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JUN of the



Jupiter, t  The  Big Planet has exited his home sign of Sagittarius

ventured into corporate, hard working, Earthy Feminine! {what?}  Saturn

 Lord o     Lord of Karma, strife, maturity, unemotional, all business and

structu     structure, Capricorn Dec.  18 2007. 


  Jupiter expands and Saturn contracts so we have the rare Dr.

  Doolittle species, the Push Me Pull You. It’s a drive with the

  breaks on kinda year. So what does this bode for YOU?  


 Capricorn and  the 10th sign represents symbolic HIGH NOON

 in an Astrology chart. ZERO degrees of Capricorn is consid=

ered  the crucial World Stage point. It’s the peak, the top, Napo-

leon brandy, like that old chestnut song, it’s where we  want to

shine brightest in our careers, where we want to be noticed

the most. Capricorn is what’s known as a Cardinal sign, each

of the 4 gateways of the seasons is a Cardinal sign, meaning

one that begins. Jupiter is not strong in Capricorn, being

considered to be in “fall” opposite the sign its exalted in

Cancer. So even though Jupiter’s nature is toned  down this

year, he’s still going to exert a big influence on business, risk

taking, travel, religion, sports, the law, publishing and inspiring

us all to have some serious fun. 


   So please read through my predictions of the new turning point in your life in 2008  based on Sun sign position. If you know your

Ascendant or Rising sign  combine that  into the mix.



Jupiter enters Aquarius on Jan. 5th at 3:42 PM GMT
10:42 am EST
7:42 am PST
and stays for the whole of 2009!
GREAT news for Aquarians, this is Your Year to shine!
Taurus and Scorpio get the pushy Square from Jolly Jup!
LEonine Leos gets to stare down Jupiter all year in the tango of an opposition. Too much of a good thing?
and of course the SATURN?URANUS OPPOSITION gets us all wired and tens all year.
LIBRA"S< AND OF COURSE ALL THOSE CAPRICORNS born on DEC. 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, and 27th are getting ready to POP! 

ARIES-  Jupiter in your 10th HOUSE of CAREER PEAKS!

A natural Cardinal sign yourself, the Cardinal to Cardinal Square aspect from Jupiter gives you a huge push plus Jupiter is placed in Natural home territory for you, the 10th house! So manifest peak career times. Go after that promotion. Let your fiery, entrepreneurial side shine forth, start a new business venture or career. Jupiter in Capricorn gives you stability, endurance and patience something you sorely lack. You may actually be able o stick to your New Years resolutions for at least 6 months. Lots of Aries will be chafing at the leash that Saturn/Capricorn places on them. Tine to grow up a bit Aries and get serious, have some serious new beginnings.

TAURUS Jupiter in your 9th House

This is the Earth Trine and very beneficial for all you hard working Tauruses. Jupiter is the natural Ruler of the Sagittarius 9th house, so much philosophizing, religious discipline, structure. Get off the couch and go on a trip not just for business. Exercise your great voice and make commanding speeches. A good time to reeducate or try out some metaphysical courses. Listen to your dreams and Higher Self. A great time to inspire others with a sound down to earth plan. Get disciplined about a diet and exercise as Jupiter can tend to pack on the pounds. Fall in love with an exotic foreigner, a philosopher or poet. Buy foreign real estate or incest in a casino in China. You’ve got the hands on tools now they’re polished up with Legal finesse. Teach your crafty skills, artistic or musical talents to others

Gemini- Jupiter in you 8th House

The 8th house is the natural Scorpio house. It’s extremely emotional, other people’s money, inheritance, taxes, death and rebirth, sex, intensity, secrets, power, research, psychology & control. Jupiter in Capricorn’s sojourn through your 8th is not light but you need to get some grounding, what with Pluto opposite your sign for the last 12 years. For Gemini’s it’s a great time to be in school and  studying psychology, gambling, traveling, getting serious about handling money, having structure, being patient, letting go of a lot of old DAD issues, and authority issues in general. I know you’re the Eternal Youth, the peur, Peter Pan, but for this year you gotta leave Never Never Land and learn about actualizing your physical body on the Worlds’ stage. Maturity can feel good and help you acquire buckaroonies, finesse with money, be much more magnetic sexually by taking yourself seriously. Take care of business. Make sure you do back taxes.


Aries Forecast



Cancer-  Jupiter in your 7th House

In your house of Relationships, committed ones and business partnerships Jupiter expands, brings fertility, optimism, inspiration, the travel bug, start a new business partnership.  Have a huge wedding in an exotic part of the world.  Be prepared to take some calculated risks. You’ll be very likely to meet and fall in love with an older, mature business type, who’s totally opposite you in emotional temperament. He or she will provide well for you but leave the room if you weep, Capricorns are dead scared of emotional displays. Be careful about being overly optimistic in love,or too expressive. Expand business contacts through networking. You will be less emotional this year,more austere. Good time to start a travel adventure business, a gambling casino in China, work in educational fields, sports, publishing. Go through some old recipe books, buy heirloom seeds, good time to make a serious addition to your home. Aging parents will likely move closer or you to them and require more responsibility or go visit some of your relatives who you haven’t seen and have a big family reunion.


Leo- Jupiter in you 6th house

This is the natural Virgo house placement, one of work, service to others, health, community, perfection, nitpicking, organizing, accounting. So you’ll find yourself able to get out of the limelight and off the stage in a way to take care of the nitty gritty daily  stuff of life in a more organized way this year or hire a manager, accountant, house keeper, etc. If you’re very flush. Watch out for your health, Jupiter is expansion and Saturn is contraction so it may be a roller

Coaster ride in the battlefields of the pounds.  Put your heart into getting organized, expanding your career. Of course you always have to have the spotlight, center stage, be a leader and bask in the Sun and with this one two punch I believe that with a bit of sweat embroidering your bravado- this year will do it for you. Do something big and grand for the environment, while your at it. Getting your manicured nails dirty can look sexy.


Virgo- Jupiter in your 5th house

The 5th house is the natural house of Love affairs, children, showing off, Leonine courage, pride, self-expression all things not in the normal Virgoian vocabulary. SO expect this year to be one of experiments, take some risks, stop worrying endlessly about balancing the budget, acting like a nun, being a hypochondriac, working like a slave and have some FUN. Do something daring with your appearance, be frivolous and buy a very sexy expensive dress. Give your heart away to a business or sporty foreigner. Go dancing for fun. This is seriously fertilizing time for you if you want to have children. Loosen up. Take a vacation. You should play as hard as you work at least. Your health should be good this  year. Jupiter in Capricorn is blessing you with a Trine and that can’t be bad anyway you try to slice it and dice it.

Go for the raise. Find work that you love to do. Get an older dog. Stand in front of the mirror and say affirmations out loud. Try to wash your hair less and cheat on your diet a bit.


Libra- Jupiter in your 4th house

You are also a Cardinal sign so you get the Square aspect from Jupiter guaranteed to get you in action. The 4th house represents Mom, the womb, early childhood, real estate, safety, security, Cancerian emotion, the stomach. As you naturally are geared to relationships, others, balancing, the arts, entertaining, and not being able to make up your mind and relying on other peoples’ opinions, this year should help you get more grounded about decision making.

A good time to expand and restructure your house, your marriage and all relationships. Learn to say no and mean it. Learn to patiently ponder things and act according to your own dictates. This is a very fertile year especially if you are an older woman trying to get pregnant. Renovate your mind, Libra is an air sign. Get your money out of the market and buy up those foreclosures. Be careful what you eat and stomach problems this year. A good year to move Mom or both parents into your home. Discipline your children, they will respect you for it. Start a home based business. Work with women, the elderly, so legal work, get some new education at home, and travel to a very safe but exotic location. 


Scorpio-  Jupiter in your 3rd house

The third house is the natural Gemini house of lightness of being, communication, immaturity, restless mental energy, the gift of the gab, again most foreign territory for a Scorpio. SO this year brings change, which his what Scorpio is all about. Publish that dark sexual psychological fantasy murder mystery thriller you’ve had locked in the closet. You’ll be a lot less inclined to be wearing black and be so secretive.  It could be fun to go out and talk about something

completely meaningless and inconsequential. Play trivial pursuit every day as a meditation. This is also the natural house of siblings, and short journeys so you may feel generous enough to forgive your siblings for-beating you, telling on you, getting all the attention for which you’ll never forgive them for, etc. Take lots of local car trips and check out your vicinity. In business you’ll have the gift of the gab and be able to sell anything. Sex and love with more mature,

scallywags, business suits  and exotica are in the picture. Enjoy! Share the power. Read a lot, get up to speed on the latest buzzwords, fads and trends. Cash in on this knowledge savvy and apply it to business.


Sagittarius- Jupiter in your 2nd house

O.K. fellow Sag’s after last years rocket ride, this is the time to get serious about making money with all your high falutin’ ideas and inspirations. In other words manifest all those higher dreams, write that darn book already, make plenty of money, get your values grounded, buy American or German good quality tools, make or invest in art. Ride on that energy from last year to new financial heights. Write a manifesto. See if your philosophy holds water. Walk your talk. Write a business plan and implement it., get some financial and business coaching, improve your educational skills. Hang out with rich sophisticated well dressed sporty older business types and study their moves. Get a mentor. Define what is really yours and not sponged off of who you met, when. People will want to see you produce. Get some serious business looking clothes. Remember, Bill Gates has Jupiter and Pluto in his natal 2nd house

and that’s similar enough to what you’ve got this year so act rich think rich, take some calculated risks, be rich, generous, do some business trips, export exotica that no one’s discovered yet.


Capricorn- Jupiter in your 1st House

O.K. Capricorns, if you’ve done your behind the scenes work last year when Jupiter was in your 12th and discovered the nature of, and stopped secretly undoing it to yourself, then you can take full advantage of this. This is a New Beginning, a new Ascendant, a new face. This is the 1st house representing your identity-who you really are. Jupiter In Capricorn affirms who you really are. Stand in front of your mirror and state loudly I AM EXPANSIVE, I GET

The job done, I’m the best one for the job. And try to get more results with LESS WORK this year. I know that this Jupiterian Saggy philosophy is hard for you to understand but it’s Play more. Work less and get paid whatever you Wish, you’ve earned it, you deserve it. This is a rebirth in so many ways. So start new projects, feel inspired again, reach out to others, network , get the word out, brag, start a fitness program, or do yoga. Travel for business

inspiration. Pluto will be following Jupiter into Capricorn for the next 16 years so this is a huge transformative, powerful long time period of reaping the rewards. AS the 1st house is Aries in Nature, be brash, bold, enterprenurial, start new business projects that are philanthropic, world wide, inspire new business ventures, philosophies and ideas.


Aquarius- Jupiter in your 12th House

Ah the 12th house, the most spaced out, mystical, dreamy, spiritual, confined, institutional, fantasy, illusion, watery, Neptunian, Pisces, self-undoing, psychic, addictions, photography, film and bliss house. That’s a lot. This one will get you out of your airy revolutionary mind set and into your Feelings and spiritualize you in a very serious way. Finish up all old business. Look at your addictions and strategize how to move the energy into a more positive flow. This is the “Boddhisatva” position. Spend a lot of time doing community work, paying off all old karmic debts, working for the good of all from your heart not just your head. Take a film making or photography course, or just straighten out the mountains of photos you’ve taken. Help build houses, watch your dreams, do an extended yoga or spiritual training. Get psychotherapy, write a fantasy novel. Try to understand and embrace your fellow humans who you love from such a safe distance and be present with their shadows, their and your shortcomings, achieve a place of understanding and compassion for yourself. Jupiter is accidentally in harmony here as it is the exalted ruler of Pisces and the12th house.  Rewards are more internal and behind the scenes for you this year. The inner work is always what matters most and shows the greatest results on the outside. Go inside, connect with Spirit. Join a  spiritualist group or groups. Also very inspiring on the creative side, express yourself with toning, singing, chanting, dance, art, poetry.


            Pisces- Jupiter in your 11th House

The 11th house is traditionally the house of wishes hopes and dreams, love received, revolution, Aquarian, Individualism, working with groups, and unconventionality. So, a great year to reap rewards for all your compassionate work. Also a good year to step out of your martyrdom and see it for what it is and set boundaries. A good year to go to rehab-unlike Amy Winehouse. Come out of your closet and let the world give back to you, I know It’s difficulty for you to receive in a practical solid way. Build that Ashram, start that community center, get

Philanthropers to give you money to fund your what they think of as fringy education plans, reforms in medicine,  hospitals, hospices, mental institutions, the way spiritual crises are looked at, holotropic rebirthing and making all of these things and more mainstream. Produce your music, get those art shows, you should be extremely popular.  Organize women centered financial manifestation Goddess energy money and jump start a new economy. Do lectures on the demise of the environment, nature, the oceans, the state of popular films, religious scams, phony Gurus, gather with millions of other like minded revolutionaries and change the world through the Net, using secrets of attraction, Spiritual principles, and quantum physics visualizations as your platform. Invent a revolutionary Power source from water, or through visualization and mantras only. Walk into other dimensions. Change your world and change the whole world for the better. Manifest a structure which enables everyone to feel and know and experience their interconnectedness with all of Nature and life,not just on this planet but throughout the Universe,.


MARS RETROGRADE NOV. 15-Jan. 30 2008

MARS ALERT! MARS Retrograde Nov. 15 @ 3:40:55 EST/8:40:55 GMT

Mars attacks-not! Testosterone takes a tumble.

Mars the planet of men, actions, defenses, eros, independence, the military, war, competitiveness, anything sharp, athletes, fire and heat begins his defensive backwards moves from 12 degrees 27 minutes of Cancer-sign of Home, Security, Mom, roots, nurturing, food-and the U.S.'s Sun Sign and Canada’s too! Cancerian feelings come first now.

Mars will be perigree- closest to the Earth from the time he moves backwards, think "moon-walk" steps, which peaks at the Sun-Mars opposition Dec. 24th Have yourself a merry little Xmas? this close shave continues all the way through to the end of the Retrograde Jan. 30 2008 when Mars will end his journey at 24 degrees Gemini 05 minutes.

This is a two and a half month period of high tension and conflict. Mars Retrograde inflames tempers, rashness, violence, and explosions. Family conflicts, right to lifers going berserk, water problems, {Cancer} fertility, conception, abortion, clean water, water rights etc.

SUN SIGNS -who Gets affected most by the Mars Retrograde
Mars Retrogrades from 12 degrees + of Cancer, a sign in which Mars is considered to be in detriment-not strong naturally and will Retrograde back to 24 degrees + of Gemini. Mars covers all of the degrees and dates in between the two dates. If you know your chart any planets or angles at these degrees will be affected.

CANCER born JULY 3RD back to GEMINI till JUNE 15 –you get the direct hit

LIBRA born OCT 6th back to VIRGO born SEPT 18th –you get squared – a Martial aspect anyway-stressful

ARIES born- APRIL 3rd back to PISCES born MARCH 15th –you get the Mars Rx Square- stressful

CAPRICORN born Jan 3rd back to Sagittarius born Dec. 15th –you get the opposition- should I stay or should I go go?


Mars rules the Signs of Aries and Scorpio. Therefore Mars Retrograde affects all 1st house, Aries type issues, of Self, “I”, ego, life force, libido, independence, assertiveness, spirit, initiating + all Scorpionic 8th house issues of Death, rebirth, sex, other people’s money, taxes, garbage, power, control, secrets, nuclear power, the collective unconscious, soul, transformation and all fixed emotional issues.

All of those issues for each of us both personally and collectively are going to be rehashed, remashed, revoked, remembered, reactivated and Reflected upon during the Mars Retro.

Mars retreats. This is a good thing. In War when the signs are clear that you cannot win the smartest thing to do is retreat and surrender. The dumbest thing to do when threatened is to fake out your own defenselessness and attack even harder.

This time period may signal a stall in rampant consumerism. aggressive purchasing slows down because awareness dawns that that big empty hole just simply cannot be filled by whatever anymore. Better to take to a warm bed, grab a hot water bottle and surrender. I predict a big reversal in the usual Xmas consumerism to a simpler, family oriented, real giving value to the Holiday season.

Testosterone takes a tumble. Your love life will stall, no amount of Viagra can get this one up. The Masculine power-over trip is signaling it’s flaccid reality. Guys, and ladies this could be a very good sweet thing. No more wham bam thank you ma’am sex. Try a little tenderness. You can make fantastic sweet love without doing the ‘in-out.” Like the Oriental parking attendant used to say to my husband when he left the lot and came back too often-“No MORE IN-OUT FOR YOU.”

So here’s the song lyrics for that song of the Day-with a bit of a change up for equality and cross dressers

Try A Little Tenderness Otis Redding

oh she/he may be weary
them young girls/boys they do get wearied
wearing that same old miniskirt/business suit dress
but when she/he gets weary
you try a little tenderness

i know shes/he’s waiting
just anticipating
the thing that you’ll never never possess
no no no
but while she/he there waiting
try just a little bit of tenderness
thats all you got to do
now it might be a little bit sentimental no
but she/he has her greaves and care
but the soft words they are spoke so gentle
yeah yeah yeah
and it makes it easier to bear
oh she/he wont regret it
no no
them young girls/boys they don’t forget it
love is their whole happiness
yeah yeha yeah
but its all so easy
all you got to do is try
try a little tenderness
all you got to do is - know how to love her/him
you've got to, hold her/him
squeeze her/him, never leave her/him
now get to her/him
got got got to try a little tenderness
yeah yeah
lord have mercy now
all you got to do is take my advice
you've got to hold her/him
squeeze her/him, never leave her/him
you've got to hold her/him
and never
so you got to try a little tenderness
a little tenderness
a little tenderness
a little tenderness
you've got to
got to got to
you've gotta got to got to

try a little tenderness

Living on Mars in the near future? I don’t think so. Life forms will be found on Mars. Maybe we’ll even receive a visit from some Martians who came back to earth to pick up something they forgot a few millennia ago.

On a personal level be very careful of fires, using dangerous materials, accidents and Rage. Expect strong activation of the tectonic plates and volcanic explosions. This time period will erupt old vendetta and revenge issues, may disruption gas and oil supplies and provide defensive maneuvers in the financial markets. Terrorist attacks and rampant violence, as everything that's been held down, suppressed, repressed comes barreling out to battle.

This is not necessarily all bad. Retrograde Mars in Cancer symbolizes the reactivation of repressed female anger. Reactions against women’s traditional roles as mothers and homemakers-a good thing for Hillary Clinton, who is using this tactic in her campaigns now. A resurrection of the Female Shadow warrior. She isn’t all peaceful and good, not always nurturing.

Mars Retrograde is analogous to KALI the Dark feared Black mother, the shadow Mother, Lillith-like, who reminds us that she can bring death as well as Life.

Hindu Goddess Kali

As Mars rules Scorpio sign of Birth, Death and Trans-formation I see this time period as renewing right to die issues, women’s desire to have natural, untampered with techno-births, changes in treating the dying, to a broader dying at home with the family and not drugged out in hospitals under military type of care. Issues about clean water, safe water, and water rights.

I would say that all male {Mars} warmongering is a psychological/biological re-action to the Fear of the dominance of Mother, she chooses which sperm gets to be immortal, she carries the precious new life, she labors and gives birth, she can reject you, hurt you, deny you, destroy you, just like Mother Nature. So expect Mom Nature to turn nasty, food shortages, food spoilage, etc.

I think this is a good humbling and humility-making event. In India the Great Goddess Kali is always worshipped. offerings are made to appease her wrathfulness. Awareness and awe is always held for her immense power as creatress, protectress nurturer and destroyer.

If the U.S. is going to attack Iran I believe that it will be between these time periods, as the election is upcoming and that way Bush can call a State of War and cancel any chance of democracy and elections. Note that there are also huge planetary Sign ingresses during this time period. Jupiter enters Capricorn Dec. 18th, Pluto enters Capricorn Jan. 25th 2008 and this is a Major Turning Point in History.

The Zero Degree Point of Capricorn, the Winter Solstice Point is the 10th House Cusp in the Natural wheel of the Zodiac, as such it symbolizes “HIGH NOON” so it is called the WORLD STAGE point. And remember, that point, is the fabled 2012 “end date” of the Mayan calendar- is now only 5 years away.

Mars Retrograde in Cancer stirs up deep emotions, rooted ones, stomach upsets, going over your personal history with Mom, reflecting on being nurtured, home renovations, insecurity, a turn down in real estate, definitely the U.S. going further down the tubes, and most activities around women’s issues, children, child care, and putting children’s and mother’s rights first, being reviewed.

So a good time to get back to that novel you never finished, the repairs incompleted. All retrograde periods bespeak the need for REST. In this too fast paced world, even my nine year old daughter says time is going too fast-
We need to slow down. This is the darkest time of the year, we need to be hibernating in caves, in earth wombs like the bears. So use this 2 and month period to rest, renew, re-martial, re-negotiate, reneg on doing things that don’t feel right.

Trust your gut at all times during this period. Re-Nurture your self and all those you love. Regress if necessary. Keep a teddy bear close at hand. Cry at will for the woes of the world. Shedding tears is a cleansing, and better than bloodshed. Feel your way through how you re-act about things in your life. Reactions implies an emotional karmic elastic snapping kind of way of doing things. Reactions come from instinctive emotional ties, unconscious ones.

Mars retrograde is a great time to heal from all your unconscious reactions, which are both connected to Cancer and Scorpio. This is very empowering in an authentic way, open and allows one to operate in a non defensive way.


If you have personal planets, lunar nodes, Ascendant or Mid-Heaven {10th house cusp} at 11-14 degrees of Cardinal signs, especially Cancer or Capricorn, this transit hits you the most directly at the beginning and the hardest.
CANCER born @ July 5th
conjunction CAPRICORNS Born Jan 5th-
opposition ARIES born April 1st-4th
square LIBRA born- Oct 4-6th you’ll feel the square of this simmering down heated stew the most acutely.

Planets or angles in your chart at 27 degrees of all fixed signs will be respectively hit with the semi square-
TAURUS -born May 18th,19th
LEO born @ Aug. 20th
SCORIOS born Nov. 19th,20th
AQUARIUS born Feb 16 & 17th
You get the 135 degree sesquiquadrate-in other words a square and a half to you, this is a whammy and a half square.

Mars will backstepping through to 24 degrees of Gemini 05 minutes, so any planets etc. falling within that that 18 degrees 12 minutes of the Zodiac will be directly contacted by Mars.

If you have planets, angles, ascendant or mid-heaven, you’ll feel the square
Born between April 2nd to March 16th- The Aries people feel the Retro first and then the Pisces people. Everyone born in between these dates will progressively get the retro Square, On Jan 30th /08 those Pisces people will get the Mars going direct Square

Born between Sept 17- Oct.6th The HArd Square-
Libra's born Oct 6th back to Virgo's born Sept 17th. The Librans feel the Square 1st then the late degree Virgos feel it during Jan to the end of Jan.

You’ll feel Mars retrograde opposing you if you have planets, angles, etc.
CAPRICORNS born Jan 3rd get the initial square and all the way through to the beginning of the sign. SAGITTARIUS born De. 20th-Dec 15th get the latter Square end of January.
Need Mars Retrograde Medicine?

I am at your service. Please call 416 461 1999 or email me for Relief.

ASTROLOGY UPDATES copyright Tara Greene 2008
WEEK OF DEC 1st 2008
Hi, for those of you who regularly come to read my Astrology updates you'll notice that I haven't been writing since the beginning of Oct. I have been busy due to family and health concerns. There's only one more month of this year.
DEC 1st-7th
Dec 1st-  the amazing Jupiter Venus Conjunction
with the Crescent Moon tthis configuration won't be repeated till 2052! It was forming for the last few weeks, and the Venus Jupiter conjunction should make people and the markets bounce higher for a few weeks or so, but as with Jupiter it may be overly optimistic.
Dec 2-
a quiet day Astrologically Moon in Aquarius
Dec 3rd-
Moon conjunct Chiron 8:35 am PST/ 11:35 am EST
Emotionally detachment from what pains you at the deepest depths is possible at this time. You need it, we all need it now.
Remember the healing is always in the wound, like the last Harry Potter book, you have to die to yourself in order to live and defeat the outer "evil."
Dec 4th-
MOON ENTERS PISCES @ 10:23 am PST/ 1:23 pm EST
Mercury Square Uranus 9:52 pm PST/ DEc 5 12:52 am EST
This should provide many tongue twisting unique and unusual zingers, also be aware of attacks, hurricanes, unusual sexual activity.
Dec 5th  RED ALERT DAY!                   
Moon Squares Sun 1:25 pm PST/ 4:25 pm EST
Emotions and egos are at odds, this symbolizes the forces of the Masculine and Feminine butting up against each other, friction.
MOON SQUARE MARS @ 1/26 pm PST/ 4:26 pm EST
nary a moment later and considered to be a ont-two combo punch Moon and MArs and Sun duke it out. BE cery carefull of overly escalating tempers, people boiling over defensively and accidents.
SUN CONJUNCT MARS @ 2:04 pm PST/ 5: 04 pm EST
And if that weren't enough tempers flare up like coronal mass ejections so expect sudden sunspot activity, terrorist outbreaks, tempers flaring, violence and the like.
And then the crap really hits the fan! EMotions go over the deep end, wild, erratic, electric, this is emotional revolution and the people ain't gonna take it anymore. This is the day when people realize and See RED. Expect major emotional and weather upheavals.
DEC 6th-
MOON conjunct URANUS @ 1:07 am
Unless you're out  clubbing, your emotional revolution is likely to be confined to slamming doors and throwing things around. Watch out for wonky drivers, molatov cocktails and the like, and peole morphing from one sexual persuaion to another tonight.
And we need this bit of grounding. As if the news and the consciousness weren't allready bad, Saturn in Virgo of course, is keaping everyone's tongue wagging about the work, financial, debt, budget picture. 
so start finding some old sugar sacks and sewing them into something natty. We need to be serious, look reality in the face, it ain't so pretty at the moment, but  we'll roll our sleaves aup and decide to get our hands into the real work and scrub the dirt we might be sort of o.k.
MOON ENTERS ARIES @ 6:44 pm PST/ 9:44 pm EST
this should brighten the picture up a bit, new energy, initiatives.
MOON SQUARE PLUTO @ 7: 22 pm PST/10:22 pm EST
Not so fast though, first you need a little bit of emotional shock tactics! The collective unconscious ruled by Pluto and the Moon are in tension tonight, let die the emotional attachments, sentiments, remorse, melancholy that no longer serves a purpose in the clear light that you can reach in your psyche. Pluto is a great teacher and cleanser.
Dec 7th THE  60's get ready TO REALLY START SOON!
Venus breezes into Aquarius now wanting freedom, on the mental plane and all planes. She is a libertarian, fighting for women's rights-the world is ignoring the situation in the Congo where thousands of women are raped daily-the latest War tactic; she loves and values freedom of all individuals, a one world harmony; is attracted to true individuals, one's who know and listen to and march to their own inner promptings.
Everyone will be speaking and communicating more openly,
now till the end of the year as Venus ends 2008 in Aquarius.
Aquarius is the sign most concerned with group think, change, individuality not ego, technology, invention, higher consciousness.
We are all in this together. Our present day reality is a construct of all the minds on Earth. Stirrings of REVOLUTION begin now, it is coming. The 60's are returning to fulfill the seeds of what was just planted back then. The BEATLES were the prophets and GURUS and what's coming. We're leading up t0 2010. The 60's were an Astrological trigger, formed by Pluto and Uranus in conjunction in Virgo opposed by Saturn in PIsces. As Uranus moves to Zero degrees of Aries in 2010,
Saturn opposes the 60's conjunction spot in 2009, and Pluto will be in early degrees of Cardinal sign Capricorn, SAturn also moves to Zero degrees of CArdinal Sign LIbra in 2009-10.
 SO fasten your seatbelts it's gonna be a bumpy ride. And we got our wish to live during interesting times.
Hi Lites Oct 6-12th
Mars in Scorpio turns up the Transformational juice all week and until Nov. 16th when Mars leave shis home sign where he is ,ost powerfull. MArs and the SIgn Scorpio rule the 8th HOUSE of FINANCES, other people's money, taxes, inheritance, traditionally Scorpionic influences such as Death, Rebirth, Sex, Power, Secrets, so... have you seen the headlines lately?


Copyright Tara Greene 2008






This Libra new Moon brings our emotional intuitive reflective feeling sides in tune with the present Solar consciousness. Libra is the sign most concerned with relationships, love, balance beauty peace and harmony and we definitely need that energy right now.

Over the last few weeks we’ve witnessed and unprecedented breakdown and  shift in the U.S. and the World’s Financial markets creating a huge imbalance, generating much fear, anger and debate over how to fix the mess.


Venus is the planet that rules the sign of Libra, she governs values, money, luxury and the arts as well as romance and committed relationships, and as the natural ruler of 7th house issues, all “others” and business relationships.


New Moon’s are always archetypal new beginnings, and this Libra New Moon turns our attention towards creating a balance in our values, balancing the budget, helping us to judge, as Libra’s scales are equated with the scales of Justice,how to judge fairly.

We need to feel our way and think our way  through these complex issues and ask ourselves.. What is necessary? What is of real value? What contributes to a peaceful harmonious lifestyle?  How have we been living that is out of balance? The ways in which we have used and misused money, depending on other peoples’ influence {a Libra issue to be sure}and how our love of money and greed got us into this mess, threatening to destroy the world’s economies.


The Sabian Symbol of this New Moon @ 7 degrees of Libra is otally on the mark, it counsels us to safeguard and support what we value “ A woman feeding chickens and protecting them from the hawks; the need to face the antagonism of “powers of darkness” as one attempts to feed the mind of as yet helpless and frightened apprentices.”


I do believe that those overpaid, over bonused to the millions CEO’s of all those big Banks and Security companies need to be brought to trial for knowingly creating this fiasco which is causing millions of people to lose their homes.  Just like the Enron scandals, Conrad Black etc. these people need to be made responsible and not bailed out by taxpayer’s dollars. I am not a Republican {although Mr. McCain surprised me by being in a dream I had the other night} and there is great danger in the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury getting carte blanche because those big corporations are the ones who run the show behind the scenes. But something sane to balance the budgets needs to be done. To find out how Sweden steered through a similar crisis years ago read this:




As per what the outcome might look like based on the planets on this New Moon when the “new deal” is supposed to drop.


Venus is presently in Scoprio at 6 degrees. Venus is considered to be “in detriment” in Scorpio she is in Mars’ sign and takes on his more martial angry aggressive masculine characteristics. Scorpio is the Sign of Death, Rebirth and Regeneration. How apropos.

Venus in Scorpio takes us into the depths, into deep emotional territory, the Underworld, the unconscious, the shadow, secrets, power, control, the Sign of the Soul.


Yes and that’s exactly the elements that are going to be parlayed around as the Uncle Sam turns into Mr. $ Fix- It.  Who is running the show and for whose goals?


Neptune , considered to be the “higher octave” of Venus rules illusion, fantasy, glamour,  martyrs, film, photography, oil, spirituality. Neptune rules the Sign of Pisces, the sign of endings, Institutions, and credit cards-illusory $. Neptune at 22 Aquarius moving Retrograde, has been moving in very close quarters with two other important placeholders in the cosmos since March . Neptune has been rubbing shoulders with the North Node at 17 degrees also moving Retrograde and Chiron at 16 degrees also Retro.



{there is always a South Node exactly opposite} are virtual points that represent the intersection of the Moon’s  orbit with the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, called the Ecliptic.  The nodes are considered to be karmic cycles, the North Node symbolizes the collective’s {and the individuals’s}  highest spiritual goals and aims and the South Node the past, or history.

The North Node spends about a year and a half traveling backwards through each Sign. In Aquarius the North Node is calling us to Higher Consciousness. To see the Big Picture, think from a Higher Perspective, Collectively, Humanitarianly, and to break free and revolutionize old structures.

Chiron is a planetary body with a 50 year elliptical orbit. Chiron discovered in Nov. 1977 symbolizes the wounded healer Archetype.

So to have Neptune conjunct the North Node and Chiron in the Hermetic dictum “as above, so below” reveals that Aquarian humanitarian collective inclusive revolution and breakthrough consciousness is what is needed to cure what ails us right now. We need change, we need to see people as unique individuals, each one of whom counts. We need a collective consciousness and we need to break from old Saturnine traditions-the old boys club. And that’s what looks like is happening to some degree. Barack Obama definitely fills this order.

The down side of Neptune is of course buying into the delusions, the fantasy, the glamour, the credit cards-which I accidentally initially had a Freudian slip with and wrote dredit or dreaded cards. Are the taxpayers-not the corporations who don’t pay tax- going to be the unwilling martyrs in this big time swindle?

Everyone who bought into the mutual funds and the market which held the mortgages as well as the individuals who bought the illusion of a home with no money down, bad credit no problem were wearing the proverbial “rose colored glasses” – a  proverbial Neptunian fashion must-are culpable. But the millions who did not-should not pay for the delusions  and greed of the many or few, depends how you slice and dice it.



Mercury is Retro in Libra right now so a rethinking of how to balance the books is also apropos. But as with every Mercury Retrograde lots of talk and maybe no one hears the other one very well. Mars to is in Libra at 26 degrees, and Mars is also weak in Libra as

He is in Venus’s sign as Venus is in Scorpio. But this is a special case, something called “mutual reception.”

The planets of sexuality are temporarily “trading places”  with Venus is in Mars’ house and vice versa. This puts an interesting spin on things. The two planets, male and female, receptive and active, yin and yang understand each others’ perspectuve’s at this time and this bodes well. Doves become hawks and hawks become doves. I just had another Freudian slip and wrote devos instead of doves. HEY THOSE SLIPS ARE GREAT!

It’s a perfect fit.

Ah DEVO they made the first rock video and were geniuses. So now it’s time for the musical accompaniment.











































                           THINGS GET WHIPPED INTO SHAPE 
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Knowledge is power- prepare to be empowered.



10:59 pm EDT/ Sept 24 @ 2:59 am GMT


Ah yes, it’s ahem Venus in her bondage outfit, or red sexy silky transparent negligee, red stockings, 6 inch hi heels, a slash of a mouth.  O.K. I’ve talked about all that already.

Venus rules love, luxury, money, values. Scorpio rules Sex, Death, Transformation, Power, Control, Secrets, Other Peoples Money, Taxes, inheritances. Put them all together and what do you got?

A perfect portrait of what’s exactly current in the U.S. and World Financial news.

Venus will slink through heavy emotional Scorpio until Oct 18th keeping all of us feeling very emotional about our money and values till then. I’m not even gonna talk about the passions raised.


On Wed Sept 24 barely 2 days into the new Season, MERCURY the planet which rules all consciousness, communications and things we communicate with goes RETROGRADE. for it’s 3rd and final time in 2008 @ 12:11 am PDT/3:11 am EDT/ 7:11 am GMT.

For those of you who don’t know what Mercury Retrograde means, it means that the Planet appears to stop forwards motion in the sky and to move backwards usually for about 3-6 weeks during each Retrograde phase-3 times a year.

So all of our usual linear driven forwards thinking logic consciousness, stops and as the Glyph Rx denotes, Regresses, Reflects, Rests, Renews for that time period.

MERCURY Retrograde’s are Really great! Don’t listen to all that doom and gloom stuff!

Even though all the planets go through their own yearly Retrograde phases every year, it is most apropos for Mercury to have a Retrograde period.


Mercury, the Ancient Messenger God, is a hermaphrodite, consisting of both male and female genders.  Mercury and thus consciousness symbolizes and governs both halves of the brain, right and left. We now have discovered scientifically what ancient wisdom intuited, that the left side of the brain is linear, logical, fact oriented { masculine} and the right brain intuitive, creative, encompassing { feminine}.  Most of the population is right-handed and governed by the left-brain. Left-handers are governed by the right brain and are more creative.

So when Mercury is moving direct most of the time we are in our usual logical side. When Mercury moves Retrograde we are all drawn into our intuitive, feminine, receptive, dreamy, creative time phase.  Nature moves in cycles, nothing goes forwards all the time, Nature always recycles.

MERCURY RETROGRADES are Collective periods for the brain to rest and renew itself.

To out logical brain center’s Mercury Retrograde’s do play havoc with  communications, and our computers. Beware of computer snafu’s, viruses, etc.

What To Do During Mercury Retrograde

Always triple check all communications spoken and written. During Merc Retro-you’ll say one thing they’ll hear another.


Do the Re-THINGS!

Rest. Renew. Reinvent. Reflect. Recycle. Review. Return. Rethink things, etc.

This is a time period for being creative, intuitive energy should reign, let go of logic,

Let go of the idea of linear progress, dream, think outside of the Box.


Don’t buy things. They’re guaranteed to break, manufacturer’s warranties, don’t hold etc.

Don’t initiate new things, better to wait a bit and be safe and not sorry.



Since Mercury goes Retrograde 3 times a year  for 3-6 weeks each time, fully 17-33% of the population is potentially born with the planet Mercury Retrograde in their Natal Birth Charts. It’s easy to get a free chart on the Internet I’d suggest Astrodienst an excellent Swiss site. Just key in your birthday, time of birth-if you don’t know you’re time of birth, just put in unknown time, this will produce a “natural house” system chart, and your location and you’ll quickly see if Mercury, or any of the other planets was moving in Retrograde motion when you were born. There will be a small R symbol beside the planet if it is.


Most of the people I know who were born with Mercury Retrograde always feel insecure about their intellectual capabilities. They are often labeled, learning disabled, slow or have trouble concentrating –ADD.


Think about it, if you’re one of a minority of people who think differently, out-of –the-box, more intuitively and creatively in a masculine dominated thinking world wouldn’t you be labeled as learning impaired by that criteria? But I tell you that being born under a Mercury Retrograde is a wonderful thing folks.


And most importantly right now in the RE thing mode. Revolution!




So Mr. BU ll SH it came on TV tonight Sept 24 08 to plead with the ordinary American folks {read suckers} that America needs their tax dollars to bail out the “Securities” companies/Banks read LOANSHARKS who foisted on the World those shady loans-no money down, don’t pay a cent till…. No credit no problem deals or else the U.S. Economy and the rest of the World re China, Europe etc. etc. who bought into it the swill  will Go Down the drain in a cesspool of a depression. Been 'dere done 'dat before, like, 79 years ago.


Before he “leaves the building” supposedly in Jan 09 he’s making sure all his buddies get a high stake of the $700,000,000,000 yep that’s 11 zero’s. Hah! Those little hard workin’ “honest” folks, who probably don’t have enough extra cash to play the markets, mutual funds, hedge funds etc. in the first place now get to foot the bill of the money managers. Will the people get to vote on it? Probably not because this is a state of FINANCIAL EMERGENCY! Ding! Ding! Ding!

This is Financial TERRORISM!  Just like he said after 911 everyone has to “keep shopping” everyone must have credit cards, shiny new cars, and keep America going ever and always into debt.


Shouldn’t the mafia brokers have to pay from their own pockets? Didn’t they make a bundle? Are the C.E.O.’s being fired for bad management?  This in my opinion is worse than Enron, the Valdez going down, Watergate and 911 put together.


If you have a mortgage at a bank, the bank owns your house. But if the Feds own the banks and your mortgage the government owns your home. Talk about “homeland security.”  Does this give them the right to do whatever they want? Has anyone read the fine print?


There's trouble my friends, right here in River City, Trouble with a Capital T,

that rhymes with P that stands for Paulson and the U.S. Treasury Department.


And what about the Federal Reserve? You know it’s a private bank, it is not part of the Government. It’s the Rockerfeller’s, you know the Billdenberg’s  and the secret rich who run the whole shebang anyways. This is the 2nd act after 911, the Secret Financial Government is planning to take over everything. I’ve even read that Obama was outlining volunteer programmes, like the make work programs in the Depression, for all those unemployed people who’re going to be growing real fast.


Looking back in History over the last 18 years- a Lunar cycle since 1990 a BUSH was the Pres. The Clinton for 8 years, the BUSH again. We’ve had 12 years of being Bush whacked by the New World Order preparing for lockdown now.


Obama McCAin it doesn’t matter it’s all the same. Only Ron Paul seems to have any sanity and he’s a Republican I believe he's running as an Independent in this Election. And how quick we are to forget that there's been no democratic elections in the U.S. for the last 8 years so why do you think there’d be one now? Duh...


The Feds taking over the banking system, securities system etc. is not socialist communist or anything like that. It's Fascist it's New World Order. Yes they want all the nations to get together to figure out how they're all going to work together making way for One World Fascist Order or

O.W.F. O. { it'll be owfo for most people} whose motto will be



" run by the few for the few, on the backs and sweat of the very many."


America is moving fast towards a Fascist violent “Democorruptic” nation, playing “bankrupt.” The old boys at the top have so much money in their secret coffers they probably light their cigars with $10,000 notes. Which if you didn't know is worthless anyways as it is not backed up by gold.


If you want to understand what Dollars really are- read this very interesting article. 




Sounds like a knock off of a U.S. car that was made in Yugoslavia in the Soviet Era.

And anyways they have to bankrupt their Economy to pave the way for the AMERO,

How come NO one talks about this in Canada or the U.S.!  It’s already been minted in Denver of all places. Sometime soon Canada and Mexico-I thought they hated Mexicans in the U.S.- will join hands in a lovely tri-country holding tank with one currency, O.K. so we’ll be the North American Union facing off with the EU.

And what happens to the U.S. debt when all 3 countries merge? I’m a Canadian, not crowing about being a Canadian because that’s not the Canadian way. We rub about 8,000 km’s of shoulder against the U.S. They’re only 100 miles away from Toronto where I sit writing this..

What happens to the value of a “loonie?” That’s what Canadian $1 coinage is affectingly referred to up here, because there’s a loon embossed on it.


So I decided to take a look at the Federal Reserve Birth Chart 


The Federal Reserve was voted into being by Congress on Dec 23 1913 I’ve used Noon as I do not have an accurate time and this is commonly used for Hi Profile Public events and persons.

When I saw the chart with the current transits I was blown away.


The Federal Reserve chart has the Sun at 1 degree+ of Capricorn- the Patriarchal, status quo, all business, corporate, seniority, earthy sign -  1 degree away from the Winter Solstice degree, the power gate and World Stage point.

It has it’s Pluto- Pluto is lord of Power, Control, Secrecy, Death, Rebirth directly opposite it’s Sun at ZERO degrees of Cancer {Retrograde} That is also the Summer Solstice Point where the sun is at the Highest point in the Northern Hemisphere June 21st. These 2 points are 2 of the 4 major Solar turning points of the year. And what’s the Sun always been symbolized and associated with?


The placement of these 2 “planets” in Astrology terms is amazing enough. If the Sun is actually a huge atomic furnace, Pluto rules Atomic energy. The opposition of these 2 is like the Sun and a mirror of the sun a “Black Sun” as it were. It’s a counterbalance of the Source of all Light and the Source of Death. That is the Federal Reserve chose consciously or unconsciously to symbolize Birth and Death, the ALpha and Omega, the Be all and End all,as it were and thinks that way about itself!

The current Transit of Pluto-Lord of Destruction and Resurrection/ Recycling/ waste, is sitting directly on the High Noon of the Fed’s birth chart at 29 degrees of Sagittarius right now.  This is of course conjunct the Galactic Center making me think that what author Stuart Wilde’s been saying about the ” fat controllers on earth being given orders by trans-dimensionals” may not be incorrect.

The Mid Heaven or High Noon position symbolizes the World’s stage. So, the Fed Reserve is perfectly poised to take total control of the U.S.’s  riches, through destruction, waste, poverty, did I forget to mention secrets?

Amazingly enough the Fed Reseve is having Pluto opposite it’s own Pluto right now. This is a Power balance.

And if that weren’t enough Pluto is also exactly Square to the Fed’s Ascendant/ Descendent exactly at this moment. SO Pluto is in control all the way through this right now, demoted or not, I think that everyone gets their marching orders from the top, who funds Astronomers anyways? SO downplaying Pluto diminishes, and makes Pluto seem less powerful.


The Moon in a chart represents the People and the hapless people are in Scorpio, being manipulated ruthlessly {ruled by guess who? -Pluto in the 8th house, natural house of guess what?- Pluto.

Mars the drive, action and defenses of this chart is in the 4th house, which usually represents the home, security, safety, protection and nurturing. Mars, symbol of everything Male traditionallr rules-guess which sign? Scorpio. Mars is in Cancer, the Sign of the U.S.  Mom apple pie, etc.  

This is the war God Mars, in the Sign associated with home and security, this is like having a war in the house.  Mars is Trining { an easy aspect} the Moon, so the Moon, symbolizing the instincts, emotions, sentiment, the people are easy pickings for the warrior, read Mars the wolf in sheep’s closing.

Jupiter the planet of Royalty, doing it big, risk taking, foreigners, the law is in Big Business mode in Capricorn at 23 degrees.Jupiter is opposite Mars showing a Big Bucks Warrior in the 11th house associated with groups, humanity.


Neptune the “higher octave” of Venus, she who rules copper, money, beauty. Neptune rules fantasy, illusion,delusion, addictions, drugs, oil, glamour, ruler of Pisces it is the planet of martyrs, scapegoats. Neptune rules plastic money, credit cards. Neptune is in the 5th house {always of a Leo nature}of creative self expression, ME, the child, leadership, generosity, the actor, drama, also in Cancer.  Neptune is opposite Jupiter, oppositions fuse the 2 energies,so BIG FANTASY,

about money, glamour, big homes, delusion, illusions, martyrs. Get the picture?


The Fed’s North Node  {glyph looks like headphones}or highest goal, usually your spiritual goal, but there is none behind the Fed’s, is at 18 degrees of Pisces in the 12th house. Pisces and the 12th house are Neptune’s territory once again. The 12th house is the house of karma, secret enemies, endings, institutions, fantasy, delusion, self-undoing, addictions, etc.


And Uranus the planet of “Expect the unexpected” and revolution, just went over that exact degree in March and will stop Retrograding and move direct a few minutes from that degree once again on November 27th  {a day after Pluto enters Capricorn till 2023. Planets changing direction are extra powerful. Pluto entering Capricorn the sign of Big Business and Corporations for the next 15 years look like Power for the rich, the Plutocracy.


Saturn is in Gemini in the 3rd house of communications and Retrograde. Retrograde planets are karmic. Saturn is in Gemini sign of the twins, double-talk, ambivalence,

Communications, so Saturn sounds mature, reasonable, and businesslike but in the sign of Gemini it’s double-speak.


Saturn Lord of Karma, obstacles, delays, responsibilities, tests, limitations, Capricorn, {and Aquarius traditionally] rules depressions, poverty, restrictions, prisons will reach 18 degrees 27 minutes and 59 seconds of Virgo shortly on Oct 30th and precisely conjunct the South Node of the Fed’s chart and exactly opposes the North Node.

Saturn is practical it’s the reality slap in the face. What you sow you shall reap is Saturn’s motto. So what the Fed’s have sown-they’ll reap in spades now through fantasy glamour, illusions, delusions, addiction to consume more, did I mention manipulating oil prices? at the expense of the All.


Transiting Saturn is also just now Squaring {a 90 degree angle} its natal position. This is a high-pressure signature and a nailing down of Corporate business heavies, requiring the humans, and those in your immediate neighborhood  {3rd house and Gemini is a human sign} to carry the lead weight of a financial coffin, deficit.


So, this is a warning, the gov. is going to strangle all the poor folks with this debt load. Don’t buy into it. Uranus is also the planet of Revolution and freedom, rise up Americans! Don’t take this lying down. I’ve heard from Alex Jones and his ilk that they’ve been building massive prisons all over the U.S. Prisons are also a commodity on the U.S. stock exchange, meant to make investors a profit. They need prisoners, so also be careful because if you do take to the streets that’s exactly what they want, you to fill up their prisons.

Usually I write on a very high-inspired spiritual tone. But I am also aware of the dangers. If I offend some here, I am willing to take that risk. I’m trying to wake people up from their slumber. You don’t need to live in debt, if you can’t afford it don’t go there. Simplify your life. Make do with less. You’ll have to anyways.

Don’t be a slave. And if you’re a Bible Belter, a Sarah Palin  supporter, well didn’t Jesus throw the money-lenders out of the Temple? Your home is your temple, and now the money lenders are throwing you out of your homes.  Don’t believe the we’re doing it for our “America’s better interests and the World’s. I’m not an American I can’t really do anything directly to affect your countries policies, but your policies will affect my countries, so get up off the couch, stop caring what Britney Spears is doing, notice what wool is being pulled over your eyes now.  


















Hi Y’all,

Sorry for disappointing you in not writing regularly since August it’s true. I needed a vacation and my family and I drove to the beautiful Maritime Provinces of Canada, visiting Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island, which are very beautiful.

I am under a pretty heavy Saturn transit these days, with Saturn presently just past squaring my Natal Moon in Sagittarius. Saturn is of course the great tester, teacher, maturer. So caring a big lead weight around is kind of what its felt like. On the exact hit of Saturn to my natal Moon at 12 degrees+ of Virgo my Uncle passed away.

I did write quite a lengthy piece on the recent CERN firing up in Geneva on Sept 10-cee CERN page.  SO let’s get you all up to date and running. We’re almost at the Autumn Equinox so I’ll include that too.




Sept 15 PISCES FULL MOON 2:14 am PDT/ 5:14 am EDT 9:14am GMT



THE FULL MOON at 22 degrees of PISCES marks an ending of a cycle. This seems very appropriate as we are but a week away from the Autumn Equinox which begins another cycle in the quarterly turning of the year’s seasons.


THIS FULL MOON has renegade planet URANUS conjunct the MOON so emotions will be scattered, electrified, high wired, with the ability to see the Big Picture and access

Breakthrough Consciousness. EXPECT the Unexpected to turn up on your doorstep and you’ll be prepared.  Emotional eruptions, high tides, unexpectedly large amounts of rain,

electrical storms, hurricanes-as we see from Gustav et al are currently in the rotation.


This is the Harvest Moon and in Pisces it encourages reflection, meditation, flow, and have compassion for what was and hasn’t yet been completed since Spring when new seeds were sown. Imagination runs high and wild on this Full Moon, it’s time to Revolutionize and vote for freedom at these times.


All three of the outer planets aspect this Moon as they did on the Aug 16 Lunar Eclipse.

NEPTUNE  at 22+ degrees of Aquarius Qunicunx’s {150 degrees away} the Sun at 22+

degrees of Virgo whilst semi-sextiling {30 degrees} the Moon.

Qunicunx’s and semi-sextiles are considered to be minor aspects but take on greater significance when an outer planet is involved which moves more slowly, and these effects are intensified by the electromagnetic pull of a Full Moon. These aspects are like cattle prods, annoying us just enough to make subtle but significant shifts in attitudes.

Neptune is the ruler of this Pisces Fullness so the Final Dispositor of it as well as Trining Mercury {consciousness} which rules Virgo where the Sun is, strengthening the opportunities now to combine thinking with feeling, the head and the heart with faith, and to help make dreams {Pisces} reality {Virgo}.

URANUS of course, opposed the Sun {ego and identity} Uranus is akin to the FOOL in the Tarot, a Cosmic Wild Card attempting to wake us all up.

PLUTO now moving direct since Sept 8th is at 28 degrees + of Sagittarius, but still   within range of the Galactic Center’s massive Black Hole. Pluto is prepping to head for Capricorn on Nov. 26 where he will remain till 2023!

PLUTO LORD of the Underworld, the shadow and Unconscious SQUARES the Sun and Moon. . Pluto is almost at the very last “Critical” degree of Sagittarius {which it will occupy as of Oct. 22nd} considered the last stand, turning point for any sign. Pluto at the Galactic Center has always been a harbinger for scientific discoveries, so the CERN start up is totally in tune with that timing now.


Pluto extends the duration of the strength of the Sun-Uranus Opposition {in effect since Sept. 12th} to a few days after the 20th, when the Sun forms an exact Square with Pluto.


Pluto is generating a mutable T-square to Uranus the Sun and Moon now. This is a high-powered octane fuelled rocket ride into a new world. If you have natal planets in mid to late degrees of Gemini Virgo or Sagittarius and Pisces you will feel the impact more so.


A PLUTONIC square such as this one, in these degrees, and especially with Uranus and Neptune involved make us act. We cannot ignore our shadows no more. We know consciously or unconsciously what does not work, what is decaying, rubbish, refuse, garbage, no longer serves our Higher Selves in all aspects of life. Pluto is the harbinger of truth, and the great recycler, culling the old to make way for the new.

We see the shadows of our projections, our fears, our scapegoating everywhere in politics, the Russians invading the state of Georgia, racism, sexism, consumerism, cheating, lying,

Speculating, etc. etc. WE must own all our own shadows, nothing truly exists outside of ourselves that is not within us.

WE need to change or we will be changed, If you aren’t a conscious agent of change for the betterment then you will be left feeling like you’re a victim. We all carry our stories, our woundings, that “they” did it to us. To be aware, awake and free we have to take responsibility, choose our power, to back up ourselves in spite of whatever damage we have suffered, lest we keep unconsciously inflicting it on ourselves or others. It’s time to wake up from the Sado-Masochistic Nightmare. The buck stops here.

I always find it funny how world events, literally give us their deeper meanings if you look for it.



Well, unfortunately for millions of former homeowners, financial institutions, shareholders and investors, Lehman Brothers etc.  THE BUCK LITERALLY IS STOPPING HERE.

Pluto represents evolution and Uranus revolution. These 2 planets are approaching a square to each other, within 8 degrees, heralding another unprecedented era of social, political and global transformation.



Just like the tumultuous 60’s, which Astrologers attribute the outer planets Uranus and Pluto’s three exact conjunctions in 1965-66 at 16 –17 degrees of Virgo to be the tripping off point of the tripping that followed, with the two planets remained a few degrees apart throughout much of that decade.

Saturn will be reaching 16 and 17 degrees of Virgo by mid October, galvanizing the karma of what was seeded in the 60’s. Saturn was then in Pisces opposing Pluto and Uranus at 11 to 15 degrees, and Saturn is now also approaching the opposition to that time period.

In 1978-79 Saturn was in Virgo covering the same ground as now.


Children born during 65-66 are now approaching their Saturn opposition, as well as having just had Uranus opposing their Natal Uranus Pluto conjunctions.

and those born in the late 70’s are having their first Saturn return.


NOW the 2 planets will make SEVEN exact squares to each other between 2012 and 2015 at 8- 15 degrees of Aries and Capricorn.

By 2009 in the summer Uranus and Pluto will be within 6 degrees of a square and by 2010 they will be 4 degrees apart, by 2011 less than 2 degrees away from that square- each year pushing on the collective to manifest the visions of the 60’s.


Fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


Sept 15

Moon enters Aries @ 2:38 pm PDT/ 5:38 pm EDT

Sept 16

Moon opposite Mars @ 10:46 pm PDT/ Sept 17 1:46 am EDT

Watch out for accidents, emotional outbursts and flaring tempers.



Moon is busy today. After opposing Mercury in Libra at 1:55 am PDT/ 4:55 am EDT


MOON OPPOSES VENUS @ 4:11 am PDT/ 7:11 am EDT opening the groundwork for the beautiful


VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE @ 6:59 am PDT/ 9:59 am EDT

This is the best most delicious romantic, dreamy, hi fallutin creative and forgiveness filled day.

MOON TRINE PLUTO @ 3:26 pm PDT/ 6:26 pm EDT then goes V.o. C.

This one is good for emotional cleansing.



Emotions get grounded and feelings are practical, esthetic and sensual for the next few days.





This should be one hell of a day to get a great massage, enjoy a big meal, party hearty with friends, ask for that raise, and generally be up. Be careful not to promise more than you can deliver.

MOON TRINES SATURN @ 5:08 pm PDT/ 8:08 pm EDT

And it can be real!



SEPT 19Moon Squares Chiron @ 1:02 am EDT

This one will get you feeling very vulnerable. Did you do something embarrassing or let loose with the foot in the heart of the mouth when MOON trined Jupiter?



Ouchy grouchy. Irritable, slipping n banana peels, accidents! Etc. Be mindful.


It’s my Dad’s Birthday! And my artist friend David Fischel in Sedona!


MOON ENTERS GEMINI @ 8:17 pm PDT/11:17 pm EDT

Up and at ‘em. Talkie, moving, quick paced, action for the next few days, tongues are constantly wagging.



Lovely for romantic conversation, especially with Mercury in Libra speaking the language of love, if you’ve waited for inopportunity to propose do it now. Watching movies, a spot of yoga, meditation, listening to or making music, art or drama is especially easy and enjoyable now.

But beware of the silver-tongues devil, illusion, delusions, too much drinking drugging and falling into the arms of the wrong person, or bad business proposition are also highly likely.


SAT. Sept 20

MOON SQUARES SATURN @ 7:52 pm PDT/10:52 pm EDT

Sobering us up a bit after that Neptunian trip to the 7th Heaven –world may be just what the Cosmic Doctor ordered. Kay low and get grounded.

SUN SQUARES PLUTO @ 8:43 pm PDT/11:43 pm EDT

Moon Squares Pluto at the Galactic Center. The mask is torn off; the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes. Ego is revealed to be naked, a jester. Sun in Virgo helps us to assess reality from the depths and make disciplined efforts to re-align ourselves with our own unconscious processes.




A very busy and positive day.


Trines are easy, breezy in Gemini aspects and it is easy to forget our troubles come on get happy now.

MOON TRINE MARS IN LIBRA @ 8:35 am PDT/ 11:35 am EDT

Good energy to get things done, take a martial arts class, let out some anger

MOON TRINES NEPTUNE @  9:09 am PDT/ 12:09 pm EDT

Loving the world and everything in it

MOON TRINES MERCURY @ 10:05 am PDT/ 1:05 pm EDT

This is a double Gemini very airy breezy mental emotional duality.


Last but certainly not least a beautiful end to all these Grand Trines today and it’s been a big week of them. Loves all there is. Spend time with the people you love and or doing what you love.

MARS TRINES NEPTUNE @ 7:57 pm PDT/ 10:57 pm EDT

And to further the energy Mars kicks in to bring Strength, vigor, libido to your DREAMS

Expect males, and the masculine drive in you to be very amorous, demonstrative and not easily dissuaded from the passions of their dreams.


MOON OPPOSES PLUTO @ 8:20 pm PDT/ 11:20 pm EDT

This is always tense, as the Moon is also preparing to SQUARE THE SUN in a couple of hours exact at 10:04 pm PDT/ 1:04 am Sept 22nd EST


Sept 21- Sept 22

MOON ENTERS CANCER @ 10:48 pm PDT on 21st

SEPT 22 Moon enters Cancer @1:48 am EDT

Head for home, and climb under the covers, security, family, nurturing, women, children, parents, your home, the needs of your stomach and especially emotional needs are all in focus over the next 2-3 days.


SEPT. 22 AUTUMN EQUINOX @ 8:45 am PDT/ 11:45 am EDT/ 3:44 PM GMT

The wheel of the Year turns and we begin the season of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere or Spring if you’re Down Under. Either way this day is Equal day and night.

The Archetype of Libra is Balance, fairness, Equality between the Masculine and Feminine. As ruled by Venus values, relationships, fairness, and peace, social relations, beauty and the arts are the predominant factors.

This is a new season.

MABON PAGAN/ Wiccan Festival

This is the time of harvest, and thanksgiving. What we have sown has grown ripened and will feed us through the upcoming Winter.

This is the season of the WEST of Introspection and intuition of turning within.



This is the time of the Bear, the West is the Clan of the Thunderbird. The West is Feminine ground, the body, the givers, the plants and trees, the rock and stones, the crawling animals, and associated with the color BLACK, and the Black races of people.

The West is the home of Magic and the Raven.


Venus sextiles Pluto @ 3:22 pm PDT/ 6:22 pm EDT

Love and soul blend easily. Speak from your depths, from your heart.

Moon opposes Jupiter @ 8:47 pm PDT/11:47 pm EDT

Get practical about your emotional needs.

MOON Sextiles Saturn @ 11:12 pm PDT

Another reason to just do it.





888 CONTINUED  AUG 26 2008!


AND YET ANOTHER CHANCE TO TUNE INTO 888 at an even higher vibration.


I was sent an email by someone who alerted me to this opportunity to tune into 888 today!

 AUG 26 2008  8/2+ 6 = 8/ 08

She said:

There is a third opportunity, the highest vibration of 888, "8-26-2006", it will be a 44/8 Master vibration.  I'm not exactly sure why she says it's a 44 Master Vibe, except that I held that Aug 8 and Aug 17 2006 were "pure" additions of 888 and Aug 8 and Aug 17th 2008 also fit into that numerological structure.


She says she knows because she is an "888", being born 8-26-1970.  She says she is an Indigo Child,and fully awakened to the subconscious.  She says she lives "888" naturally everyday. 

She also adds that the name of God IHVH is "26" anyone in grade 2 can do the math. ALL THAT IS/God/Goddess is INFINITE. I thank her for the email alert!




I would advise tonight at 8:00 pm in whatever time zone you are, to take 8 minutes and meditate on the nature of a Triptich, a thrice drawn Infinity.

Take some slow deep breaths, center yourself. Bring your focus breath and concentration into your heart.

Then when you feel ready,

Visualize the infinity symbol moving from your heart upwards to the left above and over your head and turning back into your heart then turning towards the right and below you and returning to your heart. This is for the Hermetic Dictum " As above, so below."

Then visualize the Infinity symbol moving from your heart,in front of you, to the left and returning to your heart and then moving to the right and round again back to your heart behind you, for the future and the past, making a wholeness, a completeness. You are centered in the present. All time is NOW.

Then put yourself and the whole world into the infinity space.  Stay in your heart in that Triple Infinity space.


Intend that you are in Infinity,

say aloud or in your mind "I AM AN INFINITE BEING" 

realize that  you in fact, are Infinity be- ing.

Feel your connectedness with all, to all that is.

As an Infinite Being you are beyond all limitations, beyond your ego and humaness, you have expanded your heart and consciousness without limit, beyond the finite.

From that enlarged never ending space, soak in the calm, the peace, balance, love, wholeness and completeness. Breathe deeply, stay in that space of Infinitude.

You may ask questions,

As an Infinite Being, how have I limited myself? my beliefs?

my heart?

What actions do I need to take to manifest the Infinite in my life?

Ask to be able to hold an INFINITE HEART SPACE with every breath, every thought, every action.





Astrological Updates Aug 1st – Aug 8th

Copyright Tara Greene 2008


Hi everyone, if you’re a regular reader of this column, you’ve noticed that I haven’t updated in a couple of weeks. I wish I could say I’ve been on vacation and taking time out, in reality {with Saturn squaring my Sun now} I have been working like crazy, which is a good thing.


UPCOMING ASTRO HI- LITES of the august month of August


AUGUST 1st TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE -10:13 am GMT/ 3:13 am PDT/ 6:13 am EDT


August begins with a big bang with this Solar Eclipse occurring at 9 degrees of Leo 31 minutes. The Total Eclipse of the Sun will be visible mainly only over a narrow band at the North Pole, making this a magnetic North Eclipse. Pole shifts anyone? Part of the Eclipse will be visible on the Eastern Coast of Canada. As Eclipse run in cycles this one is Saros Series # 126.

All Eclipses mark turning points of change. The Ancient feared Total Eclipses of the Sun seeing them symbolically as harbingers of the forces of evil, darkness or chaos-symbolically personified as a dragon eating the Sun. The dragon imagery, so prevalent in China, and with the Olympics opening in 7 days on 8,8/8 the 8 8 8 was very carefully

chosen for the auspiciousness of the Feng Shui numbers, 8 being the number of all the directions, symbolizing wealth, fortune, and prosperity and this eclipse seems to tie in to their new entrance onto the worlds stage in a big dramatic Leonine way.

Remember that Communist Capitalist new China has a 5,000 year old unbroken line of history which it draws its great strength from. So sandwiched before and during the Chinese Olympics we have 2 eclipses occurring.


August 1st Lughnasad

Pagan Celebration of the South West Cross Cardinal Direction

This is one of the Ancient Pagan Celebrations of turning the Wheel of the Year. We are at the halfway point of the Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox, The Sun King is preparing to die, the crops are ripe but not yet harvested. In order to harvest, there is sacrifice, it is a time to honor the waning of the Light. It is a time when participants ask what do they hope to harvest. A Solar Eclipse is definitely a waning of the Light.


Let’s stick with this Solar Eclipse first.

LEO the Lion is the Sign most associated with what the cowardly lion most wanted—Courage. Actors, drama, pageantry, big shows, extravagance, royalty, the heart, love given, children, creative self-expression, will power. The Sign of Leo, ruled by the Sun itself,  represents the journey of discovering and expressing our own Light. At this Solar Eclipse as the Sun is darkened we are drawn into the shadows and darkness to discover the hidden Light, the indestinguishable Light, the eternal Source, the Sacred Fire within.

Leo’s ruler is The Sun, so the Sun is totally empowered when in Leo, no wonder Leo’s feel themselves to be the center and Kings and Queens of the Universe-they are truly stars.


Eclipses of the Moon or Sun can only occur when the Luminaries are in close proximity to the North and South Nodes of the Moon.

These Nodes are still referred to by their ancient designations as the Dragon’s Head-North node and the Dragon’s Tail- the South Node- back to those dragons-that’s why they were considered to be eating the Sun or the Moon.


The SOUTH NODE represents the past, karma, the path of least resistance. It’s where we fall easy prey to our habits, where we fall into unconsciousness.

The NORTH NODE is our aims, our highest spiritual goals and calling, it’s our hopes and dreams, what we intend to transform, hope and aspire to.



This particular Eclipse points out very clearly and ymbolically where we’re at, what issues, areas and conditions need to, and will be changed now.


THE SUN being Eclipsed by the Moon creates a change in the electro-magnetic fields, animals are very sensitive to these changes, so watch your pets carefully during this time.

Leo's negative side, the dark side, is the EGO-the King, the tyrannical ruler.

As the Sun’s Light darkens, as the Life giving force of all Life on earth is blanketed, blotted out and engulfed in shadow by the Moon, the Sun comes under the Feminine Force Field. The Sun merges into it's own Shadow. The Masculine power force which ignites Life, is engulfed by it’s opposite power the Feminine.

Therefore Solar Eclipses are a real and potent symbol of the ALCHEMICAL MARRIAGE.

The Ego- the False King- the Emperor, loses its power, at a Total Eclipse. We see the Sun dis- empowered, vulnerable, naked, endarkened. It's scary when the Light goes out.  We collectively are able to be like the innocent child who can see honestly and clearly that the Emperor Ain’t wearing any clothes. So the Sun is infallible, it can be weak too. This is a very good thing. 

All SOlar Eclipses symboliz the extinguishing of the ego. It is a Death and Reborth show.

The high side of Leo is generosity and creative leadership, benevolent power, courage to defend the weak, helpless and innocent; pageants of the heart; theatre, the arts and drama which gives hope and will, and rewards the highest ethics. The cult of the Knight in shining armour, or the Grail Knights would be one example of this type of behavior in our history. Instead of the incessant spoon feeding and dumbing down of adults, teens and children with self-serving, ego based values, a change in values based on strength of character, will and heart. This would mean the end of violence in the media-video games, movies and television; the end of pornography; gambling; abuse and sexualizing of children; shameless aggrandization of movie stars, sports heroes, rock stars; excess, bigger, better, competition, keeping up with the media’s programming of style, fashion, being rich and famous, craving constant attention, being special, chosen, wielding power, the cult of the masculine  always omnipotent SUN-hero.


As the energetic matrices are opened for a few minutes during the Solar Eclipse new patterns emerge. LEO is the sign of courage which we need to have a lot of in order to listen to one’s heart, it takes will power to walk your own path of truth and not be part of the herd mentality. It takes resolve, inspiration, passion, daring, being generous to oneself, to say I am the Queen or King of my own life, without falling into the ego but living your life from a heart centered perspective, to live the life that is your own, that you can creatively self-express in order to love more.


On July 30, 2000 there was a solar Eclipse at 8 degrees 11 mins, of Leo very close to this one. What was important to you then will get another opportunity to take it higher and expand.


The BABY BOOMERS were all born with Pluto in Leo {1939-1955} and another generation was born with Uranus in Leo { 1955-1962} millions of people will experience this eclipse and the following Aug 16th Lunar eclipse in Aquarius very strongly as it activates their cellular memories of their heart mission, their fears {Pluto} as well as the need to break from tradition and be living revolutionaries and agents of change. You know that the 60’s were instigated by the conjunction of Pluto and Uranus in Virgo.



LEO’s -

If you have planets or angles within 5 degrees of the eclipse-4 degrees-14 degrees of Leo you get the biggest impact with the conjunction.


If you have planets or angles 4-14 degrees of  Fixed Signs Scorpio and Taurus you get the Square - the kick in the butt to change.  This means you if you are -

Scorpios born Oct 27th - Nov 7th

and Taurus’s born –April 25th- May 5th.


Aquarius’s born Jan 24- Feb 3rd get the pull of the opposition.



Fire Signs- Sagittarius and Aries- get the Lucky TRINE-that’s a smooth transition into change

ARIES born March 25th – April 4th

SAGITTARIANS Nov 26 – Dec 6th –{this includes moi!}

Don’t feel left out if your sign wasn’t mentioned. Everyone gets affected.



At this Solar Eclipse Mercury is very closely aligned with the Sun and Moon and the South Node of the Moon. Mercury in Leo shows how our consciousness and thinking is changing as we witness the decline of the ego, it’s fall from power. We see demonstrated how the Moon, the Feminine the goddess can simply put her veils of mystery over the Moon and take away the Sun’s light. The Reign of the Goddess gets one more announcement.


Venus is also in the mix in Leo at 24 degrees but too far off in degrees to be considered in aspect by conjunction. Still that’s a potent 5 planets/node in Leo.  Venus is opposite her Higher

Octave Planet Neptune at the Eclipse. They cane asily combine harmoniously to Take it Higher. 

Venus ruler of Love, values, money, the arts, building, persevering, relationships, as ruler of both Taurus and Libra asks us how do we separate our egos and our values. What do we really value? What is worth treasuring? Baubles? SUV’s? Is money more important than love?  Leo is symbolically the house of children, so we need to question how we are bringing up our children. Are we teaching to value what is really important? How do we break down the ego boundaries that keep us from being fully loving courageous people?


At the opposite end of the Dragon, the Head-the North Node @ 18 degrees + has Chiron the Wounded Healer at 19 degrees and Retrograding and Neptune at 23 degrees of Aquarius and Retrograde conjunct that.


The NORTH NODE in Aquarius conjunct Chiron shows us where the wounds are, what needs to be healed, where we are most vulnerable? Chiron in Aquarius asks us to question how much technology {Aquarian inventiveness} is helping or harming us. The recent final admittance that cell phones cause brain cancer, a fact that has been so obvious to anyone who had any common sense these last 15 years or so since cell phone got more popular. Do the math. Radiation in the cell phone+ long exposure to the side of your head =causes brain tumors.

CHIRON in Aquarius also shows us how if we adopt Aquarian idealism, new technologies and new holistic thoughts that we can together get to create the real Age of Aquarius one based on individual pursuits of freedom, instead of sameness, inclusiveness vs. exclusiveness, a spirituality which allows people to have their own unique self-empowering and intelligent experience of the Great Mystery, not power of authoritarian Leo religions. 

NEPTUNE here also points to SPIRIT, to dreams, to healing, to fantasy, art, music, alternatives, drugs, bliss, endings, escapism, viruses. L, and our wounds in relationship to oil, and how new technologies cannot be deployed fast enough, Technologies which have been around since the 20’s by the way but which Henry Ford destroyed because they weren’t capitalist and corporate enough to make investors rich.  Nicola Tesla’s electrical inventions took free electrical energy from the earth. The technology s there, wind power, solar power, water etc. Neptune rules credit cards, which is fantasy money, showing how we cannot pursue the dream of living like Kings and Queens in suburban dream castles unless we can afford it-the mortgage meltdown in the U.S. I am sorry for the people who lost their homes, but they believed that illusion, they didn’t read the fine print; they were caught in the dark side of Neptune-denial.

So lets look at our wounds and our vulnerabilities, our illusions, delusions, our ego attachments, our sense of needing to have it all, to live in thrall to our ego’s desires and be subjugated to them.

PLUTO is at the GALACTIC CENTRE now on this eclipse, this is really the last chance last chance saloon here and now. Tune in tune in and tune in, Venus, Goddess of harmony, beauty and balance trines Pluto, making it easy for us to discover our own inner beauty and peace.

SATURN is Trining JUPITER as well, enabling new more expansive structures for care taking of the earth’s resources, for Governments and corporations to restructure and work towards service to others.

MARS in Virgo at 18 degrees is opposite URANUS in Pisces, Retrograde at 22 degrees. Mars in Virgo urges us to act and work hard, to tighten our belts-Virgo’s love budgets, we’re all going through the belt tightening as the harvest of raw materials gets tighter. Mars’ opposition to Revolutionary Uranus is like an armored truck of Virgo practical necessity and accountability being opposed to Uranian wired raw electricity, new technologies whose purpose is in Pisces fashion, for all, distributed freely! Oppositions are complimentary.


Let this Solar Eclipse be a true harbinger of the death of EGO, authorities, kings, queens and those who assume their power through thinking they are higher up the ladder than anyone else.

Let us flow with the Moon, as the Goddess's power of reflection, and receptivity  takes us into our feelings, our emotions, our hearts, and choose to change whether we make our decisions from heart or ego, love or will. Carl Jung said that love and fear - which is where the desire for power over originates from; that love and power cannot co-exist, the urge for power cancels out love and love conquers fear.


Allow change to move you. Stop your mental chattering and the false ego’s demands to do more, have more, be the only one, me mine, special, first. The ego is always threatened by death. True spirituality, which we all are, spirits in temporary bodies in the 3D earth density, is magnificently so much more than the tiny egos demands. Spirit knows no fear of limitation, lack, there is no death save the egos death. The ego will keep you imprisoned. NAtive Anericans have a saying that it is a good day to die, a spiritual maxim is Die before you die, and this eclipse is a good day to let your ego die.


In one of my favourite author’s Stuart Wilde latest books, The Art of Redemption, Stuart explains that the only way to truly become enlightened and free is to ditch your ego, fall from the ego’s ivory tower, so that you can be humble, compassionate, kind, embrace your shadow side and free your Soul from competing and all kinds of other invisible tyrannies.

This is the time of Redemption. Whether you see the eclipse or not, do a ceremony on this day.  IT should embody and reflect the  THE SABIAN SYMBOL of this Eclipse-

“ Early morning dew sparkles as sunlight floods the field; the exalted feeling that rises with in the soul of the individual who has successfully passed through the long night which has tested his strength and his faith.”

So what do you love to do? How can you express your heart and soul more fully? How can you dance your heart into everything you do? How can work become play? How can we see that we are all actors on the stage? What kind of show or drama are you living? A soap opera? a game show? Make your life over in a creative fashion; do not hesitate to express your heart’s true feelings. Bring more humor and joy into your life. As the eyes and hands of God/Goddess you are the Life force of God/dess embodied, waiting to be lived through you.

A quote from the famous Astrologer Dane Rudhyar “ When you don’t follow your nature, there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be.”


Marilyn Monroe
Venus in Leo

Go        ASTROLOGY UPDATES July 7- 13  

Copyright Tara Greene 2008


                 Hi LITES of the Week – Mercury & Venus change signs and watch out!

MARS CONJUNCT SATURN on July 10 @ 11:12 am PDT/ 2:12 pm EDT/ 6: 11 pm GMT

MERCURY ENTERS CANCER on July 10 @ 1:17 pm PDT/ 4:17 pm EDT/ 8:17 pm GMT

           VENUS ENTERS LEO on July 12 @ 11:39 am  PDT/ 2:39  am EDT/ 6:39 pm GMT

A pretty busy week.

Mars the testosterone driven warrior planet of aggressive and defensive maneuvers slams into Saturn the  csmic cop, ruler of all things heavy-limitations, obstacles, metals, especially lead, discipline, authority, the status quo, corporations, maturity and seriosity in general.

     These two planets known as the grand malefics in  traditional  

     Astrology bode not well. These terrible two  cause people to act  out, like enfant terribles with those terrible two’s  temper tantrums . So do be extra careful  of road rage, aggressive driving, accidents, feeling low down and depressed, as Mars activates that Saturnine state. A good wallop of reality checking going on. Aggressive enemies- Iran fires off missiles in a very aggressive show of Martial seriousness to the world. As Saturn is always karmic, a big dose of pay your debts now, more foreclosures, market misery, tax issues, and old karmic enemies showing up in your life. One showed up in my life. It wasn’t pleasant.

How to work positively with this energy? Mars and Saturn together in Virgo symbolize a hot foot to get going aggressively about acting to clean up the environmental {VIRGO} messes of the world. Also aggressively disciplining yourself in your diet and health regimes.  Also drought conditions, chafing against restrictive laws- news from Britain about protesting against more and more Government surveillance throughout Britain.



Later on the 10th Mercury waltzes into Cancer for a quick step for only 16 days or so. Mercury in Cancer points to thinking from and through our stomachs, to what feeds us literally and emotionally. What’s on our minds and in the news now is security, home, family, comfort, eating/food, children, Mothering/ fertility, safety, shelter, real estate, privacy, reflecting, expectations.

You are what you eat is the old ‘60’s adage.

So be very conscious of what you put in your stomach now and how your words and inner thoughts, feed or starve yourself and others, or be ready to eat your words.

Communications and thinking should consist of “speaking from the gut” and ought to be more nurturing, empathetic, nurturing and compassionate.  We can easily connect in our minds to the billion people who are starving everyday all over the world. So with the Mars Saturn conjunction and now Mercury in Cancer –expect to see militant restrictions over food production and distribution and equally the hungry in revolt. Nothing gets people up in arms faster than empty stomachs, no roofs over their heads because they have nothing left to lose.

            VENUS IN LEO –till Aug 6th  

The Goddess will reign regally in Leo, decked out in ermine and jewels; she is in her true movie star Queenly status for this time period. Think of Marilyn Monroe. Venus rules Luxury, money, values, the Feminine, the Arts and in Royal Leo- the skies the limit. Women are the center of attention, this is very important in the U.S. election race, women hold the power now in choosing whether they will back Barak Obama, since Hillary Clinton’s defeat, or… everyone wants to be a drama Queen, the leader, charismatic, oozing sensuality, a Super Star of the Highest magnitude. As Leo rules Gold, expect gold prices to rise dramatically, and inflation to be in the news, rising prices for everything, the rich definitely get richer, copper prices {Venus rules Copper} will also inflate along with many egos.  Expect more than usual dramatic interest in big displays in Hollywood movies, theatre, plays, dramas, Superstar news, big displays of affection and grandiose hearts. Get your family together and have a big luxurious bash.


People will be extra-flirty, charming, charismatic, golden and glowing, expressing their hearts in regal ways. Always wanted an eye popping diamond ring? An excellent time to get or give one. Venus is in the house of Love Affairs! Also a good time to get pregnant, the 5th house is the house of children.

Leaders will be behaving like children! Expect to see lots of childish displays, temper tantrums and show off, childlike poses from those infants in power.

As Venus rules values and money in Leo this puts an emphasis on children, and the excesses that children in the first world have showered upon them. Children of royalty will be in the news, the Princes of England, an engagement announcement? and also the Stars and their children – Brangelina’s twins to be born during this time period.

BE good to yourself during this time period. Women should indulge themselves with fine quality cosmetics, spa treatments, beauty aids, high quality clothing and jewellery. It’s time to place Dress Up

Be the Goddess displaying all Her Beauty.

               GIVE LOVE AND VALUE

A s the 5th House- LEO is about giving Love-give generously to those in your heart, especially to children, to all the children in the World, After all, we are each of us, Children of the One Goddess, and of the EARTH.

Venus in Leo-

What is of real value? THE GLAMOUR-LEO- or LOVE?

This is the real evaluation. Children don’t need more stuff, they need love and attention. Ask yourself if you are giving your children the real thing or mere substitutes.  Love can’t be bought, and money can’t buy you love.

I wish you much love and beauty and luxury during these times. Remember that what lasts is what you’ve given to others in your life, not how much gold and jewels or even fame and fortune you’ve acquired.








Astrology Updates and Backdates June 23-29

Copywrite Tara Greene 2008


Hi, I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to write regularly so let’s backdate, often it’s good to look back to validate what’s been happening.

Hi Lites of the week

June 23 Aquarius Moon conjuncts Neptune

             Moon enters Pisces

June 25 Moon enters Aries

June 26 Uranus goes Retrograde –now 4 planets are Retro

June 27 Moon enters Taurus


June 23

One of my favourite comedians, who I had the privilige of seeing in person a few years ago George Carlin dies. Go in peace George, you made millions laugh for over 40 years, and laughter is the best medicine.


Astrology Updates June 30-Juy 6


Hi Lites of the week

June 30 Moon leaves earthy Taurus and enters Gemini 4:03 am EDT

July 1st Happy Birthday Canada!

Moon conjuncts Mercury 9:37 am EDT Emotions and mind meet in the dual sign, time to see both sides of the issues.


MARS enters VIRGO July 1@ 12:21 pm EDT/9:21 am PST/4:21 pm GMT

Mars, the God of War, will be in nitpicky Virgo till Aug 19th so expect aggressive and hopefully intelligent criticism. Mar’s warpath will be directed towards natural resources, the earth and food supplies. Mars rules Aries sign of Spring, and new life, as well as Scorpio sign of Death and Rebirth now in the sign of the harvest Virgo. As you sow, so shall you reap. Virgo, the 6th Sign is the most devoted to hard work, serving others, analyzing, ordering, budgeting. Yes aggressive budgeting is the name of the game these days. The economic bubble has burst in America, and fast Martial defenses to shore up the debris as well as new intelligent environmental products and services { ie.cars that run on garbage}are desperately needed to roll into production-yesterday. Faster better smarter ways of managing food supplies and distribution too. Expect a lot of nit picky-ness on the personal level, and tons of drive for hard work, getting things accomplished, organizing, getting your personal life on a budget, serving the eco-system. Virgo hates to waste anything. A good time for analysts, writers, accountants, service industry, practical thinking, getting the numbers right. Remember Mars is defensive, so expect a kick-back if you are overtly critical of others now.

For Virgos, expect a lot more energy and drive, oomph in your step. For Sagittarians, Mars will kick your butt to get the hard work done, you need to actualize your dreams, for Pisces Mars will also help you to manifest those dreams, and Gemini’s Mars in Virgo will get your mind grounded and practical.

Aries people, Mars will help you direct your formidable energies to help you finish up what you start, be more detailed, and reap some rewards.


July 2 NEW MOON in CANCER @ 7:20 pm PDT/ 10:20 pm EDT/ July 3 2:20 am GMT


This is a Sirius New Moon-pun intended as the Moon and Sun align with the Fixed Star Sirius. Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, nine light years away, was an object of wonder, revered by all ancient peoples throughout human history. The Ancient Egyptians knew this star as Isis, as its July rising brought fertility to the land through the flooding of the Nile. The ancient African Dogon Tribe of Mali said that their ancestors came from Sirius and they knew that the Star was a binary star long before it was discovered and confirmed by telescopes in modern days. The ancient Vedas called this star the Chieftan’s star, in other Hindu writings it is called Sukra,the Rain God. The Dog Star is also described as “ he who awakens the Gods of the air and summons them to bring rain.” Barbara Hand Clow channels information from Sirius and some say the Earth is related to Sirius because of its’ iron ore core, whish we have in our blood, making us magnetic.

The U.S. aligned it’s Sun to this Fixed Star having it’s declaration of Independence declared on this date to affix it’s identity with that of Sirius.

The Moon in Cancer is strongest in its own Sign, the sign it rules. Water sign Cancer is the sign of nurturing, mothering, security, emotions, love.

The Asteroid Ceres, the first asteroid to be discovered, now designated a dwarf planet is at 9 degrees of Cancer closely aligned with the Sun and Moon. Ceres is the Roman name for the Earth Mother, Demeter to the Greeks.

All New Moons are new beginnings, and in the Cardinal sign of Cancer this New Moon turns our instincts and emotions towards the Goddess, the Earth Herself, Mother to all life on this Planet in a nurturing, protective way.

Security, home, family, nurturing, sustenance, water, all Cancerian issues are in peril right now, all over the world. Besides the mortgage scandals in the U. S. food shortages, jobs, keeping a roof over our heads are critical issues. Water, too much of it, as in the flooding in the Midwest or not enough of it through drought are also critical issues.

Venus is also in Cancer at 18 degrees +, exactly opposing Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn, furthering expanding our values and feelings on all these issues and helping us to examine what we’ve built and structured in the past, {Jupiter Retro in Capricorn} under the criteria of “does it grow corn?”

Interestingly Ceres and Virgo {where Mars is now} are always shown holding a wheat sheaf, or corn. In the recent urgent drive to find new renewable sources of bio-fuel, the U.S. heavily subsidized corn as a fuel source, turning millions of acres of farm land, formerly used for food production into fuel production. A lot of that has been wiped out due to recent flooding and created havoc in rising food prices around the world, resulting in  inflated rises in the price of rice wheat, etc. seriously threatening and making even hungrier, the billion poorest people in the world who subsist on $1 a day.

As for spiraling oil prices, up to $145 a barrel a few days ago, that is Neptune’s jurisdiction. Neptune is sesquiquadrate {135 degrees, a square and a half} or one and a half headaches away to this New Moon. Neptune is the planet of illusion, delusion, fantasy, escapism, addictions, spirituality and compassion. Are we all being deluded by the hyper-inflated price of crude these days? A new investigation into these matters of oil skyrocketing due to speculators on the markets, now in Bear territory is under way. Neptune’s aspect to this New Moon also begs us to ask the question, how do we get off our addiction to oil and our denial of our part in it? Did Amy Winehouse most clearly elicit our deepest denial about our addictions which thusly made her song no no no to Rehab a hit?

We need new hearts, new ways of securing and protecting all that nurtures us.

Mercury in Gemini at 20 degrees, squares Uranus and Trines Chiron the North Node and Neptune right now helping us to create brilliant new ideas, inventions and higher ideals getting some radical surgery for our ailing aching oil spilling woes.

On this New Moon in Cancer the first one of Summer, call in the nurturing powers of the Mother Goddess to help you feel safe, secure, held in her womb, nurtured and loved as a Child of the Universe. Bless yourself with water, dedicate yourself to honouring the Feminine in everything you do.


July 3

Venus opposite Jupiter 1:18 am EDT

Big values, love expanding.

Mercury Trines Chiron 6:58 am EDT

Good for easing those headaches, being cognizant of what ails you.

Moon opposite Jupiter 9:03 am EDT

Party hearty, over indulging.

Moon conjuncts Venus 9:49 am EDT

Romance, security, little hearts flowing, love your Mom.

Moon trines Uranus 4:13 pm

Expect the unexpected in the instincts, and feelings department.




MOON ENTERS LEO @ 4:15 am EDT/ 1 :15 am PDT

A big dramatic, grandiose, lots of passionate fireworks, 4th of July to yah.

Mars crosses the degree of the Feb 20 lunar eclipse, reactivating that extra potent Full Moon’s cosmic message of forgiveness and healing.


Venus Qunicunx’s Chiron @ 5:45 pm EDT/2:45 pm PDT

This one can rub salty tears into the wound, but we’ll put on our makeup and best party flirting dress, lay out a big spread at home and pretend we don’t feel it.


July 5

Mercury Squares Uranus @ 7:07 am EDT/7:07 PDT/11:07 GMT

Unexpected brilliant inventive insights in to the big picture. Expect peoples directions to be changing a lot. Chill, hang loose.

Moon opposite Chiron @ 2:15 pm EDT/ 11:15 am PDT

The unexpected diatribe hurts your feelings. Sensitivity to the wounds, urge to crawl home and lick them or eat a big comfort food meal.



And then after a couple of more ouchy unsettling Quincunx’s of the Moon to both Uranus and Mercury today early evening, and with your feelings and brain doing a loop de loop, the last aspect of the Moon in Leo opposite Neptune today at 8:21 pm EDT/ 5:21 pm PDT could

a.       send you to bed early to dream on it, or

b.      escape to a loud party to forget about it all

c.       cause you to suddenly fall in love with a guru type

d.      heavy drinking and/or drugging 


In all cases be careful when driving or operating heavy machinery.


July 6

Moon Trines Pluto @ 6:04 am EDT/ 3:04 am PDT More power to yah.


On the West Coast, where you’re still wide awake and partying  it’s high romantic notes, artistic brilliance.


Moon ENTERS VIRGO @ 7:04 am EDT/ 4:04 am PDT

Moon gets earthy and practical over the next few days.


Moon Conjuncts Mars @ 12:18 pm EDT/ 9:18 am PDT

Get to work, gardening, home repairs, budgeting, analyzing the harvest, lots of practical work lists.


VENUS TRINES URANUS @ 2: 32 pm EDT/ 11:32 am PDT

Things are up in the air in the romance, and revolution department. Good for renovations, trying things that are different, off beat,unique.

Benevolence and humanitarian idealism- go to a food bank, cook or send money for the starving.


Moon Conjuncts Saturn @ 3:58 pm EDT/ 12:58 pm PDT

This one ‘ll sober you up. Did you overspend on those credit cards?

The Cosmic tax man comes knocking emotionally. Repay your debts emotionally, physically and karmically.

Astrology Updates June 16-22

Copyright Tara Greene 2008


Hi Lights of the week


Venus enters Cancer June 18  @ 1:49 am PDT /4:49 am EDT/

8:48 am GMT

Galactically Full Moon in Sagittarius June 18 @ 10:31 am PDT/

1:31 am EDT/ 5:31 pm GMT

Mercury Direct June 19 @ 7:26 am PDT/10:26 am EDT/ 19 2:26

pm GMT


My son Elijah’s Birthday-June 19 - Happy Birthday!


Summer Solstice June 20 @ 5:00 pm PDT/ 8:00 pm EDT/

 11:59  pm GMT


A BIG week!


Let’s get right down to it.


THAT BIG FULL MOON June 18 @ 27 degrees of Sag. 50  mins.


O.K. This Full MOON falls right on the GALACTIC CENTER!

If  you’ve read some of my updates you know that this is a very

powerful spot for the Full MOON. Last Year, Pluto had his 250

year rendezvous with the Galactic Center and Jupiter too. Now

we get another chance to aim higher.

This is a very intense Full Moon especially with Mercury station

ary about to turn direct the day after. Planets changing direct-

ion are extra strong so the green light is about to turn on.

Pluto Retrograde is within 2 degrees of this Fullness, highlight-

ing the illumination of the depths, the shadow, the collective

Unconscious, and our ability to bring those contents, the

rubbish, garbage, atomically charged refuse into the Light of

Full Consciousness and fertility always signified by the ripened

ova of a Full Moon.

Since Pluto began sojourning through Sagittarius in late 1995

we’ve seen Pluto’s transformative ability to bring out scandals

in education, law, religion, fundamentalism, politics, publishing

 Sagittarius is an optimistic, truth seeking, expansive sign. As

Pluto Retrogrades now making his final passes in the 9th Sign

we need to honestly, with humour and expansiveness look at

if we’re walking our talk, or being hypocritical. Are we being

ethical, in our politics, our religious views, following our ideals,

inspiring ourselves and others?

Plan now how to practically and methodically make long term

concrete plans to change whatever isn’t quite “on the arrow’s

path of Truth, Justice and benevolence” for when Pluto makes

his long climb through Capricorn on Nov. 26th –2023. That’s a

totally Capricornian business plan.


THE GALACTIC CENTER is a massive black hole at the heart

of the Milky way Galaxy it broadcasts a constant stream of

gamma, infrared,microwave and other electromagnetic

frequencies. These emanations from the Galactic HEART core

weaken the magnetic fields that hold us in duality and separat

ion from the rest of the Cosmos. Some people believe that this

is what is creating an expanded consciousness, some

scientists believe that the Milky Way “bubbled up” and out

organically from the Galactic Center and not from a Big Bang

Thirteen Billion years ago. Some myths connect the Galactic

Center to the birthplace, a Cosmic Womb and Vulva for our

Galaxy, a wormhole, an Inter-Dimensional Portal which souls’

pass through when entering and exiting this Third Density


With the Sun’s on Polaris The North STAR right now and in

close oppositon to Pluto on the full Moon and their exact opp-

osition at the Summer Solstice, a major turning point and

power Gateway in the yearly cycle, it’s easier to dispel the

illusions of dogma, programming, fear, lies, duality and open

ourselves to Greater Truths and Higher Wisdom.

Uranus, the Higher Octave of Mercury, squares this Full Moon

pushing us to take our consciousness  Higher, wilder, revolut-

ionary. Uranus is approaching it’s Retrograde period on June

26th. Uranus in Pisces Retrograde will help us to re-access our

intuitions, our dreams, our creativity, our feelings for what is

the Truth, revolutionizes our 6th senses.

Mars is Quincunx Uranus {exact @ 23 degrees 38 mins of Leo-

Pisces} the day of the Full Moon and then opposes Neptune

on June 21st @ 24 degrees Leo-Aquarius challenging us to

fight for what’s best for us Humanity and not just personal gain


VENUS opposite Pluto- a Tango of Love and Death

Venus is also conjunct the Sun at Zero degrees of Cancer, she

is leading the Sun to it’s Highest Point in the Northern Hemis-

phere in 2 days. She opposes Pluto also. Imagine the Goddess

of Love couching down with the Lord of the Underworld, This

is the Tango of Love and Death, Beauty and Ugliness, Grace

and Decay, Harmony and Garbage, time to Love Your Shadow.

Embrace your shadow, own the shadow. There is a great book

called The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford

which helps you to own your own dispossessed shadow,

your projections and know that “Thou Art That.” In order to

obtain Oneness and Peace.

Venus in Cancer, like a Jewish Mother till July 12th

Venus in Feminine Motherly Homey, Nurturing, Security

Conscious Cancer takes you Home to the sweet smells of

Apple Pie and cozy foody, comforting Values, Love and

Romance. Venus ties on her apron strings and hangs out in

the kitchen cooking and like a Good Jewish mother, or Italian

etc. makes sure your stomach is full. Oy, to all those people

including Ed McMahon! who have lost the roofs over their

heads,from the little house to the big palacial ones during the

Foreclosure scandals in the U.S. and Britain. Venus in Cancer

may help the Cancerian U.S. to dig deeper into its pockets to

help those unfortunate ones- even Ed McMahon.

Also Venus in Cancer points to the basis needs for food and

shelter, not for just Americans but for the looming food crisis

worldwide. Interesting that Venus in Cancer points to Water,

emotions and all the flooding that’s going on in the Mid West

and elsewhere.

In the love department, whilst Venus is in Cancer, make them

feel at home, security, family and conservative traditional value

are important. Take the boyfriend/girlfriend home to meet the

Family. There’ll be lots of good times with family get togethers

during this time.

This is a highly Fertile time, so if planning a family this is one

of the Best times.

Venus is Conjuncting the Summer Solstice Zero Cancer point,

the traditional Zenith point when the Sun is at his Highest in the

No rthern Hemisphere. So it’s a feel good, happy, loverly time.

Points to a lot of rain. As we are over 70% water, and as Dr.

Emotto has shown our emotions affect water, this is also a

good time to send your Love to the polluted waters of the Earth

Patch up old family feuds, appreciate your family for providing

for you, for nurturing you.



O.K. so Mercury finally goes direct after a Lollapalooza Retro

grade in Gemini. Uh, we had two bathroom leaks this past week

alone. Mercury won’t get back to where he turned Retro until

July 22nd so proceed with caution.



One of the 4 major turning points and crossings of Gateways

in the Year. Summer arrives and the longest day of Light in the

Northern, Winter Arrives in the Southern Hemisphere and the

reverse. So Happy Winter to all of you in the South.

Since the beginning our Ancestors participated in ritual at

these major 4 corners of the year.

Summer Solstice is called Litha in Pagan lore. The Sun King,

on the Night of His Triumph begins to slowly wain and die on

this day at his Ascension, the irony, the Decline of Light begins

we enter Summer and The Feminine powers. The Sun’s Light

grows the grain, we Celebrate Nature, Growth.

The turning of the Circle of the Year makes one more round,

we are headed towards the Autumn Equinox and equality of

Light and Dark.

My family and I always do a Summer Solstice ceremony. Thank

the Sun for shedding His Light, for warming and causing

Mother Earth’s seeds to grow, for providing us with nourish

ment and food. Thank the Sun for bringing food {Light} to all

the flowers, and being able to see the living beauty of the

flowers as they continue to bloom and grow throughout the

summer months. Thank the Sun for his warmth, so that we

may be out in Nature, swimming, and basking in the heat. Sing

Summertime, the 1935 George Gershwin song from Porgy and

Bess, one of my all time favourite songs,


And the livin' is easy

Fish are jumpin'

And the cotton is high

Your daddy's rich

And your mamma's good lookin'

So hush little baby

Don't you cry

One of these mornings

You're going to rise up singing

Then you'll spread your wings

And you'll take to the sky


But till that morning

There's a'nothing can harm you

With daddy and mamma standing by



And the livin' is easy

Fish are jumpin'

And the cotton is high

Your daddy's rich

And your mamma's good lookin'

So hush little baby

Don't you cry 


 Happy Summer!




Astrology Updates June 9-15th

Copyright Tara Greene


HI Lites of this week-


MOON Travels

9th Moon in no nonsense Virgo 

10th Moon goes Void of Course 12:42 pm PDT / 3:42 pm EDT

11th Moon enters LIBRA @ 2:55 am PDT / 5:55 am EDT

Moon goes V-o C June 13th  @ 2:16 am PDT/ 5:16 am EDT

June 13 Moon enters SCORPIO @ 1:53 pm PDT / 4:53 pm EDT

June 15 Moon goes Void @  2:30 pm PDT/ 5:30 pm EDT




June 9 Mars Contraparallel Pluto- watch out for violent reactions!












10-11th   Both Venus and the Sun in Gemini are busy making many aspects- things will be shaking and changing

Trine the North Node and Chiron in Aquarius

Hilights our common humanity and HIghest Goals, Working together to attain the highest consciousness for all life.

Quincunx Jupiter

this aspect presents cosmic angles which speak two different elemental languages-Venus and the Sun are in Gemini-Jupiter in Capricorn-air and earth don’t mix very well. With all the Retrogrades now this can produce added stress.

Quintile Saturn

A Quintile is a more unusual aspect-72 degrees-the number 72 is a highly esoteric number, a 1/5 of a circle. Use this aspect to ground and manifest {Saturn} what you love {Venus} what your values are {Venus} with your Higher Self {the Sun}


VENUS Trines Chiron June 10th @ 6:05 pm PDT/ 9:05 pm EDT

Venus in Gemini  like a breath of fresh air and new ideas communicates  the love vibes and a way of  being conscious of both sides’ values. Venus in Gemini is a Trickster aspect, Mercurial, androgynous, fast moving, changeable. Venus Trine Chiron in Aquarius gives us the bigger picture, a more expansive vision, a homogeneous picture of healing the wounds in our divided consciousness moving towards wholeness and love. Opposing values and ways of communicating can be healed by applying radical thinking, inventive strategies. Use this aspect to heal the split, let the right hand know what the left hand is doing, see the two apparently separated parts of your brain shake hands.


June 11th  Ceres moves into Cancer  till Aug 19

The newly named Dwarf Planet-formerly known as an Asteroid now plays more consciously in our little cosmic unfolding. I really believe that upleveling Ceres to dwarf planet status heralds the incoming consciousness of The Goddess, The Divine Feminine, the Earth Herself back into human consciousness after two-three thousand years of patriarchal disempowerment. Hurray to those Astronomers who re-acknowledged the status of the Feminine in the Celestial Pantheon once again. Ceres is the Roman name for the Earth Goddess, Demeter to the Greeks- she is the green living earth goddess also known as Tara. In Cancer till August 19th Ceres points our attention to home, security, comfyness, family, nurturing, financial security.

A very good time to pay homage to the Earth, her lushness, her fertility, the Great Mother of us all, go barefoot on the green grass, give thanks for the vegetation and trees in full bloom now.

Ceres also opposes Pluto now at zero degrees of Capricorn

This opposition between the Goddess of Life and nurturing and Pluto the Lord of Death at two of the most important degrees in the Zodiac ignites the choices and the balance we must initiate NOW.

Do we honor the Earth, the Feminine or do we unconsciously destroy Her, through corporate psychotic greed mongering?  Do the tiny percentage of patriarchal CEO’s of the New World Order who control all the money, banking, war, media, drug companies stock markets and governments unconsciously continue to destroy the Earth and her children using secrets, power, control, manipulation {Pluto}? Does the Goddess Herself rise up in defense of Her children? Watch out for more tsunamis, flooding, oceans rising.

Zero degrees of Cancer Summer solstice point and Zero degrees of Capricorn Winter Solstice point symbolize the roots, the foundation {Cancer} and  the worlds stage {Capricorn}. 

This could symbolize the Goddess, the green movement, children, home security {the mortgage crisis fiasco} food shortages becoming THE most important elements in the upcoming presidential election in the U.S. as well as paramount everywhere in the World. Beware of family feuds at this time.


June 12  a roller coaster day


Venus Square Uranus @ 3:38 am EDT/ 12:38 am PDT

Ride that electrical, eccentric roller coaster ride of the unexpected in your love life. Beware of the impulse buy and with Mercury Retrograde attempt to look before you leap before you join that counter culture cult or fall into someone’s arms.


Sun Square Uranus @ 10:24 pm PDT

Quirky, inventive, good for Xtreme individuals, brainstorming for the big picture, inventiveness, electrifyingly intense lightning fast spiritual insights {Uranus in Pisces}


Moon Quincunx Uranus @ 11:05 pm PDT

Suddenly you find youself fascinated with an extremely quirky individual having consversations about topics like science, computers, inventions, working in groups to save humanity.

the 13th Sun Square Uranus @ 1:24 am EDT – see above


FRIDAY the 13th are you superstitious?


Actually the number 13 is very beneficial, there are 13 Lunations in a year, so the number 13 since ancient times has been synonymous with the Goddess, it is Christianity which defamed and made the Feminine Evil and changed the natural cycle of lunar calendar worshipping  people with the advent of the Gregorian calendar  in 1582 which has since put us entirely out of synch with the natural harmonies of the seasonal year. The Chinese Hebrew, Muslim and Mayan Calendars are still Lunar based. Ceres is in home territory of Cancerian Mother love right now.


Moon is very busy today-


Moon Trines Gemini Sun

Very favourable for lots of talking, reminiscing, social interactions

Moon Trines Venus

Highly social gatherings, fast charm, changing of partners,

Moon Trines Neptune

This is great for being ultra romantic, creative, music of the spheres, soul mate kinda aspect.


VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE @ 7:53 am  PDT/ 10:53 am EDT

24 Gemini- 24 Aquarius-Neptune is Retrograde

This is as good luscious, romantic, seductive, soul mate, tantric unionesque as it gets!

In airy signs it may be all talk or all in your mind, you can fall in love with the world today. Use this energy to connect with your creativity, sing, dance, make a painting.

Speak only beautiful words today.


June 13 Moon Enters Scorpio @ 1:53 pm PDT/ 3:53 pm EDT

Emotions get heavy, dense, intense in watery controlling Scorpio. This is the Moon’s monthly visit to Pluto’s realm-the Underworld. Moon reflects the shadows now for the next 2 days. Don’t avoid the chasm, this is the world of the Soul, the Unconscious, the Collective. Make friends with your inner witch or tyrant, it’s only what we fear and deny that has power over us. Own your own shadow, take back your disowned parts. You are all that you disdain, dislike, fear, hate, find repugnant. As long as you project your shadow onto others, the denied energies feed the demons. Accept that you are all that -ignorance, hatred, rage, violence, power, greed in the world and it stops controlling you. I am THAT. It can be your protection, your friend. The shadow has tremendous power, in Focussing a psychological technique pioneered by Gendlin- all aspects of yourself have a higher intention. Ask your shadow what it’s positive traits and qualities are.  As Pluto rules the Unconscious -use this day to break old unconscious and superstitious habits, and welcome the Goddess, the Moon, cycles into your life.

Astrology Updates

Copyright Tara Greene 2008


Updates June 2-8th


Where’s that MOON in JUNE?

June 2nd leaving Taurus

Void of Course Moon June 2nd  @ 9:03 am EDT/ 6:03 am PDT


June 2  Moon Enters GEMINI- 6:05 pm EDT/3:05 pm PDT


June 3 NEW MOON @ 3:24 pm EDT/12:24 pm PDT


Void of Course Moon June 4  @ 8:09 am EDT/ 5:09 am PDT


June 4 Moon enters Cancer @ 5:15 pm EDT/ 2:15 pm PDT


Void of Course Moon June 6 @ 5:33 am EDT/ 2:33 am PDT


June 6 Moon enters LEO @ 6:00 pm EDT/ 3:00 pm PDT


Void of Course Moon June 8 @ 11:41 am EDT/ 8: 41 am PDT


June 8 Moon enters Virgo @  10:01 pm EDT/ 7:01 pm PDT


MOON travels through Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo this week! Seems like a pretty high speedin’ Moon.


As Moon travels through each sign you will notice the emphasis of that sign’s element changing the emotional tone of those dates.

From earthy, sensual Taurus, to light ‘n lively chatty Gemini, to conservative, emotional home seeking and nurturing Cancer, to party hearty, roaring, fixed mode Leo, to earthy on budget, nit picky Virgo.


NEW MOON in Gemini  June 3rd  3:24 pm EDT/12:24 pm PDT

This New moon occurs at 13 degrees plus change in Gemini.

It is the 2nd of five, count ‘em “Super Moons”  when the moon is both near perigree closest to the Earth and on a New or Full Moon.

SuperMoon’s generate heavier gravitational pulls, tides, weather patterns and pulls on tectonic plates not to mention your emotional states. A SuperMoon increases the electromagnetic force of both the Sun and the Moon making it easier to break up  old emotional patterns.


This is a Super Gemini New Moon- 4 planets in Gemini

The Sun, Moon, Mercury-ruler of Gemini now Retrograde of course,and Venus are all in he Twin signs, Venus is Gemini’s esoteric ruler. How is Venus the esoteric ruler? Because as the spiritual ruler of Gemini, Venus represents the Divine Marriage as does the planet Mercury, an androgynous figure symbolizing the unification of opposites, the two halves of the brain.

The Gemini Twins were originally male and female, Chinese and Hindu Zodiacs still illustrate this sign with a male/female yin/yang figure.

In the Tarot the sign Gemini is the Zodiacal sign associated with the Number 6 Trump THE LOVERS, so this is where that astrological association originiated.

Originally we were and are whole, androgynous, balanced, united.  I used to wonder about how that association was made. The Sephirot Number 6 on the Tree of Life is at the very centre of the Tree. The Lovers is the Trump Card most associated with that.


Occuring at the mid degree of Gemini-considered to be the most potent. It flashed into my mind that the Saturn Pluto opposition that occurred just previous to 911 and which Astrologers correctly predicted was the “trigger” for 911  had Saturn close to this degree.  After checking the chart, Yep so it is.

Saturn was at 14 degrees 45 minutes of Gemini  about 1 degree away from this New Moon.  Something about the patriarchy the old boys network which Saturn represents is being re-invented, renewed, revealed. And the answer is…


Barak Obama wins the Democratic Presidential Nomination on this New Moon. The New Moon falls in his 7th Natal House of “others,”


What else is happening on the New Twin Moon ?


Did Angelina have her twins? It's her Birthday today June 4th


Mercury ruler of Gemini is Retro and Squaring Uranus- sounds like you’ll need Preparation H for that one. What it means Astrologically is expect the unexpected a la Uranian energy both brilliant, cosmic and spiritual with Uranus is in Pisces, = mental flashes of the Big Picture.

Mercury also trines the North Node at 20 degrees of Aquarius –indicating we’re retracing our communications and thinking to the newest inventive global thinking. This is good.


Mars is sextiling-an easy aspect - this New Moon bringing courage and assertiveness, Mars in Leo is the  quintessential Harrison Ford character Indiana Jones- courageous, over the top, you get the picture.


For the really Astrologically inclined Mars is sesquiquadrate { a 135 degree aspect- a square plus a semi-square=irritable pressure and a half} to Pluto Exact June 5 at 15 degrees 12 minutes of Leo –00 Capricorn for Pluto. The pressure is on to dig deeper into whatever grains of sand are irritating our oysters. This is potential pearl making time.

And don’t forget that Pluto is hovering over the ZERO degree of Capricorn Retro & that degree is the World’s stage degree-symbolic High Noon.


JUNE 7 th and 8th

Sun Mercury and Venus conjunction 17-18 degrees of Gemini.


This aspect doesn’t happen very often with the Big Three. This aspect is very interesting now as Venus = women = Hillary Clinton + Mercury Retrograde + Sun in Gemini-yes almost an equal split in popularity between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama.
Astrologically I predict  this means that Hillary will be asked to be Barak Obama’s V.P. It would represent a balance of power and race, and an entirely brand new breath of fresh air in the U.S. Political stance. Remember Uranus squaring Mercury too?

Astrology Updates MAy 20 -26 and more

Copywrite Tara Greene 2008


MERCURY RETROGRADE Alert! May 26 11:42 am EDT/ 8:42 am PDT

It's that time of year again. For those of us who know what this means-you know what to do and not do or to be Xtra carefull of. For those of you who don't know what the heck I'm alerting you to-

The planet Mercury-which governs all communications, consciouness itself, and anything thing which we use to communicate with-computers etc. and anything that moves fast like airplanes and cars,
that fleet-footed winged messenger of the Gods,at certain dates and times, three times a year, apparently reverses direction and moves backwards, causing major havoc, mayhem, computer snafus etc. etc. during his Retrograde motion.
To hear what the New York Times had to say about this-a rather skeptical review but nonetheless- 


Mercury will be Retrograde from MAy 26-June 19 @ 10:26 am EDT

During this 3 week time period double and triple check all communications, beware of computer break downs, lost baggage, time schedule changes, etc. You will say one thing and they will hear something else. It is also wise not to begin new projects or buy things as they are likely to fail, break down etc. Of course we can't stop doing everything just be extra cautious.
Mercury Retrogrades are good for all the RE prefix thiings-rest, renew, renovate, rethink, re-organize etc.
Mercury goes Retrograde for about 1/3 of the time in any year equal to the amount of time that we need to sleep, so see this as a beneficial time, a needed integration time from our usual, too hurried and harried lives these days.

Mercury turns Retro at 21 degrees 32 minutes of Gemini. Mercury is strongest in his own sign of rulership so I predict that this Retro proves even more difficult than usual. Mercury turns direct on June 19th one day before the Summer Solstice at 12 degrees 59 minutes of Gemini. It won’t pass the Retro degree until July 4th!  So it’ll take that long, even after Mercury turns direct to get the green light again.

Mercury Retrograde periods are really good for people who were born when Mercury was in his Rx -symbol for Mercury Retro. This would be 1/3 of the population so it might be you. With an Rx indicating any planet moving Retrograde when you were born you have - special Medicine. Note the synchronicity of Rx and Prescription.

To find out,and get more details about your Natal chart please contact me. I do personal, relationship and Business Astrology.


Let’s Retrograde back a bit



it’s the twins turn to shine for a whole month. Gemini’s have a dual nature, dark/ light, angel/  devil, the perpetual Peter Pans, great and fast communicators, are difficult to nail down, fleet footed, highly exitable mutli-taskers, cravers of information, often teeter and totter emotionally as well. We all have a Gemini house somewhere in our natal charts, so look at your chart to see where Gemini is and you’ll see that area highlighted now.







Venus Godddess of LOVE, MONEY, VALUES, BEAUTY and the ARTS leaves her comfy sensual home sign of Taurus now and  goes into her light talky Peter Pan phase now.

Until June 18th  @ 4:48 am EDT/1:48 am PDT

LOVE is light and flirtatious now, with Venus in Gemini, nothing too serious. This time is for young and light hearted communications, having more than one fling at a time-the twin nature of the sign, and lots of yakking,and gaddabouting from one party or event to another. It’ll be a veritable social whirlwind for all signs but especially for Gemini’s, all air signs Venus ruled Taurus and Libran’s.

Gemini if you haven’t fallen in love yet-now’s a great time, and how about falling in love with a Gemini?


They’re very charming, and there’ll never be a dull moment in conversations. They may forget to call back but.. don’t worry onto the next person, you haven’t got a moment to loose. Better get those extra long phone cards.





@ 7:42 am EDT/ 4:42 am PDT

Chiron, whose symbol looks like a key is a space object classified differently by different organizations. Is it a comet? A planetoid? Whatever… names don’t matter but this object is very important. A Centaur-half human half horse a la Sagittarius Chiron in Greek Mythology was rejected by his Mother and learned to become an excellent teacher and healer. He was immortal but one part of him, like Heracles was mortal and in that vulnerable spot of course he was wounded. He gave up his Immortality and became mortal in order to stop the pain and to die and was immortalized in the sky.

The Chiron Mythology describes are own humanness and frail but powerful mortality, How it is that we become wounded in the flesh, we have to suffer pain consciously, by expressing the pain we allow the old wounds to die and we become healed, whole, conscious. We become once again immortal, as we came into this mortality. By crying out to the Gods and Goddesses with our pain, by owning it, and crying out for healing of what ails us, by going through our pain and suffering we are empowered to get past it.

Chiron moving Retrograde enable a major healing time, layers of the pain onion are peeled back over this time period. You will feel more vulnerable,sensitive, and more aware of what ails yee. BE aware that people and events will trigger you to connect with the buried pain inside of you so that you can work with it.  Chiron will  be Retro at 21 degrees 09 minutes of Aquarius untill Oct 26th, so lots of time to heal. Chiron won’t pass that point until 2009, so use this time well.



A busy day Neptune turns Retro @ 7:25 am EDT/4:25 am PDT @ 24 degrees 15 minutes of Aquarius. Neptune goes Direct on Nov 2nd @ 21 degrees 28 minutes.

Neptune’s Retro motion for over 5 months puts us into the REVERIE ZONE literally.


Neptune Planet of Faith,  Dreamers, the Higher Octave of Venus, Planet of Composers, Artists, Actors, Spirituality, OIL, ruler of Pisces, Illusion, Delusion, Addictions, Escapism, Fantasy and Viruses will pull us back into Dreamland, put our heads in the clouds our feet off the ground, and we’ll all be wearing those rose coloured glasses for awhile.

A good time to undo your addictions, fall in love again with an ex, or an old friend who you now see as a love interest, dig our that old inspiring book manuscript or inspired song lyrics you shoved away in an old drawer out of embarrassment, and bring it out and re-examine it and give it a fresh exciting new {Aquarian} shine.

As Neptune rules OIL I believe oil prices will take a sharp downswing, and whatever illusions the Wizards of Oil Monopolies have been playing on the public will be revealed during this time period. Also some exciting new technologies to get the U.S. and the rest of the World off their OIL ADDICTIONS should come to the forefront. Replacement of oil by using algae, which grows in Neptune’s natal Pisces’ water Sign would be very usefull, easy and beneficial.

Interesting that this Retrograde phase happens during the last leg of the Democratic selection for candidate and just before election day on the 4th. Who’s not seeing what? And what’s Barack Obama’s slogan?

Barack Obama's Slogan

Hope Action Change

sounds Neptunian to me -Hope.  Action and Change are Aquarian-revolutionary.



Jupiter went on his Retro at 22 degrees 22 minutes Of Capricorn, indicating a time of re-focussing ambitions, long term goals, career motivations, re-acessing goals, concrete plans, and major corporate structuring being overhauled.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius so all things Sagittarian get the Saturn ruled Capricorn once over until September. Airplanes may be found to be unsafe and withdrawn, automobile recalls, anything to do with foreign laws, dealings with diplomats, totalitarian governments, foreign aid, education, religion, and re-writing or re-legislating overly restrictive {Capricorn} laws come under Jupiter’s largesse going over the fine print now.  There are many very conservative restrictive freedom impinging laws that have been proposed in England Canada and the US  dealing with surveillance and collecting information on the Internet or redefining  people’s choices to herbal supplements etc. which Jupiter’s need for freedom will not tolerate. This is a good thing. This time period may free up already restrictive totalitarian governments-China, Burma, Korea from public pressure and International intervention {Sagittarian} etc.




Pluto has been Retrograding for awhile now, every year he Retros for about 5 months. 



Pluto will leave the structured sign of Capricorn where he basically just stuck his toe in for a bit of a corporate test drive on June 15th  and Re-enter Sagittarius until September 10th when he again moves Direct.


Pluto will be Retro within 1 degree of the Galactic Center for almost 3 months, for the last time in almost 250 years.


Pluto will remain in Sagittarius until Nov. 26th whenl he finally re-enters Capricorn where he will tear down and transform all things Capricornian-Governments, old boy politics, corporations, seniors, buildings, structure, long tern goals, mountains, lead, time, organizations, seniority, Patriarchal structure, fatherhood, authority, pensions,  etc. until 2024!


Pluito went Retro at 1 degree 09 minutes of Capricorn and won’t get back to that degree until Dec 29th, so we won’t see any holes in the flagships till 2009.


Since the beginning of May when Saturn was still Retro till May 4th there were 6 planets retrograde.

June will find that pattern continue we will have Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus Neptune Pluto Chiron all Retro during most of June. ANd last but not least...in the RETROGRADE TIMES


URANUS GOES RETROGRADE June 26 @ 22 degrees Pisces 39 minutes

Mucho time to slow down and reflect, renew, recycle, reinvent with Uranus Retro. Uranus goes Direct Nov 28th.















Astrological Updates May 19-25 REDEMPTION TIME

copyright Tara Greene 2008



SCORPIO  FULL MOON MAY 19 @ 10:12 pm EDT /

7:12 pm PDT / May 20 @ 2:12 am GMT


THIS is a very powerful FULL MOON, on the Scorpio-Taurus axis,it is the 2nd one this year-see April 10 Full Moon.


Occurring at 29 degrees of Scorpio-the last and most critical degree-the 29th degree of any sign marks the ending of a phase and a final test as to whether we have mastered that sign’s developmental lessons. In effect I believe that all events, planets etc at any of the 29th degrees is the ultimate or most potent of any and in the sign of Scorpio it is the last gasp, the last breath in the sign of death and rebirth. It is the Last Rites in Catholic terms-It is REDEMPTION TIME.


The Sun is at the last degree of Taurus, the 1st of the earth signs, so here the Sun, the light  the Source of all Life-tests us with how well are we doing in the material world? How well are we taking care of our bodies, resources and our planet?


This powerful Full Moon occurs directly on the Pleiades, a cluster of  7 stars at the 29 degree of Taurus, which are visible in the Winter sky even here in light polluted Toronto north of the 3 bright stars of Orion, they look like a little beehive shaped smudge to the naked eye. Known as the 7 sisters,.


 The Pleiades have a very important part to play in many ancient cultures around the world. The Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Mayans oriented their temples and pyramids towards this star group. The Pleiades are mentioned three times in the Bible {Job 9.9 and 38.31; Amos 5:8}. Several Native American creation stories say that the Pleiades were the Original ancestors, Starseeds, bringer of Light and knowledge to the Earth. Many channels Barbara Marciniak and Barbara Hand Clow amongst many others channel Higher Learning from Pleiadian sources.


Interestingly the Pleiades are located at one of the nodes {points of intersection} between the Galactic and Super Galactic Planes! These Nodes represent Star Gates, inter dimensional doorways, portals and pathways for accessing greater super-conscious realities!


 Usually we only think of the Arth’s path around the Sun, but there is also an immense Galactic Plane, the path traced by our Solar System’s orbit around the Galactic Center and an even vaster Super Galactic Plane-the orbital path of our Local Group- a family of 27 galaxies to which our Milky Way Galaxy belongs. Note that the distance from earth to the Galactic Center in our own Milky Way Galaxy is 25,000 Light Year away! So we’re talking a HUGE COSMIC INTERSECTION here.

So this is the time to think VAST, think beyond our usual small earth bound thinking and open ourselves up to receive visions, guidance and wisdom from our Starry Ancestors, and open the Stellar Interdimensional Doorways on the is Full Moon.


This Full MOON peaks very close to this Cosmic Portal, the Full Moon itself  always symbolizes a human egg ready to be fertilized, in Buddhist terms a white circle or seed, is called a bija, it is the potential for all life.

The Moon is the Feminine, the Goddess Herself, who sits so close to the earth, she is the unconscious, our instincts and emotions, our ties to the womb.


The Moon at 29 degrees of Scorpio symbolizes that this is a time when Galactic Consciousness can be accessed and Fertilize all of  humanities’ deepest emotional yearnings, can fertilize cosmic consciousness, redemption, cleansing, renewal. The Moon is associated with Memory. At this Full Moon we can fully re-member who we really are, where we originate from-the stars-we are truly star dust and golden.


This Full Moon is a huge evolutionary leap- the Death and Rebirth show-whatever addictions, obsessions, secrets,  power and control issues that you have been holding onto – this Full Moon is the Most powerful one you may encounter in a very long time. Remember also that we are on the march towards Dec 31 2012, that all events and time is shifting into fast forwards to that fateful date.


The Moon squares Neptune at 24 degrees+ of Aquarius, the North Node of the Moon at 22 degrees + of Aquarius and Chiron, the Wounded Healer at 21 degrees plus of Aquarius. The Moon also Squares the South Node at 22 degrees of Leo and Saturn at 1 degree of Virgo. We have a mixed Grand Square of fixed and Mutable Elements involved.

Chiron Neptune and Mercury will be all turning RETROGRADE in a few days! SO their movements are very slow now and strong. Neptune in Aquarius encourages us to tune in to the Higher Celestial energies receiving new frequencies and the bigger picture,The North Node of the Moon represents our Highest Spiritual Goals- it is the “world soul” position-in Aquarius it’s Humanitarian, knowing that we are all one, it is evolutionary, forwards thinking, Mercury at 19 degrees of Gemini in his home sign is also very strong and tunes us into gathering information about the nature of duality, how things relate to each other, communicating, consciousness itself. Mercury is the Magician itself in the Tarot.  Squares, 90 degree angles, are sacred geometry designed to get us to move to act –to get it.

Chiron, is the Wounded Healer showing us that being mortal allows us to move through accept, understand and heal ourselves from the wheel of karma. Chiron’s energy is electric, kundalini force in Aquarius, simply tune into your bodies own ability to electrify and heal any dis-ease as this time. Listen to the energy current sin your body, the body will always reveal the truth,

Jupiter at 22 degrees of Capricorn sextiles Uranus at 22 degrees of Pisces expanding Spiritual insights, adventures and revelations.


The Sabian Symbols emphasize that this is a significant time of endings and beginnings-

The Sun at 30 degrees of Taurus- “ A peacock parading on the terrace of an old castle; the personal display of inherited gifts” and for the Moon at 30 degrees of Scorpio- “Children in Haloween costumes indulge in various pranks; the periodic outlets society furnishes within traditional limits to still immature energies.”

Think about that for a bit. What is the beauty {the peacock} that is your inherited gifts?

How mature is your energy? What do you choose to do with your time?



At the Full Moon. Create a sacred Circle, use smudge or incense to cleanse and purify your circle. Take some deep breaths, put on some sacred chanting music.

Call in the Earth Elementals, the Fire, Water and Air Elements. Call the Pleiadian energies of the Star Ancestors to guide you. Send your breath and your consciousness down into the iron ore crystal at the center of the Earth, use your imagination, feel the earth’s crust,the rocks and stones, the holders of the material plane beneath you. When you reach the fire at the center of the Earth, Gaia’s Heatflame breath in the Sacred Fire, the magnetic energies of the Earth and bring them up through the bottom of your spine through all your charkas, to your 3rd eye. Visualize the Full Moon at your 3rd eye between your eyebrows.

Before you can get to the Celestial Gateway though you must first acknowledge and then drop all your ego pretensions, all your personality masks. You must also look within to acknowledge your shadow, your secrets, your petty disdains, your jealousies, power trips, control and power trips, you know all the Scorpio dark side and embrace it. You must redeem yourself, your Soul.You cannot enter unless you know yourself honestly. Your shadow has immense power over you if not acknowledged.

Negative entities work on you and control you through your shadow, their food is emotional negativity, even you who think you are all white light-you usually have a huge shadow, acknowledging and accepting those rejected and projected parts of yourselves frees you up. This does not invite the negative in, but rather your Higher Self acknowledged the Lower Personality and its frailties and is Big enough to love and accept all of you with Compassion.

The Higher Celestial Dimensions protect themselves well, to enter, like Inanna going through the 7 gates in the Underworld, each of your False selves has to be acknowledged and put aside in order for you to get to your core Higher Self energies.

Once you have done this and take your time…

Then bring the energy up to your  Crown Chakra and send your intentions and your consciousness out to the Super Galactic and Galactic Nodes Intersection, to the Cosmic Doorway to the greater realities.

Visualize a gigantic starry field of energy, a canopy, an entranceway and ask to see the doorway. You are ready, you are whole, feel yourself bathed and purified in the Celestial

Light, walk through the doorway, be open to whatever images, sensations feelings and visions you may have. The Star Beings will come and talk to you, teach and guide you, all you have to do is be open. Stay as long as you wish, always give thanks for whatever shows up. Be grateful. At your return write down whatver your experience is.

Close the circle thanking each element and direction for being present with you.

Behold a newer more expanded, rebirthed you. You are now conscious of the bigger picture and your role in it.







Hold the space of this new galactic Consciousness activation. MEdiate every day or evening on accessing the Celstial Doorway and gaining more knowledge-do this for 21 days in succession. 21 days is the minimum amount of time necessary to implement new habits and energy patterns. It'll be a worthwile VISION QUEST.








Astrology Updates May 5-11th MOTHER’S DAY


Copyright Tara Greene 2008


High Lites


TAURUS NEW MOON May 5 Cinco De Mayo

JUPITER GOES RETRO May 9th @ 5:11 am PDT/ 8: 11 am EDT

MARS ENTERS LEO May 9th 1:20 pm PDT/ 4:20 pm EDT

Mars Qunicunx PLUTO,the 10th @  11:55 pm PDT/  May 11 2:55 am EDT

SUN SQUARES CHIRON May 11th @  1:58 am PDT/ 4:58 am EDT

MOON OPPOSITE CHIRON May 11th @ 7:26 pm PDT/ 10:26 pm EDT




MOON EXITS TAURUS –Void of Course- May 6 @ 1:22 am PDT/ 4:21 am EDT

MOON ENTERS GEMINI  MAY 6 @ 4:17 am PDT/  7:17 am EDT

MOON EXITS GEMINI- Void of Course- May 7 @ 6:37 pm PDT/  9:37 EDT

MOON ENTERS CANCER  May 8  @ 4:02 am PDT/  7:02 am EDT

MOON EXITS CANCER-Void of Course- May 9th  @ 5:06 pm PDT/ 8:06 pm EDT

MOON ENTERS LEO May 10 @ 6:10 am PDT/ 9:10 am EDT


TAURUS NEW MOON MAY 5th @ 5:19 am PDT/ 8:19 am EDT/ 12:19 pm GMT


Let’s backtrack and look ahead at the same time. The most recent Full Moon April 20th, occurred at  00 degrees of Scorpio. Sun was of course at  00 degrees of Taurus. The Next Full Moon occurring May 19-20 occurs at the very last “critical degree” of Scorpio-Taurus.

We have two successive Full Moons occurring in the same sign which doubles the cosmic emphasis on those Archetypes, namely letting go, death, rebirth, transformation,

Security/trust, power, resources, waste. Secrets. This is more powerful than a “Blue Moon.” More of a Green {Taurus} Black {Scorpio} Moon.


The April 20 Full Moon saw a new beginning - Zero degrees, new seeds being planted. That Full Moon also saw a Grand Trine between The Sun, Saturn Retrograde at 1 degree + of Virgo, and Pluto Retrograde at 1 degree plus of Capricorn. A very big earthy Grand Trine. Grand Trines allow mucho flow.

Pluto Retrograde energy allows us to review waste, in Capricorn practical garbage, from a Scorpio rulership position, psychological baggage and garbage. Saturn Retrograde and in Virgo forces us to get REAL and face our collective karma in relation to work, health being of service, and to what we have harvested. The Sun brings light, consciousness, awareness, action and will to all of these Retrogrades and a huge chance to get to clarity and to decide what is the most positive way to proceed.

Mercury is also in Taurus making for practical thinking about the present economic realities. There’s a lot of hands on, practical, head strong, deliberate sowing that needs to get done.

Venus the ruling Planet of Taurus is in Aries at 17 degrees plus, less than 1 degree past the last New Moon degree, pointing to our tastes, values and desire for new actions, to be daring and to take the initiative. Venus is in an approaching Square to Mars {exact April 23rd at 21 degrees Aries-Cancer}. Mars, Venus’s counterpart and ruler of Aries and Scorpio, thus ruler of this Scorpio Full Moon at 19 degrees of Cancer, opposes Jupiter at 21 degrees of Capricorn and Venus, Mars and Jupiter form a Cardinal T- Square aspect, similar to the one formed during the last New Moon.

T- Squares are tense,demand action. In Cardinal signs there is a rush to do things new and differently. The planets of the Warrior God Mars, opposite Jupiter in Capricorn-Big Business, is being squared by Venus Goddess of Love, Beauty and Harmony. How about you do the math?.

Which brings us to… the present New Moon in Taurus

HI, I don't know what happened to this page! Yikes. I sincerely appologize if you haven't been able to read this. I'll get onto it.

O.K. backt o normal April 29th.


Astrology Updates April 28-May 4th

Copywrite Tara Greene 2008


Hi Lites


April 29 AQUARIAN MOON CONJUNCTS CHIRON AND NEPTUNE 9:11 am & 3:15 pm EDT respectively


MOON ENTERS DREAMY PISCES on the 29th @  11:11 Pm PDT/April 30 2:11 am EDT


April 30









May 2





May 4






A big week. 2 planets go home to their ruling signs Venus and Mercury. Planets are always at their best, strongest and most comfy when at home.  Some very nice trines this week.



“When the Moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore.”  That’s the best song that fits this Aquarian Lunar conjunction of Moon/Chiron/Neptune.  Old Dino was such a lounge rat pack philosopher. Namaste Dino

when the moon

hits your eye

like a big pizza pie

that's amore!

Chiron is the wounded healer and ouch a pizza pie in the face can really sting the eyeballs. Crusts are hard. Promises can be like pie crusts easily made and easily broken. So that pizza pie whap in the face can hurt/bring unusual awareness {Aquarius} and healing {Chiron}. So what about the amore part?

That’s where Neptune comes in. Neptune is the most spiritual of all the planets, the higher octave of Venus, Goddess of Love and Beauty. So just surrender, let Neptune pour his compassionate magical healing balm sauce to your salty wounds -HP sauce. {HP-stands for Higher Power}  and as everyone knows the only Higher Power is LOVE.

Ready,set go,almost there. Saturn goes Direct May 2nd

copyright Tara Greene 2008

Not Instant Karma- slo-o-w  karma

Slow karma’s gonna get ya,

Gonna get you on your knees,

Better get it together darlin’… to the tune of Instant Karma by John Lennon

Has it been a very hard, slow, tough, pay attenntion to all the details, deadlines, demands, more deadlines, tired, exhausted, too may things to do and not enough time in the day, more responsibilities than “usual”?  Need some freedom from all this bondage? I know that it’s tax season, the big annual crunchem, and it was a long hard winter in most of the North East, snow up to your eyeballs, but now that’s gone and you still feel tired, even though we’re almost at the midpoint of Spring and Summer coming May 1st, Beltane.

Saturn is the Planet that rules all things physical, matter, the body, the world, old politicians, time, limitations, obstacles, corporations, karma, structures, the metal lead, bones, Patriarchy, fathers, building, career, maturity, seriosity etc. and it has been in retrograde motion in Virgo since last Dec 19, 2007. Saturn is the great tester, the headmaster in the school of hard knocks..

What this means is that Saturn’s apparent backwards motion,called RETROGRADE  since Dec. 07  has seen Time slow down, stalled any apparent forward motion, halted plans to build,  mounted high all of our responsibilities, time is a big issue, everything is heavy, leaden, making many of us feel exhausted. Things that happened last week seemed like they happened months ago, yet days are jam packed to the max, and most people are not feeling 100% groovy-groovy is not a word in Saturn’s lexicon-that’s Aquarian talk. In Ancient astrology rulerships Saturn rules both Capricorn and Aquarius-so there. So we’ve all been plodding along in quite the solid, serious, Capricornish compacted way all year. All right let’s get on with the show already!

We haven’t really touched down so to speak in 2008 yet or gotten the full reality slap in the face of what’s really going on. All those reality Tv shows are just metaphors for what we really need-a cold hard slap in the face to wake us up Don’t worry the cold water is soon to hit the fan!

All Retrograde planetary motion periods are RE-prefixes- like REst, REnew, RElease, Reality, REthink, Reflect, etc.

So if Saturn is testing your patience, just be patient a wee bit yet. Patience was invented by Saturn! Where Saturn is, and what it rules has been tested a lot. As Saturn will stop and finally turn direct on May 2nd these next few weeks brings almost everything to a virtual standstill. I am speaking metaphorically and metaphysically, but it feels like reality is so weighty now, that its trouncing out almost all other metaphysical reality now.

Saturn entred Virgo in Sept 2007, so he’s in his earthy element in Virgo the sign of the Goddess of the Harvest. Now Virgo is a very practical Feminine hard working sign, analytical, organized, perfectionist, hypochondriacal, devoted to serving others, loves nature and always gets the job done on time and on budget.

Saturn Rx -that is the Astrological symbol of Retrograde motion-exactly the same as a Prescription, which it is.

I interpret all retrograde motions of Planets as medicine, healing balm. As your reg. Dr. would say “take 2 and call me in the morning.” The Planets in Rx as Cosmic Doctoring say  -take this time period as medicine, as a prescription for what humanity needs according to the planet, and the sign for what ails us all.  Never mind  that there’s also a planet/comet/cosmic body called Chiron who is known as The Wounded Healer.

This Saturn Retrograde period is a RE-learning, a very real, very earthy, practical, hard working, and maturing, karmic lesson, we didn’t quite get yet. This is an opportunity to review, revise, rebuild, restructure, reset the timing of, re-do reality. We’re all cramming for the test of reality moving forwards soon, so we should’ve been taking this time period seriously. Or better hurry up and take it seriously, you’ve got 9 days to get it together. Saturn is always the final word.

Saturn in Virgo

Virgo could be personified, hmm, I suddenly got this cognization of personified with the name Persephone. That’s another story, but there must be a simile here, as Persephone was raped into the Underworld by Pluto-another Planet and God which was like a Retrograde phase for her while she was not visible, in the depths phsychologically speaking, maturing-

Back to Virgo, She is a Virgin Goddess,in it’s original meaning as owned by no man, whole and complete unto Herself, doing as She wishes, fulfilling her own needs. So Saturn in Virgo Rx. is teaching us a karmic lesson about this now, how to complete ourselves, become whole, nourish and feed and tend and harvest our Feminine, our Inner Goddess, everyone has one, both men and women. Psychologically, the Feminine, the Goddess, symbolizes the Soul. We need to embody ouselves. Get Real.

Saturn Retro and Big Business Hard Knocks

Saturn as ruler of Capricorn has hit big business and corporations hard! Lot’s of tumbling markets, loss of profits, banks losing billions in the US fake mortgage lending spree. Saturn rules earthy, practical CApricorn, and Saturn is also the Karmic Planet.  What you sow…

Saturn Retro & the U.S. Democratic Race

I would say that the Saturn Retro is definitely being seen in the Democratic Nominee process, it’s been slow, long, drawn out. Both candidates are being sorely tested. Hillary the elder stateslady is not giving up yet, she is not out of the race yet.

Saturn Retro in Virgo- FOOD shortages

Saturn is also teaching us karmic lessons of the Earth herself, as Goddess of the Harvest,  especially FOOD, this is a literal and a metaphorical harvest. Have you heard about the food shortages and food riots, in Haiti, Egypt and other parts of the World where food prices have climbed so fast many very poor people are literally eating the earth and that’s all they have. I just heard today that rice is being limited in its sales in the U.S. All of this was prophesized or predicted by Astrologers and psychics years ago.


What with gas prices what they are-did you know it’s because the US is stockpiling crude oil? food prices will soar here soon. All Nature-Virgo’s domain will be hit with hard times, scarcity, lack, eco-crises, that is Saturn’s limiting nature whilst in Virgo. What we’ve sown in terms of wanton carelessness about the Earth we harvest now! And Saturn will be in Virgo till 2010.

As Saturn begins his forwrds motion, you will feel the shift, even ever so slightly. Saturn went Retro on Dec 19 at 8 degrees 34 minutes of Virgo. Yes, things will start to move forward motion but Saturn won’t pass that same degree until August the 8th! That means almost 8 months out of the year will have been spent doing “detention” or extra homework or you know what I mean. On 8 8 08 our earth densified consciousness will be able to finally move into new and unexplored territory for the first time this year.

For the meaning of 888 see the heading 888 here on my website

Saturn is the Karmic planet, where Saturn is there’s debt to pay. So what else is in the news? Saturn Retrograde all this time is simply you get back what you put out there, for every cause an effect, what you sow is what you reap. Saturn in the Virgo house of work is seen as big job and capital losses. Saturn in Virgo,the reaper in the Sign of the Harvest is a lot of Reaping!


Beneficial  RETRO-TRINE KARMIC ENERGY  April to May



Saturn closely Trines Pluto now blending an easy energy between the Cosmic Cop and Lord of the Underworld. Trines are benevolent aspects highly harmonious. Because of their respective Retrograde motions Pluto and Saturn will be within 2 degrees of the trine from April 2nd till May 2nd.

Planets are more powerfull when moving in Retrograde motion.


This Retrograde Trine offers blessings to go over and over our past actions {karma} revisit and examine what we have done, built, created, how we identify ourselves collectively and individually and turn our past actions into dharma-good works.  Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, he is called the final dispositor of Pluto while he is in Capricorn,so this TRINE has extra OOMPH to it as these energies are more harmonious and receptive.


In the Tarot CAPRICORN in the Trumps is Card # 15


The devil as we popularly think of him was created by the Catholic Church who “demonized” pagans, midwife/ herbalists and projected their own very vile wicked, torturous shadows onto the innocent who refused to follow Christianity.


The Devil spelled backwards is lived, evil spelled backwards is live.

The Devil card as a teacher, warns against being trapped in matter, by it.

The wisdom of the devil is not to sell your Soul to your ego and think that there is only a material world . Be in the world but not trapped by its needs, contradictions, etc. Matter is the mirror of the spirit world, don’t forget where you originiate from. Ultimately the Devil offers freedom of choice, there is actual evil in the world, and it is what we do about that that counts. Don’t be tempted or taken over by evil entities. Through its association to Capricorn use your ambitions to rise higher, on the peaks of matter, for it is by our deeds, actions and non-actions which we manifest in this world that affects our Souls in the eternal.  


As Saturn represents mater and materiality, hard knocks, matter, discipline, time, limitations, obstacles, old age Saturn is all the karma of Form in this 3rd dimensional world. Saturn in Virgo can be overly conscienscous, too critical, rigid, dogmatic, miserly.

Saturn in Virgo conserves the earth, disciplines health, organizes everything, details, analyses, helps us to focus on what to serve.

Pluto in Capricorn rules Big Business which it will slowly for better or worse restructure, demolish and rebuild. Saturn is Lord of Karma and hard work, rules Capricorn.  Pluto in the symbolic High Noon house asks us from our souls to find out where we want to shine brightest. Pluto as Lord of Death asks us to look at what our legacy is, as a culture, as humans at this particular place in time, as individuals, part of a collective.


So in this Retro grade grace period trine lets us also examine our beliefs about matter, the body, form, how attached we are to it, and to see experience and know that ultimately the material world of form our individual egos, and all the material goods that “matter” so much to us, are themselves only an illusion, in time, and that in itself is an illusion MAYA.

Pluto Lord of Souls can take us beyond it all, and help us to manifest more soulful ways of living at all levels.

Is your work right livlehood? That is, does it benefit people, is it harmless? Does it have no malignant or ruthless aspects to it? Is your work ultimately connected to nefarious people, companies, sharks?

I suppose all government, banks, police forces, big corporations, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, paint manufacturers, supermarkets, clothing companies, energy corporations, record companies, toy manufacturers,real estate agents- in short, virtually almost every business comes under the wrong livlihood umbrella when examined back to its roots.  Let’s just try to be more aware and clean this up.

Let’s bend and stretch our imaginations the best and fastest vehicle to travel in beyond the illusion, go through the wall so to speak and in more ways than one and connect with what is “real.” Ultimately only our “souls” are real, our hearts.


We can all being forgive ourselves and others their past transgressions, never mind what you didn’t do, regret or feel guilty about.


Regenerate and restructure your life now, rebuild bridges, careers, especially career as Saturn is in the natural 6th house of work and Pluto in Capricorn is the natural 10th house of career and wordly standing. This applies to everyone.




This RETRO-TRINE gives us easy access to review our life direction, wills, take accounting, reorganize at all levels for everyone.

ALL EARTH SIGNS are in a very strong powerfull period now and for years to come. You’re the guys who do all the hard work and build it all so go to it. But reflect now on what and how and why you’re building and manifesting so much.

Natal Sun is at 2 degrees of Taurus, that is if your born April 22 or April 23rd I know a couple of people born these days, make sure you use this energy now. if you’re born Aug 24 or 25 early Virgos, or if you’re born at Xmas time, December 24 or 25th you get the benefits exactly on your Suns..




Conversely people born in early Aries and Libra are getting kicked in the butt right now from Pluto Squaring their Suns.

Cancer Suns gets the two way effect of the opposition from Pluto. Early Pisceans get the oppositional kick in the butt from Saturn. The Trine will soften the kick.

For Pisceans Saturn opposite your Sun is helping you to bring your dreams into the manifest world.

For Cancerians build that dream house, that long term relationship, great time to get pregnant have a child, settle down, get that security.


Early Gemini’s and Sagittarians get the Square from Saturn in Virgo. Gemini you need the slap in the face of reality to ground you, this’ll soften the blow. You’ll be glad after. It’ll be easier for you to slow down and think about things like your future, what you’re building in your life, your long term goals, develop a little patience and persistence. You need that, even though Gemini’s are the Archetype of Peter Pan, figure out how to have fun while working hard and building.  Finish what you start, make sure you do your taxes and maybe think about life insurance and long term security investments. See yourself at the top and make a plan or hire a coach to help you, ditch the disorganization, get rid of most of the distractions, vow to stop procrastinating, think about what lasts, settle down.


For the fire Sagittarius it’s good to slow down and get grounded about where you’re flying off to in your life. You need to actually manifest in 3D your wildest dreams. Follow up on tat book you were going to finish, get rid of the clutter, get into the gym, remember you do have a body, take care of it, check up on your investments, but some land for the future, get some credentials if you need them, start teaching what you know, take yourself seriously. You’ve always been ahead of the crowd, validate that.


For ARIES patience will help you finish the races you start. Put all your great ideas into one big project, plan, build it, it will happen, stick with it.

You won’t like it, it will feel inhibiting but give it a try. It’s all in your mind anyway. This is what you need, build more projects, businesses, tactics, skills. Clean up your yard. Settle down a bit.


For the air signs Librans who gets the Pluto Square, it’s time to take stock of yourself. Don’t ask anyone else what they think or how they’d do it, don’t worry about the latest trend and fashion, and don’t worry about being a social outcast or being –heavens forbid-single! Make friends with yourself,

Review everything that’s likable, nay lovable about you and feel good about that. Decide what you can build, your ideal career, the office furnishings, the dinner parties, the networking all of it.


Last but not least LEO SCORPIO AQUARIUS

What about those early Leos Aquarians and Scorpios, those fixed signs? You’re either being quincunxed by Pluto if you’re an early Leo and by Saturn in Virgo if an early Aquarian. A Quincunx is a 150 degree angle that is irritating and holding you back from taking your full power until you get the kinks out and the Trine will help you iron it all out. The elements do not talk to each other, fire and earth and air and earth don’t mix it up ya see.

Early Scorpios are getting the nice ‘n easy Sextile, no it’s not sexy enough for you Scorpio’s but it’s kind of a huggy cozy squeeze from both Saturn and Virgo, so don’t go obsessing about the deeper meaning of it all just use it. Nice ‘n easy aren’t two words which are usually on the tip of your tongue so this is a lesson in a new format for a change.



Copyright Tara Greene






MERCURY ENTERS ARIES Apr. 2ND @ 10:44 am PDT / 1: 44 pm EDT








PLUTO LORD OF THE UNDERWORLD had just barely dipped his toes into CAPRICORN testing the Saturn ruled BIG BIZ sign of Capricorn waters since Jan 25 08.


PLUTO now has an afterthought, he must have forgotten something back at the Galactic Center store- always open- and so he slowly Retrogrades back over those early and ZERO degrees of Capricorn considered to be the HIGH NOON for the World till June 14th.  IT’s the stand off at the “Everything’s O.K. Corral”  Note to self- “It’s not. “


PLUTO’s force is powerful, psychological, atomic. The very stuff of matter in the Universe. Pluto recycles all waste. Pluto is extremism, obsession with power, reconstructs society.  Pluto rules the underground, sewers, cesspools, drains.  Pluto rules freedom from oppression either by an outside force or an inner one.  Pluto will manipulate to get its own needs met. It is non egoistic. It’s force can be used equally for good or ill. Remember that at 911 it was Pluto in Sagittarius opposed to Saturn in Gemini which created the impetus for the acting out of the destruction of  the World Trade Centers. Pluto is concerned with great loss for great gain. pLUTO resurrects lost causes into successful projects.




PLUTO rules over the collective unconscious, the shadow, the Soul. This is a breech rebirth of sorts back into SAGITTARIUS at those very “critical” last degrees, backing up to 28 degrees of SAGITTARIUS at the end of July and once again being within 1 degree of the Galactic Center till Sept 8th when Pluto then turns direct.


The Galactic Center, that Black Hole is one of the main reasons {Venus crossing the Sun is the other} of what 2012 is all about. We’re inevitably heading into the crosshairs of that conjunction of the Sun on the ecliptic and the Galactic Center on that fateful Winter Solstice day. Better get your head into Galactic Receptor mode now. You’ll want to know for yourself just what is coming down the pipes.




FOR THE COLLECTIVE PSYCHE which PLUTO governs, this Re-session into SAGITTARIUS is symbolically the last time for us to have this opportunity to discard and recycle old and antiquated philosophies which have been running the world Unconsciously for too long. We get a major opp. to  legally wire tap into the Galactic Center’s Source of Soul Regeneration. This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER. When Pluto enters Capricorn you’ll have to wait 250 years for the chance to be available again. TIMING is everything. The Ancient and First religions were Star Gazing, that is the basis for all world religions.


 The Mayans say that the Galactic Center is the birth place and exit point of all Souls in this Galaxy. I for one have experienced in a vision that this is so. The Black Hole is a giant vacuum cleaner which will suck up all consciousness and change it.


PLUTO in SAGITTARIUS Aims for the TRUTH, honesty, aspirations, transformation and rebirth of  the COLLECTIVE SOUL. RELIGION needs to be overhauled now into a one world religion which is experienced directly  on a metaphysical plane. Sagittarius symbolizes the Human Spirit in control of the lower bodied animal instincts. Higher education of a truer purpose must replace the “dumbing down” which has been used by schools for years now.

 Aspirations, the Laws both man made and Higher Law, International Law and Media, Philosophies, Optimism and Humor, ethics, a connection to the Mysticism and the Stars- all of these are Sagittarian concerns.


PLUTO will stay at those “Critical” degrees until Nov 26th when he finally stays put in Capricorn for the next 16 years- till 2024!


If the Gods from the Stars, are ever gonna show up this is their last show time. UFO’s are being sighted regularly all over the world now, info which has been secret is now being made public.


As Pluto never mind the silly demotion, is extremely powerful when Retrograde. We all have a chance to reflect on our personal philosophies our lives structure so far, revision the map of our lives and decide what stays and what goes.

Think about when structures you will build, what goals your Soul aims to climb to the top of when Pluto enters Capricorn again in Nov.


To further emphasize the newness of awareness Mercury, fleet footed messenger of the Gods who rules consciousness itself enters Aries on the 2nd as well.  Less than 2 weeks since the Spring Equinox Mercury crosses the Cardinal Spring access point jumpstarting new ideas, communications.

And to sweeten the pot Goddess Venus also crosses the zero Aries point on April 5th invigorating new values, romances, beauty, harmony, artistry, and relationships.


Apr.  3rd Mercury squares Pluto @ 1:54 am PDT/ 4:54 am EDT

So those ideas are gonna get kickassed by Pluto’s depths pretty quick. Those communications gotta have staying power in order to last.


Venus Squares Pluto on the 6th @ 8:48 pm PDT/ 11:48 pm EDT

Romance gets intense, deeper to the Soul depths, values, money, the arts are are re-evaluated by Pluto’s Retrograde motion, watch the markets tumble.

Astrology Updates March 24-30 Copyright Tara Greene


I am testing out a new format for my Astrology predictions:


plese let me know how you like it. Your feedback is always welcome.


Moon Travels This Week




As the Moon passes through each one of the signs every month, the Moon will cross over and  blend Her energies with your Natal Sun Sign. This becomes your very own personal NEW MOON PHASE aside from the Outer New Moon phase which occurs each month. This event becomes a very important and highly significant time for each of us.


If you are a Scorpio Sagittarian or Capricorn then you get to celebrate your very own personal monthly New Moon phase this week.

 It’s your monthly emotional instinctual psychic renewal period blending the instincts and feelings of the Moon with the Solar light consciousness of your Sun.  Set some time aside for reflection {the Moon} and new intentions each month as the Moon crosses your Natal Sun.


Conversely if you are a TAURUS, GEMINI or CANCER Sun Sign then the Moon creates a personal Full Moon phase for each one of you during this week as it opposes your Natal Sun Sign. Full Moon phases are times to stop and be grateful for all that has been accomplished or fulfilled during this time period. A Full Moon is the balancing of the books phase when the Lights, Sun and Moon are in equal harmonious or oppositional phases. You may feel pulled in two directions, but let your Natal Sun dance in balance with the transitting Moon opposite.


And what about the other 6 signs?

When the Moon passes through SCORPIO-

AQUARIUS AND LEO get squared by the Moon.  You may feel emotionally challenged to act. Instincts will be sharpened, feelings need to be released. Both signs may be ultra stubborn and fixated by the Moon.


When Moon passes through SAGITTARIUS-

PISCES and VIRGO get squared by the Moon.

Fiery Sagittarian Moon ignites Watery Pisces to the boiling point and inspires Spiritual Idealism, Optimism and action. Pisces feel less broody and more willing to do, act on their dreams. Pisces can vent all that steam about being martyrs.

Fire and Earth don’t mix well so Sag. Moon energy scorches Virgo’s earthy practical desires. All squares are like sand in the oyster which makes them create Pearls. In other words they spur one to create beauty out of irritations.

 As Sagittarius is a mutable sign and so is Virgo movement is more fluid, spiritual creative and passionate fiery feelings and practical insights can be blended easily.


When Moon traverses CAPRICORN-

ARIES and LIBRA get hit up by the Square aspect. 

This is the big Cardinal square and Cardinal signs always want to be first, numero uno, very pushy independent types. Expect lots of fire, action, pouts, fist waving, with Aries. Sulking, acting gracious on the surface, and being irritable about feeling pushed to  make up one’s mind with Libra.


Scorpio Water Moon  from Easter Sunday – Moon in Scorpio on 23rd @  10:06 pm EDT/ 7:06 pm PDT


SCORPIO MOON PHASES are the heaviest most intense days emotionally. Your intuition and insights are razor sharp. Will is strengthed. Power ups the ante now. Scorpio is the sign most concerned with rawness, sexuality, transformation, it is the time to shed the old skin preparing for Rebirth. Scorpio is a FiXED sign so it doesn’t want to give, it stays rooted to itself and its own knowing. In each month the Scorpio phase gives us a chance to feel deep emotions, connect with our shadows and root out that which no longer serves our Highest Growth. Live and Let Die is the song motto of these days.


Moon goes Void of Course March 25 @ 8:36 pm EDT/ 5:36 PDT until


Moon enters Firey Sagittarius March 26 10:11 am EDT/7:11 am PDT



Energy shifts dramatically from Scorpio to the optimistic, freedom loving, adventurous,

Mutable change loving, pursuit of truth and the exotic philosophies of Sag. Who pursues Justice, Religion, and knowledge unrelentingly. Notice how people are easier to get along with during these days, no more grudges. Always good to do some learning, networking during these days.

Get out and move your body, pet all those dogs and cats, dream about traveling, brush up on a foreign language, and best of all get your sense of humour back. People get klutzy under Sag. Moon’s so watch out for those corners and cupboards. And if you inadvertently spill the beans don’t worry it’s just that old Sag. Moon influencing you.


Moon goes Void of Course on the 28th 0:21 am EDT/6:21 am PDT


Moon enters Earthy Capricorn on 28th @ 10:43 pm EDT/ 7:43 pm PDT



Now we’re in earthy, just the facts ma’am, business like, hierarchically organized, career pursuit, dry Capricorn Moon. Get your feet back on the ground now, get your taxes started, play the straight and narrow, this is a conservative time. Capricorn is a CARDINAL sign, one which starts, initiates, create new beginnings. Authority issues,

The boss, being mature, considering things before one makes a move, and pursuing long term goals and practical plans are in the air now.  Be in your body and listen to it. Get your banking done. Hard work is easier now as Saturn takes us all to task. Life seems bare bones, physical, weighty practical, no time for emotional displays, just do it. A good time for long term plans and goal setting, you’re emotional mature and serious.


Planetary and Lunar Hi LItes




A lovely romantic creative blend of mind and heart in the most spiritual of all the signs.

Go with the flow, Feel the connection of mind seated in the heart, thinking from the heart, and putting your heart in your head, emanating feelings,not logic from the mind.


Feeling is a much more accurate way to sense the real world. Too often we are in our minds, rattling, chatting, being ordered around by the ego-the critic in your head, or sub-personality which  you believe to be you. The ego is a trap, it’s an illusion, its true purpose is really a GPS device, It’s a survival mechanism, ego/mind keeps you in shape on the 3rd dimension so you can tell where part of your consciousness is.


In fact we are all multi-dimensional Spiritual Light Beings and our consciousness is aware of all the complexity of 28 different dimensions turning inside and out in about a trillionth of a second. But our ego awareness, the tiny 1/10th of our brains which we normally operate with, is very very limited to a partial use of the 5 senses. It’s like we mainly live our “normal” waking lives wearing blinders in a narrow tunnel.


Feelings are the greatest gauge of what’s really going on. SO use this time period well,

Shut your blasted mind up. Go on strike from your mental chatter, sense and feel what feels right, your feelings and intuition are much more accurate then your mind. Learn to trust your intuition more.


25th Scorpio Moon Trines Venus Mercury so take your newly felt intuition deeper, Scorpio instincts are laserlike sharp deep, no fooling, no secrets. Go deeper.


March 25 2008 Moon Squares Chiron 12:33 pm EDT

Now turn your feelings inside and sense your own wounds, old hurts, vulnerability. This is a deepening process to find your own sense of humility, compassion, self-acceptance,

And by touching holding and embracing your wounded parts Grace descends, a Rebirth occurs. What once hurt can now begin to be healed because you were brave and strong enough to face it. This is the myth of St. George and the Dragon, the White Knight rescueing the Damsel in distress, Sleeping Beauty. All “Fairy Tales” are metaphysical, psychological, mythlogical,Archetypal stories of our inner selves. Chiron is the wounded Healer use the intensity of this time to really go down to the root causes and set yourself free.


March 26th  Moon Squares Saturn  3:57 pm EDT

Uh Oh. Sag. Optimism and idealism gets the cold hard heavy leaded slap in the face from Father Time Saturn. Did you get your work done? Didn’t do your best? You forgot to get back to that  person. Just look at the mess. All Retrograde Saturn in Virgo Squaring that Sagy Moon nit pickin’ criticism can drive anyone crazy especially Sagittarius Moon.

A friend of mine used to say that Saturn always wins. The Cosmic Cop is blowing the whistle on this too funky way of being deflating Sagittarius life is a big adventurous  party type of philosophy. Can they make a deal or no deal? Sag. Moon wants to put old Saturn on the first jet outbound for Vegas. Saturn is having none of it. What me gamble?

All work and no fun makes Sagittarius a depressed Moon.


March 27th

Mercury Conjuncts Uranus,19 degrees Pisces @ 4:07 pm EDT

Brilliant ideas, mind blowing revelations, freedom from old stuck mental patters is what happens now. Conscious expanding without the drugs. Get high on letting your mind get free.


Later in the day Sagittarius Moon Squares both Venus and then Uranus in the evening PDT this happens in the wee hours of the AM on the 28th EDT.


If you live out West then be watchful and mindful of feelings { MOON}and values {Venus} in conflict. When the Moon squares Uranus it will be very difficult to hold your tongue and not get a kind of Revolutionary Hoof in Mouth disease which event though you can’t foresee the consequences of before hand, may be very difficult to make any amends about later.


March 28th

Venus Conjuncts Uranus 6:58 pm EDT/3:58 pm PDT


Out with the old, in with the new! A lot of sudden relationship reversals and sudden

Ditching. Feelings that that old boring tired relationship just can’t be endured  anymore. The stock markets will continue to be topsy turvey especially the heavy Metals markets.  Enjoy the roller coaster ride and learn to value freedom, the unexpected, the rush that life is always about change ad growth. It only hurts when one holds on to the old outworn too long. Or just love the  one your with in the moment.


Jupiter sextiles Uranus @ 8:16 pm EDT

Lots of fun, whew! Big roller coaster bi-polar ride now.


Moon conjuncts Pluto 10:00 pm PDT

March 29th same aspect @ 1:00 am EDT


This is always the heaviest aspect every month. Expect major emotional storms, brawls, accidents, violence, secrets, hurt feelings, arguments, shadows lurking on every wall. Great time to reveal your soul to someone you trust, get all the pent up heavy emotions out. Have a good cry its healthy. Could also be a kinky nite.


Moon Opposite Mars 3:14 pm PDT/6:14 PM EDT


Arguments, oppositions, anger, rage, accidents, explosions both emotional and otherwise, shock and awe. I’d stay home but be very careful of fires,

Explosive chemicals, cooking, barbeques and the like. Are the Democratic candidates appearing in public today to debate anything? It’ll be hotter then hell.


Sunday March 30




And further to make the point perfectly clear, the one two punch of the Solar King and the little hot head Mars. If you made it this far after Sat. night I’d definitely head for home, safety and security. This aspect brings to light more violence, probably in Tibet where the people are fighting for their autonomy and independence from a 49 year brutal Chinese take over.


Moon conjuncts JUPITER @ 11:15 AM PDT/2:15 PM EDT

And somehow 11 hours later, everyone forgives and forgets as if nothing ever happened. Sounds just like my parents dysfunction. Nevertheless go out for a brisk walk in the woods, you’ll feel jovial, optimistic, casual, easy

Going, this aspect never holds a grudge, it was all in good fun, wasn’t it?



This is the most powerful time of the year! This is the true New Year. All new intentions are set at the beginning of Spring. As you sow so shall you reap, so get sowing.


THE Equinoxes were watched by our ancestors for thousands of years and monuments were built  to mark the passing of the seasons.

The Festival of Easter which this years comes one day after he Equinox on the 21st-23rd co-incides with a Full Moon on the 21st. This  indicates we are in a very powerfully Synchronized Rebirth.

Easter is an ancient Fertility Festival once known as Eoster.  We still use the Fertility symbols of eggs and rabbits symbols of the Goddess of Fertility to this day. Christianity overlaid its mythological story of Christ’s death and resurrection onto the already in place Solar myth of the same story. The Goddess’s consort or son {the SUN} always died and was reborn by Her Power and Love. See the video


Zeitgeist on youtube for a full explanation of how ancient a story Christ’s resurrection is. Originally all religion was based upon Astronomy/ Astronomy which in the Ancient Days was one and the same.


The SPRING EQUINOX THURSDAY. FULL MOON FRIDAY AND EASTER our cultures modern archetype of death, transformation,surrender to Soul in Rebirth all interconnected.


All Full Moons consist of the two lights opposed, but we have a very SUPER POWERFUL OPPOSITION on the Equinox that of Mars and Pluto which both square the newly born Aries Sun and the Full Moon in Libra sign of the Autumn equinox .

This configuration creates a perfect Cross in the sky.


These intense archetypes of Mars raw ego, animal instincts vs. Pluto who rules over Death/ Rebirth, transformation creates the Cardinal sign cross with the Sun and Moon.

How Archetypally significiant.on Good Friday! The Cosmos is always sending us Cosmic signs.


This Equinox ,only 4 years and 9 months away from Dec 21 2012 now, gives us a big cosmic picture of  the Archetypal Crucifixion between Big power struggles and negative ego patterns which need to be sacrificed on the Cross of Matter/Soul.  And it happens at the most sensitive points in the Zodiac those zero degrees.


This Grand Cross is a peek into the near future.


In 2 years, Pluto will still be close to the winter solstice degree of zero Capricorn, Pluto will be squared off by Uranus at 1 degree of Aries and Saturn at 1 degree of Libra  at the equinox points.

This is very very powerfull stuff and this confirguration at the Spring Equinox is the spring board if you will of further revalations and revolutions to come. 


Configurations such as these have not occurred since the 1960's when Pluto conjoined with Uranus in Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces.  These outer planets create Generational influences and have very large and long lasting influences. 

what was seeded in the '60's Love Generation will be impelled to act in 2010.


For example the standoff in Tibet which  is unfolding right amongst the Tibetan people, who have been brutally repressed for 50 years, are now rising up and saying no more, and the Chinese government in the cross-hairs of the World's stage are on the brink of creating  another bloodbath.

Similar events just unfolded in Burma with Buddhist monks protesting against their military dictatorship.


Go to this link to find out more  and if it feels right please sign the petition in support of the Dali  Lama's request for diplomacy.

 [LINK: http://www.avaaz.org/en/tibet_end_the_violence/22.php/?cl=64459133]

We are heading, in the near future,to a very hard stand off between the powers of corporate control represented by Pluto in Capricorn,and the  restriction of Saturn but also possibly Karmic justice with Saturn in Libra, the symbol of the Justice card in the Tarot.

When Uranus the revolutionary awakener of consciousness and humanitarianism a transpersonal Generational Planet  hits 1 degree Aries (where the sun is now) in 2010 you can envision how this revolutionary freedom loving overthrower of staid SATURN/Capricorn Patriachy  will be ready to overthrow the old order and create a brand new beginning, impulsively, incendiarily, and brashly. Aries like Angles rush in where fools ask questions first.

These are intense times. At Spring Equinox new seeds are sewn. On Good Friday  we have the opportunity to choose to surrender to a Higher Power as Jesus did on this Cosmic Cross formed in the Heavens.

Surrendering our egos takes us through the darkness of our own shadows,but that is where the most necessary work is, owning our own dark sides, and how through omission and commission we have all given away our power to the illusions of matter and ego, but now decide to become fully conscious God/dess Beings. We are collectively redeeming our souls.


So start now, the seeds you sow now will sprout and grow over the long term.

 Set some time aside, during the Full Moon which occurs at 2:40 pm, EDT to tune in and centre yourself and to surrender to  Rebirth..Surrender your will to a higher will. This will be a powerfull  time to tune in to what your personal mission is and how to be of service to the world during a long labouring process. ask how you can midwife the World's Soul.


Energies will be tense under the Mars Pluto opposition to Sun and Moon, let it all go by. Have you been feeling old ego stiff come up from the Unconscious these past few days? That's Mars Pluto opposition. Big temper explosions, ego blow ups and such, turn the other cheek. Maybe intense family gatherings this weekend. whatever comes up use it as fodder for compassion for yurself and others.


Mars is in Cancer the sign of the warrior protecting the Mother, the Goddess, the womb, home and children, protect your Inner Child from being abused by the Corporate Big Business Pluto in Capricorn. and homeland security, we need to think collectively not insurely.


If you would like Astrology Coaching to help navigate you through these revolutionary times I am here to help guide you.




At the Equinox think about what ideas, projects, initiatives you will plant now.  


Spring arrives on March 20th 1:49 am EDT; and same day  5:48 am GMT


The Equinox Chart shows the direction for the next 3 months, and an overtone of the whole upcoming yearly natural cycle. What is seeded now will come to harvest 6 months from now and beyond. It’s set for Toronto Canada.


The chart looks pretty much the same set for Washington D.C, only with an Ascendant of 19 degrees of Sagittarius.


CARDINAL CROSS on the Full Moon

Sun at 0 degrees of Aries is in the 3rd house of Communications,  naturally the house of Gemini, so new starts in thinking, communications, new information, consciousness, with a Pisces Cusp at the 3rd. This indicates endings in communications, secrets, slander, more spiritual oriented communications. We are seeing this already as Oprah is doing internet classes with over 800,000 people discussing Eckhart Tolles' new book A New Earth.


Pluto at 1 degree of Capricorn Squares the new born Aries Sun and the Moon as does Mars at 5 degrees of Cancer. These 2 planets square to the Sun and Moon form  what’s called a Cardinal {the Signs} Grand Cross. It is very intense and screams out for action.


Both Mars and Pluto  co-rule the major transformational sign of  birth and death SCORPIO,  and they are applying intense pressure to the SUN which is ego consciousness and the Moon the Feminine feeling function and the Unconscious during this entire 3 month period.  

Mars rules the Aries Sun and he represents ego, not so strong now in Cancer, concerned with homeland security and battening down the hatches. Mars in the Equinox chart is in the 7th house of “others” business relationships, Mars the warrior is defending the U.S’s Natal Sun in Cancer against the World. Mars also gets aggressive, warlike, so, much ballyhoo, and feined warmongering here, a step up in projecting terrorism, and the like. Mars and Pluto both are destructive planets concerned with new growth, so the Mars in Cancer defensive armouring is up big time. The U.S. is in defensive posturing now.

Pluto ruling the people and the collective unconscious and the SOUL in the 1st house want CHANGE.

Pluto in Capricorn for most of the next 16 years will bring down big business, Plutocracy, the rich. But big business is in the early stages using Plutonic measures, control, power, secrets, intense manipulation so that they can have it all and control the World, make puppets out of people with mind control, drug control, media control, sexual controls.

Big business is controlling the government and has for a very long time.

It is critical that mass consciousness wakes up which as we can see is happening all over the world, witness the Tibetan peoples fighting against China’s oppressive control now.. More about Tibet later.


The Moon is in Virgo at the Equinox, a practical emotional hard working sign. Emotions are filtered through the body, are earthy and grounded now. Feelings are geared to the environment, the Earth’s health, food supplies, the harvest, and women’s rights, as Virgo is the Virgin Goddess.

The Moon is opposite both Mercury and Venus in Pisces indicating “All you need is Love” and a broader, unbounded way of thinking and valueing a total view of things.

Saturn is still Retrograde till May 2nd is also opposite Venus and Mercury indicating a what you have sown by your thinking and values you now reap! Saturn is like nature and always establishes balance.

Chiron the Wounded Healer is closely conjunct Neptune in Aquarius and the North Node in the 2nd house indicating that our highest spiritual goals can be achieved through fearlessly going into the wounds of the Sacred Dreams that have been lost, forgotten, denied, buried by addictions, and to illusions, entertainment, fantasy, co-dependency, and hopelessness and to know that that is where the healing is, and is where our innate spiritual understanding and compassion comes together to unite us in acting together { Neptune} to create the tools {2nd house} of a New Dream for the highest good of all {North Node}.

And where is Jupiter King of the Gods? In the 1st house at 18 degrees of Capricorn. Jupiter brings expansion, largesse, higher learning, International Law, Sacred Law, optimism through building a new system. We may not see the effects until Saturn goes Direct in early May as Saturn is the “final dispositor” of Jupiter now being the ruler of Capricorn and he’s been Retrograde since the beginning of 2008.


The Ascendant is in Sagittarius which Jupiter rules and this indicates Foreigners, International Trade and Laws, higher learning, judgements, sports-The upcoming Olympics in China, freedom, travel, truth and Justice. Jupiter in Capricorn is world government, laws and policies. we have to think as a whole, what China does to the Tibetans affects us all.

Speak your truth now.














Astrology Updates from Tara Greene

Copyright 2008


Astro Backdates MArch 12-th and Updates


Pisces HI Lites from head to toe mid March -to April



Venus enters Pisces on MArch 12th @ 3:51 pm PDT; 6:51 EDT

and that’s a very spiritual blissfull, sensitive, empathic, watery, ultra Soul Mate connected place for Venus to be until April 5th PDT and the 6th EDT. So enjoy this Cosmic Communion time. Feel your interconnectedness with all Life, with the Spirit World.

Venus in Pisces allows us easily to slip and slide into a chameleon like state where we can morph ourselves into feeling AT ONE with everything we see, sense, feel and perceive. There are no boundaries during this time period.

A fantastic time to meditate on your values, on love, beauty, the arts, music, poetry, money, luxury, partnerships all Venusian things. And you’ll get great results now even if you’ve found difficulty meditating. You’ll feel like everything you see is rose tinted, that you’re feet won’t be touching the ground. Send love from your heart to everyone you see, and everyone in the world. Feel your own spiritual identity, know that that is the real you, wearing the fabulously designed human body, always in style, ever out of fashion. Be creative during this time.

Pisces is the sign of the Dreamer, so rest as much as you can, tune into your dreams, pay attention to them during this period.

And be especially nice to your feet, Pisces rules the feet.

Thank your feet for carrying you upright where your crown chakra and spine are aligned with the Cosmos. If you can, walk barefoot, feel Mother Earth beneath the soles of your feet.  I know there’s still a ton of snow on the ground where I am in Toronto and environs way south of here still, so it’ll have to happen in your imagination.


If you are a Pisces or know that you have planets, nodes, Asteroids, angles  etc in Pisces then you know where your heart will be. Love, creativity, money is coming your way.


The down side of Pisces can be martyrs, victims, self-sacrificing, self effacing, guilty of belittling themselves and negatively not seeing their own  self-worth. Venus in Pisces can shine her copper mirror onto you so that you can see clearly your own self-worth and beauty. Affirm to yourself that you are a worthy being simply because you exist.

You are a mirror of Spirit. You are an eye of God/dess, Her/His ears, senses in matter.

You are a co-creator with the Great Mystery. You are divine.


Pisces is the sign of endings, the last sign of the Zodiac, so this time period can also signal re-evaluating relationships, the bank account, values and ending what does not fulfill your highest spiritual goals and clearing things out for when Venus enters Aries.


MERCURY in PISCES Mar 14th - 3:46 pm PDT; 6:46 pm EDT

Mercury the androgynous ruler of the mind, of consciousness thinking and all communications is in Pisces too, blending the heart and the mind into one big soulful, stew. From head to toe all is in the dreamy, watery, spiritual bliss world til April 2nd.

Communications is more emotional in tone with Merc in PIsces, compassionate, sensitive to feelings, undertones, secrets. The Soul speaks through the vibrations of sound, words, spoken and unspoken. Everyone will be feeling more connected to themselves, their Higher Selves and to each other. If you listen spirit will talk to you.

Excellent meditation time, your brain might feel a bit, foggy, spaced out, out of time and difficult to concentrate during this pre-tax time period. Mercury in Pisces takes the mind farther out, brilliant intuitive insights are highly likely. Daydreaming is enhanced as well, it’s all part of the Waking Dream of Life. Speak your spiritual truth, speak from spirit in wholisms, positively and think cosmically. 

Be carefull not to get caught into listening and talking about old victim routines, the down and out story, old habit patterns of self-doubt, personal worthlessness, etc.

Every moment we all have the opportunity to watch what we say. Word are power.

Mercury in Pisces is like the beginning… in the beginning there was the word.

Let each word you speak come directly from your Higher Self or don’t say a word.


Venus opposes Saturn on the 15th  @ 1:16 PM edt; 4:16 Pm EDT

This day may seem some bumps, obstacles, limitations, restrictions, obligations, maturity,

Groundedness. Values get clearer, come down to practicality. Venus in dreamy romantic Pisces opposite Saturn in Virgo wants the facts the declaration on the table, a budget, a time schedule, everything spruced up neat and tidy. You may suddenly fall madly in love with an older wiser Hermit like person this day. This aspect signifies karmic, fated  romances.

Piscean martyrs may get hauled up, stuck with big expenses, or overloaded with details, and see the light and drop the victim routine at last. This is a good thing.


Week of March 17th -23rd




Mercury in PISCES opposite SATURN @ 2:47 am PDT, 5:47 am EDT


That’ll put some tears in your green beer for sure. Don’t sob too much for the poor Irish, they’re great poets and bards and Druids, not to mentions musicians, weepers, writers, and potato lovers.

Luckily the sobering Saturn in Virgo doesn’t nit pick over happy freewheeling sailing along Mercury in Pisces too much because luck ‘o the Irish the Moon is in LEO so roar, and celebrate all you want. The Sun’s the centre of this system not Saturn in Virgo. Does the Sun look kinda green to you today? Top ‘o the morning. When Irish eyes are smiling …


March 18th The aspects are like follows:


Qunincunx - Moon to Jupiter –ouchy irritable overinflated emotions

Opposition- Moon to Chiron-wounded pride comes before the fall

Quincunx-Moon to Uranus-screw this I’m outta here!

Trine-Mercury in Pisces to Mars in Cancer-a soulfull bond with Mom, put your feet in a soothing hot bath, love where you live, do something to clean up pollution in waterways

Opposition - Leo  Moon to Neptune –  2: 38 pm EDT Fly me to the Moon, and let me sail amongst the stars, let me know what life is like on…. Pride or selflessness? Deal or no deal?

Then the Moon goes Void of Course at that precise moment after the Leo Moon Neptunian Aquarius opposition.


March 19th


One more quincunx for the road-Moon to Sun 1:34 am EDT




Let’s get down to the nitty gritty work over the next few days, precision, analysis, perfecting, get your taxes started or finished, do some physical exercise that feels good,

Get caught up on details which as you may have noticed have been quite slack since all this Pisces stuff for the last few days but feels like aeons ago.




Moon trine Pluto @ 2:26 am PDT; 5:26 am brings very powerful soul level unconscious clearing dreams.



Feeling emotionally stifled this morning? The boss hauls you on the carpet for a minor discrepancy. Expect people to be irritable, critical, no-nonsense. The buck stops here and any karma owing needs to be paid in full and on time. You’ve got 7 hours in which to do this before the Moon makes her next aspect today! Tout suite!


Moon OppOSEs Mercury @ 1:29 pm PDT; 4:29 pm EDT &

Moon Opposes Venus @ 4:31 pm PDT; 7:31 pm EDT


Oppositions can either tear you in two or they can be used creatively each side or planetary body listening to the others point of view and agreeing to do a little give and take together. This is called polarity, duality, coupling, equality.


Will Barak and Hilary work it out, ya think?




This is the most powerful time of the year! This is the true New Year. All new intentions are set at the beginning of this cycle. As you sow so shall you reap so get sowing.






Astrological updates from Tara Greene

Copyright 2008



7:03 pm EST 4:03 pm PST  and then



First the GOOD NEWS gentle spiritual ideal soul mate stuff then the hard tough goods  &




Occurring at 22 degrees plus change of Aquarius this LOVELY COMBINATION is as good, high, spiritual, idealistic, dreamy, foggy, romantic, compassionate, inspired and delusional as it gets.

The effects last till March 9th when Mercury makes the next conjunction with Neptune early in the am but this just serves to give the aspect a language and enable it to be communicated.

Venus rules the Feminine, women, love and romance, the arts, beauty, peace, money, values and balance. In Aquarius since Feb 17th the Goddess is airy, detached, inventive, humanitarian, craves the offbeat, loves a crowd, values group process.

Neptune is considered to be the Higher Octave of Venus, a higher order of Love, a spiritual, devotional, unbounded, Soul Mate, compassionate, dreamy, diffuse, addictive, moving and swaying to trancy, trippy, ethereal, meditative, communion. Neptune IS real spirituality, sounds like a contradiction in terms maybe, as it is intangible, a heaven world, like a drug trip, seeing the world with compassion, feeling your interconnection to the ALL from whence you came and to which you’ll return. Illumination and delusion are two edges of the same sword, genius or madness?

Neptune also rules oil, and as we can see at the gas pumps, oil prices have reached peaks never before seen. Is it real or just a fantasy? That is, is there really an “oil crisis” or is this just some fantasy brewed up by the governments and the media to control and manipulate everyone for their own ends?

So, High Romance, see the best in yourself and others, a great night for meeting your Soul Mate or at least aligning with this energy to put out to the Universe for that.

Ultimately the Beloved is within yourself, you need to make the “Sacred Marriage” within yourself first, love yourself to attract the physical one on the outer levels.

Meditate, take advantage of the visualization properties available during this transit.

Oh and be very careful with drinking and drugs on this day.



Well of course if you’re an Aquarius and your Birthday falls at FEB 10-14th you get the Major LOVE hit in the form of the conjunction. Sing “On the Street where you live” from My Fair Lady. Co-incidentally it was shown on TV last night.


You’ll feel the pressure to lite up your heart and soul, fall madly in love with the first person you see a la a Midsummer Night’s Dream if you’re a Taurus born May 12-15th and if you’re a Scorpio born Nov 13-16th as 

this Conjunction aspects you through a Square –90 degree aspect.


LEO’s born Aug 13-16th get the Opposition, now this may be tough. Leo is the Sign of pride, will, heart, ego, me first when unevolved. The Opposition by Venus Neptune might just shatter the illusions of the ego showing you that there really is not just a you, but a them as well and you’re all in the same Love Boat.

This is highly significant for the Baby Boomer Generation as they collectively and in great numbers have their Natal Pluto’s between 20-24 degrees of Leo if born between Aug 51 and Aug 54. They’re getting to be around 53-56 years old. This is the Love Generation or the tail end of it, it’s time they really put Love and Spirituality first on a real level over money possessions and pride.


Very nice for those having planets and angles at 20-24 degrees of Air Signs, Gemini’s born June 11-14th  and  Libra’s born Oct 13-16th get blessed with the Trine.

If your sign wasn’t mentioned don’t worry we’re all under the affects.

And enjoy the la la love while you can because 8 hours later…


MARS PLUTO OPPOSITION March 7th 1:00 AM PST, 9:00 AM GMT, 3:00 AM EST at Zero degrees Cancer. Capricorn


This is a huge catalyst and will definitely prove to be incendiary. Mars and Pluto co-rule the Sign of Scorpio, never mind that Pluto’s been demoted. Zero degrees of all Cardinal  signs mark the Solstices and Equinox points of the Year. These are considered to be “the world axis.”  Zero degrees Cancer which Mars re-entered on the 4th after his long retrograde phase, represents Summer, the Highest point of the Sun in the sky in the Northern Hemisphere. Cancer represents home, motherhood, security, emotions, safety, nurturing it is Feminine water and emotional. Zero degrees Cancer in a  Natural chart is the cusp of the 4th house, symbolic midnight, privacy. Mars is not strong in Cancer, he’s on leave visiting Mom at home so he’s taken off his military fatigues for now. Mars in Cancer can symbolize all the destructive negative fears around Mom, around the Feminine power. Mars is Cancer protects the home, is very security conscious, cocooned, batten down the hatches. Mars in Cancer here reflects the people- represented by Pluto anger frustration and disappointment around losing their homes and security in the mortgage meltdown fiasco as well as job insecurity.

The uppest side of Mars in Cancer is defending and protecting the Mother, the Goddess. Defending the principles of  nurturing caring, security and warmth of the Mother Earth herself who nurtures all her children. It’s like protecting and ensuring a pregnant woman has no stress during her pregnancy, honouring and supporting the values of nurturing not warring.

 Pluto is at Zero degrees of Capricorn the opposite sign. Zero degrees Capricorn represents the advent of Winter, the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Capricorn is an earth sign, Feminine practical, governing traditions, the Patriarchy, career, hierarchies, big business, seniority, maturity, structures, lead, hard work, hard times,

Patience, persistence, goals. Zero degrees Capricorn in a Natural House system is the curp of the 10th house, the highest point and symbolic Noon in a chart where the Sun is overhead and shining the brightest.


These two zero degree points are the two main points in a quadrant system. Mars and Pluto crossing and activating and opposing these 2 point symbolizes rocking, change. Mars is the God of War, spontaneous, fiery, passionate, explosive, acts before thinking. Pluto is Lord of Death, Transformation, Rebirth, Wealth, Power, Secrets, Nuclear waste, garbage, and Control. Pluto also represents the Collective Unconscious which is the shadow side of the totality’s projections. Pluto’s nature is to gradually change and break down whatever sign he is moving through.

The 2 planets opposition at this time signify huge changes in WORLD government, in political structure, in violently enflamed passions, opposing forces, conflict, anger, dissolution of old policies, the old structure retaliating through fear and retreating into the safe  old ways irregardless of what works.

This is the 3rd of these oppositions. The first occurred Sept 21 07, at 26 Gemini-Sagittarius; the 2nd Jan 2, 08 at 29 degrees Gemini-Sag. This is the 3rd and final hit of this and the 2 planets have moved into new signs, new territory so this opposition carries new energy forwards.

Mars and Pluto are pairs and higher octaves of each other just as Venus and Neptune. Mars is personal desires, sexuality, aggression and Pluto’s highest level is the Soul itself whose mission is impersonal and Divine.


March 7th 12:15 pm EST; 9:15 am PST; 5:15 pm GMT


Pisces is the last of the Signs and New Moons are always new intentions. This is also symbolically and in the Natural order the last New Moon of the Season as the Spring Equinox the real New Year falls on March 20th this year with a Libra Full Moon the day after.


So we have got one full revolution since the last beginning of Spring. It is a time to take stock of the journey. Pisces is the return to Source. During the Sun’s sojourn through Pisces we are all more emotional and sensitive, imaginative and malleable, we go with the flow.


This is a very Uranian New Moon as Uranus at 18 degrees + sits but 1 degree away from the Sun and Moon at 17 degrees. Uranus revolutionizes and reverses things puts us on a dramatic cosmic roller coaster ride. Uranus is the awakener, the liberator from illusion, Uranus rules Aquarius an inventive air sign and his presence in Pisces and conjunct the New Moon is to get us to question technology, question reality and integrate thought’s {Air} interconnection with Pisces spirituality, ie; Quantum Physics.

A plethora of planets are lined up in Airy Aquarius now Chiron, Mercury, Neptune Venus and the North Node.


Aquarius searches for new ideas, revolutionary ones, contributes to humanitarian group work. Most of the planets are in Universal signs now. Only Saturn in Virgo and Mars in Cancer, the South Node are not. We are being called to group think, to know at this Pisces New Moon that we are all interconnected, every species, we are water, spiritual and conscious puddles if you will. Pisces is the sign of the Dream and the dreamer.


The energies will be intense and fraught with tension, disagreements, sudden change in politics, can indicate a terrorist attack, a war suddenly springing out of nowhere, a very bumpy ride for the 2 democratic candidates for the Presidency, greater concern over water, who owns it, supplies. We are at a huge crux, we are in the crucible.

Pull in the higher energies of PISCES peace, compassion over war.

What must fall and die must fall, holding on to the old order and the old ways of doing business won’t work anymore. The people will like in that old movie say “we’re not going to take it anymore.” And rise up in revolution.






connecting to his Healing Heart NOW
Healing the Emerald City on EARTH
copyright Tara Greene 2008
Just happened to notice that the North Node is transitting at 27 degrees + of Aquarius. The North Node is our highest spiritual and collective goal. Event hough the Age of Aquarius won't officially begin till another hundred years or so by some accounts, still the calendars have been arbitrarily changed by kings and conquereors to suit their own needs and besides when was that start date?
WHat caught my intuition is that the SOUTH NODE the point always exactly opposite the North, has been since the beginning of 2008 passed through the last degrees of LEO and is now at 27 degrees + of LEO.
The SOUTH NODE of the MOON represents what we karmically and collectively are pulling in from the past, from our memories, the unconscious, the seat of the Soul, what we hold as cellular knowldege in the watery basis of our bodies, what we intuit deep down.
The South Node passing over the 29th degree of LEO till where we're at right now is sitting on the ROYAL STAR REGULUS.
Regulus is one of the 4 Royal Stars or watchers in the sky. Each one of these 4 is aligned with an Archangelic Being. In this case Regulus is the fixed Star point embodying and through which the Archangel RAphael, the Angel of Healing works.
I consider htis to be a very auspicious omen, a sense of protection of healing times for us all, a protective indicator.
HAving recently encounter Angels in a very new and powerfull way I know that their presence is near, real and that they are here to guide and protect all who are aware of and ask for their help.
Archangel Raphaels colur is ENERALD GREEN, he works from the Heart Center where all healing originates from.
See yourself bathed in Emerald Green Light, feel your heart connecting to the Emerald Light, pulsing Enerald green light pumping out from your heart to encircle the whole world.
Picture healing for your self, those you love, the emerald green beauty of the Earth.

A R ecli Even though Mercury went Direct Feb 18th it's still not out of its shadow periodshadow period until MArch 10th so it's sorta forwards but expect some

glitches still as I'm finding at my website at the moment.ll

it's s




               A LUNAR eclipse especially a TOTAL one changes the Collective

Collective Unconscious, the instincts, and deepest feelings. Eclipses occur at

exactly the same degree in cycles. This one is # 133. To me this particular

ular number contains the number 1 which is the current universal year number

                 and the number 33 which is the number of The highest Initiation.

The periodicity and reocurrance of solar (and lunar) eclipses is governed by the Saros cycle, a period of approximately 6,585.3 days (18 years 11 days 8 hours).

Every approximately 19 years the Eclipses occur at almost exactly the same degree. This last one was Feb 20, 1989. Where were you then? Who were you then? What were you feeling then? For me that eclipse preceeded the break up  of my first marriage, which had lasted almost 10 years.

When two eclipses are separated by a period of one Saros, they share a very similar geometry. The eclipses occur at the same node with the Moon at nearly the same distance from Earth and at the same time of year. Thus, the Saros is useful for organizing eclipses into families or series. Each series typically lasts 12 to 13 centuries and contains 70 or more eclipses.

Lunar eclipses of Saros series 133 all occur at the Moon’s descending node and the Moon moves northward with each eclipse. The series began with a partial eclipse south of the Ecliptic on May 13, 1557 . The series will end with a partial eclipse north of the Ecliptic on 2819 Jun 29. The total duration of Saros series 133 is 1262.11 years, and that’s a very long time for the sacred geometry to play itself out.


The Eclipse will be visible over most of Canada and all of South America.

Eclipse effects last 3 months to a year. IF your birthday is within 2 days either side of the Eclipse you will feel it’s effects the most. If your birth date is  Aug 20-21st give or take 2 days either way you will feel the oppositon, the polarizing effect. If your birth date is May 20-21st + or – a day or two and Nov 20-21st + or – a day or two you will feel the square effect from this eclipse this puts pressure on your feelings to radically change.

Most notably for me is the fact that the Eclipse falls within 2 degrees of the Great Archangell Star Fomalhaut one of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse mentioned in Revelations. Fomalhaut is presently at @ 3 degrees Pisces 52 minutes.


A VIRGO LUNAR ECLIPSE falls in the natural 6th house pertaining to work and service, community, health, pets. It is the last house below the horizon line as we prepare to leave the lower world for the upperworld of relationships and all interactions with others.
VIRGO is the Hermit in the TArot, Perfecting, Organized, Disciplined, Analytical, Devoted to serving others.
The Moon at 2 degrees of Virgo is closely conjunct Retrograde Saturn this is a karmic time, a time of limitations in work, a time to ask what our karma is in being devoted to Serve a Higher SPiritual Pisces Sun power.
Pluto sextiles the Sun from that ZERO degree Capricorn point HIGH NOON for the whole world and Mars at 26 degrees of Gemini sextiles the Moon and s opposite Pluto-potentially a very dangerous position, watch for much tumult and change in politics, war, conflagrated tempers appropriate to MARS/PLUTO Scorpionic influences,and yes MArs is opposite the Galactic Center still and so those very powerfull potent energies from the Galactic Center are still very much in the forefront and quite effective at easily maneovering the energies unleashed by this Lunar Eclipse.

Retrograde Saturn forms a waxing{forming} opposition to the Sun {exact Feb 24} highliting whatever ancient fears beliefs an dlimitations have been clouding your subconscious.
SAturn moves Retro till MAy 2nd then stations Direct at 1 degree 41 minutes of Virgo, almost exactly on this Eclipse degree.
Because all eclipses remain active just prior to-witness Castro's resignation, Kosovo's independence,
there waqs a huge fire in Toronto on the 20th which destroyed half a city block of historical buildings,and
for at least 3 months  afterwards planets transiting that degree act as triggers helping us to move forwards and not collapse back into old patters unconsciously. This is a good thing.
As Saturn stations direct May 2nd focus on essentials, budgeting Virgoian stuff, organization, analyzing the situation, right livlihood, community, eliminate anything which is holding you back you'll have the discipline to complete great projects now. 
In Mid March Venus and Mercury transit 2 degrees Pisces bringing inisghts and values. MAy 22nd the Sun squares that point bringing conscious awareness.

VALENTINE'S DAY 2008 FEB 14 Retro-Romance
For the 2nd year in a row on V-Day we've got Mercury Retrograde. As Mercury rules all thinking and communications, and love, romance and communications are so inextricably linked,  it looks like it's gonna be one of communications snafus; a time to fondly Re-minisce, a Retro,old fashioned kind of Valentine's Day.
Wear something funky, modish, '40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's even. Go to a Retro styled dinner club, a disco, an old favourite haunt, the site of your first date or simply stay at home and have a romantic evening in.
The Astrology energies for VALENTINE'S DAY are symbolized by VENUS for women and MARS for men.
Venus is the Goddess of Love, Harmony, Beauty, Relationships, Balance and she is in Capricorn,which is an Earthy, practical, traditional sign. Love has to be real, demonstrated to the world. With this placement the ladies want tradition. That old fashioned candle light dinner and the romantic gypsy violinist and the reminders of your early love will do splendidly. Venus in Capricorn means that the ladies are also in biz. mode, they want practical not just frivoulous things. Beside the trads, why not get her a new briefcase, think that's not romantic? She'll think of you every day at work. Relationships in the work place may be sparked now. Maybe you two have more in comon than you think at the water fountain.
Mars is in Gemini, signifying that this is not so good for the women. Mars in an air sign means lots of chat not backed up by anything. He'll say whatever he has to right now to get what he wants or thinks he wants in the momnet. The guys are of two minds, two hearts, ambiguous, undecided, flighty, uncommitted, highly nervous and immaturely boyish.
Ladies YOU decide where you're going to go out to dinner. Don't expect any marriage proposals this Valentine's Day. Wait a bit till Mars enters Cancer again. Communication will be light, breezy, he may whisper soft words of love into your eye but change his mind the next day.
Neptune the Planet of Divine Love is in Aquarius, revolutionizing and freeing the Soul Mate field up. You want to explore love at a higher level, get the big picture, do it differently and much more soulfully.
Neptune wants you to Love the One you're with, but his sojourn through Aquarius demands the freedom to explore all those potential soul-mates. When the right one comes along-you'll know.
Saturn the planet of karma, traditions-like marriages, maturity, responsibility, is also Retrograde and in Virgo. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn is the dispositor or final ruler of Venus -LOVE and Women this day. Virgo is the sign of the nit picky perfectionist, organizer.
Let go of karmic patterns, heavy responsabilities, debt worries on this Valentine's Day. Be frugal- Saturn in Virgo demands a balanced budget. Try not to pine for old loves, lost loves, criticizing yourself like silly or others for not being perfect enough. Relationships in the work place may blossom now. Show him or her just how serious and responsible you can be. Wait, be patient, love is blooming underground, tax time is approaching must get the business details out of the way, and balance the love affairs books first.
Mercury is the final dispositor or ruler of Mars in Gemini -the guys this Valentine's Day and of course we're back to the Mercury Retrograde. What goes around comes around.
Ultimately every day is about manifesting and giving love-to yourself , your family, friends, parents, relatives, the environment, God/Goddess.
And in the immortal words of The Beatles-
"And in the end,
the love you make,
is equal to the love you take."

Astrology Updates  Jan 28 –Feb 10th


Copyright Tara Greene 2008


Hi lites of this 2 week period


MERCURY RETROGRADE – Jan 28 3:31 pm –Feb 18 @ 9:50 Pm EST/  6:50 Pm PST




Feb 1st VENUS CONJUNCT JUPITER -yummy romantic, expensive dinner dates, GAMBLING BIG IN BUSINESS


 FEB 6th  Annular SOLAR ECLIPSE  E.S.T.  and  Feb 7 GMT

The first Eclipse of 2008 begins Chinese NEW YEAR of the Earth Rat - Gung Hai Fat Choi!  


Mars the warrior has been moving Retrograde, that is appearing to move backwards to us and backtracking everyone’s actions, keeping anger down or inflating it through repression, and generally slowing things down to thicker than molasses this year. Wondered why things have been moving so slow?  Mars began this Retrograde on Nov. 15th 07 so it’s been a while struggling to swim upstream against the current.  Things begin to happen again sing “I like to move it move it.” but it may still be slowish. It’ll take until April 4th till Mars is back to where he got off the bus and all activities are Full speed ahead again.


Mars turned Retro  @ 12 degrees 27 minutes of Cancer. Mars goes Direct at 24 Degrees if Gemini.

Mars crossed that V.I.P. opposite the Galactic Center @ 27 Gemini {Galactic Center is 27 degrees of Sagittarius} once in direct motion in mid September, and then again Retrograde till Jan 9th 08.Now Mars will Conjunct this Opposition point again on from Feb 13- March 1st – a good 2 week period. This extended time will re-activate and firing up and off all of the ties ins, Planets and Stars that had conjunctions with the Galactic Center -Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury, the Sun in Dec. and Venus recently crossing it on Jan 22 and 23rd.  The Galactic Center is the evolving hyperconsciousness and creative source for all in our little home Galaxy in the big neck of the woods called the Universe. SO if you feel. Like me that you haven’t gotten “the Full Download” yet- You ain’t heard nothing yet..  so Stay tooned.



Mercury Retrograde-Not again!

This one happens the most often and is the planetary effect most easily felt as Mercury governs over all communications, consciousness, computers etc. so you know what to do already don’t ya?

RE-lax, review, rewind, rest, re-invent, etc. This is the cosmic plan to not always be moving forwards in a masculine, linear conscious way. Mercury Retrogrades are Feminine, thinking out of the box, reflective, equivalent to a good nights sleep for the mind.

Mercury goes Retro @ 23 degrees of Aquarius 53 minutes. Mercury entered the AIR sign on Jan 7th. On Feb 18th Mercury goes Direct Feb 18th @ 8 degrees 19 “ Aquarius. Mercury will re-cross the starting Retropoint on March 10th so it’ll take awhile for everything to totally move forwards.


Jan 26-Feb 2nd Mercury and Mars form an Air Trine for about a week as they slow down and change directions. This is very stimulating and may make people feel edgy.


The MOON WHERE she's at & V.O.C. TIMES


Void of Course means never to start anything under these times guaranteed to go nowhere, splat, don’t waste your energy


Mon. Jan 28TH LIBRA moon goes V.o.c.  @ 4:47 EST / 1:47 PST

Jan 29  Moon enters SCORPIO @  4:35 am EST / 1:35 am PST

Jan 31 Scorpio Moon goes V.o.c.  3:34 am EST / 12:35 am PST

Jan 31  Moon enters SAGITT. @ 5:08 pm EST /2:08 pm   PST                

Feb 2   Sag. Moon goes V.o.c. @ 5:21 pm EST / 2: 21 pm PST – ST. BRIGID”S DAY/ CANDLEMAS

Feb 3   Moon enters CAPRICORN @ 4:52 am EST / 1:52 am PST


Jan 28-

Libra Moon trines Mercury 4:20 pm EST

    -nice communications in romanc

 Moon Trines Mars in Gemini 4:47 pm. Last aspect lots of emotional anger, intensity, energy 

Jan 29  -

Scorpio Moon till the 31st always Intense, emotional, roller coaster, secretive, powerfull. SEXY  as Mars the ruler of Scorpio turns Direct all on hold sexy relationships can move forwards now.

 - Venus in Capricorn Trines Saturn so get serious set a future  marriage or artsy business plans.


Jan 30  -

Moon Squares Sun, and Chiron early in the day. Intense and painfull, but going through the pain consciously brings healing

 -  Moon Squares Neptune in late evening dream deep spiritual dreams and ideal, good for intense meditation


Jan 31

Scorpio Moon Squares Mercury newly direct so go over past resentments, the list, your intentions, renew,let go


Feb 1 - VENUS CONJUNCTS JUPITER in Capricorn @ 6:33 am EST / 3:33 am PST @ 10 degrees of Capricorn




This one is a big beneficial one. The Markets may improve a lot, romance and travel zings, a feel good loving creative day. Make long term plans to benefit from what you love to do in work and romance.

Think of Katherine Hepburn and Soencer Tracy in those old comedies. Smooth, suave, funny, tension, competition. Venus in Capricorn is all business she loves being at the top of the Corporate ladder, she is Feminine, seductive. Jupiter in Capricorn is BIG Business, world biz, traveling, gambling, going for the top doing what you love creatively and with a sense of Jupiterian humour and inspiration.



Katherine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy a Venus in Cepri
corn/Jupiter In Capricorn kinda conjunction

 WHERE"S THAT MOON? & Void of Course Times of Course!


Feb 4   Cap. Moon goes V. o.c. @ 1:20 pm EST /  10:20 am PST

Feb 5   Moon enters AQUARIUS @ 2:10 pm EST / 11:10 am PST  MARDIS GRAS –FAT TUESDAY

Feb 7 Aqua. Moon goes V.o.c. @ 10:50 am Est / 7:50 am PST

Feb 7  Moon enters PISCES @  8:46 pm EST / 5:46 pm PST CHINESE NEW YEAR 

Feb 9 Pisces Moon goes v.o.c. @ 4:05 pm EST/ 1:05 PM PST

Feb 9 Moon enters ARIES 10:17 pm PST


Feb 1st- 10 Moon enters Aries 1:17 am EST

 -Sagittarius Moon Squares Saturn early am. Fiesty and freedom loving Saggy Moon;s gotta get serious in the details department.

 -Moon Squares Uranus late in the day PST pretty bumpy, dream big revolutionary dreams, go on a vacation unexpectedly, walk off the job you hate today.


Feb 2. Sag. Moon opposes Mars 5:21 pm  Est / 2:21 pm PST –irritable, think before you put your hoof in your mouth


Feb 2   MERCURY CONJUNCTS NEPTUNE 7:55 pm Est / 4:55 pm PST 21 degrees Aquarius

 Retro Mercury helps you review consciousness, spirit, dreams, fantasy, creative projects, soul mate plans.



          Pagan CELEBRATION OF Brigid Goddess of healing, smithcraft, poetry, Fire – see -Sacred Holidays  heading.

           The light is waxing, we’re at the way point to Spring.


Feb 3 - MOON conjuncts PLUTO at Zero degrees of Capricorn


This is the first conjunction by the Moon to Pluto in his sojourn through Capricorn. The zero degree point is very powerful considered to be HIGH NOON, symbolizes where we want to shine the brightest on the worlds stage. So bring your feeling body into this now. An archetypal new beginning in so many ways.


- Moon Trines Saturn 5:59 pm EST/ 2:59 pm PST

    And get those feelings into a form, a carefully executed and detailed long term Saturnine plan.


Moon Conjuncts Jupiter 10:26 pm PST/ Feb 4th 1:26 am EST

-  Feel good about conquering the world, teach, education, business plans,traveling, inspiring.

-    Moon conjuncts Venus @ 7:29 am EST / 4:29 am PST – highly serious business romance moves

-  Sun conjuncts Chiron @ 10:06 pm PST


Feb 5 Sun conjuncts Chiron –1:06 am on Mardis GRAs

 - The light of consciousness is let into the wounds, Aquarian energy sees the bigger picture and is able to get over it. Celebrate your liberation this Mardis Gras.


Feb 6  HUGE AQUARIUS SOLAR ECLIPSE –“Let the  Sunshine” 7:45 pm PST, 3:45 am GMT, 10:45 pm EST


The coming Annular Solar Eclipse will have a very significant impact on us all. All eclipses shut down the Sun or the Moon’s Light either a Solar or Lunar Eclipse. Elements of our lives that are no longer true for us are taken away, new insights occur. Eclipse alter the magnetic fields of the earth. AQUARIUS, the water bearer of Consciousness, connected to the TAROT trump # 17 THE STAR


 AQUARIUS Is a collective Universal Sign, it’s airy mental fields are very open to inclusiveness of groups, efforts, larger ideals, Higher Consciousness, literally Stellar Cosmic Consciousness-we are Star Dust, and a detached egoless love, placed opposite the Sign of Leo. Aquarius is the Sign of Revolutionaries, breaking down old Patriarchal structures, inventive, innovative, individualized consciousness. We are entering an ego-less revolutionary group consciousness collective shift in thinking.

There is a HUGE STELLIUM-Astrologeeze for a group of 3 or more planets bunched together.

We have SUN MOON NEPTUNE, MERCURY AND CHIRON THE WOUNDE HEALER ALL WITH IN 6 DEGREES OF EACH OTHER. Plus Vesta the Sacred Flame Asteroid and the North Node at 27  degrees of Aquarius. That’s 7 bodies luminaries all in a cosmic pile up. It’s like a nightmare, which we all know to be gifts from the Heavens, You know how they keep tapping you over Andover till you get the message? Seven bodies in Heaven itself is a very sacred number, seven charkas, seven days of the week, seven heavens, etc.

Chiron is a planetary body named after a Greek centaur who was a great healer but immortal and wounded and so the pain was so much he gave up his immortality to die, he was eventually immortalized in the stars, Chiron Chiron is a bridge between the mortal and the Divine. He is the Archetype of The Wounded Healer. In Aquarius this is the stigma of being different, visionary, having physical disabilities, and emotional ones, feeling estranged, unloved, unaccepted, isolated yet working to heal others compassionately. Chiron’s message is join with other “black sheep: outcasts, rebels with a cause, power in numbers, thinking for oneself as he is so closely conjunct Mercury spending double his time in Aquarius during his Retrograde phase now. The pain is lessened by talking it out loud, having like minded support groups, sharing, commiserating, The wounded-all of us-can rise together and overthrow old dichotomies in Politics, Bug Business, the way natural resources are handled, world wide co-operation of countries linked for the common good.

Uranus is the Planetary Ruler of all in Aquarian energies and he is at 16 degrees of Pisces, the natural 12th house electrifying the spiritual message of compassion, forgiveness, Bliss, working behind the scenes, connecting to others, technologies that interconnect and revolutionize communications for uplifting reasons, fantasy, illusion, delusion, denial, secrets, karma.

Mars Trines the Sun Moon and Neptune from 24 degrees of Gemini-dare we say he’s only 3 degrees off the Galactic Center? Mars in Gemini is very fast brain work, duality, relationships, talking a lot,

Debating, arguing, gathering all the information, what is usually hidden, obscure, left of center field is Mars in Gemini’s delight and fodder. Much slinging or arrows in Presidential debates, this is the Martial Warrior of Gab running the show. May not be able to make a decision but we’re not there yet.

Pluto Lord of death and Rebirth is sitting at the Gates of Hades and on the Gates of Zero degrees of Capricorn is symbolically at the top of the World High Noon right now. He semi-squares {an irritating flea itching type of influences 45 degrees} the Sun, Moon and Neptune. Pushing for total transformation and say you want a Revolution? Yes says Pluto, Now.


Saturn Lord of Karma is Retrograding at 6 degrees of Virgo. {my South Node and lots of other Baby Boomers as well}  He is the wordly ruler of the Eclipse.

Saturn is the Ancient Ruler of Aquarius, the Masculine polarity. Uranus is the Spiritual Ruler.

He is Trining Pluto, so the old boys are ready to throw in the towel according to my delineation of this powerfull sign. Saturn in Virgo is showing the limits of wanton destruction to Our Mother The Earth, We have the analytical intelligence and capabilities to Transform this very dire situation  for the benefit of all. Aquarius message in this eclipse is we’re all on the same small  blue and green ship hurtling through space. Saturn is Retrograde so we’re going back over familiar territory still but the breaking point is near when

Saturn and Uranus face-off BEGINING August 2008.

Saturn in Virgo is service, a budget, perfectionistic, health issues, work and Uranus in Pisces can be idealistic, secretive, delusional, addicted, in denial, karmic. Saturn builds Uranus topples it, there is a battle looming between the progressive dreamers, want to cleanup the Earth and those who would enslave people in corporations running the show, owning the people and all the earth’s resources. That’s what we have to look forwards to most of 2008. 

Saturn can be used to express Uranus in Pisces energies  n a positive way by building and restructuring old services, ways of managing government, businesses, and build new positive earth enhancing health enhancing, service oriented businesses who can have modest profits through serving the collective good and budget the earth’s natural resources.

Jupiter and Venus are both dancing fairly cheek to cheek still in Capricorn, Lady of Beauty, Love, Harmony, the Arts, Money, Luxury and Big Boy Jupiter want thrift, structure, International games, sports, gambling, exotica, and Higher Truth in business, world wide justice. Jupiter in Capricorn is spend it all but to we owe it to our corporate shareholders too.

This Eclipse is a Super New Moon and the Start of Chinese New Year, what with the Olympics and the Earth Rat being intelligent and bountiful China will have a super year but it truly has to climb on the Aquarian engine. The past is good, honourable, but we must integrate the new and be inclusive.


Eclipses occur because of the Moon’s Nodes. The Nodes are points in space where the Moon crosses the path of  the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Since Ancient times this focal point in space has been symbolically associated with serpents, symbols of transformation and transmutation, they were associated with the death and rebirth mysteries of the Goddess. They are points that travel backwards on the Ecliptic.  

The North Node or  Dragon’s Head which moved from Pisces into Aquarius Dec 17 07 takes about two and a half years to move through a sign and thus symbolizes are collective spiritual and conscious map.

We are in Aquarius territory now, out with the old. The South Node always opposite the North is in Leo, the past what we need to let go of, and where it is easiest to fall back into.

Leo is ego, power over,drama, childishness, Me Generation, Baby Boomers, the heart, the will, the courage.

Transitting North Node in Aquarius 

Dec 17,07- August 21, 2009

represents a collective imperative to transcend the ego’s dictates of self-interest to join the human collective with integrity altruism and a fresh vision of the Earth. We are all born of Woman, we are all her children.

The Star image of the Tarot is Aquarius personified. She was traditionally associated with Nuit Egyptian Sky Goddess, whose celestial nutriment, her Cosmic Milk of Mother Love and Nurturing spurted out across our Galaxy for which it still bears the name Milky Way Galaxy from Ga Lactic.

We live in the return of the Goddesses’ Era, her stars above our heads every day and night a cosmic symbol of her love and nurturing support for all her children.

So the big questions are?  Future, past. How did we get here? What brought us collectively to this place and time? What needs to be changed, revolutionized in each one of our lives and collectively? HOw do we get back into the Great Goddesses' bosom?

The Great Star Goddess Nuit arching over the sky
Her Galactic milk of human kindness spurted out as the stars

So the big questions are?  Future, past. How did we get here? What brought us collectively to this place and time? What needs to be changed, revolutionized in each one of our lives and collectively?

Eclipses have long term effects lasting up to a year or more. 


This Annular Solar Eclipse occurs at 7:44 pm PST, 10:44 pm EST on February 6, 2008, and 3:44 am February 7, GMT/UT. It has mid-Virgo rising in California, mid-Libra rising in EST, 13 Sag rising in London, 16 Sag rising in Amsterdam,  Istanbul has 20 Capricorn rising, Bagdhad has 14 Aquarius rising,  N. Delhi has 30 Pisces rising,  Bangkok has 28 Aries rising and Tokyo has 22 Gemini on the Ascendant. W. Australia has early Taurus rising, Melbourne has 25 Taurus rising,. That info courtesy of Copyright 2008 Robert Wilkinson

It is said that the Highest Visibility of an Eclipse is where it impacts most and the greatest effects can be expected, lasting the number of years that the eclipse is long in minutes. Partial phases of this eclipse are visible primarily from eastern Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, and most of Antarctica. Not so good for the folks Down Under. Rising ocean levels will probably be the most immediate visible effect. Also the unearthing of ancient advanced civilizations at the South Pole..

NASA;s Info on the Eclipse”

An annular eclipse will be visible from a wide track, that traverses Antarctica and southern regions of the Pacific Ocean. A partial eclipse will be seen within the much larger path of the Moon's penumbral shadow, which includes the southeastern third of Australia, all of New Zealand and most of Antarctica.

The annular path begins in Antarctica at 03:20 UT when the Moon's antumbral shadow meets Earth and forms a 581 kilometre wide corridor near the base of the continent's peninsula region. Traveling westward, the shadow quickly crosses Antarctica and turns north as it heads into the Pacific. Greatest eclipse takes place at 03:55:05 UT when the eclipse magnitude will reach 0.9650. At this instant, the annular duration is 2 minutes 12 seconds, the path width is 444 kilometres and the Sun is 16 above the featureless horizon of the open ocean. The central track continues north before gradually curving to the east where it ends at local sunset at 04:31 UT...

The most unusual characteristic of this eclipse is that it begins and ends along Earth's sunset terminator. Most eclipse paths that travel from west to east. However, the 2008 annular eclipse path begins by running east to west and slowly turns north before curving west to east near its terminus.

 My family and I will be in  Cuba during this eclipse, getting a very different perspective on it.

I intend to record meditations at the eclipse. I’ll keep you informed.

Enjoy it. Let go of the past. Join the group. Invent new technologies and ways of communicating so we get off the Tower of Babel.



After the huge impact of the Eclipse try to give yourself a bit of down time to assimilate it all exact conjunctions today. For healing {Chiron} the mind.Moon joins North Node so this should be very intuitively Blissful. Moon enters Pisces.

Feb 8

Moon opposite Saturn 8:08 am EST/5:08 am PST will give your emotions a clunk. Get that intuition to work, right now, do something practical about it. Moon conjuncts Uranus 11:49 Pm PST see below-


Moon Conjuncts Uranus Woopdeedooo! 2:49 am EST  the roller coaster ride begins, say loose, hang loose, ride that wave and enjoy it.

  MOON SQUARES MARS – 4:00 Pm Est/ 1:05 pm PST- watch out for hefty tempers, short wicks etc.  

MOON SQUARE PLUTO –10:17 Pm PST –Feb 10 1:17 Pm EST  Difficult irritable Moon’s in Aries. Avoid confrontations people will be irritable.

Happy Birthday Michael.


9:03 Pm Est/ 6:03 pm PST influential all week! ROMANTIC, ARTISTIC, BLISSFULL, COMPASSIONATE

At 22 degrees of Aquarius good for artists, composers, gurus, illusionists, hi tech people get brilliant ideas, break away to Bliss, watch the drugs and alcohol, falling in loveis easy now, everyone’s wearing the rose coloured glasses and everyone is your soul mate. Famous people in the spotlight now, with their drugs, addictions, etc. more spectacular than usual.

Great day to meditate and see the Light!


Copyright Tara Greene 2008



Jan 20 Sun enters Aquarius

Jan 23 Venus Conjunct Pluto

Jan 24 Venus enters Capricorn



Jan 20 Moon enters CANCER @ 12:05 am PST;  3:05 am EST

Jan 21 Moon goes Vo C @ 2:56 am PST; 5:56 am EST

Jan 22 Moon enters LEO @ 2:20 am PST;  5:20 am EST

Jan 24 Moon goes V o C @ 6:43 am PST;  9: 43 am EST

Jan 24th  Moon enters VIRGO @ 6:48 am PST, 9:48 am EST

Jan 26 Moon goes V o C @ 3:32 am PST,  6:32 am EST

Jan 26 Moon enters LIBRA 2:35 pm PST;  5:35 pm EST 

Sun moved into the innovative, conceptual hell bound for revolution Aquarius today. This marks the start of a month of breaking down old structures in consciousness for us all.  Two planets are helping us now to change our minds and keep the change. Retrograde Mars, in Gemini, just completed his retrograde opposition to the Galactic Center taking us back to visit that territory Cosmically ignited by Jupiter Pluto the Sun and Mercury in late Dec. Over the next couple of days, Venus directly aligns with the Galactic Center bringing women, our values, self-love, money, luxuries, relationships and the arts into focus from the massive infra-red radiation of the Galactic Center which has now truly been discovered to be the womb of all this Galaxies creativity as Black Holes are continuously birthing stars and consciousness.

Venus is the last conjunction transit to the GC for a spell.

Jan 21,22,23 the Blue Lady will freshen our memories of great ideas that started during December. Remember all those fabulous ideas that there was no time to start then and reinvigorate whatever progressive ideas came your way from the middle of December to now.

On the 23rd at 10:58 PM and the 24th @ 1:58 am Venus Conjuncts Pluto at his last chance saloon degree in Sagittarius for another 248 years. This was also the same degree as the Saturn Uranus conjunction of Feb 1988- 29 degrees 55.”

Venus conjuncts powerful, resource oriented Pluto. This is a huge day to resurrect Saturn Uranus energies from 20 years ago and transform your values as Pluto is at the very last degree-always the most critical- of Sagittarius. If there ever was a day to revolutionize values, consciousness, reach for the truth, go into the shadow and love it then this is it! Stock markets may go way up and down as values are definitely shifting. 

VENUS ENTERS CAPRICORN  -24th 12:06 am PST 3:06 am EST

The love planet gets serious now. Crossing the ZERO point of Capricorn known as the World Axis is very powerful. WOMEN-and Hillary Clinton this means you mean business and carry the power now.  Values change, love and relationships are stern, structured, profit oriented, corporate. Expect tests, restrictions in feelings flowing over this next 3 week period until Feb 17.th

Pluto and Chiron the Wounded Healer are semi-square this week with Pluto right at that famous zero point. Unsettling news, watch out for your hidden wounds and agendas.


- 8:26 PM PST 11:26 PM EST -til 2024!

Since then till now Pluto has been downgraded to a lesser Planetary status. This move in Pluto’s world I believe has significantly increased his strength and power to destroy, transform and bring rebirth. His strength has been ironically increased. Pluto represents the Collective Unconscious, the Souls of individuals and the World Soul. This is literally the HIGH NOON sign for the world to keep the cowboy metaphor going.

When Pluto entered Capricorn last, 245 years ago the American War for Independence was beginning, France let go of colonialism in Canada. Like the current events, divine rulership of Kings and Popes-now read CEO’s Haliburton, Bush, CIA, MAFIA, SECRET GOVERNMENT, THE MATRIX, IMF, G8 etc. was exposed as fraudulent and misguided from Pluto’s transit through Sagittarius changed the collective consciousness helping to exposing the Truth to those who were seeking it.

What had been the power of beliefs in a{man made} Higher Authority was replaced by giving power {Pluto} to material progress and dominion over the Earth Saturn ruled Earth sign Capricorn. Over the last 245 years, American has come to lead and dominate the World, through “progress,” “democracy,” creating a huge middle class, American popular culture, plastics, industrial technology, pharmaceuticals, genetic tech. Etc. and has degraded the Earth to a point of almost fatal no-return now.

PLUTO re crossing this point shows a DESTRUCTION and REBIRTH of all that was born then. We are one level higher supposedly in our expanding evolving consciousness this time. Pluto in Sagittarius for the last 13 years has shown us the down side of Religious Fanatasism, Hypocrisy in Law, and overreaching risk taking that makes gambling a way of life-lotteries, casinos, etc. Pluto is 8th house Scorpio energies covering us all for the next 16 years. Scorpio is water, feminine, power, control, secrets, sex, death, rebirth, research, x-ray vision, intense, uncompromising, taxes, inheritance, true values-[opposite the 2nd house]

Our actions choices, decisions and non-decisions have brought us now face to face with Death, through raging Cancer, AIDS, asthma, death of species, great lakes and ocean depletions, many species of animals and plants going extinct at an alarming rate, global warming, incredible air pollution, wasteful technological processes, weird Viruses, migrating species destroying giant areas of forests, political corruption on world wide scales, scams, manipulations, lies, New World Over Governments, micro-chipping of people, deaths by medical institutions, chemical devaluing of the earth, etc.

This is a major turning point in the way the People’s unconscious choices, their shadows, create the world we all share. Are we any closer to an enlightened world? Are we any more aware of our purpose on this planet? The answer is yes and no.

The upside of Pluto in Sagittarius-wait it’s not all over yet- Pluto will merely dip into Capricorn, on June 14 he’ll RETROGRADE back into Sagittarius again at the max 1 degree away from the Galactic Center and reenter Cap. Finally in Nov. 26, 2008 to stay until Jan 21 2024.

Pluto in Sagittarius also brought spirituality from the unconscious animal brain level {the horsey side of Sag.}to a higher educational plane through  publishing and disseminating information. Oprah’s efforts helped, and the huge popularity of The Da Vinci Code, the many popular self-help books  about seeking the Truth in religion and spirituality based on personal experience, paganism, witchcraft, metaphysics, The Secret, etc.

THE people must choose now to reclaim democracy, to choose again to revolutionize the Coporate World order, surveillance, secrets, power over, sexual abuses of women, pornography, distribution of wealth, nuclear power, and who has control.

2008 overview the next 3 months from Winter Solstice 07

THE WINTER SOLSTICE CHART is the one we look to for the New Years outlook, not Jan. 1st, an arbitrary man made legal New Year. IT IS THE RETURN OF THE LIGHT IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE. LET'S SEE WHAT IS REVEALED.

Usually Saturn is the only Retrograde planet as we go into each New Year, held back by our previous actions in the previous year. This year we also have Mars Retrograde which has slowed things down energetically. It’s as if this year begins with our fingers crossed waiting to see what’s coming down the road. It’s better to do the RE thing review, reflect, rest and put major activities on hold off before taking action in 2008 until Mars begins to go Direct Jan. 30 at 5:17 PM EST.

Winter Solstice is when the SUN reaches ZERO degrees of Capricorn in the Tropical Zodiac. Capricorn is considered to be the World’s Stage Point, the epitome. It is an Earth sign, Feminine originally, although it’s come down to us as business, corporate oriented, representing the Patriarchal Saturn ruled paradigm that’s been in full effect for the last 10,000 years or so give or take a few millennia. Saturn rules Capricorn; she is the Birth Mother, the Earth, physical reality, Time limitations, obstacles, hard work, seniority, karma. Capricorn rules the knees, and the knees in Jin Shin Chinese energy medicine is where the Chi or life force energy begins. We will be seeing the knees of The Earth and given a kneeing where we’re most vulnerable shortly because of our karmic choices. Go for “the bees knees” meaning the height of excellence in all your endeavors and you will be rewarded.

Jupiter planet of expansion and optimism has recently entered Capricorn and will spend mostly all of 2008 there, expanding legal matters about how corporations do business, perhaps aligning business and education in a new way. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and religion, “foreigners” travel, philosophy, truth, Jupiter is considered to be in its fall in Capricorn, because it is in the sign opposite to the one where it is considered to be exalted. SO Jupiter isn’t happy in Capricorn, so what’s the big fella gonna do while it’s passing through Cap? Lay down the law. Expect Corporations to be badgered by legal hassles, dishonest businesses will begin to be overhauled; scandals displayed and laid out large for all to see and have to pass judgment on. This is a good thing. Religious lock done continues, the old Patriarchy is almost on its knees. Jupiter seeks expansion, freedom. It’s a Jupiter/Saturn sort of battle for the royalty rights for who owns God.
I’d get down on my knees and pray for your individual rights to personal spiritual self-expression to be continued and to come from your own individual unique connection with Source, no outside authority passport stamp needed.


Jupiter’s little shadow pal Pluto will enter Capricorn on Jan 25 at 11:26 pm EST, he’s just going to give us a trial run, a sneak preview, a mere hangnail on the toe of the puddle of what his next 16 YEAR sojourn through Capricorn will look like. More about Pluto in Capricorn later.

The chart shows a “Stellium” that’s Astrologeeze for 3 or more planets grouped together.
We see Pluto just past the Galactic Centre, Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in a huddle in the 3rd house of communication, short trips, gathering information, early childhood, siblings etc.
What are those 4 heads, their energies intermingled quite tightly cooking up? Cosmic Transformation from Pluto on all levels of business, and of course the Earth, time management, and soulful businesses. Pluto ain’t easy; enlarging of laws in business, education, religious intolerance, religious hegemonies, etc from Jupiter; from the Sun, Solar energy, a new vitality for businesses based on conscience, you can’t fake your shine; Mercury helps us to communicate in more practical, basic, touch feely ways as people realize that they don’t actually have time to see their friends and families anymore, work too hard, too long and some dissatisfaction with the tech-y tools. Bring back good old-fashioned face-to-face communications.

MARS RETRO and the U.S
Mars Retrograde in Cancer in the 9th house of philosophy, truth, inspiration, justice Jupiter’s’ ruling territory opposes the quartet, so Mars is also in its fall now too, so irritability over old emotional unconscious issues that are keeping us collectively from moving forward collectively are what we are seeing. Mars Rx in emotional Mom’s apron springs’ Cancer is the Prescription needed to ease the pain of homeland security, and people are feeling pretty fed up with all the limitations imposed on them over feigned fear of foreigners, terrorists, phony war muckraking, etc.
Mars went Retrograde on Nov. 15th at 12 degrees of Cancer, conjunct the US Sun and the Fixed Starr Sirius. We’ve seen the collapsing US dollar. The people’s emotions are being pulled apart by bigger forces impelling them to choose to change radically the way America, no longer the world’s super power, acts in the world.
The U.S. Natal Mars is now Retrograde in its Progressed chart since 2006 and will continue to be Retrograde for the next 80 Years. I believe I heard that a General was hinting that the US’s status right now is like the fall of the Roman Empire, and it is.
It cannot stand alone anymore and hope to succeed. This is a One World situation now.
Pluto in Capricorn will transform the World because we are all in this blue boat together-the craft known as Planet Earth. There’s only ONE LIFE RAFT for us all to fit into.
The sooner we all figure out how to get along together and survive the better, or we all drown together.

MOON is in Gemini in the 8th house of Change, Pluto’s realm of Rebirth, Taxes, Other peoples’ money, sex, higher values, secrets, power and control. Moon in Gemini means feelings and thinking must act in concert otherwise we’re all bi-polar, schizoid, disconnected from our feelings. Moon in Gemini is detached which allows for space to separate out thinking and emotions. We want to take in a lot of information before deciding which of many ways to go. Use both parts of the brain, realizing duality is the very nature of Life, not polar oppositions but ying and yang hand in hand. In other words-
“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.” From John Lennon in I am the Walrus.

SATURN Retrograde in Virgo is squared by the Moon. Karmic backtracks here, cleaning u p the footprints we’ve left dirtying all of our backyards the world over. Saturn in Virgo is the most nitpicky of all. Will we fight over the detail or see the bigger picture? Saturn TRINES-nice aspect, Sun Jupiter and Mercury, a bit of a blessing. Find down to earth, on budget, most practical results dedicated to serve all.

URANUS planet of revolutionary change in Pisces at 15 degrees, the middle degrees always are the most powerful, is opposed by Saturn. Again all opposition are tense, but both sides need to be integrated. Uranus in Pisces says-“It’s all one spiritual world, one ocean of Bliss, better change now, get with the program, otherwise you’re deluded, don’t avoid the void.” Saturn is very testy, slow to change, wants empirical proof, a budget, safety and health concerns.

VENUS Goddess of Love, Beauty, Harmony, the Arts, Money, Peace, Values, is in notorious Scorpio territory, lying in detriment on her chaise lounge in the 2nd house of money, career, earnings, 2nd house natural Taurus’ territory, which kind of balances out the neg. positive issues. Transformation, of material resources, deeper secrets around who controls the big money, as if we don’t all already know. She has control over natural resources and has the power to make them go like you yo’s. What do we really value? What has permanent value? How are we going to change our relationship with how we use power? Is sex equal to money? Venus is Trining Uranus so spiritual values and secrets-that’s not a plug need, to be integrated. Love your resources or they may not be around much longer. Scorpio is a Fixed Sign so I’d definitely squirrel away some dough in some secret place or use gold as it is Alchemical and Transformative.
Venus is also Squaring Neptune in Aquarius in the 5th house of love given, self-expression, children, the heart, courage, leadership. Squares are stressful change provoking. Neptune ruler of Pisces is in Aquarius sign of higher ideals, freedom, technology, group consciousness, the collective humanity. Bring your creativity out of the closet. Follow the path of individual liberation, work in community, transform your old values, power trips and need for Scorpionic control into loving, leadership. Work that needs to be done from a place from love not through power over control systems.
Venus also Squares Chiron, the wounded healer at 12 degrees of Aquarius. Venus’s energy helps us to breathe love into our wounds, to ask the right empathic questions. Where does it hurt? Where are the ways that we bargain for power over love and how does this affect and hurt the collective? What value do we place on the wounded collective psyche? How do we heal deeply placed issues of violence, sexism, racism, hatred, pornography, belittling of women and children?

The Native American Twisted Hairs Medicine Teachings that I learned from posited that there were but 2 Sacred as opposed to Man Made Laws to live by.
1. Everything comes from the Feminine.
2. Nothing be done to harm the children. The children means all creatures and peoples of the Earth.
If we but adopted and went back to what were our original Sacred Laws to live by wouldn’t we all be better off?

And last but certainly not least the North Node, the icon that looks like Headphones passed out of Pisces on Dec 19 and moved backwards, as it’s path does, into Aquarius where it will remain for the next 2.5 years.
The North Node represents our collective’s highest spiritual goals and aims. Every 2.5 years we see that change. North Node now in Aquarius brings us one step closer to the Age of Aquarius. There are many different start dates to that Age, some say we are already in it. Some say it won’t begin until Neptune enters Pisces. Either way, this Nodal Shift turns our attention towards Aquarian ideals, new technology which serves the greater good of all, a detachment emotionally, strong leadership, respect for individual freedom, communal thinking, less ego.
The South Node always opposite, is now in Leo, pointing to the past issues we need to clear through. Leonine pride, ME first, childishness, the inner child, creativity that is ego oriented, and animalistic impulses.
The Baby Boomers, Pluto in Leoers, getting towards or past retirement age, will need to show a new way. They’ll have to start taking their wealth, and me centrifocus out towards a legacy for others. Staying eternally young and the centre of attention begins to fade. Elders need to be leaders with real wisdom, real lessons, and real courage. Their task is what they leave for the next 7 generations. Do you still need to be seen as attractive, sexy? What does your heart say? Have you lived an honorable life? How do your children see you? How much love have you given?
Ultimately this is the Life Review Question that we will all have to contend with sometime at our deaths.
The Native Elders also had a saying, which was “It’s a Good Day to Die” which could be any day. SO best be ready to meet your Death in an Honorable way. The reason that we are all incarnate is to bring Love, to see each other as the Beloved, that time is Now.
The 4 angles of the chart are all at the Cardinal Points. Ascendant is Libra calling for balance, peace, this is the face we must wear for this next quarter. Relationships are primary. Is it beautiful? Does it add beauty? Must be the first questions we ask.
The 4th house foundation is Capricorn, so we need to build solidly, prudently, it will be hard work but worth it.
The Descendant angle is Aries, the 1st house, of new life, new growth, relationships business, and all interactions with others. We need to show a new face to others, which mirrors our own new face of beauty, of the need for balance and Peace.
The 10th house Midheaven, marked MC is Cancer on Sirius, and the U.S. Sun. Sirius is the Fixed Star of dying and rebirth Osiris. He was resurrected by his wife Queen Isis, Great Mother, Goddess. The 10th house cusp is the High Noon point in any chat, symbolic Noon, SO it’s High Noon that the Goddess, Mothering, Feminine nurturing energies, become first and foremost. She is the Source of all Light and Love. The needs of children in all ways become primary, basic foods, water, housing all these need to be rights given equally to all not at the expense of all for the benefit of the few.
Tune into the Goddess, the Divine feminine. We all come from mothers, we are all children. She is always loving and nurturing, the Earth. How are we treating Her?
Is she dying? Is she trying to send us a message? Realize that your mother, yes, your very own, dear little mother is a Goddess. I got this shocking revelation myself a few days ago. If you are a woman you embody Her. If you have daughters of any age they are all Goddesses. And Men all carry their soul or anima, their inner Goddess within them, within their hearts and feelings. We are all Her children. Our every atom is made up of her Cosmic breath. We named our very Galaxy in honor of Her, the Milky Way, the billions of stars in our Galaxy, drops of her Milk.
2008 Meditation
At night wherever you live, go out under the Stars. Even in Toronto a big city with lots of light I can see many constellations planets and stars. Go out and breathe and centre yourself. Imagine your spine growing a tail and going deep into the Earth. Go deeper down till you come to the centre of the fiery core of the Earth, this is her Heart Flame. Breathe in the fire, earth fire, it is creativity and manifestation. Stay with this awhile. Bring the fire up from the earth through the soles of your feet and into the base of your spine and up through your charkas and out the top of your head, the crown chakra out to the stars, to the Cosmic Mater, Milky Way center. Feel the surge of energy this gives you, stay grounded. Breathe in the stars, your cells, the eyes of the ancestors, and allow yourself to listen to a vision, your vision, a directive from the cosmos about what you need to do most now, what cosmic message you need to manifest, the path with heart that you need to build for 2008. Stay with this for as long as you need.
Wait to hear a message, a sign, an impulse. Thank Your Mother, the Goddess for being with you.
Go inside and write down your vision, put a not on your wall to remind you. Write a poem or story, create a dance or a song, a picture. Embrace your vision, keep it safe in your heart, don’t talk about it and dissipate its energy. This is your guidepost your plan, allow it to unfold for you knowing that it’s your mission to give to the collective.
2008 is a very powerful year, a major turning point.


comet holmes as big as the sun

Galactic Center with Filaments



On Oct 26th Pluto reaches 26 degrees 56 minutes of Sagittarius and conjuncts the Galactic Center -Oct 28th when it will be at 26 degrees 57 minutes. This is the Final last Chance Saloon.


Pluto Lord of Death, Rebirth, Waste, Atomic Energy, Garbage, Sex, Money, Power, and Control-in other words all THE BIGGIES! gets embraced by that Massive Black Hole at the Heart and Soul of our Milky Way Conjunction with the Heart and Soul of our Milky Way a.k.a. The Latte Galaxy. You can't miss it! It won't happen again for another 248 years! First conjunction happened Dec 28, 2006 and July 17 2007 -there was a world wide meditation on that date called Fire the Grid. This is the 3rd installment. The Milky Way is the Goddess Milk which spurted out over the Heavens. The Stars we see are mytho-poetically drops of her Sacred Milk of Human Kindness. So drink deeply and nourish your Soul with Unconditional Love from the Mother.

The Galactic Center is the birthing place of all consciousness in this Galaxy. To the Ancient Mayans it was considered the portal of all souls entering and exiting the Galaxy. The Great Maw, mouth,cosmic Vagina,womb, tomb, rift in the sky that we can see very easily with the naked eye. The Galactic Center is being found to be not only a super massive Black Hole but as a prodigous birther and energizer of matter. The G.C. emits vast amounts of Gamma RAys, Infra-red. Stars are being birthed there continuously. The Universe is constantly being created.

The Galactic Center is future oriented. This alignment allows each of us to release old patterns, to discard baggage. This alignment increase all human consciousness and awareness. We are making a quantum leap in our very genes to connecting with The Source as that what we are and are becoming.

The Galactic Center is what the Mayans call "Home" what the hopi Indians call The Fifth World, it is Time Wave Zero according to Terrence McKenna, it is the convergence of All Time to "Novelty." This is the Turning of the Ages. All the prophesies about Dec. 21 2012 link into the Galactic Center. This is a signal shift in humanity making a multidimensional shift in consciousness opening our awareness to all other Dimensions interracting with us, something that we know deep in our hearts, as the Heaven World, author and visionary Stuart Wilde calls it "Camelot."

Expect your perceptions to expand exponentially so that you will know your inherent Divinity and inter-connectedness with all other lifeforms in all the Worlds thus engendering new ways of being, we will act differently towards each other,to the Earth, her creatures, plants, rocks. It's time to see through the eyes of Soul from the Source. Read the TAo. We are being called upon to take off our blinders and SEE. There is only One being, you are not what you think you are. You are being called on to serve without ego, without judgments. You are called upon to Serve Love.

Over this 2 day time period take at least 1 hour of earth time to meditate,more is better. Stop the internal infernal chatter {where the aliens can't get you} and sit still. Intention is everything so intend yourself to the Heart of the Galaxy. It's a mere 25,000 Light Years away but time doesn't really exist so travel is instantaneous. No luggage needed. Thinking is the best way to travel. So go lightly to the Source.

It is best to take this time and to do Ceremony. Use smudge or incense to cleanse your space. Call in the 4 Directions and the 4 Elemental Spirits. Call in the As above, and so below, and the within. Breathe and send your energy down through your spine and through the Earth. Connect with the iron ore crystal at the Center of the Earth. Ground yourself. Sit quietly and begin in the South, place of Water, Emotions, place of Trust and Innocence. Who am I? sit there until the answer comes clearly and resonates with you. Move to the West, the Earth, the place of Intuition Introspection Birth Death and Transformation and ask Where do you come from? Sit with this until an answer comes. Then Move to the North,Air, place of Mind and Breath, place of Wisdom Sophia, the Wisdom Teachers and ask What do I need to Learn? sit until you get answers then Move to the East place of Fire and Spirit Illumination and Enlightenment and ask What is the Gift my Spirit has to offer the Galaxy, to the Earth at this time and into the Future.

As we are still in the Mercury Retrograde until Nov. 1st it's a perfect time to re-group, re-think, re-connect,re-wire your Self, and align yourself with your True and Sacred Home,with the Celestial Beings who are our helpers, the Angels, Divas, Stuart Wilde calls them God's Gladiators.

There will be other unfoldements to Pluto and the G.C.

On Nov. 12th Jupiter joins Pluto at the Galactic Center and as Jupiter is Sagittarius's ruler Jupiter, by Jove will amplify the message. Jupiter allows us to take risks, to be adventurers in our own lives, to search for the truth, to aim higher, to be optimistic and always use humour, to connect with Sacred Law, Higher Wisdom, connect various religious and metaphysical streams together. Each one of us receives their own individual version of the Truth, but there is only one Truth.

Then on Dec 10th just after the New Moon, the Moon joins Jupiter and Pluto to integrate our unconscious emotions, feelings and memories.

Then on Dec 17th the Sun joins Pluto at the Galactic Center shedding full illumination and Light on our Stellar Selves. "

We are stardust, we are golden,

and we've got to get ourselves back to the Garden" sand Joni Mitchell prophetically at Woodstock in 1969.

On the 18th Jupiter enters Capricorn to bring in expanded authority, truth and wisdom, discipline in searching out what is really valuable to pursue as lofty goals and peaks in the material realm.

And on the 19th Mercury conjoins Pluto to integrate conscious awareness and communication into the Mix. So we've gone from the farthest planet out Pluto to the innermost Mercury. This is the Lightning Flash on the Tree of Life, down from Source into the Material Plane. Alos on Dec. 19th Saturn turns Retrograde allowing us to integrate our past actions in view of the new Iluminated and Expanded Consciousness that we all have.

Two days later on Dec. 21 Sun enters Capricorn. This is the Winter Solstice and we are now only 5 years away from that fatefull date.

So use this time wisely, Pluto will enter Capricorn in Jan 08 but will retrograde back into Sagittarius for most of 2008, so a bit of a squeeze in time there to but THIS IS IT! THE BIG ONE!

Please let me know what you got in your visions.

Astrology Updates October November from Tara Greene

2 months overview for all signs

Breathe a sigh of relief as that challenging Saturn-Neptune opposition is now finally over, for the last 14 months, the malefic planet Saturn, the Cosmic cop facing off with Neptune planet of spirit in Fixed signs has had us dealing with Reality vs. The Dream. Hopefully we’ll have managed to create a working relationship between the two.

Mercury Retrograde Early Alert- Oct 12-Nov 1st-Nov. 18th
Mars Retrograde early alert- Nov. 15th till end of this year

October 11 @ 8:52 pm PDT, Oct 12 @ 3:52 am GMT

MERCURY Retrograde begins at 9 degrees of Scorpio, Mercury re-enters Libra on the 24th to renegotiate old relationship issues, then goes Direct on Nov. 1st EDT at 6:52 pm, 3:52 pm PDT, 10:52 PM, GMT at 23 degrees 22 minutes of Libra.
Mercury Re-enters Scorpio on Nov. 11th at 3:41 am EST, 12:41 am PST. 8:41 GMT. Communications won’t get back up to speed until Mercury once again arrives at the 9 degrees 05 mark of Scorpio until Nov. 18th. That’s 5 weeks of rehashing.

By now you know that Mercury appearing to move backwards in the skies always heralds communications chaos. Try not to initiate anything new during Mercury’s Rx. Phase. This opportunity offers us the chance to Re everything, Rethink, Rest, Relax, Review, Re-organize, Renegotiate etc. Especially in Scorpio the Sign of Birth Death and Transformation, this is a time of Renewal. It is a necessary phase. Our brains need a break especially in this overly hectic world we now live in. Take advantage of this monthly period. Triple check all communications and you should be just fine. Do your Xmas shopping early or later.

MARS RETROGRADE in Cancer- returning to the Mother for nuturing

Mars by Botticelli

Mars recently entered Cancer on Sept 28th where it is considered to be in its’ fall. Actions, desires, defenses become mired and bogged down in emotional needs for security and safety.
Mercury has just entered Scorpio too on Sept. 27th so the 2 personal planets of communications and action are intro- spective, internalized.
It is a time to go within and nurture oneself, get in touch with your roots, your past, your foundation and release whatever thoughts {Mercury} are stuck {Fixed Sign Scorpio} in power, control and defensiveness. Mercury in Scorpio allows for Renewal in mind, let ting go of old resentments, to allow thinking which is in harmony with your Highest intentions to come clear.

MARS will go Retrograde Nov. 15 at 3:41 am EST, 12:41 am PST, 8:40 am GMT @ 12 degrees 27 min. of Cancer

Mars rules actions, desires, defenses, war, all male yang activities, firearms, aggression. Men will want to be nurtured and nurture, perhaps needing to curl up in a foetal position. Mars affects the economy and it will definitely slow down. The sign of male aggression regressing through Mom’s sign makes us take note of MOM, the Earth, the Feminine nurturing, receptive principle. Cancer symbolizes the womb and we are all born of women from a womb and from everyone’s Mother, the Earth.
We will be feeling the pinch now because of the Martial aggressive, thoughtless, tactics the Patriarchy has applied in misusing all of Our Mother’s natural resources.

Retrograde planets always hold a karmic signature. There’s a lesson we haven’t learned yet and our collective noses need to be rubbed in it till we get it.. The Earth, Mother Nature is bigger than all of us and if you remember the line from a famous old commercial “It’s not nice to Fool around with Mother Nature.”
She may unleash some fury at this time in the form of aggressive Cancerian water-expect more floods, torrential rains, tsunamis, thunder storms, tornadoes and hurricanes.

Turning Retro in Cancer,sign of house,home Mom,roots, nurturing. This degree is Conjunct the Fixed Star Sirius, worshipped as Osiris by the Egyptians and very close to the U.S. Sun. Osiris was the dying and Resurrected God Archetype. Sirius’s rise timed the flooding of the Nile in Egypt.

Mars Retrograde concentrates the yang energy, possibly making it more defensive than usual especially when in Cancer where it feels smothered. This is definitely aggressive Homeland Security. And interesting as it the perfect symbol of all the Mortgage heartbreak and a dying housing market in the US. It also affects the hyper-inflated housing market in England and that affects the economies of the World. Take this time to Review issues with your home, security, mothering, nurturing, diet, your earliest childhood memories, your relationship with Mom. Good time for home renovations, or perhaps even a move.
This time may bring into effect new laws where default Mortgages can be renegotiated to protect homeowners from losing their houses.

The world will definitely be reviewing the U.S.’s status, we already see this in effect. The U.S. dollar will not be the Worlds standard anymore. The U.S. is already under serious affliction as its’ Natal Mars is moving Retrograde in its’ Progressed chart and will continue to do so for the next 70 years! The U.S. status as leading world nation is culminating.

On a personal level anyone with Natal Planets or points near 12 degrees of any Cardinal Sign, but especially Aries born March 31-April 4, Cancerians born July 2-July 5th, Libra born Oct 3-Oct 7, and Capricorns born Dec 31-Jan 3rd will be feeling Mars’s regressive pull the most.


Spectacular outbursting comet 17P/Holmes exploded in size and brightness on October 24. It continues to expand and is now the largest single object in the Solar system, being bigger than the Sun. The diameter of the tenuous dust atmosphere of the comet was measured at 1.4 million kilometers (0.9 million miles) on 2007 November 9 by Rachel Stevenson, Jan Kleyna and Pedro Lacerda of the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy.
They used observations from a wide-field camera on the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT), one of the few professional instruments still capable of capturing the whole comet in one image. Other astronomers involved in the UH program to study the comet include Bin Yang, Nuno Peixinho and David Jewitt. The present eruption of comet Holmes was first reported on October 24 and has continued at a steady 0.5 km/sec (1100 mph) ever since.
This amazing eruption of the comet is produced by dust ejected from a tiny solid nucleus made of ice and rock, only 3.6 km (roughly 2.2 miles) in diameter.
Over the next few weeks and months, the coma and tail are expected to expand even more while the comet will fade as the dust disperses. Comet Holmes showed a double outburst in November 1892 and January 1893. It is not known if the present activity in the comet will follow the pattern from 1892, but continued observations from Mauna Kea are planned to watch for a second outburst. Most comets show small fluctuations in brightness and some have distinct outbursts. The huge event on-going in comet Holmes is unprecedented, however.
The orbit period of comet Holmes is about 6 years, putting it in the class of Jupiter Family Comets whose orbits are strongly influenced by Jupiter. These objects are thought to have spent most of the last 4.5 billion years orbiting the Sun beyond Neptune, in a region known as the Kuiper Belt. Holmes probably was deflected into its present orbit within the last few thousand years and is losing mass as it evaporates in the heat of the Sun. In another few thousand years it is likely either to hit the Sun or a planet, be ejected from the Solar system, or simply die by running out of gas.Contacts Rachel Stevenson [rach@ifa.hawaii.edu David Jewitt [jewitt@ifa.hawaii.edu]


Ancient Hopi prophecy states, “When the Blue Star makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge”

A spectacular explosion caused comet 17P/Holmes to increase in size and brightness on October 24. The comet is now a half a million times brighter than before the eruption began. It continues to expand and is now the largest single object in the Solar system, being bigger than the Sun. The eruption continues at a steady 0.5 km/sec (1100 mph) rate. Holmes is still visible to the naked eye as a fuzzy star anytime after dark, high in the northeast sky. It is faintly visible from cities, and from dark country locations is truly remarkable.


Comets have always heralded major evnts, deaths of famous people, usually seen as fearfull messengers from the heavens, roaming through billions of miles of space,. This comet holmes expanding to be bigger than the Sun is a message whose importance cosmically we surely can’t miss. IT’S HUGE, IT’S BLUE, BLUE CARRIES THE COLOUR INDIGO, SUBLIMITY, WATER, THE HEART CHAKRA, SPACE, BLUE IS HAPPINESS, SADNESS,OUR EARTH IS BLUE FROM SPACE,


“The return of the Blue Star (also known as Nan ga sohu Katchina) will be the alarm clock that tells us of the new day and new way of life, a new world that is coming. This is where the changes will begin. They will start as fires that burn within us, and we will burn up with desires and conflict if we do not remember the original teachings, and return to the peaceful way of life.

“Not far behind the twins will come the Purifier the Red Katchina, who will bring the Day of Purification. On this day the Earth, her creatures and all life as we know it will change forever. There will be messengers that will precede this coming of the Purifier. They will leave messages to those on Earth who remember the old ways.

” The messages will be found written in the living stone, through the sacred grains, and even the waters. (these could be the crop circles which have been found even in ice) From the Purifier will issue forth a great Red Light. All things will change in their manner of being. Every living thing will be offered the opportunity to change from the largest to the smallest thing.”

What follows are two longer expositions of Hopi prophecy. Note that the events listed below were predicted many centuries ago and have been passed down. They were also all carved into Prophecy Rock at Hopi many, many years ago:

The Nine Signs of Hopi Prophecy
From White Feather, Bear Clan, Hopi Tribe

“These are the Signs that great destruction is here: The world shall rock to and fro. The white man will battle people in other lands — those who possessed the first light of wisdom. There will be many columns of smoke and fire such as the white man has made in the deserts not far from here. Those who stay and live in the places of the Hopi shall be safe. Then there will be much to rebuild. And soon, very soon afterward, Pahana will return. He shall bring with him the dawn of the Fifth World. He shall plant the seeds of his wisdom in our hearts. Even now the seeds are being planted. These shall smooth the way to the Emergence into the Fifth World.”
The Fourth World shall end soon, and the Fifth World will begin. This the elders everywhere know. The Signs over many years have been fulfilled, and so few are left.

First Sign: We were told of the coming of the white-skinned men, like Pahana, but not living like Pahana — men who took the land that was not theirs and who struck their enemies with thunder. (Guns)

Second Sign: Our lands will see the coming of spinning wheels filled with voices. (Covered wagons)

Third Sign: A strange beast like a buffalo but with great long horns, will overrun the land in large numbers. (Longhorn cattle)

Fourth Sign: The land will be crossed by snakes of iron. (Railroad tracks)

Fifth Sign: The land shall be cris-crossed by a giant spider’s web. (Power and telephone lines)

Sixth Sign: The land shall be cris-crossed with rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun. (Concrete roads and their mirage-producing effects.)
Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it. (Oil spills)

Eighth Sign: You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like our people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn our ways and wisdom. (Hippies)

Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash.THIS WAS THE SKYLAB SPACE STATION. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of the Hopi people will cease.

The following is an excerpt from LAST CRY Native American Prophecies & Tales of the End Times, by Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf 1994-2004:

“The story of the Blue Kachina is a very old story, very old. I have been aware of the story of the Blue Kachina since I was very young. Frank Waters also wrote about Saquasohuh, the Blue Star Kachina in The Book of the Hopi, The story came from Grandfather Dan, Oldest Hopi.

“It was told to me that first the Blue Kachina would start to be seen at the dances, and would make his appearance known to the children in the plaza during the night dance. This event would tell us that the end times are very near. Then the Blue Star Kachina would physically appear in our heavens which would mean that we were in the end times.

“In the Final days we will look up in our heavens and we will witness the return of the two brothers who helped create this world in the birthing time. Poganghoya is the guardian of our North Pole and his Brother Palongawhoya is the guardian of the South pole. In the final days the Blue Star Katchina will come to be with his nephews and they will return the Earth to its natural rotation which is counter clock wise.

“This fact is evidenced in many petraglyphs that speak of the Zodiac, and within the Mayan and Egyptian pyramids. The rotation of the Earth has been manipulated by not so benevolent Star beings. The twins will be seen in our North Western skies. They will come and visit to see who still remembered the original teachings flying in their Patuwvotas, or flying shields. They will bring many of their star family with them in the final days.
“The return of the Blue Star Katchina who is also known as Nan ga sohu will be the alarm clock that tells us of the new day and new way of life, a new world that is coming. This is where the changes will begin. They will start as fires that burn within us, and we will burn up with desires and conflict if we do not remember the original teachings, and return to the peaceful way of life.

” Not far behind the twins will come the Purifier The Red Katchina, who will bring the Day of Purification. On this day the Earth, her creatures and all life as we know it will change forever. There will be messengers that will precede this coming of the Purifier. They will leave messages to those on Earth who remember the old ways.













"If the reigning vice of the 1970s was pornography - the graphic depiction of sex acts - the reigning vice of today is plutography - the graphic depiction of the acts of the rich." - Tom Wolfe,A Pisces, Jupiter-Pluto in Cancer


At 14 degrees 46 minutes of Pisces Uranus now turns Direct.
Uranus now reveals surprising unexpected breakthroughs and revelations. Uranus went Retro June 23 at 18 degrees 42 minutes of Pisces. So until March 9, 2008 when Uranus gets to and passes those degrees again all those revolutionary brilliant insights need to be refined honed and made ready to break out.


This is another SUPER MOON. The term coined by Astrologer Richard Nolle nearly 30 years ago occurs during a New or Full Moon when the Moon is at or near 90% of its closest approach to the Earth, called perigree. It's an Xtreme New or Full Moon. It looks bigger because the Moon is closer to the Earth. These SUper Moons occur about as often as eclipses do four or five times a year. We've just had one on the last Full Moons, on Sept 26 @ 3 degrees Aries; one October 26 @ 2 degrees of Taurus and now this one too!
They tend to coincide with Earthquakes, hurricanes, big storms, and of course our own emotional tidal waves as we've gone through the Scorpio shadow work elimination phase.

The Sun entered Sagittarius Nov.22nd. Sagittarius is the sign of expanded consciousness, aiming higher in the heavens for the truth. Gemini where the Moon is now is open minded, comparing seemingly dual or opposing realities and seeking relationships between the two. A Gemini Super Full Moon like this one helps us expand our consciousness beyond the seeming limitations of any boundaries.
The Sun and Moon closely Square the Lunar Nodes at 2 degrees Pisces/Virgo indicating a fated or fateful release at this time. Uranus has just stationed direct allowing us to act on what we've been ruminating that we need to be free of. Gemini and Sagittarius are both freedom loving, give me lots of space signs. Uranus represents the lightning bolt from the Blue- that breakthrough consciousness where the Big Flash occurs and old paradigms breakdown in a flash-think of The Tower in the Tarot. We are definitely at such a juncture.
Within a few hours of the Full Moon Mercury, the "lower octave" of Uranus squares Neptune from 19 degrees Scorpio/Aquarius prodding us with a low frequency cosmic cattle prod to get it!


Venus is in LIBRA now, her home Relationship territory since Nov. 8th where she will remain till Dec 5th. She is at her best now, so romance should be getting a boost, although Mars is Rx. and there's Venus Balancing things out. VENUS IS Trining Neptune at this Full Moon, illuminating our hearts to cosmic love, unconditional love, peace,beauty and tranquility for all. Ask to visualize your Soul Mate at this Full Moon.Of course, the actual BELOVED is SPIRIT, WITHIN YOU>
Jupiter ruler of Sag. is now only 3 degrees away from Pluto and they're getting ready to do their big rhumba on the Galactic Center Dec 11.
MArs Retro at 11 degrees of Cancer is Quincunxing Chiron at 11 degrees of Aquarius the Wounded Healer at this Full Moon indicating the need to objectively in Air, Gemini and with Fire, spiritual insight in Sagittarius, revisit those old early childhood wounds that are now most easy to access due to Mars retrograde motion.
We may feel rubbed raw, vulnerable, uncomfortable, sad, despondent under the SUPER MOON's INTENSE LIGHT. Saturn is very close to the South Node in Virgo indicating these are old habitual karmic patterns. There's nowhere to hide under this intense illumination, we can't avoid the void anymore, anywhere we look.
Take your hurts and ancient wounds and let them be embraced in Venus and Neptune's Trine. Uranus is ready to help us release the old order. The North Node is the way to go at 2 degree of Pisces, Jupiter is Pisces ancient ruler. USE THIS SUPER MOON's ENERGY to UPLIFT YOURSELF!

MARS RETROGRADE ALERT! please go to the MARS page-

ALERT! MARS will go Retrograde Nov. 15 @ 3:40:55 EST/8:40:55 GMT


Nov. 12 2007 "THE REALLY BIG SHEW" as Ed Sullivan would say
CONJUNCTION! JUPITER PLUTO AND LA LUNA all bouncing up and down at the center of the great mattress of the Milky Way in the cross hairs of the Galactic Center!

Continuing upon the Great Galactic Theme since Oct 28th when PLUTO Conjuncted the Galactic Center for the last time in 248 years or so.. the next unfoldment is this Big one today amped up by Jupiter and the Moon exactly G.C. central.

This is your next chance to get in there and get in big.
I'd bet everything on this one.

BE aware of major new discoveries in religions, philosophy, teaching, language, travel, sports, animals, the law all- things Sagittarian.
Down side, Jupiter expands and makes reckless Religious fundamentalists, much ballyhoo about what laws are fair or not to what religious group, makes people reckless and short on forethought, expands gambling into outer space, is like a huge emotional {the Moon} OPTIMIZER.

Remember Pluto is the riches and jewels of the Unconscious, the shadow, the dark,what we project onto and blame others or ourselves for. Pluto is your Soul and mine and the Collective Unconscious,the World Soul.

Jupiter represents the Planet of Sacred Law and the Master Wisdom Teachers {Buddha, Jesus, Maat, etc.} who judge and keep the balance of what is kosher or not in Universal Law.
SO today is a big Reckoning.

I'd plead guilty and own your sins, your wastefulness, your arrogance,your "just didn't think about it"-ness, your hypocriticalness. It's always "them" not us, right?
In other words own it- your own shadow and own it BIG TIME.JUSTICE IS AT HAND!

The Galactic Center is a big womb/tomb. Everything dropped in there consciously gets recycled {Pluto}.The Sun is in Scorpio along with Mercury aiding the transformation cycle.

SO aim those Arrows of Truth and Justice Higher.

In Native American Teachings there are "dark arrows" and Light arrows." The arrows symbolize thoughts, consciousness, intentions, aspirations.
The Dark arrows are all the self-castigations, negativity, doubts, fear, the ego blah blah blahing away.
The Light Arrows are positive uplifting, inspired, thoughts and consciousness.
So you know what the Glyph of Sagittarius looks like don't you? One picture says it all.


old writings-peruse at your pleasure



The original James Bond

2007 The Year We're Under the Gun

First of all when I thought about 2007 I saw 007, James Bond's  Secret Agent Number. Hollywood plays a big part in creating new mythologies and Archetypes, and 007 is a big one and has been around in mainstream consciousness for over 40 years now.
What do you associate with when you think of JAmes Bond?

The other overall intersting thing is that Jupiter enters Sagittarius, at the end of Nov. 2006 and spends most of his time in the sign where he is most powerfull his ruling sign for most of 2007.
Sagittarius is a sign associated with the military, "gun runners and mercinary" are suggested jobs for Sagittarians. Pluto demoted or not,
will be transitting over the Galctic Centre, the Great Maw of our Solar System.
So guns the military, war, machismo, martinis, fast cars, beautiful sexy women, dangerous stunts, exotic gizmos and paraphernallia, spy stuff,
rockets going off, secret missions, etc. etc. come to my mind immediately.
2007 toally the number 9. We'll be in a Universal #9 year...number 9, number9, number 9, remember that hypnotic Beatles song?
A hooded ancient looking male figure is shown holding up a lamp, the Light of the Spirit. His sign is linked with Virgo, the 6th sign of the Zodiac, Earth sign of work and service, health, focus, perfection, organizaton and analysis.  The number 9 is the Final number of the sequence, symbolizing completion of a cycle, an ending making way for a new beginning and rebirth.  2007 will be a year of completion, a year devoted to serving the earth, the Goddess, what we have harvested up until now, Virgo is the Goddess of the HArvest.


2007 World Predictions


Dec. 29, '06 Posted. I tuned into my channels at the Galactic Centre and here's what they told me!


A Muslim Terrorist group will assassinate the Pope. upping the ante.


Prince William will get engaged in preparation to become the next King of England.


Major weather troubles, Tsunamis Oct. in Indonesia again, more rain storms on all of West coast, blistering heat in summer in North America, forest fires out of control. Flooding on Northern Coast of Europe.


Major satellite and computer black outs from solar flares, the biggest CME’s ever recorded will shut down banks, computers’ world wide, causing chaos for all major companies, the Pentagon, CNN etc. Hackers should be on the ready to block in the real news. My advice: keep some cash stashed under the mattress.


Floods in the Mississippi, Florida gets hit with flooding a few miles inland.


Volcanic explosions in Central America.


The U.S. dollar nosedives.  The Government is Bankrupt. Wal Mart buys up a lot of the U.S. debt. The banks keep it up, but their investors will scream-where’s the profits?


More deaths by vegetables in North America, e-coli, mad chickens, beef etc. Buy local. Don’t put veggies in plastic bags. Remember the movie Sleeper? Woody Allen's '70's comedy where he thawed out after being put into suspended anime? I remeber that in the future vegetables were bad for you and cigarettes and donuts good. Visionary...


Pres. Blair will  be forced to resign.


Bush invades Iran to get the oil, major impeachment cries light up. His name Bush,will ==shame. People in the streets, protests like never seen before, the people get it, democracy has become a farce and a disgrace in the U.S. Troops gas and club protestors, truckers stage strikes, which create food shortages, more people join to back them, the whole U.S. is in a stalemate. Remember that jails are a private sector business, sold on the Stock Exchange. The Investors need more prisoners, to make more profits. They’ve got secret prisons disguised as warehouses all over the U.S. where they haul thousands off to.


Elections in Canada in Feb. –March as Quebec votes no confidence with Mr. Harpoon, Stephane Dion and the Liberal Party win the election which turns Canada around, brings all the troops home immediately, initiates fervent Green policy, gives Dr. David Suzuki actual power to create policy, overturns all of Mr. Harper’s shenanigan laws, and returns Canada to it’s former sanity as a peacekeeping, social medicine providing country. P.M. Dion steps on a lot of toes, like closing down companies which produce arms for U.S. Wars. He is a man of great integrity. Canada then becomes one of the top 10 countries to visit again.


New tech breakthroughs in science, medicine, and space.


Protests worldwide as citizens take to the streets demanding a turnaround in the government’s mis-use of all citizens, France, England and Spain come to virtual haults. Ignited by Captain Jack Sparrow’s style, mental wit and philosophy, the people refuse to parlay.


America annexes Cuba as a 51st state as Castro dies and the U.S. takes over. Cigars everyone? And inspired by Captain Jack Sparrow, rum and Coke becomes the National drink. A statue in honour of Mejor Amigo Desi Arnaz is erected as Fidel's is ousted. Much dancing in the streets and America becomes a multi-lingual country as Spanish becomes it's official 2nd language.


Paul McCartney suffers a mild heart attack from the strain of his divorce.


As if a planned obsolence timer kicks in, headlines are made as 1st. Pam Anderson’s boobs deflate, then Britney Spears, Jane Fondas’ etc. etc. etc. The “Natural Look” is in as the babes rush to their plastic surgeons to remove the glop and re-stuff their boobs with algae,wheat grass, seaweed and buckwheat. Green is good!



The Queen gets ready to retire but Prince William won’t be crowned till 2008.


Terrorists attack L.A. setting bombs off in the streets. The Fallen Angelites stay locked indoors glued to their plasma screens.


A major cruise ship breaks up mysteriously and sinks killing about 2,000 people in mid-Atlantic.


Revolutions in South America, inspired by Chavez. The people ain’t gonna take it anymore.


The ruins of an Ancient civilization surfaces in the wake of the melting ice cap at the North Pole, revealing evidence of a very high tech advanced civilization, showing rockets, landing strips, equipment no one can figure out, and a huge circular dial pointing to far distant galaxies, throwing all the history books into the dumpsters. Better start re-thinking the nature of our civilization, Forget Darwin and Creationism, this is Star Seed stuff. We come from the stars! The Babylonians, the Dogon people in Mali, the Peruvians, the Egyptians all had it straight. The Gods did come from the skies in flaming chariots; Maybe Eric Van Dannegan wasn’t such a hack after all! And give Mr. Sitchin his due as well.


The Trans America highway keeps mysteriously breaking up as it is being built, causing major delays, and costing millions more, but whose counting?


Angelina and Brad add another of their own creation to the brood.


Meteorite showers rain down in Northern Europe Scandinavia and Northern Canada, putting big holes in roofs everywhere. The market for meteorites immediately drops as everyone has one. Are they pieces of a mysterious cosmic anagram?


A musical message is picked up by Nasa Deep Space microphones from the far reaches of space. Close encounters anyone?


People begin to morph in and out of reality. Actual tears, not tears, but as in rents, not rents, break-ups, like the digital ones we now all view on TV, the WWW. appear. These are actual openings into parallel dimensions, the not yet explained becomes prime time Number 1 topic of conversation. 


A major eco confrontation between China and the rest of the world as it continues to grow at alarming rates using up energy at colossal amounts, and doesn’t give a crap about how it befouls the rest of the earth’s atmosphere,not to mention human rights. Relying on its ancient sense of honor, the rest of the world gives it a big slap in the face. They don’t care until everyone stops buying cheap stuff at Wal Mart, Toys R Us, and dollar stores.


McDonald’s is forced to close temporarily to regroup and recover its reputation as it’s healthy Happy Meals make lots of people’s digestive tracts go haywire as a huge health scare sends millions to hospitals. The Red Cross is called in, and where the hell is the National Guard when you need ‘em.


Children all over the world sign a collective petition distributing it worldwide on the net and through Blogs demanding that their futures be respected. Many Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow children, whatever the latest phase is, meditate together to alter the brain waves of their parents, teachers, religious leaders, politicians, and world leaders. They also communicate with whales, dolphins and their pet dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes, snails, lizards, goldfish, guinea pigs, rats, etc. telepathically. The children stage a hunger strike which scares the daylights outta their parents who, dedicated as they are to their young ones, get up off their assets and put their hearts where their wallets usually are.


Iceland and Greenland become big tourist destinations.


Tom Cruises’ next big projects flop, so Tom Terrifically Terrifying is playing Vegas with Celine Dion, imitating Elvis and moonlighting doing stunts with Cirque du Soleil for a little extra cash.


Mel Gibson crawls back to Aussie land to lick his wounds, and everyone says Good Riddance.


What’s hot? Recycled everything; SUV burial grounds-the SUV’s when re-assembled and soddered together become homes for the homeless; solar powered everything- battery companies, even the Bunny come to a pretty abrupt halt; wheat grass juice;community involvement; cancer patients refusing chemotherapy en masse; huge viz-ins-large groups of people visualizing the positive, the kind, the loving, the peacefull, to change the world; the overturning of all old religious doctrines;chaos; simplifying your lifestyle voluntarily- Consumers Anonymous Groups-every week people joyfully admit what their consumption addictions have been and what they’ve given up, and are amazed to know how much lighter, stronger, better and more relaxed they are by having less not more. Their slogan, just like Pluto’s –“Less is More.”
I had a dream, I was at a huge funeral, the name was Kennedy. I predict Senator Edward Kennedy, the last of the original Kennedy brothers will pass away this year.

Jupiter in Sagittarius -THINK BIG!
JUPITER is KING of the Gods, Zeus, hurling thunderbolts, Yaweh. Will the Wrath of G-d be upon us?
Some Bible decoders think so.  The Messianically  yearning are predicting WW111 and you know who returning. 
Jupiter expands exagerrates, accentuates everything Jupiter influenced.
guns, James Bond, sports, animal lovers, horses, dare-devils, gambling, speedy car racers, humorists, religious zealots, soap box preachers, gypsies, theologians, lawyers, mercenaries, gun runners, comedians, judges, politics, philosophers, metaphysics, higher education, travel, exotica,
mountains, cowboys, good ole' boys, fire, mutability, religion and religious leaders, terrorists, lightning, the colour purple...
JUPITER IN SAG. a FIRE sign, Saturn in Leo a FIRE sign till Sept. 07. It will be hot.  Much drought. Forrest fires.  The earth's temperatures will be well above any "normal."
Jupiter/Sagittarius is 9th house issues, the law. Jupiter esoterically is the planet of the Master Teachers, that is Buddhas, Bodhisatvas, Enlightened Beings,keepers of Sacred Law. Sacred Law is the spiritual higher laws of the Universe as opposed to man made laws. Sagittarius is the sign of pursuit of the truth, higher education. Sagittarius is concerned with metaphysics, philosophy, belief systems, inspiration.
The symbol of Sagittarius the centaur, a human upper body with the lower of a horse, symbolizes the conquest of the lower animal instinctual body by the higher consciousness that humans possess.  Therefore this is a more positively influenced year.
Sagittarians are far sighted, aiming for the heavens, the archer's arrow aims towards the Constellation of Sagittarius, and the Centre of our Milky Way Galaxy, the Galactic Centre, currently at 27 degrees of Sagittarius in the Tropical Zodiac,
3 degrees Sag. in the Sidereal, Astronomical reckoning.
The recently demoted Pluto, now considered a dwarf planet is
on Dec. 18, 2006 at the Galactic Centre, a humongous Black Hole, and the Sun and Pluto conjoin there on that day.
This is the first peek by the Sun into that great black hole, with Pluto, Lord and Guide of the Underworld. Pluto  represents the Soul, the Collective Unconscious. So this is a marriage of Light and Dark, dancing at the vortex of the Great Maw, the fabled birthplace of this Galaxy.

Jupiter’s Fortunes for Each Sign

Of course we Sagittarians get the biggest benefits this year from Jupiter. But watch the gambling.
Fire sign, Aries & Leo receive very good benefits from Jupiter in the aspect called a trine, an extra tasty very easy aspect this year. Too much of a good thing can be too much of a good thing. Watch your waistlines Aries and Leo.
Libra and Aquarius both Air signs get sextiled, also an easy aspect. Gemini, the other Air sign gets the opposition from Jupiter-this requires a holding of the balance.
Pisces and Virgo get squared by Jupiter-this puts the pressure on to expand.
Taurus and Cancer get something called a quincunx-kind of like it sounds-Jupiter’s fire doesn’t mix well with Earthy Taurus and Watery Cancer.
And Scorpios and Capricorns don’t receive any direct aspects from Jupiter at all! But don’t gnash those teeth Scorpios or butt your head against the corporate walls folks. I’ll do a sign by sign forecast based on your Sun sign’s position.

If you know your Ascendant or rising sign read that too.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius in Red for Fire Signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn in Green for Earth Signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius in Grey for Air Signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces in Blue for Water Signs

In Aries/Aries Rising

After Nov. 24 when Jupiter enters Sagittarius, slow down and wait to act until the 30th if you can. Jupiter's gonna make you sizzle with energy. Jupiter in your Natal 9th house is a beneficial year in the higher education department. Go back to school, study a foreign language or just add some new skills. You may have to hit the road. Spiritual development, new philosophies, inspiration abounds. Legal matters may be in the mix too over the next year. You should be feeling happier, freer, footloose, and nature bound. Get a pet, do more sports and pursue your own pioneering truth, venture into new unexplored territories-in business and your self. Philanthropic enterprises beckon too. Inspire others with your take-charge attitude. You will be prone to take more than your usual amount of risks, and want to do extreme sports -so always check your tie ons before you leap. You'll have more energy than you know what to do with, and may need help sleeping or staying put. Don't blow all your money at the slots right away. If it seems too good to be true, please read all the fine print before you buy, sell, move, eat it or butt your head into it.

Taurus/Taurus Ascendant

Jupiter will be traversing your Solar 8th house of other people's money, mysticism, sex, joint finances, wills and inheritances, transformation, and your deepest feelings about death. Jupiter's fires will instruct you Taurus's to get off the couch and put down those roses your smelling. It's a good time to find favour with money- one of your favourite subjects- from others-the best! Good timing for business partnerships, time to marry that soul mate who is an exotic foreigner, go on a spiritual retreat, look deep into your earthy pragmatic stubborn soul. Put your legal matters and will in order. Sex will be transcendent and sensual. Whatever you learned last year while Jupiter was travelling thru your 7th house goes a stage higher now. Jupiter will be like a big cattle prod zapping your bull butt to-change. You won't like it much but could really benefit from expanding your attitudes and getting you liberated from the ruts you're in. You may have a mystical realization about just how primary the Bull images is throughout history-not just sports. Shall I say here that Jupiter expands the bull market? Jupiter tends to pack on the pounds too-so watch it.

Gemini/Gemini Rising

O.K. Geminis I know Pluto's been shoving all your shadows in your faces since 1995, and some of you still have the greatest blasts from Pluto to come-he's saved the best for last for most of you born June 17th, 18th, 19, 20 and some 21st even. Vis a vis-Paul McCartney. O.K. So Jupiter over the next year is going to be handing you a big torch so you can clearly see the opposite side of your twin nature clearer. This is very good-but you may not like what you see of course.

Jupiter will be travelling through your 7th house of relationships, that is committed relationships Gem's
-something you usually resist in that unique ambiguous way you have. I think this is a great thing for you Gemini's.
Are you listening Eli? Expect a very serious-that's the one- kind of soul mate thing to happen this year. I predict a lot of you will be signed, sealed and delivered by next year this time. The 7th house is the house where you-meet others-so lots of socializing, talking, parties, & events. You may be taking up sports, or playing better this year in any sport. Working out in the gym should be easier and more sociable- but don't dress like a jock at work. Travels, excitement, religion may interest you more, joining social learning clubs and the like, or studying a foreign language all focus now. A great year for Gemini lawyers and judges. Jupiter expands your business, and makes it more International. Generally Jupiter's influence will amp up your abundant charm to "whoah!" wherever you go, so good for communicating even better, faster, gathering more information and putting it all together with new philosophical insights and with more pizzazz. You'll get good P.R. this year.

Cancer/Cancer Rising

Jupiter is going to focus in the 6th house of your work this year, your daily routine and health. Jupiter can bring many opportunities to change jobs if you're not happy or get a big promo and a pay raise if you're dedicated to what you do-what Cancerian isn't? Jupiter may bring travel into your work or dealing with an International clientele.

Any existing health problems may be exaggerated with Jupiter's influence, but Jup.s influence is usually beneficial. Good time to start working out, Jupiter loves sports, physical activity, yoga, tai chi or martial arts would all be great. You'll want to adopt a pet this year or add another. Jupiter inspires you to teach, instruct, and inspire others in the workplace, offering nurturing words to fellow workers, and people in your community. Of course you'll be baking and cooking up a storm. Jupiter expands your nurturing nature to help serve others-you may be spurred to do charity work, help out at the food bank or set up your own food related benefits to those less fortunate than yourself. Or become a foster parent. You could set up a work related charity to help get honest information our about food quality or work for non-profit housing. The environment will be big on your mind and you may choose to adopt an organic diet this year. You will be inclined to be emotional in a more fiery way under Jupiter's influence-fire and water makes you boil-so apply that emotionally inspired steam heat into helping work related causes-righting the injustices, speaking out over any infringements on your and of course others freedoms. Cancer is a Cardinal sign and Cardinal signs induce matters. Cancer's don't necessarily want freedom, they want more security, and since Cancer {the 4th house} usually rules Real Estate you may acquire more property-a nice little cottage by a lovely lake would be ideal, you can swim to your hearts content. O.K. at least a Jacuzzi or a hot tub for you to soak away all your emotional stresses in.

Leo/Leo Ascendant

O.K. you drama kings and Queens, Saturn's been giving you a hard time since 2005, and will continue to do so until Sept. & so tighten your belts, grow up, get really regal. Jupiter travelling through your 5th house will be trining, is a good one -stoking your fiery hearts with the lure of adventure, being really grand, having a really big shew, philandering more, opening your generous hearts more, making your big kid at heart nature more of a big klutzy adventurous kid, and again watch out for those slot machines, and oh yes gaining a few extra pounds. A great time for love affairs, and getting pregnant, or adopting a few orphans a la Madonna, Angelina etc. etc. Jupiter should expand your already expansive hearts and launch you into exotic travels, hot love affairs with exotic foreigners, so start brushing up on your Espanol, Hindi or whatever strikes your fancy. Also good for higher learning, philosophizing, getting that old time religion, extreme sports, gambling, giving more love, children, golfing, legal matters, did I mention gambling? Jupiter will also raise the stakes on your ability to be a leader, with Saturn making you serious this is a great time to seriously take the plunge and go for the top at your job. Show &'em what your really made of, and that you've got a heart of gold. It's a & "Pretty Woman"; kind of year for all of you.

Leo, Royal Drama

Saturn, the Karmic Planet will enter Leo the Sign of Royalty, the Heart, the children, creative self-expression and Love Affairs on July 16 2005
What does this mean for you? Especially those dramatic Leos, and corporate Capricorns?

Saturn in Leo July 16 05- Sept 07

On Saturday, Saturn's Day, note the synchronicity here, July 16th, 05 Saturn enters a new sign, for the next 2+ years.
Saturn leaves nurturing, emotional, home loving, Mom and apple pie, {you get my drift} defensive Crabby Cancer and turns our 3D reality seriously to the fiery, dramatic, heart centered, childlike, creative, Royal, fixed sign of Leo, the proud Lion.  It's also the latest Harry Potter book launch The Half-Blood Prince. Seems to all fit together.
Known as Chronos, from which we derive the word for Time, Saturn, the Cosmic Cop, ruler of Karma, builder of corporations, ruler of maturity, ageing, seriousness, manifestation, and the Patriarchy is a very important Planet, for it represents the way you see and experience the universe- REALITY- 3D, the physical world- as you have structured it. Talk about Reality Shows! All the world's a stage, and all the players actors.
Saturn entering a new sign indicates a change in our Reality, in hard core, just the facts m'am terms. Saturn in Leo will put emphasis on getting down to the serious and responsible work at hand of rebuilding what our true hearts desire is -not our ego desires- for the Earth, for the children, for seniors, for leaders who work from the heart, with good will. Leo is the sign of Royalty, of leadership, drama, the 5th chakra of the Heart, it loves to give lavishly to those it loves, Leo's love to be centre stage, they are clowns, big kids, have big hearts and strong wills. The down side of Leo is egotism and me first. The Me Generation, the Pluto in Leo gang, some who are already collecting pensions but who haven't grown up yet, will have to "come to the office" as they used to announce over the loudspeakers in High School.  Saturn will reel in those who only think of themselves, at the expense of others. Saturn helps us to have discipline,self-respect, faith in one's destiny, and the ability to be alone.
But Saturn shouldn't be thought of as all bad. After all, Time is relative. There are no judgments. Saturn merely represents the Karmic Universal Law of Cause and Effect. "As you sow, so shall you reap." So we will be physically confronted with the effects of thinking only of ME,and the inability to plan where our fuel supplies will be coming from in the next few years. Saturn helps us to get disciplined, serious, mature, take responsibility.
Hey, we all need to take more responsibility for what we have created personally and also collectively. Goya's  famous painting of Saturn eating his children comes to mind. In Vedic Astrology Saturn is the Great Malefic, feared and honoured.  A friend of mine used to say that "Saturn/Time always wins out." Leaders will be severely taken to task, the Church will also lose a lot more brownie points and I predict the Queen will retire and let Prince Harry-not Potter, take over.  We will all be "searchin' for a Heart of Gold"
*Saturn is also opposite the wounded healer Chiron as it enters Leo. This is a karmic healing time. Let your wounds open through the power of an open and loving heart, leading to a new awakened consciousness.
Previous Saturn in Leo transits this Century: Post Vietnam War, Sept. 75-Nov. 77; Post WW2, Aug, 46-Sept. 48; During and end of WW1, June 1917- Aug. 1919. Hopefully Saturn will help stop the Wars this time around.
Saturn is associated with the Tarot Card of the Universe/The World # 21, the last stage of the journey. The card pictures a naked woman/Goddess dancing in space, free, because she has taken responsibility for creating her life according to her will, she has learned how to harness Saturn's energies. Saturn in the Kabbalah is linked with Binah, the 3rd Sephira, in the Trinity of the Archetypal Realm. Saturn is the Supernal Mother, the One of Understanding who gives us physical form, who births all. Thus Saturn is the Goddess and restricts Spirit as it manifests into form and time. A Native American pipe invocation states that: Everything is born of the Feminine. Let's see Saturn as the Feminine Divinity from which we are all born, and understand our common ground of being.
Saturn in Leo... Think of the story of the Lion King.
The old King Muffasa is dastardly deposed by the evil brother Scar. The innocent young heir to the throne Simba is blamed and scapegoated as the culprit. He runs away in shame, irresponsibly and goes on the Hakuna mattatta trail for awhile-Don't worry be happy, live in the moment. His old girlfriend shows up and recognizes him and tells him the Kingdom is a wasteland, jackals rule the land, nothing grows, he is urged by her to grow up, become responsible and take over his rightful place as heir. He meditates and sees his father, who tells him that he lives through him. The young lion king, decides he has to face his fate, and goes home. He cannot stoop to murder his uncle but the evil Scar is killed inadvertently. The young but now mature Lion King takes his rightful place in the circle of Life, with his partner and a new child born to carry on. Peace and harmony and growth is restored, as karmic justice is restored. Can you feel the love tonight?
Leo, the Heart, 5th Chakra, Awareness and Opening  
I was meditating the other night. A real 3D big black wolf I was fortunate enough to have cross my path last year in Aug. outside of a little town called Kaslo in central B.C. in broad daylight and look me and my family straight in the eyes, has begun to come to me and speak to me. The Wolf is the Teacher in Native American Indian stories and myths. To me, he is The Wolf King, which was the title of a book I read over and over again as a child. I wished and dreamed about seeing and being a wolf like the black wolf in that story. And lo and behold,it came to pass, as many of my earliest yearnings and wishes have done. The Wolf King told me that "Everything you've ever wanted in your deepest heart of hearts comes to you." To Native Americans and to Buddhists your heart is your mind, you think with your heart. Not with your head, they know that your head, your ego is just an organizational tool.
The Black Wolf also told me;
"The time will come soon when ALL you will hear is the Heartbeat, your own heartbeat, that of all  other beings hearts beating as One, in unison with the pounding of the heart of the Universe. Listen to your heart. Remember,it is the first sound you ever heard as you entered your Mother's womb, her heartbeat was the rhythmic lullaby of life becoming for you, it rocked you in bliss until you were born."
So HEART Medicine is what Saturn in Leo is recommending to cure the ills of those painful egos. Having accepted the gift of the Black Wolf into my life at this time, through the teachings of the great Black Wolf, I become a teacher. Take the Black Wolf's words into your heart..
Saturn transiting through Leo affects Leo's-those grand actors, leaders,clowns and royal ones-sometimes difficult to tell apart} primarily. But the other Fixed Sun Signs-{like Leo} you know, the ones that don't want to budge an inch, like Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus  will be in for the Square from Saturn-a 90 degree hard angle, kind of a square punch on the chin effect,  at some point for the duration. All the other Fire Signs, Sag's, and Aries  will have an easier time of it, because Saturn will be in a good will Trine aspect { 120 degrees} to them. Aquarians' will experience the Opposition effect-like being pulled in two directions at once-uh...should I blow it up or should I build it over with integrity with the group?
Saturn in Leo indicates tough times economically, potentially in the entertainment business. Leaders with heart and integrity will come to the fore, like Robert Kennedy Junior. We will have to build from the heart. We will have to stand up for the children, for their true needs for love, attention, creativity, drama, theatre, playfulness and abandon the Rap culture, consumer culture, false ego culture of domination, of needing to be on top and powerful. Only the weak needs of the ego, require that false presentation of power over, needing to feel special, by putting others' down. Potentially a lot of people are going to leave the planet because their hearts have been ignored for too long. Saturn in Leo teaches us how to seriously have fun, by engaging in storytelling, heart to heart communication, drama, theatre, the arts. We need to know what it feels like to be young again.
Astrologically speaking Saturn is not strong in Leo,is considered to be in "detriment."which means he is opposite the sign he traditionally rules of Aquarius. Saturn's power is stifled, like trying to run in high heel shoes.
The house that Saturn will be transiting for the next 2+ years indicates the part of your life that is being examined and tested and represents areas of the greatest tension in your life, to which you must direct close attention.  Without further ado I present my Sun sign Forecast for Saturn's Karmic Korrections 4 U  with musical accompanyment by...
To find out in more depth how Saturn will seriously affect you personally, + aspects it makes to your Natal planets, please enquire about booking an Astrology session or report.

Colour codes: red=fire  green=earth 

grey=air   blue=water



Saturn will be in your 5th house, which is the house of love affairs, children, creativity, self-expression, will power.  Not likely to be so amusing. Time to get serious about love and learning. "I want to know what love is" -uh, was that by uh, Boston? My memory fails me at this point. More responsibilities and discipline is required. Can either be a karmic time to have a child or conversely a barren time, as Leo is not a good sign to get pregnant in, thus fertility difficulties. Children can be a serious burden to you during this time passage. So, why not get serious about those acting lessons? Start a little theatre troupe with kids? Affairs with persons older than yourself. Do not gamble, speculate or take financial risks. Settle on just one goal for the next 2+ years.. is that possible Aries?



Saturn in your 4th House is an extremely important time. The 4th house is the foundation for what you will see results from in 14 years time. This is a time for new beginnings. You will be paying-literally- attention to your Home, your roots, family, possibly your Dad. This is an inward turning time, a good time for psychotherapy. Time to buy a house, or other real estate, plant some roots. Saturn helps you discipline yourself with a good diet regime. . Mom or Dad may move into your house or become a big responsability. A time of endings and new beginnings. "Our house is a very very very fine house, with 2 cats in the yard" Crosby Stills and Nash.



Oh you frivolous frolicking mind bending Gemini's, Saturn in the 3rd house, also Gemini's home, will put the breaks on your over the speed limit racing brain of yours. I can hear the sound of the elapsing whirlwind now, Ahhh, and a good thing too. The restructuring of your mind will get you grounded, get focused, get serious about communication, and your immediate environment.  You should be concerned with what is right in front of your nose. You are learning how your inner world relates to the outside world.  Pluto's been putting you through some extreme changes, and now Saturn drives it home in reality. Maybe Peter pan grows up a little at this time.."Break on through to the other side." by the Doors



Saturn in your 2nd house of finances, resources, tools, values, what you own is NOT A GOOD THING. I sincerely hope you haven't bought into deep debt, because trouble looms. Definitely a serious turn about if you think you can keep piling up those luxury items and put off paying for all that  indefinitely. If material wealth is keeping you from discovering your true values, then you are likely to experience financial losses. Problems on the job, with authority figures. You may get downsized, paid less or just have to work way more just to keep your foot in the door. Be economical, do with less, recycle, you don't really need 3/4 of the things you own, you've been brainwashed into thinking  you do by the media. Downsize your life. "Money" by Pink Floyd or "Money Makes the World Go Around" from Cabaret.


And for that Big Cancerian country called the U.S.of A. "There's Trouble, my friends, right here I say trouble right here in River City.. with a Capital T, that rhymes with P, and that stands for.. Pay the Piper." - sings Robert Preston inThe Music Man by Meredith Wilson. Dirty Pool? " Instant Karma's gonna get ya." Remember John Lennon is in Heaven now and knows some important people. Your economy is sinking like a famous ship. Canada, your close Cancerian neighbor, who may be playing tighter financially, may be strongly affected, but will thwim.



For you Leo's Saturn in your first house of Identity is like that Bruce Springsteen song - Brilliant Disguise -"Better look hard and look twice, Is it me baby? Or just a brilliant disguise?" time to seriously sort out what is the glamour and what is the truth in your heart.  This is a new beginning in internal growth. Many more responsibilities here than you would like. You are completing a 14 year period in which your attention was primarily focused on others.  Saturn will dull your usual pride and roar ability here.  Now you restructure yourself. You will be less the life of the party, dancing Queen and Fool on the Hill than your friends think of you. Good time for introspection and therapy. This 2+period will put you behind the scenes not on centre stage, so get busy clearing out the old scenery and the props already. Watch out for  heart problems, visit the doc. P.S. Aspiring actors, starlets and rock/rap stars- don't quit your moonlighting jobs-yet. Alt song  "I did it my way." -written by Paul Anka, sung by old Blue Eyes.



Saturn is in your 12th house of endings, karma, institutions, dreams, mysticism, self-undoing, secrets, illusions and delusions. People who have been dishonest will get caught and sent up the river. Make sure you haven't gossiped, stolen anything or been unscrupulous in anyway. This can be depressing, the antidote is to find solace in Spirit-not alcohol-but the Real Thing and not Coke either or other drugs. This is an ending time, a completion on many levels. Don't expect any outward successes at this time.  Learn from what hasn't been working for you in your life up until now. You will feel the solitude.  But if you work this right you have a good time to seriously, patiently and with great skill and analysis build to where you want to be when Saturn enters Virgo.  Cut your e the advice given to Lot's wife-don't look back. Time of rebirth. Singing "I will survive" by Gloria Gaynor a million times is your mantra. 



Saturn in your 11th house of wishes, hopes and dreams, working with groups and humanitarian causes. You can campaign, create and balance the acts of those ventures you wish to contribute to. A lot of volunteering and charity work here. Finding the right cause to put your heart into. "Wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'" sings Dusty Springfield.  If you've been uncomfortable with groups before, you will find this will change. Have you been working effectively to get those wishes coming true? If not you will be disappointed, but can now get the discipline and focus required to do so. Generally this is a good time, continuing on your Saturn transit of your 10th house. Time for serious relationships and business partnerships. Get a mentor, someone who is mature.



Saturn is at the tippy top of your chart in the big # 10 house of career, true purpose and where you shine in the world. Saturn naturally rules the 10th house, {Capricorn} so this is the Big harvest.  Saturn can bring real prominence in your career if you've prepared well. You will function with the most complete sense of who and what you are in all areas.  You have the greatest opportunity to make an impression upon the world. But it can also be a fall from a high place. Negative energies unleashed in the past will have consequences now. Your tendency to brood, obsess, keep secrets and manipulate for power and control  may cause your heart serious s now. Also can link to reproductive and sexual health problems. This might make you think more seriously before hopping into bed with everyone.  "Fame, Fame, Fame, Fame. what's you name? " David Bowie { a Capricorn}



Saturn in your 9th helps you to approach a life peak, when all your ambitions and efforts should bear their greatest fruits. Your gearing up for the next 2+ years for Saturn to pass into your 10th. Time to be the teacher, the inspirer, the prophet, the mystic. Can mean getting that M.A. or Doctorate degree. Karmic adventures and travels await you and of course you can't wait to hit the road. Saturn balances your jovial Jupiterian nature with practicality, so concentrate on playing more skillfully. Be careful of any judgments you've put out in the past. Life becomes stabilized. If you don't know who you are now, you will probably have to wait until the next cycle to find out-7 -9 years from now. Your ultimate effectiveness as a human being is being tested.  "Happy trails to you" sings Roy Rodgers and Dale Evans not to mention Trigger. If you do hit the road. Hope I'll be seeing you there.



Saturn rules your sign and as such you are already familiar with the hard work, patience and persistence it takes to get the job done. Saturn in the 8th house of your finances and possession house transforms you. Possibly through death of family members. Inheritances, taxes and such will be your focus. A time of facing your own mortality. Tax problems if you've been cheating on those books. Saturn will bring to court more corporations, governments, leaders and businesses that have been philandering. This is the house of the true marriage partner, so some karmic relationships may get cemented. The 8th house is also connected to mysticism, so a serious study of metaphysics is likely, or a turn to organized religion.  "You saw me crying in the chapel.."  sings Elvis.  Clarify your values. Abuse problems? Join A. A., S.A., G.A.,  Just Give it up to God.



Saturn in your 7th house of relationships, and business partnerships is culminating a 14 year process. Relationships of all kinds will be tested. Marriage breakups occur during this transit, even a good marriage will have to confront its flaws. More demands from co-workers. You will have to walk your talk. You are proceeding into an outward turning phase. Recognition begins if you have planned properly. A more sobering time for you individualistic and anarchistic Aquarians. Perhaps you can begin to blend in a bit. Saturn will help you to work with the status quo instead of just wanting to blow things up. If unmarried, romances become serious. Saturn is above the horizon. This is your personal dawning of "The Age of Aquarius" and sing "Say you want a revolution? " by the Beatles.



Last but not least, Saturn in your 6th house of work, health and service to others is critical. You have 2 + years to get your act together. You are preparing for a debut. You have to have everything in order. Time to get your head outta the clouds and into the dirt.   "Workin' in a coal mine, goin down, down, down" is your song.  You may find it difficult to live up to your employer's demands. Conserve your energy now, health matters may take a turn for the worst under this transit. You body is the tool you need to manifest your spiritual and intuitive awareness. Saturn may help you have the discipline to learn to say no, mean it, and set up some boundaries. It's not enough to channel Ishkabibble from whyoughtantot in Galaxy X. Whatever the vision or dream, it must be able to stand up to the test of time and reality, no matter how illusory it may seem. It must be able to "grow corn."  No puns intended for Piscean foot fetishists.

2006 is a Universal # 8 Year 
2 + 0 + 0 + 6 = 8
turn number 8 on it's side in the horizontal, sleeping  dreaming position and...you know what that means
                       8  =


O.K. so this is shaping up to be a BIG YEAR KARMICALLY. The Number 8 is a complex number. Most importantantly, we've come to a multi-dimentional realization about Reality Time and Space and that Quantum Physically, Symbolically and Literally, they're all the same thing- We find ourselves at the Number 8, at the crunch of NOW- where ALL TIME

2006 Predictions

Astrological, Psychic and Tarot Symbology


Numerologically 2006 is a Universal number 8 year. The

Number 8 signifies all of the directions of the Universe, the

4 Cardinal and the 4 Non-Cardinal Directions. There are 8

primary Trigrams in the I Ching, the Ancient Chinese oracle

representing all possibilities, all forces in the phenomenal

world. So for the Chinese, the number 8 is the number of

power, wealth and luck-the whole shebang.

2006 can be powerfull.



The number 8 is complex number and highly significant as it

represents karmic balance-what you put out comes back to

you. If you turn 8 on its’ side you get the INFINITY symbol. The

Infinity symbol signifies time - past, and future coalescing into

the central pivot in the center of NOW.  It is the Orobourous

symbol of the snake endlessly and for all time eating its’ tail.

It is a symbol of wholeness, totality.  So the message of 2006 is

a karmic wake up call that all time is NOW. The number 8 has

us also “behind the 8 ball.”


The number 8 represents the goal-Paradise regained, after

passing through the 7 heavens. It represents regeneration,

resurrection, a new beginning. This will be a year of transform-

ation and upheaval both ecologically, financially and in

Christianity. The  8TH  Astrological Sign is Scorpio- sign of

birth, death, and transformation. Theis will be another major

year of earthquakes,tsunammis and floods {Jupiter in Scorpio,

 Uranus in Pisces} as we reap what we sowed through the

environmental damage to our Mother Earth. Earth upheavals

 may reveal long prophesied ancient archeological treasures

revealing the hidden keys in the Divine Intelligence vs. Evolu-

tion debate. We may get shocking new information about our

origins. And hey, what about all those predictions about the

Sky Gods showing up anytime soon as Pluto gets closer and

closer to the Galactic Centre? This may be the year that the

Master Teachers do show up to help us out.


In the Kabbalah, the 8th sphere on the Tree of Life is called Hod

whose nature is Splendor. This  8th sphere is the concrete

mind. The planet Mercury acts through this sphere so it repre-

sents language, visual forms, all systematized intellect, such

as the magical arts, literature science and commerce. It rep-

resents Thoth himself, the God Hermes, who is attributed with

inventing geometry and numbers from which the Thoth Tarot

deck which I use, is derived. Above all it is the value of IHVH, 

the “Number of the Lord God.” 8 symbolizes the contact point

of the Masters.

The Archangel of  number 8 is Michael, of the East, the Prince

of Splendour and Wisdom. It’s colour is ORANGE. 



There is also a major argument in the Tarot symbolism regarding the number 8 wherein  there is an exchange between the Major Arcana 8 and that of 11.

In the Thoth deck which I use, the 8th Major Arcana is called

Adjustment, traditionally Justice and the balancing sign of Libra.

Some decks have 8 as Strength and the regal courageous sign of

Leo. As the number 8 itself is about a two -fold flow of energy,

I believe that  both of these numbers and symbols come into play here.




2006 begins during a Venus Retrograde period. Venus

turned Retro-and started wearing 60’s hippie garb on

Xmas Eve. Dec 24, 05. This is a major key as to how

2006 will unfold. As Venus rules values, money, luxury, beauty,balance, harmony, relationships & peace-making-

we may see the economy roll back, and a re-examination

 of what we really value. Venus, who had just got her foot

in the door of Aquarius on Dec 15th, on a Full Moon,

went Retrograde at 1 degree 28 minutes of Aquarius,

sign of humanitarianism and higher consciousness. As

her Retro time started on Xmas Eve I also predict that

there will be a significant Aquarian revolution in Christian-

ity this year. Pope Benedict may pass away suddenly.

We are moving out of the old Piscean era, symbolized by

Christianity into the Aquarian all inclusive human sign

where “higher consciousness” rules the era. No more

martyrdom symbols, but we ain’t quite there yet….


 Two days later, in Toronto, a 15 year old girl was tragic-

ally murdered by getting caught in the cross-fire from teen

age gang gunfire, downtown in a crowd of shoppers out

for Boxing Day bargains. Methinks Venus is trying to tell

us to re-examine where our “higher consciousness” is

during this time until Feb. 3rd where she turns direct at 16

degrees 01 minutes of Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn is

a hard core career lady where profit and the corporation

come first. But we have to re-examine all that profiteering

In Canada of course we are having another election in

theVenus Retrograde period for Prime Minister because

of scandals, how perfectly the shoe fits.

Venus won’t go past her Retrograde degree position until

March 7th. So expect relationship issues to be a bit dicey

during this time period. Re-examine the foundations and

values in your relationships during this time period. And

of course you did all your Xmas shopping just before

Venus Retro and now you have to pay, so reel in the



The biggest overall Planetary emphasis for 2006 comes

from planets Jupiter and Saturn forming a square, a right

angle or 90 degree aspect. Plus Mars in Taurus and

Neptune in Aquarius are involved forming a FIXED

GRAND CROSS throughought most of 2006. A FIXED

GRAND CROSS is a lot of pressure, as Fixed SIgns as

their name implies means nobody wants to budge an inch.

Jupiter in Scorpio, the faster moving planet applies tens

ion to Saturn in Leo where the “Cosmic Cop” will be in res

idence till Sept 2, 2007.  The cycles of Jupiter and Saturn

are very important. They meet every 20 years at conjunc-

tion and their whole transit “return” cycle back to an origin-

al point lasts 800 years!

On May 28th 2000, Jupiter and Saturn met at 22 degrees

of Taurus. That new cycle from 2000-2020 rules how we

expand and grow in our truth and contract and resist  as a

societal whole. Taurus is the first Earth sign, and rules

tools, possessions, money making. Jupiter is in Scorpio,

which can mean severe debt. Saturn brings restriction

and obligations to the ego loving, over the top “ I did it my

way” grandmaster flash style of Leo. Leo is the sign of

the child, the heart, gold. So Saturn in Leo square Jupiter

in Scorpio spells “TROUBLE MY FRIENDS, RIGHT

HERE IN RIVERCITY”. Trouble that could end all of us

in rubble and financial ruin. “Saturn always wins” an astro-

logical old friend of mine used to say. Saturn is the tax-

man, the debt that must be paid. So Jupiter is in Scorpio

the 8th sign of taxes, death, inheritance and mysticism.

Jupiter always amps up whatever pursuit of truth, philoso-

phy, higher education, international relations, he is in.

Major economic stuggles and tensions at the very least,

both national and internationally as the fight to hold onto

the power of the old ,outworn, outmoded structures of

patriarchy in politics, religion, economics {Saturn} is being

transformed by Jupiter in Scorpio and a trine from the

Revolutionary Planet Uranus ruler of Sign Aquarius,now in

Pisces, again that old time religion is at the end of the line.

Also this is symbolized by those outta their minds funda-

mental religiosities of all types and sizes, not to mention

those monkey-brained anti-evolutionist. Again the theme

is the piper must be paid, whether its’ the Earth herself

demanding retribution or the ordinary citizen demanding

justice in taxation, education, and throw in all that Venus

retrograde fairness and humanity needing to be re-exam



 Saturn in Leo will put the BIG brakes on the glitz, the

glam, the ME 1st Baby Boomers, SUV’rs, who are also

now experiencing Saturn conjunct their natal Pluto’s

Whewh! We’re dealing with the Boomers who are this

year turning 60, many are well into their ‘60’s already. 

I predict a total reversal in the pursuit of youth in advertis

ing, in what we think of as beautiful, in a new reborn

healthy respect for age and experience as these

Boomers, demand Saturnian respect for their power. 

Saturn =obstacles,maturity, to Pluto= Power, Sex,Control



This also means more policing, more restrictions on the

entire population. Remember that it was the Saturn/Pluto

 pposition in Aug. 2001that presaged 911. It’s almost as

I suspect that the Pentagon and the C.I.A. actually

secretly uses Astrology, which they undoubtedly did as

Freemasons and why they signed the Declaration of Independence

on July 4th 1776.


There will be Major global and national tensions when Jupiter and Saturn make a waxing square (2005-2006), reaches opposition (2010-2011) and make a waning square (2015-2016}.

Back to the present +  Major Planetary Events for 2006

Jan. 2: Mercury conjunct the Galactic Centre, Moon conjunct Neptune at 16-17 degrees of Aquarius. 

   Jan. 14: Full Moon at 24 degrees Capricorn conjunct Venus.             

Jan. 27: Sun opposition Saturn, Jupiter square Neptune, Moon conjunct Venus.

4)               Feb. 6: Sun conjunct Neptune .

5)               Feb. 14: .Mercury conjunct Uranus.

6)              Feb. 24: Moon conjunct Venus, Sun quincunx Saturn

7)               March 1 : Sun conjunct Uranus at 11 degrees Pisces

8)               March 14: Full moon at 24-25 degrees Pisces/Virgo square Pluto)

9)               March 29:  New Moon Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Aries, Pluto goes stationary retrograde

10)          April 7: Sun quincunx Jupiter, Moon square Jupiter, Saturn turns direct at 4 1/2 degrees Leo)

11)          April 13 : Full moon at 24 degrees Libra/Aries axis: .

12)    April  18: Sun conjunct Andromeda, Venus conjunct Uranus at Pisces  14 degrees: 

 Ma  May 1:  Moon enters Cancer, Sun conjunct Mars. This year's May Day celebration adds an extra spark to the fire with Sun conjunct Mars at 11 degrees of Taurus.

13)          May 13: Full Moon in Scorpio, at degree  Buddha's birthday)

14)          May 19 : Moon conjunct Neptune, Sun conjunct the Pleiades. Powerful ceremonials possible at sacred site in the Yucatan, Hawaii & Anasazi sites in the American Southwest.

15)          May 27: New Moon at 6 degrees of Gemini. My astrologer friend Joseph Mark Cohen advises thatCarl Johan Calleman calls this portal the midpoint of the Mayan 4th Night, a time to attune to a burst of light from the heart of Quetzalcoatl or Kukulkan.


16)          June 1:  .Moon opposition Neptune at 20 degrees Leo/Aquarius

17)          June 16 : Sun opposition Pluto @ 26th degree Gemini/Sagittarius: Mars/Saturn conjunct in Leo This is a day of discernable danger, particularily in the mideast ( Israel, Iran )..Cancer)

19)          July 6: .Sun conjuncts Sirius, Mercury goes retrograde, Jupiter goes direct. Thinking goes out of the box,triple check everything, expect the usual miscommunications, but full speed ahead in transformational Scorpionic themes as Jupiter goes Direct.

20)          July 22:  .Sun enters Leo, Moon conjuncts Venus, Mars enters Virgo at the degree of the Sphinx., 151 .

21)          July 25: . New Moon at 2 degrees Leo

22)          Aug. 7 : .Sun conjunct Saturn at 15 degrees Leo, the heart of the .

23)          Aug. 9:  Full Moon in Aquarius ; 17 degrees Leo/Aquarius axis)

24)          Aug. 23: New Moon at 1 degree of Virgo.

25)          Sept. 5 :  Sun opposition Uranus :  13 degrees of Virgo/Pisce. Watch out America. The big shakedown happens.

26)          Sept. 22 : . New Moon Solar Eclipse at 30 degrees Virgo,

27)          Sept 23 : . Sun enters Libra, Autumn Equinox, .

28)          Oct. 6 : Harvest full moon at the 14th degree Libra/Aries axis