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Feminism is definitely NOT DEAD! Russian punky Performance Art Feminist Band PUSSY RIOT got busted for protesting the corruption of church and state. Three young Russian women have been in jail and are now on trial and will make PUTIN look like an IDIOT. They could face . seven years in Jail. Amnesty International and supporters in Washington D.C. and rock band  the Red Hot Chilli Peppers have come out in support of the 10 member baklava wearing anonymous group of young women.

They are part of the OCCUPY movement energy which is the current from the two planets URANUS/PLUTO in square  which began June 24 XAct. The next exact square is on September 19.

These 2 planets were in conjunction in Virgo in the mid to late 60’s, opposed by Saturn in PISCES which caused the great 60's LOVE -IN Peace, drugs, sexual revolution, feminism, black liberation. The current squares continue for the next 3 years as the two planets progress in ARIES and CAPRICORN.

I’ve been wanting to writer about so many things, I don’t seem to have enough time in the day to get everything I want done.

I wanted to write about LILLITH and PUSSY RIOT is the perfect opportunity.

The obviously named FEMINISTS  perfectly describes  LILLITH"S energy. There are three things which describe LILLITH  in ASTROLOGY. One is the Black Moon Lillith which is not a solid object but a point of alignment, the apogee of the Moon's orbit, the point that is farthest from the earth. Just like the North Node, this point is also very powerful and important. There is Asteroid Lillith and a DARK MOON LILLITH.

This is the original HOLY TRINITY, maiden, mother, crone, and all her untameable powerful insatiable unstoppable sexuality, which was unbridled and free in the pre-patriarchal world.

The Swiss Ephemeris I use denotes the Asteroid Lillith, a real object, orbiting in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. She is the ORIGINAL WOMAN before EVE, who was just a Patriarchal make believe propaganda story. The archetypal original woman .Lillith left the GARDEN of EDEN to live by the RED SEA, she uttered those famous Greta Garbo words. I WANT to be alone,  rather than let ADAM demean her and try to ride her sexually like an animal. This is the Lillith energy at work alive and embodied through PUSSY RIOT today.

Since Jan 1 this year Asteroid LILLITH has been at 1 degree of Taurus, an earthy embodied, Venus ruled sign. Stubborn, strong willed, arty. Lillith and Jupiter were French kissing at that zero degree of Taurus.

IN February when the PUSSY RIOT Girls performed and were busted Pluto, planet of soul, the unconscious the PLUTOCRACY, corporate structure, the PATRIARCHY, was trining LILLITH who was emboldened and optimistic, by being conjunct to risk taking, good humoured, JUPITER At 5- 6 degrees of TAURUS..

Now at the end of July the Sunnis at around 8 degrees of Leo, which is exactly, square to where edit was in February when the PUSSY RIOT got arrested. Lillith is now at 25 degree so TAURUS and near to the PLEIADES Which were inveigled in the May 20 Solar Eclipse. MERCURY is retrograde at 5 degrees of Leo also square to that point in Taurus last February.

The trial may put PUTIN"S career in a tailspin. The Pussy Riot trial started July 30, Live streaming was shut down. The 3 young women apologized and said they did not mean to insult the Russian Orthodox Church but the Patriarch Kirill who said the Orthodox must vote for Putin. There is no democracy in Russia under Putin's rules. Less than 1% of cases that go to trial in Russia end in a not guilty verdict.

What has PUTIN unleashed in his repressive tactics? LILLITH's fury is like a million Hells’. .

Let’s look at PUTIN's astrology chart

Russian leader Putin Astrology Chart
2012 Astrology transits by Tara Greene

I have to say that a quick glance at Putin's chart doesn't Putin sound like Putan? Prostitute in Italian? Made me laugh...

He has definitely taken on the WRONG OPPONENT at this time. IN his natal chart what does he have up there at his M.C?  Black Moon Lillith, DARK MOON LILLITH. And the Asteroid LILLITH all straddling around a cosy Triple Threat of FEMINIST FURY Waiting to be unleashed. PLUS he has his NATAL PLUTO conjunct Asteroid LILLITH @ 21 and 22 degrees of LEO!!!! The MC not master of ceremonies but MID HEAVEN is the high noon position. This is rich. His stall from grace is about to happen.

And wait there’s more! SATURN the KOSMIC kop is sitting right on PUTIN”S Natal MERCURY right now. From his point of view he thinks he is crushing any dissenting ideas, thoughts voices {Mercury in Libra}.

Saturnis currently in his 12th house of endings, karma, secret enemies and self undoing. “Nuff said.

But Saturn is going to cross his ascendant of 3 degrees of Scorpio on November the 1st.

The South Node is now at 3 degrees of Gemini and about to conjunct PUTIN”S natal Moon, ehich symbolizes his mother, his emotions, his unconscious. This guy has s big momma issues, which are going to be ousted as the North Node drags tem out during this trial.

Liliith the asteroid is squaring one of their LILLITHS in his Natal chart at 27 degrees of Leo, which is conjunct to Fixed Star REGULUS, the heart of the lion. Lillith takes down all hubris egotistical power f77ckers, women hating, archetypes eventually,

 And eventually is NOW!!! 

MARS IS at 15 degree so Libra and has just crossed PUTIN”S Libra!!! Su n and is about to conjunct his Natal Saturn, A very difficult anger invoking transit, PUTIN will be hopping mad but it will back fire on him.

PLUTO is a t 7 degrees of Capricorn now Retrograde ends is crossing PUTIN’snatal CHIRON, where he is the most vulnerable and wounded in his natal 3rd house of communications.

PUTIN is down like a mortally wounded animal, flailing around inshiocka nod anger at his own impotence.

The menorah tries to suppress the PUSSY RIOT art Girl BAND the more he plots his own shadow downfall.

MORE IMPORTANTLY THE SOLAR ECLIPSE On November 13 occurs at 21 degrees of SCORPIO which Exactly squares PUTIN”S MOD HEAVEN his highest career point, LILLITH the ASTEROID< his PLUTO in the 10th house of career, and that’s a done deal a cooked duos in my books.



Riot Grrls Take on Russian Dictator. Theres hope for the world..


Astrology TARA GREENE 2012

I've wanted to write about Syria's chart and President Assad for months now. The rebels who have been valiantly fighting for 17 months have dealt a major blow to dictator Assad's regime since July 18 when an explosion killed four members of Assad's inner circle inside a security headquarters in Damascus, a blow that wiped out much of the top echelon of his military command structure and shattered the reputation for invulnerability that his family has held since his father seized power in a coup in 1970. The reports came in at 7:13 pm EDT via Reuters on that day. Since then fighting has expanded to another city Aleppo. The rebels have taken the Bab al-Salam border crossing with Turkey on Sunday.

Lets look at SYRIA's chart for when Assad took over. I will speak about Assad and the country interchangeably.

The Astrology chart of the takeover of the Assad family is set for November 13 1970 at 6:15 am Damascus.

The Assad Syria is a SCORPIO SUN nation,meaning a country ruled by power, control, secrets, obsession, death, sadism, masochism,all the heavy dark stuff.

The Assad Syria is a triple Scorpio threat energy with Jupiter at 17 degrees of Scorpio amplifying the Scorpionic Sun obsessive energy and Venus Retrograde at 15 degrees Scorpio. The Ascendant is also Scorpio which really makes this what's called a Stellium in my books. A stellium is a 3-4 planets, or angles all in the same Sign. They are especially very tightly bound together within 6 degrees.

The Sun is on the Ascendant , the face Syria shows to the world, a death mask. The Arabs were master astrologers. I believe this chart was chosen for the power of the Sun rising with Jupiter. Although Jupiter is combust or toasted by the SUN's rays which weakens its' effect. That's a good thing, as bad as the situation is. This puts Jupiter and Venus in the 12th house of secrets, hidden enemies, prisons, karma and SELF-UNDOING/ self- sabotage. This regime was never meant to last.

The chart has very simple energy but the planet in SYRIA's chart have very difficult aspects.

The MOON, representing the people, the emotions, moods, temperament and the unconscious, mothering, is in TAURUS in the 6th house of work, and servitude, conjunct to Saturn RETROgrade at 19 degrees. You have to see the chart of a country as a person, writ large.

Saturn conjunct the moon

The MOON is the people and Assad sees them totally as his servants. Assad thinks/feels that it is his patriarchal right and authority -{SATURN} to lord it over them. Did I mention the TAURUS famous stubbornness? Assad will not back down. Assad/the moon is someone who does not express emotions, cold, restricted, cut off, doing his duty, all business, no heart. This shows Assad as a wounded, un-nurtured, women hating man himself.

MARS- the drive, action, defenses, warrior energy of Assad/Syria is at 15 degrees of Libra conjunct Uranus at 11 degrees both in the 11th house representing wishes hopes dreams, organizing, groups. This is interesting because it represents a totalitarian takeover, a revolution, unexpected violence. The negative way would be military might used for crushing freedom. The positive way is rebel forces for freedom always fighting against the military.The energy is shifting.

Mercury- thinking and communications, the unconsciousness of Syria is conjunct Neptune at ZERO degrees of Sagittarius in the 1st house.

The 1st house is self-identity. Neptune conjunct Mercury is illusions in the media. MISinformation.Delusions, addictions. Neptune rules actors, glamour, false prophets. Assad thinks he's a real visionary.

Pluto the planet which represents the Soul, the unconscious, the driving force is at 29 degrees of Virgo. Any planet or point in a chart at the 29th and last degree represents the sum, the max of that signs' energy. SYRIA, ASSAD is an OCD I bet. A perfectionist who is totally insecure and tries to control everything around him.

The North Node or highest evolutionary point is at 29 degrees of AQUARIUS, again the last "critical" degree. It is exactly conjunct the Root chakra or IC, the grounding of the country's chart. It's roots are in the future. SYRIA is meant to evolve into revolution, freedom, liberation, higher group consciousness, new technology. Isnt that fascinating? ALso interesting is that it's very close to one of the 4 major ROYAL STARS of PERSIA, close to FOMALHAUT the Star representing the ARCHANGEL GABRIEL close by at 3 degrees of PISCES.

The archangel Gabriel blows the trumpet on JUDGEMENT DAY

The SOUTH NODE which symbolize the forces of the past is at 29 degrees of LEO!

29 degrees of LEO is the degree of the famous FIXED STAR Regulus, the Heart of the LION. Also known as Archangel RAPHAEL. WHich is on the MC or highest NOON position of worldly power.

FIXED STARS are not actually fixed, the ancient who watched stars every night for thousands of years knew the stars moved ahead in the Zodiac one degree every 72 years. The Constellations themselves move backwards on the ecliptic every 2160 years on average..we are evolving from the two thousand year reign of PISCES, the fishes= JESUS emblem into AQUARIUS a human sign.


The 4 royal stars were considered important fateful stars which pointed to the rise or fall of kings and kingdoms.

REGULUS EXITS LEO -a 2,167 year reign is over

On November 29, 2011 { my birthday} at 5:41 am Greenwich time Regulus moved from its position in LEO where it has been for the last 2167 years, into VIRGO. For Regulus to now be in Virgo for the next two thousand years indicates that the reign of the Royals has ended and a new age of VIRGO servitude and humility to the earth and practical values has been born. so we can see that the wiring is on the wall.

The Age of ROYALTY IS OVER! DEAD, FINI! No more long live the King or Queen.

Notice that this happened on a 11/29 =11. 11 day. virtually 11/11/11 in NUMEROLOGY


All four of the Royal Star have moved from fixed modalities to mutable over the last 600-700 years in Tropical Astrology. Aldebaran/Antares moved from Taurus/Scorpio to Gemini/Sagittarius since the time of the invention of the printing press, the discovery of America and the beginning of the intellectual explorations and expansions of the Renaissance in the Middle Ages.

since 1725 Fomalhaut, also known as Archangel Gabriel moved from Fixed sign AQUARIUS into PISCES. Great Britain became the leader as a seafaring nation. As Fomalhaut progressed deeper into Pisces, currently at 4 degrees, the inventions of oil, photography, chemicals, whaling, psychology, contact with ancient collective and mystical religions continues.

ALl the 4 royals stars are now in MUTABLE SIGNs, which bend in the wind.


The Vertex which is a symbolic Arabic Point is a karmic point of reference. It's at 10 degrees of CANCER in the 8th house of other people's money. the natural Scorpio house, so the power, control, secrets, obsession issues. PLuto will be approaching the opposition to that point exact Feb 2013. PLuto has already been in effect closing in on this since 2012. PLuto in Capricorn since 2008 is the death of obsolete outworn power despots and plutocrats.

CHIRON the Wounded Healer

This is the Achilles heel but also wise healer vulnerable spot in any chart it's at 6 degrees 24 mins of Aries. Uranus the planet of unexpected revolution and freedom, explosive situations has just crossed it in April 2012 indicating guess what? Then on October 3rd Uranus will cross that point exactly Retrograde and then direct on Feb 18 2013 as the Sun moves from 29 degrees of AQUARIUS, a familiar degree to zero degrees of Pisces, opposite Regulus.

Neptune, the planet which rules illusions, delusions, fantasy, addictions, martyrs,religion and oil moved from 29 degrees of Aquarius in 2011 into Zero degrees of Pisces squaring- putting pressure on Syria's natal Mercury and Neptune,exact on Feb 3 2012. So Syria is experiencing its own death of the ego, KING or despot symbolically and literally.

Mars will conjunct Syria's natal Mars at 15 degrees 04 mins. of LIBRA on July 30. Clashes, war, intensified fighting, big battles.

Jupiter entered Gemini and opposed Syrias' Neptune Mercury on June 11th. Expanded and opposed, pulled apart the power.

Saturn, the Grim Reaper and Lord of Karma, will enter the countries 12th house at 28 degrees of Libra 59 minutes on September 27th if it doesn't happen before then, the end is surely nigh as the KING { SATURN} is destroyed exposed, put into jail. Assad's rule is over.

The Moon will be in Scorpio this weekend, intensifying the situation.

The Total Solar Eclipse on November 13, one that the MAYANS also mentioned falls exactly on ASSAD/SYRIA' SUN and ASCENDANT at 21 degrees of Scorpio. This is when I feel the final coup de' gras for ASSAD comes.

Something akin to democracy is rising in the world, the despot days are over. Strangely the democratic countries, the U.S. Britain, Canada are getting more fascistic in their laws and order.

If we truly are in the Age of Aquarius then we must realize we are all on one ship,with limited resources to feed 7 billion people all of whom count.

Aquarius is the age of humanitarianism, equality, detachment from ego, power trips, organized hierarchies like religion.

So All hail Aquarius, the king is dead, long live VIRGO the VIRGIN, the GODDESS is returned.


Prophesy of synchronous return points

Copyright Tara Greene 2011- infinity

Japan so known for its meticulous diligence in quality control, robot technology, the highest quality technology is shown to be frail, insufficient, and critically failing at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants after the devastating earthquake and Tsunami which struck March 11. Even tif they manage to get the power up and going now, much radiation has escaped and this affects the world. If they can’t stop it and 4 reactors go into meltdown this is a critical disaster for Japan and will affect the rest of the world.




Nuclear energy, which is Planet Pluto’s realm-DEMOTED OR NOT- is being squared by a Retrograde Saturn at 15 degrees of Libra.  That’s a karmic pay back time folk.


But wait, there’s a Big Back story


When the tsunami hit and I first heard of the Nuclear power plant failure at Fukushima- no pun intended- I looked up Pluto’s discovery chart.


The discovery of Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, Death and Rebirth, Power and Secrets happened as a presage to the splitting of the atom and the U.S. racing against Germany to be the first to use the unfathomable power which they would unleashed for use in warfare. Einstein was appalled.


The interesting coincidence is that on Feb 18 1930 in Flagstaff Arizona at 4:00 pm when Pluto was first discovered by Clyde Tombaugh who had set out to find Planet X. Very very powerful interesting synchronicities, almost 71 years later.  71 years in itself is significant as it takes a star 72 years to move 1 degree.



DISCOVERY OF PLUTO Birth chart shown –

The Sun was at 29 degrees of Aquarius- exactly where Neptune and Ceres are right now. Remember that Neptune takes    years for one orbit. 29 degrees of Aquarius is a Critical degree and opposite Fixed Star Regulus at 29 degrees of Leo- the Lion’s Heart. Also known as the Archangel Raphael’s X  marking spot in Heaven.


Venus was at 2 degrees of Pisces exactly where Chiron is right now as well. @ degrees of Pisces is also conjunct to the Fixed Star Fomalhaut aka Archangel Gabriel’s marking star.



The birth of Pluto had a Neptune Venus in Virgo/Pisces opposition in it. Always a sense of illusion, karma, hidden things, self-undoing as befits Pisces. Venus conjunct the Sun is of course in the 8th house which is always considered to be Scorpionic- all about death, power, secrets, control, money.



Saturn was at 8 degrees of Capricorn then, and Pluto is now March 2011 at 7 degrees and change of Capricorn.  Saturn and Pluto are very powerful planetary energies.  See further below- for upcoming intensities of Saturn Uranus Pluto and more! Coming up shortly.


Uranus at 9 degrees of Aries, which Pluto is squaring right now. Jupiter crossed that point March 7, 4 days before the tsunami. Note that Uranus and Saturn are in a T-square in the Pluto birth chart at 8-9degrees Aries Capricorn.


Neptune was at 2 degrees of Virgo. CHIRON the Wounded Healer whose symbol looks like a key is exactly opposite to that degree right now. Ouch! . Chiron is on Gabriel who is sounding his trumpet pretty loudly. Get ready for the Judgement Day.


Pluto itself was at 17 degrees of Cancer Retrograde, at “birth” close to the U.S. Sun at 12 degrees of Cancer and conjunct the Famous Fixed Star Sirius at 13 degrees 54 minutes of Cancer. Sirius/Canopus was worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians. It’s at the mid-point of Cancer 14 degrees 51 minutes and was called Kahi-Nub by the Coptic-Egyptians with an alchemical meaning of Golden Earth.

Saturn was at 17 degrees 14 minutes of Libra exactly squaring that Natal Point when it turned Retrograde when it is at its’ most powerful on Jan. 26 2011


In the 70s I first heard about the prophesies of the future, of earth changes, of calamity, wars, nuclear meltdowns, tsunamis, with the proviso that  IF HUMANITY WOKE UP, IF ENOUGH PEOPLE RECOGNIZED THAT WE ARE ALL ONE, THAT WE ARE ALL SPIRITUAL BEINGS AND CHOOSE TO CHANGE OUR WARLIKE EGOISTSIC WAYS THEN THINGS DON’T HAVE TO BE SO BAD AND DESTRUCTIVE.




How much of a WAKE UP CALL do we need????

There will be more as we are also going to experience the major planetary Oppositions and T-SQUARES in the rest of the year.

Hold onto your hard hats,and re-stock your nuclear fallout shelters....


Pluto discovery Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown
Synchonous points by Tara Greene psychic astrology

Astrology of Haiti Earthquake

Haiti earthquake as shown by the Planets
The Natal chart of Haiti set for Jan 1 1804 and Transitting planets on JAn 12 2010 EArthquake Diaster
Natal chart Sun in the Independence Day chart is at 10 degrees of Capricorn and Chiron, the Wounded Healer is at 4 degrees of Capricorn conjunct Mars at 3 degrees of Capricorn.
Haiti is a place founded and grounded in dense suffering,violence and woundedness related to power over politics and authority in Capricorn.
Saturn is at 3 degrees of Libra conjunct the Vertex, a karmic point at 4 degrees of Libra.  Haiti was the first independent African/Black nation in the World as befits Saturn in Libra.
Haiti is having its seventh Saturn Return right now while at the same time Saturn is squaring both its Natal Chiron in CApricorn where it is the most vulnerable in terms of basic down to earth infrastructure and Saturn is also Square to Mars in Capricorn, indicating restrictions obstacles, wounds and all manner of violent suffering and violence from the Earth. Saturn and Mars traditionally are called the great malefics, meaning they are big trouble bringers.
Saturn is Lord of Karma and this square indicates a very heavy karmic hit. 
Pluto, Lord of Death is in Capricorn an Earth sign and he is crossing over Haiti's natal Chiron and Mars too right now.
You can use a country's chart just like a person's. If we had enlightened leadership we'd use the brilliance of Astrology as a reliable diagnostic tool for predicting the likely occurance of such things and hopefully be better prepared and be  much better off.
The Haitian chart so obviously shows the planets aligned to create such a terrible diaster as this, Earthquakes terrible destruction loss of life an destitution.  
The warning would be of a Practical nature as Saturn rules Capricorn, from the Earth, unexpected, limitations, shortages, obstacles, suffering, accidents. as if this wasn't enough of an early warning signal.
Transitting Retrograde Mars is conjunct Haiti's South Node in Leo. This also represents violence and unexpected dramatic heart suffering due to Leadership or in this case the lack of Leadership.
There are other indicators as well but this was so clear to me. My heart goes out to this poorest nation and her very religious Catholic population.
Perhaps the karmic leasson is for the richer nations of the Wester Hemisphere to wake up to the dire imbalance in wealth { Saturn in  Libra}.  


For thousands of years, before a new King was crowned, the Royal Astrologers would first be consulted to pinpoint the most auspicious timing for the coronation to take place. The Astrologer's examinations of the Moon's placements as well as their astute diagnosis of other planetary alignments, had always proved accurate as to the effect of the future King's entire reign. The Astrologer's wise counsel was the most powerful tool and was heeded the most. Astrology is cosmic feng shui.

In our present era, the Inauguration of President -elect Obama on Jan 20 2009 affects not only the United States but the rest of the World.
The President is usually inaugurated at around Noon.
At noon on Jan 20th- the Moon is "Void of Course". What this means is that the Moon is finished traversing a Sign { in this case Scorpio} and is also finished its last contact with any planet and is in a kind of limbo or Twilight Zone space. Every time the Moon is in her void of course space, the traditional advice is ACTIONS INITIATED DURING THIS TIME ARE WASTED, NEVER START ANYTHING; NO GOOD WILL COME OF THIS! Because the Moon is in limbo our instincts, as governed by the Moon, are on hold temporarily. Is this how we want Barak Obama to start his Presidency?
At precisely 12:30 pm Washington time the Moon enters Sagittarius. The U.S. Birth chart has Sagittarius rising, you know Truth, Justice, Inspiration. This is much more compatible and favourable. Eight of 16 of Obama's cabinet are Sagittarians and the U.S. Sibly chart, the most commonly accepted Birth Chart of the United States has a Sagittarian Ascendant.
What we want is for everyone to send a letter to Barak Obama's staff, all the media, alerting them to delay his Inauguration until the timing is right. Not one second before 12:30 pm. Seriously,25- 30 minutes later can make all the difference. Timing is everything. the U.S. and the rest of the World need all the help we can muster up right now. Help make this so,this is really "dancing with the Stars."

Copyright  2002-2009 Tara Greene - All Rights Reserved

Israel's Birth Chart

Israel's Birth Chart

Birth chart for Israel shows it to be an incredibly Leonine and fixed one. Sun is in Earthy practical stubborn Taurus conjunct the Pleiades {associated with sorrows} in the 7th house.


Israel’s Sun or ego identity is  bullish, about territory, tools, planting seeds, creative, Venus ruled.


It’s Moon is in Leo in the 10th house of establishment on the world’s stage. It’s Moon, emotions, instinctual responses and memories are primal, fiery, spiritual, royal, arrogant, courageous, self-expressive, childlike and strong. Israel has Moon conjunct Pluto {wide aspect} so this is all about power and control. The Nation was birthed in turmoil, death, destruction, controlling, secretive, power, manipulative, and can be prone to fail for spite.


There is a stellium {more than 3 planets grouped in a Sign} n Leo, so all the emphasis in its' chart is Leo and has huge impact. 

 Saturn, the karmic cosmic cop is here too in the 10th, Israel’s karma will be acted out dramatically on the World’s stage. They have ancient patriarchal structures behind them. It is belief in their Law.


Mercury is in Gemini, so it is at home and strong. It is in the 8th Scorpionic house of death, taxes, transformation, sexual energy, inheritance, mysticism, other people's money. The country does double-talk and there is lots of negotiations, reversals of thinking and communications and secret talks.


Venus is in Cancer and Venus rules women, values, the arts, relationships, love. There is a strong bond with the land, traditions, Mother, home, food, {eat eat, says the Jewish Mother} nurturing, endings, sentimentality. There is strong defensiveness.

Venus is in the Jupiter naturally ruled 9th house of Sagittarius governing legal matters, religion, philosophy, teaching, foreigners, naievete, gambling, sports, metaphysics. So Israel is an active, youthfull, inspiring country. Religion and education are its roots. They had a woman Prime Minister. There is a restless, energetic, unstableness, a feeling of longing for home and yet always being a gypsy, never feeling at home.


Mars is in Leo and squares the Sun and Chiron in Scorpio. This is the warlike, aggressive, defensive, wounded Ego signature of this nation, which needs to transform from its defensiveness and chip on the shoulder attitude.  It was at war with bordering Arab countries within 24 hrs. of declaring its’ independence.


Chiron is also conjunct the South Node of the Moon.

Israel carries an ancient karmic wound, a soul split in the first house of identity, how they see themselves. Ascendant is in Scorpio of course, it’s always a power struggle; it’s deep and intense and full or raw power. It’s fixed.


Jupiter, planet that symbolizes Jahweh, the Jewish God planet of religion, philosophy belief systems, BIG, gambling, gypsies, inspiration is of course in their 2nd house of values, practical, money, tools house.  Israel gets big money support. Jupiter is Retrograde, they are going back over the old religious issues and belief systems, and Jupiter is on the Galactic Centre. The belief in monotheism is a vital major evolutionary idea. Symbolically the Jewish people were impulsed by The One to spread the word about One God, a Universal God, the Source, and wander the world because of it.


Uranus in Gemini is opposite Pluto, technology will help the country build. This country talks big, is exploring relationships, is ambiguous and dualistic ironically, is split in policy between the religious fundamentalists and the revolutionary, says one thing and does the other. As a country Israel needs to be able to incorporate change, to be fairer minded and relate to others, as Gemini is the sign of relationships, seeing both sides of the issue. But Uranus in Gemini is a “Peter Pan” immature mentality for revolution.


Neptune is in Libra in the 12th House

Neptune is strong here being in its naturally at home position.

The 12th house is full of spirit, karma, delusion, illusion, institutions, endings, dreams, addictions, self-undoing. Neptune rules oil, viruses, film and photography amongst other things. This is a karmic signature of spirituality that is in the balance. Isreal's idealism of achieving balanced relationships with it's Arab neighbours is tenuous. Balance is the essential lessons. Us and them. SPirtuality has to encompass all.


Pluto is up in the 10th house in Leo. A very powerful Pluto. Nuclear arms of course. Pluto represents the soul and the collective unconsciousnes of the people. Israel rises as the Jewish State long prophesied to them by their God in the Old Testament thousands of years before after the destruction of a huge portion of its population after WW11. They see themselves as a major force in the world and they will have to use force to maintain that position. They take hostages, they manipulate the powers in the World. They are a powerfull nation, always threatened always in life and death struggles. Life is emotionally intense, and if you have ever been to Israel you feel that living on the egde sensability. Israel will go through tremendous transformations eventually soaring like an Eagle flying closest to Heaven.


Israel’s Transits 06-07


Israel is at present undergoing huge major transits along with Palestine whose independence was declared 7 hours after Israel’s.

Now Pluto is Retrograde and opposite Israel’s Uranus. This indicates huge changes, but they could become more aggressive as we see in Lebanon at the moment, or revolutionize the whole situation. In 2007 Pluto will be transiting on Israel’s Jupiter. Since Pluto rules atomic energy, the possibility of a nuclear war is very high. Pluto rules Scorpio and Scorpion’s sting others first which ultimately injures themselves. 

Israel’s 2nd Saturn Return Aug 16, 2006

In addition Israel is experiencing its 2nd Saturn return, Saturn will be exactly on the degree it was at its birth on Aug. 16th. Co-incidentally the anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence.

Saturn also squares the Nodes in the natal chart so this energy will be further energized at this time. The Nodes represent karmic soul evolutionary/devolutionary points, linked to memory, past actions. Saturn always demands karmic payment. That is The Karmic Law of cause and effect. At the 2nd Saturn return there is more maturity. But obstacles, obligations, limitations, strife, remember Saturn is considered the hardest and most difficult planet of all, the true malefic. Yet Saturn is also the builder, structure, order, discipline, boundaries. Could this be a new maturity?

On Sept. 5th Jupiter crosses over Israel South Node, inflating old issues. The Jews were, in their own laws charged with being "chosen" to carry a higher vision to humanity. The original ancient laws are bound up with Kabbalah, at essence Judaism is aligned with knowledge of and responsability to live God's laws, to know God directly, to experience The Light, God/desses {God is both Masculine and Feminine} inherentantly.

Jupiter will cross Israel’s Chiron on Oct. 15th. Again the theme is repexperiencing old wounds, exacerbating old hurts, so these times will be tense well into next year.


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Feb 18 2009

wow it's a busy week,
Lets start with the Historic hand shake between U.S. Prez. Obama and P.M. Harper's and what that looks like interpreted by their 2 Astrology charts rolled into one "synastry"chart

President Obama & Prime Minister Harper
put the two charts together and it looks like this

Hmm. What's this look like to you? Feel it out, sense it.

The combined charts of President Obama and P.M. Stephen Harper taken together in a composite chart shows a new birth chart symbolizing their shared values and relationship. We read the chart as a description or character analysis of what kind of entity, state, person this combo creates.


Sun, 26+ degrees of Cancer {WATER} in 2nd house of values
Moon, 11+ degrees of Aries {FIRE} in 11th house, cusp of  12th
Ascendant, 11+ degrees of Taurus {EARTH}
Midheaven of  9+ degrees of Aquarius {AIR}
Mercury,  7+ degrees of Gemini {AIR} in the 1st house
Venus, 25+ degrees Gemini {AIR} conjunct Sun in 2nd house
Mars,  at 17+ degrees of Leo {FIRE} in the 4th house
Jupiter at Zero+ degrees of Capricorn {EARTH} Retrograde in the 8th house
Saturn, 16+ degrees Capricorn {EARTH} Retroin the 9th house
Uranus, 18+  degrees Leo {FIRE}  in 4th house conjunct Mars
Neptune, 7+ degrees of Scorpio {WATER} Retro in 6th house
Pluto, 4+ degrees of Virgo {EARTH} in the 4th house
North Node, 20 degrees of Virgo {EARTH}  in the 5th house
Chiron,1 degree of Pisces {WATER} Retrograde in 10th house




OIL is obviously one of the main big topics between the two countries symbolized by the presence of NEPTUNE,  ruler of CREDIT CARD DEBT {fantasy values} sitting in the 6th house of work and service, in community, pretty close to the Descendant-relationships with others. Self evident.




Never ending babble with all this Gemini Air stuff. Tons of  info going back and forth, Gemini thrives on it. Could prove to be an ambivalent  “us vs. them” good cop, bad cop; black or white, no pun intended, dichotomies about values, money, who owns what, with the Sun, Venus and Mercury all in Gemini. Gemini is the Archetypal sign of Peter Pan, who never wants to grow up and take responsibility and there's added tension with Big Planet Jupiter at Zero degrees of Capricorn, the Winter Solstice point, the High Noon symbolic point. Where’s Gary Cooper when you need him?

The Big Business Point. But Jupiter is Retrograde, showing Big Business just ain't what it used to be. Retrograde means a planets apparent motion backwards. Who has more seniority? A Capricorn/Saturnine issue. Retrograde planets indicate slow, and with Jupiter here, revision of laws, Jupiter rules laws. Jupiter is conservative in Capricorn, and has lead weights tied to his otherwise fleet footed high flying International “James Bondian” reputation here.



And Jupiter, Mr. Excess, promiser of more than he can deliver, is in the 8th house of "other people's money, inheritances, did I mention taxes? And Scorpionic associations to death, rebirth, power and control, did I mention secrets? The eight house is the house of International Trade, travel, vs. shared values VENUS conjunct the Sun in Cancer.

Don’t you love it how it’s so exactly symbolically descriptive?




There's sure to be fireworks in the basement [never mind the pun} what with this MARS URANUS conjunction in Leo in the 4th house! This aspect indicates a very fiery, unpredictable, defensive, protectionism. The 4th house symbolizes home, security, nurturing, food, real estate, privacy, mother/child relations, memories, the Unconscious, water.

Uranus, Ruler of  Mr. Obama’s Aquarian Ascendant, CHANGE is his major agenda, so major, aggressive changes, from the roots up, are what this shows. The foundation of their relationship will alter both countries directions.

This looks like a hot dynamic, with both parties fighting for supremacy but in an underground, hidden way, as the 4th house indicates.

I think someone better make sure there’s no midnight dynamiting in the Great Lakes when Canucks are snoozing after drinking too many brewskies after a late Sat. hockey game, or else this is something new called aqua-terrorism.

Timber rights? Water rights?

Will Canucks set their pea meal bacon on fire in protest?




The Moon is the instincts, the feelings, moods and senses. In a countries chart, the Moon represents the people. The most Feminine planet is in the Masculine, Martial, defensive, me first aggressive sign of Aries. Feelings come 1st and gut instincts say, “Fight like a man.” The people will be getting their guns out to defend what they feel is theirs. We don’t carry guns in Canada folks, we didn’t have to revolt against Britain, and we still have a Queen, sort of, in an 11th house, group sort of way.


But an 11th house Moon is yes, like the Song Age of Aquarius, very Aquarian related, as it’s the 11th Sign. On the heels of the recent Leo/ Aquarius Eclipses and a virtual rendezvous of many planets aligned in Aquarius right now, this shows the mood of the people wanting Revolution, restructuring, inventiveness, humanitarian group mindedness, new technologies. Woe be to he, that does not go with the flow, man.

This Aries moon is Martial, defensive, protective, aggressive, action oriented, spontaneously inclined to anger and combustion. But it’s “all in their heads” in airy Aquarius.

The Moon Squares Saturn this is a tense aspect. Saturn is in his home sign of Capricorn where he’s really at his most restrictive, miserly, cynical, and powerful and Retrograde indicating a very kcarmic relationship with lots of tests of patience involved.

The 2 leaders are “doing this lesson over again” never mind GM, Oshawa, Detroit. Think grinding axes, grinding teeth, and big emotional explosions.

Saturn always goes for restrictions, tight budgets, testing, more taxes, limitations, obstacles, time. In the 9th house of International relations, laws, education, truth, justice, humour. W e may see restrictions on Canadian comedians; lunar powered Girl cars; and laws demanding that every citizen work their way up towards a black belt before being able to get a pension of some kind. Pensions? What the heck are those? People who hate pens?


CHIRON in the Pisces in the 10th house


Chiron that - whatever they designate it as these days, otherwise known as in dispute; Chiron a.k.a. Mr. OUCHY!

Whose symbols looks like a key is waay up there in the 10th house, at the tippy top of the chart. Chiron is the Wounded Healer and always shows where it hurts the most, where we are the most vulnerable. In Pisces, this illustrates just how much we’re hurtin’. Can’t hide your pain now, it’s out in the bright light of day.

Pisces is the martyr, the sacrificing, the Escapist, delusions, the addictions-to oil, credit cards, etc, drugs, film, work, money, WATER, entertainment, illusions, fantasy, self-undoing, and last but not least spirituality, compassion, oneness.

Chiron shows where the wound is and also the cure by going through it. So “We’re all in this together” is Pisces motto, so

Our shared pains will make us strong and bring us to the Light,If we drop our illusions of separation. That’s the la-de-da woo woo side of Pisces. The other one is Boundary disputes.



The Aquarius Mid Heaven shows success and the highest directive is innovation, change, humanitarianism, group thinking, technology, revolutionizing career and work. 



The North Node looks like Headphones reps the highest spiritual goal and direction of these 2 leaders. In Virgo this is all about ECOLOGY, serving the earth, analyzing how to create new forms of work, Virgo rules the 6th house naturally. Virgo is very fiscally tight, everything is accounted for, orderly, in place, no fat or excess anything. The earth herself, Gaia, is the first cause, She is our Mother. In the 5th house of creative self expression, leadership, generosity, the winner is the one who can engage artists, creative types to design a new vision, where we serve the Earth first. Where work for community’s sake is most important, work becomes more localized. Real values, intellectual pursuits, writing, analyzing, self-criticism are the orders of the day, being accountable, doing your job with Leo like pride. Virgo hard work can also be an expression of joy, not servitude. As Leo rules children, youthful thinking about how to take care of the earth. Work needs to evolve into what we do with heart, not drudgery, not as slaves, but who we are, what we are proud of, as an expression of joy, of Inner wealth as symbolized by Gold, the Sun, ruler of Leo and the 5th house.


The first comes last but not least…



The two leaders may be very stubborn and refusing to back down to each other. A Taurus Ascendant shows an earthy, practical, no nonsense, solid face. Moving slowly but sure footedly, Taurus’s main interests are bodily comfort, sensuality,The arts, steadfastness, security.

As Venus rules the sign of Taurus and she is in Gemini here, there may be some ambivalence about how to share all the resources. Venus rules money and the bottom line is the economy. Taurus preserves,It identifies what it has, it’s tools with who one is. So much chattering over who owns what, natural resources, and ultimately Gemini is the sign of the Twin sides of our natures who come together in the Tarot Card of The Lovers.


I truly hope that these two and our respective countries can come together as symbolized byt he lovers, we are the largest joined at the hip trading partners in the World. Lets do something completely inspiring together. Ya hear that Mr. Harper? Most Canadians would gladly turn in their maple leafs, their back bacon and beaver pelts to gladly become American Citizens these days. Ya can't pull yer old control issues with The Times They are a changin' Mr. Obama is Hipper then THOU.  You may be able to parlay intellectualisms, but yer too Conservative with a Capital C and that rhymes with P and that stands for something which Americans know a lot about but you don't. I predicted that Mr. Harper would be out on his ear come the fall.




Copyright Tara Greene 2008


I am illustrating my Astrology predictions using Canada’s Birth Chart and the Oct 14 2008 Transiting planets together to get a look at  the big picture. ABOVE



Canada has an 16 degree Aries Ascendant,

Sun is at 8 degrees of Cancer right on the 4th house cusp, the IC;

Moon reps. the public in the 3rd House of communications at 28 degrees of Gemini Canada’s MC or Mid Heaven the High Noon of the chart is at 8 degrees of Capricorn Mercury is at 4 degrees of Leo in the 5th

Venus is at 15 degrees of Gemini in the 3rd house

Mars is at 5 degrees of Virgo in the 6th house

Jupiter is at 7 degrees of Pisces RETROgrade in the 12th house

Saturn is at 17 degrees of Scorpio RETROgrade in the 7th house

Uranus is at 8 degrees of Cancer on the I.C.

Neptune is at 15 degrees of Aries on the Ascendant

Pluto is at 15 degrees of Taurus in the 1st house

North Node is at 16 degrees Of Virgo in the 6th house

Part of Fortune at 26 degrees of Aries in the 1st house

Chiron is at 26 degrees of Pisces in the the 12th house

Lillith is at 1 degree of Capricorn in the 9th house


On Election DayOct 14th 2008 at 8:30 pm in Ottawa the chart has





Oct 14th is a Full MOON and all Full Moons represent a fulfilled cycle, a completion. THE ELECTION takes place under a MERCURY RETROGRADE with Mercury moving very slowly as it is about to stop Retrograding on the 15th and turn direct. Planets are at their most powerful at this turning point. Stephen Harper should’ve consulted a good Astrologer about the best time for an election because he would’ve been advised to choose another date.


The Sun representing the Prime Minister, the Leader is at 22 degrees of Libra, in the 7th house of relationships, business and all “others” in Canada’s chart. Sun represents vitality, will, love given, creativity, leaders, innocence. This indicates that the new P.M. must be Libran, a fair-minded balanced individual one who supports peace-get out of Afghanistan,  wanting justice, beauty, supports the arts heavily, desires harmony for all, a good go-between in order to be the Sun King of Canada


The Moon representing the emotions and instincts of the people is at  24 degrees of Aries, in the 1st house of Identity, conjunct the Part of fortune at 26 degrees of Aries, whoever captures the people’s emotional tone wins.

TRANSITTING MOON IN ARIES. Aries is always the natural 1st house so Moon is in synch here. Aries and the 1st House represent Spring, fresh new life and beginnings. Moon in Aries knows what it wants and goes for it aggressively. The people want new leadership a breath of fresh air, strength. The Part of Fortune symbolizes the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, So the gold goes to the one who emotes new, fresh, vitality, strength. A strong leader who stands up for Canada as # 1 in the World ie. not sell us short to you know who and you know who… 


Mercury is RETROGRADE at 7 degrees of Libra in the 5th house of creativity and will about to go direct the next day. Mercury Retrogrades are notorious for screwed up communications, computer breakdowns etc. Mercury Retrograde makes everyone pause, reflect, respond, and rethink, all the Re things, dare we say- reject, re-evaulate, revolutionize? And Mercury is Retrograde in Libra no less, meaning everyone is way more indecisive, and in the 7th house the desired P.M. will be one who communicates balanced budgets, wanting peace and promoting the arts and beauty, justice and fairness then you’ll be in tune with the prevailing energies. And if not-look out!

Venus at 25 degrees of Scorpio in the 6th house - overhaul, transformation in who’s of service.

Mars at 7 degrees of Scorpio in the 6th house of work, service and community. Mars is in his own rulership Sign and will aggressively cull the unscrupulous, those who aren’t in tune with the average

Jupiter at 14 degrees of Capricorn in the 8th house of finances, other peoples money and taxes. Those with higher minded erudite philosophies in Business management and authority wins.The budget is a big issue now, jobs cut by big corporations must be addressed. Education overhaul.

Saturn at 16 degrees of Virgo in the 5th house of creativity indicates an authority on the environment, fairness in the workplace and the arts gets the big one.

Uranus Retrograde at 19 degree of Pisces in the 11th house of the Parliament, revolution, group mind indicates a re-revolution. Uranus promotes the unexpected, the new, trailblazers who have compassion.

Neptune at 21 degrees Retrograde in Aquarius in the 10th house of career, public stature indicates the ideals of an Aquarian humanist group thinker wins.

Pluto is at 28 degrees of Sagittarius in the 7th house of relationships indicates power for higher education, inspiration, repeal of laws, foreign policy, and changes in language, dealings with foreigners. ie: changes to NAFTA dealing with the U.S. government. Pluto is still conjunct the Galctic Center so those who align with Pluto now are ciphers for higher evolutionary ideas.

North Node is at 16 degrees of Aquarius in the 10th house or High Noon. The person who goes to the top must be one who brings real change, who sees the future, a non egotistical leader.

Chiron is at 16 degrees of Aquarius in the 10th house. The leadership is won by one who is human, flawed, inclusive, revolutionary, feels for the people.

Part of Fortune is at 9 degrees of Sagittarius in the 6th house but conjunct the 7th house cusp or Descendant indicating the one who gets the gold is one who is egalitarian, a foreigner, an idealist, an ispirer.


The Election takes place under the upcoming exact oppositon of Uranus planet of Revolution and Status Quo Saturn, ruler of Capricorn’s Corporations. The exact opposition date is Nov. 4th Election Day in the U.S.!  It is still effective here showing a very strong opposition of the old and the new. Old tired worn out, same old status quo, Patriarchal power politics won’t cut it now.



Pluto the great cleanser, Planet of Death and Transformation, demoted and remoted to it’s own classification as a Plutoid now, is still extremely powerful Astrologically. Pluto rules Sign Scorpio, and regeneration, waste, nuclear energy, recycling, wealth, power, riches, secrets  and control, the collective unconscious, the shadow.


Pluto is directly opposing Canada’s Moon at 28 degrees of Gemini. Pluto rues the unconscious and the Moon the people’s emotions. So the people’s emotions will be tuned into transformation, out with the old baggage.


Ah and Saturn the great tester, teacher, planet of karma, as you sow so shall you reap, keeps your nose to the grindstone Saturn, represents authority, rules Capricorn sign of Big Business. Saturn rules seniority, the father figure. Saturn rules obstacles, limits and time. Saturn is at 16 degrees of Virgo exactly conjunct the North Node in Canada’s chart.  The North Node represents the highest spiritual goals and aims. So the great reconning is here. Whatever Mr. Harper’s past record is as leader, as authority will have to pass Saturn’s test. Whoever aligns with the North Node in Canada’s chart now wins the prize.



Isn’t Lillith a chick musical fair? Yes and no. Even though the name Lillith was popularized by a number of female musicians she has a far deeper and ancient history. Lillith was the Archetypal first woman before Eve. She was according to the myth/story created from the Earth, Adam’s equal. When Adam tried to dominate her sexually she refused and left Paradise stating angrily that she refused to be dominated. No amount of cajoling form God’s angels could get her to come back, so she remained in exile by the Red Sea. Lillith was then demonized, scapegoated as a Harpy, hag, delinquent, devourer of her children and newborns. Lillith is the shadow, the dark side of the Female God, the Shekinah. Lillith’s positive sides symbolizes the strength to believe in one’s self and to back up by actions one’s emotional needs. Lillith represents independence of all authority, even God’s to be true to oneself. Rebels, hermits, free-thinkers, people who reject the status quo, independents, Feminists are all under Lillith’s aegis. Lillith became demonized because she represents man’s greatest primal fear- of rejection by the Feminine, fear of not being loved, nurtured

So Pluto is about to conjunct Canada’s Lillith. Lillith is in Capricorn in the 9th house Natally. Capricorn  represents Corporations, big business, tradition, status quo, in the 9th house it blends with philosophies, laws, education, religion, foreigners, freedom, truth, humour, optimism. Since this aspect is soon to be exact, this indicates a breaking free, an independence of thoughts and deeds, a transformation from the old status quo Big Business, a new philosophy, new laws, independence from American leaders, breaking away from all old politics with regards to foreigners, religion, laws, a need for openness and honesty of politicians and changes in immigration laws.





Born April 30 1959 no birth time in Toronto, noon chart

MY PREDICTION - NOT GOOD, IF he is re-elected, no majority for sure for you Mr. Harper


Ascendant 5 degrees of Leo-leader, will, self expression

Sun at 9 dgerees of Taurus in the 10th house, power,stature

Moon at 19 degrees of Aquarius in the 7th, relationships

Mercury at 12 degrees of Aries in the 9th, impulsive,politics

Venus at 18 degrees of Gemini, in 11th house, parliament

Mars at 11 degrees of Cancer in the 12th, karma

Jupiter at 29 of Scorpio, Retrograde in the 5th,self expression

Saturn RX, 6 degrees of Capricorn in 6th, work, business

Uranus,12 degrees of Leo in 1st house, individual self

Neptune,Rx,5 degrees of Scorpio in 4th, delusions of self

Pluto Retro 1 degree of Virgo in 2nd, power resources

North Node 12 Libra in 3rd, communications, balance

Mid Heaven 20 Aries- warrior, brash, bossy

Chiron at 27 degrees of Taurus in 8th, wounded re. money


Election Day doesn’t look good for Mr. Harper.  Retrograde Neptune is conjunct his Moon right now which means he is in la la land and may be feeling somewhat ungrounded and out of touch with people emotionally. Neptune rules-oil, illusions, delusions, fantasy, escapism, credit cards, karma as ruler of Pisces.  Transitting Mars is conjunct his Retrograde Neptune in the 4th house of his home and roots, ie: angry about oil prices, delusions of grandeur, about the state of debt which Mr. Harper has been in denial about. Neptune Retro natally shows a chameleonlike character. People will see him as off in la la land. Transittiing North Node and Chiron the wounded healer are also conjunct his Moon and that shows where the wounds are and what we need to aspire to. People will see him as a failed leader. Venus ruler of money, values, beauty is in Scorpio conjunct his Retrograde Jupiter. Venus in Scorpio means the grim reaper if not aligned with Her values. Jupiter in Scorpio represents big power, resources, secrets, control. So methinks this does not bode well for Harper’s big cutbacks s in education and health. Uranus ruler of revolution and Saturn are both squaring his Venus, his values and they are in opposition with Saturn {limitations, obstacles} in his 2nd house of finances and his 9th house of philosophy. So expect the unexpected Mr. Harper, you’re getting the double punch whammy.

The Sun is at the bottom of his chart. He will not be shining in public. The Moon is in his 10th house of career, so his emotions may enable him to stay in power. BUT.

Pluto is moving in to conjunct his Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn over the next 3.5 years.

Pluto removes what is wasteful, outworn.  Pluto rules power and riches. So Mr. Harper’s Saturn, his authority is going to be overhauled big time.




b. July 18 1950 Montreal no birth time, noon chart for a public figure



Ascendant 9 degrees of Libra, fairminded, peace. relationship

Sun at 24 degrees of Cancer in 10th house of leadership

Moon at 7 degrees of Virgo in 11th house of Parliament. critical

Mercury,3 degrees Leo in 10th house-communicates with authority and power

Venus at 25 degrees of Gemini in  9th house, loves to debate

Mars,16 degrees of Libra in 1st house,  agressive  peacemaker

Jupiter Retrograde, 6 degrees Pisces in 5th house, big charitable compassionate

Saturn, 15 Virgo in 12 house, structure with institutions, authority behind the scenes

Uranus, 6 Cancer in 9th house on the M.C. revolutionary leader

Neptune,14 Libra in 1st house, idealistic, dreamer, compassion

Pluto at 17 degrees of Leo in 11th, power, groups in Parliament

North Node, zero degrees of Aries in  6th house,work, service

Chiron, 16 degrees of Sagittarius in 3rd house,communication


On election day things look very good for Mr. Layton. The Sun is in his 1st house, conjunct his Mars. His identity and actions will shine as an independent boss. The Sun squares his Sun giving oomph. The Moon is in his 7th house indicating popularity, squaring his Sun. Squares cause things to move.

Retrograde Mercury is in his 12th house but on his Ascendant indicating that he is coming out of the background, his thinking and identity are coming to the fore. But Mercury Retro may make his communications seem waffly. Mercury squares his Uranus indicating brilliant new thinking and seeing the big picture. Venus is in his 2nd house of values. This is a natural fit. Venus is Trine his Sun indicating great favour and adoration. Mars is in his 2nd house of values and resources. People will see him as a champion a hard worker, someone who takes action. Mars is trining his Uranus in the 6th making him popular with ordinary people, workers, giving him an unexpected edge. Jupiter the bestower is in his 4th house of foundation, roots indicating an expanded, wide popularity. Jupiter squares his Neptune exactly bringing him expansion to his ideals in terms of law, philosophy, education.

Saturn is the big key in Jack Layton’s election outcome. Saturn has just crossed his Natal Saturn he is experiencing his 2nd Saturn return. This is where the hard work of many years consolidates your status. Saturn rules his I.C. the foundation of his chart. Saturn is in his 12th house of karma, institutions, psychology, endings, spirituality, dreams. I would say that this is a very karmic time for Jack. He projects an everyman, hard working image. Saturn in the 12th is very compassionate. The Saturn Uranus opposition falls on his 6th, 12th house axis. Uranus in his 6th house of work and service squares his Venus and his Chiron. He will be seen as a revolutionary big picture thinker in his valuing of people’s wounds from lost jobs and in economic hard times.  Neptune is in his 5th house of love given, opposite his Pluto. Neptune is the “higher octave” of Venus. Pluto is power and riches. If he is truly a compassionate idealistic leader Pluto can enrich him.  Pluto is in his 3rd house opposite his Venus in the 9th. This can bring power through speaking and communicating effectively.

Pluto is also most importantly Squaring his North Node at Zero degrees of Aries. Planets or points at zero degrees of Cardinal signs, the beginning of every season are extra potent. Pluto will bring power to Mr. Laytons’ fresh new approach.

The transiting North Node and Chiron are opposite his Pluto. The South Node is conjunct his Pluto indicating he is inline with the aches and pains of the people. The North Node in aspect to Pluto is very karmic, a unique time for people to come into their own.




BORN June 9 1954 Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.

MY PREDICTION-very good, many gains,


Ascendant 10 Virgo, intellectual, earthy,service

Sun at 18 degrees Gemini in 10th, duality, leader

Moon  at 2 Degrees of Libra in 1st, emotional, peace

Mercury, 12 degrees  Cancer in 11th, emotional thinker, groups,

Venus 20 degrees of Cancer in 11th, protective, nurturing, revolutionary

Mars Retrograde at 6 Capricorn in 4th, a fighter in business

Jupiter Retrograde in Cancer in 10th, reformer in nurturing, foundation, hold back doing things big

Saturn Retro 3 degrees of Scorpio in 3rd, conservative administrator, intense reformer

Uranus, 21 degrees of Cancer in 11th, a revolutionary Mother, cutting edge thinker

Neptune Retrograde at 23 degrees of Libra in 2nd house, idealist in relationships, balance

Pluto 22 degrees of Leo in 12th, power, resources, change in instituitions, karma,

Chiron at 27 of Capricorn in 5th creative healer ofr corporations, big business

North Node at 15 degrees of Capricorn in 5th


Ms. MAy's political possibilities look like they are really on the up and up these days.

She has Saturn, structure, in her 1st house now consolidating her platform,squaring her Sun and  Trining her North Node this brings benefits for consolidating her highest goals.  Uranus the revolutionary planet is squaring her Sun to. People who want to be cutting edge will vote Green.

Mercury is retrograde near her Moon on election day and this may hamper communications. Mercury will be Squaring her Mercury which should help though. Jupiter the planet of opening doors, is sitting on her North Node right now meaning she will have a huge following for she is exactly in the right place at the right time {North Node}. Mars is conjunct her Saturn right now to, giving her a push to her platform.

The Sun will be Squaring her Venus on Election Day highlighting her values, and also Squaring her Uranus hilighting her forward thinking. Sun will also conjunct her Neptune which is the planet of dreams, healing, compassion,higher love.




U.S. Natal "Sibly" Chart & Lunar Eclipse March 14 06 Washington, D.C.

In the World Picture this Eclipse falls in the U.S. Natal Chart with the Moon in their Natal 9th house, of foreigners, justice etc. and the Sun in the U.S.'s 3rd house of communications. The Eclipse aligns with the U.S. Natal Neptune at 22 degrees of Virgo and Neptune rules oil.  Transiting Pluto on the Galactic Centre is in the U.S.'s  1st house of Identity opposite the U.S. Natal Mars located at 21 degrees of Gemini in their 7th house of "others." Put it all together and that spells. A major change in the U.S. identity and how it acts, aggresses and defends itself in the World at large, and this has to do with illusions {Neptune} about natural resources {Virgo}.  North Star, Juno, conjunct the U.S. Natal Mars. Interestingly transiting Mars is sitting right on the U.S. 7th house or Descendant at 13 degrees of Gemini at the time of Eclipse. Both Mars and Pluto rule the sign of Scorpio. And Scorpio always flushes out the hidden secrets and agendas of power and control. So I predict a major flushing through the Justice system-read impeachment. The Moon rules the public. This ousting of Dubya has been on my list of predictions for along time. The U.S. threatened with change and letting go of power may up the ante and Mars like charge ahead to invade those foreign lands for their natural resources. Pluto also rules atomic energy of course and there could also be major atomic bomb threats, or a nuclear accident, a la Chernobyl. But I sincerely hope not.
Mr. Bush not feeling so bright eyed and bushy tailed is feeling the pain as Saturn is retrograding over his Ascendant, so his public image is at an all time low and Chiron is sitting right on his descendant. And I'd say that when Saturn goes direct April 5th and crosses his Ascendant in May it'll be bye bye Bush. But my husband adds, how can you impeach someone who was never elected?
Good point.My husbands prognostication is that Bush feeling trapped, like a rat inside of a black box, will attack some foreign country so that the U.S. will be further at war and cannot be thrown out of office unless some Congressional fast tap dancing takes place as I mentioned above. I am not an expert on U.S. law.

Canada Birth Chart and Election Day 2006 Transits

..Election Day 2006

OH Canada,
You're a nice big country, with a lot of surprises lurking behind all those natural resources.
Born with the Sun in Cancer, like your older relative South of the Border. The Sun symbolizes identity, and with the Sun in Cancer that makes the Canadian identity traditional, defensive, rooted, connected to the Feminine values of mothering, nurturing, protecting, feeding. The Sun is in the 4th house, the place where the sign of  Cancer naturally is,so Canada's identity feels comforting, like a nest, like home, safe, private, like the womb, the 4th house symbolizes land, the sea, so it's Mom and maple syrup in this case, not Apple Pie. Canadians don't boast, with Sun in the most private sector of the Horoscope, the 4th.
But, the Sun is exactly conjunct that radical Planet Uranus whose axis tilts at a 90 degree angle. Uranus is the rebel planet, also known for shock, upheaval, higher communications, inventions, technology, humanitarian desires and a non-egoistic detachment. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone here, as well as Jonas Salk his polio vaccine which helped millions. Canada is known for its' open door policy for immigrants, and they are not known for being very passionate, but radical? There's a big jolt lurking under the bed, hidden away in that 4th house at midnight, and it's not from the loose wires on the electric blanket.  Only real Canadians know for sure. 
I Am A Canadian. 
Canada's Moon or emotionally instinctive responses are in Gemini at 28 degrees to be precise. The Moon, the most fluctuating of planets in the airy masculine sign shows an emotional need for ambiguity, seeing both sides of something, craving information, sensation, busy-ness. Canada's emotional nature is youthfull, like "Peter Pan" naive, immature, it's nervous and highly energized. Those Canadian emotions are Mercurial and so we may never really know what those Canadians are feeling. Moon is in a hermaphroditic sign, meaning both sexes, so the legalization of same sex marriages is a natural outpouring of the Moon here.
The Moon is conjunct the North Star Polaris. Canada isn't known as the Great White NORTH for nothing. The North Star invokes aspirations, inspirations, it was the lead star of sailors and explorers in the Northern Hemisphere for thousands of years.
Very near the Moon, there is a massive quasar at 26 degrees of Gemini which is part of a Galactic "pipeline" alignment because it is opposite the Galactic Centre, the Black Hole at the Centre of our Milky Way Galaxy. Thes Quasar balances the energy imploded by the Galactic Centre by disgorging it. This is a very important point for the Moon to be at, symbolizing emotional and instinctual responses of  rebirth of lost light, matter and  energy indicating Canada's import in the Grand Picture.  {No one can understand how Canadians feel and communicate.They are so far out..only the moose know}.
Canada's Sun/ego is in a Feminine sign and her Moon, is in a Masculine sign, but this can bring an alchemical magic and balance. Her poles are wired opposite, is Canada pan- sexual? ... or maybe just ever screwed up identities. . { must be that loose wiring in the electric blanket}
Canada has its' Ascendant, mask or persona in Aries, indicating a fiery,young, energetic, pioneering, stubborn, independent, impetuousness. Canadians act before they think and then get themselves into hot water. {they need the heat.}
Canada has lots of renewable energy {Aries} .  Planet Mars,rules acttion, defensiveness, in Virgo rules the Aries Ascendant.   Canada is accountable, neat, clean, organized, can be bureaucratic, known for its too self-critical nature and very nit-picky over details and how things should be done. Virgo is devoted to help others, is the house of Health, so a social Health system- Mars in Virgo, shows its' direction. This country will act to protect its' citizens' health. Mars in Virgo in the 6th house means Canada has a very diligent work ethic and dedication to serve others, but they always see themselves as inferior,as the 6th House is traditionally the House of servants. 
The other surprise about Canada is that Neptune planet of idealism, delusion, illusion, glamour, higher love, spirituality, addictions, artistry, music, bliss, secrets, self-undoing, hidden enemies,and  karma is right on this countries' Ascendant. Any planet sitting in conjunction with another planet or primary point like the Ascendant is very important and blends its' energies with whatever it touches..
Who woulda thunk it that Canadians are so Neptunian? Deluded? Hooked by the glamour of their leering neighbour to the south? Yes, Canadians have become major players on the World's stage for musicians, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Glenn Gould, Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, etc. in music, and literature, and for actors- Neptune, rules film.. Hollywood North should be booming. Are Canadians in a big fog? Do they secretly or not so secretly undo themselves?
Mercury, symbolizes how Canada communicates is in Leo. Canadians can be proud intellectually, think big, talk a lot about courage, the arts -C.B.C., they can speak straight from the heart, they like to party hearty, think they are superior to everyone else, and communicate with fun-lots of famous Canadian comics.  They communicate in a very self-expressive, give a lot away manner. They over do it.
Venus planet of love and values is in Gemini, at the middle degree. Venus in Gemini makes your values change minute to minute, affected by whoever it is you're trying to win over to your cause. Venus vacillates its values. One minute Canadians are angels, next minute their devils. Apparently they're just trying to figure out relationships. But their feelings are ambiguous, immature, flighty, in their heads. You may never know what a Canadian is feeling. Haven't we heard this motif before?
Give 'em information of any kind, they won't be too discerning, they love volume.
Canada's Jupiter is in Pisces, the best place for Jupiter to be, and in Pisces natural house, the 12th. Canada's nature is easy going, optimistic, sports is religion, open armed to foreigners, deeply spiritual, religion is freedom,and many nationalities will be drawn to its' altruistic nature. Education is important, tolerance, sports, the outdoors, horses, animals and animal rights, philosophy -Marshall McLuhan comes to mind, the arts, music will all be backed by the justice or governing system for support. Canada may be so open hearted to foreigners that this may be its self-undoing {12th house} unless Jupiterian laws are in place to make things fair for all. Canada's water supply. Pisces may be one of its' resources which it must legislate carefully. Legal matters over water rights,may hold up the courts endlessly. Also a too easy going, laise faire legal attitude {Jupiter} will also prove the self-undoing of Canada if these are not brought up to modern technologicalities.  
Now we get to Saturn, Saturn is in Scorpio and Retrograde in the 7th House of partnerships. Saturn the patriarchal, status quo indicates Canada's conservative nature. In Scorpio, there will always be underhanded power plays and much turmoil and struggles for control in the governments. The 7th House of them-I take this to mean the "others" or people of Canada. Saturn is Retrograde indicating struggles with who owns this country. Not too sure of itself Canada will easily bow down to bigger threats and may always feel in bondage to others. Yet the 7th House cusp is Libra, indicating a balanced approach in handling it's business matters. Canada will always be known as "nice." Yet the Saturn in Scorpio nature here is driven to constantly build up and tear down, and being Retrograde means a lot of energy is lost on redoing the same lesson over and over again, driving with the brakes on and never getting the karmic lesson.  {Need the karmic mechanic}.
Pluto is in the 1st house of identity. Pluto is power and the soul of this Country. It rules the collective unconscious of Canada. Deep down this is a powerfull country, with great natural resources in earthy Taurus. Nuclear energy will be a prime initiative but with Saturn opposite, any weak structures will not bear up for long. Canadians could get what they wanted if they weren't hampered by their past karma on a collective level - Pluto opposite Saturn. This aspect demands constant unrelenting soul searching {Pluto} whilst the status quo tries vainly {Saturn Retrograde} to keep things retro,safe and non-technical or modernized. This could be this countries major stumbling block. Pluto in the 1st is always transforming the country's identity and power base..
Canada's Chiron, { looks like headphones} is a comet with a 50 year orbit discovered in 1977 which symbolizes an unhealed wound- is in the 12th house in Pisces and square the Moon. Emotionally the People of this country,represented by the Moon come here very wounded, and they try to put this behind them, to deny it, or they become addicts, to work, collective rituals, sports, beer, television, the media. They refuse to grow up and become mature {Gemini}  they refuse to take an authentic stand, yet potentially the Moon is in an incredibly fortuitous place. The key for this Country is to spiritualize and heal the wounds of their collective citizens. Especially the Native Canadians,who had their land, culture and traditions stolen from them. Canadians could, through being authentic with their symbolic and collective wounds, aspire to realizing a way of life with a totally compassionate view of all life, all religions, all relations and work things out collectively through communicating {Gemini} intelligently and balances all. 
And Finally  we get to Election Day 2006
shown as the outer ring of the Confederation Natal chart you will see where the planets will be and how the sacred geometry of the transiting planets interacts with the natal chart.
This is like an explosive reaction set to go off! The "Grand Cross" formed by transiting planets Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn  in Leo, Neptune opposite Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Taurus is falling right on Canada's Natal Pluto/ Saturn Opposition. Transiting Pluto and Saturn were in opposition when 911 happened. Canada lives with that kind of intense opposition all the time. To have Mars conjunct Natal Pluto in Taurus- both planets rule Scorpio, with Jupiter now in Scorpio opposite that is very dire! It symbolizes a head on collision. Canada is also experiencing Jupiter conjunct their natal Saturn indicating a brand new cycle in this countries evolution. This is a balancing effect.
But there is another MAJOR influence unfolding here and that is Pluto at 25 degrees of Sagittarius opposing the country's Moon. Both these planets symbolize the people, the collective. Pluto is the great transformer and in the 9th house its power is being brought to bear on our feelings our instincts and how we communicate {3rd house Moon} with Jupiterian, Sagittarian, higher philosophies, more open mindedness, more power for education, religious tolerance, immigrants, truth that includes all, and an overall philosophy which aims and aspires for the highest of spiritual truths. But its' backlash is religious fanaticism, closing off of communications, ambiguousness {Gemini Moon}. As with all oppositions balance is required.
Pluto's energy is felt as destructive in accordance with the withholding from and adherence to the old outworn, backwards grasping of power, rather than the forward moving surrender to new growth, new ideas and innovation. As the people, the Moon, we may be deeply split or ambiguous about making clear choices which will definitely affect this countries future.
Canada's power will be transformed for better or worse anyway, as, In exactly 6 years in 2012 Pluto will be sitting exactly on Canada's Mid-Heaven , 10th House or highest Career house in the chart. Canada's role as a prime country may be totally overhauled between now and then.  
Transiting Uranus is sitting on Canada's natal Jupiter and so expect big radical changes and upheavals. Expect the unexpected on election day.
Also synchronistically Mercury, Chiron and the Sun in early degrees of Aquarius are in a tight group on this day opposing the nations' Mercury. Mercury is opposite Mercury making this a "Full Moon" for the planet of communications. Much shouting of opposing sides going on here. The wound in the egos and how communications are being handled or mishandled will be fully obvious. Aquarian communications involve humanitarian rights, dignity for all groups, higher consciousness, and ego less devotion to revolutionize the status quo.
The Moon will be in Scorpio, so again, transformation but power, control, deep secrets, and a very emotionally intense day. Remember this is all happening under a Venus Retrograde period so we are re-evaluating our values.
Moon will conjunct Jupiter so there should be big voter turnout. Moon will square Neptune so you may forget who you voted for. Wait, it's not over yet.
Then,YIKES! lastly but most importantly the Moon goes Void-of-Course at 4: 53 PM EST!
1:53 PM PST
Polls don't close till 9:30 Pm E.S.T.
What the ^+ % # *! is that?
As the Moon makes its last aspect with a planet before it enters the next sign, at that time- the moon is referred to as being void-of-course.  It is out of contact with signs or planets. It is in limbo or in the Twilight Zone, kind of Zombie like. The Moon must have her down times to, so this is what VOID is. Remember, the Moon represents the instincts of the People. 
During Void Moon times plans or decisions do not pan out. Instincts are on hold, scattered, fuzzy, vague. Actions initiated under a void-of-course-Moon are directionless, wasted, irrelevant or incorrect-
usually because information needed to make a sound decision is hidden, missing, or overlooked.
Think of the Universe sending you a big million dollar cheque but it has a big VOID written across it. Who is going to get this cheque? the P.M. P.M?  The Harper? Who is going to deliver it to Canada?
Void-of-couse Moon, it's great for planning for things you don't want to do or expect to fulfill. The consequences affect YOU-the people, the children, the elderly and poor and the unconscionable corporatii.
She won't be out of Void until till Tuesday the 24th at 1:38 PM. EST. They'll be lots of late vote counting. Void of course Moon is great for meditating, doing ordinary things, assimilating the last few days.
This is the time of universal loopholes
on Election Day. Vote early!
Vote Late and watch how irrelevant wasted, and directionless this election will turn out.
Under all this kind of Cosmic Tension I hope that thse loopy loophole times don't loop into the kind that lassoed that last Presidential "election" of 2002 and 2004. You know what I'm talkin' about here? Our joined at the hip Siamese evil twin,neighbours, those whom we look down upon. I hope we don't come out of this Election Harpooned onto Bush and ending up like a beached whale.
I still believe that Canada, in all its' blessed naiveté, has integrity, some kind of justice, and can live up to its potential and its' idealistic aspirations.

"Uncharted Waters 06" drawing by Napoleon Brousseau

Election Aftermath-Harpooned into Uncharted Waters
A Political Drawing by Napoleon Brousseau of my colourful newsletter metaphor of getting Harpooned onto Bush and Canada ending up like a beached Whale.
As requested by my friend, Joseph Mark Cohen, Kabbalistic Astrologer, poet and world wide travel guide to Sacred Sites amongst many other delightful talents, that my husband Napoleon Brousseau make a political drawing of such.

Stephane Dion Liberal Leader

Stephane Dion Natal Chart

Stephane Dion was elected the new leader of the Liberal Party in Canada on Dec. 2, 2006. Let's look at his Natal or Birth Chart to see what his future holds.

I do not have a birth time for Mr. Dion so for a public figure, one uses 12:00 PM. Mr. Dion was born Sept. 28, 1955 in Quebec City.

public figure, one uses 12:00 PM.



Mr. Dion has 4 planets in Libra,his Sun, Venus, Neptune and Mercury.

His identity, communications, values and ideals are for balance, peace, harmony. He has high aesthetic goals, loves beauty, is a great diplomat, a highly mental-oriented person. He has poise.

He has  more Airy influence in his chart. The Moon is in revolutionary Aquarius plus Chiron and his South Node is in Gemini. This man is an intellectual, a person who feels and sees the higher goals of a humanitarian world.

He also has lots of Fire. Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are all in Leo.

He is a great leader, a visionary, inventive, philosophical, has great judgement, a born teacher, traveler, mover of power.

He has only one planet in water and that is Saturn in Scorpio. This is good for financial structuring. He is a perfectionist. Serious. Incredible will power and leadership skills, Can route out secrets and corruption.

And only one planet in Earth and that is Mars in Virgo. He is a warrior of the earth. He is devoted to work and service.


Mr. Dion has his Sun at 4 degrees of Libra. He strives for balance, for peace, his identity is airy, he is a thinker. He has great taste, loves rich things. He is devoted to others, partnerships, he does not like to be alone, he is sociable, refined. 

 His Moon is 26 degrees of Aquarius, also an Air sign. He is a very rebellious person. He will always question the status quo, he is offbeat, a unique thinker, an inventor, has a very quick mind which is tied into his emotions. People may find him distant, or dry, but he is a world server, a humanitarian, who works well in groups. He is inventive; he is striving emotionally to find a group to work with, who will revolutionize the old staid ways. He taps into collective higher consciousness and Moon in his 2nd house denotes that these are his values and how he makes his living, he is a teacher.


Mercury, representing his thinking and communications style is at 28 degrees of Libra. His thinking is balanced, he has a good way with words, he is a good conciliator, and always brings the other person into the communications. He is artful in his choice of words, a man who craves peace, beauty and balance in his mind and speech.


Venus is at 12 degrees of Libra. Venus is in her ruling sign and so very strong. Venus shows what we love, how we want to be loved, values, aesthetics, luxury, the arts, romance, creativity. Mr. Dion has excellent taste; he is diplomatic to a fault. Everything he values is elegant, beautiful. He is very aesthetic, he loves nature. His sincere values are to being beauty harmony and balance into the world. He wants to be loved for being a fair, peaceful man. Venus is only 8 degrees from his Sun so are considered to be in conjunction, their energies are blended. So who you see and what he speaks about is what he really values.


Mars is at 20 degrees of Virgo. Mars is one's actions, what one defends. For a man it is the essential way he projects himself through his masculinity. Mr. Dion's Mars is in Earthy Virgo; he is a warrior for the earth, Virgo being the sign of the harvest. He was the Environmental Minister, how appropriate. He won the election coming from behind as a dark horse, and his platform was first and foremost the environment. He is ideally suited to lead the campaign to bring the environment back into balance. Mars squares his North Node his highest spiritual goal exactly. Mr. Dion is very intelligent; he gets all the facts and details and has an incredible organizational and analytical ability. He will fight for the earth, and has the brains to deal with all the details too.


Mr. DIon's Jupiter is at 22 degrees of Leo. Jupiter in Leo shows him to have a very large capacity to lead; this is the sign of Kings. Jupiter rules philosophy, belief systems, higher education, the law, expansion, optimism. This is an ideal position for the leader of a country.


Saturn is at 18 degrees of Scorpio. Saturn rules limitations, obstacles, time, structure, business, corporations. Scorpio is the sign of  other peoples money, transformation, rebirth, intense power, the ability to see through people, fixed will, highly emotional, controlled, good researchers and leaders. Saturn in Scorpio can be either ruthless control to gain power,or the ability to transform the patriarchal status quo through relentless will. Mr. Dion has studied the structures from his ability to see through the people and the politics, he understands how it works. He has amazing will power, once setting his will on a goal he will be relentless, leaving everyone else behind exhausted by his stamina.

This literally means the power to control and  transform the re- structuring of finances.


Uranus is at 1 degree of Leo, this is a transpersonal planet, but again the theme is revolutionizing who has control, upsetting status quos. Brilliant thinking for leadership.


Neptune is at 27 degrees of Libra. Neptune in Libra is also a generational planet. All the baby boomer sof Mr. Dion's age will have the same idealism, the same higher values, are tuned into a mystical dream together. The baby boomers will support Mr. Dion as he exemplifies their vision. His ideal is a balanced harmonious world.


Pluto is at 27 degrees of Leo. Pluto represents power, the Soul. Mr. DIon's Pluto is conjunct the fixed star Regulus, Star of Kings, and of the Archangel Raphael, the healing angel. In Ancient times this would have marked him out for greatness. This is a sure sign of a leader, a self-expressive person, confident, benevolent.

Mr. Dion's Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct! This is the millionaire's aspect. Bill Gates has these 2 planets together in the 2nd house of wealth. Go figure. This is a very powerful combination to have. Pluto rules nuclear energy, waste and it's management. I see this as a very powerful leader who will find transformative ways of dealing with the waste, recycling, and who has enormous personal power and strength.


Mr. Dion's Chiron is at 0 degrees of Aquarius. He understands intellectually and has the vision to see and know where the wounds are, he feels them personally and has the oversight or higher vision to boldly bring in new ideas, ideas that benefit humanity, the necessity of groups at different levels co-operating to make a better life for all citizens.

Mr. Dion's chart shows a powerful T square. One or more planets are opposite another which are mutually squared by a third. In his case, the planets involved are that powerfull Jupiter Pluto opposite his Moon and squared by serious Saturn. That extremely potent Jupiter + Pluto are counterbalanced by his Moon, his instincts, his unconscious,his emotional instinctual responses. He will be emotionally, very personally tied into whatever the objects that he philosophically belives in, and he will do everything under his enormous potential for power to change, to transform to make it better. Saturn is squaring these 3 planets for him. Saturn is serious business indeed.

Mr, Dion has the structure,the status and the copiorate know how to organize and build solidly a new wealthy, positive, idealistic, environmental centered, future oriented humanitarian devoted government. He is devoted to peace, with all his Libran planets. He is an excellent diplomat. He appears cool and intellectual which he is, but he is also very forcefull,powerfull fixed in his determination &  honest.


How does his chart fit in with Canada’s birth chart?

Well, Canadas Saturn in it’s birth chart is at 17 degrees of Scorpio, a degree away from Stephane’s. Now that’s a karmic connection if I ever saw one.

Canada’s North Node, or highest spiritual goal is at 16 degrees of Virgo. Mr. Dion’s Mars is at 20 degrees of Virgo.  He could be the greatest leader Canada’s ever had. Embodying the earthy values that Canada has, a warrior to protect the land and the resources into its’ highest future goals.

Canada’s Moon representing the feelings of the people is at 28 degrees of Gemini and is being transitted  by a Pluto opposition all through 2007. Pluto means change- big time. Mr. Dion’s Moon is at 26 degrees of Aquarius. His Moon trines Canada’s this is a very positive connection.

GABBY DOUGLAS Gold Medal Astrology Chart

What makes an Olympic Champion

The world is enraptured by the London Olympics, the ancient Greek athletic games that were resurrected in the 20th century.

Of course Mount Olympus was ruled by Zeus, the bearded God and head honcho,equivalent to the Nordic THOR, thunderbolt throwing,and his infamy for chameleon like disguises to seduce and rape women with. Zeus is also a planet, can you guess which one?

Been some big Gold medal winners for the U.S. What makes one an athletic champion? Can we see it in their astrology charts?

GABBY DOUGLAS the pint-sized American gymnast who also won the individual all around Champion Gold medal in 2012

Gabby Douglas Olympic Gold medal Winner
Tara Greene champion Astrologer deciphers

The diminutive 4 ft 11 inch Gabby, born on December 31 1995 in Virgina Beach Virgina. No confirmed birth time for her yet, so a Noon hour chart is used for a famous person.Interesting she was born in Virgin Beach as this is where famed "Sleeping prophet" psychic Edgar Cayce's foundation is.

Where is the Champ in Gabby's chart? Quintuple Capricorn, Moon in Taurus very very earthy and embodied

Gabby is born under the hard-working disciplined sign of Capricorn and she is what I'd call a Quintuple Cap. having 4 planets plus one asteroid JUNO, which is the specific FEMININE form of Genius. Gabby has the Sun conjunct MARS - action, drive, athletes have strong Mars in their chart.

She also has her Moon is stubborn focused body focused TAURUS, That's a lot of earth!

She has MARS CONJUNCT NEPTUNE, her dream and her drive, her will and her soul are combined.

Gabby has Juno, Mercury- {thinking} and Uranus combined. She thinks outside the box.

Her birth chart is deceptively focussed and simple.

Venus which rules her loves is at 12 degrees of Aquarius. She wants to be her own unique individual, she loves the world in a detached way. What better way than to have secured a Gold Medal at the Olympics. The world loves her too.

SATURN the ruler of all those Capricorn planets, also rules Aquarius in Ancient Astrology is at 19 degrees of Pisces, making Gabby a very spiritual girl,compassionate, kind. She will make a fabulous world peace ambassador. Saturn in Pisces is karmic, Bodhisattva's have this aspect. I believe she was a very enlightened being in a past life and has come back now to be a go between.

Her North Node, her highest spiritual goal, is at 23 degrees Libra, it natally squares her MARS & NEPTUNE conjunct in Capricorn, the natural 10th house of fame and worldly power. Her highest goal is to act on her spiritual dream.

Her South Node in Aries symbolizes that she was a man in a past life, a warrior, I see her as an Asian martial arts expert.She came into this world with innate grace and phuysical skills.

Gabby has Pluto at 1 degree and Jupiter at the 29th critical degree of Sagittarius. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. Jupiter is Zeus.

Sagittarius and Aries are associated with athletics, sports. Gabby has Jupiter in its home sign. Her Jupiter at the very last degree is a SUPER JUPITER. Her soul is that of a Sag. she is casual easy-going, optimistic, honest. She is an International soul.

August 2 2012

ON the day she won the gold medals transiting SATURN< planet of KARMA was exactly on her NORTH NODE.

Saturn, ruling all her Capricorn planets was also EXACTLY squaring her MARS-action,drive and her NAtal NEPTUNE making concrete and repeating her natal aspect! WOW what could be more literal than that?

Transiting North Node, at 1 degree of Sagittarius is exactly on her natal PLUTO.

Transiting URANUS- planet of unexpected changes, was Squaring her Capricorn SUN.

PLUTO- Planet of champions!

Were you born in 1989?

if so you have at least 3 planets in Capricorn. Everyone born up till early Jan 1996- late 1996 has at least 2 planets in Capricorn.

Pluto conjunct Gabby's SUN!

transiting PLUTO had already crossed her SUN earlier this year. Pluto transits to the Sun can bring Huge power, riches, fame to the one who is definitely on their true soul's path.

Everyone born with Planets in Capricorn, Sun,Moon Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn and Uranus Neptune will have already experienced or will be about to experience the effects of Pluto crossing those planets.

Every person born since 1988 will have had this ONCE IN A LIFETIME transit and will continue to have their soul's purpose revealed over the next 11 years.

Pluto has the rep for destroying. But it only destroys what is outworn, not working. Pluto is the great recycler, death, rebirth, transformation. The KEY is to be listening to your soul whispering to you what your true mission is. Then you get the bIg rewards

Jupiter was opposite Gabby's Pluto months earlier brings BIG WINS!.

Venus was just past squaring Gabby's Saturn and reaching an opposition to JUPITER.

YOu get the picture.

Interested to find out your champion potential?

Get an ASTROLOGY chart reading http://www.taratarot.com/id78.html

Watch the video ONCE IN A LIFETIME! by Talking Heads from the Album Remain in Light released Feb 2,1981 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1wg1DNHbNU

when BTW Jupiter & Saturn were exactly conjunct @ 10 and 9 degrees of Libra ( Rx) exactly square to PLuto NOW!


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