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Tara Greene psychic dream interpreter is an OPHIUCHUS



13 ASTROLOGY SIGNS /constellations! Its not news to Astrologers! 

Don't get your tattoo removed or run to the shrink yet!


But to Astronomers and the Media who want to ridicule ASTROLOGY for not being scientifically based and want to debunk it, the recent news by a Minnesota Astronomer and the hyperbole of YOU’RE NOT THE SIGN YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE, A N W ZODIAC WITH 13 SIGNS, ETC.


The long known fact of the earth’s wobble on her axis and the Precession of the Equinoxes has created a time-drift between the symbolic historical points in space and the actual location of constellations in the skies.

Let me explain.


Western astrology is time based on the SEASONS.  At Spring Equinox when the sun is overhead at the Equator it is marked as the Zero degrees point of Aries as the starting point of the wheel of the year. 

Summer Solstice, usually June 21 is when the Sun touches the Tropic of Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere and where the Sign of Cancer begins. That’s the first day of winter in the Southern hemisphere.


 When the Sun is on equator again in the fall in the North that marks the Sun at zero degrees of Libra in the Tropical Zodiac.

Winter solstice comes when the Sun touches zero degrees of Capricorn on the Earth’s plane and Dec. 21 usually marks the first day of winter in the North and the first day of summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

This system has been in use for thousands of years and it works.


Interestingly the most important Tibetan Mandala for World Peace the KALACHAKRA, Kala means time, Chakra means wheel, is actually based upon this seasonal system for sun, moon and earth. So it has a very highly spiritual relevance as well. Unbeknownst to most people.


The other most widely used astrology system is the Eastern Indian VEDIC system, very ancient 12,000 or more years old. It is based on the Constellations, as they are overhead in real time.  Today most Indians would not marry without consulting an Astrologer whose profession takes many years to master and who’s profession is held in very high esteem and value.

. Divided into Lunar Mansions, and very complex in-depth delineation periods. Which is what all this fuss about a “newly discovered” Astrology sign is purportedly about. It isn’t new at all.



Also very ancient is determined by the position of the Sun, Moon, major planets and comets and Fixed Stars at the time of birth. The 12 animals and the 12-year cycle is related to Jupiter’s orbit around the earth and that’s why the Chinese use 12 segments of the Zodiac wheel of the Year. Chinese calendar is solar and lunar based.



Due to the Precession of the Equinoxes, the FIXED STARS do actually move, quite slowly in human terms, I degree every 72 years. So since the time of the Ancient Greeks from which western astrology comes down to us. At the sprain Equinox zero degrees of Aries was actually aligned with the Constellation of Aries the Ram. The constellations appear to move backwards, from the beginning of the Age of Pisces when Jesus Christ was born, note Pisces image, the 2 fishes and the fishers of men symbolism. Now when we celebrate Spring Equinox around March 21 the constellations have moved backwards roughly 23 degrees, so 7 degrees of Pisces is where the Sun is oriented to when we celebrate Spring.  But based on the season we say it is zero degrees of Aries.

Each Astrological age is called A GREAT YEAR.

Most of the Bible is all astrology-based symbolism as is the Mayan Calendar from which the current predictions about Dec 21 2012 arise.


OPHIUCHUS WAS never lost or found!

Eastern Indian astrologers have always known of it and Astronomers, and astrologers who work with Fixed stars and use both systems, the Tropical and Sidereal systems. Confused yet?


The 12 constellation Aries, Taurus etc are located on a narrow band around the earth called the ECLIPTIC, the imaginary equator extended out into space from the earth, it is narrow band 8 degrees and the 12 most familiar constellations are aligned within this belt.  The belt is divided into 12 parts thirty degrees, each which makes a complete circle of 360 degrees.


The constellations though are not neatly in that same size; some are much larger than others, but still measures as 30 degrees.

Western time based astrology is a poetic, symbolic, mythical, magical psychological system, and it works especially as it mirrors modern Western lifestyles, thinking, philosophy, and psychology.


THE INDIAN VEDIC system also uses a neat 30-degree measurement system for each sign. Vent Hough each constellation has vastly different sizes.


THEY ALL WORK! It is not a belief system. Different strokes for different folks!


Astrologers have been important since pre-history, all alignments of major monument on the Earth, the Pyramids in Egypt, in Mexico, are all aligned to the Constellations that were prominently rising at the time those structures were built.


Astrologers have advised Kings, generals, High potentates, acted as architects in all cultures throughout the world since before recorded history and in the West most well known up to Queen Elizabeth 1st times.



The Sun only passes through a narrow band of OPHIUCHUS and the Ancient Greek choose not to include it in the celestial equator.


OPHIUCHUS is the only constellation that we know of that was based on a real living human though. Ophiuchus known as the SERPENT BEARER it is a large constellation. It was one of the first 48 constellations listed by the 2nd Century astronomer Ptolemy. It remains one of the modern 88 constellations.


Some of the closest stars lie in Ophiuchus. The Supernova of 1604 observed on Oct 9 was near the major star Ophiuchus observed by Johannes Kepler.


Ophiuchus shows a man wrestling a serpent. It is closely connected to the Greek healer Asclepeius. Some say it is named after a 27 century BCE name named Imhotep {called Enki to the Ancient Babylonians, also closely connected to the Biblical man Joseph, son of Jacob. Both were said to be very knowledgeable in medicine.

The symbol of the serpent entwined around a staff is still used today to represent the medical profession. 

 All snakes symbolize the GODDESS, Chthonic energy, primordial grounded wisdom, immortality, change, and rebirth.



The modern Archetype of Ophiuchus / Asclepeius is a healer/shaman who journeys, usually in visions to the Upper and lower worlds, and who uses Kundalini, also known as snake/reptile Medicine to heal with.


Ophiuchus/ Asclepeius

In Ancient Greece if one was ill and in order to be healed one went to a temple devoted to Asclepeius. There the patient was given herbs, perhaps snake venom and other forms of intoxicants, perhaps psychoactive plants and would be watched by various healers. The patient was left to rest, waiting to receive the healing dream. The belief was that only the Gods, {the Psyche, the Unconscious itself} would contain the secrets and the cure itself.


I have to say here that my husband Napoleon was stricken with brain malaria in a remote area of Indonesia in the early 90’s. . He did manage to have some malaria medicine as well as natural homeopathic remedies, and luckily a doctor who managed to get fresh fruits and vegetables available to him for the weeks that he was critically ill. While he lay in very high fever, hallucinating, shaking, delirious, he said he then had a very powerful LUCID DREAM of King Solomon’s temple and advise given which immediately broke his fever. He recovered within a day of receiving the healing dream and hasn’t had any problems since then!


So don’t worry about the current line-up on NEW SIGNS!


What I think is the most significant in all this is that it bridges the Eastern and Western and claims a New archetypes attention to modern forefront consciousness even if it’s just a news item for a few days!


We are in a 2011= 4 = the number 13 year!

In the tarot 13 is the symbol of DEATH and REBIRTH!


If people really want to honour OPHIUCHUS it is a very holistic healing sign. Ophiucus is known for vivid premonitions, dream interpretations, natural healing, immortality, good luck, seeking higher education and wisdom, architects, aspiring, lofty ideals, poetic, inventive, fortunate in hard times, wisdom, genius, giving, generous.


All the factors out modern culture needs to integrate. Obama’s health care plan should be replaced with the OPHIUCHUS Health Care Plan.




The Astronomer's created this in 1930.




Constellation     Tropical Date                   Sidereal Date                      IAU Definition


ARIES        March 21- April 19          April 15 – May 15        April 17 – May 13

TAURUS    April 20 – May 21            May 16 – June 15        May 14 – June 19

GEMINI      May 22 – June 22           June 16 – July 15        June 20 – July 20

CANCER    June 23 – July 22           July 16 – August 15         July 21 – Aug 9

LEO           July 23 – July 22            August 16 –Sept 15        Aug. 10-Sept 15

VIRGO       Aug. 23 – Sept. 23          Sept. 16 – Oct. 15         Sept. 16- Oct. 30

LIBRA       Sept. 24 – Oct.  23           Oct. 16 –Nov. 15            Oct. 31 –Nov. 22 SCORPIO   Oct. 24 – Nov. 22            Nov. 16 – Dec 15           Nov. 23 -Nov. 28

OPHIUCUS           N/A                                                           Nov. 29–Dec. 17

SAGITTARIUS  Nov. 23- Dec 21        Dec 16 – Jan. 14           Dec 18. –Jan. 17

CAPRICORN     Dec. 22 –Jan. 20      Jan. 15- Feb. 14             Jan 18 –Feb. 15

AQUARIUS       Jan. 21 – Feb 19      Feb. 15 – March 14     Feb. 16–March 11

PISCES           Feb. 20 – March 20    March 15- April 14     March 12–April 16


The dates will incrementally increase by 1 degree every 72 years. The “Fixed Stars” advance 1 degree in that time frame.






Copyright  2002-2022 Tara Greene - All Rights Reserved

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