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Past Lives

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Past Lives, Memories, Dreams, Patterns


I believe in reincarnation. No I must rephrase that statement.
I do not believe in reincarnation, a belief is a chosen idea or concept not necessarily based on experience. I know that I am a reincarnated being. I have had real experiences, memories, waking visions, undeniable signs, synchronicities, dreams, and been under hypnosis to connect with those previous lives. I have been born and reborn in different cultures, sexes, races at various time lines. Let me illustrate what I know from my own experiences.
I have remembered my experiences in great detail from when I was a Native American man, named "Yellow Horse" who was alive in the 1860's in the South West, right near Sedona.  The details of that life were revealed to me during a Shamanic Healing Ceremony in Bancroft,Northern Ontario in1990 that I had requested.  Oriah Mountain Dreamer, my teacher, was conducting this healing and there were  30 or so witnessing participants. Without going into the details, this revelation catalyzed many other synchronistic events. For example, before that healing I was undergoing my Transformational Therapy training and a woman in the training group who I did not know well yet, came up to me and said "When I look at you I see a Native American man." I thought nothing of it at the time except ..hmm. interesting. People used to think I might be native when I was a child, I had heard that comment before. That woman , Elaine, and I became very close friends and we discovered through talking about the information from that past  with her affirming her memories and emotionally affirmative responses to what I told her  that more fragments from that past revealed themselves until we discovered that she and I had been together in our past lives in the Sedona area. So had Oriah and other people present for that healing. Turns out that Elaine and I had an amazing psychic/telepathic connection and she and I could "dream awake" together and travel astrally to places and other time periods  in full consciousness visually seeing and pick up missing pieces of those past lives. We discovered we had been together in a number of them.  Elaine and I remembered past lives as High Priestesses together in Crete, and in Atlantis.  In that Sedona area life, as the young man "Yellow Horse"  she was a white woman who had been adopted by my tribe as a child. We were in love and wanted to marry but my mother, who was a Shaman, forbid it because she felt that Elaine was beneath my mothers' ideas of what a good bride for me was. We remembered many very painfull pieces from that past life and it all made sense as the continuing patterns showed up in both of our lives.  
That is what is important-to see the patterns that we repeat in this life which we bring through as emotional karmic memories  from one life to the next, as the emotions, just as the Buddhists say, is the glue which brings us back here to incarnate and work on those issues until we clear them. I had read that birthmarks are body memories, visual reminders of injuries from past lives.
My first husband and I when we met said something astonishing to me. He said - "I seem to be occupy this blind spot in your memory."  Ding! Ding! Ding! After those words flew out of his mouth and I heard them, I experienced something which I never did in the same way, with anyone else.  My body immediately had the sensation of hearing bells ringing very loudly, drowning out everything else around me.  My experience was that the seemingly 3D hard reality of the room that we were in- dissolved. He dissolved before my eyes, and all I saw as my eyes were transfixed on him was this luminous tornado like shaped column of swirling  light.  This is what Don Juan explains to Carlos Castaneda about what  the nature of True Reality is, what Shamans see and which every living thing is made up of is -the Luminous Body or Orrende which is the actual Light body or Auric Body and core of who we really are.
A voice in my head said- This is it. He's the one. You've got to marry him."  I was astonished and stunned. The vision of Larry's Luminous Body disappeared and everything quickly pieced itself back together to resemble the "normal reality" of where we were.  Larry told me that he was going to marry me that first night. I laughed. I tried at first to get rid of him and test him, not believing what I had experienced. I had to surrender and we got married on Summer Solstice, I insisted upon that day, 7 months after that initial meeting. We started a successful crafts business together, bought a  big old house and renovated it, and had Eli our son, in that house.  
But Larry and I had vowed to travel together originally so we could explore our lives more fully as artists. I wanted to go to Bali in Indonesia since 1979. He kept saying no it was too strange a culture for him to go to.  We had opportunities to go there since 79 and affirmations from the world that it would be very successful for us. But we didn't take these opportunities. We considered the Yucatan, as Larry and I had had an amazing experience together in Isla Mujeres and my cousin Carol Karasik, and her husband, both writers,were living in San Cristobal . We had looked at a little casita there, but that didn't gel.  But it was still a big motivation for us even after we had "settled down" in Toronto.  In 1986, talking to a neighbour about that we were looking to go live elsewhere they said, "You should go to Sedona, it's beautiful there, you'd love it."
I had never heard of Sedona, but thinking about it going home the bells rang again very loudly in my head as they had done when I had first met Larry, the destiny sign.  I mentioned it to Larry, he was all excited.  He said Sedona! My favourite artist lived there Max Ernst-we gotta go there. So, decision made, we sold our beautiful house on Dewson Street, against my better judgement- I wanted to keep the house, go to Sedona and check it out first- Larry wanted to burn all the bridges as he said. So we packed up our son Eli, then 3 1/2 into our little Honda Civic Wagovan and on International Women's Day in 1987 we were off to our Destination Destiny.  That's a novel in itself. Coming soon.
Your dreams will also point out past life memories. I have experienced in dreams being an Arabic man and had a kind of whole body memory of what that felt like. It sure was different than being in a female body.  I have time shifted into memories of being a pioneer woman living in Northern Ontario. Under hypnosis I remembered being a life as a Viking
man. Going to various sacred sites in the World, I "saw" what had occured there, possibly because I had lived there or I was picking up the astral energy of that site. Tikal in Guatemala, Chichen Itza, Isla Mujeres and Palenque, in Mexico.  Stonehenge in Britain. At Knossos in Crete, I remembered a past life where I had been killed for being a Sacred Priestess.
In Israel, in Jerusalem, Jericho, Zefad, Massada and at the Dead Sea and Mt. Sinai I had many memories. In Egypt, at the Great pyramids, Dendara and especially at Luxor, and Karnak I had many memories where I found myself walking through the shifting sands of time where all time came together once again.
We can all access these memories. Just watch for what you are drawn to, the places, images, the symbols, tokens, things that appear in your life and in your dreams. Be aware of the patterns. The keys are given to each and everyone of us to decode. Visualizations and  hypnosis also are very valueable aids in this process.
Astrology has a link in this too. Past lives and tendencies can be seen through your Natal chart, which is used very prominently in Vedic and Tibetan Astrology, through the South Node of the Moon, it's sign, placement and aspects.  Pluto is used by Astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green- {no relation} to define karmic connections.


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