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2015 WORLD WIDE PREDICTION by Tara Greene posted in September and added to December 27 2014

The astrology signs of ARIES CANCER LIBRA CAPRICORN, LEO VIRGO SAGITTARUS and PISCES are featured for most of 2015 and SCORPIO a bit in the summer.

2015 will be less intense than 2014 but more so in other ways. The last of the 7 exact Cardinal squares between Pluto and Uranus end in Mid-March. But that doesn’t mean their effects are over. In fact I believe that they really start the revolutionary changes like the 60’s now. There will be powerful eclipses at the end of March and April.
The year will be divided up into 3 distinct phases.
Upbeat and optimistic with more energy until mid-June. Very heavy emotional, violent and unstable from mid-June- mid September. Grounded, focused, a change in values, the budget, environmental concerns, virus scares, economic downturn, back to the land and spiritual awareness by the end of the year.
We now have 3 major planets in FIRE, Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries as opposed to all the WATERY emotional element we have been in for the last two to three years.
Fire, water, earth. With all Mercury Retrogrades in air signs. We will also be in a Wood Sheep {goat} year in the Chinese Zodiac.
March and April will be very intense:

***** TOTAL SOLAR Eclipse on March 20 on the SPRING EQUINOX at the 30th degree of PISCES. The VERY LAST of the last degrees. This is the MOST CRITICAL of all degrees. Karmic endings. The point of enlightenment, one has finished all the karmic lessons. Either head off to total bliss and enlightenment or and return to help others in a new karmic cycle. This symbolizes a huge karmic spiritual cycle ending.

*****April 4 Total LUNAR eclipse at 14 degrees of LIBRA ,a BLOOD MOON on Passover re-activates the Grand Cardinal Cross energy of April 2014 at 14 + degrees Libra. Like a REPEAT of the April 2014 Intensity.

This strongly affects the U.S from the Grand Cardinal Crosses to its Sun and Saturn which symbolizes Leadership, history and its vitality. There will be revolution again from within and outside.

Partial SOLAR Eclipse September 13 at 20+ degrees Virgo
Opposite Chiron the wounded healer. Agricultural losses, food supplies no available. Weird behaviors. Addictions. Loss of many jobs, unemployment rates skyrocket.

TOTAL LUNAR eclipse sept 27 at 4 degrees ARIES

The first six months feel optimistic, passionate, inspired and less emotional with Jupiter in Leo. It will be bold, over confident, glitz and glamour, very SELFIE, with over the top passion until mid-August 2015.
Saturn’s entry into Sagittarius in December 2014 – Mid June 2015 and again from mid-September to 2017 changes the playing field totally.
Sagittarius being grounded by Saturn brings a happy optimistic attitude. Sagittarius is about TRUTH and JUSTICE in a year of justice, Trump # 8. Education, foreign relations, teaching, honesty, aiming higher, philosophy, history, mysticism, the stars, the cosmos. The why we are here. Travel, sports, animals, freedom are all Sagittarius.
Saturn restricts and tests, it is the planet of REALITY, karma, seniority, maturity. Foreign relations of all kinds will be strained. A new world organization may be formed against Terrorism. Travel may be restricted because of fears of EBOLA. This is the year of JUSTICE, the protests against police abuses of blacks and racism will get more powerful in the U.S. and protestors all over the world against corporate and financial. The revolution is still gathering speed.
SUMMER will be very emotionally intense, from mid- June to mid- September. A pot boiler of ancient vendetta’s, vigilante like violence, revenge, hellish shadows and all the hardest lessons of Saturn in Scorpio for the final clear out for the next 29 years.
When Jupiter enters VIRGO august 11 the entire energy shifts down in to low gear. Things will be budget conscious there may be lots of work or not enough. Food, the environment, balancing the books, getting back to the land. Working for the environment. Discipline hard work and good old fashioned simple values based on REALITY. DIY, handcrafted things, antiques and well-made quality items will be in vogue.

I predicted John Tory would be elected mayor.
He would like to think he can rebrand Toronto TORYONTO.
John Tory will be communicating in some very idealistic ways. Some may see him as being a smoke and mirrors show, almost delusional and some may see him as very deceptive as Neptune crosses his Mercury in Pisces next year. He also must be careful of alcohol and any pharmaceuticals as he is very sensitive. He does has a tendency towards addictions and this may be revealed...
Jupiter will be crossing his Pluto this year in his natal chart in the 2nd house. He will be seen as favoring the wealthy and be coming on very strong for the first past of the year,
The original birth chart for Toronto in 1793 has its Mars at 16 degrees of Cancer and that degree will be under excruciating pressure from Pluto and Uranus in 2015 and beyond. This can mean violence in the city, murders, domestic violence, explosions etc.
PAN AM games will bring world attention but the city will be a mess of traffic jams, and infrastructure not being ready and I sense there will be political protests and even terrorism in the city during the summer.
In the Toronto amalgamation chart for Jan 1 1998 Toronto has its Saturn at 13 degrees Aries. It is still under the same type of pressure from the Cardinal Crosses but even more karmically. As Saturn symbolizes karma. JOHN TORY will be under enormous pressure. Chiron the wounded healer is passing away from being on Toronto’s SOUTH node- why we have been going through major karmic shiz for the last year and a half.

Jupiter planet of optimism prosperity and hope will be passing over Toronto’s North Node in the late fall in both the 1793 and amalgamation chart. That is a good thing. Jupiter brings expansion- do we really need more of this in some ways? In Virgo this expansion means tightening the budgets and running a much tighter ship.
This should be a year of nit picking over budget concerns, every inch of the way. Cleaning up misuse of civic dollars and being very fiscally lean. The city will be cleaning up its act new sewers for all the condos will be a major concern. Virgo relates to services, cleanliness. We may have some virus scares again like the H1N1 virus.
In the fall; Jupiter rules sports and so for all the Toronto teams in general Leafs, Raptors, Blue Jays Jupiter will be playing ball in their courts. This can also bring lucky expansion and new team members.

I predict Justin Trudeau will become Canada’s next Prime Minister. Justin has a rare six pointed STAR OF DAVID or merkabah formation in his natal chart. He will be bring new hope optimism, restore environmental conservation and new vigor. Trudeau will also restore Canada’s once pristine image on the world’s stage as a peace keeping not soldiering country.
Jian Gomeshi
Will end up doing jail time.
Will be slow, oil prices dropping to halt Russia and Putin, will make some things cheaper. Alberta will initiate taxes. The markets will continue to be volatile. Canada’s dollar will be weak.
TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS leading up to a 2016 Stanley Cup win again.
Their last Stanley Cup win was in 1967 and believe it or not the planets will be aligning again in the same way as then for them to unexpectedly pull a few hat ricks out and even more and they could win again in the 2015-2016 season. We will only see the beginning of that in the fall of 2015 and it could be much unexpected even after that.

World Affairs
High alert for 2015. Worldwide. Terrorists are trying out new sophisticated infrastructure terrorism. Through water, and food. Much paranoia about what one can eat and drink. Governments in North America and in the EU will be frantically trying to contain it all. MUSLIM terrorists keep attacking, kidnapping and beheading more infidels. There will be terrorist attacks during the Pan Am games in Midsummer in Toronto. Africa terrorism becomes bolder and more widespread.
Major upheavals in Russia as their economy is being forced to fall by lowered oil prices. There will be Internal revolution. Ukraine continues to be a hot spot.
The law of ageism could be revised in the U.S. as Governor Jerry Brown may run for president. This was pointed out by comedian Bill Maher. Republicans are in chaos.
Must defend its borders from terrorists entering from the south west. Refugees will be turned away as there are too many of them streaming from Syria,
Cubans will be leaving for the U.S. in droves.
Major economic collapse in France and Italy. The EU must renegotiate.
Will be in a kind of civil war trying to oust terrorist because of the killing of those hundreds of children in December. There are so many closet terrorist factions.

Denmark U.S. Canada and Russia will be having a Literal cold war over who owns what. The legal battles begin.
More and more attacks on corporations worldwide. This could bring many corporations to a halt, including credit companies like American Express, to their knees. People will be very paranoid.
Will see more protests in Hong Kong and internally. Their economy is slowing down.
Will stop. Countries in Europe and Turkey are in turmoil from Syrian and other refugees fleeing their homelands. Many countries, Canada included will deport Muslims suspected of having Terrorist connections and all their families. There will be huge migrations of Muslims back to their destinations countries. Borders will be under lockdown.
There will be many major plane crashes and explosions in mid- air in 2015 and another plane disappearing in the ocean similar to the one from MALAYSIA in 2014.

Not going away. Will become pandemic. Many more new viruses will appear and be threatening travel with Jupiter in health conscious Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces late 2015 and into 2016 squared by Saturn.
MAD COW DISEASE in England again. Many food scares, pork, chicken etc., more people becoming vegans.

Science & Technology
Major technological breakthroughs in mind mapping. Scientists discover new ways to stimulate the brain for learning complex processes, languages and stimulate memory very quickly. New discoveries to cure MS and Parkinson’s and new genetic advancement.
Jupiter in Virgo brings a grassroots. Learning from the past, herbalism I becomes mainstream, all naturopathic and homeopathic healing methods will surge in popularity. Osteopathy and cranio-sacral therapies also become popular.
SPIRITUAL HEALING will get very mainstream
With Jupiter in Virgo {the body} opposite Neptune in Pisces squared by Saturn working with essential oils to enhance wellbeing will become popular.
The understanding that spirituality is the nature and root of our physical selves will take root. Spiritual healing, sound healing, crystals, color therapy, shamanism, ayahuasca, sacred plants, cleansing diets and positive outlook will ab be factored into any patient’s healing methodology. New schools will blend herbology with modern science. Eating to heal will also be very popular. People’s diets will change.
Saturn in Sagittarius will combine many different world healing methods.
Chinese Medicine an ancient healing system will be integrated in modern health care. There will be a pan-global school which uses Ayurvedic- Indian, Chinese and Indigenous plant medicines from Australia, South America, Mongolia and Mexico, to compare and learn from each other...
Jupiter in Virgo is Mind/Body and Neptune in Pisces is Spirit and Saturn in Sagittarius is education and higher thinking.
Women will realize the connection between toxicity from Birth control pills and infertility. Many women will go for natural birth control using basal temperatures and natural herbal methods. Toxic, cancer causing tampons will be rejected in favor of natural organic pads.
Everything natural organic, simple handmade, will be valued. Sugar will be removed from all commercial foods and especially from children’s diets.
Elimination of fluoride from water supplies, mercury from regular dental practice and many other toxic things which have been cluttering everyone’s lives will be seen for what they are- cancer causing.
Jupiter in Virgo 2015-2016 will see a global joined effort to bring Monsanto and all GMO foods to be banished and eliminated. The connection between autism and GMO foods will be proven as one cause.
ANTI- GMO activism and legal actions against MONSANTO and all big multi-nationals will finish them off

A girl I see the name Diana for Princess Diana and also the name Mary.
Justin Bieber
He will release a new album. Saturn is sitting on his Ascendant so he is forced to become more mature. He may have to do some jail time. Neptune is also going to cross his sun in the 4th house. He can still be dealing with his drug issues. But this can be extremely creative and spiritual. He may be reborn as a Christian and write a song called “I found God.”
George and Amal Clooney
Yes she will get pregnant if she’s not conceiving this very minute then she will next summer. He is definitely going to enter politics but not for a while. I see him as Governor of California.
More cancer scares. This could turn out to be very serious for the Australian actor.
Yes she will get pregnant again and have a little boy. Kanye may go off his rocker.
Also gets pregnant.
Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs
Are a serious item. Living together.
Not really pushing the relationships.
Jennifer Anniston finally gets married. Lady Gaga ties the knot.
Will meet his dream girl and settle down by late fall 2015. She is beautiful and exotic, Latin American a model.
Taylor Swift
Has a new relationship. He plays baseball.
Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin
Get back together.

George Bush Senior
Will have serious health issue and may pass on in 2015.
Johnny Depp, Bill Clinton, stress related. Clint Eastwood,
Avril Lavigne has MS, or some kind of cancer, also an eating disorder.

The continued pattern of crazy extreme weather continues throughout the world. Although El Nino is making this a milder winter in North America. Very warm in England, and Europe There will be record high temperatures with draughts, water rationing and electricity black outs to conserve power on rotation basis. Extremely high temperatures in Australia, forest fires wipe out huge areas. There will be major droughts and water shortages, which affect food supplies which may be in limited.
Much danger from tsunamis in spring of 2015 and fall 2015.
I see the entire Mississippi region quaking and flooding. Flooding on the East coast from Washington up to Maine
Major earthquakes in Central America, down to Columbia. Indonesia, China, Turkey.
Volcanic explosions
In Italy and Iceland, Hawaii, get stronger. Yellowstone could also have a huge geyser eruption.
Major ancient finds will appear in the Arctic evidencing very ancient advanced civilizations pre-dating every record we have. Evidence of extra-terrestrial involvement in humans will also be discovered. This changes the nature of religious beliefs with many people leaving established religions in droves...

Pope Francis in all his modernity will prove to be a great boon for some Catholicism. Although major homosexual scandals will continue to surface. As knowledge of

Environmental Protection
With Jupiter in Virgo in mid fall countries will work together to stop global warming which will be accepted as a scientific reality. Efforts to clean up the environment, stop fracking, limit the use of plastics, and emissions controls will move ahead strongly.

Evidence of life on other planets. More planets which could possibly have life discovered.
Will score huge legal victories. Saturn in Sagittarius loves animals and will go to court to bring to justice companies which treat animals cruelly. This will stop or slow the huge conglomerate farming methods for raising chickens cows and pigs en masse. Small farmers will flourish. Humane treatment of all animals.
ANIMALS will be recognized as having feelings and consciousness. This has already happened in India. This will happen worldwide even in China where eating dogs and cats has been commonplace.
The stress to the environment and endangered animals will also gain more focus money and new inventive ways to help save polar bears, whales, dolphins and other species.

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