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11:11:11 Opening the gateways, Tara Greene
creating the InItIationion your Higher Self at 11:11:11
Triple gateway of memory encoding opening up
This year 2011 we experience significant Master number days
1/1/11, 1/11/ 11, and in November 11/1/11, 11/11/11
11 is a master number,the number of memory
If you take the last two digits of the year in which you were born and add the age you will be this year in 2011  the results will be 111 for everyone in the whole world!!
11:11 phenomena
Have you seen11:11 on your digital clock for over 20 years now?
Are you seeing the phenomena more recently?
Do you also see 2:22, 3:33, 4;44, 5:55, 10:10, 12:12, and 1:11?
All numbers which are doubled, { also tripled, quadrupled etc.} are what are known as MASTER NUMBERS.
Traditionally 11.22. 33. 44. etc. indicate a Mastery or a mastering of.
In the West what is popularly known as Re-membrance Day I believe is a pre-encoded symbol and signal. Instituted as a day to remember the dead from two World Wars, at precisely 11:11 on November 11th one miniute of silence, is observed, to honour these people.
 I believe there is only synchronicity, whether for good omens or ill,the fact is November 11th was already implanted in peoples memories for a reason symbolically.
Christ dying at 33 has more to do with the significance of the Master Number 33,a doubling of 3, the Trinity of the Feminine, which the Catholic Church incorporated and re-rprogrammed as father, son, holy ghost.  I guess all Catholics believe in Ghosts. But I believe it implies a 3rd the holy spirit. The number 3 has always been sacred to the Goddess, symblizing the three days when the New moon disappears.
But back to 11:11.
An American woman who calles herself Solara created 11:11 on January  11 1992 as one of the first large world wide consciousness raising  and meditation celebrations.
At 11:11 am and 11:11 pm GMT people synchronized their thoughts by meditating in unison/ on Peace, harmony, opening up the Gates which 11:11 symbolize.  
Solara  was in Egypt and thousands of people gathred at numerous Sacred Power sites all over the world. This was well before Internet. At Stonehenge in England, Hawaii, Mt. Shasta in California, Sedona, Arizona, Niagara Falls in Canada etc. Solara claims that we are merging with our Higher Selves, Cosmic or starry selves and the 11:11 being noticed by thousands of people as a result of digitization helped them to Wake up ! and rememeber  who we reallly are.
I went to Jupiter Florida on that date with a dear friend of mine Elaine LAne who is a traditional Jin Shin, a Chinese based form of chi energy healer. We were in a totally altered state all day, time was very slow, it took us hours to drive 45 minutes, and conversely it would speed up. The meditation was very powerfull, we did feel the interconenction of all the other people.
After all these years we are at 11:11:11
It is important to go to high power energy spots on the earth.
People are going to Peru, Mt. Shasta, Hawaii, Stonehenge, etc. etc. again.  It is also improtant to work up to these dates to begin to unblock and open the memory banks now.
MEDITATE every day
even just for 10 minutes, usually 20 mins to an hour a day is necessary.The yoga craze emphasizes the fitness over the spiritual side. YOGA means to YOKE.  It is a spiritual discipline first and foremost, mantras, the chanting of sacred sanskrit prayers usually accompany's the yoga practice.
Do your yoga consciously, not as a work out to make you look better on the outside but to make you spiritually more aware, more comscious. I'm afraid Yoga has been co-opted as more stuff to feed your ego with. Lulu Lemon fashionable gear as nicely designed as it is, still is about surface, looking, being seen etc. more ego stuff. In India they do yoga in simple clothes.
11:11 symbolizes the pillars of wisdom, Joachim and Boaz that stood outside Solomon's Temple in Jurasalem before it was destroyed by the Roman's.  It is a gateway.
11:11 is also tied to the Merkabah, the 6 pointed 3-d star which is a vehicle for cosmic travel. You visualize it.
Drunvalo Melchizadek teaches on the Merkabah.
Use the New mOOns, full moons, solar eclipses as th emost potent of times.
I am planning to lead a group in meditation for 11:11:11.
If you are interested in joining please email me.

11:11 DNA ENCODED REMEMBRANCE DAY by Tara Greene Psychic


All material 2010 – infinity Tara Greene





NOVEMBER 11th is marked as Remembrance Day for fallen soldiers in two world wars. Memorial wreaths are laid at monuments and a minute of silence is observed at 11:11 IN THE FALLEN DEAD’S HONOR.  Since I was a child Remembrance Day, marked by the wearing of a red poppy on a lapel signified the remembering and honouring of the shed blood of those who gave their lives in Battles AND TH EPOPPIES OF fALNDER’S FIELDS from the FIRST WORLD WAR.

It always felt A very solemn and significant DAY TO ME.


since the 70’s November 11TH TOOK on a faR different and even greater depth of MEMORIAL significance.


Upon the advent of digital clocks, Millions of people around the world have taken note over the years of being drawn to the sight of the numbers 11:11 repeatedly. THIS synchronicity PHENOMENON on clocks, VCR’s, etc.  spread like a kind of wildfire. It become a worldwide phenomenon of note through word of mouth before the Internet was in use.


Remembrance day, 11:11 morphed from not just a day of the mourning of “passed” spirits but also  a New Morning of Spiritual Remembrance, a TIME FOR remembering our True Selves


On Jan 11, 1992 a woman calling herself Solara created one of the first and largest International Worldwide meditations. Over 144,000 people participated worldwide in groups marking the opening of a Portal or Gateway of consiousness at 11:11 am and pm set to UT.

I was one of them. Were you part of this?


Solara says 11:11 is a pre-encoded trigger placed into our memory banks prior TO OUR descent into matter. AS we advanced technologically we created the mediums to help us to remember. Solara claims that 11:11 triggers a memory of higher consciousness.

SOLARA CLAIMED since 1987 that a merger is taking PLACE OF a Greater Reality being inserted into our everyday lives, between our vast Cosmic Selves and our physical bodies. Some people call it Ascension.


Soalra states that seeing 11:11 quickens the consiousness making us more vibrationally alive.  it helps us to RE-MEMBER our true purpose here on earth. seee 11:11 website


The number 11 is a Master NUMBER; amy doubleD number is referred to as a Master Number. Master numbers are very powerful because they multiply the energies twofold.


The Number 11 is a visual represenation of a gateway, a portal. It is the number of Duality 1 + 1.

It is yin/yang.  It symbolizes all beginnings, the birth canal, AND THE twin pillars of Solomon at his sacred temple.


In the Tarot the number 11 symbol is seen on the Tarot Trump # 2 which is at the root of 11 as the twin pillars – called Joachim and Boaz.  the twin pillars of 11 are the Twin Pillars on the Tree of Life, the outside pillars

 of mercy OR SEVERITY.  we’ll get back to the twin pillars later. CAtch my drift?



In the Kabbalistic Tarot,the 11th Key is called JUSTICE, WHICH is Karma or Saturn, it is symbolized by the Twin scales of JUSTICE, WHICH we still use as the modern symbol of the Law.

In the Kabbalah Justice # 11 is on the 22nd path of the Tree.

#22 is a Higher Vibration of 11.


ON the Tree of Life in the kabbakah the 11th Path, the one emanating from the Crown Chakra at the very top of the Tree of Life is the path of the Fool. Which is Zero- naught and the number 22 combined. The end and the beginning aLl contained in One. So there you have it! We are the end and the beginning.


Seeing 11:11 is an activation, a GENTLE ANGELIC prod, a quickening of your consciousness, it is an alarm bell waking you up to re- member, to put your Self back together, to wake up out of forgetfulness and sleep to your true Higher Self.


11:11 is made up of Four 1’s.

In the Tarot the # 1 card is the Magician. The magician emanates from the crown chakra at the Top of the Sephirot on the Tree of Life as a paired opposite to the Fool.

The Magician is symbolized by the planet mercury which is Consciousness, awareness, the Mind, communication Itself.


The conscious awareness of seeing 11:11 helps us to realize that an  invisible force, angels, archetypal symbols are silent helpers in our midst lighting out way.


Solara claims that a great doorway opened on JAn 11 1992 and it only allows One being through it. We have to become the ONe. Remember in the first MAtrix film where  the oracle asks Neo are you the one?

it is the same question that the hookah smoking caterpillar asks alice in the wonderland.

it’s all the same question. there is really only one question. ONE ANSWER. W emust all become ONE to GO THROUGHT THE DOORWAY which has been open for the last 18 years  only opens once and is destined to close on Nov. 11 2011, which will read as 11:11: 2011

ALL variations on 11. it is the max 11.

This date also co-incides very closely with dr. Caleman’s end date of the Mayan calendar in Oct 28, 2011.



So everytime you see 11:11 OR 12:12, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55 am or pm REMEMBER it is a Wake up call!

Stop and Pay Attention!

Breath, slow down, ask your Higher self, Your Guardian Angels for what it is you’re supposed to remember. be present in the now.


astrology of this 11:11


Astrologically with Justice the Tarot Trump # 11 {SOMETIMES  interchanged with number 8, which also signifies INFINITY, KARMA}.

All the symbols infer the same meanings.

The Justice card is the symbol OF THE sign LIBRA.

Saturn= KARMA IS in Libra right now, where it is considered to be exalted.

Venus has just re-entered Libra the Sign she rules on the 7th of Nov. {7/11}


Venus is in Retrograde motion now TILL NOV. 18th.

Venus is another symbol of the High Pirestess, as the Goddess in libra she is exceptionally all about Love, Beauty Harmony, the Arts.

She has just risen from her Journey through the Underworld and is visible again as the Morning star since Nov. 4th. Venus is also known as Inanna the Ancient Sumerian Great Goddess.


We are now phasing in Synch with her Re- risen Phoenix like. Venus is visible in the East at dawn shining so beautifully, And Jupiter King of the Gods is visible in the West in the evening. Jupiter is considered to be Dignified in the sign he co-rules, Pisces. Jupiter is also RETROGRADE TILL the 18th. Both planets turn DIRECT WITHIN 5 hours of each other on that date.


I’m intuiting a sense that since this is the second to Last 11:11 gateway opening before the door shuts And the fact that the Mayan calendar is now in ITS 7TH and Last day COUNTS that our consciousness on this 11:11 really needs to expand to the Heights.


The planets Venus and Jupiter are two very big lights in our local skies.

They mark one of two pillars, part of the 11:11 symbolism.

Venus in Libra is Love Beauty, Harmony Relationship

Jupiter in Pisces is Spiritual expansion, Truth, Inspiration, AND KNOWLEDGE, Compassion, ONENESS.


The two planets are synchronistically reflecting our state of evolutionary consciousness Being Retrograde on this particular 11:11 celebration they give us the opportunity to Really RE- member what our essential ONENES is.


Venus lights our daylight cocnsciousness in Libran harmony and balance. so,In the morning when you meditate at 11:11 breathe in Venusian Feminine Goddess Unconditional Love Energy.


In the evening at 11:11 pm call in Jupiter’ in Pisces expansive, truth seeking, inspiring Energy of humour, good-fellowship, forgiveness, compassion, Bliss, endings, karma, Oneness.


MEDITATION for 11:11


Before 11:11 am prepare yourself to ReMember. Get comfortable wherever you are.

It is good to purify your aura using smudge, a Native American cleansing natural herbal combo of dried cedar, sage, sweetgrass which is lit and the smoke brushed over your chakras. It is very powerfull and effective. all Natural incenses do the same thing. use your intent.


Have your feet flat on the ground and your hands in your lap. Make mudras by putting yourfirst finger and thumb together, this creates a closed energy circuit channel.


Close your eyes. Put your attention on your third eye, just above the center point of your eyebrows and also towards the inside of the head at the pineal gland, the visoneering gland and to your crown chakra simultaneously. Being two places at once.


11:11 am

IN the daylight consciousness time we are tuning into the Feminine. Simply ask to remember who you really are. Consciously bring in the energy of Venus, the Feminine energy. Simply ask to feel Her Unconditional Love for you and for all beings.



Breathe through your Nose and hold for 2 seconds and release through YOUR MOUTH. Do this 11 times.

Breathe and stay with that for 11 minutes if you can. 22 minutes or multiples double numbers ofr as much time as you have.


11:11 pm


AT night at 11:11 when the 2nd round of meditation is about to occur prepare yourself again in the same way.  This time at night, the feminine time of the day we are bringing in masculine active oriented energies of Jupiter. 

Again ask to remember your God self. Ask to find and rememember your Truth, Your Higher Self, True Oneness. And don’t forget to remember to ask how to laugh again at yourself and all the foibles of this world. Humour is the height of Healing.


By doing a two-fold balancing act of the Masculine and the Feminine at this time I feel this is essential to create Oneness an dembody the 11:11 in all its; polarity.


Let me kow how this visualization and meditation worked for you.


 I am also available to coach individuals on their sacred spiritual journeys back Home.



10 10 10  Oct 10 2010
Numerology is the symbolic meaning of numbers.
The Ancient Hebrews used Gematria, all  letters were asssociated with numbers, as all the universe is seen to be a beautiful mathematical harmonious tool whose meanings and hidden gleanings could be deciphered, to help us better understand the Divine plan. Science has revealed that it is so.
If you've followed my work you'll know Ive been alerting people to the symbolic meanings of 11:11 888, 999 etc.
This year we have 10 10 10 appearing on our digital calendars.
10 = 1  So this appears to be a triplet of a new beginning.
The # 1 Trump in the Tarot is the MAGICIAN.
The Magician means the mind, consciousness, thinking is the Magic.
# 10 also infered is THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE.
The Wheel of Fortuna or Fortune in the Tarot has nothing to do with Vanna White, or that game show on TV. 
The Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot is the spinning wheel of Karma,
of Time, or the ROTA or TARO whose linguistic similie equals the Tarot, and spirit uses Puns. It is associated with gambling yes, with chance in that life is a game of chance to a large extent if we are unconscious, not thinking, not using the magical tool of a focused mind to create our reality, to our own satisfaction and harming none.
the wheel of Fortune is associated under the rulership of the Planet JUPITER, king of the planets. Whose presence is looming very close and large as I write this. Sept 27 2010.
Jupiter is expansion, optimism, humour, easy fellowship, higher truth, education, philosophy, travelling, inspiration, zeal. Jupiter rules all things Sagittarian- centaurs and other animals and in ancient Astrology the Sign of Pisces as well.
Many Astrologers are honouring the Ancient rulerships of signs because each planet  then rules 2 signs - a masculine and a feminnie sign rulership, waay more balanced and Moderne actually.
Since Jupiter is now in Pisces retrograding there for awhile  before venturing into Aries in 2011. Lets bring in his influence over these two signs.
Put it all together and whaddya got?
Bibbity bobbity boo- the Fairy Godmother sings to Cinderella as she grants the poor girls wishes to go to the Ball.
Jupiter is like that. So let't all take the symbolic synchronistic message of 10 10 10 as a not one, not two, but a thrice chance at new beginnings in magical, miraculous, mind creation
let;s all spin that big old wheel of chance, change,fun, inspiration,
let's take this opportunity to go back to step 1
where we came in, through the Grace of Magic, of Spirit of the Goddess,
Do you believe in magic?
do you believe in magic was an old Lovin' Spoonfull song from the 60's sung by john Sebastion who had a very unique voice and a guy from Toronto Zal Yanovsky. They had many wonderful hits.
lets get innocent again.
Lets Be the magic.
Let's create the magical world here,now.
On Oct 10 2010
at 10:00 am your local time till 10:10 am
take 10 minutes to change, to make magic to save the world.
and at 10:00 pm till 10:10 pm in your local time zone
take 10 minutes again send out  your magic wishes.
The wishes must be positive, loving, healing, for others,

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