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‎"The absolute hangs like the moon above the water, and the water is my very own soul. Winds of desire stir my soul and my vision of the absolute. My reflection of the moon, my notion of eternity is in splinters, but I desire only to see the truth, to reflect the moon, and the winds die slowly ...
"Joseph Campbell,
letter to artist Angela Gregory, 1929, cited in "A Fire in the Mind"

The Sacred Arts Centre, a metaphysical place, a metaphor, the centre of all, the Great Mystery. Everything is contained within the Sacred Arts Centre. Every thing and life form is sacred. It's centre of centres is the heart. The most sacred and central of all activities is love. Everything comes from this place of love.
The Universe is continually being created through sacred lovemaking of one energy with another.The Sacred Arts Centre, as a temple of creativity and healing, The Univese as the Sacred Arts Centre and source whose creations are all manifestations
of love and beauty.  
The Sacred Art Centre is a name and a concept that I have been holding intentionally since 1993. It is also an ongoing living breathing lifemap, and creative source for myself and my husband Napoleon Brousseau, and our daughter Leah-Jaya,four years old.
We enter the Centre through meditation, visualization, synchronicity, the dream..The Sacred Arts Centre is a healing temple. It is a beacon. It connects with, interfaces and magnifies all other beacons attuned to its' frequency.
As a vessel of creativity through which the Sacred impels itself, I offer you these words. May our paths of Light intertwine consciously. May we see each other as "I am that."
I had a "vision" from this temple when I was 17. I was asleep and dreaming,and  "woke up" in the dream and realised that I was dreaming. Shimmering strands of white lights flashed through and encompassed my mind, wrapping all of my conscious attention. A mans voice spoke in a language which I knew was not of this earth. I was aware that this message was very very important. I had to remember it. I tried to repeat this language which I did not understand.
As I consciously rose up through four distinct levels I found myself waking up repeating these strange and garbled words. I sat up in bed. I was stunned.
Though I did not understand it at the time. This was a clarion call and a piece of the puzzle that has brought me to now, to here to this place and time.
This evening, May 28, 02 with the still Full Moon outside my window, one day after an eclipse, I lay down on the carpet to stretch breathe and meditate. I lay down with my arms bent at the elbows, pointing north. I realised that this was the pose of that ancient little Cretan Goddess figure, breasts fully exposed, tiny waisted, holding two snakes aloft, one in each hand. I become her, I remembered again another scene, another embodyment memory of a  previous lifetime where I was a Sacred Temple Priestess.  She embodies the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. She is both Lillith and Eve.
I first saw her image in an Art History class in Grade 11. The sight of her filled me with awe. It is now I realise that her image launched me on my personal Quest to remember the Goddess, remember that she lives through me.
The vision continues, A whole host of angels appeared around me in a circle. In tiers,like Gabriel they all blew on their trumpets and drew out a black cloud from my mind,lungs,and heart. The vision revealed hordes of angels assuming the shapes of clouds, trees,weather patterns, whatever form they chose to take. The Earth was totally surrounded in a matrix of Angelic energy.
This is a very propituous time for all aware individuals to wake up and synchronize our visions, our hearts and our minds to the sounds and the actions of love embodied, for our world,for each other and for our childrens' ,childrens' children.  

Nov. 14 2004

Using Astrological transits as triggers for healing work

I notice that today my husband is going through the last of the transits of Chiron to his Natal Venus in Capricorn which is in his 10th house of career, and spiritual purpose. I note that Chiron conjunctions to Planets alchemizes them, meaning it brings the healing qualities and abilities to transform lead into gold with that conjunction.

Alchemy is the metaphor, symbol and process for the transformation of matter. Lead symbolizes Saturnian form and structure, our negativities, old outworn attitudes, our "heavies." Gold is the universal symbol of Light incarnate, gold symbolizes the Source, the Sun, Oneness, Joy. The atomic symbol for Gold is Aum. There is no such thing as synchronicity, the symbol, the sound and the meaning of Aum=Gold= the mantra Ohm, it is the sound of Light, the beginning of God's manifestation of Itself and the entire Universe. Gold also carries properties of En Lightenment. The Ancient Egyptians knew this and revered gold. The homeopathic remedy for suicidal tendencies or serious depression is Gold.

I placed my hands on my husbands kidneys which have been acheing him and tune in to Chiron's healing powers and asked for help and guidance-"Ask and you shall receive." Synchronistically Venus rules the kidneys. Chiron is the wounded healer and the wound itself.

I am shown an Egyptian Pharaoh, ruthless and abusing his powers. My husband has been holding these images in his Soul Memory and in this present incarnation he has Jupiter in Pisces in his 12th house. Jupiter in Pisces symbolizes memories of incarceration, imprisonment, and my husband gets claustrophobia. Jupiter in Pisces is one of the best aspects to have, it is like a Guardian Angel. I tell him that he needs to call on Jupiter, that his Guardian angel is very present and working with him and to do propitiations to Jupiter every day. If it seems like I am jumping please realize that Chiron rules synchronicity and the healer must absolutely trust the flow and go with it, all will work out even if and especially because we don't logically understand it. Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity. It has been called "god's invisible signature."

I ask that these past life memories be dissolved now. That all time is NOW. It is only the Saturnian holding on to these memories that keeps them perpetuating.. For example: today on the radio we heard the story of the Cathars being wiped out at the beginning of the Crusades. The ongoing Muslim/Christian/Jewish wars, and terrorism in the Middle East is still the same old story continueing. 20,000 people were wiped out in the South of France in one day by the "Holy" Church.I remarked that those 20,000 people were reborn with those memories and more revenge in their hearts. And on and on it goes. The Cathars become Muslims, who become Jews then Christians, then Germans and keep the bloodshed going, stuck in the Saturnian illusion of matter until we realise that we aren't matter at all. All the religious and national propaganda is an illusion used by insane power mongers, the Church being the Absolute Worst Hypocrisy in existence, who breaks it's own 1st commandement-Thous Shalt Not Kill in the name of its own Self-Righteous. It doesn't matter. We are all one.

Chiron healed people in the Asklepios or Dream Temples. I send an intention to my husband to be healing in the dream tonight. I ask that Venus's qualities of Love, Beauty and the Arts, Luxury and Peace be brought into manifestation into my husbands Life Script NOW. In my mind I trace the Pentagram Venus's symbol in copper to manifest and hold her energy.

I receive an image to heal at this time with. I see rain, which is a golden rain pouring down from the Heavens onto my husband and onto the Earth itself. This is a rain of pure Gold, brought down from Jupiter planet of the Spiritual Teachers to benefit all sentient beings at this time. This is a blessing.

As we endeavor to heal each individual we are gifted with healing for the Whole. For the Whole is the One, and the One is the Many, is the All.

As I am giving Reiki to my husband, our little cat Gala, comes into the room and places herself right between my hands which are on my husbands back, his kidneys. She is purring loudly and I know that she knows where the energy is coming from. Animals are more sensitive to these healing energies than humans are. That is a good validation from the animal world.

I give thanks for all this abundance. Do not buy into the illusions seemingly manifesting now. There is another simultaneous spiritual infusion to the Earth going on now. All you have to do is tune in. A friend of mine used to call it Radio LUV.



I will be holding workshops in the New Year working with Meditations,Visualisation, Sounding, Astrology, Tarot, Dreams, Authentic Movement Healing and the Arts.
For more information please send an e-mail.
I invite your feedback.

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