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Merkabah-the Chariot

What is Intuition?
Intuition is Knowing, real knowing, real knowledge.
What we usually think of, refer to as knowledge is intellectual, left brain located, head/ego stuff knowledge.
That is the opposite of what intuition is. You know, left brain logic, right brain intuition. 
Not to confuse you, I am differentiating intuition, which modern science locates in  the right side of the brain, and intuition which comes through the etheric body the auric body, the 6th sense,spirit, beyond the body.
To know by your intuition is to know through an intangible experience,in th body, the feeling that just is,a certain way, right or wrong, true. And the knowing is a certainty,
Intuition can be referred to as clairvoyant, a voice or voices are heard;
Everyone is Intuitive, they may not use it,or realise it.
Ah yes, the Muse, the divine Muse, the Godess,the weaver of the Web, the anima, patroness of all artists, poets, creators.
How to Connect with your Muse/TEACHERS
This is how I do it. An impulse pops into my mind and I follow that string. It leads me,sometimes over a long period of time to something, SPIRIT which works through a myriad of ways and means. It  is calling to me, you and everyone, if you listen. 
My family and I had the great priviledge and honour of having a Great Black Wolf step out onto the road in broad daylight ! outside of a little town called Kaslo in central British Columbia when my husband Napoleon, my daughter Leah and myself were visiting.
We were driving down the two lane road when this huge black creature crossed from the left to the right side of the road ahead. At first we thought it was a black bear because it was so big. it took up almost the full width of the road. Then we saw it had a huge long bushy tail, and very long legs. The wolf stared at us, it's eyes seemed yellow gold and it stayed there motionless, in what seemed like an eternity as I fumbled for the camera, then as we approached to close for safety, it disappeared into the woods in a flash. There was nowhere to stop or pull over, and a huge lumber truck was gaining on us so we just had to keep going down the road.
When we reached the visitor's office in Kaslo a few minutes later we told the locals we had just seen this wolf. We were informed that this was a very rare occurence, especially in broad daylight. I was amazed, awed and honoured that this creature appeared to us. The wolf's presence was sent by SPIRIT as an incredible gift, a "medicine" sign. The wolf in Native American Teachings is the Teacher, and represents families and clans, as wolves are monogamous for life.
So i would take this musing as being a sign of fidelity for my family as well as a signal to start teaching and leading for both myself and my husband.  For me to start teaching dreaming and working with dream groups again, women's spirituality and ceremonial groups..

A Black Wolf named Shadow

A channelled message from Terri Schiavo,

March 30 2005


All of the media attention on Terri Schiavo got me to thinking. As an Intuitive, a Professional Astrologer and a Transformational Psychotherapist I thought I would tune in with my guides and ask to receive contact with Terri herself to find out if she could have or would have anything to tell me and the world. She is not conscious but I felt I could contact her Soul. This is what I received:



I give thanks for all your love and concern for me. I now have what I so longed for. I know you love me. I feel worthy. Mom, Dad, Michael I love you. But many of you are misguided in your thoughts and actions about me.

I want to be let go of so I can go on in Peace. You do not understand what I understand now. Much has been revealed to me. I am not conscious in the usual way. But I am more in touch with my unconscious now.

I was trying to kill myself in order to be loved. I was starving for affection; my poor heart was already broken before I had the heart attack. That is why it occurred. The outer physical level always mirrors the inner, the emotional and the spiritual. I didn’t die then, I was kept alive and allowed to live so I could receive all this attention. It’s been 15 years. I have actually been dead for fifteen years, only my body has been kept alive. If you could put yourself intimately into my body and know what it is like to be brain dead and totally helpless, you wouldn’t want to stay alive like that. Now, I want to go. I have received help from unusual sources. The Dalai Lama and other Native American healers have come to me in my dreams. They have shown me that death is not to be feared. That death is just another form of life. The Tibetans believe that to hold onto a dying person for the living’s selfish ego needs is harmful. It prevents the dying from slipping easily into the Bardo, the world between worlds. Your own selfish needs, issues and feelings about keeping me alive are holding onto me like glue. So I am asking all of you Mom, Dad, Jesse Jackson, the Pope, the Right To Life people, the lawyers, to let go of me. Let me die in Peace. You do not understand what real life is anymore. Real life is being able to move, to walk, to talk, to be conscious, to sing, to laugh, to eat, to love. You can’t tell me that being brain-dead and comatose is a life.

I have not been able to do any of these things for fifteen years! I’ve been split for so long now. I am only one single little small woman. I know I am worthy now so it would be better to put your attention and your efforts to saving others., the really alive. The children with real potential. There are many children in this country and all over the world starving every day who shouldn’t be. Michael knows. It isn’t pleasant starving to death but I realize that I was starving to death originally and that’s what created all this. Find out the cause of bulimia. It comes from low self-esteem, from not feeling loved, heard or seen. It comes from being sensitive. Help the girls who have bulimia. Save them before they end up like me. Do not cry for me. I am looking forwards to going on. I have angels and helpers at my side. I know all of you love me. Let the living live in dignity and the dying die with dignity.

 It is time.


So this is the message that I received. It seems so clear and simple, so soulful and real. She is taking responsibility for creating everything. She is offering the World a gift. Her story is complete.  I pulled out Marion Woodman's  book Addiction To Perfection where she talks about women with eating disorders. It's an amazing book and you'll be able to order a copy if you don't already own one through my website in a few days. I think of Sting's song "If you love somebody, set them free." I also think of Cat Steven's old song "Where Do the Children Play?" Allah Be Praised, God/dess Bless him for being so prophetic, I remember listening to Tea for the Tillerman in the '60's..


" Will you make us laugh?

Will you make us cry?

Will you tell us when to live?

Will you tell us when to die?

I know we've come along way,

we're changin' day to day,

But tell me, where do the children play?"


I invite your comments. 



Astrological Signs, Symbols and Meanings:

Terri's Natal chart is shown at centre of this Tri-Wheel. I know it looks very confusing but bear with me. Born on Dec. 3, 1963 in Boyertown Pa. Her time of birth is unknown, so I rectified or created what seemed to me to be an accurate chart. Astrologer Noel Tyl figures her birth time at 4:30-5:30, I checked on that but this one made more sense to me after a few hours of study.

She is a Sagittarius, a seeker of Truth. Her Moon is in Cancer at 20 degrees when she was born, her mother has a very strong connection to her. Terri has a Taurus Ascendant, Persona or Mask that she shows the world, it is down to earth, fixed,physical, stubborn, sensual, she likes to eat. This puts a Scorpionic interface with Terri to the World. Scorpio is intense, powerful, wants control, it is the Sign of Birth, Death and Transformation. She had the Planet Neptune on the Descendant or 7th House cusp in this chart { on the West}. Neptune rules addictions, delusions, the spiritual world, Pisces, comas, institutions, healing. Terri has Saturn, Lord of Obstacles, Karma, time at the top of her chart. She was brought up in a very strict traditional household. Saturn is in the 10th house of Fame. Terri was destined for fame. Saturn in Aquarius is unusual, related to technology, humanitarian, communications, something destined, a burden, a sudden and unexpected event, an over-wired nervous system. Her Sun in Sagittarius rules the 5th house of the Heart, Leo. She has the planets Mercury and Mars in a conjunction in Sagittarius. She is a hound for communication.These planets sit at the Galactic Centre,which is a huge Black Hole which acts as a transmission point for Souls leaving this plane. Her Chiron { the key symbol} is in Pisces, her wound is spiritual, compassionate and all encompassing. She can be a martyr. She has the Asteroid Ceres conjunct the Black Moon Lillith. She is encountering and embodying the mother/whore split. She sees her Mother as a destroyer. This is a joining of the Nurturing Feminine with the Devouring Feminine. In order to feel loved and nurtured, she devours herself. She sees the nurturing Feminine as the Destroyer. And so, she becomes bulimic. So bulimic that on Feb 25 1990, she has a fatal heart attack.

The Middle Wheel Chart for Feb 25, 1990

The  Transiting North Node, representing her highest spiritual goal is conjunct her Natal Saturn. This is a fated event.

The North Node is also exactly squaring Terri's Natal Neptune. This is a very spiritual,emotional and hard to diagnose case. Transiting Mercury in the 10th house conjunct the Node shows that this event will be communicated to the world and bring Terri fame and visibility.Transiting Chiron is conjunct Terri's Natal North Node. There is a wound that will serve her Higher Purpose. Transiting Saturn is opposite Terri's Natal Moon.The Moon is the Seat of the Feelings, connected to the Heart. Saturn is obstacles, karma. Warrior Mars is at 19 degrees of Capricorn also opposing Terri's Moon.  An accident created by emotional stress. Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, the Death bringer and Re-birther had just crossed Terri's Descendent in Scorpio, dramatically changing the way she would interrelate to the world, her husband. Transiting Uranus in Capricorn is squaring {a hard aspect} Terri's Natal Jupiter In Aries in the 12th house. Uranus brings awakenings through sudden unexpected shocks. The Transiting Moon in Spiritual Pisces is opposite Terri's Natal Pluto in the 5th house of the Heart, Will and Love Received. This is a heart attack, Pluto rules explosions, an emotional unconscious explosion.


On the 11th day without food or water March 30 2005, the chart shows Saturn at 20 degrees of Cancer in Terri's 3rd house of communications, exactly conjunct her Natal Moon and directly opposite where Saturn was when she had her heart attack and died. This is the Saturn opposition to that event. Neptune is at the top of her Natal Chart conjunct her Natal Saturn in Aquarius, the illusion of technology driven life. The Spiritual and the Physical coming together.Terri is having her mid-life crisis, as Neptune is squaring Neptune. Pluto, the Soul envisioned as a Planet, as Lord of the Underworld is conjoined to Terri's Part of Fortune, the circle with the x in it, which represents the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow, this is Terri's Pot of Gold.  Pluto also aspects her Mercury and her Mars. This is a very emotional very powerful Death, everyone is talking about it. The South Node is also moving in to conjunct her Vertex. A karmic point which magnetically draws people to us. Terri's Vertex is in her 6th house of Health and Service. Uranus now at 8 degrees of Pisces is closing in on Terri's Natal Chiron, and unexpected revolutionary wound and healing; at the same time she is having her Uranus opposite Uranus mid life crisis. The Asteroid Ceres is transiting directly in a conjunction with her Natal Ceres. This is a New Moon in the Archetype of Mother in her life. Ceres is also conjunct Lillith and the Asteroid Juno which represents the archetype of the Wife, which invokes the husband. Interesting that the Mother and the husband are at odds and fighting over Terri's future. Jupiter at 14 degrees of Libra is squaring the Nodes. Jupiter is esoterically the Planet of the Master Teachers. I see the Enlightened Teachers on the Spiritual Plane as helping Terri along to reach her highest spiritual destiny. There is a Sun, Mercury, Venus conjunction happening today in Terri's 12th house. She is hearing and sensing all the love and attention in her unconscious, it is in the 12th house of endings, Pisces.

Even if you know nothing about Astrology and couldn't make heads or tails of this Greek Astrology-eese, just look at the 3 charts and see where all the planets intersect. I am giving a very basic simple explanation here.

More Musings...
I was reading a book called The Cipher of Genesis,by Carlo Suares, written in French originally in 1967. It is a book explaining the Original Code of the Qabala as Applied to the Scriptures. It explains Qabalistically the meaning of Genesis. How Genesis was totally mistranslated  I believe on purpose, for the sole use of manipulating people through the Church's auspices. Only the dedicated Qabalists understand the true meaning of the Old Testament. All the rest of the world through Organized religion has been led into a pit of ignorance. The Patriarchy has deliberately propagandized and misled poor innocents for 2,000 years into living a hell state, believing that there is a God who is so obviously a demanding, judgemental personified Great Being. The Catholoc Church added on all kinds of drivel as the Great Reward in the Hereafter, Pie in the Sky, to deliberately stear your attention from what is going on right under your noses. Right Now. The Original woman Lillith disappeared from the re-written versions of the Old Testament. To place Lillith in the Shadow of the Unconscious is a very dangerous thing to do.
People, I know the Pope just passed on, and he did some great instrumental things in helping to bring down Communism, but he had put the Catholic Church out of touch with the modern world, insisting on celibacy for Priests, and keeping those dreaded beings WOMEN, over half the population of the world out of the picture and most importantly power.
I really find it hard to believe that 1,000,000,000 persons place their faith in a Corporation which so obviously deludes them. Yet these one billions have allowed this to happen. I think the time is ripe for the Truth to out. I am not an atheist, I aspire to be a spiritual person.  But I am against organized religions which lie outright and deceive people for their own ends. All these fundamentalists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Comsumers. Yes, it's a religion. I know that this is a planetary unfolding of this time.  When his Holiness, the Dalai Lama was in Toronto last Year he organized one of his group religious leaders meetings, as he has been doing for the past 20 or 30 years or so. bringing all religions together to understand their commonality. There was Catholic, Ba'hai, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Indigineous Canadian, etc. and even a Shaman from Greenland. Most spoke in a very clear way. The Dalai Lama has the right idea. We must all respect one another and find the common spiritual motivation irregardless of our apparent differences.
Buddhists do not believe in God as we Westerners think of it.
Prayer to me is personal. I pray every day, many times of day. I bless my food before eating it. I give thanks for what shows up in my life. I beleieve that
we are the Creators, or Co-Creators with the Great Mystery. It is time for each person to hear the Trumpet Sound within their own heart and Awake from their waking dream, their half-human stupor.
This book got me thinking that we are not yet fully Human. In the prophesies they speak of needing 144,000 enlightened beings to affect the great enlightenment of all sentient beings. It starts one at a time. Listen to your heart, your feelings. Cry out at the injustice. There's another election, one year after the last one coming up now in Canada. More corruption. Is that news? do you think thatbe voting for, or not voting for another Party that that will change anything? Let's stop being so naive. This is basically a feudal Lord system, as it has been for thousands of years. Most of the people are slaves, millions of them literally on this planet. Most of the people in the Western world are cossetted slaves. They think money makes you free. Well if its survival of the fittest, then money makes you the most fit these days it seems. Monay can free you up it is true. Women have discovered that if you can earn enough money then you can dictate to some extent how you want your life to run, You don't have to depend on anyone else for security. That's great. Yet are women empowered? I becme a Feminist in the early '70's.  Lots of women have more economic power now than they did 35 years ago. Yet women don't have political power, and our sisters in other countries are still foot-bound, treated as chatel, abandoned at birth for being female in China still, etc. etc.
Women call on the Goddess, to empower you. To reach out to other women in the world, to protect our children, the environment so that our children will inherit a world... 
And most importantly, everything begins with the children.
The children are the Future. The Children begin with woman. The baby develops well because the woman has positive self-esteem, is honoured and respected, revered for her capacity to embody creation. The future children can grow strong and healthy because women live in a supportive balanced society. The future children grow strong because their is clean air, fresh pure water, living organic food, safe environments, beauty in the communities and in their homes. Future children grow strong because women have peace of mind, time to reflect, time to honour their feelings, time to visit with friends, relatives. Time to cook their own meals, time to rest. Future children grow strong because pregnancy and birth are considered natural, empowering experiences. Future children grow strong because the future mothers embrace their weight gains, their full breasts and their big size as a sign of health. Future children grow strong because women have midwives, traditional herbs to ingest to aid pregnancy, labour and delivery. Future children grow strong born into a sacred spiritual atmosphere, not a hospital institution where women's divine right and power to give birth is managed, controlled, medicated, and taken away from them.
The Woman begins with her menstrual period.
At puberty a girl's "Moon Time" begins and she embarks on the Journey of Womanhood. To be born a woman is the greatest gift.
This is a great honour to become a potential Life Bringer.
In Traditional cultures young girls were separated at this time and initiated into the mysteries of Womanhood. All the elder women gifted the young maiden with their knowledge wosdom and power. The Right od Passage are important ones.
Even though there are commercials more blatent on TV these days for tampons, we still have a very long way to go.
In 1990 I was on a Shamanic Weekend with Oriah Mountain Dreamer in

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