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The wheel of Time

Copyright  2002-2017 Tara Greene - All Rights Reserved

I adore Astrology. We do have free will, but as everything is interconnected the planets do exert their stellar pull on all sentinent beings.  The Planets have always been considered to be Gods and Goddesses since the beginning of Time. The Fixed Stars of the Constellations were considered to be angels andmarkers of destiny.  Ever since I was a teenager I kept meeting Astrologers who would decipher my Birth chart.

Then I started to read, study and focus. Since the 70's I have studied, been obsessed with and analyzed thousands of astrology charts and done hundreds upon hundreds of readings. 

The Moon and planets are constantly moving, the Ascendant in every birth chart changes every four minutes!

You owe it to yourself to have your birth chart analyzed by an astrologer who can explain you to you.  Ongoing Astrology updates for your transits, and for the New and Full moons and eclipses each year is also wise advise.

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Astrology Signs

Everyone reads their Horoscopes' Sun sign in the newspapers or on the Internet these days. Each Sun Sign will Star in their own liite "movie" here.

 It's important to know what the Stars, Moon and Planets are impelling us on the real level vibrationally and as well as symbolically. Astrology is an ancient science/art which interprets the symbolic meanings of the phases of Evolution mirrored to us in the skies for ourselves, countries, and the entire race of humans. The word disaster itself has Astrological meaning it means- without a star.


Feb 18th 

It’s Pisces time to shine, or to be more precise, flow. Pisces the last sign of the Zodiac, is the most fluid, it has no boundaries, it is connected to oceanic spiritual consciousness and Oneness. Pisces is a mutable changing sign, like water it adapts to its surroundings.

Pisces is the most sensitive of the signs, they are the great psychic sponges, or canaries in the gold mine. Pisces ruled by planet Neptune, is otherworldly, highly sensitive and intuitive, full of compassion, sympathy, self-sacrificing, can be martyr’s. Tuned into higher vibrations, music, the arts, and mysticism. Neptune’s realm is also full of illusions, delusions, fantasy, romance, addictions, denial, healing, film and photography, viruses, false messiahs, gurus, and faith.

Pisces is the 12th sign of the Zodiac and rules, retreats, introspection, mental health, institutions, secrets, karma, subconscious,endings. Pisces rules the veins and feet.

Pisces Colours: sea blue, sea green, lavender and silver

Gemstone: Aquamarine and Moonstone                                   Metals: tin

Famous Pisces people:

Artists:                                                                                 Michaelangelo; Renoir

Writers and Poets:                                                                              Longfellow {the feet}; Jack Kerouac; Elizabeth B. Browning; Anais Nin; John Updike;

Inventors: Alexander Graham Bell; Albert Einstein; Galileo Galilei;

Politicians: George Washington; Ralph Nader;

Actors: Michael Caine, Elizabeth Taylor, Sidney Poitier,

Dancer: Rudolph Nureyev;

Musicians and Singers:                                                                        Lisa Minelli, Johnny Cash, Pavarotti, Curt Cobain; bandleader Lawrence Welk; Fats Domino; Beatle George Harrison;

Filmakers:  Robert Altman, Pier Passolini; Sam Peckinpah;

Model: Cindy Crawford;

Royalty: Prince Andrew;

Ideologists:                                                                                              L. Ron Hubbard Founder of Scientology; Cross Cultural religious Scholar Mircea Eliade; Rudolf Steiner; Robert Assagioli {Founder Psychosynthesis}

Astrologers and Psychics:                                                                Astrologer and witch Sybil Leek; Evangeline Adams, mother of American Astrology;

Chess Champion: Bobby Fischer;


Saturn the Cosmic Cop Planet

Saturn, the Karmic Planet enters LIBRA
Saturn is EXALTED in Libra Oct 29 2009 
Great for getting seriously committed this year and while Saturn is travelling through the sign of relationships.
Saturn is under Venus's rule while in Her sign, So women, beauty, harmony, balance, the arts, values, luxury are all major themes, did I mention romance?
ALL early degrees of Libra will feel Saturn's "heavyness" This is a good thing as Saturn steadies, grounds, balances out the opposites,which is Libra's totally balancing act to work out.
BUT YOU WILL BE TESTED!!! albeit in a much NICER way than any other sign Saturn traverses.
Most of 2010 is a bit of a preview of Saturn through Libra which will last until OCT 5 2012!!!!
That's just before the YOU KNOW WHAT DATE!
so better get your collective KARMIC VEHICLE TOGETHER NOW!!!
Saturn turns Retro @ 4 degrees 39 mins Libra Jan 14 2010. 
Saturn turns DIRECT @ 27 degrees 50 mins Virgo on May 31
July 21 Saturn re- enters Libra
Sept 5 Saturn re-gains 4 degrees  39 mins and finally moves ahead!
Dec 31 Saturn is at 16 degrees 37 mins of Libra


FEB 14 2008 Tara Greene quoted in Toronto Sun Newspaper by Columnist Mike Strobel - to read whole article click this link

Orgasmic Astro Cosmic Updates, Saturn in Virgo-latent karma time!


Not Instant Karma- LATENT KARMA

Copyright Tara Greene 2007

On September 2, 2007 SATURN ENTERS

A new era begins as Saturn enters Virgo.

Raise a big glass of bubbly now and toast a fond farewell to Saturn in Leo where the Cosmic Cop pulled those dramatic, regal, creative, fiery, willful Leo’s up by their bootstraps for the last 2 years. Leo’s are off the hook now, for 30 years. Saturn will be in Virgo until July 21, 2010.

Every 2 + years Saturn enters another Sign and changes the nature of our reality. The Karmic Planet will be dishing out one heck of a tough Reality check traversing the earth friendly 6th Sign of Virgo, the Maiden of the Harvest @ 9:44 am EDT/6:44 am PDT/13:44 23 GMT to be precisely Virgoan.

Saturn the Time Lord introduces us to latent karma relating to this crazy reality TV show we call life. He’ll be dishing out issues relating to work, service, discipline, the harvest, health, business, ecology, hierarchies, etc with but a brief dip of his leaden toe into Libra Oct. 29, 2009 to April 7, 2010.

Saturn is the harbinger of more earthy tales to come when Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, enters Capricorn in 2008, not to mention Jupiter entering Capricorn Dec 18th this year. Later…

During Saturn in Virgo those with Natal planets and placemats in Virgo, especially the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Mid-Heaven will reap most of the effects most acutely. Cute is never an adjective associated with Saturn.

Everyone has Virgo somewhere in their Natal chart, if you don’t see the Glyph for Virgo

in your chart wheel, it is “intercepted” which means that Virgo is located between two cusps and is incorporated inside one or two other signs. It’s still there, although it’s effects are harder to get a handle on.


In order of difficulty. Virgos, the conjunction, Saturn will personally drive over your Sun or other planets, most likely your Mercury and Venus. Sagittarians and Gemini’s will be feeling the Square punch from Saturn. Pisces, the opposition. Aquarians and Aries get the Qunicunx.

Big Benefitters in order of power, Capricorns and Taurus get the Trine. Cancers and Scorpios get to dance the Saturn Sextile.

What happened to Leo’s I can hear you clamouring? You get a cosmic break time, to lick your wounds, and Libras never want to be left out of a relationship but honey Saturn’s just too busy networking with everyone else right now but he’ll get right to you in a coupla years where he’ll be danicng cheek to cheek in his exalted sign.

Virgo is the second-largest constellation in the sky. The Greeks called the constellation Parthenos. She is usually identified as Dike, goddess of justice, who was daughter of Zeus and Themis; but she is also known as Astraeia, daughter of Astraeus (father of the stars) and Eos (goddess of the dawn). Virgo is depicted with wings, reminiscent of an angel, holding an ear of wheat.

While Saturn tours Virgo, the Goddess of the Harvest he will force us all to separate the wheat from the chaff. Saturn is slow, leaden, Time, the Father, Patriarchy, obstacles, difficulties, hard work, discipline, maturity. Saturn binds, limits, it is all of the Physical material world.

Saturn rules all corporations, businesses, career, social standing in the world, hierarchies, seniority, seniors, Senators, ageing. Saturn’s characteristics are austere, serious, weighty. There’s no big laughs when Saturn’s around. He’s dry as a bone. Usually cautious, responsible and respectful of hierarchies, yet emotions and imagination can be deep and penetrating. Saturn never rocks the boat. That’s Uranus’s job. Saturn takes 29 years to complete it’s orbital cycle. This is synchronis with the Moon’s 29.5 day cycle.



Saturn rules lead, stones that don’t glitter, the dross of all metals and all dust and ashes of everything like garbage and waste disposals, incinerators, crematoriums, etc. It has some rulership over diamonds, being the hardest minerals. Saturn rules miners, jewelers, those that work with metals or minerals, geologists, people that work with the earth-farmers and workers, gardeners, trenches and quarries, grave diggers and people who work in caves and tunnels-subways. Plumbers {lead traditionally} general labouers and contractors, leather workers. People whose jobs occur in cold, dark places {clubs?} or otherwise unpleasant places. Night workers, anyone who works in jobs relating to the dead, bereavment and funeral trade people. People who clear dirt and refuse, sewage, waste disposal. Also any highly responsible manager, prison workers, and the police force, those who keep order. Monks and hermits, scholars and those who live in secluded outposts or isolate themselves from society are all under Saturn’s rule.

Saturnine Places-

Dark, damp, dirty, cold and subject to decay and rot. Desolate, inhabitable places-Siberia, deserts, mountains, woods-the pine in particular is an old symbol for Saturn. Any landscape with caves, wells, holes, obscure valleys-Shangri La?

Saturn governs all structures and buildings and especially archeological ruins, disused buildings, abandoned structures, dens, monasteries, churchyards, burial gounds, cemeteries. It signifies buildings dealing with authority, high offices, government buildings, intimidating structures, remember that the World Trade Center fell with Saturn in Gemini the twin towers, opposite Pluto in Sagittarius, related to religious fundamentalism, terrorists, airplanes and foreigners. Saturn rules toilets, drains, cellars, basements, air raid shelters.

Saturn traditionally rules two signs, as all of the planets do traditionally, one masculine and one feminine. Modern rulership sees Saturn ruling Capricorn and ancient ruler ship has Saturn also ruling Aquarius-a bit of a surprise for you rebellious Aquarians, but it gives you a place to ground..


Saturn has been traveling through the two signs where it is in detriment, weakened and debilitated since June 2003 when it traversed Cancer, the Sign opposite Capricorn, then Leo, Sign opposite Aquarius since July 2005-Sept. 2007. So Saturn must be pretty grumpy by now, having been under the spell of it’s own medicine, kind of a homeopathic cure I’d say, since then, and ready to make home turf in an Earth Sign where Saturn is most comfortable.

Let’s go back in time to when Saturn was last in an Earth sign. This occurred in May 2000 when Saturn was in Taurus where it conjoined Jupiter at the very important beginning of a 20 year long cycle. These 2 planets rule the Economy as a whole, and with a stellium of 7 planets in Taurus on May 3rd a new economic cycle began which busted the Dot.com boom. Investments switched to sensible safe Taurean real estate.

Saturn then entered Gemini and at his opposition to Pluto in late August 2001, the 2 major planets provided the defining moment for the millennium- so far- 911 and the literal symbolism of Saturn in Gemini, sign of the Twins, opposite the Plutonic destruction by airlines, religious terrorists, foreigners – Sagittarius – the symbol of western economic imperialism. The Western world was shattered and polarized. Religious fundamentalism was suddenly the agenda, both that of Islam and that of American NeoCons. Just as predicted in George Orwell’s novel 1984, a strange war against an indefinable enemy began –,the war on terrorism. On a personal level, what Saturn’s journeys since it entered Cancer in 2003, has created, is circumstances that seem beyond personal control have been undermining the situation of the individual in a long and tiring process of dissolution. Being Saturn-ruled, this naturally affects Capricorns and Aquarians most.

Having been debilitated in Cancer Saturn’s infamous weak knees were already quaking as he entered Leo, and his most recent outer planet aspect, that of its’ opposition to Neptune, which we’ve been experiencing for most of 2007 has put old Saturn or Satan under wraps and in a fog of delusion, illusion, addictions, fantasy and drugs. In other words our view of Reality has been twisted and warped, through Saturn’s lens and we are definitely totally befuddled as to the nature of Reality or don’t even bother to ask anymore-just look at the state of American and Canadian and the World’s politics these days.

The Karmic Lesson that we’ve been needing to learn with Saturn in Leo opposite Neptune in Aquarius is that It’s not the worst thing to surrender your ego, but the best, to accept that there are higher forces – karma perhaps – that cannot be avoided. The lesson of Saturn/Neptune is that everything physical in life {Saturn}is transitory {Neptune} and will be dissolved by time. If you only believe in the physical world and it’s apparent riches you are caught in the trap of Satan. The kind of acceptance that arises from connecting to true Spirit and seeing through the temptations and glamour of Saturn in Leo and Neptune in Aquarius is nourishment for the Soul. “Saturn always wins” someone I knew always said. As far as the soul is concerned, the losers wins, and the winner loses. That’s Saturn’s turf. So this is the journey we’ve all just come through.

So, there is only one thing for Saturn to do, get to solid ground, back to hard work and get healthy again. Saturn has just Trined Pluto at 26 degrees Leo/Sagittarius, and is ready to be reborn especially with Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center. As he puts his feet on solid ground again in Virgo Saturn’s gonna do what he does best-make the buck stop here. As you sow so shall you reap is Saturn’s motto. Saturn will have those who have sown in haste on shaky ground without forethought on their knees and that goes for all departments-government, culture, religion, food, health, medicine, etc. Of course Saturn will show us the limits of how we’ve raped the Earth and bring us karmic balance through earth changes.

Virgo The Hermit Major Tarot Trump # 9
Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot

THE SIGN VIRGO is associated with the Major Arcana of the Hermit. The Hermit is the 1st Symbol of Initiation on the Path. The Hermit cultivates and perfects through discipline, analysis, intelligence, work and service. The Hermit goes it alone, retreats within, Introspective, Intuitive, listens to and cultivates her or his won Inner Wisdom. The Hermit needs little, is humble and wise. This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine is the Hermit’s song. The Hermit indicates completion.

We are also synchronistically in a #9 year, 2007 = 2 + 0 + 0 + & = 9. This symchronicity leads me to conclude that we are all collectively beginnning a completion.


Saturn will help us scrutinize, work, discipline, responsibility, completing the job efficiently, analyzing. As Saturn limits and brings obstacles, work will change, slow down, work will be seen as community service, for the good of all. We will perfect the health system, old structures are due to be reaped in the harvest cycle. The way seniors are viewed and treated will change, honour will come to the elderly. There will be food shortages and earth changes.

Fed us with XS, dumped SUV’s will be turned into practical living shelter’s for the poor. Life will become simpler, back to nature, growing one’s own food, dealing with one’s own community, sharing the work of caring for the elderly, living in communal societies. Working with one’s hands, and hands on knowledge will be prized.

Virgo is the Goddess’s Sign, Her energies will rise, business will shift to a female centered ethic based on human values, family responsibilities, universal mother wages, paid maternity leave for a year for mothers, and paid father support. The Goddess also will show us how GMO, additives, chemicals, plastics, fluoride, chlorine have all been creating cancer rampant throughout our societies now. A move to Green everything is already underfoot and will leave a No Footprint map on everything.

The entire health structure will shift to alternative medicine, ancient healing techniques, acupuncture, herbs, Wise woman ways, shamanism, water, sound, light, etc.

Incompetent, over-inflated leaders will disappear from the scene, hooray. The dross and bling will fizzle. This transition to Virgo is supported by Jupiter’s entry into Capricorn December 18th, where it goes on to make a trine to Saturn at 7 degrees in January 2008… just as Pluto moves into Capricorn. Ths is going to be a wonderfully re-constructive period. Although the repeated Mars opposition to Pluto from January – March 2008 points to a crisis in War, the economy.


The major event for Saturn in 2008 is its opposition to Uranus – something that takes place only once every 46 years. The first opposition takes place at 18 degrees Virgo/Pisces synchronisticaly in time of the US election in November 2008. The aspect repeats in February 2009 at 20 degrees and in September at 24 degrees. This planetary cycle another stage in the maturation of the seeds that were planted n the ‘60’s at the Uranus Pluto Conjunction conjunction which spawned hippies, political and cultural revolt, mind expansion and the notably focus on an enormous generation gap.

How will the virtual world of Uranus in Pisces oppose the practical world of Saturn in Virgo? YouTube and all other web access will have a huge groundbreaking affect on attitudes and will revolutionize the actual balance of power. Ultimately the illusions of the old order will succumb to the freedom loving revolutionary anarchy of Uranus and this will create a huge new effect on elections. There is always hope!

To find out how Saturn will be putting you through his paces personally for the next few years, please email me at taragreene@sacredartscentre.com for a personal look at your chart, work,health, love-did we mention love? I do phone and in person readings, email reports etc. for individuals, couples, businesses. I would love to be able to help you navigate through this testing period.

Known as Chronos, from which we derive the word for Time, Saturn, the Cosmic Cop, ruler of Karma, builder of corporations, ruler of maturity, ageing, seriousness, manifestation, and the Patriarchy is a very important Planet, for it represents the way you see and experience the universe- REALITY- 3D, the physical world- as you have structured it. Talk about Reality Shows!
Saturn entering a new sign indicates a change in our Reality, in hard core, just the facts m'am terms. Saturn in Saturn helps us to have discipline,self-respect, faith in one's destiny, and the ability to be alone.

But Saturn shouldn't be thought of as all bad. After all, Time is relative. There are no judgments. Saturn merely represents the Karmic Universal Law of Cause and Effect. "As you sow, so shall you reap." So we will be physically confronted with the effects of thinking only of ME,and the inability to plan where our fuel supplies will be coming from in the next few years. Saturn helps us to get disciplined, serious, mature, take responsibility.

Hey, we all need to take more responsibility for what we have created personally and also collectively. Goya's  famous painting of Saturn eating his children comes to mind. In Vedic Astrology Saturn is the Great Malefic, feared and honoured.  A friend of mine used to say that "Saturn/Time always wins out."  .  



Saturn is associated with the Tarot Card of the Universe/The World # 21, the last stage of the journey. The card pictures a naked woman/Goddess dancing in space, free, because she has taken responsibility for creating her life according to her will, she has learned how to harness Saturn's energies. Saturn in the Kabbalah is linked with Binah, the 3rd Sephira, in the Trinity of the Archetypal Realm. Saturn is the Supernal Mother, the One of Understanding who gives us physical form, who births all. Thus Saturn is the Goddess and restricts Spirit as it manifests into form and time. A Native American pipe invocation states that: Everything is born of the Feminine. Let's see Saturn as the Feminine Divinity from which we are all born, and understand our common ground of being.






The house or houses that Saturn will be transiting for the next 2+ years indicates the part of your life that is being examined and tested and represents areas of the greatest tension in your life, to which you must direct close attention.  Without further ado I present my Sun sign Forecast for Saturn's Karmic Korrections 4 U  with musical accompanyment by...color=#33ccff size=3> 

To find out in more depth how Saturn will seriously affect you personally, + aspects it makes to your Natal planets, please enquire about booking an Astrology session or report.


Colour codes: red=fire  green=earth 

grey=air   blue=water



Saturn will be in your Solar 6th house,the Natural Virgo House of work, service, health,pets,and Saturn will have a stronger affinity for you in the natural House of Virgo.
Hard work doesn't scare an Aries so you can expect that you will be sweating it out for the next two years. Getting organized, disciplined and FOLLOWING THROUGH TO THE END, not a usual Arian trait is what the Cosmic Dr. ordered. If you are disorganized for even 1 measly minute, then ding! Saturn will write you out your karmic parking ticket and you'll have to pay for it. There will be no excuses allowed. Focus on longer term goal Aries. It's your time to mature, get responsible. You will enjoy the sense of accomplishment. You will also need to learn how to delegate work to others because this house rules co-workers, employees and those who are "in service" to others. Try to get off your fired up bossy horse and realize that we are not all alone in the world but part of a group.


Taurus, Saturn in your 5th House

Saturn is Blessing you Bulls, so it's your turn to reap the rewards because you've been working so hard already. Saturn in your 5th House is a time of getting serious and maturing in love affairs, self-expression, leadership, willpower, courage, daring to fight for your convictions and children. A lot of men will father children during this time period.
Saturn is helping you build the practical results. If you've put on weight during Saturn's trudge Leo you will have the discipline to shed it now.
The 5th house is the house of pleasurable activities, fun, dating, intimacy and children. Life will become a lot more serious because you need to get serious. Even if you are a hard working Taurus and not the lazy type and of a "mature age" it appears as though you need to clean up your act. Forget the bar hopping and getting plastered because you will get busted. You can't get away with self-indulgence anymore. If you are single, you may look at "older" others and more traditional types with a kinder and more sympathetic note. The 5th house is the House of the Child and the kid turns 21, or at least puberty. Children may leave the nest or if you are younger there may be a wee one. This house also rules creativity and self-expression so it would be a great time to take up and or take seriously, your creativity. All types of self-expression
apply- painting, playing music, singing, dancing or anything that takes serious study and concentration. Saturn will help you stay focused on the task at hand. If ever wanted to learn how to play the piano or guitar, now is the time. This is also beneficial for your own children.

GEMINI-Saturn in your 4th house-
Building a new foundation from the ground up!

Saturn will knock all that air out of your brains and fill it with dirt. The grey matter will look distinctly brown and earthy and things will matter to you in a way they may never have done before.
This is a turning point for all Gemini's as the 4th house is the foundation of your Chart, the roots and what you plant now will be harvested in 14 years time. This is a time for new beginnings. You will work hard and instead of flitting about getting bored to easily might actually enjoy staying with something. You will be paying-literally- attention to your Home, your roots, family, possibly your Dad. This is an inward turning time, a good time for psychotherapy. Time to buy a house, or other real estate, plant some roots. Saturn helps you discipline yourself with a good diet regime. Mom or Dad may move into your house or become a big responsability. A time of endings and new beginnings.

Jupiter King of the Gods is certainly living up to his Rep as MR. BIG  in 2011. Starting out in late PISCES he veritably ZoOMs through Aries, where he is very comfortable in the fiery zone stirring up all kinds of new new independent outbursts, firey blasts,danger, change, many manifestations everywhere!
Jan 22 2011 Jupiter enters Aries till June 4th and THAT"S IT.
That's all folks!!!

For all of you born while Jupiter was in Aries, myself included, well it was one hell of a fast ride I gotta say. But I must say I feel a little shortchanged. It only happens once every 12 years FGS. All except the U.S. government who went and minted themselves trillions during this time. Jupiter is the richest of the Gods, the most generous. to whom? and who will have to pay later?


June 4 Jupiters enters TAURUS

Jupiter will get to 10 degrees 21 minutes of Taurus August 29 ehre he does his Annual Retrograde turn about backing up to ZERO degrees 22 minutes on December 25 Christmas Day!

Jolly old Jupiter and Saint Nick have a lot in common. They love to drink Coke! Party heart! Are very generous.
So HOw's Jupiter gonna do ya for in 2011 and beyond?
Jupiter in Taurus is all earthy, sensual, grounded. Fixed purpose, stubborn, Bullish, Artsy, good throat, singing,
music, loves to smell the roses. Couch potato to the max.
Purple and brown {earth} make complimentary colour combinations. And purple and green also earth too.
Taurus is ruled by Venus, So LARGE $$$ issues for 2011.
Jupiter in Taurus would say "Let them eat roses."
Jupiter wants to preserve so expect peoples sentiments to be ultra conservative for a large part. The environment and its safety should figure prominently.  Grounding that  big buck expansion, Bankers and governments will be more interested in saving the dollars than spending as Jupiter in Taurus wants SECURITY< and continuity, so spending limits will be enforced. Peole will have to start living simpler, more sensual and more earthy and real lives.
Martin Luther King Jr. Mahatma Gandhi  John Lennon
Che Guevara, Chairman Mao, Pres. John F. Kennedy,
Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Henri Matisse, Joan Miro 
Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Jacques Brel, Ringo Starr,
Jean Paul Sartre, Howard Hughes, Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt
Audrey Hepburn,  Keanu Reeves, Bruce Lee
Christopher Reeve, Aristotle Onassis, Isabella Rossellini
Hildegard of Bingen, Anne Frank, Luis PAsteur,
Stanley Kubrick, Virginia Woolf, David Icke, James joyce,
Frank Zappa, Lenin, Ryan O' Neil, Roberto Benigni
Chris Rock, Dean MArtin, Lenny Kravitz, Tom Jones,
St. Francis of Assisi,Eleanor of Aquitaine, Julie Christie,
Neil Diamond, Roals Dahl, Faye Dunaway, Spinoza,
Carolyn Myss, Roseanne Barr, Martin Sheen,
Marianne Williamson, Pele, Dan Brown, Rudolf Diesel,
What do they have in common?

Galactic Centre Radio Image Heart of our Galaxy

Star Field towards Sagittarius

Copyright2002-2007 Tara Greene - All Rights Reserved

Oct 3 2007

I hearby rename the Milky way the Latte Galaxy! copyright Tara Greene

The Galactic Centre is where I'm tuned into. It is the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy. All light is drawn into it, it is the re-birth place of Light, all Light returns to this place, the Sacred Tune-Up Centre of our system. Some liken it to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, of Mary, or of Yahweh, the "I Am" presence. The Mayans saw/see the G.C. as the "great Mother" or Maw where all souls pass through upon death and rebirth. The Stone sarcophagus of Pachal at Palenque depicts him being swalled by the Galactic Centre.

According to Alex Miller-Mignone who's written a fascinating little book called The Black Hole Book, "the G.C. emits massive amounts of infrared radiation,which author of  The Astrology of Deep Space Philip Sedgwick describes as both "arousing the subconscious portion of the brain" and providing "intense stimulation for the root chakra." This activation of the subconscious promotes the retrieval of information from the past, the past of this life and other lives, which may interact with the self-preservation instincts of the root chakra, creating some uneasiness or tension.
The G.C. is closely grouped with a pair of pulsars which provide "information parenthesis" about it.The pulsar at 24 Sagittarius, 2 degrees before the G.C., provides information relating to the past of an event; that at 28 Sagittarius, 2 degrees after,provides information relating to the future of an event.Those with connections {conjunctions, squares, oppositions, etc.} on either side of the G.C. will more naturally tend to orient information in one of these two directions.  Balance may be sought by meditation with the alternate point, using the G.C. as the fulcrum between past and future.
Lying as it does, just 4 degrees from the Winter Solstice point, surely no coincidence, the Galactic Center provides a convenient frame of reference for aligning with cosmic consciousness.
Whenever the Sun makes one of its seasonal ingresses, it is within days/degrees of a major aspect to the Center."
Planet/comet Pluto, Lord of Re-Birth is moving in to making the conjunction with the Galactic Center within the next 3 years.  Will our consciousness, and our Collective Unconscious, symbolically ruled by Pluto expand exponentially by the cosmic vacuum that is the Galactic Center which surely is a gateway to parallel Universes?
 The Galactic Center will move to conjoin the Solstice Point at 0 of Capricorn in the 3rd Century of this Millenium.
I have been thinking about the Galactic Centre for a long time. I would corroborate what Alex Miller-Mignone has to say about the past/present characteristics of the G.C. and about the past life retrieval information through my own experiences.
On Feb. 22, 1979, my fiancee Larry and I were in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. We were out on the beach at night with a woman who called herself Gila who was a follower of Baghwan, a guru. She was from Germany, married with 2 children, she was off to meet Maria Sabina, a famous Mexican healer and psychic in Oaxaca, to ask if she should devote herself full time to being a religious person and leave her family. The three of us were in the dark staring up at the night sky, where the stars are plentiful and there was no ambient light around. I said I like to look for falling stars. After a while, I noticed one, and said Oh look at that one. I was at the centre of the three of us with Larry on my right. Usually a falling star seems to last for a second or two and then dies out as it burns up in our atmosphere. This spectacular one streaked across the sky from left to right and did not die out at all! In fact it crossed most of the sky and came to a dead halt. This was something none of us had ever seen before. The star stood still for afew moments. Then it turned left, arched around and down,went right back to its stopping place, turned right and up, curved back down and came back to it's fulcrum point. In other words IT DEPICTED AN INFINITY SIGN. This was plainly clear to me. The Star spoke in symbolic language, like a dream does stating INFINITY. Then it began to undulate and wobble. What  We saw it start to get bigger to grow larger, and larger I said "It's getting bigger". The Star continued to grow in size, it grew to the apparent size of a baseball, it began to elongate horizontally, it shape-shifted into the image of a bird.
The Star became a Star Bird! It flapped its starry wings sparkling and glowing with Light. It began to descend slowly flying down towards us on the beach. It's hard to know how to compare this but it appeared to be a seagull size bird flying down towards us. Larry got scared. He started to talk about aliens, and cattle mutilations being discovered recently. Gila started to cry. I said no no,no, there's nothing to be afraid of, this is what I've always waited to see. As it got closer to us in descent and coming nearer to us on the Beach I could see that The Star Bird's wings appeared to be like that of an eagle with split wing tips, but whose head was small and rounded like a dove. It flew towards us over the beach and soared right overhead. We turned to watch it, it was flying relatively low. The moment that it came into the light emanating from behind us it turned into a jet black shadow, a flapping negative outline of a bird, a black hole of a shadow bird. The only reason that we could see it, is that we'd been following it for many minutes now and we could delineate it's shape. We watched this black shadow of the Star Bird fly over the island. It would've been totally invisible to anyone else. We lost it for awhile as it flew more inland, but kept our eyes very peeled. The Black Shadow Star Bird flew over the town,reappeared in our site again after a few minutes and then flew once again over our heads heading out over the sea again, and in reverse order, as it came out of the light of the island it went "ping" and instantly turned into Starlight again. that was really incredible! The Star Bird then hit the gas pedal and flew back up towards the Heavens at incredible speed,the usual rate you see a falling star descend, and disappeared into the heights from the same place where we originally saw it. Gila was on her knees weeping and wailing. I was ecstatic, Larry seemed relieved that we were all still standing. We hugged and I said, It's a miracle it's a miracle.I waited all my life to see this. I knew that it was going to happen!

Portrait of the Galctic Centre

Transmission From The Galactic Centre June 10 06
Things will be heating up. Literally, what your seeing you now in terms of the weather changes increases exponentially over the next 5 years.
It will be in the '60's in the SOuthern U.S. in the summer. In the '50's in the mid-section and into the '40's in the northern states and southern Canada. Most plants will be burnt up. Dustbowls. Food will be a major issues, and water.
You have collectivelly chosen to create this scenario because you have chosen to remain largely asleep. The climate changes are to help you to wake up. People are not taking this seriously enough.
Forget "conspicuous consumption" when you can't go outside. This isn't new news. It's been foretold for many years now and by many indigenous cultures.
You must remember who you really are.
Everyone is existing in diffeent dimensional wavebands and have always been. But now this is changing. Over the next 5 years will see the most stupendous changes ever. It won't be easy or pretty because of your own choices. You are the co-creators of your reality.
You could make it easier and prettier. You could make it the most awesome world, with all the best that human consciousness can offer.
You are Star Beings.
The conjunction with the Galactice Centre broadens the waveband.
Poeple will be oscillating at higher speeds of density. They will literally be reverberating at higher and more aware frequencies. Your body will seem like a piece of Swiss cheese, full of holes, fragmenting, breaking up, as new dimensional octaves are reached. Your Starlight will be visible.
The most sensitive among you are feeling this now. The inability to sleep, headaches. dizzyness, this is all part of the raising of your vibrational key signature. Everything begins to morph into something else, merging and expanding beyond limitations which have been in place for thousands of years.
You must be focussed, so focussed, not missing a detail. For example-someone missed a letter in the word Stars a few years ago the original intention was To Get Stars-to get Starry eyed, incorporate more Star-light ness and instead they got SARS-a lung virus which killed a few people around the world.
It's like that joke about the Pope. The Pope goes to Heaven and he has time to do some reading and research in the Halls of Learning and History and he finds a document saying "All Catholic priests need to celebrate. And the Pope goes "Oh. NO! Oh my God, I can't believe it. They mistranslated it, they left out the "r".
I think you get the message. You don't need to do it through pain, killing and suffering, guilt, remorse, regret, loneliness, fear, hatred.
You don't need to learn through pain but through joy and beauty. Buy more art. Plant more trees! Dance, sing, make love, be kind. Feel the truth, feel the truth beneath the mud, mirk and karmic slime built up over hundreds of lifetimes. Forget vendetas and vengeance.
Take a chance, beyond all hope. Don't forget your dreams. Pay attention to your dreams fuel your dreams. Be The FOOL. That's where you started from and to where you'll return, be innocent, trusting and happy to be. Share your love. Be kind. You are so much greater than you think you are.
You are inter-connected to everyone else and to everything else in the Galaxy, from the rocks, plants, insects, animals, the earth and to every other human and non-human life form. What you do to anything else you are doing to yourself.
Cancer which is escalating all over your planet is a metaphoric living symbol of what you are doing to your own atmosphere, your air, your water, the earth, to each other.
You are living out of harmony with yourself, and not truly co-existing.
You have isolated yourselves from the living centre which beats in your chest, in your breast.
There are angels and helpers, Master Teachers, available to help you.
Forget everything that you have been taught. Unravel the tangles in your mind. Open your mind. Think higher, get the big picture.

June 13th 2006
it's late. I was reading some excellent information about how to contact the Galactic Centre. I read about Star Elixers, I want 'em all. I got myself prepared, put on my special necklace which people come up to me and tell me is a portal.
Put on my specially made aromatherapy essence on all 13 chakras. I go outside, I see something shoot through the sky and think what was that? a bird?
I centre, smoke a cermeonial cigarette, and ask to release all my resistance from past present and future, and to hear be guided by and open to the Galactic Centre.
I am transported to Egypt instantly and am dressed in golden flowing linen robes, my arms are upraised it is night, by the Nile and I am invoking the Star Sirius and thanking them for the annual flooding of the Nile, I am transported to the Great Pyramis and sit inside the Secret Chamber.

The Constellations of the Zodiac

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drawing by artist Napoleon Brousseau

February 13 –14th NEW MOON, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, put a Tiger in your Tank, Uber Romantic, Wounded Healer, Angel Gabriel, Big Love,  all rolled into one & More !

copyright Tara Greene 2010


This looks like its stacking up to be a gallimaufry'- look it up, as it combines the most amazing Aquarius New Moon/Chinese New Year.


New Moon- Feb 13th @ 9:53 pm EST/ 6:53 pm PST

Feb 14th  @ 2:53 am GMT 

Chinese New Year begins Feb 14 @ 10:52 am Beijing 


The Metal White Tiger Year roars in under the dreamy beams of Neptune the planet which rules spirituality, dreams, illusions, delusions, escapism, drugs, art, poetry, Soul Mates, Hollywood, Bliss, oil, the Oceans, endings not necessarily n that order. Neptune continues to conjunct the however they classify it these days, Wounded Healer Centaur- Chiron, who wisely shows us our wounds, pain and vulnerability and helps us to wholeness and healing through those very wounds- think of the original St. Valentine’s in who’s name we honour the day, stuck with a lot of arrows, a Piscean type, a martyr.


Valentine’s Day will be XXXTRA over the top SOUL MERGING what with Jupiter in Pisces {Big Foot} conjunct Venus Goddess of Love Herself, which is also conjuncting nudge, nudge, wink, wink the Fixed Star called Fomalhaut. This Fixed Star is one of the 4 Royal Stars and Jupiter King of the God’s presence here makes it “REALLY ROYALLY REGAL”


This Star has many attributes. Known as one of the Watchers of Heaven, the Watcher of the South, in the Tropical {Western} Zodiac. The Stars current position is 3 degrees 52 minutes of Pisces.  It is visible in the Southern Hemisphere.  It's classified as a Venus/Mercury/Neptune type of star.

Also referred to as one of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse mentioned in Revelations! The Star marks the position of the Archangel Gabriel who blows his Trumpet on Judgement Day when the dead arise. 


I feel that this ultra significant event heralds a Judgement day coming soon. 


Fomalhaut rules Magic, fame, the occult, faith, addictions, undesirable associates and is also The Star of Alchemy, which means it also turns Lead, turns into Gold.


Which brings us to the Tarot Trump Card #14 Temperance or ALCHEMY

Which is aka the SACRED MARRIAGE symbol

So to have the Goddess of Love, Venus Goddess of Beauty Harmony and Balance, Values and Luxury directly on this Angelic star with Jupiter surely points out to the Most magical Opportunity and Heavenly Blessings to boot {Pisces} for creating that Alchemical Marriage Made in Heaven both Within and Without, as above so below, The knowing will hear a victorious triumphant blast from Gabriel’s horn resonating throughout their entire hearts and beings, the way that the pure of heart and spirit are reborn with a blast.




Chiron and Neptune conjunct at 26 degrees + change in Aquarius are only 1 degree away from the Sun and Moon. I feel this is another Sacred marriage symbol.  Neptune rules the spiritual, compassionate, visionary sign of Pisces, the waters of spiritual consciousness, endings, yoga, the ashram, and Bliss.

Chiron discovered Nov. 1 1977 was an Archetype, which the Ancient Greeks revered. Half-mortal Centaur he was rejected but he overcame his early wounds to become a healer so great he healed the Gods themselves. Chiron in the sign of Aquarius will be within 10 degree of Neptune from 2007- 2014 allowing all of humanity a seven year Saturn cycle to get its collective wounding together in order to heal itself together.


Chiron and Neptune in Aquarius represent the archetype of Unity Consciousness. The two planets join only once every 57 to 80 years, they last rendezvoused in September 1945 at 5 degrees of Libra. Their previous conjunction was in 1879-80 at 11 degrees of Taurus. Neptune was discovered in 1846 at 25 degrees plus of Aquarius. This conjunction with Chiron now only one degree away from Neptune’s discovery point re-awakens humanities spiritual ideals and also shows us where and how we are hurting by blocking the humanitarian and spiritually expansive impulses to unite in consciousness as a whole.


So go with the flow at this New moon. Allow yourself and your loved one to be rapturously rappin’ Blissed out, walking on clouds, wearing rose coloured glasses, uberromantic, inspired and idealistic on this New Moon.




Alchemy means turning lead into Gold. Saturn is lead, the devil, negativity, limitations, and reality. The Sun is GOLD.


Saturn Retrograde at 4 degrees of Libra and Mars retrograde at 4 degrees of Leo {Mars is considered to be the depositor or final ruler, the one who has the last say, of the Sun at this point because it is in the Sign the Sun is most at home in} both form a Quincunx {a 150 degree angle} to the Venus Jupiter conjunction in Pisces. Two quincunxes form what’s known as a YOD. A Yod is referred to as a finger of God, a complex configuration pointing to and mandating a shift in direction and attitude. So we have a golden opportunity to Review, Rewind the moves {Mars} and the movie, {Saturn}.


Jupiter, Venus and that Star of the Archangel Gabriel form the point that the BIG FINGER of God/Goddess is pointing at.

The limits and structures of reality {Saturn} and the desire defences and actions {Mars} point us to Love, Compassion, Bliss, return to the Source. That’s quite the finger wagging!


Saturn and Pluto are still in a square aspect. Uranus in Pisces is moving up to Square the Galactic Center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. Remember that this point, the G.C., the Big Black Hole at the centre of our Galaxy is what all the kafuffle about 2012 concerns, the Sun exactly crossing the Galactic Centre according to the Mayans.


I sense and I was told about a particular day in time occurring in the short distant future March 10-13 2010. I sense some very important and strong shifts possibly big changes, coming very soon, really use this New Moon to let go of all your ancient programming limitations and non-essential baggage.


Its time to launch. Ask Angel Gabriel to come and Bless, cleanse and protect you. He is very powerful. I have been working with his energies for many years. He came to me once in a very powerful dream in the early 90’s.

The cosmic interdimensional portals are very open and very powerful right now. Go very deep and you will access the knowledge your birthright, you do create your every reality. So start co-creating.



Alchemical NEW MOON



Set some time aside before the New moon is exact. In your area.

Dress in red as is customary for both Valentine’s Day and Chinese New year it is the symbol of the heart of blood of luck. Sit comfortably and begin to breathe with awareness.  Set up 8 corners for all the 8 directions of Powers. The 4 main directions and elements are in this order, East, South, West, North. Always move clockwise as the Sun. The other 4 directions are called Non-cardinal. The Southeast, the South West, and then northwest then North East.

Call upon the 4 elements to be with you in the ceremony. Begin with the East; do all main cardinal directions first then the non- cardinals beginning with the South East.

Visualize the meeting of the Sun and the Moon as the symbol of the masculine sun and the feminine moon in union. Sense the connection with the ancient Chinese New year celebrated for over 5,000 years.

Bring in the raw power of the White Tiger a very sacred animal. Also send prayers and protection out for real physical very endangered wild tigers in the world. Call upon Tigers courage to protect you. Next call upon the powers of Neptune the Higher Octave of Love. Sense Neptune’s subtle energies, Neptune rules the Spiritual world itself, Higher Love, Union, Bliss, and Oneness. Call upon the Wounded Healer Chiron to open your wounds your heart so that you may acknowledge the pain. Take as much time as you need, to cry, scream, roars whatever it is you need to do to let it out and let it go. Call upon Neptune’s power of Healing to heal the wounds now.

Hold your arms out at your sides and slowly bring them together at your heart chakra as your breath and physically marry the two polarities. Breathe in the energy of their intermingling, their love, their sexual energy, passion, and their interconnectedness within YOU. Call on the blessings of Venus in Pisces for a Sacred Spiritual union, and Jupiter to expand your heart. Whatever needs to be forgiven should be done now. Jupiter and Venus in Pisces signify forgiveness, compassion. Bask in the Bliss and Ocean of Love within your soul and all around you, Sense love imminent with in every nano atom of all the Multiverses. Take as much time as you need.

Call upon Saturn in Libra sign of relationships to help ground and center yourself.  Whenever you feel ready thank all the elemental spirits and directions for being present in your circle. Starting with the North – East go counter-clockwise backwards to release those spirits back to their own directions, ending with the East where you began.

May the circle be open but unbroken.

Celebrate, dance, sing, make love its Valentine’s Day.


Ah Love what we're here for,
what makes life worth living
I'll outline how the planets affect your Love life
they affect women and men differently
if you need further romantic advice, consult me
I do relationship readings by phone, Skype
and in person and also have Astrology Reports for Lovers


As Venus Retrograde in Aries March 6 – April 17, 2009 and beyond!


Everyone has heard of the cosmic slipups that seem to appear when Mercury is retrograde, well it's Venus's turn too.



The ladies planet, the anima in men, VENUS THE GODDESS OF LOVE, also rules creativity and MONEY!


Beginning March 6th to April 17th  when she goes Direct,

it'll  actually be until May 21, when she returns to the 16th degree of Aries, where she first made her station (this is called the "Shadow Period", which can be as intense as the actual retro phase!).


Venus Retrogade in ARIES

With Venus retrograde in mid- early degrees of Aries, people with this sign and degrees prominent in their charts will be especially prone to its effects being unnaturally for them, more ostrich like, introspective than outgoing. Everything that has begun, will stall and be under reconsideration for the next 4 months overall.

This Venus cycle affects those who are born under the Cardinal signs  the most Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn


It's a major time to reconsider your personal values, feelings and relationships and a major opportunity to gain insight into one's own mode of relating, whether sexually, creatively, or financially.


Venus in Aries is demonstratively passionate, spontaneous, direct, aggressive, she is an Amazon who knows what she wants and goes for it. Venus is in detriment in Aries, she's hanging out in the boys locker rooms, the gym, the hockey arena, in Mars' her lovers sign, she is not faithfull or consistant in Aries. 


Old flames, or reminiscencing about lost loves, may reappear. There is a more fated quality to this time.  Venus in Aries likes to have lots of fun but now, people will see you as overly pushy and rude and demanding.  As Venus in Aries usually makes spontaneous purchases it's a good time to return those things that you feel you cannot afford and re-organize your budget,re-design your wardrobe, but it isn't agood time for cosmetic surgery.


Remember that all things Venusian are like in a state of suspended animation so don't force relationship issues to an end of one state or another just yet.,Stop and think things out  before you plan all the details of your wedding of the year because you may not totally love the person after the Venus retrograde finishes out.

Generally speaking, it is best to hold back from starting new projects, ventures or businesses, at this time. It’s not the best time to invest a huge chunk of money into anything brand new with business. Take it slow and wait until latter part of May 2009 to really decide for sure.

Venus Retrograde Consultation:

This is a very significant cycle in your love life and affects each of us deeply and personally in a different way. While the favorable transits from Venus retrograde offer an opportunity to benefit from this transit, the afflictions cause us the most difficulty, especially where it matters most in our hearts

If you are going YIKES! and tearing your latest hairdo out stop and think  about getting your Natal chart consulted so you can precisely find out about the hows and  wheres of Venus Retrograde playing out in your life. You can consult with me by Phone and SKYPE.



Zeus/Jupiter Mr Big
Planet Jupiter

Jupiter always doing everything over the top in a big way garulously charges through Aries

Jupiter King of the Gods, Zeus, Yahweh MR BIG.



Jupiter moves ultra-fast this year starting 2011 at the end of PIsces- he ZOOMS through ARIES in less than 5 months!!!And enters Taurus  JUNE 4-5  reaching 10 degrees of TAURUS  on August 30th then turning Retro on that date and moving back to ZERO degrees 22 minutes of TAurus DEC 26 just at XMas time! so a very  very fast run through Aries as one would expect from the first fiery sign.


Jupiter enters Aries Jan. 22 to start the new beginning this year of many new and important Planetary transits. Jupiter is the planet of optimism, largesse, positive energy, expansion.


Jupiter rules signs Sagittarius higher education, travel, risk taking, truth, sacred law, animals, etc. As ruler of Pisces he rules spirituality, ashrams, compassion, inner truth, dreams, psychic energies.  Jupiter in Aries indicates all systems GO!


Jupiter’s transits co-incides with the Chinese calendar. So on New Moon Feb 3 we begin a GOLDEN RABBIT YEAR. 




ARIES- # 1

This is a brand new cycle for you. Expect to be center stage Aries after Jupiter in the 12th. Pump up the volume! GO ahead your confidence level is High. All fired up, be careful not to jump in to the fire too fast, promise more than you can actually deliver and take too many knuckle-whitening risks.

Much opportunity on all levels, especially for travel, education learning or teaching, starting new businesses. Heroic, militant, angry, entrepreneurial.

Positive Keyword- Come on baby light my fire. all systems go!

Watchword/song/ title  –Curb your enthusiasm. Too much of a good thing



Jupiter is moving from your Solar 11th into your 12th house. Jupiter in the 12 is great protection. like having an angel on your shoulder. Doing charity work, and working behind the scenes will be a feature of this year. This is a year to spend getting in touch with your spiritual side, with your dreams, and psychic abilities. Forgive any old issues, you will be feeling compassionate, good-natured. Prep for 2012 when Jupiter will enter Taurus.

Positive Keyword- Angel on my shoulder

Watchword/song/ title  – Never can say goodbye.


GEMINI- Wishes Hopes and Dreams

Jupiter is in your 11th House this year. Jupiter expands your Wishes hopes and dreams house this year. Jupiter expands your ability to receive love for all that you have given from your heart. Jupiter in your 11th accentuates Aquarianisms- hi tech, management, working with groups, meeting new people. Jupiter in your 11th brings new ideas, inventions, pioneering ways. You will want to be your own unique person, follow your loudly beating inner drumbeat..

Positive Keyword/ Song - Let the Sunshine In!

Watchword/ Song/ title – Wishin’ and Hopin’ , Just a gigolo!



Jupiter in your 10th house of career and where you shine the brightest in the world gets you out of your shell to shine on the world’s stage. Your leadership capacities and capabilities are strong. Your natural nurturing sense of justice for women and children, the home and workplace are favoured. You will be able to move mountains in public speaking, or politics. You have the ability to tell it like it is with Jupiter giving you great courage. The key is where do you shine the brightest? How big do you want to be on the world stage? Education whether you’re own or teaching is also favoured and increased travel. You can receive a lot of media attention. People will sense the truth in your heart. Be careful of overindulging your stomach through overeating.

Positive Keyword/ Song – Takin’ Care of Business- Soul Kitchen

Watchword/ Song/ title – One less bell to answer



Jupiter in the 9th House entices your wanderlust this year. All Jupiterian influences, like travel, teaching, publishing, legal matters, foreigners, optimism, chance taking, publishing, joviality, humour, are activated this year for all your Lions. You will expound upon all your great ideas, be called upon for your leadership, opinions and knowledge. Higher teachers and masters come into your life this year to teach you too. If you’ve been wondering about going back to school, or changing careers, getting a scholarship, this is the year to do so. Jupiter asks you to be magnanimous with your own knowledge. Remember that Jupiter expands everything it touches.

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