anusol on a Cosmic Level when Mom soothes all your hurt boo boo’s.

Emotional peaks and valleys. Expect to hear an unusual Cosmic Message from Uranus in Pisces and double check the credentials of whomever you’re channeling, please.

NEW MOON @ 22 degrees of CANCER @ 5:04 am PDT / 8:04 am EDT

New Moons are always about setting new intentions and with the flavour of this Month’s New Moon being in Cancer the question is asked with regards to our stomachs, our security needs, home, family, and how nurtured we are feeling emotionally

Remember that Cancer’s symbol is the Crab. Crabs have shells some hard some soft to armor and protect themselves. Take a look at your own armoring is it too heavy, or too light? Are you over protective or under protected? Either one is ready to be shed to allow for new growth.

Where this New Moon falls in your Natal chart shows where you are ready to outgrow the old suit of armor, what needs to be nurtured and made secure in your life now.

This New Moon has several potent alignments. Neptune at 21 degrees of Aquarius and Retrograde Quincunx’s the Sun and Moon. A Quincunx is in some ways more challenging than an opposition, which is a natural polarity of opposites. A Quincunx, a 150 degree angled aspect challenges inharmonious elements to say “we can work it out.”

Neptune blurs all boundaries showing us our common unity. Neptune can be helpful here in obliterating all differences, obstacles and distinctions. We are also forced to blend a Cardinal sign, Cancer with a Fixed Sign, Aquarius. Cardinal Signs-Aries, Cancer, Libra & Capricorn initiate. Fixed Signs –Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius bind and hold energy in place. SO time to initiate security that is secure and nurturing that lasts. We are also combining Water and Air –feelings with understanding and communicating.

Neptune’s Quincunx awakens us to our Sacred Dreams, to Healing the Hearth and Home.

This is the New Moon before PLUTO’s 2nd Conjunction with the Galactic Center whilst Retrograde.

On July 17th Pluto will be EXACTLY on the Galactic Center again. The first time was on Dec 28, 2006 while Pluto was direct. Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center is a VERY RARE occurance. Only every 240 years so pay close attention, this opportunity will only happen this year in this lifetime for all of us!

There is a World Wide Meditation planned so we can all connect to the Star Gate that the Galactic Center is.

See http://www.firethegrid.com

to see local times. All Meditation are supposed to be performed symchronized to Greenwich Mean Time and to meditate for 1 hour.

Pluto will be only conjunct the Galactic Center once in Retrograde! So now is the exact time to tune in, tune in, tune in! The Galactic Center is the very core, heart and Gateway of this little Milky Way Galaxy we reside in. The Galactic Center is the KEY to what all the 2012 Mayan predictions are all about. That Big Black Hole is our Place Holder in Space! Better get to know that place, it has the name of this little blue planet on it. Talk about My Space!

Astrologer Philip Sedgewick is a deep space Astrologer and he talks a lot about the importance of tuning into the Galactic Center. It’s all very future oriented and the key is not to ask for personal information but Galactic Information. Unlike the SECRET which is unbridled spiritual materialism, not that the Secret doesn’t work it’s just that it’s more of the same old ME, MINE,STUFF-EGO & CONSUMERISM. Pulleeze! It’s kinda over for that show now I feel. By all means use the ways of the Secret but don’t do it just for a bigger car, house, money. None of that will matter in a very short while. What will matter is what this New Moon symbolizes. Relationships, nurturing, love, care, food, a shelter over your head, internal security not stuff that requires external security systems.

PLUTO- dangerously demoted by a few cranky Astronomers-is Lord of Death, The Shadow, Power and Control, Re Birth, Sex, Mysticism, the Shades. PLUTO always dismantles, takes apart, overturns the BIG PICTURE, the Collective Unconscious. Pluto is considered by some Astrologers to represent the Soul itself.

SO the Big Picture is the Death and Rebirth of the Collective Unconscious from the Heart, Soul and Vagina of our Milky Way Galaxy. How appropriate in the Sign of Cancer. Where did you come from? All humans are of woman born, the Sign symbolized by Cancer. We grow and evolve from our marine origins, from the Sea. Mare is her name in Latin, she is known as Mary Jesus’ Mother in Christianity, or Mary Jesus’ wife. Mare is also the name of a female horse and Pluto is in Sagittarius, the half horse half human centaur. I believe we are in for a Galactic Information download about our Celstial origins, if you think the Da Vinci Code was shocking, wait till all hell breaks loose when we get the Cosmic Message that should make us feel totally secure that we are not alone in this Galaxy or in the Universe. I’ve been predicted for what seems like ages that aliens would show up or that some kind of evidence would be brought to light about the Gods origins from Space. I totally know that we originate from the Stars, that we are indeed made of Cosmic Star dust. The Collective Unconscious will get this message. Perhaps Neptune will send a wave of Star Dreams to the Star Dreamers. Read Native American mythology they all speak of Ancestors coming from the Stars,called Skwanaysee. Our Ancestors watched the skies, received the Archetypal stories and Myths from the Stars, the constellation, the original Gods all came from the Sky. Pluto as Lord of the Underworld is the balance to the Sky Gods, he lives under the Earth, he is a grounded God.

Pluto transiting the Galactic Center has always sparked times of momentous change.

In his Retrograde period expect all the old demons and shadows to resurface one last time. Personally use this time to totally absolutely clean out all the old baggage in every secret recess in your own subconscious. You won’t be needing it any more.

PLUTO will make his final and last appearance at the Galactic Center in our present lifetimes moving direct on October 28, 2007.

SO this is the 2nd to last chance saloon on July 17th, although Pluto will be lingering on the Galactic Center as he has been since that first conjunction in Dec. 2006.

BIG BIG CHANGES AHEAD. The DEATH AND RESURRECTION SHOW. Think of James Brown’s ritual. Think of chaos anarchy freedom. Think of “novelty”..

Moon Goes VOID OF COURSE after the NEW MOON @ 8:04 am

Venus Verticordie by Dante Gabriel Rossetti


The planet of Love, Beauty, Harmony, Luxury and Values and of course Women enters Earthy, Practical, Perfectionist, Analytical, Routines and service to others, Health conscious Sign of the Virgin Goddess Herself Virgo.

After giving lots of love and having major and numerous love affairs, living life as in a Soap Opera, being courageous, proud, being the Queen who needs to be served, and like a big hearted kid, doing leadership with style, while she prowled through Leo, Venus takes a completely different turn wearing earthy tones, Autumn colours and getting decidedly disciplined, practical, hard working and especially nit picky about Health and Values.

After the great hearted Leonine self-expression, this is the grounding and the practical doing the laundry, taking out the garbage, balancing the budget. The Romance must stand the heat of the daily and boring grind, but not dull for Virgo who loves to keep things in spanking clean order! This is the time where you notice all the little imperfections in what seemed to be so perfect a mate. Remember that being human means making mistakes. Do you want love, relationships, real life or Perfection? If you want Perfection then you really must be an alien because we humans ain’t perfect-ain’t it the truth?

Do lots of reading while Venus is in Virgo and for Goddess sake get your habits your Health regime, desk, purse and especially your debts in order now.
Do you love your job? Is work a joy or a chore? What’s the state of your body? Had a medical check up lately? Virgo’s nature as Virgin Goddess means that she is Virgin in the original sense which meant a woman who is whole and complete unto herself, who does what she does because it pleases her and no one else, She belongs to no man and follows her gut instincts. Sounds romantic?

MOON ENTERS LEO @ 10:43 pm

Fiery, fixed, lion hearted, courageous, dancing on tables, starring in their own productions, fearless leader, giving lots of love, King and Queen, regal, dramatic, golden, childlike, willful that’s what Moon in the Sign of Leo absorbs and reflects..


Leo Moon Trines Jolly Jupiter @ 5:53 pm

You’ve hit the Big Time! You get the promotion, win the lottery or at the slots, win a trip to Hollywood, get scouted, climb Mount Everest, do some brazenly crazy wild stunt, travel big, buy some sinfully expensive, conceive a baby! Boss everyone around, wax largely philosophical, be erly judgmental, eat too much for desert at a fancy restaurant,

Serenade your girlfriend with a Spanish guitar under her condo balcony, give someone a big hug, smooch, gift, etc. etc.

Moon Squares Mars in Taurus @ 11:06 pm PDT/ July 16 2:06 am EDT

The Bull and the Lion face off. No one wants to back down. Emotionally clawing at stubborn and defensive bull’s hides may not be exactly where you want to go. Get out a big nail file and dull down those claws of yours. Or use the fiery Leo Moon to sound off about those lazy self indulgent ….. Tempers should be high. Enlightened Taureans just smell the roses the whole time, turn the volume up on their favourite music and snack on some lovely food and wine savouring every moment they can. What’s that Lion roaring about anyway?

Astro Logos Updates July 2-8 by Tara Greene
Copyright of Tara Greene

Permission is given to send this information to other with source acknowledgement

Hi Lites of this week

Actually it’s a very quiet week, Have a Cosmic Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Break!
Yeah right!

All times EDT unless otherwise stated.

Monday July 2
Moon Enters Airy Aquarius 1:24 am EDT
To Canuck’s right now, the Goddess depicted in the symbol of Aquarius is pouring out Blue Canadian Beer on everyone’s heads. Hangover after all the Canada Day Celebrations? Chill out while Moon is in Aquarius. Group awareness intensifies while Moon passes through Aquarius. Get outside and look to the stars for Cosmic inspiration.
Aquarius is the sign of Revolutionaries so do something radically different.

Moon Squares Mars @ 11:26 am
Good thing the banks, post offices and Government aren’t open in Canada today because Aquarian tempers are heated up by practical Martian Taurus energy and amplified bull or moose headed.

Bi-Quintile between Mars & Jupiter @ 5:09 pm
This is a 144-degree aspect, you know the # 144? A very sacred number. It’s two 72 degree quintiles, 1/5 of a circle. A star takes 72 years to move 1 degree. It’s highly creative and auspicious. Mars in Taurus and Jupiter in Sag. work towards practical aims truth and justice. It’s practically inspiratiuonal! Usually fire and earth aren’t compatible
But this helps them to integrate their energies. Venus sits at the mid-point of the 2 adding Cancerian care artistic and romance into the mix of passionate action seeking Mars and optimistic Jupiter.

Moon Quincunx’s Sun @ 8:45 pm
Water and air don’t mix so put it in the Cosmic Blender and create a cocktail out of thin air. Talk about lite!

July 3rd
Moon Conjuncts Neptune @ 4:06 pm
Brilliant ideas and great dreams are spawned. Romance is in the air. Great works of art and idealistic revolutions likewise. You’re walking on the clouds!

Moon Opposes Saturn @ 5:52 pm
O.K. so don’t hit the ground too hard but get it all down to earth with plans that are practical, require patience and persistence and in which you are the star of the radical show.

Sun and Jupiter Quincunx @ 7:13 pm
Brings instability and insecurity. Cautious Cancer Sun make be too emboldened by Jupiter making promises it can’t keep. Jupiter in Sag. aims usually very high threatening security and safety. Judgments may be off. Cancerian limits may be expanded into the wider world and the Big Picture.

Moon Opposite Venus @ 8:21 pm
Venus in Leo is a regal Queen who demands all the luxuries, to be totally adored and Moon in Aquarius is always arch, cool, detached and rebellious totally ignoring the Queen’s demands and emotionally leaves the building quickly before the Queen yells Off with their head!

Moon Sextiles Pluto @ 11:02 pm PDT then goes Void of Course-
I think of sextiles as Cosmic tickles. The Moon tickles Pluto’s toes sending us into emotional depths which we can view with detachment to see what needs to be discarded.


July 4 It’s America’s Birthday!!! On A Void of Course Moon!
We all know not to initiate anything on a V.O.C. Moon.
The Good Old U.S. and A. is 231 and the countdown has started. We all know that the U.S. Natal Mars is moving Retrograde for the next 70 years or so. Call it Cosmic Synchronicity. You’ve been an irritating neighbour. Better be nice to us Canadians as we’re your closest relatives and have lots of resources which you rely heavily on. It’s always important to be nice on the trip up to the top because when your backsliding down everyone has a long memory. Lucky for you Canucks are nice folks, non-aggressive and so far still have social medicine and we don’t carry guns.

The last Sign of the Zodiac indicates this is a last stand emotionally shining down on America’s red white and blue skies. Pray for compassion and forget all that flag waving,
Bombs bursting in air stuff and Nationalism separatist stuff. We’re all one Big Country on this planet. Pisces is Pacifist, lay down all those arms and open up your arms. Escapism will probably be the unenlightened side of Pisces showing.
I didn’t see Dubyah’s state of the Onion address if he made one. But I hear he’s got lots of navy ships floating around off the Persian Gulf near Iran. Drink a few too many glasses of Shiraz. Let John Lennon’s song Imagine carry the Total Meaning of Pisces to your brain, play it over and over on your ipod in your brain till you get that message.

Moon Trines Mercury @ 1:11 PM
Good deeds and random acts of retrograde kindness.

July 5

No real significant planetary action today so take a break. Only 4 more days till Mercury goes Direct. Rehash, relax…

Moon Squares Jupiter @ 3:01 am
Great big fat spiritual dreams tonight.

Moon Trines Sun @ 5:36 am
Feel’s so good to cry into an Apple Pie! Cleanse your heart and stomach. Forgive your Mom for all your past real or imagined indignations. Easy to be kind.

Moon conjuncts Uranus @ 3:21 pm
A compassionate revolution! Like Gandhi revolutions can be made passively without bloodshed and tears. Meditate at this time even for a few minutes and tap into some higher consciousness.

July 6
Moon Squares Pluto @ 6:08 am then goes V.o. C.
An irritable wake up call! Pisces Moon pushes on Pluto hovering Retro at the Galactic Centre for spiritual awakenings.


This pushes the emotional buttons onto defensive, aggressive, action oriented fast forward. It’s me first outta my way! Pace heats up for a weekend full of spontaneity
Fiery daring do.

Moon Squares Mercury @ 3:55 PM
Too many independent, brash, selfishness and harsh wounding words that you’ll be sorry you uttered in retrospect. Hold those tongues of fire!

This Cancerian/Aquarian combo puts salt in the old wounds. Much kvetching about how Mom didn’t love you totally and unconditionally. This can translate positively into looking at the wounds around unrealistic expectations from the things we project as “MOM.”-the government, our lovers, job security, etc. Chiron can help Cancerian sun shed some light into those old dark dusty wounds where they lie festering.


July 7

It’s Ringo Starr’s 67th Birthday! Happy Birthday Ringo!

Moon Trines Jupiter @ 6:18 am
Big, Passionate, adventurous gambling amorous liaisons with exotic foreigners, scallywags, pirates and the like in your dreams.

ARIES Moon SQUARES SUN @ 12:53 pm
This’ll get you outta the house outta your security net, and out into the vast reaches of the fun of Life as an Amusement Park for the senses.

This aspect seems to be popular this week! The 72 + 72 degree spiritual aspect encourages more of the same. Nurturing big dreams, compassion, inspiration, faith.

Check your emotional brakes before getting in your vehicle. The Cosmic Cop and the Arian Emotional warriors have a nice tete a tete where they pay their dues to the Major Domo, whoever or whatever that may be in your life. This is driving without the brakes on.

July 8th
The above happens @ 2:15 am EDT and do be careful when driving.

Aries Moon TRINES VENUS @ 8:34 am
A wildly romantic passionate morning fling anyone?

MOON TRINES PLUTO @ 9:06 am then goes V.O.C.
More of the same only deeper, deeper, into my secrets, {heavy breathing} faster,
{more heavy breathing} deeper, breakthrough intensity, dissolving boundaries.
A quick ride through Hades realm makes for exciting bedfellows. Hold the brakes or it’ll be over too soon, you want the “little death” to never end and it won’t as the Moon goes into oblivion and Void of Courses and you never want to avoid the Void now do you?

Get your feet back on solid ground after that earthquake. Sensual Sunday all day, Taurus loves comfort, good food; it’s lazy and loves to enjoy smelling those roses, making music and love. Pleasure is what Taurus is all about and the Bull sticks stubbornly to that credo and who can blame him? This is a day to relax, rest and enjoy enhancing all your senses.

Moon Enters Taurus
sculpture by Picasso

The mood continues and what could be more intensely passionate than this? The Goddess of Love in her most regal beauty in Leo is in bed with the Lord of the Underworld. Nudge nudge, wink wink. Secrets, passion, obsession, death, and rebirth, Phoenix fireworks! The harmonious nature of the Trine makes for incredibly deep inspirational desires. Pluto is at the Galactic Centre

Picasso's version of Venus Trines Pluto

Venus is the Goddess of Love and Beauty in Leo she is a Golden Goddess of Opportunity opening our hearts and our wills to be transformed by Pluto where we die to our egos and are reborn as the Shining Light and the Golden essence of the Stars that we are! Venus also rules money and values and Pluto is the god of Power and riches so this is an excellent combo to do prayers for abundance of wealth. In Leo Venus’s heart is big and open, generous to those she loves and especially to children. AN amazing day for transforming Love, giving and renewing the Inner child, for playfulness for letting the Sun shine internally and recognizing that we are all Children, all one in our hearts, all one under the Sun.

Breathe and Meditate on your Heart, from your heart. Feel a Golden honey like light welling up in your heart, feel its viscosity, its thickness, examine it and see that it contains real gold flecks which multiply to enrich and become liquid gold in your heart. The Golden Light is Love, is the Sun, your Heart is the Source of all Life, is the Source of Love. Feel the gold of Love coursing through your Veins. This is Venus’s realm.
Feel your heart beating and the pulsing gold liquid throughout your entire being. Feel the golden essence of your Spiritual Love nature emanate out through your pores, your skin, and into the atmosphere. Feel the Power that you have access to, the Golden Light of the Source of all life in our Star system, the Sun. Feel the warmth of the Sun all around you and know that you and the Sun are one. Be with that, stay with that.
Pluto is the Shadow of the Sun, the darkness without which the Sun cannot know itself. The Sun casts Pluto as its shadow. Venus is Love and Love knows no darkness. Darkness is only a place where the Light hasn’t touched. Let the Golden Sun in your heart fill the dark places within you, fill the shadowy parts, the fear, negativity, sadness,
Any places where you have known hatred, Judgement, separation, let the Light of Love fill those empty and thirsty parts of yourself of your experiences on this earth plane. You have the opportunity to let the Light shine through the Darkness. Slowly do this, without fear, with total faith and trust. This is true Alchemy turning lead into gold. The Goddess of Love joins the Lord of Death and loves Death knowing that there is no” death” as you have been taught to believe, death is only what you choose to consciously not experience, there is nothing to fear. All is in the Light and a Golden Oppotunity; Death is only change, transformation. You are an immortal Spiritual Eternal Being of Light.
Notice all the other golden hearts lighting up. Visualize everyone else’s golden hearts in the World. Know their hearts are made of pure Golden Love Light. Stay within the Light of that image; hold it in your heart.
When you come out of your meditation know that whomever you see again you will remember the Golden Love Light in everyone’s hearts no matter what they do, how they act, how they look, what they own. You will see through the eyes of Love to the Spiritual essence of everyone from now on. Behold you are awakened to the Truth!

copyright Tara Greene


Hi Lites of the week
Saturn-opposite-Neptune Dreams do come true!
Capricorn Full Moon June 30th Big Healing Moon

June 25th
The 3rd and final Saturn-Neptune opposition @ 21 Leo-Aquarius marks a significant turning point both personally and collectively. Baby Boomers born between Oct. 51 to Aug. 54 get this opposition smack dab on their natal Pluto’s!
The gap between Reality where your ego sits on a regal throne- Saturn in Leo, and your Highest Spiritual Revolutionary Freedom Loving Dreams- Neptune in Aquarius are opposing each other. As with all oppositions as Carl Jung said-the key is to hold the tension of the opposites. And tension abounds! With any two apparent dichotomies, radical fundamentalists vs. Islamic fundamental terrorists for example there is no real difference, there is only an illusion of separateness, they are two sides of the same coin.
For a win win situation both sides need to have their say and find their common denominator.
Saturn the Cosmic Cop, is giving us all a Cosmic reality Check. Holding down the bastions of good ole’ boys Patriarchal power over histrionics. Saturn in Leo is Masculine Consciousness, ruled by the Sun. Leo is the sign of the Leader, the child, will, and creative self-expression. Neptune ruler of Compassionate Spiritual Pisces wants Oneness and Bliss. Neptune is also Lord of Illusion, Escapism and Addictions, films, the arts, secrets, things going on behind closed doors, the Unconscious and completion. Neptune is ruler of Revolutionary and change loving Aquarius sign of the individual and group consciousness, leadership without ego, invention, technology, higher communications, breakthrough consciousness, Kundalini energy. This is a big wake up call.

In the collective fraud can be exposed now, anything based on illusion may collapse now.
Corporations based on the higher good of all can be significantly formed now. Universal law courts, humanitarian rights, children’s rights all come to the fore. Spiritual frauds and cults, religious leaders and Institutions are at peril, pharmaceuticals that don’t do what they’re supposed to do will crash and burn under the fiery consciousness of awakened eyes, or unused eyes closed more shut in denial and fear, hiding behind the bastions of power people hope will take care of business, escaping into flights of “reality shows” escaping with drugs legal and illegal, sci fi, high tech, the Internet, or Spiritual seeking which is ungrounded rather than dealing with the real mess that needs to be dissed for a clearer better way.
This is a great time to meditate and use Neptune’s Aquarian Higher Consciousness energies to visualize a brave new world, like Aldous Huxley’s “BE here now”

Dream a better world where all of humanity knows its’ Oneness and Origins from One Spiritual Source. Time to revolutionize that Old Time Religion in favour of a personal individualized direct connection with the Source. It’s like that Disney film Bridge to Tarabithia where the young girl Leslie a revolutionary free spirit goes to church with her friends who are country bumpkins who believe in the law of the Bible’s words literally. She says I don’t believe that God sends people to hell for not believing in the Bible, God is too busy creating all this.
Some people may feel depressed and hopeless, as old, rigid dreams die making way for new ones.
For spiritual people this opposition gives form and solidity to the Spiritual realms, insights and intuitions are made real, dreams do come true, it’s instant karma time. making it easier to follow a spiritual discipline and making the spiritual realms tangible.
More evidence of spirit from space, quantum physics, a more holistic understanding of the cosmos. More angel sightings, U.F.O.’s, messages from people on the other side, enhanced telepathy-the Internet is a technological Saturn tool for what it is we’re all developing-telepathy, the ability to feel what everyone else is feeling with no duality.
Therefore wars fought somewhere else affect everyone, the eco damage to the Earth harms all of us, we recognize our Unity, we’re all in the same boat, floating on this big blue barge called the Earth, spinning around in space at an enormous velocity.

June 26th Irritating Square laden day-
Moon is still in Scorpio. And she is Squaring Venus early in the day-so watch out for arguments. Then she Squares Uranus, then Neptune at around 4:00 and Saturn 20 minutes later. Ouchy! Crazy, Irritable, Mercury Retrograde!!!! Did I mention that Venus also Qunicunx’s Uranus before noon? It’s my way or the highway the ladies doth protest!

June 27
Ah, Moon enters Sagittarius-8:23 am EDT

Just relax, hang loose, Moon is now in Sagittarius and if you’ve made it past the last two days and are still standing you deserve a break today. Humor is the best medicine, all Sagittarians know. With the Moon in the “red rubber ball of the Zodiac” sign we’re all bouncing right back on our hooves to gallop off into the woods in pursuit of a higher philosophy to try to make sense of it all.
Qunicunx’s Qunicunx’s and more…
Moon then pulls a few fast ones on us, just when we’re starting to feel O.K. by Quincunxing Mars, oh that’s a fast punch in the haunches, and then Moon Quincunx’s Sun, Which way is up? And then last but not least Moon Quincunx’s Retrograde Mercury in Cancer. Feeling irritated by this Mercury Retrograde where you can feel it in the pit of your stomach? {I got a thousand spam emails in my inbox!} Qunicunx’s are like totally inharmonious elements, they don’t a speak the same language. Hang loose because as always things change.

June 28th
Moon conjunct Jolly Jupiter King of the Gods at 8:09 am
This one will get you out of bed happy, whistling a happy tune and ready to be casual and hopefully have a stroll in nature.
Sun conjuncts Mercury @ 2: 39 pm EDT
Ego and intellect collide and may feel a bit retro, but can also help to shed some light on all the recent miscommunication and encourage honest sharing of feelings.

Moon Squares Uranus @ 8:37 pm
Emotions are unpredictable, changeable and seek freedom at any cost. Be spontaneous!

June 29
Moon Trines Venus @ 12:18 am
How very romantic. Sagittarius and Leo are great companions. Fiery, passionate, Venus in Leo, a shimmering Queen of Beauty always gets her way and Sag. Moon being very easy going is happy to oblige. Do something Leonine-dramatic, the tango, an outdoors picinic, Yogi Bear/Sagittarian style, go to a baseball game and root for the home team!
Go to a comedy club. Be a big kid!

Moon Trines Saturn @ 3:13 am
Are serious proposals in the Air?

Moon Conjuncts Pluto @ the Galactic Centre @ 1:08 pm
If this is your lunch hour I’d advise you to seriously sit and meditate on what your higher truth is, and ask for direction from Pluto. The key is to ask in a non –personal way, as to how you can aid humanity in inspiring them to Higher wisdom. Moon conjunct Pluto is always a heavy time but go down into Pluto’s realm with typical Sag. Optimism and you’ll be rewarded and share the information, Pluto rules the Collective Unconscious.

Moon goes Void of Course at this time and then-

Mercury Semi-Squares Venus @ 3:34 pm
Hurt feelings, misled plans, but tenderness and love sweeten the situation. Use extreme diplomacy.

Moon enters Capricorn @ 6:05 pm
Emotional tones gets serious, all business. The Moon is debilitated in Capricorn the sign opposite her home in Cancer. It’s dry, barren, emotions are repressed but discipline and purpose may be the order of the day and this whole Holiday weekend in Canada.

June 30th CAPRICORN FULL MOON @ 9:49 am-
But 1st-

Moon Trines Mars @ 1:17 am
An earthy robust headstrong bovine and goat celebration! Capricorn Moon is the clear winner with determination to reach that peak whilst Mars in Taurus plods along stopping to smell the roses. Where’s the beef? Have a huge BBQ. Vegans head for a petting zoo and stroke some baby goats.

Moon Opposes Mercury @ 4:53 am
Oh Oh. The best-laid plans go awry no matter how Capricornian the plans are with Mercury Retrograde in Cancer. Better to stay in your own backyard.

CAPRICORN FULL MOON @ 8 degrees + of @ 9:49 am EDT 6:49 am PDT
Full Moon’s are always culminations in the Lunation cycle. How Full do we Feel? Are are tummies satisfied? Do we feel nurtured, well fed, loved, safe, secure, at home? These are all Archetypal Full Moon questions.
Sun is in Cancer the 1st water sign of the Zodiac; this is the womb, the emotional body, the importance of feelings. It is also the most Feminine of the signs. Sign of the Mother and also the Child. This Full Moon helps us to illuminate how well our Inner child is doing. Cancer is the sign of the beginning of Summer in the northern Hemisphere when all life grows green, thriving and abundant when flowers bloom and living color explodes,
The Sun has just reached its peak.
Capricorn is the opposite signifying the onset of Winter in the North when the Sun reaches zero degrees of that sign. Traditionally, and for thousands of years, resources were scarce, it is cold, shelter food stored matter, keeping warm is a chore, wood had to be cut, careful planning was necessary to ensure survival. Capricorn makes us get serious grow up, be mature and face the hard facts of life. Rewards are earned through hard work, planning, patience and persistence. Moon in Capricorn asks us to evaluate duties commitments responsibilities. DO we need to take more responsibility? Or perhaps less, maybe we’re overburdened with work and have no time to nurture ourselves, our family and children, or inner child who may be starving for affection and attention while we’re so busy acting grown up and taking care of bringing home the bacon, never mind the upkeep of the SUV, etc.
I mentioned Mercury conjunct the Sun it is Retro asking us to look back at old feelings, buried and repressed early childhood memories, suitcases full of them and release them bring them out in to the light where they may be aired out and released.

Neptune at 22 Aquarius sesquiquadrates the Sun, a square + a half, and semi-squares the Mooon allowing for dissolution of old emotional patterning.
Neptune is the esoteric ruler of Cancer, helps us to feel the Eternal Love of Our Spiritual Mother, call her Mary, Quan Yin, Tara, the Great Goddess Mother for nurturing. No mortal Mother can give unconditional love in the same way.
Venus Goddess of Love Beauty Harmony and Peace is in Leo opposite Neptune and conjunct Saturn. Neptune is also the Higher Octave of Venus, and this is a very beautiful Blessing and consolidation of feeling the Great Mothers Love both personally and collectively. Venus in Leo is Love Yourself, Treat yourself like Royalty. DO absolutely what you love, express yourself, your heart your will, your Inner Child, now feeling healed and whole after dumping all that old baggage. Neptune brings us the message that all is love, you are love. Saturn says feel it in your bones. Chiron the wounded healer is also within range of conjuncting Neptune in the whole mélange of Venus and Saturn bringing major healing through going through the wounds.

Uranus is also in Quincunx with Venus and Saturn indicating that we need to innovate compassionate revolution towards the old guard who will want to hoard all the wealth, the downside of the Venus Saturn conjunction. Also that new technologies will disrupt the old order and old ways of doing things if not based on love, compassion and inclusion.

You will need some prepared dried bones, a drum if you have one.
Get some bones, chicken bones, beef bones, and dry and prepare them for this ritual.
Saturn rules the Bones we will use these bones as magical holders of the energies emanating around this Full Moon. Prepare a sacred circle, call in the directions and elements. First we will do an active meditation then a receptive meditation. Meditate on Love, personal love the love you have known and felt, and send that love out to the physical world, the corporate world, world leaders, the rocks and minerals of the earth. Then focus on Spiritual Love. Be open to receiving the cosmic Love and Bliss flowing through you, through your heart with every beat. If you have a drum or you can simply improvise {Neptune in Aquarius} and feel how your heart beat synchronizes with the pulses of Love. Get blessed and blessed, sing, hum, chant, tone.

Do this for as long as you like, really getting into it. Send love to your Inner Child, telling her/him that you are always there for that little one. That you have always been present and you will always be there, no matter what. Send love from the Source of Oneness to all the children of the world. Sense a huge wave of Love engulfing the world and all her children in peace, security, safety, with full tummies. Watch for an image or symbol of your inner child, let that unfold in your mind’s eye. The child may give you a gift, some words, a smile, their hand in trust.

Do an Invocation-
When you have finished sending, and receiving the love, Invoke the planets ad energies emanating from the Sun in Cancer, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Neptune into the bones where the energy will be solidified and held. You could fashion a necklace or a doll out of the bones and wear it as an amulet. Or keep the bones on your alter or in a special place where you can hold it and see it to remind you of the grounding of this unique and rare event.

Mars is in Taurus supporting the grounding of the energies. He is conjunct the Planetoid Ceres, Goddess of the Earth, Giver of the Grains. It’s important that we look at how we use the earth and how we harvest her resources. The Warrior here tells us that we need to defend the Earth’s Honour now. Also extremely high temperatures may cause severe droughts, water shortages, and difficulty growing crops. Defend the Goddess, the Earth, act as her warrior.

Pluto is about to exactly conjunct the Galactic Centre, but is near enough to the Heart of the Galaxy. Definitely tune into the messages emanating from the Black Hole, the Cosmic Vagina. Talk about ReBirth. We’re all going through it unconsciously or consciously. This is quickening us to the major rebirth of 2012, only 5 and a half years away from now. Just tune in.

The Sabian Symbols for this Lunation are
Sun at 9 of Cancer- “A small naked girl bends over a pond trying to catch a fish.” The first naïve quest for knowledge of the unconscious and for an ever-inclusive understanding of life. And for the Moon “An angel carrying a harp, the revelation of the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of any life situation.”

Venus and Neptune exact Opposition @ 11:31 am

I Love Canada


Normally Saturn restricts, but Venus brings Love, Beauty, Harmony, Peace, Social Graces and Balance and expands hearts tired from the grind of life. It’s Canada’s 140th Birthday. She’s still young. This conjunction bodes well for Canada’s economy with her dollar soaring against the U. S. dollar and she is rich in minerals and natural resources.
Canadians do have their Saturnian side, known for being reserved and conservative.
So lighten up a little Canucks! It’s o.k. to be over the top, boastful, proud, courageous, big hearted, generous, graceful. Venus conjunct Saturn brings support for the arts. Bring back the 1% Corporate donation for the Arts, they still do this in the U.S. they used to do it here to. Canucks are Peace Makers so bring home the troops in their wayward “Peace Keeping” Mission in Afghanistan which has turned out to be the usual Canucks are always the front line flunkies for the Super Powers. The jig is up Neptune says. Send a gracious telegram to that Harpy in Head Office and tell him how seriously displeased you are to have your sons give their hearts for this phony cause. And do the same in the U.S. with this conjunction. What does your heart stand for? Peace, love and Union. You created it, you can uncreate it.

Have a Happy but serious Old Fashioned Canada Day. Eat some beaver burgers.

Moon Qunicunx’s Saturn and then Venus of course-
Another round of itchy and scratchy moods.

Mercury sextiles Mars @ 3:08 pm
Clarifying the issues without being tooo bullishly stubborn.

Those Californians they’re always ahead of everyone.

Astro Jolly Updates June 18-24th

This is the WEEK of Summer Solstice –

Hi Lites of the Week

All times EDT unless otherwise noted-

Sun Opposed to Pluto June 18/19th depending on where you live
Summer Solstice, Longest Day June 21
Uranus goes Retrograde June 23
Mars enters Taurus June 24

June 18th
A day that’ll rock you.

Moon Conjuncts Venus at 11 degrees + of Leo @ 11:06 am
Well all you Leo’s will be at your preening best today. Everyone will adore you, compliment you. Your heart will be full to bursting with pride, courage, drama, open hearted and generous to a fault.

Moon in Leo Trines Jupiter @ 1:29 pm Ego Overload!
13 degree + of Leo Trine the same degree of Jupiter. Could it get any better for all Fire Signs? Leo’s will gamble big, hit ‘em with their best shot, lucky day for Sagittarians too.
Those Martial Arians will be flaming like mad. Egos out of bounds. It’s an “I gotta crow” kinda day. So far…

SUN Opposite Pluto 11:49 pm PDT & JUNE 19th 2:49 AM EDT

This Opposition happens directly on the Galactic Center as Pluto is Retrograding back over that Cosmic line once again. The Light and the Dark meet at the Heart of our Galaxy. This is a huge Cosmic Tango, tensions rise. Gemini Sun is the Archetypal Peter Pan puer mentioned in the former paragraph. Peter Pan must meet his shadow, remember how he was crying when Wendy met him because he’d lost it and Wendy had to sew it back onto him? This is the perfect day to sew your shadow back onto yourself.

Moon Conjuncts Saturn in Leo @ 4:03 am EDT
It’s a heavy nite. Dreams of authority figures, restrictions, obligations, heavy responsibilities, men, Father Time, corporations, Patriarchs, children being gobbled up, and carrying heavy weights around abound.

The combo of Sun opposite Pluto and Moon conjunct Saturn enables us to bring down to earth whatever it is we’ve gleaned from absorbing the Sun’s Light and shining it bravely into the Heart of Darkness. Saturn rules all of the physical realm. In Alchemy the Great Opus is to turn Lead {Saturn} into Gold {the Sun}. The double Luminaries, Sun and Moon represent the duality of the sexes, here the Sun, the Masculine meets the Lord of Death and Rebirth Pluto, and Moon, the Feminine Principle meets Time, the Karmic Planet Saturn. It seems incredibly Instant Karmic like to me and very symbolically powerful. The Sun representing maleness, identity, daylight consciousness meets the Ultimately Feminine Death and rebirth Goddess Pluto who we of course have been indoctrinated to thinking of as male. The Light seeks the shadow so it can see itself.
The Moon, ultimately Feminine, reflecting, the Unconscious, the Maternal shadow of the Sun, is One with Time, Limitations and Karma. Do some shadow work. With this powerful Quadrinity at the Galactic Centre. A wonderful book by author Debbie Ford “The Dark Side of the Light Chasers” is thorough on this subject. There is so much abuse and violence going on in the world, if we all do our own healing work on our shadows, on our inner child who’s wounded by life and karma then perhaps such horrific things as child sexual abuse recently busted in a huge global ring won’t continue.

Moon opposite Neptune @ 5:21 am
And the hits just keep on comin’” This is excellent for night time dreaming and inspiration. Be aware where your emotions are in Neptunian denial. Contact with the spirit world is strong, imaginations soar, romance, rose coloured glasses and the like.

Leo Moon Trines Mars @ 1:37 PM
Beware irritated boorish aggressive egos today. Watch out for road rage, entitlement etc.
Good for actors and actresses. Hi Noon dramas. Life is like a Cosmic Soap Opera isn’t it?

Happy Birthday Elijah- @ 2:35 PM
It’s my son’s 24th Birthday! I can’t believe it. I love you always. A pretty heavy duty birthday for you Astrologically.

Moon Trine Pluto @ 4:14 PM
Too easy to get dramatic with this one. Rebirthing time. Get new insights into your heart with Pluto at the Heart of our Galaxy. Expand it, let it encompass the whole Gal.

Moon sextiles the Sun @ 5:22 pm
This is a sweet tickle.
Moon Goes Void of Course at this time-

And last but certainly not least for this day-
VENUS JUPITER TRINE-Hooray for Fire Signs.
Delicious, at 13 degrees and change of Leo and Sag. Leo’s have been hard put by from Saturn since July 05, they deserve a break. Don’t ya love ‘em? Venus is the aspecting Planet but of course those Sagittarians love to be in the know, and Aries’s too get the boost. This is Divine Blessings, Tudnerbolts, earth shaking, falling in love again, winning the lottery, open hearted truth telling, global business dealings, “I love foreigners” give your teacher a treat, they work hard, OPTIMISTIC, tones down all the heavies of a few hours ago.

If you’re an Aries born April 3-4th you’ll get the direct benefits,
Leo’s born Aug. 5th & 6th get the mucho blessings, that means you Joe.
And Sagittarian’s born Dec, 6th & 7th also Divine Blessings for You. A certain musican friend I know gets the tail end of this one.

Air signs benefit from this, too.

If you have planets at any of these degrees enjoy it.


Mood shifts to earthy, practical, efficient, organized ways to handle all the Fire Blessings.

June 20
Moon Squares Jupiter @ 10:00 PM
Those efficient Virgos are taking on the task, a great day to re-organize, and re-evaluate big plans, travel, adventures, higher education, etc.

June 21
Moon Opposes Uranus 9:09 Am
Wasn’t there a little Beatles ditty called the One after 909 on the Let It Be Album ? Well hop on that train, it’s loop the loop and destination unknown. Virgos don’t like the unknown, they want a budget. Sing “We’re On the Road to Nowhere” a great, one of my favourite and very liberating Talking Heads songs.

Mars in Aries Trines Pluto @ 9:30 am-
Not to be left out of course, Mars muscles in on the act, provoking scintillating, initiating,
Martial arts tactics guaranteed to deep six any musty, old detritus. Power and passion to overcome any obstacles including Death. Aggressive independence, may give you one big headache, so be careful which side you’re the most defensive on.

SUMMER BEGINS in the Northern Hemisphere @ 2:07 pm EDT
WINTER BEGINS in the Southern Hemisphere

The Sun King reaches the peak of his long journey begun on Dec 21st at this ultimate point of the Year in the Northern Hemisphere. Called Litha by pagans and witches it is the Celebration of the triumph of the Light which also signifies its demise. The Light dies unto itself and sets sail into the oncoming fall. It is the Celebration of the Longest Light,and Night and the Birth of the Season of Summer bringing the greatest vegetation growth.
Astrologically it is the Sun entering zero degrees of Cancer which marks the Summer Solstice. We are symbolically nurtured by Mother Earth, fed and warmed by Her abundance. Celebrate the Summer, romp in the Garden, Have a Solstice Celebration!
Marking the entry into a New Season is always optimum time to do Ceremony, to mark the nest Quadrant of the Year.

Summer Ingress for Washington D.C.

Venus in Leo Opposite Chiron @ 11:23 PM PDT and June 22nd, 2:23 Am EDT
At 15 degrees and change of Leo, Venus’s Opposition to Chiron in Aquarius is like the child in the Emperor’s New Clothes who points out the naked truth. Insecurity about love, our ego’s, who loves us, have we expressed our best, kinds of questions come up.
The Inner child is hurt, wounded, insecure, uncertain about his/her self worth.
Chiron in Aquarius points out humanities indignities to All Children. On the heels of that Venus Jupiter Trine of a couple of days past expect harsh new laws {Jupiter} to come into effect regarding anyone who abuses children in any way.

Moon Squares Pluto 11:50 PM PDT/ JUNE 22nd @ 2:50 am EDT
The Celebrations lasted too quick. Now we’re down to some serious business.
Virgo Moon gets all the info from Pluto downloads at the Galactic Center at this time. In California where they’ve been celebrating the Solstice, meditating, chanting and drumming all day they’re ready to settle down and get the facts.

Moon is Void of Course after this aspect.


The balancing act, the scales of Justice, symbol of the Law, Sign of Relationships, harmony, balance, Beauty, Love, the Arts, Values, Luxuries, Social Graces and Indecision. Airy Libra Moon is objective, emotions are filtered through the Mind.

Moon Squares the Sun @ 9:15 am EDT
The First Quarter Square is a major turning point in the Monthly cycle. The challenge with Libra Moon and Cancer Sun is to be sociable or to hide out in safety at home.
Both perspectives are valid, what do you need to feel secure in venturing out to meet new people? Use this point in the circle to embrace new Cardinal energies that are balanced, and nurturing for all.


I guess this could also be known as the Ass backwards transit, or breech birth. Sometimes it’s exactly what you need-a good kick in the ass, or a “shoss in kop” Yiddish for a hit in the head, to wake you up.

Uranus is in Pisces the last if the Signs the most spiritual so this is a Spiritual, compassionate, blissful, unbounded, imaginative, watery Replay

Uranus is the Planet of Wonky, orbiting at a 90-degree angle! It truly does it’s own thing and thus rules all of that. Uranus is the Planet of Revolutionaries, Freedom Lovers, Individuals, Higher Consciousness, Hippies and Tree Huggers and Humanitarians.


Uranus naturally rules the 11th House of Aquarius, known as being the house containing Wishes Hopes and Dreams, and Love Received, being opposite the 5th house of Love Given. Aquarius sees all of Humanity as a whole entity. It is an Air sign, so thinking comes from a Higher Perspective. The Symbol of Aquarius is the Tarot Trump 17- The STAR .

We are moving into the Age of Aquarius and every man woman and child is a Star, even as it is coming down the media pipe as realities shows upon reality show.
Uranus going Retro. the planet of Revolution puts on a business suit, and liberation is internal rather than external. Retrograding at 18 degrees 42 minutes Uranus travels backwards until Nov. 24th in a Full Moon in like-minded Air sign of Gemini. Uranus directs its’ station at 14 degrees 46 minutes of Pisces and won’t get back on track till 2008.

Uranus and Pluto had a Major Conjunction occurring between 15 and 18 degrees of Virgo in 1965. The Beatles, the sexual revolution, birth control, hippies, freedom love etc. all were born out of this Collective outer planet conjunction of Revolution, Death for the old collective thinking and rebirth of the new. Think Astrology is insignificant?

The children of that Powerful Conjunction are now 42 years old and having their mid-life crises which is triggered by the Uranus opposition.
This is time for them to “GET BACK” to their rock ‘n roll routes. The Cultural Icons of the ‘60’s The Beatles, the shamans of the way, told it like it is-

[sweet loretta fat thought she was a cleaner but she was a frying pan.]

Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner
But he knew it wouldn't last.
Jojo left his home in Tucson, Arizona
For some California grass.
Get back, get back.
Get back to where you once belonged
Get back, get back.
Get back to where you once belonged.
Get back jojo. go home
Get back, get back.
Back to where you once belonged
Get back, get back.
Back to where you once belonged.
Get back jo.

Sweet Loretta martin thought she was a woman
But she was another man
All the girls around her say she's got it coming
But she gets it while she can
Get back, get back.
Get back to where you once belonged
Get back, get back.
Get back to where you once belonged.
Get back Loretta. go home
Get back, get back.
Get back to where you once belonged
Get back, get back.
Get back to where you once belonged.
Get back Loretta

Your mother's waiting for you
Wearing her high-heel shoes
And her low-neck sweater
Get on home Loretta
Get back, get back.
Get back to where you once belonged.

[thanks, mo! ...on behalf of the group i hope we passed the audition.]


Most affected by this Uranian transit are PISCEAN’S born March 4-11th whose Sun’s are at these degrees.
Next most affected personally are SAGITTARIAN’S born Dec 5-11th who get the Uranian square and GEMINI’S born June 6-10th who also get to be wearing the Sponge Bob Square Pants aspect.
And lastly but not leaslty VIRGO’S born Sept. 6-11th get the opposition aspect. Should they stay at that job or should they go?

The other two water signs GET THE TRINE-
CANCER’S born July 6-11 get the Trine, that’s good!
SCORPIO’S born Nov. 6-11th get the goodies too!

Feeling left out? Two EARTH SIGNS BENEFIT
TAURUS gets the sextile tickle, as do CAPRICORN’S

Aries gets left out of this one.
Leo’s who hate to be left out of anything get the Uranus Quincunx, ouch! As do Libra’s.
And Aquarians who are ruled by Uranus feel the backwards pull energetically.

June 24
Nice Trine to Neptune @ 3:49 am
Sweet dreams are made of this.

Moon in Libra sextiles Pluto @ 3:22 pm
Moon tickles Pluto’s fancy then goes Void of Course, of course.

MARS ENTERS TAURUS @ 5:27 pm till Aug. 6-7th.
Things been feeling hyper frenetic since mid May while Mars was roaring through his home fortress of Aries? Well the action should slow down and mellow out with enough time for everyone to significantly be able to stop and smell the roses, and the coffee.
Taurus is earthy, stubborn, fixed in purpose, loves to satisfy all his bodily senses, stability and is prone to being a couch potato. So do slow down, enjoy life’s earthly pleasures. Venus rules Taurus” and she is seeking safety and comfort at home in Cancer right now so this is a good blend of the Masculine with the Feminine although Mars is in detriment in Taurus and not all that comfortable in Venus’s Feminine territory. As Mars moves through Taurus he is in his own natural 2nd house of income. Being very security conscious this is a good time to pay off debts and consolidate your finances, build an aggressive new security blanket.
Mars in Taurus symbolizes the warrior in Venus’s arms, Love territory. Here’s hoping all the soldiers lay down their arms and opt for Making Love not War. Mars enters Gemini Aug, 6-7th.

Moon gets down into those intense emotional depths ruled by Mars traditionally and

No time to waste, Mars and Moon oppose each other, in a cosmic emotional battle.
There is flagrant power and control trips in the air. Watch out for road rage, accidents,
Ruthlessness, resentments, secrets, and passion. If you are a Scorpio or an Aries watch out for your battle weapons. Remember that stinging or wounding another is always self-punishment.

It’s the Gay Pride Parade in Toronto-
Should be more intense passionate, kinky and exciting than ever. And watch out for that Uranus Retrograde stuff O.K.?

The Gay Pride Parade in Toronto

Astrological Updates Week of June 11-17th
copyright Tara Greene


All times are EDT unless otherwise stated

New Moon in Gemini June 14th 11:13 pm
Mercury Retrograde June 15 7:40 PM

June 11
Moon enters Taurus @ 7:29 Am
Let’s get earthy, sensual, practical, stubborn, arts, when Moon is in Taurus.

Moon Square Venus in Leo @ 5:08 pm
Venus rules the Taurus Moon so the Moon and Venus together emphasize Taurean Venusian values. Love, romance, luxury, get a massage, give a massage, eat a delectably sinful meal and cuddle up on a comfy couch with your favorite stubborn Venusian or bull.

Mars in Aries Trines Saturn in Leo @ 6:43 pm
Mars in Aries sparks new business activities. The king has a firecracker on his seat. Mars’s aggressive warrior stance initiates heads rolling from high places {Saturn in Leo}.
Bush holds the hard line re: war war and more war unfortunately. Good time to become your own boss.

June 12
Moon Squares Saturn @ 5:06 pm
A somber mood prevails. But it is good to iron out structures in business and relationships and find out how solid the ground we are standing on is. If you’ve been lazy on the job-watch out! New seeds can be planted and tools retooled.

Moon Squares Neptune @ 7:17 pm
First the Moon sobered us up, and if you took it on the chin now’s your time to dream, space out, imagine, meditate, be compassionate, do some charitable work or simply escape with your head in the clouds. Make art, write a poem, do imagery work, call up a shaman. Good for manifesting for artists and romantics.

June 13
Sun Trines Neptune
Trines are in Martha Stewart’s immortal words “A Good Thing.” This one will have your dreams shining. Dream big, source it, where do you shine? All charitable and compassionate oriented works are favored now. Sun in Gemini encourages babble babble and more babble about spirituality, essence. Go for the gold.

Moon enters Gemini
Emotional tone lightens up considerably. Communications flow faster, people are changeable, interested in variety, don’t expect commitments to stick. This is a “Peter Pan” Moon phase childlike, fun, gregarious, energetic, and scattered. Good for PR. Sales.

June 14, 2007
Moon opposite Jupiter @ 6:59 am
This is occurring as I write this and of course I’m disseminating my truth hopefully to inspire people. Extra energy and oomph in this aspect. Plan your travels now before Mercury goes Retro tomorrow. Kids are nearing their school year end and just want to play.

Gemini Moon Squares Uranus in Pisces @ 2:55 PM
You know the mantra for this one. All together now “Expect the unexpected!” The emotional roller coaster ride begins fasten your seat belts. Mind and spirituality are compelled to move. Brilliant ideas new inventions, wanting to quit that old routine are all possible under this aspect.

Moon Trine Neptune @ 8:18 pm

Lots of nice Trines to Neptune must be trying to tell us something. The mind and spirit soar. Musicians innovate new technologies, publishing, inspiration. Lots of romantic idealism.


This New Moon in Airy Gemini has Pluto on the Galactic Centre once again directly opposite the Sun and Moon. Very powerful for looking lightly at your Plutonic shadow. New Moons always combine the Masculine and Feminine it is an Archetypal Sacred Marriage time a new beginning in the monthly cycle. Pluto’s energy at the Galactic Centre shifts and moves the balance of power between the sexual dualities. Pluto rules waste, refuse, toxins, death, birth, taxes, sex, money, the collective unconscious, the shadow. Expect sweeping and rapid laws governing toxins, nuclear energy and how we clean up our act.
We are at an evolutionary threshold now with Pluto giving us our last chances.
With Gemini dualism the shift is to see from the Heart of the Galactic Centre that we all are in Union, that dualism is an illusion. Pluto routes that message out.

The Religious fanaticism of fundamentalist Christians and Islamic Terrorists are not opposed but are in fact made of the same coin, there is no duality or separation between them. The challenge here is to resolve all apparent differences in ideologies, which is all religion is-an idea. We have to get over and beyond, all this wasteful religious indoctrination, which kills and has killed for thousands of years millions of innocent people. Pluto’s message here is just that. All life comes from the galaxy. We are Galactic beings learning to be human, evolving, transforming heading back to our common Source.
Gemini is the Butterfly, the dilettante, the journalist. Butterflies originated as caterpillars, transformed from one type of life form to another more beautiful, transformed from creeping creatures to a winged one, drinking nectar, food of the Gods, floating gracefully on the breeze. Since the Galactic Centre is in Sagittarius, the Earth is always in the Sign of Gemini. Humanity embodies the Gemini Archetype. Gemini, a twin sign, rules the 2 halves of the brain, which enables us to talk, to communicate, write. Gemini is about relationships. Gemini the first human sign of the Zodiac symbolizes the apparent duality of the sexes. Gemini is the Tarot Trump of the Lovers, # 6, connected to the Sixth Sephiroth in the Kabbalah at the Centre of the Tree of Life. It is called Tifferet in Hebrew, and it symbolizes love, relationships, for that is what we humans have incarnated for. The number 6 is symbolized by a six pointed Star which we think of as the Star of David, which is an ancient Tantric symbol for the Union of Heaven and Earth, the Masculine and Feminine.
Mercury Gemini’s ruler is going to go Retrograde tomorrow. At 12 degrees of Cancer, helping us to get outta our heads and into our hearts. This is the degree of the Fixed Star Sirius, worshipped as Osiris as the God of Rebirth by the Egyptians. It is also the degree of the U.S. Sun indicating important reversals in thinking, communications and ideas for that country.

Release and Regeneration of Thinking and Feelings
This year all three of Mercury’s Retrograde stations occur in Water signs, doubling Mercury’s transits through Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio and underlying the message of releasing old emotionally triggered ways of thinking. This gives us the keynotes to clear old emotional blocks, to feel connected to our Higher Selves and Guardian Angels in Pisces, to our emotions in Cancer, and about power and control with others in Scorpio.
Retrograde Mercury lets us relax, be receptive, regenerate, review, readjust, it is the Feminine sleep related phase of mental communications. Mercury spends the same time Retrograde approximately 1/3 of our time as we need to sleep.
With Mercury’s ruler ship of Gemini connected through the Sun and Moon by opposition to Pluto we can rebalance both halves of our brain, the rational and the intuitive, transforming the relationship of the conscious and unconscious.
Mercury Retro in Cancer translates literally as re-lationships. We have a major opportunity now to turn inwards, to our roots, our childhoods, heal old wounds, sheltering the wounded child within and without and eliminate old emotional wounds.
New thinking in terms of home, houses, shelter, homelessness, a rethink on women’s rights, children’s rights, traditions, family, ancestors.
Because Cancer relates to nourishment, this Retro may see more recalls of tainted foods which started with the pet foods with melamine in them. People will demand clear communications about what’s really n all the foods we eat. Repeals of many toxic fertilizers and additives in foods. Speaking of which- back to the butterflies, birds and bees my husband was telling me about how bees are disappearing at alarming rates in the U.S. Beekeepers travel around huge orchards with truckloads of Beehives, which they unleash to fertilize many different types of fruit trees. Fruit groves {and all vegetables} have been sprayed with synthetic nicotine as an insecticide. What they didn’t know was that the synthetic nicotine makes the bees woozy and they get confused and can’t fertilize the flowers, it sickens them and huge colonies die off. Even though the French discovered this in the ‘90’s and banned this type of insecticide, the U.S. paid no attention and there may be a looming food crisis. Did you know while you thought you were getting your good green veggies that you’ve actually been “inhaling” nicotine? Buy only wild honey.

There is a splendid Grand Fire Trine in this New Moon
Pluto at the Galactic Centre, Trines Mars in Aries, Trines Saturn in Leo
Three, Three, Three times the Power! Yup Grand Trines are Triply powerful. As each Mode enhances the others. Expect very hot weather, forest fires, a fire in a Royal palace.
This Grand Trine may also ignite a new war or attack by Terrorists, especially with Mercury going Retro on the U.S. Sun. Another interpretation is that Pluto rules the Collective, the people are angry; this may initiate Bush’s impeachment, for being such a dictator. Also new structures and laws re: how much power a senior authority can have.
Traditionally Mars and Saturn are considered to be the “great Malefics” the Trine enables these 2 and the Lord of Death, Pluto to function very powerfully together. As Pluto rules atomic energy, nuclear detonations are possible, atomic bombs, dictators seizing power in many places, nuclear accidents, inflated egos, spontaneous combustion and enlarged leonine egos,

On the personal level-all fires Signs get the message, it’s fuel speed ahead.

Neptune in Aquarius Trines this New Moon and makes its final exact opposition to Saturn on June 25, at 22 Leo-Aquarius. This opportunes us to trust our inner guidance, source, to have Faith, embrace our inherent Divinity. The Air Supply is Spiritual and Electrifying and breaks with tradition. Neptune’s passage through Aquarius radically changes our perception of Spirit. Aquarius’s energy is like Lightning Bolts, Electrical, Kundalini energy, inspirational. Tune into the Cosmic Zap at this New Moon.

June 15
Moon enters Cancer @ 9:45 am
The gentle waves of the nurturing and security conscious Cancer Moon envelope everyone. After the New Moon blitz we need to slow down, cuddle, eat.

Well you know what this means. Check Recheck, double check all information, communications and what you thought you heard, expect computer breakdowns, misinformation shuffle, etc. etc.
This is the brains time to reflect, regenerate, rest, it’s the “sleep” phase, the Feminine phase of Mercury, who is after all a Hermaphrodite, containing both male and female qualities.
Mercury is also known as Hermes to the Greeks. If you happen to own a Hermes watch, do the hands travel backwards during this Mercurial time period?

Hermes/Mercurial Watches

Mercury by Hendrick Goltzuis 1611

Contrary to popular opinion, I think Mercury Retrograde is highly creative, yes it’s a pain for watching out for info transmission and reception, but it gives us new insights, a fresh way of thinking, out of the box, and the usual drudgery of fast forward, linear, logical “progressive” thought forms.

NOTE” ALL MERCURY RETROGRADE INDIVIDUALS- this means you. This is your slim time to shine. Mercury moves Retrograde, every year for about 6 weeks at a time, 3 times a year. Equivalent to 1/3 of the year, the same as humans need to sleep.
Therefore there’s quite a lot of people born during any and every Mercury’s Retrograde passage, unique thinkers all. Usually they feel very unconfident about their intellectual capabilities, are pegged as Learning Disabled, or just feel like they can’t communicate very well with most other people. Ding! Ding! Know you understand why.
Someone who came to me for an Astrology Consultation recently had Mercury Retro in their Natal Chart, he said he’s always been told that it was not a good thing. I explained to him that those other Astrologers gave him short shrift and told him that he was in fact a brilliant thinker, and that every time Mercury goes Retro is his home turf time. He was delighted and elated, like a huge weight had been lifted off his mind.

Mercury turns retro at 11 degrees 36 minutes of Cancer linking us to recollect childhood, maternal, womb memory, early childhood emotional experiences. Look through old photo albums, videos, and films; reflect on your own personal history. Reminisce with your ageing parents, siblings and friends. Remember what gave you joy as a child, how you used to play, how you were so full of exuberance about life. Go to a park and watch children play if you don’t have young children of your own. Blow soap bubbles, get on the swings.
Let yourself feel young again. Remember how simple life used to feel. A Great time for an old school gathering.

Technically Mercury entered it’s pre-Retro period on June 7th and turns Direct on July 9th at 2 degrees plus of Cancer. Mercury will pass it’s Retrograde point on July 24th when it’s really full speed ahead.

June 16th
No major aspects today. Whew, isn’t it nice that the cosmos gives everyone a break sometimes?

June 17th Father’s Day-Moon Enters Leo @ 1:25 PM EDT
Moon in Cancer for the first part of Father’s Day so nurture Dad in the am. At 1:25 pm EDT. Moon fires into Leo so treat your Dad like the Royalty he is. Give him the biggest, the best, salute him, honor him. He is King for a Day today. Make him feel proud, creative.
Ego clashes are likely but the real way to be a great King is to let everyone share the spotlight.

AstroLogical Updates June 4-10 & Musical Accompaniments copyright Tara Greene

Lunar Locations ALL TIMES EDT unless otherwise indicated

HILITES of this WEEK: VENUS ENTERS LEO June 5th –July 14

June 4 Capricorn Moon
June 6 Moon ENTERS PISCES @ 10:24 pm PDT, June 7 @ 1:24 am EDT

VOID OF COURSE MOON {when not to initiate anything}
Moon Void of Course: on the 4th @ 5:44 pm
Moon Void of Course: June 6, 6:47 pm PDT, 8:47 EDT
Moon Void of Course: June 8 @ 10:52 pm PDT, June 9 1:52 am EDT

June 4
Mars Trine Jupiter: Enormous Power available in Fire Signs this is forma a Grand Trine with Saturn, and opposite Neptune too. Dream it back, give it form, work hard to make all that fiery inspiration grounded and to last.

Moon opposite Venus at 5:43 pm
Venus in Cancer, Moon In Capricorn, the Moon always rules Cancer, so this should put some emotions and tenderness into that corporate heart of Capricorn.

Moon enters Aquarius on the 4th
Should lighten things up after a somber work only ethic of Capricorn Moon. Aquarius Moon is impersonal, feels for all of humanity but from a safe detached distance.


The Lady of Beauty, Love, Luxury, Values, The Arts, Harmony and Balance goes Red in Fiery Leo and all women demand to be adored as True Queens and leaders for this time period. I should hasten to say that the Anima, the Masculine Inner Feminine side also wants his Inner Queen to be listened and catered to right now. Leo is a generous sign, loyal to those he/she loves, exuberant, centre-stage, childlike, will full, a show off, dramatic, and heart centered.
Romance will certainly be hot, passionate, Big, over the top, lavish, connected to giving love, warmth with children, playful, dramatic, showy, expensive, regal, powerful, domineering, full of heart. Venus in Leo brings “the summer of Love” back again
Enjoy Venus transit of Leo, it makes you feel so young. Musical accompaniment “There’s A Summer Place” which Percy Faith {my cousin} orchestrated in 1960 which was a #1 Instrumental hit, from the film of same title, 1959 film starring Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue. The lyrics were recorded in 1965 by the Lettermen.

Venus in Leo Theme from A Summer Place
by Percy Faith, my cousin

There's a summer place
Where it may rain or storm
Yet I'm safe and warm
For within that summer place
Your arms reach out to me
And my heart is free from all care
For it knows
There are no gloomy skies
When seen through the eyes
Of those who are blessed with love
And the sweet secret of
A summer place
Is that it's anywhere
Where two people share
All their hopes
All their dreams
All their love
There's a summer place
Where it may rain or storm
Yet I'm safe and warm
In your arms, in your arms
In your arms, in your arms
In your arms, in your arms

Sun in Gemini Opposite Jupiter @ 7:12 Pm EDT
“Happy Talk keep talkin’ happy talk, talk about things you like to do,” describes this aspect, lyrics from the musical South Pacific. Gemini’s get to see and talk about their twin other side under this influence. Travel, big ideas, communications are highlighted.
Moon in Aquarius Trines Sun in Gemini @ 10:40 pm EDT
Trines are good, sometimes taken for granted. Brilliant ideas get generated. Good for helping humanity, inventing, group work, gabbing, sales, PR.

June 6th
Moon in Aquarius Opposes Saturn 7:43 am EDT
All oppositions are tense. The Sacred Geometry is The Balance of two opposing or seemingly opposing sides.
This Lunar aspect wants to help all of humanity, and gives Saturn sitting on his Regal Throne in Leo, the entrenched powers, the old boys a run for their money. Saturn is related to the Latin word Senex, from which the words Senator and Senior are derived. The discrepancies between inventions using new technologies and doing the same old, same old are truly highlighted now. This coincides with the 33rd G8 summit, held in Heiligendamn Germany June 6-8th. Get the picture?

Sun Trines Chiron 10:57 am
Offering healing talk and alternative ideas about how to heal the old wounds.
Moon Opposite Neptune @ 11:09 am
This one can fog up the picture and also bring great idealism, compassion and martyrdom.

MOON enters Pisces Life Could Be A Dream
Emotional tone quiets down, feelings are ultra sensitive, compassionate, spiritual, Divinely inspired, psychic energy for dreaming is ultra high. You’ll feel like a walking psychic sponge, altruistic and may need to set some boundaries or you’ll commit yourself to being a martyr. Commune with the Moon is Pisces; it’s optimum for Meditation, poetry, healing and music during this period.

June 7, 2007
No major planetary action, stay within Piscean dreamy waters and row your boat gently down the stream. Musical accompaniment: Life Could Be a Dream, from The Crewcuts {1954}

Hey nonny ding dong, alang alang alang
Boom ba-doh, ba-doo ba-doodle-ay

Oh, life could be a dream (sh-boom)
If I could take you up in paradise up above (sh-boom)
If you would tell me I'm the only one that you love
Life could be a dream sweetheart
(Hello hello again, sh-boom and hopin' we'll meet again)

Oh, life could be a dream (sh-boom)
If only all my precious plans would come true (sh-boom)
If you would let me spend my whole life lovin' you
Life could be a dream sweetheart

Now every time I look at you
Something is on my mind (dat-dat-dat-dat-dat-duh)
If you do what I want you to
Baby, we'd be so fine

Oh, life could be a dream (sh-boom)
If I could take you up in paradise up above (sh-boom)
If you would tell me I'm the only one that you love
Life could be a dream sweetheart

Sh-boom sh-boom Ya-da-da Da-da-da Da-da-da Da
Sh-boom sh-boom Ya-da-da Da-da-da Da-da-da Da
Sh-boom sh-boom Ya-da-da Da-da-da Da-da-da Da, sh-boom

Sh-boom sh-boom Ya-da-da Da-da-da Da-da-da Da
Sh-boom sh-boom Ya-da-da Da-da-da Da-da-da Da
Sh-boom sh-boom Ya-da-da Da-da-da Da-da-da Da, sh-boom

Every time I look at you
Somethin' is on my mind
If you do what I want you to
Baby, we'd be so fine

Life could be a dream
If I could take you up in paradise up above
If you would tell me I'm the only one that you love
Life could be a dream sweetheart

A little personal Piscean reflection here. I often wake up in the middle of the nite and sit outside in my backyard when it’s relatively quiet, because I love to watch the stars and Moon and pray and receive my most keen psychic insights. Knowing that the Moon had entered Pisces, and that it was at about 3 degrees when I was sitting outside this A,M. The Moon was about ½ full. or ½ empty in a very patchy swirly cloudy sky. Knowing that around 3 degrees of Pisces is conjunct the Fixed Star Fomalhaut, a.k.a. The Archangel Gabriel, it struck me as a very propitious time to pray to Gabriel, the Angel pictured on the 20th Trump in the Tarot, that of Judgement.

Archangel Gabriel Judgement Tarot Trump # 20
Gabriel's Star Fomalhaut is in Pisces

I watch the Moon and silently send out my prayers to Gabriel, who figures large in my life. My personal Personality # is 20, called The Aeon in the Toth Tarot deck which I always use, it’s symbol is that of Rebirth, of Judgement being granted to clear the past. Also there is a statue of the Angel Gabriel blowing his horn on the wall of The Tango Palace, a lovely café at Queen East and Jones Avenues where I initiated Tarot Readings in January 1996. I had put out a lot of psychic energy to attract people to the café when I started. The very first nite I was there, under the auspices of Archangel Gabriel blowing his Redemptive Notes, an old friend appeared, whom I hadn’t seen in about a year. I was very surprised to see Napoleon at the Tango. Turns out he’d been living in the nabe for a while. Feeling totally inspired Napoleon and I re-struck up our old friendship, which had been totally Platonic since we were Art Students at O.C.A. in the ‘70’s. Long story short: Within seven month we were married and still very happily are, I’m proud to say. So I do feel I owe part of my Blessings to Gabriel for bringing New Life to Napoleon and me and to our daughter Leah Jaya. Life is a Dream, so please note all the symbols occurring around you.

Back to the Backyard Dreaming with Archangel Gabriel-
Back to the yard: I’m watching the Moon and an outline of a perfectly formed heart appears attached to the Moon, on the left, then there seems to be a mirror of the Moon’s shape directly below it, seeming to be 2 Moons, and a cloudy outline of a large Crescent Moon on the right. I wish I’d had a real camera to picture it, of course the apparition didn’t last very long, you had to be there, to see it, in the moment to embrace it. I felt delighted, inspired and blessed.

June 8 Active Day: Mutable T Square Moon, Uranus, Jupiter the Sun
Moon Square Jupiter Opposite the Sun @ 3:01 am EDT
Optimistic, spiritual, compassionate and well-traveled dreams. Jupiter Traditionally Rules Pisces, so there is lots of Divine Union going on in the Dreamworld.

A bunch of aspects Intertwine:
Moon Squares Sun @ 7:43 am Last Quarter Square marks a turning point in the Lunation cycle. Pisces Moon’s desire for Total Union puts tension on Gemini Sun’s need for keep all options open.
Moon Conjuncts Uranus 18 degrees Pisces @ 9:55 am. + Squares the Sun @ 18 Gemini
Pisces Moon Conjunct Uranus
Takes you unexpectedly to places you’ve never dreamed of before in order to revolutionize your soul and spirit. New inventions in technology advance humanitarian ideals and compassion.
The Sun in Gemini goes: “Whoops I’ve slipped on a spiritual big yellow banana peel and I don’t know what to do with it.” Sun is outta it’s Airy element with the Moon’s influence, feels nerve wracked by this is and doesn’t know where to put all that Piscean Spirituality and compassion.
We have Moon and Uranus Conjunct and both Squaring Jupiter and the Sun
This is a Mutable T Square creates excitement. It’s Jubilant, definitely unorganized, highly changeable. The urge is to fly, break from the past, quit a job, blow up something, Fight for civil and humanitarian rights. Jupiter is Retrograde so revisions in Laws, Education, will the Global Community be enacted now. Lots of world wide protests about the G8 conference. Hanging loose and going with the flow are the Keywords.

June 9
Moon Squares Pluto @ 1:52 am, June 8 @ 10: 52 pm PDT
Moon in Pisces, a.k.a. “The Cling Ons’s” need to merge, clashes with the Sagittarian need to “Hi Yo Silver, Away.” Tension arises for Total Transformation.

A new cycle begins. How hot is it? Fire sign Moon, Mars is in Aries, Venus in Leo, Jupiter is in Sagittarius, Saturn is in Leo, and Pluto is in Sagittarius. So that’s, 6 Planets on Fire. Definitely a hot time climate wise. Passions abound.
Moon in Aries Trines Venus @ 11:51 am
A very hot passionate Saturday morning, impulsive. As Aries is the 1st Zodiacal Sign, it makes me think that Aries is like the 1st Card in the Tarot, the Fool, blindly leaping off the cliff in true Aries spontaneous fashion. Venus is in Leo the Sign of the King, or the Emperor in the Tarot, The Fool and the The Emperor or King are paired opposites, two sides of the same coin, remember that the King always had a Jester or Fool by his side?

The Royal Fool Rider Waite Deck 0/22

Which leads my thinking to the brilliant musical Accompaniment for this Aspect-
–by Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers
3 weeks at #1 - 20/07/1956 16 weeks on chart

ooooo wah, oooooo wah, ooooo wah, oooooo wah,
ooooo wah, oooooo wah, Why do fools fall in love

Why do birds sing so gay
And lovers await the break of day
Why do they fall in love
Why does the rain fall from up above
Why do fools fall in love
Why do they fall in love

Love is a losing game
And love can be a shame
I know of a fool, you see
For that fool is me
Tell me why
Tell me why

Why do birds sing so gay
And lovers await the break of day
Why do they fall in love
Why does the rain fall from up above
Why do fools fall in love
Why do they fall in love

Why does my heart skip a crazy beat
For I know it will reach defeat
Tell me why
Tell me why
Why do fools fall in love

Sun Squares Uranus @ 4:08 pm
Keep things open and spontaneous. Independence is the watchword of the Day, don’t expect plans to be on schedule. Breaking rules is the order of the day.
Moon Squares Mercury in Cancer @ 10:49 pm
That impulsive foolish independent Moon in Aries rankles the cockles of Mercury where the mind and communicative realms are currently needing to be safely and securely at home in the waters of Cancer.
June 10
No significant outer planetary activity today. Lunar aspects are:
Moon Trine Jupiter @ 5:35 am EDT
Fiery feelings of inspiration, independence, freedom gallop off to the most exotic places.
Moon Conjuncts Mars @ 2:24 pm
Watch out for impulsive rash, aggressive, warlike energies. Crash Boom Bang, beware reckless drivers, and martial defensiveness.
Moon Trines Saturn @ 3:41 pm
This one may call in the authorities after your rashness. Egos are inflated and jostling for first place. This aspect is good for initiating and implementing new business plans and structures as Saturn brings Aries impulsiveness down to Earth.

by Nikki de Saint Phalle

June 4th The Martian Perihelion, GRAND FIRE TRINE!

Infusion of Fire all week
Mars is making its closest contact to the Sun right now, one of the most potent triggers for solar storm activity. On June 1st a very powerful sunspot outburst disrupted cell phones and short wave radios, and I’m promising more havoc yet to come as Mars God of War and Fiery Leader is moving fast and coming closest to the Sun,called perihelion, the red planet is bathed in solar energy and it in turn inspires the Sun to erupt.

I read that recent discoveries by scientists monitoring the Sun found that it literally cries out prior to a coronal mass ejection-like a woman in labour or an orgasm? Wow gotta ponder on that, what sound does the Sun make when it cries out? Want to tune into that massive heliocentric groan.

On Earth we find ourselves bathed and swathed in this massive solar radiation. Cell phones are disrupted, computers can glitch and our bodies get irritated, impulsive and headed towards collisions.
With Mars in Aries Trining Jupiter today
Both planets are in their home fire signs thus both planets are exceptionally strong. There’ll definitely be a hot time in the old town tonite. Has it been hotter than usual where you live the last few days?

Mars in Aries brings energy, aggression, defensiveness, pioneering actions and pushes Jupiter in Sag. to even higher levels of enthusiastic truth searching, inspiration and exaggeration. The two planets are also Trine to Saturn in Leo at 19 degrees, forming a Fiery Grand Trine. Sounds grand doesn’t it?

A grand Tine is a big positive download of spiritual energy. Each planet lends a hand to helping the other 2 it is intertwined with in the fiery ménage a trois.
Mars in Aries is Just Do It! Saturn in Leo is structure it Royally, and Jupiter in Sag. says Do it Bigger, Honest, with Inspiration, make it Global, include all religions, throw in some sports, some animals, a few lightning bolts sponsored by Zeus, wear lots of Royal Purple and Gold, try not to trip over your own feet and your mouth, and have a buncha laughs whilst juggling that Great Ball of Fire.

The downside: War mongering, leaders acting like Gods, hypocrisy on a grand scale, too much heat, exploding tempers, Corporate melt downs, the price of Gold goes through the roof, instant Billionaires, explosions, Big terrorist attacks, fueled by Jupiter in Sag.’s religious fanaticism, answered by Military Law and an un elected President sitting on the Throne as Emperor. Hmm Nero fiddled while Rome burned….

For all Fire Signs and you know your pants are smokin’ now, you’ll have so much energy and chutzpah you won’t be able to sleep, stop talking, globe trotting, or causing everything around you to spontaneously combust. Dragon breathers all.
And Neptune opposite Saturn adds the spiritual compass- sionate creative dimension of dreams, as the handle of the tricorn firecrackers. SO dream your highest dreams now, there’s plenty of fuel stoking the flames. Time to charge UP! We're all like Stravinsky's FIREBIRDS! Phoenix's who are reborn from their own flames.

It’s like those ancient Andy Hardy and Judy Garland movies. This was before my time but I saw the reruns. “I’ve go it. I can see it now! We’ll have a show. We’ll fill the auditorium, everyone’ll come. It’ll be a big hit.”

AS THE WORLD BURNS THIS WEEK enjoy this highly charged solar energy and remember you and I are stars just like the Sun. Solar radiation causes more melatonin and stimulates the pineal glands, makes mutations!

Caution: Don’t burn out! Keep the flames alive by staying grounded. Get yerself into nature, roll around n the green grass. Breathe in the solar radiation at night. Have you been watching Venus in the early evening night sky in the North West? She’s very big bright and beautiful now. Practice aligning yourself body mind and spirit with this high level stimulation. We’re all receiving massive amounts of Light. Breathe in the Light.

Astrology Updates May 28- June 3rd It’s Once in a Blue Moon Time May 31st.

Hilites of this week.
All times EDT unless otherwise noted:
Moon enters Scorpio May 28th 1:11 pm
Mercury enters Cancer May 28th 8:56 pm
Moon enters Sagittarius May 30 10:06 pm PDT,May 29th 1:06 am EDT
May 31 BLUE MOON Full Moon 9:04 pm
June 1st Moon opposites Jupiter 7:19 am
June 2nd Moon conjuncts Pluto 7:29 am
June 2nd Moon enters Capricorn 11:09 am
June 3rd Venus Quincunx’s Pluto 2:23 pm

Void of Course Moon Times: when Not to initiate anything
May 28th 12:17 pm until 1:11 pm same day
May 30th 1:11 pm until May 31, 1:07 am
June 2nd 7: 29 am until 11:09 am same day

Monday starts out watery, deep, intense, secretive, powerful, sexy, and transformative in Feminine Scorpionic waters at 10:11 am. Scorpio Moons are always dramatic, pulling emotions into dark waters in order to be transformed.

Mercury plunges into Cancerian waters on Monday, for …quite a while
Mercury leaves its’ airy high flyin’chatty home sign of Gemini to flow into the Moon ruled sign of Cancer. Communications shift from the head to the gut, Cancer rules the stomach. Feelings and thinking are babes in arms now. Imagine your brain taking a well needed soak, floating on it’s back in the primeval womb, hot tub of the Great Mother. Ahhh. Safety, security, comfort, home, Mom, family, nurturing are all soaked up and spoken about by thirsty brains now. Don’t let your brain get too soggy what with the Moon also in the watery realms.

Mercury will remain in the emotional Feminine field for quite some time..till Aug. 4th!.
Mercury will take it’s infamous backwards two step in only another couple of weeks, just in time for coinciding with early summer travel plans. Mercury goes Retrograde at 11 degrees 36 minutes of Cancer, and won’t go direct until July 9th,which helps but still is in its’ shadow until it catches up to where it went Retro on July 25th! So beware of being extra careful in those wedding plans, summer parties, schedules and travels during this long time period. Mercury floats in Cancer until Aug. 4th so we must be needing to soak up all those feelings about emotional nurturing. The Earth is The Great Mother so nurturing the earth our collective Womb will be close to everyone’s emotions not just a mental idea. More communications about food, scarcity, quality and security will be in the news.

Moon enters Sagittarius May 30th
After all the emotional damage control of the past couple of days, Moon fires into ever optimistic Sag., my favourite sign. If you start to pay attention to how the Moon changing signs really affects the way people relate, the topics that come up, you’ll be amazed at how Moon ruled we all are. Sagittarius Moon days are spontaneous, freedom loving, trekking in nature, philosophical, truth seeking, inspirational, judgmental, klutzy and feature sports and gambling.

THE Sagittarian BLUE MOON of May 31st/ June 1st 1:04 am GMT
Ah yes, once in a Blue Moon. A Blue Moon occurs about once every 2-3 years when 2 Full Moons fall in one calendar month. It carries a special message.

Once In a Blue Moon

Blue Moon
You saw me standing alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own
Blue Moon
You know just what I was there for
You heard me saying a prayer for
Someone I really could care for

And then there suddenly appeared before me
The only one my arms will hold
I heard somebody whisper please adore me
And when I looked to the Moon it turned to gold

Blue Moon
Now I'm no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own

And then there suddenly appeared before me
The only one my arms will ever hold
I heard somebody whisper please adore me
And when I looked the Moon had turned to gold

Blue moon
Now I'm no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own

Blue moon
Now I'm no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own

The Full Moon happens at exactly 10 degrees + change of Sagittarius. Full Moon Illuminate, they are oppositions linked as Sol and Luna dancing in a partnership. Sun is in Gemini the 1st Air sign, which is the Sign of the twins, relates to the mind. Gemini in the Tarot is linked to the Major Arcana called The Lovers. Gemini is all about duality, dark and light,projections. Gemini’s positive side is curiosity, gathering information, and it’s dark side is the eternal puer who never grows up, the chatter-box who’s all hot air. Sagittarius is the 3rd Fire Sign, spiritual in element, aiming for truth, wisdom, varied viewpoints, travel, freedom, justice, and judgment. The Archer’s best side is optimistic and inspiring, it’s dark side is hypocrisy, bigotry and dogmatism. Gemini needs to listen and Sagittarius needs to speak out for the truth. These two issues are highlighted now.
Mercury Gemini’s ruling planet is in Cancer now, so to listen from the heart, which Native Americans and Buddhists all know is the location of the true brain. Sounds good?
If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not.

This Full Moon conjuncts Jupiter the ruler of this Blue Moon, and widely Squares Uranus adding a big oomph. The Blue Moon squares the Moon’s Nodes, North Node in Pisces signify our forward direction and the South Node in Virgo,where we’re coming from. The Nodes govern popular public approval and are karmic, soulful in nature. This aspect forms a mutable Grand Cross. The Mutable sign, Gemini, Virgo, Sag. and Pisces are concerned with integration. Gemini learns and communicates, Virgo analyzes and perfects, Sag. interprets and teaches, Pisces intuits and unifies.
This Grand Cross shows us that’s this is exactly what we need to do on this special Full Moon.
The North Node in Pisces calls us to bring full circle our collective compassion and unity as divine humans. The Transitting South Node in Virgo reflects wherefrom we come and what we need to let go of in order to move into the North Nodal position. Virgo South Node is analytical, perfectionistic, inhuman, servile, bound to routine, harvesting, through being located in over functioning mental approaches. We need to look at the nature of work, of being perfectionistic and forgetting the human, our incessant need to be busy in the West, and produce, produce, produce.

Grand Trine in Fire
There is a wide Grand Fire Trine here too with Mars in Aires, Saturn in Leo and Jupiter ruler of Sagittarius at the middle degree of his home sign now. This adds extra spark and initiative to make bold moves.

This Blue Moon echoes the one that occurred on the same date and at the same degree in May of 1988. Issues that began or ended at that time, when the Nodes were in the same place as now can be opened up again, or brought to a completion.

June 1st

Moon Trines Mars at 1:38 am putting some heavy action into your dreamtime.
Moon Conjuncts Jupiter at 7:19 am helping you to bounce out of bed with an optimistic Oklahoma exuberant smile,singing “Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I’ve got a beautiful feeling, everything goin’ my way.” Make travel plans now, and do be carefull not to bet the house at the roulette wheel.
Moon squares Uranus at 1:08 pm make feelings run rampid.
Moon trines Saturn at 3:31 pm so get down to positively sobering up and finishing off business before the weekend.

June 2nd

Moon opposite Pluto at 7:29 am
This one strikes fear into the hearts of many, known for catalyzing tsunamis, terrorist attacks and deep upheavals, maybe better to stay under the covers, sleep in and make friends with your shadows for a few hours until Moon enters Capricorn.

Moon enters Capricorn 11:09 am
Moon enters the sign it is least comfortable in. Capricorn don’t like emotions, it’s a dry dry sign in a dry dry season. All the better to do capitalist business in my dear.

Moon opposite Mercury 9:27 pm
With Mercury in Cancer, where the Moon rules, thinking is from the emotions, but the emotional magnet Herself is in organizational practical mode. Good to wade through those watery emotions and clarify feelings, order them, make some long term goals and have the discipline to do it.

June 3 Quixotic Qunicunx’s and other annoying sounds today…
A bunch of Quincunx’s mark the mark the journey today. Quincunx’s are when signs are in totally inhospitable elements, like foreigners who don’t speak or understand the others language, understand the others’ customs or religion. Picture a hunched shoulder quizzical I don’t capish sort of stance when Moon and Sun, then Venus and Pluto then Moon and Saturn do this during this day.
Venus and Pluto doing the quixotic 150 degree angle stance indicates a hard edge in values, depth of needs, compulsion and obsession.
Did I mention Moon squares Mars today to sometime in the middle of all that annoying fingernails on the cosmic chalkboard sound of it all? It’s adds up to a total Donald Trump “you’re fired!” sort of day. It’s O.K. I guess if you’re the Donald, and of course it depends if you’re on the receiving or the firing side of the desk.
My advice, lay low. Use the grounding power of the Moon to overcome all obstacles. Avoid arguments if humanly possible. Do something earthy and practical to ground the energy. Pull weeds in your garden. Remember Capricorn is a sign of earthly and spiritual ambition to reach the heights of the mountain.

AstroLogical Cosmic Updates May 21-27

Hilites of this Week
May 21 Gemini’s time to shine 6:12 am EDT Sun enters Gemini
May 24 Neptune Goes Retrograde 9:08 PM EDT
May 25 World Tarot Day! All day.

Void of Course Moon periods- when you should not initiate anything
May 21 3:46 am EDT until 6:12 am that day
May 23rd 9:08 am EDT until 12:26 pm that day
May 25 8:43 pm EDT until May 26th 12:16 am EDT

It’s a relatively quiet week planetarily speaking, although Sun’s sojourn through Gemini is never what you’d call quiet, lots of yakking and yadabouting when it’s Gemini’s turn to shine. The tone is lighter, airier in Gemini, youthfull. Gemini is the Archetype of Peter Pan, the Jungian Archetype called the puer aeternis. In the Tarot Gemini is the Astrological sign associated with Trump # 6 The Lovers, the Central Sephiroth on the Tree of Life, called Tifferet, meaning Beauty. Huh? Gemini with the Lovers? How so? Believe it or not, Gemini, being a dual sign, the sign of the Archetypal twins, is all about duality and the inherent nature of this Universe appears to be dual, consisting of opposites which are really part and parcel of the whole shebang. In other words, dark and light, male and female polarity. Gemini’s are here to learn all about relationships, and relationships is what it’is all about.

Neptune in Aquarius’sgoes Retrograde until Halloween!

The synchronicity strikes me as very potent. Neptune of course rules the sign of Pisces, the most spiritual, nebulous and dreamy of all the Signs, Pisces being the last sign, the sign of spiritual completion, similar in context to the number 9, which we are in, 2007=9,a year of completion. The Number 9 signifying the initiation by the Hermit. Time to dream the big dreams into completion now.

Neptune looks back May 24-Oct 31, 07

All times EDT unless otherwise noted

May 21
Moon enters Leo 3:56 am EDT
It’ll be a hot time, a big hearted, dramatic, let the child within come out kinda time

May 22
Moon conjuncts Saturn 3:26 pm EDT
Emotions get choked, serious, businesslike, time to make commitments
Moon opposite Neptune 9:02 pm EDT
After all that seriousness moon shifts to romance, as dreamy and romantic as they get, create a new dream, then rehash it when Neptune goes Retro

May 23 Mercury trines Neptune 3:47 am
Airy fairy ideas abound! Mercury in Gemini and Neptune in Aquarius are in the same elements. Channel in higher frequencies
Moon Trine Pluto 9:08 am
Hours later the dreams deepen in power, heart, will courage, drama overload. Fire + fire creates lust, sparks and control freaks!

Moon enters 23rd Virgo 12:26 pm EDT
Moons mood is grounded now into what’s practical, what can be harvested after the wreckage. Emotions and intuition is analytical, precise, fact finding, orderly and tidy. Good time to organize,plant your garden, do some community service, and just simply get those jobs done.
Moon Squares Sun 5:02 pm
Moon in Virgo and Sun in Gemini shake hands as they are both ruled by Mercury in Gemini, and Mercury is in his home sign now. That’s a whole lotta airy ideas but they can grow corn now.

May 24
Moon opposite Uranus, 9:45 pm PDT,
Whoops look out for that cushion. Perfectionist Virgo Moon doesn’t like Uranian unexpectedness. Uranus in Pisces brings a bit of dreamyness and compassion to that otherwise budget minded Virgin Moon.
Venus Trine Uranus 11:41 pm PDT
Venus in Cancer will bring home the homeless, the oddballs, freaks, revolutionaries, countercultured unique individuals now {is there actually any of this sort around these days?} to feed and nurture and soothe their urge to blow everything up souls in order to merge with the All. Chicken soup is always good with apple pie for desert to quell the hungry Soul insatiably desiring peace, completion and put a bit of bliss in their tum tums.

May 25
Moon opposite Uranus 12:45 am EDT-see above
Venus Trine Uranus 2:41 am EDT-see above
Moon Square Mercury 3:38 pm EDT
Good for quick thinking your way outta any too tight fitting situation
Moon square Pluto 8:43 pm EDT
Miss no-nonsense control freakin’ Moon in Virgo when squared by Pluto sounds like this: She wants to know where you’re going, when you’re coming home, what you will eat, better iron your shirt before you go, and change your pants they’re too wrinkly, make sure you don’t go over budget, irritable. Why can’t you be perfect like me? Pluto in truth loving Sagittarius just can’t help her/his shadow from blurting out the Naked Truth.
Moon enters Libra 9:16 pm PDT
Ah, a little peace at last, a little harmony, romance, candles and fine wine. Moon in Libra lights up this oh so social weekend. Moon wants balance, some good music, dancing, refinement, appreciating the arts, and trying to relax.

May 26 Moon enters Libra 12:16 am EDT see above-
Moon trine Sun 10:21 am-
A happy little trine from Libra Moon and Gemini Sun. Airy ungrounded emotions. Lots of yap with not much substance. Go to a poetry reading, an art gallery.
Moon in Libra loves to shop. Buy some lite art that harmonizes with your colour scheme. Enjoy talking all day and seeing and meeting as many people as you can non stop.
Moon opposite Mars 5:38 pm
Mars in Aries aggressiveness and brashness easily offends Libran refined sensibilities. Go to a wrestling match. Good for divorces in process of devolving. The Martially inclined will be pulling no punches and that Libran Moon person will know they are offended but ask others what they think anyway.

May 27
Mercury opposite Pluto 11:13 am
Lots of talking that spills the beans. Good for deep discussions that hit below the belt and barely scratch the surface. Or, debate the virtues of Peter Pan versus Moby Dick ,or the values of Tweedledee and Tweedledum versus Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Read all 13 novels in one day. They’re actually very Plutonic, cleansing, funny and literate all at once and of course the children always beat the bad evil Count Olaf and his cronies.
Moon square Venus 7:14 pm
Libran Moon is all romantic and Venus in Cancer wants security, a home, 3 hot home cooked from scratch meals a day and a couple of kids or more. Listen to some schmaltzy oldies and do some retro dances. This one should make everyone feel fuzzy.
Moon trine Neptune 9:02 pm
Three days into Neptune’s Retrograde and we have this lovely aspect. The Moon rules over everyone’s dreams every night and Neptune rules the dream world too from a more spiritual perspective. Dream the big dream of world peace, harmony, balance, fairness, justice now. Moon in Libra trine Neptune inspires artists, creative urges, idealistic rose coloured romances. Expect miracles. See only love everywhere. Forgive those who trespassed. Sink into a big hot tub and relax, breathe out big slow sighs and let go, let go let go. Dance, sing, paint, make Divine love. Libra Moon’s ruler is Venus, Neptune is the higher octave of Venus.
Your head should be in the clouds. Use this energy to meditate, visualize.
Feel the incredible forces of love and attraction that Shiva and Shakti, yin and yang, masculine and feminine are always dancing the Universe into creation with. Feel the soft pulse of your heart beating in unison with all that exists, in the invisible and visible worlds. Fall in love with yourself and everything you perceive. There is balance and beauty, love and longing satisfied always, every moment, every nano second, Love and fulfillment, completion is the ever present song of the Universe.
Feel your heart beating the rhythm of the Universal dance.

Taurus New Moon May 16
" A spanish gallant serenades his beloved."

Astro Cosmic Insights Updates May 14-20th
Copyright Tara Greene

Mars enters Aries May 15th 10:06 am EDT
New Moon in Taurus May 16th 3:29 pm EDT

The Moon’s Cycles & Void of Course Moon periods

May 14th Void Moon, @ 8:24 pm until
May 14 Moon enters Earthy Taurus 10:48 pm EDT
May 16th Void Moon @ 3:27 pm until
May 16 Moon enters Gemini 10:34 pm
May 18th Void Moon @ 8:57 pm until
May 18 Moon enters Cancer 11:38 pm

A fiery optimistic Aries Moon Jupiter Trine 3:00 am EDT happy gambling piracy James Bondian globe trotting dreams for you
Moon Trines Saturn at 4:42 am structure all that optimism, make a big business plan
Moon sextiles Neptune at 10:02 am inspirational dreamy, romantic
Moon Trines Pluto at 8:24 pm,Wow that Moon is marshalling up all the goodies today. Make your power stance tonite. Don’t take too may hostages emotionally.

The Taurus Moon May 14-16
Taurus Moon is all Bull. Earthy, practical, fixed in nature, body oriented, sensual, slow to speak and react, likes money, good food, fine wine, smelling the roses, music, the arts, poetry, and stability at all costs, hard working, but has a lazy self-indulgent side too, can be vain. Ruled by Venus which is presently in Cancer, enhancing a very feminine and security conscious time. Taurus plants seeds, has the tools, the horns, and the stubbornness to get the grounded necessities done.

May 15
Mars fires home to Aries. It’s Fight Club time till June 24
If desires have been soggy since the first week of April while Mars was in Pisces and your libido has been langoring, you’ll find actions, Eros and desire flare now. When Planets are in their home signs they are at their strongest. Mars in Aries is Fight Club, macho, testosterone driven, warrior time. It’ll be easy to smolder, be aggressive, make your moves and initiate. This is also a defensive, short fuse and literally head strong period -Aries rules the head. Expect more headaches! Men definitely feel stronger when their ruling planet is at home. Of course Mars here denotes war, so expect new action in militaristic initiatives. I predict forest fires, droughts, scorching high temperatures in late Spring. Can be a dangerous time, explosions and volcanic eruptions. Women, fire up your inner male now, get him to support and defend you, especially while Venus is hiding out securely in Cancer at the mo.

New Moon Beauty May 16th 3:29 PM EDT

This is a New Beginning in which to ground your Beauty. Taurus, first Earth sign is about Beauty. The beauty of your body and the beauty of the Earth. Venus Goddess of Love rules Taurus, and Taurus is the Body itself, being the 2nd sign after Aries’ fire inception from Pure Spirit into the material plane. It’s your main tool, Taurus is the Temple itself. Like the Navaho Beauty Way Prayer,

In beauty may I walk;
With beauty before me, may I walk;
With beauty above me, may I walk;
With beauty below me, may I walk;
With beauty all around me, may I walk;
In beauty, may my walk be finished;
In Beauty may my walk be finished.

Taurus rules the Throat, the 5th Chakra, and the Number 5 Trump in the Tarot is that of The Hierophant, mediator between The Divine and the Human World. The form of 5 is the Pentagram, the magical Star symbol, Da Vinci’s drawing of man as the Star. You can embody the magical ability to ground both world’s, your Divinity and your Humanness now. Toning, chanting, singing all open the Throat, a power center. In the beginning was the word, vibrating out of the throat. We humans have the power of speech, speak in beauty, practice deliberate acts of beauty.

Whereas there was a fixed Grand Cross at he last Full Moon between the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mercury and Chiron in Scorpio the planetary energies and messages have shifted into a fixed Taurean T-square between Sun-La Luna, Saturn, Neptune and Chiron -not quite as intense but still cattle-prodding enough. No B.S.
The overall theme is ground your beauty, your body, get a fixed purpose and intent at this New Moon. You’re Beautiful, look in the mirror and sing it to yourself and to everyone else you see, and everything you see.
Neptune opposite Saturn is points to how great is that gap between your karma {Saturn} your Inner Child {Leo} the love you make {5th House} your inner Gold Leo,the Sun} and the Higher Love of Neptune’s dream world of Bliss, Peace, Connectedness to the Perception {Air} of a Humanitarian World {Aquarius}. Structure and build your Leonine courage, will and heart to be able to play ,in all senses of the word a bigger role in enhancing Neptune in Aquarius’s ideals. Saturn is the Great Teacher, time, obstacles, restrictions. Get the spiritual lessons that Saturn’s world of hard knocks brings now, so no more repeats.

Venus rules this New Moon. She is at 9 degrees + of Cancer right now, in the most nurturing and Feminine water sign of Cancer-the womb itself.

On an equal house Natural chart wheel with 0 degrees at the Ascendant.
Mars is at the important Zero degree Cardinal beginning of Aries. In his rulership. Act now!
Sun conjunct Moon in the 2nd House Taurean house of values, tools, the body,self-worth.
Mercury is at home in Gemini and very strong. Communications are highlighted.
Venus is in Cancer in the 4th house. The roots, home,security, tradition. The Moon rules Cancer and the 4th. Love yourself.
Saturn in in Leo in the 5th House. The Sun rules Leo, and the 5th
The South Node is at 13 degrees of Virgo, in the 6th house. Release perfectionism and being a know it all.
Jupiter and Pluto [both Rx} are in the 9th with Pluto only 2 degrees away from the Zero Cardinal point of Capricorn. Transformation of highest goals in coporate world.
Neptune and Chiron are only 7 degrees apart in Aquarius. Healing the wounds around being your unique self, joining forces with like-minded groups to open consciousness to a higher spiritual reality.
The North Node and Uranus are in Pisces in the 12th. Revolution in spirituality. The highest goal, is to achieve Bliss, compassion, unity.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon at 26 degrees of Taurus.
“A Spanish gallant serenades hid beloved, the ritualization of individual desires.”
So sing your heart out.

Moon in Gemini May 16-18th
Talky talky, zip around fast, youthful, communication highlighted.

May 17th
Moon conjuncts Mercury 7:30 pm
Emotions and mental planes are in Peter Pan mode. Lots of yapping, networking, relationships.

Moon Opposite Jupiter May 17 11:23 pm PDT
May 18th 2:23 am EDT
Don’t expect commitments at this time. Gaddabout Gemini and Mars in Aries means independence. Communications overflow, exaggerating that Sagittarian hoof in mouth disease.

May 18
Moon squares Uranus at 3:59 am EDT
Emotional roller coaster rides in the nite.

Moon Trines Neptune at 10:20 am EDT
Good inspiring ideas for ad campaigns. You may talk about love and finer things in the moment.

Moon Opposes Pluto at 8:57 pm EDT
This one is always hoary. Shed some light on those hidden parts, talk about it.

Moon enters Home Cancer at 11: 38 pm EDT
Time to sit tight emotionally this weekend. Bake apple pies, feel cosy safe and warm. Good for family reunions.
Emotions are super sensitive now. You’ll need some nurturing if you let it all outta the bag earlier this evening.

May 19
Moon Squares Mars 4:26 am EDT
Fight Club nite. Watch out for thise storming Nazi’s in your dreams and rash drivers if you’re out that late.

Moon Conjunct Venus at 9:30 PM
Aw sweet love, trust, comfort, you want unconditional love and safety. Spend the evening cozied up at home with those who you love and who love you.

Mercury opposite Jupiter at 16 degrees Gemini/Sag. 10:30 pm PDT
May 20 1:30 am EDT
Tension, rash words, don’t get pulled into that opposition. Feelings will be easily hurt now and overwhelmed by all that talk talk.

May 20
Mercury Square Uranus at 7:26 pm EDT
Jangled? Won’t need that coffee this evening. Brilliant new ideas come outta the blue. Follow that roller coaster of non-linear logic to see the big picture.

Venus enters Cancer
Birth of Venus by Botticelli

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Astro Logical Updates May 7-13th

Venus enters Cancer May 8th
upiter Square Uranus May 10
Mercury enters Gemini May 11
Mars Squares Pluto May 13!

Void of Course Moon Times-don’t initiate anything during these time periods.

Moon leaves Capricorn on the 8th,goes V/C @ 3:34 am-
Moon enters Aquarius on the 8th @ 1:48 Pm
Moon goes V/c on the 10th @ 5:47 pm –
Moon enters Pisces on the 10th @ 7:31 pm
Moon goes v/c on the 12th @ 7:53 pm
Moon enters Aries @ 10:19 pm on the 12th

First, the Nice Aspects-Trines this week
May 7th Capricorn Moon trines Taurus Sun at 1:12 pm EDT This is an excellent hard working aspect. Moon Trines Mercury 10:23 pm PDT on the 7th on the 8th at 1:23 am EDT
Feelings and ideas flow concretely. May 10th Pisces Moon Trines Venus at 10:06 Pm PDT and On May 11th 1:06 am EDT
This is as soul matey, homey, comfortable and cozy as it gets.

The Moon’s Routes this week
Moon starts the week in Capricorn- Down to business, hard work and responsible, dry, Moon is in detriment in Capricorn, the sign opposite the one it rules, Cancer. This is the Moon in the Paternal sign, Saturn’s sign. Emotional tone is serious, no nonsense, grounded.
May 8th Moon shifts into Airy Aquarius 1:48 pm EDT Instincts take on a lighter, more expansive, group awareness, you love everyone but at a distance. Emotions ruled by Mind. Inventive, rule breaking.

May 10th Moon flows into Pisces at 7:31 pm EDT
Moon is comfortable in the watery realms. Instincts are purified, spiritual, imaginative, fantasy fueled, extra sensitive, escapist, martyrdom rules these days, secrets, privacy, Karma, being in the background, flowing in a bath, chanting, meditating, painting, drama, films and photography, oil, and viruses are all Piscean.

May 12 Moon charges into Aries-10:10 pm EDT
Moon begins a new cycle in Amazonian Martial artistry mode now. Defensive emotions, hot tempers flaring, Moon isn’t so nurturing or co-operative, wants to do Her own thang. Instincts and Emotions are initiative, bravery comes to the forefront. This enhances male emotions. Women are more demonstrative, independent, pushy. Susceptibility to headaches, Aries rules the head.

Large Scale Squares throughout the week

Squares are toughening aspects-the energy brings tension to make things move and change.
May 7th -Mercury in Taurus squares Neptune in Aquarius-
Imagination is heightened and softened, higher love enters the mind, but makes for foggy brains

May 9th - Sun in Taurus squares Saturn in Leo – 8:05 am EDT-demanding
Taking responsibility and towing the line to bring in the Light! Slow steady deliberate obstinate and bullish gets the glitter. Do gold prices go higher? Very stubborn, the Sun locks horns with the elite powers that be on the throne. If you got the tools, go for the regal heights but your heart’s gotta be init.

May 9th –9:28 PDT and May 10 8:08 am EDT
Aquarius Moon squares Taurus Sun-Last Quarter Square- The need to be open to change and Higher Perspectives challenges the Taurus bull headedness and attachment to the physical plane to go higher. It’s a pretty fixed situation. The good part is how to use assets and tools in new forms.

May 10th Jupiter squares Uranus at 11:32 Pm EDT, 8:32 PDT
Square occurs at 17 degrees 57’ of Sag./ Pisces, mutable
This is the 2nd of 3 squares, the first one was in late January and the last one will be in Oct. This is a very dynamic aspect bringing optimism and big sweeping changes. Uranus in Pisces revitalizes spirituality,compassion, brings unexpected change and endings. Jupiter in Sagittarius rules religion, beliefs and the Law, education, foreigners. That old time religion is definitely going through some last death rows in dogma. Education will be revolutionized and brought up to speed to fit with today’s contemporary world. Uranus in Pisces stirs up the waters of Neptunian rules Pisces’ imagination, bringing faith and Jupiter’s optimism into the Big Picture.
Expect technological breakthroughs from water as sources of fuel, Jupiter loves to travel, and in purifying water, you all know about Dr. Emoto’s work with toning and positively affecting water with thoughts, as water becomes more scarce and precious we will be needing this desperately. There is also a long series of ongoing trines, good aspects, between Jupiter and Saturn now which is reshaping social structure. Jupiter in Sag. brings ideals and aims high. I do hope this moves as fast as the Sagittarian energy would like.

Personally- If you are a Sagittarian born in or around Dec. 10th or a Pisces born around March 9th you are getting the direct hits of this aspect. If you are a Gemini born around June 9th you are getting the opposition from Jupiter and the square from Uranus. If you are a Virgo born around Sept. 10th you are experiencing Uranus’s opposition and Jupiter’s square personally.
Interestingly enough this Jupiter Uranus square then brings new and unexpected legal investigations into 911 and its’ hidden Pisces agenda. Carefully constructed belief systems get shredded from deep hidden substratas. Restlessness and impatience should be high, the call to freedom strong, a yearning for peace.

May 12 Taurus Sun squares Neptune at 10:56 pm EDT
Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side, keep on the sunny side of life. Just smell those roses, and park yourself on a couch and indulge, eat as many chocolates as your heart desires, it’s revolutionary way to loose weight-not. Clean out your fish tank. Down to earth practicality bumps up against higher inspiration and revolutionary thinking.

May 12 Moon Squares Pluto 7:53 pm EDT
To the strains of the William Tell overture- Faster than a Speeding silver bullet- Hi Yo Silver, Away. Pluto –The Lone Ranger, whips your emotions into a galloping pace like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse! Reign in those emotional, powerful, deep, hidden, secrets and blast your way to the Galactic Center in a Milky Way Cleanse leading to Bliss completion and completion. It may take all the hidden strength you have to keep from hurling a la Sagittarian hoof in mouth disease. Moon in Pisces will enable you to be alone, but never actually alone, accompanied by angels and spirit guides lending you invisible helping hands to do their karmic clean up work.

May 13th- Mother’s Day Heavies-
Mars in Pisces Square Pluto- 11:15 am EDT Potentially Dangerous!
In this corner we have Mars, God of War, and in this corner we have demoted Pluto God of Death. Do ya think that demoting Pluto made him happy? The smallest things in the Universe are the most powerful. Mars and Pluto co-rule Scorpio, the 8th Sign concerned with you know Sex, Death, Birth, Inheritances, Taxes, Power, Control, Secrets. This is a Galactic Centered sucker punch. Mars is at his Spiritual Warrior best now at that critical 29th degree of Pisces, so use his energy to defend transformation and higher goals as symbolized by Pluto on the Galactic Center. We’re all in this soup together. Defend the Truth, Justice, Freedom and the state of Democracy, which is dying as we speak. Pluto in Sagittarius shows us the way to aim our arrows of truth higher from a central Unified core. Pluto transforms through death initiations. Examine where you might be in fantasy and illusion about power, control and false prophets/profits.

And the shadow side of this is dangerous. Ignore the shadow at your own peril. When I saw Conversations with God author Neal Donald Walsh in Toronto a couple of years ago, he came onstage with a gigantic pocket watch, for dramatic effect, then he paused and said “Time is running out!”

This Mother’s Day will see anti-war and environmental protests as well as Mother’s Day marches as women and Mothers refuse to bow down to the war machines and stand up against the Plutocracy, defending and denying the sending of their sons into Hades throughout the world, and met with heavy police brutality. Anger from a very deep source wells up, driven by a sense of the Bliss, Beauty and Harmony that life on our Mother Earth could be, and was, a memory of a Life lived with respect for all creatures on this planet, Guided by the Feminine forces in total relationship with everything.
Now it’s time to take a stand, Goddesses are also fierce. Durga, Kali are both wrathfull Destructive Giving and Rebirthing Goddesses, Invoke their powers now to bring Rebirth

Mercury, the Whore of Babble On speeds home to Gemini May 11th at 5:17 am

That fleet footed/foot fleeted Mercurial Messenger, rules the Mind, the lungs, and is a hermaphrodite, duo-sexual, and like Quicksilver, you just can’t ever hold onto it. Minds, communications will be hyper-speed, adaptable and downloading info. and interests at the fastest bandwidth possible, in every which direction. Gemini is the Archetype of Peter Pan, watch your mind fly to Never Never Land, nothing’s for eveh, escapist thoughts abound. Mercury is the Symbol of the Magician, the number 1 card in the Tarot.
Your mind is the most magical tool of all. Thinking is the best way to travel. You know how you get old bits of songs going in your head? Pepsi’s motto used to be “For Those Who Think Young” and there was a hit song with the same title in the ‘60’s so let that mantra/ ditty stick in your mind and be a kid again, have playful thoughts and remember what occupied your mind as a child. Go play in the sandbox, it’s great therapy. Gemini won’t linger long at home of course, he/she’ll be off to the next sign by May 28th so enjoy basking in the sunshine and don’t make any firm commitments. Babble on my friends.

Conjunctions-where things bump into each other-

May 10th- Aquarius Moon conjunctios with Neptune-
Inspiration, expanded feelings combines with visionary activism and poetic liscence.
May 11- Moon in Pisces conjuncts Uranus- 11:18 pm EDT, May 12, 2:18 am PDT
Emotional Freedom-
This one brings unexpected emotional relief and revelations, feelings and tears flow as a cleansing. Use this to revolutionize your spirit. Forgiveness and compassion opens your feelings to release any old karma, imprisoned emotional patterns and addictions. Meditate, create during this time period, artists, songwriters, poets and actors benefit. Visualize a beneficial brave new world that is wholistic, peacefull, inclusive, free from bondage on all levels.

May 12th Moon conjuncts Mars in Pisces at 7:01 pm EDT
A compassionate Moon is ready to act, to defend its’ beliefs. He’s under the influence to soul mate with you. Emotional completion, bliss in action. Be carefull of doing any drugs, or handling dangerous weapons. Rash escapism is also part of this. Good for getting quick results on artistic planes.

Mother’s Day-Venus is in Cancer-how sweetly coincidental!

Once a year we officially honor our personal Mother’s. Venus, enters the sign of the Mother, Cancer on the 8th @ 3:28 am. and beckons our hearts, and values home, to be with Mom, apple pie, nurturing and comforting. Venus in Cancer tenderizes relationships, feelings are sensitive now, nurturing others comes first, trust issues are big. “Homeland security” is the banner of these times to be sure. It’s a very nice thing to have Venus in Cancer during Mother’s Day. Love your Mother, you are your Mother, and your Mother is you.
Venus is the Goddess of Love and Beauty Harmony and Peace, there is an etymological link between Venus and our very veins. Venus, love, runs through our veins. The Great Mother is also the Earth who nurtures and births all of us. We made a big deal about Her and her ability to keep nurturing us, due to all the damage and neglect that we, her human children have inflicted on Her. Every day we are alive is Mother’s Day. On Mother’s Day, and every day Honor your Mother, the Earth.

Copyright E. Tara Greene 2007

Astro Logical Updates April 30-May 6

Hi Lites;
FULL MOON in SCORPIO May 2nd Eastern Daylight Time
Jupiter and Saturn form 2nd Trine
Venus Pluto Opposition on the 6th

Void of Course Moon Times
Mat 1st 4:07 am EDT-6:41 am on the 1st
May 3rd 2:43 am – 6:48 pm on the 3rd
May 6th –2:45 am EDT – 5:21 am on the 6th

April 30th
Mars quincunx Saturn at 12:09 am EDT ouchy! Toughest of the tough planets rub each other the wrong way. Stressful, Last minute tax time! Procrastinators are crying in their beers.
There’s 2 major aspects today.
Mars square Jupiter- ups the anger ante, enthusiasm reaches all the way out to, well, Mars.
Venus in Gemini Trines Neptune in Aquarius -the planet of females, values, money, love, luxuries, makes the easiest aspect there is, as good as it gets-to Neptune the planet of “higher Love” Divine Love, I kid you not, illusion, delusions, addictions, dreams, spirituality, oil. Not necessarily in that order. Expect oil prices to really go through the roof. Inflation.
Venus in Gemini takes as many partners as she can wrangle to try ‘em on for size, but don’t expect ‘em to be seriously consequential. You’ll be very apt to be hearing yourself say “I’ve finally found my soul mate” at every turn. Of course this is a great aspect for musicians, artist, dreamers, romantics, alcoholics, and gives everyone a taste of what a Fast talking hermaphrodite Gemini spiritual computer geek would look like.

IT”S MAY DAY! POLE DANCING Moon enters Scorpio
This is traditionally a Fertility Festival. Couples used to make love on the furrows of the earth to fertilize it to ensure good crops. You get the message. It’s a quiet day Astrologically and yet the Moon tunes into the sexuality of the day by entering Scorpio at
6:41 am EDT. Ah the Scorpio Moon phase, deep, intense, smoldering, sexual, lusty, deep, power, control, riches, secrets, birth, death, transformation. Trust is a major issue. We’re all high from all that Venus Neptune soul mate stuff. Now we get down deep and dirty into the real nitty gritty.

Wed. May 2nd FULL MOON @ 6:10 am EDT, 3:10 am PDT
But before we get to that lush Scorpionic Full Moon, it opposes Mercury at 4:00 am EDT
Heart opposed to mind very stubborn Mercury in Taurus.

Scorpio Full Moon-it doesn’t get any fuller than this!

What’s been in the dark comes out into the Light. Sun in Taurus is concerned with building, values and self-worth. Taurus rules money and resources, reflecting our interconnection with self-worth and our relationship with material goods and values. Ruled by Venus, Taurus represents appreciating the beauty of our bodies, physical strength, the ability to create and have beautiful objects, clothes, enjoy wonderful foods, works of art, use our voices, Taurus rules the throat, valuing the physical world as the concretization of the spiritual world. So having a healthy respect for oneself is the theme here.
If we have a negative self-image and feelings of unworthiness, low self-esteem, then we do not regard ourselves in a healthy way; we deny our selves, our Souls and our spirits
From thoroughly enjoying this physical romp we are in in 3D.
One way of overcompensating for a felt sense of personal worthlessness is rampant consumerism as a cover or staying in poverty mentality, a stasis of Self-denial.

The Moon in Scorpio opposite the Sun shows us that this Full Moon is all about bringing up the shadows where we do not feel worthy, what we cover and hide and mask the most, our insecurities. Are we good, fast, smart, beautiful, rich, creative, stylish, young, enough? All the shadows around our inherent self-worth need to be examined in depth.
Rooting out where we do not have a healthy self-esteem, respect for our bodies and our physical resources now helps us to make the transformation, the AHA moment, when we Get IT! The motto used to be Just Do It! But I believe it should be Just Get It! And I don’t mean the latest Blahnik shoes.

The Dalai Lama, probably one of the most spiritual persons on the planet, had to have the concept of low self-esteem explained to him because it is a totally foreign concept in the Tibetan culture and religion. We need to have healthy egos as containers for the Spirit. Not overly grossed immature, self-demanding egos.

Mercury closely conjuncts the Sun helping us to ground our thinking about $, security, and how our minds create the stuff of the Universe. What you think you attract. You are the Great Attractor. Think rich, be rich. And Mercury helps us define what is ego and what is essence.
Chiron @ 15 degrees of Aquarius widely squares the Sun and Merc, as does Saturn @ 18 degrees of Leo, this lunation forms a Fixed Grand Cross. Fixed means-I ain’t going’ nowhere. There is lots of pressure here, four squares and two opposition involved. This pressure is meant to breakdown long-standing patterns to reconfigure them to a higher potential. The force is with you.


Buddha's Enlightenment Moon

And speaking of the Dalai Lama, this Moon is known as the Buddha Full Moon, this May Full Moon was present at the Enlightenment of Prince Gautama. Taurus Sun is fixed Earth and Scorpio Moon is Fixed Water- death, and this is what the Buddha taught, the contrast of life and death and the impermanence of all human existence.

Look at your resources both tangible and intangible. Think about your life right now and see yourself through eternity’s eyes. Imagine that you have died, look back at your life and see what really mattered to you, what counts now, what lasts. Yes we do need to know how to manage those Saturnine bills and keep a roof over our and our families heads it’s true, Chiron’s presence in the Fixed Grand Cross shows where we are also wounded by our possessions, where they hold sway over our lives, where we hold onto them too much. Are we over identified with the physical world? Time to look past that to inner riches, resources and wealth, this is Pluto’s realm, modern ruler of Scorpio.

TRIPLE CONJUNCTION-North Node, Uranus and Mars in Pisces

There is also a close triple conjunction of the North Node @ 14 degrees+ of Pisces, Uranus @ 17 degrees + and Mars @ 19 degrees. This indicates revolutionary actions, the end of the road for old traditions, innovations, unexpected breakthroughs, and unexpected water-check your plumbing. All of this new Piscean activity has a fated quality, a sense of North Nodal higher goals, in Pisces the highest road-pure Spirit. You’ll be able to forgive and have compassion if you allow yourself to surrender to Higher Dictates.
All of this is quincunxing old Saturn, Father Time. Time may be running out for the old status quo. A revolution in true spirituality is at hand-no more outside authority to leaders and flim flam snake oil salesmen.

This whole picture also relates very strongly to The Earth, as Taurus is the 1st Earth sign, and Scorpio rules Death and Rebirth. The writing is on the wall; the state of Mother Earth is dire. This Scorpio Moon highlights that we have to take drastic actions, change power structures in order to help heal and enjoy the beauty of the Earth.

What do you need to change about your body and how you think about it, your creativity, your values, money, and possessions. This is the time to implement a new plan and with that Taurean stubbornness stick with it. Let old values that do not align with your Higher Self die now. You might want to do a ceremony where you symbolically and actually dig a hole in the green earth, after writing down a list of all the oldies that no longer serve you and bury them. Very Taurean, real, practical. Rituals in all religions around the world serve this purpose. It’s why the Buddha touched the Earth to witness his enlightenment. Create your own ritual. Using your voice to state aloud-newfound self-worth, sing it, dance it, Paint it. Dig another hole to counterbalance the death and to bring in birth. Plant copper pennies, the metal sacred to Venus in the ground with the intentions of planting new energies, ideas, resolve, self-worth and invoke Venus’s grace and help.

Think about that last famous scene in one of my all time favorite movies, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, with Walter Huston and Humphrey Bogart. After striving to find gold, 3 men led by an old timer finally strike it rich, but bandits, and greed get in the way. Finally at the end of all their strife, Bogart has been killed and the young man and the old one Walter Huston watch as their bags of gold get blown away in the wind. All they can do is laugh, and laugh and be glad to be alive.

My favourite sign. Galloping off optimistically to gamble into the far exotic for truth, justice and freedom.

May 4th Take a break, but it could be tense from some sesquiquads from the Sun and Pluto-power struggles.

SAt. May 5th-Busy to say the least

sounds painful. An erratic day due to emotional upheavals in your dreams.

this is where the heavies get easier to handle,you actually enjoy the discipline.

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER 7:03 am –a bouncy bright optimistic mornin’ to yah,

great for brilliant ideas that have weight.

romantic, poetic, spiritually uplifting you’ll be in the clouds, PAINT A PICTURE

Moon in Sag. makes you yearn for a man who’s a spiritual warrior. Anger and martyrdom also come up here, oh so righteous Sag. Moon can judge Piscean compassion.

All those brilliant ideas you had earlier today Get nailed under Saturn’s scrutiny, Be not too proud to learn that discipline does get the job done. Can indicate information arriving late.

this is really grating. Too much information flows now.

for you West coasters this is a flirty flirty night.

Instincts are keen when mated with soul. The rockets will soar for those who have found partners this nite, cosmic tantric lovemaking are definite possibilities tonight. Don’t despair if you are alone, this is great for visualization at the Galactic Centre.

May 6th

This is a flirty flirty night.

Intuition can reach true depth on this one. The rockets will soar for those who have found partners this nite, cosmic tantric lovemaking are definite possibilities tonight. Don’t despair if you are alone, this is great for visualization at the Galactic Centre.

If it all felt great hopes are high for a permanent lasting bond. Jupiter brings optimism for the darkest times and the combo of play a lot work a lot works out just fine. This is the last Trine between these 2 planets in Fire Signs, they will trine again next year in Earth Signs. So take time to work with this aspect. Jupiter expands on the Hearts {Leo} wish to play {5th house Leo}at working towards our highest achievements Saturn {ruling the 10th house}.

Someone maybe sneaking back home feeling guilty about ignoring business after all that last nights revelry. Sobering to say the least.

VENUS OPPOSITE PLUTO at the Galactic Center 7:05 pm PDT 10:05 pm EDT
This opposition straddles the North Star at 28 degrees of Gemini Tropical and the Galactic Center. Oppositions can tear things apart or be used as counter balances. Feelings and values that are dualistic or ambiguous Gemini}are counterpoised with the depth of the Soul, Pluto and the Lord of the Underworld rules the collective Unconscious of the people, and that Collective is gathering in the Heart of our Galactic Womb at the moment. What we feel consciously and unconsciously may be pretty unknown right now. But I do believe our need for love is being drawn into the womb that we all come from. We are all collectively in a Dark Night of the Soul, that is what the Galactic Centre symbolizes and we will all collectively be reborn on Dec. 11 when Jupiter and Pluto conjunct at the Heart of the Galaxy. Save that date on your calendars. On a more mundane note the secrets, cheating, lies can be exposed now. Hidden resources can be discovered. Dualism {Venus in Gemini} will be abolished under the Archer’s swift arrow pointing higher and higher towards one common denominator.

Copyrite E. Tara Greene

Astrology Updates April 23-29th

April 23
MOON ENTERS LEO @ 7:38 pm EDT so say it loud and proud, get your courage up and take center stage, let that big kid inside you out to play and frolic, be big ostentatious, flirty. Moon squares Sun in Taurus, so things are pretty fixed shall we say.

April 24th
Sun quintiles, a 72-degree aspect, considered highly spiritual, the most imaginative and spiritual Planet Neptune! Source your spiritual and creative visions now.
And then Sun sesquiquadrates 1 square + a ½ a square aspect-to Jupiter-Mr. Big. This can make us go too over the top, in an upbeat way. Taurus sensuality can veer towards sloth and gluttony. Sagittarians may try to justify this behavior through cosmic osmosis.
Sun-Neptune keeps the tendency to boorishness, reverenced, humble at best.

Wednesday April 25
That Leo Moon sextiles VENUS @ 12:25 am. Leo Moon can charm the pants off even the most ambivalent Gemini. And do it quickly because the MOON CONJUNCTS SATURN @6:14 am slapping us with that reality check, a harsh awakening to start the day. The taxman may be hitting below the belt this time of year.
MOON TRINES JUPITER @ 8:11 am EDT so it’s a roller coaster ride already and it ain’t even 9:00 am.
Busy MOON THEN OPPOSES NEPTUNE @ 1:16 pm EDT, dreaming of your favorite movie star while having that extra glass of wine at lunch? Have a great inspiration or spiritual epiphany?
VENUS TRINES CHIRON and heals love’s wounds @ 3:19 am EDT. Venus in Gemini may whisper supporting words instead of exiting stage left.

April 26
MOON TRINES MERCURY in Aries at 1:00 am EDT promoting fast talking bold dream characters, or much late nite pioneering leadership.
MOON TRINES PLUTO @ 3:01 am, bringing dreams of conquering the world, secret plans, atomic explosions, sludge, bursting plumbing, etc. But before you take all that power with you out into the world the next day.

MOON ENTERS VIRGO @ 5:24 am and makes it all neat, practical, servitude, analyses it all first, write out the big business plans. The tone of the next few days with Moon in Virgo is neatness, precision, getting things to work on schedule, balancing the books, etc.
Mercury, Virgo’s ruler in Aries trining Pluto Retrograde hovering around the Galactic Center allows you to write down all those Big Plans. Intuition is sharp and deep right now. This is great diagnostic energy getting down to the core issues.

MOON TRINES SUN @ 5: 54 pm the two lights adore each other. Intuition and will work in total harmony.

VENUS AND URANUS square off @ 11:20 pm whoops watch your feelings and values fly off into the upper stratospheres! Kinky tastes abound, not to mention sudden shifts in mood. Freedom beckons, with Venus in Gemini this is smooth sailing all the way.

April 27
MERCURY ENTERS TAURUS @ 3:16 am. Enabling much more down to earth practical dreams and thinking. Your mind needs a break, wants to simply veg. Smell the roses, sweet dreams.
MOON OPOSITE MARS @ 2:12 pm Virgo Moon feels intellectually defensive against Mars Spiritual warrior stance. Can also lasso renegade martyrdom with clear-headed deliberation or drive it to tears with nit-pickyness.
MOON OPPOSES URANUS @ 4:18 pm EDT sudden emotional quakes stir spiritual call to the wilds whilst emotions stay grounded in Virgoan logic, kinda like Mr. Spock viewing humans on Star Trek.
MOON SQUARES VENUS @ 6:02 pm you have to pick the perfect restaurant with the perfect food wearing the spotlessly perfect dress, and be totally punctual or Venus will just get up and leave mid-meal, fed up with all the chatter about how things should be.
MOON SQUARES JUPITER @ 7:31pm EDT and ties the gadabout Sagittarian ruler down demanding rational explanations instead of inspired perspiration.

Mercury semi-squares Uranus today, after semi-squaring Mars late yesterday which I didn’t mention but since it’s a one two punch it packs more irritating, irritable chin power.

Wonder Woman socks it to Mr. Big! Venus in Gemini values maybe bi-do you love me? Who needs you anyway. But demands the most. Then

MOON SQUARES PLUTO @ 3:14 pm EDT irritable or what? The big deep secrets come out, tears flow, It’s O.K. to let the dams burst, it’s cleansing.

MARS-URANUS CONJUNCTION @ 17 Pisces exact at 9:37 PM PDT. This is the spiritual warrior and a mad scientist getting together in the old secret Perfessor’s Lab. Brilliant ideas may ensue rocketing us out of old think.

This is a very busy non-stop drag 'em out day. A big bunch of squares conjunction, oppositions for one day. They all make aspects to each other heightening the impact. See chart below.

At 5:45 pm EDT we need that balance. Libra Moon promotes harmony, peace, co-operation, especially with that crazy Mars Uranus, Mercury stuff still echoing, If you like strange weird, kinky you’re in your element now. Take your choice, a little refinement or?

April 29th
The Mars-Uranus quirky energy hits those on the Eastern part of the country 12:37 am, better midnight madness? It may be easier to ride with the Moon in Libra simmering down the tone. Moon makes 2 quincunx’s today,1. to Mercury @ 1:55am, you may be suddenly awakened. 2. to the Sun @ 11:58 am irritable. Then Mars, not to be outdone, quincunx’s Saturn @ 9:09 pm PDT will have you worried and sweating over your tax return. The old guard and the spiritual revolution don’t get along too well. Whew, this has been quite a week! If you can harness the divergent energies of Mars in Pisces, which gives off a lot of stem power, fire in water, get it, with Saturn in Leo’s incredible will, daring-do, courage and I’m numero uno attitude, along with Mercury in Taurus’s practical tools to just do it along with all the other amazing energies we’ve all been shell shocked with this week u just might be able to apply your latest most brilliant thoughts in a unique relevant way to help revolutionize everyone daily lives.

the grand cross April 28

Copyright  2002-2007 Tara Greene - All Rights Reserved

Astrological Updates April 16-22nd Earth Day! New Moon in Aries. Saturn finally goes Direct April 19th! Lots of Trines!

April 16th Moon in Aries-
Fiery, on the Move, time to seed Moon Conjunct Mercury-blabbedy, blab, blah, fiery tongues, too much babble Moon trine Saturn and Jupiter-it doesn’t get any better than this folks Moon sextile Neptune-just like it sounds, with your dreams, a bottle of wine, your dream lover, your ideal situation.

The Moon may be in Aries, new beginnings- but we are headed into the last phase of the Moon as we go to New Moon so things are stalled temporarily and Aries temperaments ain’t famous for being patient, so just try to be patient for a few days longer.

Tuesday April 17th It’s New MOON at 7:36 am. EDT
It’s a fiery time. You’re chomping at the bit to launch new projects, but this New Moon occurs at 28 degrees of Aries, near the end of the Arian cycle, a bit of a conundrum in more ways than one. Finish planting the seeds you sowed at the Spring Equinox.

This New Moon is being trined by Pluto so it’s easy to see into the depths of this dark time. The New Moon calls us into the Void at the Galactic Centre. Big things are germinating. Don’t avoid the void. Glean new insights now. This new moon is a dark mirror of obsidian where we can gaze at our own shadows, find out where we come from and what internal and external shadows are blocking new growth. Pluto is making his final and deepest digs right now in Sagittarius, exposing religious hypocrisy, bad educational policies and laws, strip mining our ecological wastefulness, and exposing the deeply hidden secrets about our true spiritual wealth, death and rebirth and the nature of reality, quantum physics and our power. Reflect on what your creative passions are. Things may appear confusing. Mercury is in Aries and wants to understand and communicate spontaneously, independently, defensively, as a warrior. Defensiveness does not allow for new beginnings. Let go of your need to control with your mind.

Chiron is in opposition to Saturn, so our deepest wounds are hurting palpably, physically, we feel it in our bodies, we see it in the news, in the structures, the laws, the obstacles, the limitations, our leaders, the government, the very fabric of our realities.

Neptune is sitting 6 degrees away from Chiron opposite Saturn, brining infinite hope, inspiration, vision, meditations, compassion, peace struggles, drama, illusions, delusions, our addictions and trouble with water and oil to the surface so that we may heal them if we so choose.

MOON Enters Taurus April 17th at 12:11 pm EDT

If things seem to be taking forever to manifest and you are weary of carrying that leaden weight around for a moment longer it’s because Saturn ruler of the material world is just about stopped in the skies right now so these days will feel the heaviest,leaden. Those longish term plans since last Dec. 5, 2006 when Saturn turned retrograde that you’ve been patiently and persistently working on with Capricornian discipline are about to start growing and building, and supported now by that Taurean obstinacy and let’s not forget sensual Venus ruled Moonscape.

Wed. April 18th An aspect Free day! And they say that nothings free anymore.

April 19th Saturn turns Direct Direct at 5:24 pm EDT
Hooray! Let’s get real and down to work. It’ll be easier to get your taxes done now. Saturn is the Mother Principle in the Kabbalah. I know we think about Saturn as Father Time but that is just a patriarchal Saturnian gloss Of course we’re all here as spirits and souls in physical bodies, or robes, in the 3D realm or you wouldn’t be experiencing any of this. And we all came into the world from a woman’s body since the beginning of Time. Thus Saturn is the Feminine, the real world, physical matter.
Matter and the word Mater, Mother are one and the same. Ain’t etymology great? Edgar Cayce that famous clairvoyant called Saturn the planet of change, because Saturn correspond to structures ,buildings, defenses, physical bodies which eventually crumble, fall and change, and change is the nature of reality.
Saturn transits are hard, limiting, obstacles abound, time drags, we’re working hard to build, but progress is painfully slow. Saturn turning direct let’s us out of the gates. It’s time to take the big step forwards depending though on the hard work sweat and persistence that we put in during these last 5 + months. Saturn turned Retro at 25 degrees of Leo, Saturn goes Direct at 18 of Leo and arrives at 25 Leo again on July 25th.

Baby Boomers Take Note:
People born between 1946-1955 have their Natal Pluto’s in Leo around these degrees covered by Saturn’s Rx period, and these people Baby Boomers all, some in their 60’s a time ruled by Saturn, are being strongly pushed to reclaim their authentic power as Leaders, as creative self-expressionists, as Pluto esoterically rules the Soul. The 5th house natural position of Leo rules the Heart, and love given to others. Carl Jung said that Love and Power were mutually exclusive. But showing and giving love is the biggest power we have.

Divine Trine April 19
And it’s more good news as the Sun exactly trines Pluto as well this day. This is a Divine Trine, ease of connection of Light and Dark, the Source and Power, Consciousness and the Soul, Life and Death, exposure and secrets. The Sun trines Pluto at the Galactic Centre throwing our awareness into the Black Hole at the Centre of the Galaxy. The Black Hole draws all light and matter into itself inexhorably. This symbolizes our chance to Light the Way into the core, the depths of the Void. The Sun is the Source of Life and Light to us, Pluto is darkness, depths, the Soul. We see ourselves now and know our true Selves as the Light, as the Power of Light and Dark, know ourselves and the structure of Reality {Saturn} as the Source within and without. The Sun rules the sign of Leo and we all have a Leo house ruling our hearts in our natal charts.

To check on how the Saturn forward motion is affecting you please consult me for a Natal Transit and Chart reading.

April 20th Before we get to the Taurean Sunshine.
Moon conjunct Venus in Gemini. At 3:27 am. EDT.
Great for sexy, romantic,if ambiguous dreams.
Moon in Gemini square Mars in Pisces at 5:25 am.
Continuing the boinking, this one’ll get you out of bed, if you’ve been conjuncting with some nefarious person this is the time you’ll find any excuse to take off before you martyr yourself too much.


You stubborn bullish, sensual, creative, artsy, singers, {many, many famous ones including Bob Dylan, Bono, Barbara Streisand, Janet Jackson, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder, Bing Crosby {bah, bah bah boo} Perry Como-Boomers will remember him and those crappy Kraft foods commercials} Willie Nelson, James Brown, Roy Orbison, and musicians Liberace and composer Irving Berlin.
Other famous Taureans include:
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, Shakespeare, Sigmund Freud, Tony Blair, Harry Truman, Saddam Hussein, Ho Chi Minh, Coretta Scott King, Pope John Paul II, architect I.M. Pei, and Mike Wallace
Actors: Katherine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn, Jack Nicholson, Uma Thurman, Michelle Pfeiffer, Andie MacDowell, Al Pacino, Shirley Temple Black, and last but not least comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Taureans are security freaks, earthy, nature loving, and loving in general, Venus ruled, lazy sometimes, rose smelling, whose keyword is “I have” and whose movie title is “To have and to hold.” It’s your time to shine.

Moon squares Uranus at 4:00 PM. Adding some unexpected surprises! Moon opposite Jupiter at 7:50 pm EDT 4:50 Pm PDT Feeling the largesse? Good for big parties tonight. You feel like being a benefactor.

Go to

Grow a tree absolutely free for Earth Day using your cell phone or land line. Seventh Generation, will be contribution funding. For each virtual tree created $1 is being donated, 100% of which goes directly to Replant New Orleans to plant real live trees to replace the 50,000 trees lost to Hurricane Katrina.

to indulge your Taurean earth worshipping nature loving
Generosity and plant virtual seeds absolutely free that generates funding for real tree planting in New Orleans for Earth Day,sponsored by Seventh Generation.
Moon trines Neptune at 11:42 PM making for a romantically inspired Soul MATE in the flesh kinda evening. Poets and songwriters take note, this is the moment for bringing celestial musical inspirations and dreams into real notes on paper.

April 21
Mercury in Aries trines Saturn at 3:09 am EDT
Very logical aspect for straight talk and walking that talk into reality. Put your money where your mouth is.
Moon opposite Pluto at 11:52 am
This one is always difficult. Did you know that Pluto rotates in the opposite direction to most of the other planets. This is a time of emotional upheavals and often co-incides with disasters. But there is a blessing as well as,
Mercury Jupiter Saturn Trine unfold throughout this day
Mercury in Aries Trines Saturn in Leo Trines Jupiter in Sag.
This one is good for that proverbial cosmic kick in the butt. This enlivens and animates spirits, everyone feels good, talks fast, is big hearted, generous, adventurous, optimistic,pPursues their own sense of truth, and acts like kings, gives from their hearts, pursues higher aims and goals. Communications should be heady.
The down side is, too truthful?- watch that infamous hoof in mouth disease of Sagittarius, don’t sit too high on your horse.

Emotional tone softens, breathe a sigh, feed yourself well, nourish others, go see your Mom, recuperate, bake an apple pie, take a bath or go for a swim, feel homey, feelings will be very sensitive, tender, security conscious. As for that Fiery trine in effect today, be aware of Cancerian ultra-sensitive side or else the armour will not come down. Appeal to nurture the truth {Jupiter in Sag.} from your heart {Saturn in Leo} and just do it Mercury in Aries.

As Sun’s Taurean beams lead us to Earth Day tomorrow, definitely contribute to greening the environment, if it’s warm enough plant some seeds and flowers, definitely get your hands into the earth. With all the talk about ecology, global warming, this is the time to do something about it. Write letters to the government urging your support, Jupiter in Sagittarius is expanding our knowledge about power, education, truth, our interdependence with each other on the planet-ie: China; expanding laws.

April 22 EARTH DAY
This Green Day. Honour the Earth Our Mother! How appropriate that Moon is in Cancer {Mom} and the Sun is in Taurus the 1st Earth Sign.
Moon Trines Mars in Pisces : so be compassionate as a spiritual warrior for the Earth, defend her, protect her, bless her, definitely hug trees today.
Moon trines Uranus at 8:14 pm Expect happy unexpected gifts from spirit.
Mercury sextiles Neptune at 9:12 PDT
Putting our talk and our dreams into one.
Venus squares Mars, Gemini to Pisces at 10:30 PM PDT
This is hot, difficult, Venus wants an easy way out, and Mars will do anything to keep her around. Ambiguous values rub the wrong way into old secrets and insecurities. Too much idle chatter dissipates the desire to let compassion flow.

Astro Updates Week of April 9-15th

onday the 9th: Nice trine Sun to Jupiter @ 19 degrees of Aries to Sagittarius 8:07 pm EDT Energy amps up!

Tues the 10th: lots of aspects
Mercury squares Pluto @ 3:25 am EDT makes things very tense, x-ray mental probabilities. Be careful of being overly critical, power tripping, controlling and attacking yourself or others.
Capricorn Moon squares the Sun at 2:04 pm, Arian fieriness gets called onto the carpet. This square is a turning point in the Lunation cycle testing the impulses of the previous New Moon to see how solid it is. The seeds of a dream planted 3 weeks ago have now matured.

see www.seedcollective.org to test this out.

Saturn quincunx's the Moon makes us irritable, we need to test our emotional habituations.

A whole new cycle of thinking and communications begins-Very Springy! Thought and tongues are aflame! Be careful not to burn up the carpet with dragon's breathing. Set new sites and goals, be a warrior with a purpose to enhance life!

Wed. April 11:
Venus & Pluto rub each other the wrong way at 12: 32 am EDT in a quincunx of an embrace! Or maybe it's the right way if you’re like that kind of thing! Matters of trust, vengeance, wealth, secrets, control, deeper soul expressions may explode to the surface. The perfect op. to do some in-depth work on your relationships, with your own Soul, Soul mate, or that person that just rubs you the wrong way.
Things do lighten up after the dragging the past out into the light if you work it through.
At 5:57 are Moon trines Venus in Taurus. This Earthy Earthy sensual aspect says: Take a bath in chocolate, or roses, cook a great meal, do some yoga, take an early am. walk, give each other massages put your money where your mouth is. After all that soul gut wrenching about values, you deserve it!

The Moon lightens up the energy as she enters group minded Aquarius, at 7: 23 am EDT. to take our feeling-tones to a more objective airier place. Moon in Aquarius supports heightened emotional planes. Sun sextiles Neptune 21+ Aries/Aquarius at 3:33 pm also expands the heights, making lofty spiritual pursuits easier to attain. New creative visions are easy now.

at 10:15 pm. and wants to talk and talk and play, and flit and flirt, have fun, gadabout and get ambiguous. All financial and relationships issues are of the LITE variety till May 8th. Expect many shifts in relationship values for this time period, as people are more flexible.

The 12th:
Moon in Aquarius opposes Stern Saturn at 3:31 pm. Be careful to protect and nurture all your wishes hopes and dreams and instincts so that they don't crash and burn under Saturn's watchful eye.
Moon turns about and sextiles Jupiter which should put the oomph back into your Ship of Dreams at 6:06 Pm though, Wear a pirate patch over your right eye. Clear sailing ahead mateys!
Moon does a lovely dance conjuncting with Neptune at 9:18 pm this is perfect for meditation, feeling through which dreams to support, chilling out, creating.
Moon then waltzes with the Sun in a sprightly sextile at 11:29 Pm EDT bringing intuition and will power together cheek to cheek. Create a dream Mandala.

It's Friday the 13th! "I ain't superstitious, when a black cat crossed my path"
-was an old song Rod Stewart sang when he was the lead singer of the Jeff Beck group. It was a great song with wah wah guitar, and I still have the album and saw them play it at the Electric Circus when City TV was in its infancy. But that's another whole chapter of the book. The origins of the superstitions about Friday the 13th have to do with the Church's repression of the Goddess, whose sacred number was 13, for her 13 Lunation’s a year. In order to suppress the ancient Goddess worshipping pagans the church made 13 "bad luck". Also it was the number of people at the Last Supper. And the #13 is associated with the Death card in the Tarot. For a more in-depth info about the origins of Friday 13th see-


SO what are the planets doing on this day?

MOON ENTERS PISCES at 11:38 am so this should make it peacefull, sensitive, flowing, watery, emotional, inspired, chameleon like, slippery, ephemeral, good day for endings-as the # 13 card in the Tarot is Death, spiritually infused, psychic, illusory, escapist, watch the alcohol consumption, and prone to fears. This is the last sign, before Moon enters Aries and catches up to the Sun. Finish up your taxes or any old unfinished business over the next couple of days.
Moon In Pisces squares Venus at 2:59 PM women's sensitive feelings and values can feel split by Venus's square punch in that divergent sign of Gemini. Maybe better to walk than indulge in self-pity.

Moon conjunct Mars at 5 degrees+ of Pisces at 9:32 pm. Need I say more? Great night to actively meditate, seek higher visions, connect your emotions to your activities. Mars isn't happy in Pisces, but it is his testing ground.
Saturday the 14th:

Moon conjuncts Uranus-woops! At 3:34 pm putting a few unexpected turns of events on the plate. Stay loose with that Piscean Moon and Mars combo. Dust off your magic carpet; it'll make the sailing smoother.
Moon quincunx's Saturn at 5:43 Pm EDT, the carpet doesn't get off the ground at this point. And lastly for today Moon trines Jupiter at 8:07 pm so a jolly wild night of exuberance, overindulgence, falling in love with foreign exotic strangers, blowing the budget, casino hopping and crying in your drinks after. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Sunday the 15th

Moon squares Pluto at 11:02 am. Go to church this Sunday and confess, you'll feel much better and use this energy for what it's intended to do. Scour the conscience with Super Galactic Scouring Pads.
Nary minutes after you leave the pulpit
Moon enters ARIES! at 12:46 pm and you'll be skipping down the road, ready to take on any adventure or anyone who stands in your way. Shift happens!

The Jewish 6 pointed Star
Tantric Symbol of Heaven & Earth United

Happy Passover! It's The Full Moon of April, Monday the 2nd at 1:15 Pm EDT in Libra, sign of Peace, Harmony, Balance, Relationships, Beauty, Venus ruled.May Venus shine her Beauty upon you.

Astrology Updates Week of April 2-8th

HIGHLIGHTS-Very Busy week
Full Moon April 2-Passover!
Moon enters Scorpio on the 4th 12:35 am EDT,the 3rd PDT
Jupiter goes Retro the 5th,
Mars enters Pisces on Good Friday, Happy Easter!
lots of Lunar aspects, Moon conjunct Pluto Easter Sunday Night,
Moon enters Capricorn on the 8th.

Full Moon in Libra Monday April 2nd @ 1:15 pm EDT

Ah, the Libra Full Moon illuminates the Fullness; the reflecting Moon/Mirror brings us peace, harmony, balance. It’s relationship oriented-Libra is the 7th Sign and house naturally in the Zodiac, it’s all about “others” and especially committed relationships, but also business.

Venus ruler of this completion cycle of the Moon’s phase, soothes our ragged souls, talk of love, beauty, poetry, the arts, refinement, justice. All beauty enhancements flourish under this Full Moon-treat yourself to some new make-up, a new hairstyle, a spa treatment, adore beautiful art, flowers, read poetry, buy new perfume or essential oils. You get the picture.

It’s Passover on this Moon, an ancient religious ritual for gathering of family to remember the Jewish peoples struggles as slaves, their receiving of the Ten Commandments and Moses leading his people out of bondage into freedom. The feast and ritual observation lasts 2 days but Passover observation lasts 8 days with the eating of matzo, and specially prepared foods for this holiday. Happy Passover. The 6 pointed star which the Jewish people use as their symbol is an ancient symbol of the Balance of Heaven and Earth, The Masculine and ther Feminine in a Tantric embrace of Union. Passover should be a symbolic time of freedom from bondage for all peoples, all races. The 6 pointed Star, the number 6 being at the centre of the Tree of Life, Tifferet, is a personal centering anchor, the Sacred Marriage of Oneself and to the Great Mystery.

Tues 3rd

Boy the Moon sure is busy today. Making some alternate quirky quincunx’s-I love that word-an it doesn’t fit right elementally aspect, alternating with sextiles-a nice easy aspect, make love on the bathroom floor? So just follow the bouncing emotional ball throughout the day until 10:30 pm EDT when Moon goes V.O.C., which is an emotional “time-out.” You’ll need to catch your heart’s breath as…

April 4th

Moon descends into deep darkest heart of Scorpio at 12:35 am EDT. Well you know what this means. Sex, rebirth, intense passion, power trips, control, kinky sex, domination, secrets,

Money. It’s the monthly visit to Hades’ realm, and we’ve got to pay our dues. Remember Persephone? It’s always intense when Moon is in Scorpio, use it to let emotions come up, cry, scream, tear your hair out, let your power out, clean your emotional closets out, and align yourself with Persephone and drink pomegranate juice. I predict a spike in rousing arguments during the next 2.5 days.

Mars sextiles Pluto this day at 8:22 pm so watch out for really aggressive people. Mars and Pluto both rule Scorpio so this aspect makes it easier than usual to go go go and vent vent vent.

The 5th

Again the pattern on this day with the Moon is quincunx, trine, squares to- in this order, the Sun, trine Uranus, square Saturn, square Neptune. It’s irritable, easy to want emotional freedom, but the hard-core reality breaks through and you want to run away to Fiji, or go on a retreat.

Jupiter Goes Retrograde at 9:22 pm. !!!!

Jupiter puts his horse in rear gear and will back us up through the Saggy territory he’s been galloping through. Planets are strongest when turning direction. Jupiter will Retrograde back from 19 degrees until TURNING DIRECT ON AUG. 6th at 9 degrees 56 minutes of Sag. Which is right on the important Fixed Star Antares.

Antares’ name means, “rival of Mars.” It’s a huge red giant star. It is in the Constellation of Scorpio. It is considered to be one of the 4 Royal Stars in the Heavens. The 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse are linked to these 4 stars and Cosmic Elements they represent. Antares represents the Archangel Ariel or Uriel of the West. The Babylonian name Uriel, and the ancient city of Ur, which was the ancient name for the earth Urs, is where Abraham, founder of the Jewish religion was born, and that is not too far from modern day Baghdad. What goes around comes around. Remember we’re dealing with the symbology of the Star at the Heart of the Scorpion, and we all know about the Scorpion’s infamous sting.

Jupiter, King of the Gods, bonhomie, director of The Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot, hurler of thunderbolts, lecherous husband, and good old boy, turning direct on this Archangel star which rules War, and the starting dates of Wars and huge conflicts, usually classifieds as total destruction and crushing defeat of one side over the other can mean-you know what.
This is also the Anniversary of the Hiroshima Atomic bombing.

Perhaps Jupiter strong in his home sign of Sag. will bestow, good judgment, Sacred Law over man made law, good will, higher learning, justice, and broad minded philosophies to this really war mongering cosmic degree.War is not the only outlet for Antares’ energies. Great stores of energy, optimism for grand adventures, the pursuit of a very lofty goal, sports achievements, explorations, diplomacy of the most hazardous kind or scientific research at the very extremes of human knowledge and ability are all benefited by Jupiter’s’ largesse here.

So Jupiter Retro.’s mambo for 4 months asks us to re-examine our loftiest goals, aims and spiritual desires. Are we shooting our arrows to the highest peaks,shooting our mouths off or shooting ourselves in the foot? Are we following our truth and Understanding the dictates of the Spirit? Are we a tad too judgmental? Are we too breezy easy and optimistic?

Are we truly listening to spirit? Are we growing, expanding, taking risks? What do we gamble with too much? Where do we need to reign in our ever-expanding appetites for more? In our quest for learning what are we truly learning? How is Justice serving us? Let’s look at politics-do our “elected” politicians and world leaders serve our needs, or we theirs? Has the state of the world/your life got you wondering when the last time you felt truly optimistic was? Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and have some fun, take a break, go to Vegas or Niagara Falls for a coupla days. Eat what you want when you want it. Take up sports, get a new pet, take a course and learn a foreign language.

Learn to tango, plan an exotic adventure now, move it, groove it, get exhilarated with the chase, and by all means ride a horse, remember your animal nature. When I was a kid, my girlfriend Sharon and I, loved horses, and we used to trot everywhere.Everybody’s doin’ the brand new dance now! - The Trot-the dancercise craze of 2007! Trot it to the grocery store, trot it to the bank, trot it in the city streets, let your flanks quiver, polish your hooves, whinny, shake your glossy mane, and get galloping into this big adventure called your Life!

Also on the 5th Moon opposite Venus 10:54 pm Venus is in Taurus her earthy home sign, so very romantic, sensual, down to earth, eat a great meal, rub ach other with roses, eat lots of choc, smell the roses, good for practical creative work. No b.s.

The 6th Its Easter Weekend and Good Friday-
Very synchronistically MARS, ruler of desire, masculine life force, actions, defenses, the male gender, enters Christ’s’ Sign of Pisces at 4:49 am.

How fitting for Easter. Our actions tune in directly to Pisces, calm, flowing, compassionate, bliss filled, completion, creative energies. We’re in the bath with a Spiritual Warrior now.Time to complete the cycle. Mars will be in Pisces till May 15th when he heads for his home sign of Aries where he’s at his dynamically fiery headstrong best. Tune into your spiritual direction, Meditation should be stronger and more dynamic now.
Do yoga. Forgiveness is the order of these days.

Moon enters Sagittarius at 12:56 pm lightening things up. Baseball anyone?

Moon squares Mars at 1:30 pm so a bit testy. Don’t play with matches and watch out for road rage and short fuses.

Sat. the 7th

Hey it’s my Moms birthday today. Happy Birthday Mom.

If the weather’s nice take a nice drive to the country and walk in the spring air. Moon squares Uranus at night-expect unexpected guests.

The 8th Easter Sunday

Moon is extremely busy today again. Moon trines both the Sun and Saturn in the wee hours. If you got your taxes to do, this is a good time to get seriously disciplined. On Easter weekend?

Big Boost as Moon conjuncts Jupiter 3:52 am EDT-late loud party revelries. In order of appearances-Moon sextiles Neptune 7:06 am nice dreams; The Sun trines Saturn also early am.

The big aspect is MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO at 9:35 pm.EDT

then goes V.O.C. The Moon mirrors back to us in this conjunction the perfect symbol for Easter, Christ’s death and rebirth. This is a time to think about your Death. Think about your life from the perspective of your Death, this will give you greater clarity and initiative to go for what really matters to you now. Go into the Galactic Centre in your reveries, you can very easily enter the Black Hole now in meditation. Go directly to the Void, don’t pass the Void. This is your personal test of Faith, as it was Christ’s’.

The Elusinian Mysteries, Ancient Greek religious ceremonies showed the initiates the way of death, rebirth and transformation, so that they knew the territory, had certainty that Life is Eternal. What in the depth of your Soul and the outside world needs total overhauling, renewal, and regeneration? Think about the big picture. Ask for guidance. Take a couple of hours to reflect on life and death, it will be truly valuable to you during this v.o.c. period.

MOON ENTERS CAPRICORN @ 11:36 pm changing the mood to serious, back to business, hard at work, practical, results oriented Capricorn. The Moon’s trine to Saturn earlier this day, enables you to take what you gleaned in your journey through the Underworld and make practical good use at implementing the knowledge into your life. Create a new business plan, a mind map, a pyramid of power. Capricorn is all about reaching the heights; it’s where you personally shine best representing symbolic Noon. So it’s High Noon at midnight to know what your goals are. Take yourself seriously, but not too seriously.

What do your greatest career and humanitarian successes look like? Of you don’t got a concrete goal your just whistling on the wind.


O.K. let’s put it in reverse for a few minutes. It’s just past April Fool’s Day so no jokes-

But here’s where I’m gonna show you the realities of Astrology in action.

On March 31st Pluto-never mind demoted-he’s not gonna take that from a few pesky astronomers lying down, turned Retro-grade! Pluto will be backtracking from 28 degrees,58 minutes of Sagittarius to 26 degrees,18 minutes of Sagittarius on September 7th a mere 5 days after another new beginning when Saturn leaves the Leo building and enters Virgo.

That till a bit later.

Pluto will be dragging us all back over formerly trod Black Hole ground central-the Galactic Center, currently at around 26 and change-right where Pluto stops and says “The buck stops here!” And everything else stops there too.

So review recycle, recycle, recycle what’s been going on in your life. Pluto deals with All the Biggies!

Death, Rebirth, Transformation, Sex, Money, Power, Control,Psyche,/Soul, Metaphysics, Higher Values {opposite the 2nd house} the depths of psyche, psychology, mysteries, detectives, poisons, toxins, atomic energy, secrets, anything in-depth, alchemy, the unknown, the underworld, the shades, Replication processes, reproduction, conception, waste, plumbing, kidnappings, recycling, disappearances, transmutation, phobias, subversion, anonymity, bacteria and viruses, Dictatorships, unpopular causes, "the exclusive", slow growth and decay, secrets, kinky sex,

This is the Great Mystery in action, cycles of life become death becomes birth, becomes death again. All is impermanent. All supports and feeds the other. And endless round.

Recycling our world view is what’s on the agenda right now. Especially in terms of religion, truth, a large Sagittarius theme, "Sacred Law" over man made law, teaching, mysticism, optimism, expanded world view, philosophy, hypocrisy, the exotic, sports,generosity, freedom, expounding one’s own views, dreams and visions, the higher mind, broadmindedness, straightforwardness, foreign markets, expansion, controlling the animal instincts with the higher conscious of the human, animal rights, gypsies, scholarly wisdom, gambling, the rainbow, the arrow of truth, aiming high, airplanes travel, adventure, risk taking, largesse, daring, centaurs, space travel, the Universe.

The down side is religious fanaticism, fear of foreigners, shallow wisdom, procrastination, failure to reach the mark, despondency,“hipper than thou” judgementalism, self-indulgence, “I’m so special,” exaggeration, impatience, lethargy, pessimism, self-righteousness, religious intolerance, stinginess, self-protectionism, barricade the hatches, being the judge, “I’m always right” Fundamental religious beliefs, limitations on the higher mind and inquiries towards expansion,couch potatoes, gambling, hypocrisy,lying.

So time to throw out all your old garbage, literally, and psychologically. Wrap it up and give it up to Pluto Lord of the Dead, the Underworld over these next almost five months. Put it in that big recycling bin where it can decompose and become humus, good earth, fodder of friendly earthworms, ready to support new growth and new life.

The Galactic Center is a mysterious super massive black hole, ever sucking all light and matter into it. Where it goes? No one knows. Sounds very Plutonic at present to me. The Galactic Center shifts too,but ever sooo slowly.

If you are very daring, meditate on going into the Black Hole with an impersonal question. It’s not hard going into the Black Hole like Alice falling down into the rabbit hole. The trick is getting out. It may be a “wormhole” leading to other dimensions, and galaxies, universes unbeknownst. So be adventurous, follow that wabbit “Dennis Hopper” into the Black Hole and down down down you go. I would suggest you create a superstring rope which you tie onto yourself so you can find your way back. Let me know what you report.

I’ve been investigating the Black Hole myself. It is future oriented. People with strong conjunctions to the Galactic Centre are most certainly drawn into its Void of deep space learning right now. As the Great Galactic Maw, womb, Vagina, all there is to do is surrender to the Great Mother's Galactic Birthing Place. We all come from there and we'll all return there.

We all come from the Void. Sounds like Brooklyn-ese for "Woid" translated as "word."

So it all adds up to the same thing. In the beginning was.... the word.

Don't avoid the Void, or the Void will get you. It's unavoidable.

Astrology Updates & More for March 26-April Fool’s Day

Lunar Nodes & Uranus conjunct points the way to Big Changes this week! It’s not some kinky sex thing-

The Great Mother Archetype gets hyper- boosted into Consciousness
+ please note gravely important message from Swami Beyondananda

A relatively quiet week-not! No planets changing signs except for the Moon of course and no significant Sun-Moon aspects. Don’t we need a breather?
But get ready for a huge change and boost in consciousness this week as there is a highly significant aspect- a conjunction between Uranus the planet of revolution, breaking with tradition, and higher consciousness and the North Node of the Moon + Mercury on March 30th. And then there’s April Fool’s Day.

The Nodes- We most commonly refer to the Moon’s nodes. But every planet has nodes too. Let’s just stick to the Lunar Nodes here. The nodes are the two points in space where the Moon’s orbit intersects the Sun’s path through the Heavens-called the Ecliptic. The Sun moves in North or South declinations on the Ecliptic. There are 2 nodes, a North Node and it’s polar opposite point the South Node. These Nodes a.k.a the Dragon’s Head- North Node; and the Dragon’s Tail- South Node. In Vedic or Indian Astrology the North Node is called Rahu and the South Node Ketu. The Nodal Axes are considered to be “the axis of Fate.” But of course we know that we always have free will.

Everyone has this Nodal Moon polarity in their charts somewhere. In Vedic Astrology the Lunar Nodes are one of the most important points in a chart, representing karmic/re-incarnational aspects. Most Western Astrologers now use the Lunar Nodes as a prime diagnostic tool. Renowned Astrologer Noel Tyl interprets the Lunar Nodes as symbolizing the Moon’s {Female} intersection {nod.nod, wink, wink} with the Sun’s male} apparent path around the Earth {the ecliptic} means fertility, fecundity, ability to conceive- the Mother Archetype.

In the Bigger Picture the, outside world, the North Node represents evolving events affecting everyone. The Nodal cycles last 18.6 years. The North Node is in Pisces, which it entered on June 18, 2006 where it will remain till Dec. 14, 2007 when it will shift, moving always Retrograde into Aquarius. Then the “dawning of the Age of Aquarius” takes off.

So back to the Big Event on March 30th

The Uranus/North Node conjunct occurs at 16 degrees + 06’ of Pisces with Mercury one degree away in late afternoon EDT. Uranus is the planet, which rules Sign Aquarius, an Air sign, symbolized by the Goddess outpouring water, which is consciousness, from the Heavens onto the Earth. She is pictured on the Tarot Trump of the Star #17. Aquarius rules new inventions, humanitarian awareness, freedom and Higher Consciousness.. Mercury is of course the planet of the mind, communications itself. Uranus always promises a great awakening, a free wheeling roller coaster ride and always to expect the unexpected. With Mercury-mundane Consciousness + Uranus, Higher Consciousness we get the Double Whammy of a brave new world of inventive thinking and humanitarian inspired communications.

In Pisces we’ll be floating, walking on water, bathing in compassionate waters, tears and old issues will rise to the surface of our consciousnesses. Breakthroughs in inventiveness towards our fellow humans; breakthroughs in Aquarian telecommunications operating in more humanitarian ways. The conjunction synchronizes perfectly with the launch of the seedcolletive’s breakthrough in online community building and reforestation.

http://www.seedcollective.org/SeedSite/Home.html launch online April 3nd

Seedcollective turns your cell phone {or land line}into an arborists tool, generating funding for real trees to be planted in New Orleans on Earth Day April 22nd.

This is amazing! The seedcollective’s interactive cell phone and musically driven artistically aesthetic re-forestation experience, available online for the 1st time, is a breakthrough in creating eco-choice friendly environmentally responsible tech. using a readily available tool used by multi-millions of users.

The seed collective, based in Toronto, allows your cell phone to grow green exponentially, by participating in ecollaborating with people across North America. Yes, you can seed the forest for the trees. Participants will be able to download the tree image and music they have generated their computers.

And expect literal breakthroughs in water, flooding, rising tides, tsunamis, scientific breakthroughs using water as an energy resource, the use of algae as a powerful fuel source, big changes in religion, Piscean territory, especially Catholicism, as Jesus’ birth was the beginning of the Age of Pisces- the fish symbol., and surprising news from the Oceans- expect to hear sudden {not} unexpected news about the Gulf Stream’s ocean currents, which due to the fast melting of huge icebergs and rising levels of too much fresh water in the Atlantic Ocean could suddenly stop the Gulf Stream’s warming waters which warm Northern Europe and parts of North America which could produce sudden higher cold temperatures, not to mention disrupting aquatic life.

The North Node representing the Great Mother, the Divine Feminine Archetype brings Her energy full throttle forward into the collective {North Node} predominantly. We are already seeing this development. The Da Vinci code popularized the idea of Mary Magdalene as Jesus wife, humanizing Jesus; the recent reported tomb findings of Jesus family; the acceptance of woman as equal partners in all matters of life worldwide-should be an issue sparked by this conjunction-especially to feminine suppressive religions, Islam, etc. Hilary Clinton’s prospects look better after this Conjunction.

This Conjunction symbolizes the Ascendancy of the Divine Feminine; the inherent Divine in Women, which is a part of the Divine half in men as well, the anima, the Soul.

The Divine Mother is alive, she walks the Earth, she nurtures, she protects, she loves, she relates, she births, she cries, she laughs, she bleeds, she feeds us all. She is US. She is the Great Goddess who was worshipped from time out of mind, as we are all Born of Woman. The Divine Feminine has innumerable Names and aspects.

As Demeter the ancient Greek Great Mother, she is the Earth Herself, and She can also refuse to co-operate with Life. As Kali, the Hindu Goddess of Destruction, who dances on the ego and brings Enlightenment, and to all her Dakinis, Goddesses, sky walkers, rainbow bringers, Spider Woman, White Buffalo Woman in the Native American Pantheon, Coatlique Goddess of Birth in the Central American religions, as Circe, Pandora, Hekate the Crone Mother, As Cybele, Kwan Yin in China, as both Mary’s in Christianity, as Durga, Shakti, Ix Chel the Mayan Lunar Goddess, as Brigit, Celtic Goddess, Chang Oh, Isis, Astarte, Diana, Inanna the Babylonian goddess, Mama Quilla, Peruvian Goddess, Maat the Egyptian Goddess of Truth, Kunti, etc. etc. Goddesses of a thousand names.
This is a Double Whammy Mammy! "I’d walk a million miles for one of your smiles, my mammy,” sang old Al Jolson in The Jazz Singer, the first Talking Picture in 1926 {really he was one of my favorites as a kid}

Whilst I was writing this in the usual wee hours of the AM. I checked my inbox and received this from Swami Beyondananda-the Cosmic Comic-but his email is no laughing matter-matter means Mother you know-

~Mutually Assured Survival Or Mutually Assured Destruction? The Jewry is Still Out ~~~by Steve Bhaerman

Last year during one of my comedy performances, someone asked the Swami, “What do you think about AIPAC?”The Swami -- being the Swami -- answered, “AIPAC? I don’t know about AIPAC. I’m more into Deepak. And Tupac. Gimme Deepak, Tupac and a six-pack, and you can keep your AIPAC.”

Well, the audience liked the answer, but my serious side wasn’t satisfied. I’d been hearing disparaging remarks about AIPAC, which stands for American Israel Public Affairs Committee, but I had dismissed them as fringy, anti-semitic fulminations. The more I’ve read since then, however, the more I realize that this organization -- supported by many well-meaning Jewish people because it is “pro-Israel” -- is really a neocon front that hardly represents the majority of the Jewish people, let alone the people of Israel. Just as George Bush and company have tried to pull the “you’re either with us or against us” wool over our eyes, AIPAC and its posse define anti-semitism as any questioning of Israeli’s policies no matter how questionable. They’ve tried to silence non-Jewish critics with the anti-semitic smear, and Jewish ones by calling them “self-hating Jews.”

As a Jewish American, I have come to the sad and disturbing conclusion that AIPAC is why we’re still in Iraq and why we are now set to attack Iran. You’ve only to look at the news story about the recent AIPAC conference and the unenthusiastic response Nancy Pelosi received for not being sufficiently pro-war. Opening our eyes to AIPAC’s power and influence makes it easier to understand why Congressional Democrats backed off of their stand to make an attack on Iran contingent on the approval of Congress. As the world seems to be hurtling toward that self-fulfilling prophecy called “armageddon,” the forces of fear and destruction seem to be polarizing to either side, each desperately trying to make sure that their evildoers will be able to out evil-do the evildoers on the other side. I like to consider myself a realist. As the old saying goes, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean there isn’t someone following you.”

So -- just because our Middle East policies are fear-driven, greed-driven, misguided, obsolete and dangerous -- doesn’t mean that there aren’t toxic Islamic forces hell-bent on the destruction of Israel. Try to imagine what it must feel like to know that the enemy that has vowed to destroy you has the power to launch weapons of mass destruction. Feel that, and you can empathize with civilians in Israel -- and Iran. For in their fear for their own lives and destruction, many Israelis feel resigned to preemptively doing the same to the Iranians. Same old “us or them.”

From M.A.D. to Madder For nearly 45 years, the Cold War was kept on ice because of an eerie Strangelovian concept called “Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD).” With both the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. overarmed to teeth, if any one side pushed the button, both sides would assuredly perish. Whether it was that delicate balance of power and fear or some other form of divine grace, no button was pushed and we are still here to be grateful. But there is no such balance of power today. As the last superpower standing after the fall of the Soviet Union, the United States has super-abused its superpowers. Instead of following the advice of former Senator Gary Hart and treating terrorist cells like a criminal gang instead of a military force, we have squandered any good will we might have had left and have shown the entire world that we’re not in the Middle East to keep the peace, we’re there to keep the pieces. Of course, this is not the intent of the majority of Americans, nor is it the intent of the majority of Israelis. However with the neocons in control of both countries -- and with AIPAC successfully muzzling most dissent against Israeli policies, or marginalizing it as “anti-semitic” -- our two countries together are drawing the battle lines for an insane and unnecessary world war that will lead to countless deaths, not to mention irreparable ecologic harm. Here’s how the real balance of power stacks up.

On one side, we have the “kill or be killed,” “dominate or be dominated” world view, the one that has persisted for thousands of years and brought the world to the brink of destruction. Everything about this side sounds rational at first hearing because we humans habitually associate “normal” with “sane.” But rationality has been replaced with rationalization, which goes something like this: The world is a bad place. It’s always been that way, and always will be. We have to protect ourselves. We sincerely regret any unnecessary deaths -- of course, we will only do “surgical strikes” designed not to harm civilians, and besides those people hate us anyway. Under this umbrella of self-protection, any violation of human rights, human decency, rule of law and morality is permitted as long as it can be rationalized as a “necessary evil.” Even better if it can be done in secret and can be officially denied. That way, there can be the illusion of democracy, justice and living by spiritual principles. Of course anything built on a foundation of lies is destined to crumble and that accounts for the disheartenment both in America and Israel. The “self-protection” clause also means you can buddy up with “allies” who violate the very essence of who you are and who you believe yourself to be.

Check out this audio recording featuring Rev. John Hagee’s speech at this spring’s AIPAC conference. In fact, check out all the speeches, but particularly Rev. Hagee’s whose intolerant beliefs are now tolerable because he supports Israel and in fact has asserted that the Book of Esther predicts the very attack on Iran that is soon to be launched. But hey, this is about self-preservation so it really doesn’t matter which devils you sleep with, as long as they’re on your side now.

That’s one world view, the one that is considered “mainstream” in our society, despite any “naive” moral objections the rest of us may have. There’s a second world view, however, the same one put forth by spiritual teachers from Buddha to Jesus, and is at the bottom of every religion once the bullshit is boiled away. That world view insists that there is such a thing as a common humanity, and we are all in it together. It seems to be contrary to the “evidence,” because if you look at human history -- well, it’s more like inhuman history. However, when you consider how this evidence has been spun and is being spun, and how war is used to justify more war, it’s easier to see how 80% to 90% of us get manipulated by a small group of manipulators who know how to press the buttons marked “fear” “survival” “patriotism” and “tribal loyalty.” This alternative world view that we’re all in it together is the foundation of mutually-assured survival rather than the deadly alternative. It also reflects the heart essence of Judaism, Tikkun Olam -- the healing of the world. This notion of bringing healing to this world is in direct contradiction of Rev. Hagee, who subscribes to the “We’re going to heaven and everyone else can go to hell” insanity.

Which brings us -- finally -- to the purpose of this email. My friend Diane Perlman, a political psychologist and activist has formed a new organization, JAIPAC (Jewish Analysts Investigating Peace and Conflict), and has written a compelling letter under the title: The New Pro-Israel, Mutually Assured Survival. There are indeed real problems and real conflicts in the Middle East, and Diane turns her wisdom and experience towards alternative ways of addressing them -- instead of doing what we’ve always done and being surprised when things are like they’ve always been, only worse. Please read and circulate this letter. Can We Stop the Ticking Toxin in Time? Reports from Soviet intelligence say that the United States plans to bomb Iran on April 6th, less than ten days from now. Was the information purposely released to give the Iranian government one more chance to drop the program? Was it released by the Soviets to alert the world? Is it a bluff? We don’t know. We do know that this Administration is in deep trouble and has demonstrated that it will do anything -- anything -- to promote its own survival. An escalation of the state of war could empower them to declare a martial law state of “emergency.” It would be risky for them, but then again their ass is just about grass anyway.

The purpose of prediction isn’t panic, but prevention.

I contend that had the voting fraud story not broken through the “soundless barrier” via RFK, Jr.’s Rolling Stone article last summer, people wouldn’t have been aware of it, and the election results would have been different. Say what you will about the worminess of the Democratic Party, Congressional investigations are now going forward that will necessitate impeachment. So I am putting this email out in the hopes of averting the possibility of the Iran attack.

I am hoping that Jewish people of conscience allow themselves to lift the lid on AIPAC and ask themselves if AIPAC represents their true values. Here is a link to the upcoming issue of New York Review of Books where George Soros -- a key Democratic Party funder of Jewish heritage -- takes on AIPAC. I wish there was some kind of concerted action that would make a difference in preempting this preemptive war. Perhaps the field of awakening will be enough, perhaps it won’t. Maybe there needs to be a letter-writing -- real mail, not email -- campaign to key members of Congress. Perhaps we need to follow the lead of former army Colonel Ann Wright who has urged the military to “refuse to drop bombs” if ordered to in Iran.

The influence of the military cannot be underestimated at this time, particularly when we consider the loss of support for the current war on the part of troops in the field, not to mention the extraordinary editorials in all the official military publications the day before Election Day calling for Donald Rumsfeld’s resignation.

When I was a kid, one of the things that made me proudest of my heritage was the willingness of Jews to be a stand for the rights of all, not just Jewish people. You may remember that two of those three civil rights workers killed in Mississippi in 1964 were Jewish, but what you may not know is that the NAACP was co-founded by Joel Elias Spingarn, a Jew. These days, the cry of “never again” no longer means never again a holocaust for anyone, but “never again for the Jews.” This is an understandable nationalist sentiment, but it contradicts the spiritual foundation of Judaism. This is a hugely challenging time for all peoples. How much easier it would be for a Messiah to come down and declare himself “the only Universal Law south of the Pleiedes,” or for the nasty machinations of empire to work their nastiness without our ever having to know about it. How much easier for us to immerse ourselves in reality TV so we don’t have to engage reality, or insist we “create our own reality” without coming to grips with the reality we all share. As with every religion, there comes a time when we have to distinguish between the spiritual essence, and the distortion being used to keep the powers that be in power in power. Or, as some wit once said, “Spirituality is our relationship with the Divine. Religion is crowd control.”

I hope this article and the connected links provide plenty of cognitive dissonance for both Jews and non-Jews alike. Which do we choose -- mutually assured survival, or mutually assured destruction? Given the delicate balance of life on earth at this point, the zero-sum game of “me or you” may end up as a big zero for all humanity and an F in works and plays well with others.

P.S. I expect lots of letters telling me I’m a self-hating Jew (with plenty of evidence of how Israel is absolutely right and justified), and other letters accusing me of being a zionist (including tons of evidence of how Jews have been responsible for any and all evil since the beginning of history). Please spare me these. I’ve read plenty on both sides already. Please DO send me any links to organizations and actions designed to preempt the preemptive strike on Iran. These will be sent to this list later this week. Meanwhile, pray for healing even if you’re an atheist.

As Swami says, “Who cares whether you believe in God? What really matters is, do you believe in Good?”

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In terms of this news, Uranus might more likely mean Ur Ass and all of our asses literally, and some Fatefull North Nodal axis of evil power suddenly coming to Wake Us All Up, Big Time! Expect the Unexpected isn’t always the nicest of surprises.


I am urging you to tout sweet rise up and show you’re power! Respond to that email. Contact Code Pink a Women’s Anti-War Group in the U.S. Write letters. Protest. Don’t just shop-do something!

If all the women-and we’re over 50% of the World’s Pop. focused their energy on stopping the War-like the Trojan Women did-they refused to have sex with their mates-or visualize World Peace and a sudden Highest Spiritual North Node in Pisces/Uranian compassion awakening, I do believe that it would make a difference.

Call on the Hindu Goddess Durga. Durga is an incarnation of Devi, the Mother Goddess, a unified symbol of all divine forces. Durga manifested when evil forces threatened the very existence of the Gods. To destroy those demons, all gods offered their radiance to Her creation and each formed part of Durga’s body. Durga’s name in Sanskrit a Holy Living Language means “invincible.” She rides a tiger and has multiple arms.

And co-incidentally I didn’t know this but in hearing the call and in doing research I found out that this is the 9 day period in the year of her worship!

Called Navratri: March 20 2007. The 9 nights of Mother Divine Durga

The most auspicious 9 day period of the year for mother Divine Durga. These 9 nights are the nights when all 9 powers {shakti} of Goddess Durga come out and receive the prayers from the devotee. The specialty of this period is that, good or bad, whatever you do, certainly results. She is worshipped at the beginning of summer and winter. Her worship as the Creative Mother is divided into a Trinity. Ist three days for worshipping Durga, who destroys impurities, next three days the Mother is adored as a giver of spiritual wealth, Lakshmi,the final set of three days is worshipping the mother as goddess of wisdom Saraswati.


Prayers, mantras to Durga

Aum Aing Hring Kleeng Chamundaye Vichchey Aum

I used to chant Durga’s name, I learned this from a woman friend- Hey Matta Durga, Hey Matta Durga, Hey Matta Durga, Matta, Matta

I predict that all women, as the North Node collective symbolizes, take to the streets in typical Uranian revolutionary fashion to declare their connection to the Earth, the Great Mother of All of us, in collective Pisces, compassionate support for Her, All Life and her children-that’s all of us.

Moon Cycles for This Week -Void of Course Moons and Sign changes

When the Moon is in a Sign it absorbs and reflects the energies of that sign to us all. Moon changes signs every 2.5 days, and that’s why women are so moody.

When the Moon changes from one sign to the next, and when she has made her last aspects to a planet, these specific periods are called-“Void of course Moon.”They can last a few minutes, hours or days.

A “void of course Moon” time is a time of rest and reflection, not a good time to initiate new projects as empirical results have shown that things begun during a V.O. C.Moon don’t bear fruit. Forewarned is forbearance. March 26-Moon is at home in watery, Cancer Void of Course Moon March 26th at 10:35 am EDT which lasts until
March 27 at 1:04 pm EDT Moon enters fiery Leo.
Moon goes Void on the 29th at 9:24 pm and lasts until Moon enters Earthy Virgo a couple of hours later at 11:27 pm.
Moon goes V.O. C. on April Fool’s Day at 9:37 am
Moon enters Airy Relationship oriented Libra at 11: 43 am that day.

So hold onto your Moon hats and start practicing your rusty Moon Walk moves as your Moon boots are made for walkin.’

And don’t forget April Fool’s Day. The Fool in the Tarot is the First and the Last Trump and is the most powerful of them all. The Fool as Zero, naught, the great circle and round of Being, Wholeness, representing the Soul. The first time you have a Tarot reading and loose your Tarot Virgin status is when you embark on a remarkable journey to the wholeness of your Self. Be a Fool. Be trusting, innocent. The Fool symbolizes the rounds and rounds our soul’s have experienced in lifetime after lifetime. Hey, we’ve all been on this Merry Go Round, this Circle game, forever, so what’s to worry about? What’s the worst that could happen? You’ve already experienced a hell of a lot already. Take a risk, step off that cliff, be like a child, innocent, expecting the best, happy an amazed to be alive! I always wear my symbolic Wise Fool’s Hat whenever I read the sacred knowledge inherent in the Tarot. It’ll be a Libran April Fool’s Day, so go out there and be foolish with some of your buddies. Don’t be afraid to step off that cliff.

Astrology Updates -March 19-25

Spring has sprung can’t you feel it? I know it’s autumn down under. All times are EDT.

Heavy Week
Mercury is in Pisces now since the New Moon Solar Eclipse of March 18th. Communications are more compassionate, flowing, spiritual, conscious, blissful. Pisces is the sign of endings, so what you began to finish, before Mercury went Retrograde on Feb. 13th @ 10 degrees 14 minutes of Pisces, is near ready to completely done dat, when Mercury catches up to its future past degree on the 28th of March.

March 19th Sun and Pluto had a dark square, into the abyss with you and my highly reputable sources say “Don’t avoid the void will ya.”

March 20th Spring is sprung! It's Spring EQUINOX, day and night are equal and it's the traditional beginning of the New Year, to pagans, witches, and all indigenous peoples. It's also International Astrologer's Day. So call your Astrologer in Northern Hemisphere at 8:07 PM EDT. Happy Autumn, you Southern Hemispherians.

March 22-Start squeezing those lemons-it’s that kind of day.

Busy Moon makes stressful aspects to Fixed sign planets today squaring the 2 heavies and more, making a total of 3 count ‘em, squares to planets before noon!

First Moon and Mars gives a bit of a rude awakening, although this aspect could also propel you out of those sweet sensual Taurean dreams early at 7:15 am EDT. Then Moon squares Saturn less than a half hour, later-this puts a damper on the senses, and will likely burn your toast if not set your toaster on fire! CARRY AROUND A BIG FIRE EXTINGUISHER TODAY. Then Moon then squares Neptune at 11:12 am. If you could call in “sick” today it would be better to just quit while ahead and go back to bed and use this one for exciting swashbuckling spiritual dreaming.

More heavies: Mars opposite Saturn on March 22-highly stressed out. These are the 2 big baddies facing off here at 18 degrees+ of Aquarius-Leo respectively @ 3:34 pm. If you do dare to go out and about be careful when driving, using flame throwers, confronting the authorities, your boss, etc. Mars says go, just do it, and Saturn says stop, make sure you do it right. This is cosmic lemonade making in the offing. Mars rules actions and desires, that’s good, and Saturn governs discipline, patience, weight, maturity, so hard work pays off. But follow the rules, don’t argue with a cop today. You may be feeling very pressured right now. Saturn will test drive you to make sure you perfect it. Move forward steadily to your goal with confidence and focussed, warrior-like precision.

As if you haven’t been tested, throttled, spaced out, attacked or just burnt your toast enough in one day, just to rub it in Moon quincunx’s Pluto at 9:21 pm. This is an ouchy aspect. Moon in Taurus and Pluto in Sagittarius, earth and fire don’t mix. Don’t take it personally, I’m not being an elemental-ist. The rub is between what we’re actually doing, creating, seeding, building and where our highest and deepest spiritual soul ‘n goals are.

I would get to bed early and dream on it. Ask the Giver of Dreams to help you to touch Soul base, and get your mission. Oh yeah, and remember to intend that you will remember your dreams when you wake before dozing off.

If on the West coast you've survived today, you get the early Moon entering light and breezy sign of Gemini @ 11:08 pm PDT tonite, getting those dual processors in your head revved up, and enabling you to get a little breathing space and definitely lighten up your instincts from all that heavy mettle. East coasters have to wait till manana to get this.

March 23-
definitely a lighter mood day today. East coasters get Moon entering Gemini, and if you've been reading through this till now I don't have to repeat myself, just go back a paragraph. Moon makes jolly aspects to the Arian Sun today, at 6:07 am EDT, so happy firey independent dreams, or an early riser.
Moon in Gemini squares Venus in Pisces at 10:21 am EDT so emotions, instincts and values, especially what women want in the nature of soul mates, and spiritual bliss is the topic of the day. You may want to indulge yourself in some frivolity,an expensive beautiful dress, talking about your dreams, going for a quick dip, a spiritual retreat this weekend, become ambivalent about that poor soul your trying to save who doesn't seem to be improving and who is draining all your energy as well as your bank account,you catch my drift?
Mars in Aquarius sextiles Jupiter in Sag. at 12:01 pm so have a big exotic light lunch,a happy party night, try rock climbing, go horse back riding, take on too much, go over the top in your enthusiasm, fall for a dark exotic mysterious stranger,support charities, visit an animal shelter, be careful if working out,and generally spread good cheer with this one. Enjoy it while you can.

March 24-
That Moon She doesn't stop -
Sun sesquiquadrates Saturn. at 2:38 am. Huh? This is a 135 degree aspect, a square + a semi-square added up. Harsh in other words. Saturn couldn't be harder, it's leaden. The previous days lighter tone is dampened. Come down to earth, you may be feeling guilt from overdoing it the night before. You may be feeling responsible inadequate, tired. Saturn is testing your heart {in LEo} and courage to see if you are up to the task of going all the way to the top of the mountain in your goals. Remember we're also all in the big Saturn/Neptune gig right now and the GAP between your dreams and reality is heightened right now anyways. Don't be discouraged, it takes hard work and persistence to win. Don't expect applause now.
Moon also squares Uranus at 4: 49 am EDT-revolutionary dream themes figure.
Moon is opposite Jupiter today at 11:23 am. So expect a lively activem conversational day, visit a Museum, chat rooms will be busy, good day for reading, thinking about future travels, gadding about, etc.
Moon trines Mars at 12:42 pm
energetic pick you up, emotions and desire are fused. Women, expect to fall for a Karate champ or other spiritual warrior type today. Join your local humanitarian group , campaign for Greenpeace, save the seals, put in some time at your local food bank, do something anti-authoritarian, rebel, feel like an odd-ball, invent a biofeedback machine for extreme alienation sufferers.
ANd last but not least today-
Moon trines Neptune at 2:02 pm EDT- This is lovely lovely lovely. Meditate, soothe your over-wired brains. Take a nap in the aft. and have powerful dreams and inspirations. Most great inventions came to Eisenstein,Singer,etc. in dreams and reveries-waking dreams! Paint a picture, write poetry,go to a poetry rave. see a play.Emotions may be in the head and airy here but coming from a higher level of Piscean bliss.
March 25-Dangerous Aspects-
Moon opposes Pluto at 3:57 am. This is always a dangerous aspect, the tsunami in Indonesia and the World Trade Center bombing both occurred under this lunation. This one may be expecialy potent at the Galactic Center. Fierce storms and high winds,tornadoes,etc, will make the news. Airline crashes also likely;late night arguments that seem to pull you into a black hole. We may feel that all our thinking and consciousness, will eventually be sucked down into that huge cosmic toilet bowl called The Void. Can be depressing, but the only cure is to go into the black hole. The tricky part is getting out. But if you dare to do it, there are huge rewards as long as you go as a humanitarian explorer leaving your ego on the doorstep if the event horizon.
Things get mellower as Moon enters Cancer-at 5:49 am. If you ventured into and got out of the Black Hole you'll just want to run screaming for home. There's no place like home, there's no place like home. Safety and security are the watchwords now. Also watch for more vigilence re: Homeland Security today. Go visit your Mom, or remember her if she's departed. Cook a big hearty old fashioned calorie rich meal and enjoy. Listen to your gut, get back in touch with your feelings.
Mars conjuncts Neptune-at 1:39 pm EDT softens the warrior nature. Mars in Aquarius is a detached, warrior, but Neptune melts his defenses, revealing the true warrior's courage-one who is able to be vulnerable.
Moon squares Sun at 2:16 pm stay home or go out and conquer the world? The difference between nurture and bold daring impulsive egoes is lessened by Mars, Arie's ruler in bed with Neptune.It's a watery day, may rain a lot,better to feel it through first before making any rash decisions you may regret later.
Moon trines Mercury in Pisces at 7:24 pm
Good for feeling grateful for all the good things in life. thinking about forgiveness, thanking the cosmic Mother for nurturing you,and inspiring for artists, poets,and actors. Thinking about putting in a swimming pool,and how to clean up polluted waters.
Lastly Moon sextiles Venus in Taurus, at 11:41 pm. Good for ending the day in a sweet smelling comfy cozy bed, with a full stomach, after sipping some fine brandy, and chocolates, and having sweet dreams of material success,being an Earthy Goddess,or loving an earth Goddess. Make offerings to Lakshmi, Hindu Goddess of material wealth and prosperity. Sleep with 3 pennies under your pillow.

Copper is Venus's metal and make three wishes tonight. Astrological Updates March 12-18th

Astrology Updates-week of March 12-18th
Big Big week- Galactic Awareness Solar Eclipse on the 18th-

This week starts off a series of 5 Trines-the best aspect-between Jupiter, planet of optimism and Saturn, planet of hard work, that will last till November 2008. Some people will be extremely lucky. Jupiter-Saturn is the perfect balance of Work Hard/ Play Hard.
The Trines start in Fire signs Sagittarius and Leo and shift to Earth signs of Capricorn and Virgo next January. Mark this one in your calendars folks. This is an unusual 5 part series adding some stability to times that are Galactically explosive.
BIG EVENT: Partial Solar Eclipse @ 28 degrees + of Pisces March 18th Squared by Pluto at the Galactic Centre
Eclipses are always powerful times. A solar Eclipse interrupts old patterns and offers instructions for a new knowledge,and a higher level of understanding. We were just initiated into the Lunar Eclipse energy. This one should really rock our world because it’s extra significant due to a very strong and tough {sounds like Glad bags}

Glad Garbage Bags- you'll need 'em

Square from Pluto. Let me explain -demotion by a few astronomers doesn’t make a whit of difference to Pluto’s vibrational, Mythological and symbolic impact-in fact, methinks that Pluto, who the Greeks and Romans saw as a God, is pretty mad and you know he’s also the King of Spite and Revenge. So hold onto your hats, or rather, better to throw your hats into the ring.

AND stock up on those Glad Trash Bags ready to throw your personal Trash out into- Extra Strong!

This Eclipse will bring deep structural changes, not cosmetic surgery, especially in the Piscean realms- spiritual beliefs, the oceans, completions, secrets, hidden enemies, the arts, music, drugs and the pharmaceutical industries, institutions, and demarks big ending points-the end of the road and the forging of new beginnings. People will be re-examining the foundations of their spiritual beliefs and ideas about themselves Heads of state may be replaced very quickly over the next few months. An EClipse's effects lasts 6 months to a year. Watch out Dubya.

Eclipses affect areas ruled by Pisces:
Alexandria, Egypt, {where the famous ancient Libraries of spiritual knowledge were kept}
Calabria Italy,
the Republic of Georgia,
Anatloia, Turkey,
Libya, Germany and France.

It is said that eclipses are most effective when they are both visible in the place, and when that place is ruled by the sign in which the eclipse occurs. The eclipse will be partly visible in Asia, and the Arctic. The eclipse will be visible as far west as Saudi Arabia.

Jupiter-Mr. Big is the ruler of this eclipse, he traditionally rules the sign of Pisces and of Sagittarius. Jupiter increases everything, for good and bad. According to the famous Classical Astrologer William Lilly, I’ve modernized his script- Jupiter multiplies all living creatures loved by man, and portends destruction to animals that are hurtful to man. Rivers swell, with big floods, ministers and religious men increase, laws are executed and upright judges are employed by the states, New customs or privileges are conferred on the people.

Pluto is in Sagittarius, emphasizing the meaning of destruction to ministers, judges, flooding, and animals. With the Pisces emphasis I would be aware of much more mad cow type disease, viruses, danger from religious extremists using biological warfare,Regeneration of religious laws.

What this means for you-

Those who will be most powerfully and personally affected by this stunning Eclipse are people who have important planets, points and/or angles in their natal charts at 28 degrees of Mutable Signs- that is a 2 degree + and - either way from 28 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. You have to know your chart. Anyone can type in their birth data and get a free chart on the web. Armed with the blueprint of your Natal Birth Chart you can see what’s what, but you need a qualified Astrologer to interpret your individual planets, aspects, angles, houses and what it means to you in your life and how this particular eclipse affects you personally. Mutable signs favour change.
I can be your personal Astrologer and Guide.

What goes around comes around-

New Moons are new beginnings in cycles. Solar Eclipses are super new beginnings.Eclipses cycle around. Exactly 19 years ago March 18, 1988 there was a solar eclipse @ 27 + of Pisces, this one re-visits that same spot and this Eclipse opposes the recent Solar eclipse from September ’06 at 29+ degrees of Virgo, drawing out, balancing and polarizing our awareness since then.BR>

A solar Eclipse in Pisces is a spiritual awakening, awakening us to our Source, our Oneness, our Unity within the Cosmos, our conscious awareness that there is no duality between spirit and matter, that everything is Divine. That this Eclipse falls again at the latest degrees of Pisces alerts us to the fact that this is both a Beginning and a Completion, especially in the Last Sign of the Zodiac. Pisces represents the end and the beginning of the infinite, eternal journey of creation. Pisces represents the direct experience of God/dess/the Great Mystery –full contact. Pisces is water, the emotions and especially the Universal heart of All, loving unconditionally, without ego, acceptance, knowing bliss. A Course in Miracles states that “When you want only love, you will see nothing else.”

PLUTO at the last degree of Sagittarius, still within orb of the Galactic Centre, very closely squares the Sun and Moon. The Galactic Centre is the Heart of our whole Milky Way Galaxy. Many myths point to the fact that the Galactic Centre is the cross roads of the Soul in it’s journey into and departing from the world of materiality. The Galactic Centre is the Great Mother’s birthing place. Pluto transforms, also symbolically gives birth and brings death to all, Lord of the Underworld, Guide of Souls. We are getting the Double Whammy, “wham, bam, thank you ‘M’am” –David Bowie, from Suffragette City.

Pluto unearths, makes visible the shadows, the Collective Unconscious, and his passage through the sign of Truth, Sacred Law, Judgments and the Master Teachers of Sagittarius since 1995 has so obviously been exacerbating the religious beliefs and extremism that block our way us from realizing our actual divinity, beyond man made laws and belief systems.

This is a Super Powerful Eclipse-

Coming from The Lord of the Underworld’s Galactic Centered Square to the Eclipsed Sun & Moon at this time signifies a HUGE conscious shift, a new beginning, a realization of Truth, Spiritual Significance, dying of judgmentalism.
In the darkening of the Sun, the masculine daylight consciousness, by the Moon, the Feminine, seen at the Eclipse we are all Initiated into Her Lunar energies. The hidden, the shadows, memories, emotions, intuition, psychic energy, reflecting, the feeling Values of the Feminine, the Universal Unconscious, the womb, mother, dreams, become heightened and in ascension.

-that we have been brainwashed for thousands of years by religious man made beliefs
-that we have been expelled from the Garden of Eden, punished for being born, sinners at birth, need outside authorities to save, purify, that women are inherently evil, devoid of souls, that sex and the body is shameful, bad, wrong,
-that we can kill others to defend our own religious man made BELIEFS.


This Eclipse should really exacerbate our awareness that we are indubitably on the road to the momentous consciousness shift at the Winter Solstice of Dec. 21 2012.

This Eclipse should highlight these issues:

As Pisces is the Sign of COMPASSION and FORGIVENESS, as we integrate ourselves into the knowing and experience our own individual Divinity, we need to be able to Forgive and not Judge ourselves, for giving away our personal power to outside authorities.
We need to see that this was a necessary step, and take responsibility for co-creating it, and at this point of awareness in our human/spiritual development to use and integrate these experiences to complete our Mission.
If everyone simultaneous GOT IT! the world would change instantly. Those people, the laws, that we have allowed to dis-empower ourselves would be toast. The Church will fall; the dis-empowerment of Women is over, the government’s that use the ordinary little people to enrich themselves- ashes.

In a sense this is Judgment Day. But not the one the Fundamentalist Christians are expecting. The Revelation will come like a pulp pop supermarket check out stand paper-

Everything you were taught is a lie. No one, or religion is more special, privileged, chosen, or deserving than another. Judgments are a human man made thing. The Bible is a twisted, patriarchal, tale of killing, wars, punishments, created by humans to enslave other humans, and we have used that 1 book for over 2,000 years!
Ultimately no one can save you except yourself. The reality is your own relationship to your own Soul and conscience and to that of the Great Mystery.

In the Tarot the Trump 20, is traditionally called Judgment. In the Thoth Tarot deck, which I use, it was, in the ‘20’s renamed The Aeon, the New Age. Rather than the traditional Christian Apocalyptic vision of John, where the Angel Gabriel blows his trumpet and the Judgment begins, where those who are pure, rise from Death, this card shows a new child being born. The Apocalypse Signifies the Death of the Old order and structure. There is always a kernel of truth in all of these visions.

Judgment Tarot Trump # 20 B.O.T.A. deck

The AEON # 20 Aleister Crowley's THOTH TAROT

The highest,un-manipulated side of John’s vision in Revelations is The New Jerusalem, Christ marrying his Bride and Full Christed Consciousness infusing the Earth. That is another way of saying acknowledgment of your own Divinity is being signified now, but it needs no allegiance to any Church, orthodoxy, or specific religion whether it be, Christianity, Judaism, Muslim,Jain, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Ba’hai, Sufi unless those religious expression INCLUDE ALL. The key is always hidden in the truth. No religion or belief system, which judges others, is true.
Many years ago at this same time of year I participated in “The Judgment Day Burlesque” at the former Ukrainian Legion Hall on Queen Street, {now an adult sex-club} which was a performance art piece contributed to by many artists. The brainchild of Tom Dean, I helped co-create this and performed as The Whore of Babylon.
What was mildly blasphemous and way ahead of its time in theme, was a precursor to where we are exactly at right now. I think we have to look at this Judgment Day, concept, that day of release and absolution of sins as a vaudeville show, it’s mere entertainment,in the big play,on the Big Stage, we all call Life.

We are also still in that Neptune/Saturn in Leo opposition too, Neptune ruler of Pisces helps us to balance Compassion against solidified ego and patriarchal leaded-ness.
“They” the Big Super Ego Powers understand on some level that their time is at hand. Both planets are moving slowly right now, will each change direction in April and May and continue to dance in this opposition until the end of summer.

Spring is only 2 days away!
That this Eclipse occurs the day before spring on the 19th GMT underscores the celestial message that we are all ready for a new way of life.
The Sabian symbol for 29 degrees of Pisces provides us a remarkable and beautiful image illustrating the illusion of separation.

“Light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism.”
This symbols illustrates the Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. As a prism separates light into many colours, each of us appears to manifest as a separate entity, but we are just different shades of the Totality. We are the Light.

Prism refracting white light into the many colours

Meditation for this Eclipse

Before the eclipse prepare yourself by having a bath, changing into ritual robes, or mutli-coloured ones for this occasion, sit in a quiet space at your alter, or with a group. Light a silver or white candle, annoint yourself with an aromatherapy oil that pleases and soothes you. Begin to focus and breathe deeply letting go of any stress.
Begin to focus your mind on merging with Source.

At the exact time of the Eclipse-

10:43 pm EDT, 7:43 PM PDT,March 19th-3:43 AM GMT

If you have a polished crystal or a prism, with a flashlight, watch how the Light breaks up into a rainbow of colors as it shines through. Really absorb your consciousness in this, observing how the appearance of the rainbow colors arises from the One Source of Light.
This is a powerful metaphor.

Become the Light, the Source, feel yourself shining, glowing, feel your self at-one with {atone} the Light. Bask in your own radiance! Delight in the Light! Know that you are the Source of all Life.

Feel the beams of Light, the photons, waves, particles, neutrinos that you are. Feel your consciousness, the Light expand outwards in all directions, traveling at the speed of Light. Observe, and feel how your Light, when it comes in contact with the prism, a 3D crystal,effortlessly breaks through and breaks up, into many beautiful, colorful frequencies. The colors of the Rainbow are you,in variations, making many more possibilities! See the many colored being that you are, but know that all the colors are your essential Nature. Delight in your purples, reds, and ultra violets, your yellows, oranges, blues, and greens. Play with your own colors. Experience your Oneness through all the variations,and experiences that Life offers. Dance the colors of the Rainbow. Sound out the colors, the frequencies of each individual color. If you have paints, crayons, pastels, paint out the mulifluous colors. Rejoice, laugh, feel the energy of the Rainbow, you are the Rainbow, the many and the One.

Take as much time as you like in this meditation. If it feels right to you, ask for guidance and listen with your heart's ears and eyes for the answers.

Give thanks to the Light within and without, above and below, give thanks to the Source of All Light.

We are only 2 days away from Spring highlighting the import of this Eclipse. Mars will oppose Saturn on March 22 and conjunct Neptune on March 25 bringing actions and activities, passion and desire to close the gap between our dreams and our reality.


Astrology Updates Week of March 5-11

Have you recovered from that Lunar Eclipse? As much as people don’t really think the influence of the planets affects us, the Eclipse of the Moon was on the News all over. Things are tense right now, as we are between Eclipses, sandwiched in between new beginnings in our feelings and instincts, The Lunar Eclipse and a great BIG new beginning in our consciousness at the upcoming Solar Eclipse on March 18th. O.K. so I’m getting ahead of the planetary picture here.

March 5th Conflicting aspects Moon enters Libra 4:25 am EST a little peace, some nice social shmoozing, relating, arts, music some fine wine is in the picture. But yikes! Sun conjuncts Uranus @ 10:30 am. You won’t need that extra strong Americano this am. And watch what enters your cocktails later this evening too! Brilliant thinking should come flashing through! Expect unexpected everything. Take to the streets! A great time for freedom, shaking up the staid old routine and anarchy! Should be a heady nite tonight what with Moon trining Mars in Aquarius. Dare to do the socially unthinkable.

March 6 Moon is opposite Venus today, a fantastic time for socializing. Moon makes many aspects today; of course she’s in social gadabout sign of Libra! Quincunx Uranus and the Sun. May make you feel like a bit of a social outcast-doesn’t jibe well with Libran sensibilities. Nice sexy sextiles to Jupiter and Saturn. Networking and getting down to business in a fun way is the way to use this one. Good dreams tonight what with Moon trine Neptune at 9:56 pm EST you won’t need sleeping pills. A great time to tune in and meditate.

March 7 Moon trines Mercury at 8:00 am EST. Thinking and emotional tome flow well.
Moon sextiles Pluto- watch out for unconscious power plays and control, fail for spite, “I’ll get you” types of banners.

MOON Enters Scorpio at 5:16 pm and you all know what that means. Expect the usual heavy weather emotionally. Scorpio Moons are good for purging, cleansing, getting rid of the old suitcases.
MERCURY GOES DIRECT- O.K. so things will start to go forwards now, but not totally until Mercury is at the degree, which it turned Retro at 10 degrees+ of Pisces, which it won’t reach until March 28th. But push ahead now.

March 8th It’s International Women’s Day! And what better aspect could there be than Venus planet of the Feminine gender at 18 degrees + of Aries trining-think of a pyramid-Jupiter, planet of expansion and optimism. This happens early in the am. 6:15 EST. This bodes well for new initiatives for women, more power, fire, independence, new life. Women want the power and they want it-Yesterday! Will there be the 1st Female Pres. Of the U.S? Moon squares Mars at 9:29 am EST so those fiery tongues will be wagging. Expect many emotional outbursts, secrets plopping out. Be careful driving and using fiery related objects. The men won’t want to give up their power so easily. Later this day Moon trines Uranus at 11:23 pm. Did you haul home some unusual character?

March 9th Whoa! Lots and lots of aspects today. In the middle of the nite 3:41 am EST-Venus trines Saturn, this gives us a bit of control in a very expansive day. Moon trines the Sun-this is a feel good aspect. Moon trines Saturn early in the am. All that hard work and accomplishments pay off. Sun squares Jupiter-dominates, especially after the Sun conjunct Uranus that happened on the 5th. Sun making aspects to big planets affects us all, our consciousness and egos. We are also in the midst of a long Jupiter-Uranus square that began in Jan. and lasts till October! This is time to make big time changes, rock the status quo, become your own unique individual, and include everybody in the equation. Solar power should be implemented in a big way now. We may be tempted to go too far Especially as Sun in Pisces is traditionally ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter is in his fiery home sign of Sagittarius right now making him extra hot. Storms at sea, flooding may also be a weather-wise outcome of these 2 planets squaring off. And the Moon she’s quincunxing Venus, feelings may be out of kilter. Moon squares Neptune in the am too; divine inspiration and intuition are strong. In the evening Moon squares Mercury, put your feelings down on paper. And lastly on a very busy day, @ 10:41 pm EST Venus tickles Neptune with a sextile. This aspect brings compassion, bliss, harmony, romantic evenings, and dreams, sweet inspiration to artists, writers, and musicians. Moon is still in Scorpio, so very intense tantric couplings tonight, but it may not last unless you’re truly soul-mates. Intense dreaming this nite! Write down your dreams in a journal.

Sat. March 10th MOON enters Fiery Sagittarius at 5:37 am Dreamland landscapes changes from gauzy romantic, spiritual Venusian-Neptune to horsy, funny, outlandish, optimistic, travelling, saving the world, etc. Sagittarian. lands. After the emotional bombs that Scorpio Moon always seems to set off, the emotional pulse quickens and optimism reigns. Everyone’s riding atop a big fiery horse for the next 2.5 days. Be careful not to fall off, gallop off too quickly, and remember to get off your high horse too. Sun quincunx’s Saturn at 19 degrees+ of Pisces-Leo exactly @ 7:21 am. Quincunxes are always prickly, two incompatible signs argue; don’t know how to speak each other’s languages. You don’t seem to be able to meet the expectations. Obstacles crop up. Just to show you an example of how Astrology works and shows its effects in real life. Sometimes events appear as they are forming. On Friday March 9th Moon in Scorpio squared Saturn. Squares always produce irritation, and something must be done. Moon is in Scorpio-Scorpio, a water sign, rules plumbing, things in the depths. Saturn rules obstacles, traditionally the metal, lead. On Friday night, a pipe burst in my house. Not that we have lead plumbing pipes anymore, but traditionally, and that’s Saturn’s territory, they were. The next aspect between Moon and Saturn formed the morning on the 10th, the quincunx. My husband, who I’m lucky enough to have, and who is a Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, was certainly irritated that he had to get up at 1:00 am to go downstairs and turn the water off in the house and to have to get up and run around trying to find the fittings to fix that pipe.

For the Baby Boomers- For those born, between mid July 1948, you have your Natal Pluto at 14 degrees of Leo, and are being affected by Saturn by Saturn sitting 5 degrees away from your Pluto. Saturn is maturity. Will those Baby Boomers ever grow up? If there ever was a time it’s now. Saturn Retro grade now at 19 degrees of Leo , especially affects everyone born between September 1950-Jan 51 who have Natal Pluto at exactly 19 degrees of Leo, and you have the heavyweight Saturn sitting on your Place of Power, Riches, your link to the Underworld, Death and Rebirth and Transformation. Don’t panic. Death and Rebirth are part and parcel of the same tool kit. Your energy will be feeling low, there may be more obstacles, dealing with ageing parents, retirement, grandchildren, limited funds. But Saturn builds too, so shore up all those financial areas, and see it as a 2nd Birth, a re-Birth. On April 19th Saturn turns Direct at 18 degrees + of Leo. Those born Oct. 1949, Aug. 1950, and March 1951 have the exact conjunction. All of the above applies to you as well as those born-Dec. 1949-Oct. 20 1956 and Jan 15, 1957-Aug. 19 1957 will have Saturn cross their Pluto over the next 6 months. If you know your Natal Chart and know which House your Natal Pluto sits in and the aspects it makes to the other planets, expect Saturn to test you in the matters, affairs, and practical everyday down to earth experiences that your chart symbolizes. If Pluto is in your Natal 8th house, be very careful with other peoples money, financial institutions, the tax man especially, and your Health. If you need advice on any of these matters I am available to help you navigate through it.

March 11 -Daylight Savings Time begins at 2:00 am Moon squares Uranus at 12:03 am. A few bumpy rides, escaping jail, and extreme sports, whether in your literal dreams or not. MOON conjunct Jupiter today at 7:21 pm. Time to get on the plane and travel. Have a big nite out, jungle themes are in, buy lottery tickets, feel chipper! Moon trines Saturn at 8:34 PM EST.
BIG SQUARES- The Sag. Moon forms a Last Quarter square to the Sun in Pisces, in the evening. Uranus is still conjunct the Sun and therefore is also Square the Moon, Pluto is conjunct the Moon- this is the heaviest, and the most transformational, Pluto is also Square the Sun. This makes for renewed efforts to overhaul everything. The force is with you. Astrology Update Week of Feb 26-March 4th A VERY BIG WEEK!

Mercury backs up into Aquarius, Saturn-Neptune Opposition + a Total Eclipse of the MOON March 3rd

Feb 26
Mercury backs up into Aquarius at 10:00 pm EST. taking us back over our previously held thoughts where we may need to reinforce or re-consider recent decisions form a new perspective.

FEB 27th no major aspects. Ahhh…

MOON GOES VOID OF COURSE on the 27th at 1:03 am EST. Feb. 26 at 10:03 pm PST-Feb 28th at 6:29 am EST.
Moon Goes V.O.C. on March 2nd at 2:02 pm EST- 4:32 pm the same day.

Saturn & Neptune are forming the 2nd of 3 oppositions on Wed, Feb 28 occuring at 20 + of Leo-Aquarius at 7:05 am EST, 4:05 am PST, 12:05 pm GMT. This is a powerful and slow moving transit and its effects are felt a week before the precise hit, so we’ve all been under the influence already.
Neptune planet of fogginess, dreamy, nebulous, spiritual, druggy, compassionate, addiction prone, ruler of oil and the oceans, film, photography, also sender of romance, rose coloured glasses, Higher octave of Venus, Divine Love, bliss, endings, institutions, the arts, and delusions about money, mystery, immateriality, psychic energy, karma {Neptune rules the Sign of Pisces and the 12 house of secrets} and values.
Saturn the god ‘ole cosmic cop, Father Time, the material world, structures, the Patriarchy, limitations, obstacles, corporations, old age, seniority, and senators, maturity, Karma, the taxman, worldly recognition, the bones and skeletal system, lead, restrictions,
The government, discipline, patience, organizations, convention, theories and scientific law, the status quo, traditions.

O.K. so in this corner we have Saturn, ruler of the material world, and Neptune, the transpersonal de-materializer. This is the “real” world vs. the spiritual world view. Feb. 27th saw the Dow Jones fall 500 points and other world markets too were hit with 3- 7% declines. Sounds like that stand off from Sat-Nept. To me.

Oppositions according to psychologist Carl Jung require a balance, not either or but a combining of the 2 oppositional forces. Actually there never really is any opposition, the duality is mearly a mirror of the same force, one + positive one negative -. Always 2 sides of the same coin. Like a see-saw which stays horizontally balanced, we need to go for the fulcrum- The full crumb in order to get our tummies feeling satisfied.

Robert Crumb's Cosmic Image

I guess this is the perfect time to realign that old Saturnine antiquated duality trip. And speaking of which, lets dip our collective toes into a very popular bleepin’ thing these days, which somehow relates to all this.
Planck’s constant {denoted h} is a physical constant that is used to describe the sizes of quanta. It plays a central role in the theory of quantum mechanics, named after Max Planck, one of the founders of quantum theory. A closely related quantity is the reduced Planck constant {also known as Dirac’s constant} and denoted ,which is curiously enough the Astrological symbol for Saturn {pronounced “h-bar.”} Planck’s constant is also used in measuring energy emitted by light photons, such as in the equation E = hv, E is energy, h is Planck’s constant and v {Greek letter nu} is frequency.
"NU" is a Yiddish expression for "so what's happening?" Planck’s constant and the reduced Planck’s constant are used to describe quantization, a phenomenon occurring in subatomic particles such as electrons and photons in which certain physical properties occur in fixed amounts rather than assuming a continuous range of possible values.
So Saturn’s symbol came to symbolize photonic energy, and finiteness in Quantum Physics as I’m loosly interpreting it here. We are definitely in Neptune’s domain, in the quantum Universe. Some quantum physics theories state that things can exist backwards and forwards in time, simultaneously everywhere, and travel faster than the speed of light. Personally Richard Feynman’s theories feel right to me, what I always intuited I knew, that we do exist simultaneously and that there are certainly many other universes and probabilities present at all times. Also at certain times in my life I do feel that we live it “backwards” that is, we “die” or are asleep, when we are born into this physical Saturnian universe, and that we’ve already died and are having our life-review in reverse which we think of as normal “reality” we call life. That is we exist as spiritual beings in other dimensions than this one, but perceive with our conscious minds only a small part of the whole picture.
Saturn can dampen your divine spirit, test your faith and hope. This opposition also helps us to walk our talk, get real and disciplined and “grow corn” with or ideals. We need to stop guzzling oil and facing off with fundamentalist views from both sides. Neptune is highly creative and sees the bigger picture. Miracles do happen. but don’t let it get you totally down. I see this opposition as a chance to balance out our over materialistic, rigid views and structures of life with a more flowing, spiritual, divine way of being in the world, and especially our relationship to nature. We are in the balance right now. This will last until June 25th when the final opposition takes place.

On the 28th Moon enters Leo at 6:29 am EST. Emotions go proud, fiery, upstagey, dramatic, everyone wants to be the centre of attention.

Also this day, Mercury and Pluto form a sextile at 8:13 am which deepens the mind, looking at old shadows is easier to do now.

March 1st
Mars and Jupiter semi-square 3:57 pm EST. Semi-squares are irritating, like that grain of sand in the oyster, when used properly this aspect creates pearls of wisdom. Energy output is increased, be careful of anger and going over the top.
Moon trines Venus in Aries at 1:03 am EST new clarity in your dreams. Then oops a few bumps as Moon quincunxs’ the Sun at 2:12 am EST you’ll most likely be sleeping or have a rude awakening and then Moon quincunx’s Uranus @ 10:11 am EST-things may not pan out as expected. Later in the day Moon is very busy today, Moon trines Jupiter at 4:54 pm EST go out an have a great evening on the town, but a few lottery tickets, again be carefull about overdoing it, as that Mars Jupiter aspect is in effect as well. But the brakes go on irregardless as Moon conjunct solemn Saturn at 9:12 pm EST, the Universe has its built in checks and balances. And of course Moon opposes Neptune at 9:32 pm EST allowing ourselves to feel the Saturn-Neptune opposition more directly.

MOON ENTERS VIRGO Fri. March 2 @ 4:32 PM EST
Emotions get earthy, practical, critical, organized, no time for fluff, getting down to work and serving others, is the order of the day when Moon is in the sign of the Virgin. It is a time to feel “complete and whole belonging to only oneself” is the original meaning of the word Virgin. We are heading towards the big eclipse so nerves may surface and nit-pickyness. Take care of the small details.
Mercury semi-squares Venus March 3rd 7:55 PM EST so watch out for dates that don’t pan out, or missed meeting places, and ouchy words.


Virgo Lunar Eclipse March 3 at 6:18 pm EST
Expect the Unexpected to be triggered….

Eclipse signify and trigger BIG changes, new beginnings. An eclipses’ effect lasts 6 months to a year and they are involved in much larger, longer term cycles. There will be 2 Eclipses this Month.

When the shadow of the earth covers the MOON on Sat March 3rd at 6:17 pm EST the light we normally see reflected by the Moon is blotted out, so we experience the lunar essence directly. We are drawn into our own shadows, the unconscious. Lunar Eclipses show us what has been hidden, in the shadows, and increases our awareness of fears and hidden motivations.
The Polarity of Pisces and Virgo is highlighted, making both their spiritual goals and their down sides of –is it practical? more apparent.
Pisces is most concerned with compassion and transcendance-the trance end dance. The 12th and last sign, Pisces, signals the end of the road, the end of duality and separation, bliss, karma, feeling the essence and inter-connectedness of everything, the inherent Divinity of All and sundry. The dark side of Pisces, is addictions, co-dependence, martyrdom, victimization.,delusions, illusions, being lost and unable to cope with reality.
Virgo is the sign most concerned with being able to discern, perfection, analyzing, organizing, getting the every day mundane work done, working to serve. Virgo’s shadow side is nit-pickyness, addiction to perfection, control, hypochondria, paranoia, self-deception. So the map is very visible.

Eclipses run in cycles, some lasting hundreds of years. Lunar eclipses repeat every 19 years, this one echoes the March 3, 1988 eclipse at the same degree. What were you doing then? Events and issues important then are re-cycling to be completed or taken to the next level now. {I was living in Sedona, Arizona then.}

Eclipses occur because of the transiting Nodes of the Moon. The Nodes are defined by the intersections of the Moon’s orbit with the ecliptic, the path of the Sun. The Lunar Nodes, traditionally referred to as “The Dragon’s Head “ for the North Node in Vedic and Chinese Astrology ,and the “Dragon’s Tail” for the South Node, are very important points in an Astrology Chart. The ancients feared Eclipses as they witnessed the Moon or the Sun being swallowed by the Dragon and darkened.
The North Node’s position is based on the Moon moving into north declination {above the celestial equator} and the South Node is the opposites. Solar eclipses only occur on a New Moon and a Lunar Eclipse only on a Full Moon and for an eclipse to occur, the Moon has to be within approx. 10 degrees of its node.

From June 22, 2006-Dec. 18 2007 the Nodes are in Pisces {North Node} and Virgo {South Node}. The Nodes rule collective issues, the North being where we are spiritually evolving to and the South what we have learned and are dragging along from the past.
These Nodes signify and are encouraging a collective shift from fear {Virgo} to trust,{Pisces} from judgement to compassion, from duality to unity consciousness, This axis and Eclipse cycle will implement and instigating practical spiritual routines entering the work place, more consciousness towards the plight of others, making spirituality a body centered, community organization which “grows corn” which we all can harvest.
We are all very aware of the state of the Earth, Climate Change, right now.

THIS eclipse has the Planet of Revolution Uranus, sitting cheek to cheek with the Sun, opposite the Moon. Sunis ego, identity and source, Divine essence. Uranus’s energy is like the big Electric Transducer in the skies-and is affecting both our consciousness {The Sun} and our emotional body {the Moon}. Uranus kicks out the jams-his gift is Higher Consciousness-Uranus is considered to be a Higher frequency of Mercury, and Uranus unbinds, liberates us from the Saturn structure of form and limitations.
Uranus’s message in Pisces is amp up your consciousness, shift into your Spiritual Reality, you and I and everyone and thing are inter-connected on the Cosmos. Tune in by meditating, taking a quiet walk. We have to adjust ourselves to hold this higher frequency
As it’s akin to sticking your finger in the Cosmic Electric Outlet, sounds like a Kundalini awakening to me, and you don’t want to burn out your circuits.
Because of Retrograde motions Uranus will be in an extended square dance with Jupiter for much of this year. Jupiter of course expands the high-tensions dance-it’s more of a tango, urging us to be imaginative, inventive, insightfull, see the big picture.

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED-more tsunamis, hurricanes,
But a word of caution here, Uranus is always the planet of “Expect the Unexpected” and Uranus is the Ancient Ruler of the Oceans, so Jupiter and Uranus exerting concerted efforts together here can trigger, huge tsunamis, flooding, wild storms at sea, big lightning storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. etc. especially at or around their exact squares Jan 22,May 10, Oct 9th.
Jupiter and Uranus had their last conjunction on Feb 15, 1997 so this first square of theirs puts the pressure on to evolve what was born at that time and presenting new opportunities for significant breakthroughs at all levels.

There is a lovely GRAND TRINE at this Eclipse. Venus the fastest moving planet, now at 13 degrees of Aries, Trines Jupiter-coming in 2nd-at 18 degrees + of Sagittarius, and Jupiter Trines Saturn at 19- of Leo. Grand Trines are very beneficial energies. The Planet of Love in Aries indicates a New Beginning, a fresh start, new seeds planted, Saturn ruler of matter encourages and enhances the growth although it may not show results till after Saturn goes direct until April 19th! And Jupiter lends his big generous hands to it all.
For new inventive ways to plant seeds visit http://seedcollective.ca

Jupiter squares the Sun and the Moon too at this Eclipse, he’s got a finger in every exotic pie, and pushes us to move it, move it, move it, move it.
The Sun will conjunct Uranus March 5, and square Jupiter exactly March 9th so this optimistic, exploratory energy remains is quarely in the forefront for the 1st part of March.

All writing copyright of Tara Greene

Astrology Updates for the Week of Feb 19th-25th

Venus and Mars both change signs. Watch out for the weekend. Void of course Moons, etc.

This Monday Morning finds the Moon leaving Pisces. The Moon is now completing her last aspects with other planets before she moves on and changes signs. This time period is called a “Void of Course” Moon and it lasts until the Moon enters the next sign. V.O.C. occurs before lunch hr. today at 11:43 am EST.

Occurring ANYTIME that the Moon is un-aspected and in between signs, a Void of Course {V.O.C.} Moon means that the Moon is unattached, free and clear, standing alone. This is Her down time between relating to other planets. Even the Moon, always on a very hectic schedule changing signs every 2.5 days and making a multitude of relational aspects between any number of planets, Asteroids, Trans-Neptunian’s, and other cosmic bodies all the time needs Her down time. “Sex and the City” pales to the Moon Goddess’s hedonism.

The Moon rules instinct and feelings. She moves so quickly, like our emotions, changing our emotional tones, moving one degree every 2. 5 hours in the Zodiac. When the Moon is V.O.C. her/our instincts are temporarily on hold. Women especially may feel scattered, vague, drifting during these recurring times. Traditionally plans made during EVERY V.O.C. Moon time period don’t pan out. Without our usually instinctive knowledge anchored to guide us we may be unrealistic and exercise poor Judgement. Actions initiated under a V.O.C. Moon are often wasted, irrelevant or incorrect-information {especially potent with the added Mercury Retrograde} is missing, hidden or overlooked.

Whether you savor your down time when you don’t have to be relating to everyone or feel scared, alone, unloved or not, is your personal emotional choice.
Though V.O.C. Moons are not good times to make plans, routine tasks go along just fine. The V.O.C. Moon period is best used to do what the Moon does best-reflect. It’s time to assimilate. Whether the V.O.C. Moon period lasts a few minutes, hours or sometimes days, use this time well to meditate ponder, imagine. It’s a time to let your conscious mind take a cat/power nap and let yourself sink into your feelings, unhampered by anyone or anything else’s demands. A very rare commodity in today’s world so don’t avoid the void.

A V.O.C. is also a time of loopholes. Maybe good or not. Make of it what you will and be careful when knitting and/or trying to plan a very elaborate dinner party, wedding or other complicated emotionally bound-up plan. Take a long relaxing. lunch.

V.O.C. time period for this week are:
Feb 21-12:41 pm –3:03 pm
Feb 23 -2:47pm-5:42 pm
Feb 25- 8:21 pm10:48 pm

Feb 19th Moon enters Aries-
At 2:06 PM EST the mood shifts gears and The Divine Women get all fired up as Moon scorches up the scenery entering fiery Aries. Moon in Aries is a symbolic New Life cycle -like a breath of Spring. So feel yourself capable {even though we’re actually in the blah’s of February up here in Toronto} of planting and growing new romances, appearances and self-worth. Feelings are impulsive and not very diplomatic in “ME 1St: rapid-fire Aries now. Good time for initiating spontaneous outbursts, re-taking up that lost New Year’s resolution of doing kick-boxing or other martial arts, working out hard at the gym, telling an old boyfriend off and moving on.

Venus Pluto Square in evening-
This is tense. This evening @ 10:54 pm EST resentments are easily stirred up, you may feel attacked, old.deep wounds can come up to the surface to be healed. Check your bankbook for overspending and if so, on the Aries Moon decide to be a more defensive warrior with your paycheques.

Feb 20th – Fiery Trines today-
Nice ‘n easy hot overtones astrologically today. Moon trines Jupiter, then sextiles Neptune later in the day, then Trines Saturn. A big, optimistic, day to plan a long distance trip, register for a foreign language class, date an exotic foreigner, dream up big visions, then sign, seal and deliver.

Complete all unfinished romantic business now. The Planet of Women, who rules love and pleasure seeks new tasty delights, is more head strong, pushy, knows what she wants, goes out on a limb and nabs it for herself. You won’t need aphrodisiacs what with Venus in Aries. This augurs risk taking in relationships and spontaneous purchases. We need fresh exciting stimulus now and can get easily bored. Find a new love interest by taking up martial arts, dating a sexy heroic firefighter, and/or putting hot chilies in the martinis. This phase lasts until March 17th St. Patrick’s Day so find that new lover quick.

Venus and Aries

But, the MOON ENTERS TAURUS at 3:03 pm
12 hours later. The brakes are applied before we get ourselves too deeply in the hot tub with a total stranger. Moon in Taurus drags its’ feet, doesn’t like change, and the overall tone could be one of selfishness. Taurus Moon feels through its’ bodily needs first. This could be good medicine. Be a couch potato this evening ruminating on your next move before you’re sorry later.

Mercury still moving backwards and moving more quickly now as it joins the Sun, so things may seem to be appearing almost “normal.” Re-think, what lights you up, use this time as a valuable Re-Source. This conjunction is in Pisces, so fuzzy reflections, old mental pictures attached to happier times, and thoughts connected to the Spiritual Source abound. This also symbolizes an ending of a cycle in Pisces, do away with any outdated negative mind maps and allow the Sun to come shining clearly and compassionately through the misty veils.

Feb 23 MOON ENTERS GEMINI at 5:42 pm.
Communications and emotions join hands for a bit as Moon enters Mercury’s home sign. We can see the energy patterns beginning to work more fluidly although Mercury won’t turn direct till March 7th. Contradictions are part of Gemini’s influence, allowing us to sense both sides of an issue. Emotional tome is more light-hearted, tuned into the media, news, conversation, keeping busy this weekend.


This 1st Quarter Square from La Luna to the Pisces Sun at 2:56 am EST might jolt you out of your sleep. This is a major turning point in the Lunation cycle, as squares put pressure on us to adjust to do something about it. This aspect sparks a time to reinvest ourselves in what we started on the New Moon or to find out how far we’ve wandered off course. Moon’s Gemini energy applying may scatter our vision away from Pisces Sun’s holistic dream. The up side is there may be many interesting investigative ways to look at the totality.
Look out and be careful driving. Explosive angry outbursts are likely. The guys may be particularly, un-dependable and/or especially inventive.

This is Academy Awards nite too. So expect the unexpected winners there to some degree. The God of the male sex, war, defenses, erotic drives, aggression, motivation and passion enters inventive revolutionary airy Aquarius until April 6th when he of course enters Pisces, Christ’s’ sign on appropriately, Good Friday this year.
Expect the “others” to be especially interesting in any new and unusual sex toys, positions etc. and intriguing conversations during this time period. Mars gets the testosterone ramped up to change the old staid order of things in all areas. Ladies this is your Amazon time, to fight and innovate the ideas you believe are absolutely life-threateningly necessary. Be original, daring, work with like minded groups of people to initiate drastic change whatever your cause.

Astrology Updates

New Moon Feb. 17th @ 28+ of Aquarius
New Moons are always about setting new intentions. New Moon in Aquarius is always about breaking up old structures, chc ch changes and revolutionizingly moving into new consciousness as Aquarius is an Air sign. I know most of us think its element is water as the symbol is a woman, sometimes a man, pouring water from a jar. Aquarius’s glyph is two wavy lines one superimposed atop the other, which most people think of as waves but they actually symbolize electrical current, esoterically water symbolizes consciousness. Aquarius is humanitarian minded; it is inclusive of the whole bigger picture.

In the Tarot the Sign of Aquarius adorns the 17th Major Arcana The Star

Major Arcana The Star-Aquarius

Aleister Crowley's Thoth #17 Star Trump Card

Aquarius certainly does symbolize the whole Big Picture. We need to orient ourselves at this New Moon to our relationship to the Cosmos. “Every man and every woman, a star.”
The Ancient believed that every human being becomes a Star at Death lighting the night sky as the immortal eyes of the Ancestors watching over us always, guiding and protecting all beings at night. The Lion King used this approach. Stars are Suns, in our Solar System, our Star is the source of all light and life. Of course we worship in popular modern culture movie,rock, skateboarding stars. But the original worship was the tracking of the Stars in the Heavens all over the world from the beginning of recorded history. Ancient ruins, Stonehenge, the Pyramids-which are an exact mirror replica of Orion’s’ 3 belt stars, brought the maps of the Stars down to Earth. Archeoastronomers are discovering more and more data about how much the Stars were terribly important to our ancestors. The Dogon tribes in Africa, and many Native American stories tell that humans originated from the Stars. We truly are Stardust.

The Star is the Goddess Nuit, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of the Sky, the Cosmos, the Universe.

Nuit, Egyptian Star Goddess

Uranus is called a Trans personal planet as it orbits outside the traditional 7 planets, beyond Saturn. It’s orbiting cycle lasts 84 years, slightly longer what was once considered an average human life span. Every seven years Uranus enters a new Sign and element, and the law of 7 year cycles applies to Uranus and Saturn.
Aquarius’ opposite sign is Leo, the Ruler, the ego, will and heart and signs always include their opposite complimentary energy. In Aquarius the newness is about thinking about how you would change the world.
This is the 6th New Moon in a row occurring at the last degrees of a Sign. On Sept. 22nd there was a solar eclipse at 29 degrees of Virgo which kicked off this present cycle of last degrees up until March 19 when there will be a solar eclipse at 28 degrees of Pisces. We’re at the finish line every month for 6 months.
Aquarian ideals are about how to be uniquely you, an individual and also be part of the whole. Aquarius is the 11th sign, the next to last, popularly the 11th house governs love received, wishes,hopes and dreams, groups.
This New Moon finds Chiron, Asteroid Athena, Neptune and the Sun and Moon of course in Aquarius. Mercury, Uranus, the North Node, Asteroid Ceres and Venus are all grouped together in Pisces. Mars is in Capricorn, and Saturn opposes the Sun and Moon.
Pluto lends a sextile or easy aspect to this Lunation, helping us to integrate our power. Aquarians often feel like black sheep, outsiders, weirdos, when they discover others who think like themselves they are empowered to act, to move rigid Saturnine structures to birth the new life changes that are a necessity.
As the 3rd Air sign, Aquarius makes us aware of group mind. What we think and observe we create. Tie to make radical changes in our thinking and realize that we are all one in reality, not just a nice cutesy pie New Age sentiment. Aquarius aspires to freedom for all, equality, inclusiveness.
The Sabian symbol for this degree says it all “A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis, the capacity to utterly transform the character of one’s consciousness by radically altering the structural patterns of everyday living and the types of relationships one enters upon.”
Let’s stop being caterpillars, and transform into the evolutionary next step.
The time is now. Who are you? Asked the hookah-smoking caterpillar to Alice. Who are you, indeed? Take courage and leap into the New.


Lord Shakyamuni Buddha

Asto updates:
Feb 15th Nirvana Day This day celebrates the day the Lord Shakyamuni Buddha at the age of 80 having reached total Nirvana. It is one of many Buddhist festivals. On Nirvana day, Buddhists think about their lives and deaths and those who have passed on and how they can work towards gaining the perfect liberation and peace of Nirvana. Nirvana is believed to be the attainment of the end of the rebirth cycle and is the ultimate aim of Buddhist teachings. Nirvana means unbinding. Nirvana is reached when all desire and suffering are gone. How do you reach Nirvana? You won’t find it on I tunes. Meditating and observing the guiding principles, in particular the Four or Noble Truths which Buddha experienced while meditating under the Bodhi tree when he first reached Enlightenment. -Life is suffering. -Suffering is due to having desires. -Suffering can be ended by overcoming desires. The way to end suffering is through the Eightfold Path The Eightfold Path is: -right view -right thought right speech -right action -right livelihood -right effort -right mindfulness -right contemplation

That Leo Full Moon of Groundhog’s Day
This Roaringly powerfull Full Moon in Leo sees Neptune at 19 of Aquarius, 7 degrees away from the Sun, Saturn at 22 degrees of Leo opposite, Chiron at 10 degrees of Aquarius, and Mercury at the 29th “karmic” degree of Aquarius. Sun is conjunct the Asteroid Pallas Athena Goddess of wisdom, who sprung in one version of the myth from her father Jupiter’s head full grown in battle armour, Jupiter had swallowed her being forewarned that she would overthrow him, as Jupiter himself had once been swallowed by his father Saturn. This myth speaks of those in power {Jupiter} trying to eliminate whatever or whomever could disrupt the status quo. So Athena’s conjunction to the Sun symbolizes our needing to NOW consciously adopt Her Feminine warrioress stance, battling back against the New World Order.
Chiron is the healer and wounded one, his presence once every 50 years in any sign, and in Aquarius is to heal the wounds of over techno’d alienation, Internet surveillance, etc.
Neptune only transits a sign once every 168 years, so we gotta act when Neptune’s higher calling to ascend to Divine Love for the whole of humanity’s light is on. Mercury’s position as catalyst of communications at that 29th degree gives us the ability to yap it up, using Aquarian computer tech. to spread the word of our highest ideals. We have to get the Aquarian inclusive mind. The Sabian symbol for 29 Aqu. Is “Deeply rooted in the past of a very ancient culture, a spiritual brotherhood in which many individual minds are merged into the glowing light of a unanimous consciousness is revealed to one who has emerged successfully from his/her metamorphosis.”

We have two “stelliums” this Moon –5 planetary objects in Aquarius, and 4 in Pisces.
Opposed by the Moon of course, and Saturn. Jupiter is at 14 degrees of Sag. and squares Uranus, Ceres, and the North Node in Pisces. Jupiter is empowered by being at the 15th-middle degree of Sag now bringing his message of Truth, Justice, Higher Education, and pressing the Uranian, Ceres, North Node button of Change it, Innovate, Revolutionize for Ceres, the Earth’s sake for all of humanity. This includes China who is set to be a major foe and world polluter and who in Rhett Butler fashion says “Frankly, I don’t give a damn.” To the rest of the world. And the fact being that we’ll all be Gone With the Wind if China doesn’t change it’s cheap crap for the masses manifesto at an enormous cost, actually it’s we in the West who have to stop exploiting the Chinese who labour at $45 a month income. Boycott Wal Mart, Dollar stores, etc.

Modern ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, at 12 degrees + of Pisces, who is closely conjunct Asteroid Ceres, the Goddess of the Earth. We need to hear and heed Ceres wake up call. We are all familiar with Ceres, a.k.a. Demeter by the Greeks, eating her usually every morning. Do you eat any type of CEREal for breakfast? Hmm, cereal could easily be connected to serial, and surreal. I’d rather eat surreal for breakfast myself some times, wouldn’t you? The breakfast of Champions. Anyone remember “Screaming Yellow Zonkers?”
Ceres rules nourishment, watch out for GMO foods, also propylene glycol which is actually anti-freeze and highly toxic which seems to be added to everything-shampoos, diet or low fat dairy products as a thickener, most commercial ice creams and yogurts,
Like Alice in Wonderland -READ ALL LABELS- get out your magnifying glasses and read that fine fine print before consuming or adding anything to your corporeal person.

Moon at 12 of Leo asks us to feel with our hearts, to have courage, passion, leadership.
Venus is at 6 degrees of Pisces conjunct Ceres as well, Love your Mother the Earth, be compassionate, how do you value the Earth. We are all her children. The North Node is sliding backwards and is at 16 degrees of Pisces showing us what our highest spiritual goal and direction should be. Venus in Pisces illuminates the Chinese dilemma by asking what is of real value? Lasting Value?

Feb 2 Mercury enters Pisces 3:20. Merc. will Retrograde on the 13th from 10 degrees + of Pisces, enters Aquarius RX again on the 26th, goes Direct on March 7th at 25 degrees of Aquarius, and won’t recover his ground until March 29th so that’s a very long time to do the usual watch, double check, let your mind rethink stuff we’re all accustomed to. Mercury won’t enter Aries until April 10th. Our thinking will have to be tuned into rehashing Aquarian higher mind, and Pisces compassion, finishing up the Celestial
round until that time.

Feb 7th Venus bonks Uranus! Kooky?
I know it sounds lewd, but The Goddess takes the big roller coaster ride of thrills chills and the great unknown that Uranus brings. Need some much needed spicing up in your relationships? this will kick that off. Experiment with something absolutely new. Change your look, be daring wild, have fun with it. Jupiter and Uranus also square each other too, so big time adventures await. May and Oct. also see the Jup-Ura square in effect again, plan now for that trek across the Sahara, Mongolian yurt trip, or? This aspect radiates its’ effects throughout the year, the emphasis will definitely on taking that leap of faith.

Feb 8th Moon enters Scorpio at 10:08 am EST you know what that means. Emotions will be deep and intense, tempers flair, power and control issues come forward. Neptune joins the Sun today at 10:52 am EST may make you waver in the ethers. Neptune calls our consciousness to peace, to dream, to inspiration, great day for musicians, artists, creativity, and higher love. Meditate with your eyes open. See the spiritual in the everyday light of the Sun.

Squeaky Wheel sounds for Valentine's Day V Day will be tough love this year! There is a very squeaky aspect cog in the wheels that make the heart go round and round this year. A quincunx- what does that word bring to mind to you?-weird fetish sex acts amongst 5? Well whatever, it’s a business like oil and water and fuzzy wuzzies don’t mix kinda thing-Mars in Capricorn- the men are all business + Venus in Pisces –the women are spiritually fuzzy wuzzies- create this derring do’ aspect to Saturn in Leo the cosmic cop, Grim Reaper, Father Time! Don’t sound too romantic to me. This double quincunx-I like the sound of that word-What do you do with this? This aspect when 2 planets both quincunx one other forms something called THE FINGER OF GOD ASPECT-or a Yod in Astrospeake. Sounds like Fire and Brimstone! Saturn says: Grow up! Be mature, have the Martial chutzpah and Leonine courage to open your heart, reveal your true business which is that we’re all hear to learn about and give and create and make love and receive love in the end {Venus in Pisces}. So don’t send bouquets of flowers, and buy extravagant gifts-wear your heart on your tattered and torn sleeve. Saturn’s got a big pocket watch called the Wheel of Time….hear it ticking in unison with your every heartbeat.

Feb 1, 2007 Astrological/Wiccan + Full Moon Updates

Feb.1st,2nd Traditional Irish & Pagan Holiday Celebrations

Traditionally this day Feb 1st or 2nd is celebrated in the Modern Irish Calendar as Saint Brigid's Day,or Bride's Day, both a Catholic and Pagan Celebration of an ancient Goddess tradition, also called Imbolc, still celebrated by Wiccans/Pagan based Earth honouring religions. Christians overlaid the Ancient Goddess worshipers holiday renaming it Candlemas or the feast of the Purification of the Virgin. This celebration also relates to the midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.

It is a cross-quarter day in the 8 rounds of the Wheel of Time in the Solar based year. Since the Celtic Year was based on both lunar and solar cycles, it is most likely the holiday would be celebrated on the Full Moon nearest those 2 midpoints, when early spring flowers would begin to rise up through the snow. On Feb. 2nd this year there is a Full Moon in Leo at 12:45 am EST. More about that Lunation later.

That Ancient peoples of Ireland kept this day as very sacred. At the Megalithic and Neolithic sites, such as the Loughcrew burial mounds and the Mound of the Hostages in Tara, Ireland, the inner chambers of the passage tombs are perfectly aligned with the rising sun of both Imbolc and Samhain attesting to the value placed on this day.

Triple Goddess/Saint Brigid/Bride
She is according to Robert Graves, the most Ancient Triple Goddess worshipped since time out of mind. The Goddess rules over scholars and poets. She is the Goddess of fire and inspirations in Ireland, the Goddess of poetry, creativity, smithcraft and healing. She also rules healing with water, and divination. She is said to rule over people who work with cows and chickens, brewers, fugitives, midwives, infants, printers, sailors, travelers, New Zealand, & Irish nuns. This day symbolizes a time of transitions, initiations, new beginnings, of planting seeds that will sprout later. Brigid/Birgita represents the light half of the year,Her power brings the people out of the dark season of winter into spring, so, it is a very important time of the year.

She is the Goddess of Augury
In the Druidic tradition, poetry and augury were associated. She is patron of prophets and seers. Celtic seers divined by looking into deep water and into flames. This is a great time to do divination.

Triple Goddess
She has two sisters with the same name. One aspect of her carries a blacksmith tongs and a sword, because she is also patroness of war; another aspect holds 2 healing snakes, from which the modern Doctors symbol is derived, the caduceus, the third aspect carries a wand with a crescent moon and a tablet.


Brigid rules the Waters. Many healing springs are dedicated to Brigid. Natural bodies of water also signify Her presence, particularly where three streams joined together. She also rules Fire, so it is customary to make candles for the coming year and bless them on this day.

Protecting Goddess

In her aspect as Brigantia, she carries a spear, an orb of victory, and wears a war crown. She symbolizes protection of the country from invaders and slavery.

As Patroness of Midwives, she was invoked at the door of the home where the woman was giving birth, by the midwife. Who speke:

Bride, Bride, come in! Thy welcome is truly made, Give thou relief to the woman, And give thou the conception to the Trinity.

Brigid is the guardian of every newborn, their cradles protected with a woven Brigits Cross, an equal armed cross. Upon a safe delivery, the infant was blessed or sained by the midwife, with 3 drops of water on the childs forehead, dedicating the Child to the Triple Goddess. A candle was carried round the bed sun wise three times. As Brigid is a Solar Goddess. We think of the Sun as masculine but originally all aspects of the Universe were considered Feminine.

Brigid Ruler of the Hearth
Especially in Gaelic Scotland, Brigids dolls are placed near the hearth on her Feast Day. The doll is usually dressed in white, decorated. A white willow wand is placed in her bed as a fertility charm. As she is patroness of agriculture, pastures, livestock, and abundance. An offering is made to her of dairy products. The Brigid doll is kept throughout the year near the hearth hung on a wall, or by a door, as a talisman of protection, then burnt the next year.

Light a Candle and Invoke the Goddess at this time-

I kindle this candle in the name of Brighid, Goddess of Smiths,
I sain this house in the name of Brighid, Goddess of Healers,
I smoor this candle in the name of Brighid, Goddess of Poets.

One folk tradition still continues in both Christian and Pagan homes on St. Brigids Day is that of St. Brigids Bed. Girls and young unmarried women create corn dollies to represent Brigid, these are adorned with ribbons, baubles shells or stones. A bed is made for the doll to lie in. On St. Brigids Eve Jan 31, the girls gather together in one house and stay up all night with the doll, are are later visited by all the young men, who ask permission to enter the home, and then treat the young maidens and the dolly with respect. The next day the girls carry the doll through the neighbourhood from house to house, where she is welcomed with great honour. Adult women stay home to welcome the Brigid procession and offer snacks and coins to the young girls and maidens.

The Goddess is AlIVE this day
Brigid is said to walk the earth on Imbolc eve. Feb 1st. Before going to bed, each member of the household may leave a piece of clothing or strip of fabric outside for Brigid to bless. The cloth are brought inside the next morning, believed to now have the powers of healing and protection.

Brigid's Legacy

The name Britain is a derivation of Brigits name. Britain was named for an ancient Celtic tribe, the Brigantes, who were the largest Celtic tribe in the country in pre-Roman times who worshipped Her as their Deity. The tribe originated from an area now called Bregenz in Austria near Lake Constance. The word brigand comes from this tribe of fierce warriors. Her symbol is a flaming spear. Her worship spread, leaving behind places named in Her honour-Brittany in France, Brechin in Scotland, the name Brent, in England, any name containing Bride. Britains symbol, the Goddess Brigantia, still found on their 50 cent coin is Brigid in her aspect as Goddess of the Land. In Old German/Yiddish the word Fabrent meaning burnt honours this Ancient Goddess. Of course Britany Spears is carrying the modern archetype of Brigid, and strangely enough one of Brigids symbols is a flaming spear!

A Sample of prayers used at St. Bridgids Day

Light 1 candle-
We gather together in this time of darkness. We look to the return of the light.
We look to the first light of Spring.
(Light two more candles.)
Goddess Midwife: Healer, Nurturer, and Herbalist.
Goddess Poetess: Bringer of Wisdom, Guidance and Prophesy.
Goddess Smithcraft: Keeper of Fire, Craftswomen, and Transformation.

Maiden, Mother, and Crone A Triple Goddess.
Her symbols are Brigids cross, the flaming arrow, Brigid bed. It was customary to write wishes upon scraps of cloth
and tie them to the bushes near her sacred wells. This is Her Time of Year, a very special moment.Her day is the Second of February,A day upon which to seek wisdom from inside the Earth.In the time before Patrick, serpents were sent because they dwell in both worlds, above ground and below.In Christian Times, the serpent became a Groundhog.
Our lady is a goddess of many aspects: Crone, Matron, but she is pictured most often as the maiden.

Chant: Welcome Brigid, Welcome Brigid (the burning arrow of the power of Bridgette)
(Candles are lit. Maiden Goddess appears.)

Brigid: Blessings of the season upon you, my People.
I am She, that is the natural mother of all things,
Mistress and governess of all the elements,
The initial progeny of worlds,
Chief of the powers divine,
Queen of all that are in the other world,
the principal of them that dwell above,
Manifested alone and under one form
Of all the Gods and Goddesses.
Jan 20-31st

Lets just get to the end of Jan.
Jan 20th Its Aquarius's turn to bask in the Sunshine!
Aquarians should they always wear the colour aqua do ya think? You 11th housers, are the true revolutionaries and odd balls of the Zodiac. Did you know that Uranus orbits at a 90-degree angle? They are the original free thinkers, do their own thingers, inventors, off beat, independent, team workers, a gathering of the minds geared towards innovation for the collective. Their shadow/opposite sign is regal proud egotistic show off Leo.

Mercury joins up with Wounded Healer Chiron today at around 9 degrees of Aquarius. If you were born around Jan 29th you may be feeling sensitive today. Aquarians don't usually kvetch, but this joining might make your mind and words prone to it.
Jan 22

First aspect of this day is Venus in Aquarius opposite Rx. Saturn. Romance takes a serious tone. Old boy or girlfriends may reappear to finish off old business. Resources may feel scarce, and you may feel chilly, hard knocked and alone. Saturn can help clarify practical values, so go over your bankbooks. Saturn's Rx. Motion helps us to put values aright.

Jupiter-Uranus Square-aspect lasts a week!

Aquarians your ruling planet Uranus is in that Big Old Boxing Ring in the Cosmos, squared off by Mr. Big Jupiter. It's an off kilter putting punch, that'll rock your world in more ways than one. This is just the 1st round. Round 2 comes May 10th. Round 3 Oct. 9th when the to enter the ring again.

Jupiter amps up the Uranian electric city of consciousness to the Max. This is -listen to it-
Boom Shaka-laka-laka- listen to that horn section
I Want to Take You Higher by - Sly & the Family Stone Lyrics
Feeling's gettin stronger, Music's gettin longer too
Music is flashin me, I want to take you higher
Baby baby baby light my fire
Boom shaka-laka-laka
Feeling's nitty-gritty, Sound is in the city too
Music's still flashin' me, Don't ya want to get higher
Baby baby baby light my fire.
Boom shaka-laka-laka Boom shaka-laka-laka

Boom shaka-laka-laka Boom shaka-laka-laka
Expect the unexpected Big Time! Get ready for a huge Roller Coaster Ride! This combo means Jupiter expands the urge to rebel. Check your electrical wiring; be careful not to burn down the house. Your toast will burn faster! Expect things to move forwards with issues you've been planning which affect the big picture and the collective. Good time to examine your old philosophies, belief systems, that 'ole time religion. Jupiter amps up Uranian kick out the jams of the old. Fashion tip: wear cowboy printed pyjamas.

This aspect affects weather patterns as if they weren't already wonky enough. Big storms, gale winds, snow, flooding. Also bad news in Afghanistan, the rebels get more cocky, lots more bombings as religious intolerance is fueled to newer heights!

Personally I advise you not to eat horse meat during most of 2007.

If you can afford to lose it, bet on the dark horse. Excitement is in the air; we may be feeling like we're walking on the knife's edge. Drivers will tend to drive too fast. Gage your risk quotient carefully during this time.

Moon enters Aries Jan 23rd 5:52 am EST

The Moon in the 1st sign gets us off to a new round, a new beginning in the monthly cycle. Aries people get the benefit of Jupiter keeping their fires burning extra bright. The Moon is usually pretty randy in fire sign Aries.
Jan 24 No major aspects today. Still feelin that boom shaka-laka-thing.

Jan 25 Moon enters Taurus @ 8:28 Am EDT. This Moon should slow the energy down a bit. The Sun and Moon square each other, hear that squeaky wheel between Aquarian break down the barriers and Taurus never change anything Moon. Opposing views in Fixed Signs-no one's gonna give. Then Chiron enters the aspects conjuncts the Sun and maybe Aquarius caves.

Jan 26 Venus sextile Pluto-

A harmonious aspect, women are entirely seductive today, wielding power and control through sexuality, domination, secrecy. The real value comes from meditating on Pluto at the Galactic Centre. If you have a partner this is great for Tantric sex. Copper should go up in value in the commodities market. Women stake their claim in moving the power balance to Feminine related values. Women feel your connection to the Giant Yoni source of our Galaxy.

Mercury conjunct Neptune 19 degrees of Aquarius, 8:20 am EDT.

If you could sleep in today, and stay dreaming that would be ideal. Call in sick and stay in bed. Otherwise thoughts will be dreamy, unfocused, fuzzy, idealistic, unrealistic,

Imagination is heightened. Great for artists and any creative plan making. Talk about your dreams. Write out your dreams, the waking and sleeping ones. Listen to soft, soothing, watery, music today, soothe those jangled nerve endings. Go for a swim, a steam or other spiritual immersion.

Jan 27-

Difficult aspects between Mars and Saturn today, Watch out for inflamed tempers.

Moon enters Gemini at 12:10 am EDT. Our emotions seem to come from our heads and energy is speeded up again. Feelings are more flexible now.

Venus enters Pisces 10:32 PM EDT
Values turn soft, tender, compassionate. Forgiveness is once again the prime motive. Tine to connect deeply, fully. Venus is the need for love, how we want to be loved. Pisces is the knowledge of being loved by Spirit. But be carefull how much you open, don't lose your sense of values in Piscean bliss waters, remember you and everyone else are still in human clothing.

Jan 28 Mercury-Saturn opposition in AM. keeps your thinking straight clear, ordered, disciplined. Gemini Moon chattiness can be actually used to produce lots of results.

Moon opposite Pluto-

This is always a dangerous opposition. Watch out that your unconscious feelings, instincts and memories {the Moon} don't pop out unconsciously, revealing your shadows {Pluto} and blow away anything in your path due to {Sagittarian} "hoof in mouth" total honesty insensitivity. This aspect also pits the Archetypal Feminine Moon opposed to Plutonian power, control secrets. Women will stand up against the War escalating, the secrets and lies.

Jan 29 Moon comes home to Cancer at 5:16 Pm. Ahh, smell the apple pie, the toasty home fires, the delicious dinner, the warmth of love, nurturing, family tradition and feeling safe. Security is #1. Give yourself some pampering.
Jan 30-

Sun and Chiron conjunct today. Leaders are wounded, and show it in the light of day. Egos are sore, in pain. It dawns on us just how ego- centeredness causes pain and suffering Venus is in Pisces and the Moon in Cancer. The Feminine Archetypes are in giving nurturing signs. Know that you are loved just for being, that you have value as a spiritual being, as part of All That IS.

Jan 31 Mercury Pluto sextile today

Thinking, communications can go very deep today. Speak from your Soul, for what you believe in. Secrets will come out.

Moon enters Leo at 12:15 PM EST for the next 2 + days stimulating self-expression, Pride, daring-do, speak from the heart leaders, and party times. ANd that's only the 1st month of 2007!

Jan 15-21
A very busy week. Three planets change Sign and a New Moon
Jan 15th Mercury enters Aquarius at 4:25 am EST, 1:25 am PST, 9:24 am GMT for the rest of the month. Mercury, the hermaphrodite, ruler of all mental capabilities communications & thinking works very well in Aquarius’ higher airy realms, boosting revolutionary thinking, inventiveness, speeding up communications-notice Mercury in Capricorn was slow, plodding, requiring a lot of patience at the beginning of this New Year. Aquarius has a paradoxical nature being both inventive and forward thinking yet is a Fixed-self explanatory Sign. Aquarius rules the Internet-so expect IT stocks to go up this month.

Mars soldiers into Capricorn on Jan. 16th @ 3:54 pm EST, 12:54 pm PST, 8:54 pm GMT and promptly gets everything into higher productivity and right down to business working order. Fallen off your New Year’s Resolutions already? Mars in Capricorn, under Saturn’s harsh rulership, grants you ease in self-discipline, and helps produce results-the goods!

Jan. 18th First New Moon of 2007 in Capricorn @ 11:02 EST, 8:02 PST, Jan. 19th 4:02 am GMT at 29 degrees of Capricorn

New Moons are always about setting new intentions. This is the 1st New Moon of a New Year so, the way you begin, heads you in the direction you’re going.
Symbolically this 1st New Moon of 2007 sets the tone for the rest of the Year.

I will be leading this Truly Marvelous 1st New Moon Women’s Dreaming Circle of ’07 on the Thursday the 18th at 7:30 PM at my home in the Beach.
Please come out, group energy amplifies, we will build dream collages, sing, make art, state our intentions. New, New Moon participants always welcome. Tea and refreshments will be served.
Easy access by TTC, Queen East or College Street Cars to Woodfield Ave. a 1 block walk to Dundas Street, either way. By subway, to Coxwell Station, #22 bus south to Dundas. A short walk West. Note there are no TTC lines that come out on Dundas Street East of Parliament. There is free parking on Dundas and in the nabe.
Please bring, magazines, photos, to make Dream Collages. A rattle if you have one. A pillow. Space is limited, but we can always squeeze you in for this special occasion. Please call ahead to reg. Cost $20.

It is also the 5th New Moon in a row occurring at the end of a sign, signifying it’s critical importance. In all things, you must end before you can begin again.
The 29th degree is considered a karmic degree, pointing us towards mastering the spiritual goals of that sign before proceeding to the next level.
Capricorn is the zodiacal archetype enacted through discipline, responsibility, maturity, authority, patience, persistence, grounding, preserving, producing, integrating into society. Capricorn’s ruler Saturn, Father Time, Chronos, is the ultimate Reality TV show called This is Your Life on Planet Earth. Saturn rules all of the physical world, business, the government, the taxman, deadlines, corporate structuring, ageing, limitations, boundaries, binding, history, buildings, the bones, and the body. Capricorn’s symbol in modern times is a Mountain Goat. In Ancient times it was a Goat with a Fish Tail, and in the Orient it was a Dolphin. Goats are tenacious creatures, stubborn, able to survive on anything, sure-footed, able to climb great peaks swiftly. Goats gave mankind meat, milk, delicious cheese, and were easy to domesticate.

Sun at 29 Cap. Focuses our daylight consciousness, ego, identity, yang energy and our spiritual essence. How are we managing our business? What have we reaped in terms of our success? Are we standing “on top of the world?” Are we on time? Out of time? Mismanaging our time? What are we bound up in? What false limitations have we set for ourselves? What hath we wrought? How can we best serve the rest of society? Capricorn is a very spiritual sign. Jesus was allocated the Sign of Capricorn at birth. Capricorn always aspires to reach the peaks, sure-footedly. Don’t let Saturn “get your goat.”
The Moon at 29 Cap focuses our emotions, feelings, receptive, memories, instinctual responses, nurturing, the Feminine nature. How does your body feel? Are your feelings too rigid, too bound up with work first? Have your emotions ossified? How do you feel about getting older? Are you squelching your emotions or feeling weighed down by them? Listen to your body. The body always knows. The body will heal itself if attended to, nurtured. Do you need to re-structure your days? Your job? Your eating habits? Saturn represents the Father Archetype. Do we need to develop a more nurturing sense of authority from within? Can you express your feelings to authority figures? Your boss? Your father, husband? Mother? The government?

The Sabian Symbol for 29 degrees of Capricorn:
“A woman reading tea leaves, the ability to see the Signature of hidden meaning in every occurrence drawing one’s attention..” Well that one certainly rings a bell with me! Everything we experience as real on the physical plane is always and actually spiritual, it is inherent. Pay attention to all the symbols, synchronicities, inner “bell ringers” gut feelings, dreams, occurrences, world news, etc. See the trees in the forest. Pay attention! Wake up now! Look for the signs that you are on your true path and if not-make the change now-restructure, visualize a new mountain, be a goat, get your cloven hoofed feet ready to stride boldly to the top of your personal peak.

Other aspects in the Mix
This New Moon falls on the Mid-point of Jupiter’s approaching square to Uranus –exact Jan 22, at 12 degrees of Sagittarius-Pisces, urging us to trust spirit, have faith and compassion {Pisces} and take that leap {Jupiter}.

VENUS NEPTUNE CONJUNCTION on Jan 18th @ 18 degrees 44 minutes of Aquarius, 9:48 pm EST, 6:48 pm PST, Jan 19th 2:48 AM GMT
Venus the planet of women, rules values, money, luxuries, the arts, beauty, relationships, love. Rules Sign Taurus and Libra.
Neptune, rules mysticism, spirituality, music, the oceans, divine Love, the higher octave of Venus, the arts, delusions, illusions, addictions, oil. Rules Pisces.
Aquarius rules groups, humanitarianism, love received, revolutionary thinking, egolessness, new forms of leadership, inventions, technology.

So here we have the mundane love planet Venus partnered with her Higher Octave Neptune! This is a very powerful conjunction! Full of the affirmations of the Highest spiritual Love received. In Aquarius, Sign of Higher Consciousness, revolutionary thinking-this is absolutely inspiring stuff coming in on this structural defining Capricorn 1st New Moon.

On this New Moon engage Venus and Neptune’s rapturous embrace by making art, love, beautiful music, together or alone. This is superlative, tremendous, absolutely wonderful for meditations, visualizations, dreaming, feeling beautiful. Let your Inner Goddess out and dance, dance, dance.
Want to attract your Soul Mate? This New Moon Venus/Neptune conjunction is the one to do it on.
Want to make oodles of money so you can benefit the rest of humanity? Lay your business plans down now. Visualize them happening in the now. Make a dream board collage with pictures of everything your heart and soul desires. SO mote it be!
Want to listen to the music of the spheres? Just drop the mental chatter, and enter Music of the Spheres on your mental toolbar and enjoy the cosmic downloads. If you’re a musician, stay close to your midi, so you can bring it into Capricorn reality. Have an amazing jam session. Aquarian group activities are highlighted.

Visualize a Brave New Spiritual World, one filled with love, harmony, peace, balance, where women are honoured as Goddesses, where love is the currency-love given and love received for value. Where cities are built to reflect community, beauty is the cultural priority, like the Ancient Civilizations of Greece, which our Western world’s culture is based on. Music is harmonious, soothing, and otherworldly. Sound is used as a healing tool. Feelings are valued. The ideal, cosmic, harmonies are the basis for all society, and religions. They are all seen as coming from one source, and that is LOVE, LOVE and nothing but LOVE. Nothing less will suffice.
Where your “Temple of Venus” Credit Card is accepted almost everywhere. Poetry and art making, music, dance, storytelling are the norms of entertainment, just like in the good old days. Relationships of all kinds are based on equality, recognizing the spirit in each created entity, a tree, a beetle, a child.
On the mundane road, Venus/Neptune in Aquarius can symbolize, taking our love affair with oil to a higher consciousness. New technologies that nurture the earth
in providing fuels is the new value. We see the physical world as a mirror, a spiritual manifestation of the Upper, the Heaven worlds.

2nd week of Jan.  007 Overview

Monday. Jan. 8th Mars trine Saturn @ 24 degrees of Sagittarius –24 degrees of Leo Rx in the Am.

This is a good aspect between 2 tough planets and it gets your Martial drive and Saturnine structure back into good working order after the Holidays. Trines lube the situation.


Tues. Jan. 9th     Moon changes Sign

Moon dashes off from the Mary Poppins’s  “almost completely perfect in every way” sign of Virgo and heads into relationship oriented Libra at 1:15 am EST, 10:15 AM PST, so balance and peace can be restored in the usual too busy hectic sched. The co-operative aspects between Mars and Saturn at the moment enable another nice aspect amongst them all, a sextile to Libra. Libran’s should be more focused during this time, a rare occurrence.


Jan 10th    Important conjunction!

Today marks the annual conjunction of Venus and Chiron at 8 degrees 32 minutes of Aquarius.


Venus rules love, values, money, beauty, nature, balance, relationships, luxuries, women, attraction, copper, artists, musicians, design which is aesthetically pleasing, sensuality, peace.


Chiron is a planetary body which symbolizes a wound, where we are most vulnerable, but it is through that very wound in which we are healed. Chiron is a maverick, a Centaur that reached cosmic proportions through his ability to heal others.


Aquarius’s symbol is the Water Bearer, and most people naturally conclude that it is a water sign but it is not. Water symbolizes consciousness. So Aquarius is the element of Air, symbolizing the mind and communication. It is a Universal and Humanitarian sign, symbolizing group consciousness, wholistic and higher consciousness, inventiveness, rebellion, ego-less leadership, the Internet, revolutions.


Occurring in Aquarius this conjunction shows where our values and our wounds at in terms of our culture and Technology, where it hurts, where it is not working.

Are we choosing money/work over love and human relationships? Maybe it’s not either/or but how balanced is it. If we’re so successful and have so much, why are we still searching for values? Do you feel empty? What price are we paying for the illusion of  “progress?” Do you have more time now than you used to?  How much do you value time? Time to be in nature, reflect, make beauty?

The downside of Aquarius is being so in your head and technologically oriented and distant that we separate ourselves from real intimate relationships, which Venus craves.


                Are you living a Virtual Life?


Does work spill over into your private life? Internet dating might work, but it has no physical tenderness in the moment. We can’t cry in each others’ laps, when it’s a laptop. Do you get enough time to see your friends? Is filling your time with video games, Second Life, Text messaging, info. music downloading, etc. a balm to help you forget your troubles, your Self, your wounds, your vulnerabilities?  Are you running away from your Human self or towards it? 


Especially the kids born during the computer or video game in every home age, those born in the early ‘80’s on, my son included, who grew up with an innocent little game called Mario Brothers, which turned into….


It seems we are in the Aquarian Age on some levels, this is the dawning, etc. etc.


The Sign of Aquarius includes every individuals right to belong. How does my life, my luxury, my stuff relate to the rest of humanity? ? Is having a life of peace and beauty in nature more important than acquiring things that are cheaply made? Does the rest of the world get to enjoy the same standard of living as I do? Is my craving for stuff and distraction wounding me?  When we recognize where we are wounded individually and as part of a group we can begin to heal ourselves.


I Fall into the trap, working late at night on my computer, it has a great positive side, but the planets are showing us to look for where it hurts. I realize that the wonderful Techno-life we live also keeps me from having silence, and encroaches on my time and relationships. Think about it. ? We need to look at how we can bring Venusian values into the wounds created by our Technological society. The cultural group consciousness needs to be rebalanced using technology to truly serve human values. We still need a revolution before we can fulfill all of those highly group conscious Aquarian ideals..


I'll leave you with this song by John Lennon

Say you want a revolution, well, you know,..






Jan 3 2007


Happy Perihelion & Cancer Full Moon


The Sun is at Perihelion today 3:00 PM EST when it is closest to the Earth, believe it or not folks living in the Northern Hemisphere, there is more sunshine today than there will be on July 4th when the Sun is at Aphelion-the farthest away from the Earth. This is due to the 23 degree tilt of the Earth’s polar axis. Wear your super polarized shades today it’s very dangerous to look at the Sun on this day.


It’s also the 1st Full Moon of 2007. In comfy Cancer, the Moon is Full Jan 3rd at 8:58 am EST, 1:58 PM GMT, 5:58 am PST.

Full Moons are all about balance. The balance of Sun and Moon as equal lights. The balance of the Masculine and the Feminine.


January is named after the Roman God Janus, who had 2 faces, one gazing into the past one into the future. January represents a gateway, what have you accomplished last year, where are you setting out to in 2007?


Sun in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Father Time, structure, the Patriarchy, corporations, karma.

Moon rules the Sign of Cancer, the womb, mother, nurturing, emotions, the stomach, food, the unconscious, memories, home.


Full Moons are always a time to ponder what is ripe, what we are full with, what we have brought to full fillment. 


All Full Moons are the actual Moon’s manifestation in the sky as a ripe egg, ova, bindi, seed of life potential. Before the arrival of electric lights all women ovulated by the Full Moon, the Oceans rise, emotions run high and all human females on the planet were simultaneously at maximum fertile reproductive cycle.


The Sun is at it’s most powerful today, make use of the increased proximity of the main Star of our Galaxy today and see yourself as an individual star in a collective galaxy of human stars. Let yourself radiate your Fire, your heat, your passion, your Light. See how you affect and give life to everyone else around you. What you shed light on grows.

Feel the Moon strong in her home today. Allow yourself to be lulled in the womb once again, rock yourself, curl up in a fetal position, take a hot bath, soak your cares away, eat a hearty lovingly home made meal, call your Mom or visit her and tell her you love her and give thanks for her labouring to give birth to you. 

Feel the Balance of the Masculine and Feminine within you; this is the Heiros Gamos or Sacred Marriage, alchemy. You are whole within.


If you’re looking for love, feel your internal sense of wholeness and completion, the acknowledgement of your inner wholeness allows you to attract someone who is also whole and complete.


The important issues to ponder at the fullness of this specific Full Moon is what we have emotionally and unconsciously created, reaped and structured.


Food is a good 1st issue to deal with here, as there has been outbreaks of food poisoning from e coli in vegetation lately. At this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, eat in season, this means lots of root vegetables, carbos, high protein. Buy organic foods as much as possible. The U.S. Gov’t.  has just allowed the sale of cloned meat. This means that lots of people will all be eating the same hamburger over and over and over? Talk about homogenized, and replicating of standards. Not for me, thanks. This is very dangerous-the human body needs variety, natural and wholesome nutrition. Protest this one please. This is genetically modified meat, untested over time, who knows what the results on you or your kids will be in 10 years?


Hopefully this will be shut down. They don’t allow this kind of thing in Europe you know-they banned all genetically modified foods there years ago.


The other main issues are, what’s the structure of your home life like? Saturn is Time. Do you have enough of it? Saturn, ruler of the Sun in Capricorn right now, sits on Leo’s golden throne, so they are in a mutual reception.


Saturn is still Retro- till April 19th so all the structures are being re-evaluated. Saturn brings limits to those golden boys, the corporatistas. Are you seeing this? This will continue till Sept. ’07 when Saturn changes sign and moves into health conscious Virgo, better get your stores of food packed away now.


Saturn is still in opposition to Neptune, planet of the Dreamers. Time to re-structure your dreams to be in alignment with your real life.

Your life is a 24/7 reality show, a projection from Spirit {Pisces, Neptune} projected through Saturn’s’ physical world of matter. “It’s your movie” as my friend Hope, from Sedona says. You are the Star, the Director, producer, scriptwriter, and PR person, of your life. You are projecting your Spirit through the manifestation of Spiritual Law, onto the Earth’s screen.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun cozying up to us on this auspicious day is of course, very synchronous. “a fire worshipper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence, the subjective quest for ultimates beyond the interplay of life and death processes. For the Moon its’  “ a hand with a prominent thumb is held out for study;the power of the will in shaping character.” Maybe that’s a green thumb we’re looking at here.

In Palmistry, the thumb represents Will, leadership skills, planning, reason, sound Saturnian to me. And you see, it all comes together doesn’t it?


My sense intuitively is that all is coming to concresense, it is going to be nigh on impossible to not see the immense changes in consciousness coming now and in the next 5-6 years. As above so below, and as within so without.


Mercury at 10 degrees of Cap. 2 degrees away from the Sun.

Pluto is on the Galactic Centre and al through this year. Mars in Sag. stirs us to act and be Truth warriors, he is in trine to Saturn, “the better to break those structures down in my dear.” This Moon is known as the Wolf Moon.


The Sun sits on Fixed Star Pelagus, a.k.a. Nunki, reminds me of Anunaki, the x planet, this is at the rear end of the arrow in the Archer’s bow.  This Star is classified by Ptolemy as being Jupiter-Mercury ruled. Nunki is of Chaldean origin, and means “edict of the Sea” which translates as “God is speaking” through the power of the Sea {unconscious} =Moon ruled.


If you are a Capricorn, or the 3rd is your birthday, {and it’s my ex-husbands. Happy Birthday Larry}. You’re in for a completion after all that hard work and discipline.



At 10: 32 Pm EST. Get ready for a revolution in your love life and bank balance.

Kick out the old, in with the new, rad. & funky. Values {Venus rules} become eccentric, odd, high wired, big pictured, electric, zany, high tech. Money markets go through a big roller coaster ride now-watch those U.S. dollars dive!  You’ll be tempted to rush out to buy the latest gadgets, especially during all those big sales and/or fall in love too fast with your Internet special squeeze and choose to leave your boring old job. 

There’ll be no January blahs this year what with Venus in this most high minded and humanitarian sign.  Join those groups you’ve been wanting to.



Buy an electric eel for a pet, and use it to run your I-pod or lap top. 




Astrological Updates and Back dates! 


Hope this finds you well and happy, maybe a bit tired and feeling sleepy as this time of the year as the days get shorter and shorter requiring us, hardwired into the Sun cycle to be hibernating. Happy Chanukah!


Got a lot of great responses to my last Scorpionic rant, including phone calls from Newfoundland to Vancouver and even an email from one of my heroes Rob Bresny-the syndicated Astrologer whose column illuminates thousands of people in newspapers weekly.


So here we are on the brink of the Winter Solstice…


Jupiter is already galavanting his way through Sag. The insight that hit me was Jupiter, Mr. Big in the planetary pantheon stands for Truth, Justice and …the American Way-NOT! like Superman/Ubbermensch. Well, maybe he does in the original meaning of Zeus, Yahweh, Jehovah, By Jove-to the Romans.


Since Nov. 23rd when Jup. jumped into Sag. my main prediction for the Jupiterian year 2006-007 is

the Sagittarian rallying call of  


I can hear the ‘60’s R & B song, by Aaron Neville if my memory for trivia and pop songs still serves me well… and to that end, the people will be aiming for the Truth to out as never before.


Jupiter is spiritually the Planet of the Master Teachers-Enlightened Beings with the Big Picture.  They reside there in spirit form, and are always available 24/7 all you have to do is ask for their help.


Regarding the pursuit of Truth-notice these recent news samples in Ontario: I noticed the recent Hydro One boss being canned, for doing a bad job-but was he penalized? No- he was given a 3 million dollar severance pay. The Federal Government in Canada recently changed the laws in to allow mining companies to dump toxic wastes in water if they clean up another one in exchange. What kind of truth is this? Ding!Ding! Ding! The Big Canadian Banks boasted an $18 Billion dollar profit, they charge you for each transaction, and you pay them to use your money. In England everyone protested the charging of fees for ATM machines, individual cheques and accounts and it never happened.

So I do believe we should help Jupiter individually as we are all Enlightened Beings already but we forgot what we know when we all downed the cup of forgetfulness on our grand journey into 3D but we can still access our memory banks for the real gold.


Jupiter appears as the planet ruling the Tarot Trump called the Wheel of Fortune #10.

Jupiter's Wheel of Fortune

{ I wonder if that’s Donald’s real name?} The Wheel of Fortune is not just a TV show with Vanna White and Pat Sajak of course. The Wheel is the Wheel of Time, Kala Chakra, Fortuna, or Lady Luck is what we make of her gifts, opportunities. I guess life is just one big Casino -it’s a gamble of course.

The Sign of Sagittarius adorns the Major Arcana of Card # 14. Traditionally called Temperance, in the Toth deck which I use it is called Art, and connotes the strange business referred to as Alchemy-that is the turning of Lead into Gold. Many Alchemists were and still are apparently doing this in 3D. As the Tarot is a guide to Enlightenment , Major Arcana # 14, the Sag. card is all about tempering the self, re-combining the elements of the masculine and feminine so that they are interchangeable, whole complete and in union. The Sagittarian symbol on the card refers to the alchemical changing of lead-that is any psychological heavies, into gold-one’s innate spiritual riches and substance symbolized by gold = to light, the Sun, the creative source of all light, and all Stars. This card is also referred to as The Sacred Marriage card, the Sacred Union of the Masculine and the Feminine polarities as One, this is the Prime Metaphor for God/Goddess for the Creative Force of the Universe, for in truth, All is One and as literal titles Art in the Thoth deck it refers to creative imagination, visualization, art making,  “the Art” itself,  and of course aiming for the higher wisdom.

The Alchemy Art Card Sagittarius insignia



       “To Infinity and Beyond!    

                                                 -Buzz Lightyear


O.K. folks, time to have your psychic fallout shelters cleansed! Sun conjunct Pluto at the Galactic Centre, currently at 26 degrees 57 minutes of Sagittarius.


This is the first of such a conjunction in over 247.69 years!


Don’t miss it.



O.K. folks, sweep out your fallout shelters now in order to be ready! Sun conjunct Pluto at the Galactic Centre.


This is the great vacuum suction of our Galaxy, all light and matter get consumed here before being reborn, transmogrified as... we have to take the journey to know. Think of the Galctic Centre as Kali Hindu Goddess of Death and Destruction. 



And because I’m a bit behind in my writings here due to intense connections with Galactic Centre, much work, Xmas et al, there will be other opps. later as Pluto, the rebirth, death and change meister will be hanging out at the G.C. till Nov. 2007. He’s been warming that spot up, within a degree since Feb. ’06.


O.K. for all you Virgo conscious people Pluto will be Xact Dec. 28, 2006 July 16, ’07 & Oct. 28, ’07.  The alignment will be “held over” by Jupiter’s presence as well. So be sure to tune in to the Galactic Centre Radio show NOW and all through most of 2007.


So I see the Dec 18th Alignment as the kick-off point. Let’s follow the symbols. The Sun, the biggest light, is Consciousness-daylight and Pluto-the now “dwarf planet” is the Lord of the Unconscious, the Shadow, the power of the Dark. These 2 are opposite, equal and balancing forces. Pluto says “Size really don’t matter guys.”  This represents the “Sacred Marriage” Alchemy in Action, back to those transcendent Tarot card images # 14.


The Galactic Centre is a humongous black hole, with a mass of hundreds of millions of suns. This, the heart of our Milky    Way Galaxy emits massive amounts of gamma x rays. It sucks all light all matter all energy into itself, at different rates. The Gal. Centre is a Cosmic gigantic garburator for the Galaxy.

It’s a humongous garbage compactor and the Numero Uno recycling depot in this neck of the Universe. And we’re all into recycling now aren’t we? And guess who rules Recycling? Pluto.  Life itself is a great recycling symphony. Nothing is ever wasted- all matter in, all matter out, recombined, theoretically it comes out at the opposite end, through a quasar “Gaia at 26 degrees of Gemini, right on the Pole Star.

Some say the G.C. is metaphorically akin to the Christian doctrine of the Sacred Heart of Mary or Jesus, it is like YHWY the nameless source, the I Am presence.

In Hebrew, the nameless creative force of all is called

Ain Soph Aur- the Limitless light that is all Darkness!-

sounds like an apt description of that Black Hole to me.


Thinking poetically about the Galactic Centre and the sacred marriage of Light and Dark at junction of the prime creative Source, on this day, this conjunctio gives all of us rare opportunities for consciousness raising unleashed exponentially on this day.


The Milky Way is what we’ve named this Galaxy, one of millions in the Universe. The name derives from the ancient’s seeing metaphorically, the spray of stars overhead was created from the Mother’s Milk of the Great Goddess, spurting from Her abundant breasts across the sky, to nourish life.

The Gal. Centre appears as a dark rift in the Constellation of Sagittarius, so it is akin to all mammals birthplace, it’s a Cosmic Vagina, it is linked mythological with the womb of creation for this Galaxy. It’s all utterly Feminine in nature. 


The Milky Way is Cosmic Colostrum, the first and most prescious milk which issues from a mother’s breast for her newborn infant. As many people are starving spiritually in the midst of a diet based on consumerism, gluttony, greed, avarice, lies, stealing, manipulations, etc. etc. and many are starving literally every day on this planet,


I see the Sun Pluto Conjunction at the G.C. as a blessing, as a show of Cosmic Nutriment for the open mouths of all life on earth waiting to be suckled. It’s the need to feel safe, warm, loved, nurtured and held in the Galactic Mothers’ Arms,  hearing Her beating heart at the Centre of this Galaxy.


Power comes from harnessing the shadows, those rejected parts and bringing them to light-this is what the Sun/Pluto G.C. alignment is all about, this is Alchemy in action! We must all individually down to the last one standing, do our share in this, as we are all part of the great Galactic Command system.

There are many stories wound into this, like spirals of DNA. I feel that what needs to be brought together here, is the re-enactment of the Sacred Marriage within, the Divine Union of ourselves as individuals, whole complete, unified beings. We must use the Sun consciousness for bringing into the Light, the rejected Plutonian parts of ourselves at a Primary Level, on the one hand this refers to all the Myths of “the Fall’ some call it our experiment with separation, a rejection of the Light, God/Goddess, to experience matter, separation, ego, eventually to remember our Divine origins and return to the Source. I believe that we all need to be conscious of feeling rejected, and our projections of this rejection as the refusal to see of our interconnections with all other forms of life, humans, races, creeds, religions, cultures, animals, and nature itself. If we own our shadows we can proceed to integrate them and grow wholly united into the Consciousness of our Galactic Centered origins.



Meditation for this Alignment

If you are a person who was fortunate enough to have been breast fed in the way nature intended, you received the life enhancing benefits provided by human breast milk filling your body through the microcosmic mater, your mother. You were held close and warm in her arms, listening to her reassuring heartbeat, feeling her love pouring out to you.  If you weren’t then you need to use this time to be nursed. And even if you were we’re talking Cosmic Nursing here.


Imagine yourself as a new born babe, you are held in the arms of the Great Mother, she is beautiful, wise beyond all measure, strong, the Creatress of all. She looks you in the eyes, your eyes meet and inside her eyes, you see all the swirling Galaxies, beautiful beyond all Imagining, of the entire Universe. Her skin is soft, her touch a caress,she gently lifts you to her warm breasts, she puts her nipple into your waiting bud-like mouth, the sensation is ecstatic as the warm milk of cosmic love flows into your mouth and down your throat into your little tummy. You are being filled with the Milk of Cosmic Love, she sings a song to you of how much she loves you, she loves you eternally, now and forever, from the beginning of her Creation. She loves you as part of Her. You know this in every atom of your being. You know this now, you have always known this, you will forever know this. You are absolutely peacefull, warm, comforted, held, you hear Her heartbeat, it is the Heartbeat of all life. You are One with Her and all the Universe.


The Galactic Centre, according to Astrologer Philip Sedgwick is the source of all future oriented information, it is Inspiration Central. He advises that human consciousness needs to be oft cleared of old antiquated stored up info.


To make way for more newer relevant info, the advice is similar to defragging your computer.  He suggests that one do an exercise whereby you write down all useless outdated info and belief systems and then hit the send to recycle-the garbage bin, to clear the decks.

Next step is to re-programme your human computer mind and clearly define all new positive ideas inputs, belief systems and upload them. This takes time and clear concentration. It is clear to me that computers are a material metaphor for ourselves, our consciousness and using IT metaphors makes our consciousness easier to understand.

{Interestingly enough, in 1979 I used to write a column for a little artsy Toronto paper called The Only Paper Today, and as the ‘80’s were dawning I predicted metaphors for the upcoming decades. I remember calling the ‘90’s the IT decade}

The Galactic Centre is a storehouse of cutting edge info. One needs to centre oneself consciously and tune in to the G.C. and simply quiet the mind, set an intention, and listen.



Power comes from recognizing our shadows, those rejected parts, the ones we project onto others and bring them to the light-this is Alchemy in action and real power! We must all individually down to the last one standing, do our share in this, as we are all part of the great Galactic Command system.




Dec. 20th A Magical Day.

A wonderful Quintile between Jupiter and Neptune occurs today at 6:41 am EST. A quintile is a magical mystical 72-degree aspect. Remember Harmonic Concordance?

The 72-degree aspect divides the circle into a Pentagram,

Da Vinci Code anyone?

The Number 5 is the sacred number of Venus, of the Goddess, Wiccans use this symbol for their earthy, nature based religion.

Jupiter traditionally rules both signs of Sag. and Pisces. This is very inspiring. Jupiter rules faith, higher vision, truth, and Neptune tunes us into our highest vision of Love, peace, compassion, healing, dreaming. Time to aspire to a Higher Truth based on Love.


Meditate on the Higher Master Teachers pouring love, healing, beauty, peace onto the Earth. When you tune into the Higher Octaves you become part of the energy. Now that you’re sufficiently cleansed by those Higher Energies it’s perfectly set up for you to experience this amazing New Moon.


Dec 20th New MOON at the Galactic Centre

9:01 am EST. 6:01 am PST, 2:01 PM GMT   


Another very powerful New Moon. Last Month we had the         Scorpio overdose. This month it’s Sag. Overdose. But with      Jupiter ruled Sagittarius there’s no such thing as an overdose.


Again this is the 4th in a row occurring at last degrees of a Sign. Plus the Sun  Moon + Pluto are bracketing the Galactic Centre. Stage 1 started on the 18th. This is Stage 2.

The critical degree of Sag. tells us to get our Galactic Vision together. We are part of a very big picture. Toss your ego and self-identity into the Black Hole that this lunation offers.


The Black Hole at the Galactic Centre is 4 million more times more massive than our tiny little Sun. Right around the cosmic corner,it's only 25,000 Light Years away. 


That Black Hole, the Void, has enough space to super trash compact everyone’s crap. This is the Great Recycling Moon. Go directly to the Void, dive into the Void.

Don’t avoid the Void!


So take all your Higher Vibes, gathered with the helping hands of Jupiter and Neptune keep them, and trash what no longer works for you in your life. Take a deep space look into your self from the larger perspective, see how tiny our beautiful earth is, the Sun is about 109 times as large as the earth. You do the math.

The point is, we’re all existing on this beautiful little blue ball together, 6 billion and counting. We all call it home, we’re all born of woman. There’s only so many resources on this little planet at the present time, what with the way we’re consuming them. We’re all one colony together. If we were more aware like ants, bees, whales, dolphins, most animals, we would be conscious of our interconnections. We would live in harmony. We don’t have many bigger predators; we are each other’s worst predators. There’s no animal that kills its own habitat. In a sense, humankind has morphed into a kind of cancer. But help is at hand, if we reverse the spiritual mental emotional and physical causes behind our collective malady and dis-easement with our connection to the Earth. The ordinary person must become aware of his or her every action, and make choices to contribute to the health and welfare, meaning faring well,of the planet and of ALL our relations here.


Life must change in order for the species to continue to survive. Change must happen everywhere as the “cancer” is in everything, your toothpaste, your water, the air, the vaccinations, your clothes, your job, your credit card, car, the way you heat your home, the foods you eat, what you choose to do with your time, the community you belong to, the kind of education your children receive, it’s the TV, movies, the news, the American culture, imbalances between men and women, religion, the laws, the elderly, the pharmaceutical industry, politics, corporations and the war machine. As with out, so within. A Hermetic dictum, tilted on its’ side.


So meditate on all the little details of what we’ve come to accept as “normal.” Dream of the kind of life you want to live-a life of peace, co-operations, joy, beauty everywhere, health, abundance, for everyone, for all the people and all the children.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. Released in 1971, John Lennon’s song will be played a million times around this time of year, to inspire us. I believe that it is the most visionary and revolutionary song ever written, John gives explicit instructions for using this day’s Astrological aspects and New Moon to do this. We all know by now, if you’ve seen “what the Bleep, etc.” that what we Imagine, we create. Listen to Imagine all day. New Moons are perfect times for new intentions. Meditate on John Lennon’s imagery.


Imagine there's no Heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one




So IMAGINE you put Heaven, Hell, all the countries, religion, possessions, greed, hunger, disease, fear, ignorance, your little ego mind trap and all your petrified mental assumptions about reality into that Big Black Hole to be re-birthed in the Void. Let your Self go. Feel yourself and all that other stuff being scrunched into an infinitesimally small almost indecipherable particle. Feel yourself in the Void. Perhaps this is Nirvana.

Nirvana, is a normally misunderstood word by Westerners who think it means a Heaven world, or a grunge band from Seattle.

Nirvana, the Buddha’s term, literally means extinguishing or unbinding. The implication is that it is freedom from what ever binds you, from the burning passion of desire, jealousy, and ignorance. Once these are totally overcome, a state of bliss is achieved, and there is no longer the need the cycle of birth and death. All karmic debts are settled.

So being freed up from all that binds you allows you to dance totally free in the Galactic Centre, like Shiva with his Shakti. Sound OHM! For that is the Universal Sound. The Universe was created from sound, from vibration. Light may be annihilated in the Void, but I feel that sound is the medium that passes through a Black Hole. This is the descent into another Universe. Major new ideas are born at conjunctions with the Galactic Centre. This is the time to connect with the Universal Mind. In the Void, you are enveloped in the heart of God/dess.

Or more metaphorically in the womb of the Goddess from which you came. Which all cells in your body remember, the dark as soothing, comforting.

This is not just my felt metaphor; from Mayan scholar John Major Jenkins- The birth canal between the legs of the throne figure {from a stele in Mexico} is analogous to the dark-rift in the Milky Way, a prominent feature along the Milky Way that can be seen by the naked eye. This “black cleft” feature is called by the modern Quiché Maya the xibalba be (the Road to the Underworld). As translator Dennis Tedlock has shown, it plays a key role in the Popol Vuh, being also referred to as the Black Road. Generally, as an underworld portal, it is related to the complex of motifs assigned to the jaguar’s mouth, serpent mouths, caves, cenotes, a woman’s birth canal, temple doorways, and so on. A significant equation in this mythic complex is the “dark-rift as birth canal,” for it is through the birth canal of the Milky Way that the solstice sun will be reborn in the years around 2012.”

The Galactic Centre, Sun and Moon will be aligning. So at Noon you’ll know where the G.C. is. So just download it all into your Crown Chakra.

So we can start the re-birthing process Now. After all, there’s a whole new world of consciousness to re-birth from now until 2012. 

Winter Solstice Dec. 21st @ 7:22 PM Est, 4:22 PM Pst,

Dec. 22 12:22 AM GMT

Sun moves into Capricorn. This is the World Axis place High Noon in the Astrology chart. It’s important to define how important this is. This is the beginning of the Sun’s rebirth, at this pivotal point, at the longest day of Darkness, although not noticeable, the Sun is reborn, the Light returns, in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the return of the King. This is the Ancient archetypal cycle that Xmas was fastened onto. Traditionally this was called the feast of Saturn or the Saturnalia to the Ancient Romans. Saturn rules the sign of Capricornus. 

The Saturnalia was a large and important public festival in Rome. It involved the conventional sacrifices, a couch set out in front of the temple of Saturn and the untying of the ropes that bound the statue of Saturn during the rest of the year. Besides the public rites there were a series of holidays and customs celebrated privately. The celebrations included a school holiday, the making and giving of small presents and a special market (sigillaria). Gambling was allowed for all, even slaves; however, although it was officially condoned only during this period, one should not assume that it was rare or much remarked upon during the rest of the year. It was a time to eat, drink, and be merry. The toga was not worn, but rather the synthesis, i.e. colorful, informal "dinner clothes"; and the pilleus (freedman's hat) was worn by everyone. Slaves were exempt from punishment, and treated their masters with disrespect. The slaves celebrated a banquet: before, with, or served by the masters.  Saturnalia became one of the most popular  Roman festivals which led to more tomfoolery, marked chiefly by having masters and slaves ostensibly switch places. It was license within careful boundaries; it reversed the social order without subverting it.The customary greeting for the occasion is a "io, Saturnalia!" — io (pronounced "yo" a familiar term of rappers still) being a Latin  interjection related to "ho" (as in "Ho, praise to Saturn"). So make merry, fool around, change places. A New cycle in the Earth’s rotation around the Sun begins. It’s time to keep dreaming into the Future. Preparing for Spring.

In Ancient times, when Shamanism was the first religion, the original spiritual ritualizing, once a year all the sins of the tribe, the collective were poured into an animal, a goat, sheep or bull. The animal was either taken out of bounds of the tribal territory and let loose, or was ritually sacrificed. This was done on the Winter Solstice as the Sun moved into Capricorn, whose symbol is a goat. The name for the sacrificed goat, we still use in modern parlance, known as the “scapegoat.” Really, our links to this shamanistic ritual are not that ancient.

On with the show! . We’re just 6 years from the Mayan calendar "end date" of Dec 21 2012. 

 Friday Dec. 22

It’s a quiet day Astrologically, rest up after all that Galactic Intensity, get ready for Xmas.



Recap Ch Ch Ch CH Changes since the last New Moon of Nov. 20

That last New Moon was another of those late critical degrees winding up most of our moist journey through Scorpio’s turbulent waters. I don’t know about you but it felt pretty heavy and wet to me and took me some days to get over it.

Venus entered Sagittarius on Nov. 17th for a quickie -so romance is horse play, running off to get free, and dreaming of cruises and exotic travels until Dec. 11th EST when she puts on her business suit whilst in Capricorn..

Uranus went direct on Nov. 19th.

Full Moon on Dec 4th was a bit shocking.

Saturn went Retro on the 5th till April. So re-do your business plans till then.

Mars finally left Scorpio and fired into Sagittarius and will remain there till Jan 16th. 

Mercury entered Sag. on Dec. 7th so communications are more rapid fire, lighter, higher, more philosophical, hoof in mouth at those Xmas parties-oops!, and more honest-can you take it? It’s truth-telling time.

Dec. 11th and beyond:

So we have Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury in Sag. Mercury is not happy in his opposite ruling sign so really watch what comes out of your mouth if you can. Thought may be travelling so fast you can barely catch them. You should be feeling very amped up, that’s a pretty hot combination, we just went from an overdose of water to being enveloped in fire. More than the usual 3 day outings to Vegas at this time period-that’s Vegas as in Los not the Star Vega-for all you really trippy Sagittarians out there.. Also weight gain, Jupiter tends to make the waist line spread. You will be more aware of dishonesty wherever you read of it in the newspapers every day and on the news. SO speak up speak out, send emails to the media. We cannot avoid feeling everyone’s pain and anguish anymore and this will only intensify.

Dec. 11 Mars and Jupiter conjunct with the Moon in Virgo. Such a conflab! Lots of energy, accidents, high tempers! And pickiness intensifies into Tuesday with the Sun and Moon in square aspect. Pluto is within orb of squaring the Moon, so play the critic or laugh it off in Sag. mode. Big changes are ahead.

Thursday Dec. 14th NO MAJOR ASPECTS- take a break, you’ll need it for the upcoming show.

Dec 15th- Mercury Uranus square off. Edgy restless minds can strike sparks of genius from who knows where. Words may pop out that you weren’t pondering. Moon enters Scorpio today 5:42 PM EDT one more monthly round into those Martian Plutonian depths. I just realized that the Russians are publicly poisoning their spies with Pluto related radioactive materials. Hmmm. Which in not so secret Plutonian ways are leaving a tracer map. Methinks this is an unfortunate metaphor for…More secrets will out around this energy, the truth cannot be kept under anyone’s rug these days. It’s Chanukah in the Jewish calendar, start making those latkes and pressing that olive oil-what with this energy be really careful not to have an unexpected fire while frying those latkes. Mmmm

Latkes…with sour cream delish.


Dec. 17th AGAIN NO MAJOR ASPECTS-have a real old fashioned honest to goodness day of rest like the planets. You’re gonna need it.


Galactic Alignment Image

 Mercury Retrograde Oct 28th!!!! Heads UP!

Direct Nov. 17th

Just wanted to give you an early warning about the next Mercury Retrograde {Rx} time, a Prescription {Rx} of sorts to help allay those communication breakdowns and other sorts of snafus.

Mercury's cha cha backwards begins on Sat. Oct. 28th at around 3:00 PM. If you aren't aware of what the heck I'm talking about, I'll clarify. Mercury is the planet which governs all communications, verbal, written, and all communications mediums. Three times every year for about a period of about 3 weeks, Mercury appears to slow down, stop in the skies and move backwards, called Retrograde, covering old ground. So what you say? How does this little planet, which logic shows me does not actually move backwards, interfere with my life and plans, and the rest of the world?  

They wrote an article about it in the New York Times called "Don't shoot the messenger." During every Mercury Rx. I predict & guarantee that  all communications screw up, you say one thing, they hear something else; computers usually meldown; and everyone must be extra carefull, double and triply checking every detail over to make sure that communications are understood. Be forewarned that "the best laid plans may go awry."  This makes for extra work.


It’s not all bad news of course. Every cloud does have a silver lining. Mercury Retro. periods are very useful- the Universe doesn’t waste its time- if you use the time for what it’s intended for. It’s kind of a “déjà vu” kind of time, to be used  with intention.  It is a great  time to rehash, relax, rethink, redevelop, re-invent, review, rest, all the Re- things during these times. Oh and for that unique group of you who were born under Mercury’s Retro-motion it is your time to shine! Mercury Retrograde people think outside the box, and are highly creative communicators, so you are in synch with your naturally gifted rhythyms at this time. Go out and tell the world about your great inventions, give a great speech.


It is advised not to plan too much whilst the Mercury Retrograde is going on, but in today's world it's well nigh impossible to do that. Schedule in a last minute vacation if you can, check all the details, go somewhere you’ve visited before so as not to be too surprised.



Some astrologers warn of a “storm” period which is when Merc. is already slowing down to less than 40 seconds of movement a day, preparing to stop which begins around the 21st. On the 28th Mercury will be at 25 degrees of Scorpio and won't turn Direct until Nov. 17th, but it's not actually over till it’s over as that famous yogi Yogi Berra said, until Mercury bypasses that 25 degrees again until Dec. 5th when everything really begins to move forwards again-which totals a long time to be extremely exacting.


Interestingly enough, in the very symbolic universe we live in, Mercury's Retrograde times, about 1/3 of the entire year, coincides with the amount of time humans spend sleeping.  It's as if the Universe gives us time for our brains to cool off, relax, rest, repose. Mercury Retrograde is the Universe's way of saying, your mind needs a break, you can't always be fast forwarding, you need down time, before you can go on. It's Divine Intelligence fine tuning things, balancing and operating in a harmonious way.

Best to do your Xmas shopping early or later.

I strongly suggest that you plan your events and parties early and simply be extra carefull during this time period.


It's death and rebirth time!
Either batten down the hatches or get ready to come out fighting with this Scorpio intensity building up and getting stronger yet!
6, Count 'em Heavenly Bodies will be in the single most dreaded sign of the Zodiac at the end of October. Duh, what's the Cosmic Message? Let go or Die! Them's deep waters we'll be traversing through for a little while.
Better short and sweet than long, drawn out torture, I'd say. All the planets will be in the Underworld, backing up and commiserating with Mars + Pluto.
And, Saturn, Cosmic Cop, Lord of Karma, ruler of the Material World, is in Leo, grinding the time clocks, squaring all those planets! YIKES!
Neptune is also squaring those later Scorpio planets. Neptune asks us to go Higher, you know that Higher LOve place? The Spirit World, where y'all come from, remember?
Neptune rules oil, so new laws {SAturn}will have to come into effect around energy resources, and recycling, {Pluto's domain} so that we don't self-destruct {Scorpio}.
SO remember what happened when Saturn and Pluto faced off don't you? It was in late Aug. 2001. Pluto co-rules Scorpio now don't ya know, never mind what a miniscule bunch of backwards, mythologically and spiritually deprived Astronomers dictate to the history books. Pluto, has called all his cronies into his cave, the Underworld for a conference.
I must say that I think it was incredibly bad timing on those Astronomers parts to denounce and de-throne Pluto at this place in time. Remember who rules death? You can't demote Pluto's ranking after millenia of his rulership in the Archetypal Realms.
Beware of major wars igniting, terrorist attacks! tsunammi's, tidal waves, Yosemite to blow! forest fires! brutality! people's emotions about to super nova, also great danger of Nuclear War! Scorpio's ruler Pluto rules guess what element? Plutonium.
The Sun has entered Scorpio territory for the next 30 days, beginning on Oct. 23rd highlighting and shining his light into those dark recesses and deep emotions.
Moon entered Scorpio on SUnday the 22nd for a few days.
Mars jumped into the fray 3 hrs. after the Sun and is at his fighting best when at home in Scorpio where he boils the waters while wearing his boxing gloves, samurai sword at the ready, uzzi, and boxes of explosives he's sitting on while he puffs on a big stinky cigar, at any moment he could detonate those bombs!
Venus rendezvous- secretly of course- with Mars on this day. This is their bi-annual how shall we say... explosive love-in and reunion when they get to know each other at full intimacy.
Mercury is also in Scorpio and ready to Retro on the 28th...
O.K. Scopio's your well known x-ray vision will be able to penetrate and see through walls and everything!
If you're on the path to total transformation and even if you're not- this time period will be like a nuclear explosion in your development. Uplevelling you from the crustacian stage-the scorpion,who stings others and self! Next level up! the lion-where you have courage, but are still run by your "animal instincts" -to the Highest level, that of the Eagle-where you soar on Spirit's wings,and lose your hunger for ego, power and control by the Unconscious. Salvation and Transformation is at hand!
And many of your Scorpios should be so fed up with your old antics and S & M tactics, that don't serve your Higher Purpose, which you know deep down is what you're really supposed to be doing, and what choice do you really have? I believe that you should've realized by now, that power,spite, hurting others, and control freaking don't work, so, what's left to save anyway?
And how could we ever forget Big Boy Jupiter who is finishing up his year long experiences in Scorpio, which is like Jupiter being in his own 12th house, as he rules next sign Sagittarius. Jupiter will be finishing things up with a bang in that watery Underworld until November 23rd, American Thanksgiving, when he finally makes a 12 year return journey home! It's been a long time! Jupiter must be feeling a bit like Odysseus after all his travels, but hey, what's 12 years in human time to an immortal? He's gonna be so happy to be back in his big royal castle in the sky, he'll be virtually stumbling over that SAg-y
doorstep in his haste to sit down on his purple velevet throne. He'll want to throw parties, and invite all his animal friends, lay down the Law, throw a few javelins and lightning bolts around, heighten to a fever pitch that old religion, do a bit of skiing; deliver a stand-up comedy routine about the rest of the signs; inspire everyone to ferret out the truth; and generally help Sagittarians everywhere to rise to the top this year. More about Jupiters' return home later.

 Scorpio Overload Oct. 22-24!!! and on...


We are all about to collectively be immersed in Scorpio’s intense, obsessive, Xtreme, transformative birthing waters BIG TIME!



On Sunday the 22nd there is a New Moon at 28 degrees + of Libra. Mars is at that critical 29th degree of Libra {get that Libran harmonious balancing act together NOW} conjunct the Sun and Moon. This puts some extra oomph and a better time to take action on that New Moon.

The Sabian Symbol {360 degrees of channeled symbols from the 1920’s} for this Moon is the tip off for what is to follow over the next while. “Mankind’s vast and enduring effort to reach for knowledge transferable from generation to generation; a deep sense of participation in, and commitment to, social processes which seek to bring to all peoples Truth and a greater Life.” A ponderous Libran hanging in the Karmic Balance statement. Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in Scorp. hours later so lots of talk about all this.


Asteroid Vesta, keeper of the Sacred Flame, Hearth and home enters Scorpio on the eve of the 21st EDT and PDT.

Moon enters Scorpio on the 22nd at 3:54 Am EDT.

Sun enters Scorpio on the 23rd at 9:27 Am.  Followed by Mars in hot pursuit coming home to roost at 12:38 PM EDT. Mars and the Sun start heating the waters to boiling point.

Mars is at his strongest, most aggressive and warrior like at home in Scorpio. But Sun and Mars won’t burn alone because Venus rendezvous with her lover Mars, jumping into that cosmic Scorpion shaped hot tub on Tuesday the 24th at 5:58 am for an early morning ménage a trios- a very steamy session.

With the 3 planets all at 0 degrees this poses a new beginning in consciousness {the Sun} for deepened values in sexuality, in relationships, in the Masculine/Feminine polarity {Venus/Mars of course}. It also symbolizes for me the beginning of a transformative new consciousness and uniting of power {Scorpio} between men and women. Scorpio is a Feminine emotional water sign, so women of all races and creeds will be able to break out of the old control modes of the patriarchy. Women will be demanding to have absolute control over their bodies, their sexuality and relationships. Think of the Trojan Women, they stopped wars from happening by refusing to have sex with their men. It’s totally manipulativ  and Scorpionic, but it worked.


After the Sun, Mars and Venus enter Scorpio on these dates they join Mercury, Jupiter and the Moon –totaling 6 –do the math- out of the seven traditional planets in this most powerful fixed water sign. The Moon leaves Scorpio late on the 24th, but the five other  “personal planets” remain, in power and control “DO OR DIE” mode till Nov. 16th. So that gives us quite a while to have a hot time in the old town.

Saturn is in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius so they are squaring off to all the other planets. Which leaves only Uranus, bringing up the rear {I couldn’t help it} in Pisces and Pluto-demoted but not forgotten certainly, as the only 2 planets not in fixed mode.


O.K. so now what?

A very focused time to really let go-


 “Live and Let Die”-is the song I suggest you rotate like a mantra in your head.

Can’t you just hear Paul McCartney?  Sir Paul’s been obviously going through his own Scorpionic phase for the last while, as Pluto, modern ruler of Scorpio-demoted but no less powerful-has been opposing his Natal Gemini Sun. 


I don’t know about you, but I do notice that every time only the Moon is in Scorpio emotions are intense and my husband and I seem to have an argument. Scorpio fleshes out old resentments, the shadow, secrets, the dark side. Its fixed nature makes it hang onto the throat like a weasel. It’s also about sex, money, higher values, life and death issues, mud, decay, garbage, atomic energy, sewers, re-cycling, mysticism, power, control, birth, rebirth, karma.


A good time to let go of old destructive habits. Clean out your house, especially the basement, psychologically the foundation and the unconscious. It’s time to recycle on all levels.


This is a very Xtreme time period. Pluto is squaring the Moon’s Nodes now, making this time seem absolutely fateful. Pluto’s name means Wealth and the North Node represents the collective’s forward moving intentions. Emotions will be seething and out of control. Fear and panic may grip people, they will feel their lives and property threatened by loss.



On it’s 77th Anniversary

This can be a big fall in the stock market which usually takes a dive every year as the Sun passes through 0-5 degrees of Scorpio. The 1929 stock market crash is conventionally said to have occurred on Thursday the 24th and Tuesday the 29th of October. These two dates have been dubbed "Black Thursday" and "Black Tuesday," respectively. So these dates in 2006 mark the 77th Anniversary of the Big Crash. The # 77 is a master Number. That’s 11 cycles of 7 years, linking this activity to the cycle of Saturn, Lord of Limits.


Master Number’s 11

The Number 11 has to do with memory, so if you can’t remember your past you are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. That is why double numbers are referred to as Master Numbers. 11 specifically indicates a 2nd initiation, that you have been through this before, it’s a repeat performance. So, some level of Mastery, or at least the powers to recollect from past experience are available, helping you to avoid repeating the same old, karmic experience-if you are conscious! 11 is like a balance of equal opposing yet unified forces. But conversely, the ability to unconsciously sabotage by blanking out and denying fore- knowledge is also equally ever present.



Interestingly enough Saturn in 1929, was at 26 degrees of Sagittarius {conjunct the Galactic Centre} when this happened and Pluto is now but 2 degrees away from that degree.  Saturn is now lingering at 23 degrees of Leo, trining those degrees. And interestingly enough good old Mars was where during the onset of the crash? You guessed it. Scorpio. 

I would certainly get out now while the getting’s good. Anything shaky or too speculative will fall, but it could be good for stocks in recycling, or  renewable energy sources. Scorpio’s opposite axis is Taurus, which rules land, agriculture, so real estate prices should get a big correction. With Saturn in Leo the authorities will try to prop up the show, trying to hold up a “show must go on” mentality-this is another version of The Emperor’s New Clothes- Financial Model.



Tremendous force for change with all the planets in Scorpio pressuring the status quo and the authorities Saturn in Leo. People may take the streets in protest, sensing the shadow that will be right in their faces, unable to choke their emotions any longer.

Big danger is War, because Mars having the last say here is so strongly supported. As we all know North Korea has just tested it’s first Nuclear Bomb, and what’s associated with Nuclear Power? Scorpio. Countries will act first, this is Scorpio defense and sting mode!



Mercury is slowing down to turn Retro on Oct. 28th and will stay within one degree of Jupiter for the last 11 days of October. {there’s that number again.} This combination offsets the heaviness a bit because Jupiter is always ever optimistic and broad-minded. This Scorpionic conjunction evokes strategic thinking. Elections in the U.S. begin shortly. Expect lots of vitriol and rehashing of old secrets, issues that were swept under the carpet now get Jupiter’s let it all hang out treatment.

New laws enabling more freedom {Jupiter in Scorpio} in the press and media may be enacted now, overcoming and transforming government and corporation’s strangle hold and control over the med