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What is Spiritual Coaching?                                 Heartlines

Spiritual Coaching provides you with the help you need to navigate through new beginnings of spiritual breakthroughs in your life.  To help you become more conscious of your spiritual evolvement I act as a guide, a midwife, a diviner, a cousellor, aiding and supporting you in your journey of Self-unfolding, as a butterfly emerging from its cocoon into your own Truth and Light.
All change- whether of a job, a home, menopause, the birth of a child, changes in lifestyle, iIllness, death, puberty,whether in your life, your family, friends, your children, world changes -all of these outer actions indicate and reflect spiritual growth and changes in your life.
As you would have a coach to guide you, support you and encourage your physical body activities and new goals, the cause, of the physical comes first from the spiritual.
As a Spiritual Coach I would ascertain your current spiritual position and awareness using many different tools.
Checking your chakras-
through Reiki-laying on of hands, and tuning into the force, colour and activity level of each one of your chakras.
As I tune into each one of your chakras I see images relevant to these chakras, which we will discuss and work with. We will use colors to draw images from each one of your chakras to gain a complete picture of your chakra energy field and whatever images are relevant for you at the moment.
Balancing and tuning up of your chakras with crystals, and sounds.
Using the Tarot -
as a tool for sourcing the locus of vwhat your spirit needs most at this time.  Out of confusion comes clarity. Out of disillusion and despair comes hope. Out of sorrow and regret comes understanding, awareness and acceptance.
I believe that you allready have all the answers, although they are usually held in your Higher Self's awareness. The Tarot goes directly to the Source and reveals the answers very clearly. I believe the origins of the Tarot were specifically to be used as a means towards Enlightenment and as a superb mirror for the symbolic language of the Soul.
Dreams are the pot of gold, they hold the clearest and most direct reflections of your spiritual state. Your soul is awake when your body sleeps at night. The Dream world is the authentic world of your soul.
Soul sleeps, when we "wake up." The task is to listen to the Soul's messages encoded in symbolic images and symbols. No one can interpret a dream for you. I will help you to understand the message
your soul is leaving for you. Writing, drawing, dream drama are all ways in which we can learn to access the Dream's messages. Following the moon's cycles, Dream Journaling, ritual are all ways to honour this process.
Ceremony and Meditation
As we sit in Sacred Space, we invite the Ancestors, Spirits who love us, Guides, Angels, Animals, the Directions and the Elements, Gods and Goddesses into our circle to guide us.

"Lilly Hands" fromthe SWAMP by Napoleon Brousseau

Heartlines- ongoing answers to prayers
perhaps a reflection of where the Collective Consciousness is at...
Heartlines are my Personal Spiritual Newspaper Headlines
In my daily meditations, where I ask for Spiritual Insight-answers and signs to my questions as I go about my everyday chores, the dishes, my daughter's needs, the bills etc. I get answers. Usually it comes as a clear statement and I sit with this is my heart and carry it as a banner on my mind.
I use these "banners" as a kind of litmus test of my own spiritual/ emotional barometer and I use it as a touchstone knowing that I am interconnected with everything else on this planet at this time. So, the answers I get, I feel, are a reflection of the Collective Consciousness that I am tapping into at the time.
I offer these insights to you, perhaps they cen help in our awareness.
Please do contact me, regarding anything you find interesting, take offence with, connect with....I am searching for feedback.
week of Dec. 7th 2002
I am capable of evil, I am no different that the terrorists,the Israelis, the Palestinians, George Bush. When I see how this works in my life
how I myself am responsible for the continuity of "evil"  I can open up through the darkness into the Light.
Until we admit to ourselves the truth that we are a part of the Whole World situation that we have created and maintain, until we choose to do otherwise, we cannot change it.
" The healing is in the Wound."-Rumi   
Dec. 23rd
I am terrified to die. Admitting this is a big one. But it's the first step on the road to finding meaning in our lives and how to prepare ourselves for the Re-Birth. Ideally, at the end of our lives, our hearts should be as light as a feather. The ANcient Egyptians believed that after we die, that the Great Goddess Maat, weighs our hearts against her sacred Ostrich feather that she wears on her Crown. Admitting my fear leads me to ask. How do I live now so as to keep my heart light, unencumbered by fear,weakness,pain and suffering?
Jan 28th 2003
Do not panic. Nothing is ever lost. Everything is fine. Trust the Universe to provide. I thought I had lost one of my diamond earrings that I had made for my wedding. I knew it wasn't lost that I would find it, and eventhough I'd been out and about, I find it on my bathroom floor.
Jan 29th 03
I went outside to my backyard in the sunny cold, afternoon. I had been
asking a question inside about getting something out to the larger world. A moment later a beautiful red cardinal that often comes by, appeared on the North West direction of my property.This was a good sign, an immediate one. Cardinals signal action,fire, intuition,
a Cardinal is energy, an innovating, innitiating energy. The Cardinal flew directly into the large Elm tree in our yard. I gave thanks to the Cardinal and to the Angels who I know are listening to my every prayer. I got bird seed andplaced it outside as an offering of thanks to the Cardinal.
Feb 1, New Moon
My question, as I sit in the East, place of Spirit is What are we here to do? "To spread your Beauty."is the answer.
As we are living this Waking Dream, at night when we sleep our souls awaken and fly free at night, we call this a "Dream."  When we "Wake up" our souls are sleeping and dreaming that the "waking world" is a Dream.
If we see "all the world's a stage" and each event in the world a "dream." Then today's events, Feb 1st seem highly significant as symbols. The Space Shuttle "Columbia" blew up this morning, the root columb means a dove, symbol of Peace. It broke up over Texas,
Mr. Bush's home State. There are prophesies about the Space Shuttle, the Hopi believe, that when the"City in the Sky" is built, that this event signifies the end of Civilization now and a New World begins.  In light of the threat of the U.S. to use Nuclear Bombs on Iraq first, and the recent sighting of "Niburu" the planet which orbits our solar system every 3,000 years. NIbiru is legendary from Babylonian
writings about the "Gods coming from the Sky" and how they advanced our civilization and they recorded all the "miracles" they
If we were seeded, or cloaned or genetically manipulated by these Nibiruians thousands and thousand of years ago and they are re-appearing now, they have a vested interest in us!  They check in on our progress every few thousand years. They don't want us to destroy ourselves, and so they present us with Signs. According to Barbara Hand Clow who wrote The Pleiadian Agenda, The Niburians or Annunaki, insert 3-D Holograms into our "reality" and the Middle East as beenthe hot spot for thousands of years. The Annunaki eat fear and violent emotions. Much like the Monsters in Monsters Inc. terrified children and made them scream in order to get their energy supplies. 
Hollywood, as the most powerfull of the propaganda machines, often is prophetic in the way its' movies mirror the moves of the Higher Ups of the New World Order. The Lord of the Rings is another metaphoric movie reflecting back to us our mentality and the spiritual/emotional/mental/physicalic battles going on around us.The "Two Towers" the TwinTowers reflectsthe Battle between the powers Spiritual Powers for Good, Peace and Freedom and  the Evil,Fascistic Powers of Greed,Total Supremacy and Subjugation...
Or if you Believe that all the prayers for Peace intensifying as thousands and thousands more people "wake up" spiritually
are there not messengers of the Gods, or Angels, or the White Brotherhood, or God Herself,or the Pleiadiens, the Arcturians, or whatever Archetype you can imagine helping us out right now?
I see the space ship blowing up as a warning symbol to the U.S. for its' hubris. The shuttle named for the Dove, I take literally, the means to Peace is being broken,blowing up. It hurts, people die.It will hurt you,personally.  And the message was aimed right over Texas.
Speaking of Dreams
Jan 30      I dreamed  that the top of the C.N. Tower was hit by terrorists. But miraculously only the communications tower came down in downtown Toronto. Not that many were injured. I can see the top of the CN Tower from the verandah of my house, in the Beaches.
I was daydreaming about the All Seeing Eye atop the Pyramid on the back of the U.S. DOllar and how the U.S. Destiny has as well a metaphysical, occult foundation. The reason that the Declaration of Independance was signed on JUly 4th was to link the U.S. Sun its' ego and identity to the Great Star Sirius, Osiris tothe Ancient Egyptians. It was to this Star that the Pyramids are alligned. The symbol of the eye atop the Pyramid is based in Egypt, to the Freemasons. That Pyramid of Power is linked magically to the Egyptian past.  The Eye is Isis. There are spiritual puns everywhere. I believe that we are given all the information allready to what is really going on. Isis = is is in English. Or more literally I is is. Kind of a bad grammer, English speaking form of  "I am that I am." The Hebrew sacred language equivalent of God's, or the Higher Spirit's, Holy Name, yod, hay, vov, hay. The very isness of it all! There's no isness like show {b}isness. Is {b}isness B for bad issness? The "show's"the thing.
We as individuals have to own our own Power here. TheAnnunaki use us,they have puppets set up, as their leaders. It is more and more obvious how we are being manipulated. I don't believe any of what is on CNN. We must wake up NOW!
We are the Annunaki, and the Pleiadians,we are the Al-Queda and the Americans, we are all of it! Each one of us. When we see past all the illusions, there is only God and Love.
Everything that ever happened is happening Now
Everything that will ever happen is happening NOW
Now is the Time. We can and will remember. We are in Paradise now. We have merely to choose to do  what we came here to do.
Very soon, no one will be able to hide their thoughts. Everyone will know what anotheris thinking and feeling. Noone will be able to lie again. This is a very momentous time, and we are unfolding this time, nearing the End Point in 2012 very quickly. Years are flying by. We must each open our hearts,live by the Truth in our Hearts. The Consciousness that no one can harm another is building minute by minute. The Right Wing is trying to make a last ditch attempt to grab all the Power-force War. But the people, the little people, are having none of it.
As Uranus enters Pisces, the force for Revolution in Spirituality, Mental Telepathy,Bliss Consciousness and an end to Instituitionalising, Addictions, and Hidden Enemies  the Mind of Consciousness in Spirit wakes us up like a Lightning Bolt over the next 7 years.
Watching a programme about Hitler on television the other day, the programme showed Eva Braun, Hitler's mistress. Her sister said she "was mainly depressed, and exercised and shopped to escape her depression." I thought, just like most Americans now.
"We are the mirror as well as the face in it.
We are tasting the taste this minute
of eternity. We are pain
and what cures pain. We are
the sweet, cold water and the jar that pours."- Rumi.

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