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Remember the Ancestors

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Remembering my Ancestry


Percy Faith, renowned composer, my cousin

It's important to remember our ancestors. In the West, in this cosumer driven youth worshipping culture, we don't do this much, we do not honour the old and elderly for their experiences, stories or wisdom like the Eastern cultures do. The traditionally intact cultures, and all cultures throughout history always honoured and remembered their Ancestors. The Ancestors were and are the foundation upon which all that exists was built upon and overlaid.  Their lives created our his/herstory. It is because of them and for them that we live. We are their future. They are our past. They are immortal, their genetic codes exist in us. Their memories exist in us. Their patterns and stories exist in us and have shaped us.
Still there is our genetic heritage in this life. This page was spurred by a client who came today, Jan 3, 2006 and saw the portrait of my Great Uncle Louis Rotenberg, who was a very dramatic looking person and asked me who it was. 
I explained that my Great Uncle was a child prodigy on violin. According to my Dad, he picked up a violin and new how to play at a very young age. The family, in Toronto were very poor, and his mother begged money for her son to take lessons. He studied at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto and by the age of 9 there was no more they could teach him here and his talents were prominent. His mother went to the Eaton family to raise money to send him to Europe. He was sent to Vienna to study with master teachers and remained in Bohemia, from where the picture is dated, Feb 1912 till after the 1st World War, surviving in a prison camp.
We'll get to great Uncle Louis later.
Now Percy Faith. Percy's mother and my Grand- mother on my Father's side were sisters. Originally from Poland/Austria. They came to Toronto in the early 1900's. There was a large family. They all lived on Tecumseth Street or further north on Palmerston Ave. and Blvd. in Toronto when my Dad was growing up. My father was born on the dining room table {?!} at 38 Tecumseth Street, the year unknown, and perhaps even the date unknown as they were going by the Jewish lunar calendar.  All of the Rotenberg's my Grandmother's maiden name were musical, theatrical, performers.  A brother of my Grandmother, owned movie theatre's all over Toronto. I remember the Pickford Theatre he owned at Queen and Spadina on the North-West corner, now replaced by a MacDonald's.  It was there that Percy played piano to accompany the silent movies. Various cousins  helped out. My Dad took tickets when he was very young. Other cousins performed in Vaudeville, my Great Aunt Mary, another sister of Uncle Louis, was a singer and dancer who was teamed up with Beatrice Lilly, who went on to fame and fortune on Broadway in the George White Scandals, the equal to Ziegfield's Follies in those days. Aunt Mary's family didn't want her to go to New York as that was "indecent" and married her off to a musician in the Toronto Symphony. She was bitter for the rest of her life, and always had full stage makeup on. She was loud, dramatic, full of cuss words and jokes.  Percy played piano until his younger sister accidentally set herself on fire at home and he grabbed her, saving her life,putting out the flames, but badly burned his hands. This put an end to his performing on piano at the time, but opened the door to full time composing and orchestrating. Percy was a big success in his time on radio, television, recording and especially known for composing music for movies. My family was always very proud of him and his successes. Known for "easy listening" music. his most popular and famous song is "Theme from a Summer Place" for which he won an Oscar in 1960. Currently, tribute orchestras tour Japan and showcase his music and songs.
Your ancestors exist multi-dimensionally as helpers,   guides, angels. They exist as Stars. You can call on     any and all of your ancestors for help and guidance      anytime, through your dreams especially. By Cosmic  Law they will come and do your bidding. Just                remember to honour them and be Grateful for what they accomplished. 
Honouring your Ancestors
You can keep a little shrine or alter to them with photos and memorablia. You can light candles, offer food, set a place at the table for them, bring them into your life. Honour their wisdom and experience, and integrate it into your life. Your life will be that much fuller, resonant, larger and richer than you thought.  Explore those genetic gifts and talents, own them as your own. They are yours to be utilized and manifested, a ticket to greater expansion and enjoyment, pride and self-knowledge.
   We are future   ancestors               
We are all linked through the illusion of time. Our ancestors live through us. We are the future ancestors. What we do now is creating the future for our children and our children's children's children.
I did a very powerful sweat lodge in 1993 during my 3rd Vision Quest with Oriah Mountain Dreamer in Haliburton, Ontario. We went into the sweat with the intent of working with the Ancestors and connecting as Future Ancestors.
First we had to remember,the Ancestors, the Ancient Ones, the Gandmothers and our connection to them, we went back in time and re-invoked our sitting in Ceremony with them, with Being them. From that "past" we remembered how we dreamt of the Future  Grandaughters {and Grandsons, there were only women on this Quest} and what qualities and gifts we wished them US to create in the world in the "future.".
I realized on a very real level that I was in fact the embodyment of that dream of the Ancestors. I was the past and the future and the present.
    We are a Dream come true  *
That experience was very profound and moving, for myself as well as for other participants- and  an astonishing responsability!
So owning that responsability and the foreknowledge that we dream and create our future, should wake us all up. When? NOW! 

What do you want to create now                                                           for the future?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
What do you want to be remembered for?
What gift would you like to leave to the future?
How do you want to be remembered?                              
What advice do your ancestors offer you from their experience that can be of use now?
What we create and change NOW shapes and alters the present and future.
We are all shape shifters- in that we can shape ourselves, we have the power, the magic, the imagination, the human consciousness, awareness and the unlimited powers of the creative energy of the  source of all life, love and the universe within us!l
We are the dream of the God/dess in the ever present infinte moment.

My Great Uncle Louis Rotenberg,Violinist

Copyright  2002-2022 Tara Greene - All Rights Reserved

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