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Dream Circle is waiting for you to join in the great round of Dreamers.
Dream Circles are for women only. Sharing dreams, ceremony, journalling, artwork, consciousness awakening, drumming and meditations, ritual monthly sessions. New Moon and Full Moon Circles. Contact me for more info. in Toronto 416 461 1999
or email re: Dream Questions.


Dreamplay -Dreams and Symbols
Dream work is the "Royal Road"to the Unconscious
In the Dream our souls are awake. We live a symbolic life. If we are truly conscious we know that we are living an Archetypal Life. We are Souls experiencing life through the medium of being "human beings."
Do we really know what Life is? What is Life and what is a dream?
Like in the movie What the #%*& Do We Know?
Are we people dreaming of being butterflies or butterflies dreaming that we are humans?
Do we even know if we are alive? Everything is relative,related to something else. Sometimes I think that we live or experience our lives backwards in time. Time is not linear.
Time is a spiral moving up and down,like our DNA.
I believe that we are given all the information we need to figure it out, in our own unique ways.
Each soul's piece of information is valuable experience to the One, the Universe, the Great Mystery. All the signs and symbols are right out there ,right in front of our noses.Can't see the forest for the trees?  
We just need to be able to perceive, to feel, to have some time to reflect. To access our inner knowing. It is becoming increasingly more difficult in the 21st Century to be able to access private, quiet reflective time. We are being pushed to move faster,do more, the world is increasingly more and more complicated.
The Glory of God/dess is within us! We already have everything we need inside of us right now. There is nothing to do but remember who you really are. "You are Allready enlightened." Guru Namgyal Rinpoche used to repeat to his students.
Feel the signs, the symbols, the messages. Your soul is manifest everywhere around you, in nature, in inanimate objects, your neighbours, other countries. Your Self is in everything you see and experience. You Self is in everyone and thing which you encounter, it is everything you perceive of. There is Only One Self. One Source. There is no actual other.
The Buddhists would say there is no actual Self.
Your Soul is always talking to you. Your Angels are everywhere around you. You are at the Source, you have always been with the Source,you always will be with Source. You are Source. You have never even left Paradise, that was just a trick story. You are Light, Love,Harmony. You are perfected Be-Ing.  I am that I am.
Freudian slips and other kinds of lingerie:
For example, while I was writing this I intended to write "your Soul's piece of information. What I originally wrote was your Soul'd piece of Information... Then there was no mistake, no  accident.. actually there was inspiration.  What is it called when we exchange items, for value as we do everyday in this world of commerce? The "profane world."We use the symbols of money, paper money, to exchange value for what it is we want to obtain.  When we conclude a purchase, the exchane of money for something else, that commodity is Sold. It is Soul'd. Even money is a symbol of Soul. There is no duality reality.  When we live in the Archetypal world we see the apparent duality, and we go beyond it, into Unity, harmony.
There is only one song being played on the station. It is the Song of the Universe. The Yoni verse. It is sacred poetry. It's a story. Being lived and experienced as it unfolds,as we unfold it, as it unfolds through us, in this Dreamstory we call "Life." It lives us.
Be aware of Synchronicities
A term coined-there's that money again by C.J. Jung to describe the apparent inter-relatedness of everything. No such thing as chance or co-incidence. Someone said that co-incidence is God's signature.
911 as a Dream,as Reality TV and as a Symbol
The most obvious, real and undeniable intersection of the Archetypes of the Tarot into our Daily lives in a most psychic, emotional and physically real way occurred on Sept 1, 2001.
As everyone knows the World Trade Centre was hit by "terrorist" planes causing the Twin Towers to collapse.  
In the Tarot, the 16th Trump or Major Arcana Image is that of the Tower, the Blasted Tower, crumpling in ruins, as humans jump out of it.
I believe as we are impelled by these unique times to wakeup, that the Synchronicities of Archetypal Symbols are intruding and manifesting in our Lives in an undeniably REAL dramatic way.  Talk about Reality TV!
Seeing Life as a Dream, a disturbing Dream, a Nightmare, a shock to your Psyche is needed to push one out of one's "normal" sleeping awake state if we so choose to create it that way. We must take responsability for collectively unconsciously creating each act of atrocity, benevolence etc. as it occurs inthe World. We always have choice. Free will is the currency of the Universe. 
The Tower is ruled or symbolized by the planet Mars,God of War, action,desire, male sexuality, aggression.  There are no bad or Negative Tarot cards. Only lessons and opportunities for Growth.  The smashing of The Tower in the most Positive sense signals or symbolizes the awakening of the Consciousness. The Tower is struck by Lightning, fire at its' top, traditionally. The spiritual fire through a shock, awakens it. Bingo!
The light goes on. This is the shock of waking up. I was discussing this with a friend of mine the other day. He had just returned from spending 10 days in New York City. I said, well if the Tower was the sign of 2001, the next Symbol is # 17 The Star, the Symbol of Aquarius, the Human Star, as Vessel and conduit of the Divine, usually depicted as the Goddess pouring the waters of consciousness from her Starry firmament onto the Earth. Aquarius symbolizes humanitarian will, as opposed to ego consciousness. Aquarius honours freedom, growth and individuality.  Is this where we are going to next?
But then I said,  if we are moving from the Top of the Tree of Life from the Source into Earth, then we move to the previous Archetype, Tarot Card number 15 - the Devil, illusion, matter, Saturn/Capricorn, Karma.
So we are seeing in the world all the Corporate Greed, the Patriarchal Power-over Archetype-the scapegoating of others, as bad, as demons, as the Devil. The witch hunts continue but in a new guise. The purpose of the Devil or material reality is to help us to see our shadows, our own dark side, and ultimately to free us from falling into the Illusion.
What the devil is the Devil?
The Devil as a concept was created by the Catholic Church as a power over maneouvre, it was a control mechanism to disempower women, Wiccans, pagans, midwives, herbalists, wise women. The Church  accused the ancient worshippers of the Earth Religion who were/are Goddess worshippers as being in league with the devil. They were right in one sense, they did worship the Devil but in pagan terms the Devil is the ancient God Pan-the masculine creative principle,the Goddesses consort. The Church went against this powerful creative masculine archetype because it- the Church- embodied the Masculine Destructive power. There is negative evil energy that exists. The ones who called themselves "Holy" and accused others of being "Devil worshippers" were in fact the ones worshipping the Devil.  Lucifer's name means "Light Bringer." We interpret the Devil as being Dark, evil.  Lucifer's archetypal task was to seperate out from God, through pride or arrogance. Someone had to do take on that task. For it is the underlying nature of this reality to experience duality in order to get back home.
And on the journey, as we are now experiencing The Devil and are shifting down the Tree of Life we then come to Tarot Trump # 14 called Temperance traditionally and in  the Thoth Tarot, which I use, it is called Art. It is very complex card, it means Alchemy or "the Great Work." and it is the symbol of the Astrology sign of Sagittarius. The Art card is a very in-depth symbol. It is the card of Alchemy,or transformation inits essence. The changing by breaking down, and coagulating matter-lead symbolically into Gold. The Alchemist were, and still are apparently transmuting lead into actual Gold. But it is mainly a psychological matter. By the way, the ATomic Symbol for Gold is AU.
The homeopaths call Gold - Aum. Which is the sacred Sound. The origin of everything, Gold. Aum =Gold. Literally. The Egyptians new this. Our ancient ancestors were more clearly and telepathically in touch with everything on the Earth.
Take the symbols literally.
Hollywood is the biggest symbol maker of all. It is both prescient, and propagandist at the same time. Devout Muslims were forbidden to see movies. I discovered this in Algeria many years ago. They believed that you don't mimic God,you don't capture and replicate God's images, you don't manipulate that. You are playing God, by mimicking God's work. The Jews have a similar belief about images, as do most "primitive" or Indiginous peoples.  Hollywood manipulates andfeeds us images, prophetic images.
Working with Dreams: How To
A Dream Journal
Keeping a dream journal is absolutely fundamental and necessary if you want to work with and access knowledge about your own Psyche, and health. Some people like to use tape recorders with voice activations beside their beds, so if even half asleep, they can speak their dreams and have them aped for later reference. If you intend to pay attention to your dreams, to your own Unconscious, it is just like any other relationship. Your dreams, the Archetypal figures, the memories, the storehouse of your Soul will open up to you, revealing all the jewels you could ever want in your life.  Dreams can give you information from many levels-physical, emotional,psychic, and prophetic.
Give your dream a Title.
Watch the symbols. Be aware of repetitive symbols. Dreams often speak in puns. No one can really interpret a dream, for you. I beleive that you can,and with help get to the "felt sense" of what a dream is about on your own.Ask yourself, what's this all about? And wait for your body, an emotion to arise and make associations from there.
My Dream Journal-Examples:

Oct 3 2007
I fall asleep for a bit while putting my daughter Leah to bed. I am tired. I dream I am in a room, a small room. I am thinking that I have to leave the country and to get back on the 8th. I am actually going to do so on those dates. I pick up a light moving counter clockwize around the room. I see myself, the portrait of my Uncle Louis and another one of Percy Faith, my ancestors hanging on the walls behind me. Everything is black and white like old photographs. The light spins round and round. I wake up dizzy and feeling very strange. I have also been dreaming that I am watching TV lately in my dreams which is a marker of lucid dreaming for me.

May 2007 I dream I am having to pick up hundreds of silver balls,which are spilling out all over the place ranging in size from tiny to about 1 inch in diameter. Upon waking the dream reminds me of Psyche's task of having to sort through very tiny things.

Then I dream about a beautiful cream coloured silk wedding dress covered in large pearls. Makes me notice a pattern of round, silver or pearly spheres are showing up in my dream motifs.
The next night I dream I am wearing a double strand of pearls. My Mother asks me why I am wearing it. She actually does have a double strand of beautiful pearls herself. I am surprised that I am wearing it. It is not hers but mine.
Pearls are the symbol of wisdom, of the Feminine, used as a meditation symbol for the 3rd eye.

I feel good to be stringing together these pearls in my dreams.
June 12th
Supermarket Dream
I dream I am in a supermarket, everything is in chaos, things are melting all over the floor. The supermarket is full of garbage and there is no food on the shelves. People look very sad and discouraged.
Reflections on Supermarket Dream:
I believe that this is a prophetic dream, or one possible future. Timing with dreams is the most difficult to ascertain as time is an ever present shift of possibilities created out of the minutae of our every thought multiplied by quintillions of choices.
I predict that there will be serious food shortages in 2007 due to the New World Order's takeover of oil and gas resources and the public's lack of knowledge about how much resources there are available. Unless some incredible new technology comes whizzing down the information highway and enough people wake up fast... Also the weather due to HAARP and all the pollution already and Gaia's consciousness may prove to be the wake up call.
Nov. 5 2004
Vagina Dream
I look at my own vagina. I enter it's sacred Space. It is abright blood red and I enter its' cavernous space with ribbed vaults like a Gothic Church.
Reflections on Vagina Dream:
I enter my own womb space. I am in the Holy of Holilies. I am at the Centre Void of my own Feminine existence. I am at Home.

Dec 12 2004
Brad Pitt Dream
I am at a place in the country, there is a 2 story born. I made a Freudian slip and wrote born, intending to write barn. Hmmm. Is this dream about 2 stories of being born? Or was I born in a barn?
There is a 2 story barn, kind of renovated into a living space. I'm hanging out with Brad Pitt. I am with my husband, Napo and our daughter Leah, she is with her friends. Many women agents come to try and lure Brad away. He says No, he is living out of his car and he has no place to stay. So I invite him to stay in one of the bedrooms in the barn. I keep asking him why he is doing this when he has millions, he lives in L.A. and he is married. He says he wants to stay in our barn, he likes it. I make many trips up and down the stairs setting him up and bringing things, forgetting things and having to fix things.
We are very attracted to each other, but I am definitely faithful to my husband in my heart.
Reflections on the Brad Pitt dream:
I was actually really very annoyed when I woke up from this dream as I felt my head had been invaded by Hollywood ads, because Mr. Pitt  was just releasing some new Movie: Oceans 12. I like Brad Pitt and all, I've liked some of his acting a lot and I think he's a very attractive and charismatic man. I couldn't figure out why he wanted to hang out in our barn. He kept insisting in the dream that he wanted to be away from it all. Weeks later I see on the TV and tabloids that he and his wife have split up. Hmmm. was I dreaming into the future? I never read those tabloids I only see them at the check out counter in the supermarkets when I'm waiting in line.

From Dream of Flying Trees drawing by Tara 1993

Reflections on Future Past Dreams of Earth changes

I got to thinking about the recent Tsunammi's in Indonesia and I remembered that I'd been having a series of Tidal Wave dreams in the early 90's. Many people I knew had been having the same dreams. I think it is important to catalogue dreams and have a central reference of the collective Unconscious. if you have had such dreams in the past please send me your dream.
Sometimes we have BIG DREAMS. You know it when you have one, the experience is UlTRA REAL, when it seems so real, you can smell it, feel it, its' ubber real, lucid dreaming would come under this title.  A dream such as this should always be noted, journalled and drawn. This helps ground the dream in your consciousness. Further work can be done on the dream afterwards and don't worry about being an artist or not. That's not what its' about. It's about bringing your Big Dream into reality on paper or a sculpture into 3D.
 I had this dream in 1993. see Illustration above
I am in a motel in the desert, in the South West. {I had been living in Sedona for awhile} with my mother and her sister, my Aunt Esther. It's a '50's decorated place. My Aunt had actually had her leg amputated and she was in the dream in this state. My Aunt and I are looking out of a big picture window, divided into a grid. It is sunset, and I say, "look how beautiful the sunset is."

We gaze out the window at the horizon in the distance it is brilliant orange and red. From the distant horizon I see what at first seems like a huge black cloud, but when I keep looking it seems like it's a huge  flock of blackbirds flying towards us. As the flock flies closer, their shapes get bigger,change and I strain my eyes to see and I say in astonishment "That's not birds, they're trees!"

A column of uprooted leafless trees is flying in a vector formation towards us and is encompassing the whole vista of the dream. The trees are bare, black trees with huge roots and branches flying across the sky. As they fly over the motel, I panic and say "we've got to get out of here."

The scene shifts to outside the motel in the parking lot and a '57 era wood panelled station wagon parked outside. I jump in the driver's seat. My Aunt sits beside me in front and my mother in the back seat. I actually don't drive in my waking life. I start the car and begin driving off across the desert. There are no roads. The gigantic trees are flying overhead of us now and I am racing to get out of their flight path. I think that they are going to start falling and sure enough a tree drops on top of the car roof denting it and I can feel the weight on my head. I know we will all be fine though and I continue to drive with the weight of the tree on the car. I woke up in a panic-feeling that this was a Big Dream. My intutional emotional sense of it was that the trees were very angry, like saying were not going to take it anymore and they uprooted themselves and were flying away off the planet.

This BIG DREAM will be published in an upcoming article in Dream Network magazine.


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Jan. 14, 2007

My husband Napoleon and I are in Moroccan dessert travelling single file on white very tall camels. There are black Arabian stallions running towards us but they seem so tiny. There are elephants too plodding in the sand, wearing decorations. They are beautiful strong and majestic.
Napo. tells me as we disembark,walking in the huge footprints that the elephants have made in the sand that he hasn't even begun to make love to me yet fully-that if I thought it was great so far-I hadn't seen anything yet. I am amazed.
In another part of the dream-
I am standing in a 2nd story house, I'm not sure if it was the one we live in or not. A gigantic crow appears, it's about 4 feet long! I watch it fly in from the right and I am overjoyed because I've called it in telepathically. It drops a huge black feather with a little blue sparkling crystal attached to it. I seamlessly go through the barriers of the walls of the house and appear outside to go get the feather, pick it up and carry it in my hands. I say "this is awesome, it's a medicine gift."
Comment: the next day I am scolling through the Internet looking up Event Planners and I come across a site called Ravenstone and it's a beautiful site, with a legend about a raven, which is analagous to a Crow and a feather with a blue stone it it. This is a lovely piece of synchronicity. Feb. 2007 I dream that I die. This is strange having never dreamt of dying before. In popular Dream Dictionsaries I believe that they claim you can't die in a dream because you will actually drop dead on the physical plane, but I am alive and well and my experience is that isn't true. I died and my spirit popped out of my physical body and I felt-Oh this is just the same, hardly any difference at all. This seemed like a test run-a shamanic dream death. So be carefull what you think about in your waking life as you will go to exactly the same place after you depart.

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